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a/n: I asked @aph-blue  what they wanted for their birthday and then wrote them the polar opposite of what they asked for, but that’s actually their fault? Because, I had the opportunity to not see a set of pictures and they took that from me, and my mind, haunted by those aforementioned pictures that are now burned into my skull, couldn’t write anything but this, and it is probably bad because I was the one who wrote it.

Beached, but not bloated, and a fuckboy Alfred because why not. Happy birthday, blue!

Alfred caught his first boyfriend when he was seventeen.

The tide had been turbulent that evening and Alfred had seen a guy thrashing in the waters, head bobbing above the waves before going back under, screaming all the way through.

Never mind that he was on the shallow end of the ocean. Alfred was there to save him, jumping off his stand to sprint across the beach and throw himself into the water, dragging the gasping man back onto the sand. After he’d coughed up the ocean, he’d given Alfred his number, and it was then he swore to himself being a lifeguard was the best thing that would ever happen to him.

The pay was less than ideal, yes, but the worship made up for it. Half the beach would congregate around his chair, flaunting themselves for a chance to be his next treat. It was mostly perks, to say the least.

Which is why Alfred rolled out of bed today when he could’ve been sleeping his summer away. It was his turn to claim the afternoon shift, and he did so with a sigh, falling into the familiar routine of lathering on sunscreen, slipping into his shorts and spending ten minutes in front of the mirror to pick which sunglasses he was in the mood for that day.

Beauty was hardly effortless. 

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Bughead Roommates AU:  The Roommates

I really phoned it in on that title.

Summary:  After Betty’s boyfriend cheats on her, she moves in with Jughead, Archie and Reggie.  New Girl - Riverdale style.

Chapter One:

           Betty never expected to find an apartment off of Craigslist, but after she stumbled on her boyfriend of nearly five years cheating on her with the girl from the cheese counter at Whole Foods, Betty suddenly found herself in need of a new apartment.  Her friend, Veronica, immediately offered, promising that she would never frequent the Whole Foods cheese counter again.

           “I appreciate that,” Betty said.  “I know how much you love their gouda.”

           Betty moved in for a week, but knew that it was only a temporary fix.  She and Veronica didn’t exactly have compatible living styles, and Veronica’s current boyfriend, Trent, had a penchant for naked late night snacks, which brought Betty to Craigslist, anxiously searching for the next available apartment.

           Most of the advertisements made Betty fairly certain she’d be video recorded in her sleep, but she found a loft that seemed normal enough.  She sent a quick message extolling her better roommate virtues (doesn’t mind cleaning up after others, quiet sleeper, no strong TV preferences) and strategically leaving out her reason for needing a new apartment.  She got a message back within 24 hours asking to meet, and Veronica sent her off into the morning with strict instructions to text her when she got there and when she left.

           “My best friend is not getting Taken,” Veronica said.  “If anyone tries anything, casually mention that I have mob connections.”

           “You don’t have mob connections.”

           “They don’t know that.”

           The loft was about a twenty-minute train ride from Veronica’s apartment, and Betty’s stomach twisted with nerves the entire way.  She had no reason for wanting this to work out, but she did, anyway.  She was ready to move on from her asshat of a boyfriend, who had the nerve to ask her not to make a scene when she caught another woman naked in her bed, and finding a new apartment felt like a definitive step forward.  A step away from her shitty life and toward something new. Something better.

           The loft was on the third floor, and Betty found out quickly that there was no elevator.  She trudged up the steps, hoping that she wouldn’t be too winded when she met them.  Finally, she reached the third floor, and Betty paused outside the door to text Veronica. Her breath came out in sharp, hard spurts.  

I’m at the loft.  Wish me luck!


           Betty collected herself for a moment before knocking on the door.  A few seconds later it opened to reveal a red head in a simple tshirt and jeans.  He smiled at her and said, “I’m guessing you’re Betty?”

