but it really sums up his character pretty well

Um, no. I really don’t understand this justification of white-washing. Time and time again movies that have been white-washed have pretty much bombed at the box office. Prince of Persia did not do so well domestically, although it fared better internationally. 

 Jake is not Persian. The only reason he looks like the character in the game is because he grew his hair out, anyone could do that lol. 

An article I found sums it up perfectly: 

“Because there certainly aren’t enough Iranian actors living in Los Angeles, Disney decided to cast Jake Gyllenhaal to portray the lead Persian prince in the action film by slapping a spray tan on him. Meanwhile, actual Iranian actors are still stuck playing Pakistani terrorists on shows like Homeland, because actors of Middle Eastern descents are still considered interchangeable, even though there’s a huge difference in accents, cultures, appearance, and language. Go stereotypes!”