but it really sums up his character pretty well

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top three armin moments :o

aaaaaaah omg okay this’ll be a tough one…

Before I list them I want to give an honorable mention to his first scene, because i swear I knew he was my favorite right off the bat. He’s being beat up and still intellectually rules the situation like how badass is that.

Alright so my three favorite armin scenes from the anime off the top of my head are:

I think these three scenes sum up armin’s character pretty well-he’s caring, yet intelligent and ruthless. I just really really fucking love armin man

Favorite characters!

 thank you, @pleasantdreamsart for tagging me!! this is so fun^^ the rules: name 1 favorite character from 10 fandoms and tag whoever you’d like!!

(notice an alarming amount of characters voiced by okamoto nobuhiko, seiyuu goals- ☆ )

1. nishinoya yuu- haikyuu!!  ☆

*cough* nishinoya *cough* yuu *cough* is my fucking angel that took my heart away and threw it into dirt

2. yang xiao long- rwby

my firecracker <3 syawed my heart away, she deserves happiness and what happened to her is uncalled for, i blocked roosterteeth, locked myself in my room to cry, goddamit barb

3. obi- akagami no shirayukihime  ☆

couldn’t pick one picture, lol)) he is honestly my sweetest child and he’s bodyguard goals, shirayuki’s bff, deserved better, is a goofy ass that has so much love to give

4. orihara izaya- durarara


fuck he’s pretty.png

what you doin.png

what he plotting.png

FUCK he’s prett y om f g.png

accurate summary. ((these are all file names of pics of him)) my little devil. i love him but i’m glad he was punched.

5.tom-  star vs. the forces of evil

i just?? love him??? i love him!! it was a really hard choice between marco or tom. i picked tom bc in the end of the day- marco is the better singer. tom is my dorky son, who is also a deadly demon, and he cannot sing. so yeah, tom.

6.kuro- servamp

he is just me in real life… he’s adorable and deserves rest!~ mahiru is so lucky to have him, i’d love a little vampire kitty. i’d gladly take him and give him the attention and happiness he deserves.

7. shego- kim possible

had to go back in time to kim possible! shego had a huge influence on me as a kid and i absolutely adored her. she was so important to me, i figured- might as well put my queen on the list. my badass power hungry babe. 

8.karma- ansatsu kyoushitsu  ☆

Originally posted by isa-chan194

((i didn’t have any good pics of this badass)) i love psycho characters. like- i love karma. just give me more badass babes voiced by okamoto-san. you can never have too many. the development he goes through is amazing. he’s just amazing. 

9. kuriyama mirai- kyoukai no kanata

my poor angsty princess. i love her so much- she is so strong, everything she’s been through she did alone, she didn’t have anyone. it was really close between her and akihito, like really really close. she got so far. the movie though ;A; 

10. mikoto mikoshiba (mikorin)- gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun  ☆

that picture sums up his character pretty well. a ball of sunshine who is dumb and good looking, who’s so good with girls that he embarrasses himself. he uses the dumbest pickup lines and his friendship with chiyo is adorable. 100\100.

note: i fought hard battles to make this list. please note there are shows\animes that are so good i can’t pick a favorite.  

i tag!! <3: @mybrokenrecords, @frozenlance, @tina-nightray, @tintin-hq, @eladadika (you watch these!! also post something dammit) @harelmlg (ayye it’s working) and everyone else who wants to!! 

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"Sooooo... Is hatesex out of the question?"

Stanford face turned a very bright shade of red. “Excuse me? What is WRONG with you? No, no. You know what? Don’t answer that. Clearly, you’re not only devoid of moral character but manners as well.”

Stanford crossed his arms. “There’s so much wrong with your question I can’t believe you even worked up the nerve to ask it. First of all, I don’t really hate you. I don’t trust you. I’m pretty sure you’re up to something sinister. But thus far, you’ve done nothing worthy of my hatred. I suppose indifference mixed with disgust at what you are would best sum up my feelings towards you.”

He continued, opting to place his hands behind his back now. “Second, even if I did hate you, the chances of me engaging in, ah, intimate relations with you would be very low. I don’t even engage in such an act with my most hated enemy, what makes you think I would do it with you?”

He frowned. “In fact, I’ve never even had this, erm… “hatesex” before.”

“Although, that time I had on Krentubulon-9 in Dimension R-667 might kind of fit. But, err, that’s really none of your business.”


Welcome back to the force, Bird brain!  Falco is back and looking better than ever for Smash Bros 3DS.  Falco happens to be one of the most popular and beloved characters in the competitive Smash scene and with moves as powerful as his, it’s really no wonder!  But how has the shift into full HD treated the two-time vet?

Let’s find out.

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