           She nodded, glancing past him into the apartment.  It looked tidy.  Good start.

           “I’m Archie.  Come on in.  We’re all excited to meet you.”

           Betty followed him, surprised to see two other guys sitting in the living room.  One was clad in mesh shorts and a sleeveless sweatshirt, his arms bulging on either side of him.  He greeted her with an upward nod of his chin.  Across from him on the chair was a wiry male with a grey beanie crammed over a mess of black hair.  His hand was shoved deep into a bag of chips.

           “Are these your roommates?”  Betty asked hesitantly.  

           “Yeah, that’s Reggie – “ the one with the arms gave her a sort of salute “ – and the one with the chips is Jughead.”

           “Nice to meet you all,” Betty said primly.  “Um, so, there are no girls here?”  Archie looked at her strangely.  “I just thought from the advertisement…”

           “Dammit, man, I thought you were going to change it after the last person,” Reggie said.

           “Apparently Archie here favors the female voice when he writes,” Jughead explained to a rather stricken Betty.  

           “So, it’s all of you…guys…” Betty said uncertainly.

           “Our old roommate left town to do his residency out in LA,” Archie explained.  “So, we’re trying to find someone to take his room.  I understand if living with all guys seems a bit weird, but we’re all pretty normal. We’re relatively clean.”

           “You all seem very nice,” Betty began, already gearing up to return to Craigslist for another apartment listing.  “But –“

           “Why are you looking for a place?”  Jughead interrupted.

           “Why am I?  Oh, um, my lease was just up,” she said off-handedly.  “So, here we are.  Anyway-“

           “I don’t buy it.”

           Betty blinked rapidly, surprised by his forwardness, and stammered, “Excuse me?”

           Jughead leaned forward, resting his arms on his legs. “I don’t buy it.  What really happened?”

           Betty swallowed uncomfortably and Archie said, “You don’t have to tell us.”

           “Why not?”  Jughead pressed.  “If she’s going to move in with us we have a right to know.”

           “I’m with Jug here,” Reggie said, utterly delighted by the drama unfolding.  “What’s the deal?”

           Betty’s crossed her arms over her chest tightly and said, “If you must know, I lived with my boyfriend before, and last week I walked in on him cheating on me.”  Betty felt the careful control with which she handled most situations strip away as she continued.  “He cheated on me with a woman who sells cheese for a living, and she’s not even good at it.  She consistently messes up gouda with brie.”

           “Those are really different cheeses,” Jughead piped in.

           “Right?”  Betty said emphatically.  “So, anyway, I moved out and moved in with my best friend, but I’m pretty sure if we lived together we’d implode, which I really don’t want to happen because she’s pretty much the closest person I have in the city since my boyfriend decided to screw the cheese lady, so…,” Betty took a deep breath, “…here we are.”

           “I was wondering when you’d take a breath during that,” Reggie said.

           “I’m sorry,” Betty said, cheeks flushing.  “I get a little carried away whenever I tell that story.  It’s a bit fresh.”

           “That guy sounds like a jerk,” Archie said. “You’re better off without him.”

           Jughead was quiet for a moment, seemingly considering her story, and she set him with a somewhat pointed look as she asked, “Do you buy that?”

           He scratched at the underside of his chin. “I’m with Archie.  The guy’s a jerk.  You can move in whenever you want.”

           “Wait, really?” she asked in surprise.  “Don’t you guys have to discuss it first or something?”

           Jughead glanced around at his roommates and asked, “Any objections?”

           “Nah, I’m good,” Reggie said.  

           “We’d be happy to have you,” Archie told her. “Provided you’re still interested.”

           Betty hadn’t expected to be offered an apartment so quickly, particularly from one with three men.  But she felt remarkably comfortable around them, and she could only accidentally run into naked Trent so many times before she developed some permanent neurological damage.

           “How does tomorrow work?”

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Sign of the Times

Summary: Peter just really wants to dance. (Title inspired by Harry Styles’ song.)

A/N: my first imagine on this blog and I’m so very excited. I hope you guys like this and please request more! also sorry if this sucks. I’d proof read it once but that doesn’t guarantee I caught all of the mistake. also requested by @twentyonepenxuins


“Oh, I love this song!”

When you look up from your phone at these words, you find Peter pushing himself out of the desk chair he’d been sat in for the past hour, a wide grin on his face. You were laid back on his bed and as far as the two of you understood, you had the entire tower to yourselves.

And instead of sitting in silence together for hours upon hours, your music on your phone was playing through the software system wired in Peter’s room. You weren’t set on playing any particular song, having just chosen the first one that came to mind and letting it shuffle through the hundreds you have downloaded.

At this moment, Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” beginning piano chords were resonating through the large room as Peter takes the few steps from his desk to the bed where you’re laid out. You glance from his face to where his hand was suddenly held out for you to take, your brows raising with a slight laugh.

“What?” You ask slowly, looking back to his face and he gives you an encouraging nod with a soft smile. “C'mon, dance with me,” his words are soft and you’re almost taken aback by the fact he wants to dance. Then again, Peter did this more than you failed to realize. If he really liked a song, he’d drag you up with him and insist the two of you share a dance no matter where you’re at. He’d once slow danced with you in a Starbucks to another favorite song of his.

You put your phone to the side slowly and kick the covers off yourself before taking his hand and letting Peter help you up off the bed.

“Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times. Welcome to the final show, I hope you’re wearing your best clothes,” as Harry’s voice fills the room, one of Peter’s hands settle on your waist, the other taking your hand, letting your other arm rest loosely over his shoulder.

It almost happens naturally between the two of you, your bodies swaying together in time to the music once you’ve got the right gripping on each other. Peter sways to one side and you follow the side to side movements, taking little steps that work you around his spacious room slowly.

Neither of you are dressed for such a dance, you dressed in regular school attire that consisted of jeans and possibly one of Peter’s shirts and Peter still in a button up and jeans.

“You look pretty good down here, but you ain’t really good,” Peter sings along as the two of you sway, not noticing the audience you had attracted.

Tony and Rhodes are both stood watching as your bodies sway together. Peter takes your hand and steps back to spin you as the song builds into the chorus, a delighted laugh leaving your lips when he pulls you close once more.

His forehead comes to rest on yours the moment the song slows again, singing along to the words quietly though you can hear him perfectly with the close proximity.

Your fingers tangle in the hairs at the nape of Peter’s neck as one of his arms wraps around your waist and tugs you impossibly closer to him, bodies flush. A soft kiss is shared to shush his singing for a moment, the smile on your lips not once leaving.

By now Natasha has joined Tony and Rhodes, the phone in Tony’s hand on and focused on the two of you, recording just where you’re dancing together, being unknowingly watched.

Peter gives you another spin or two and once the song has finished, he dips you down backwards, being sure to keep a tight hold on you. But your vision is focused now on the three adults standing in the doorway watching with raised brows and little grins that tell you they’ve been there for awhile.

A noise sounding close to a squeak leaves Peter’s lips when you move to push yourself up but you slip from his grip and hit the ground with a thud, his eyes widening. He moves to help you but the sound of laughter trying to be stifled catches his attention and he then notices the three standing in the doorway, Vision coming to find out just what the ruckus is.

“O-Oh- Guys! Hey!” Peter stutters out quickly, bending to help you off the floor, your eyes avoiding Tony or Rhodes’ as they laugh.

“It was going so great and then you dropped her, Parker!” Rhodes laughs, making your already red cheeks heat up even more, Peter scratching at the back of his neck, his cheeks flushing as well.

Brushing yourself off, you clear your throat and finally meet Natasha’s eyes, seeing as she’s already looking at you with a grin, arms crossed over her chest.

“How long have you guys been there?” Peter speaks up and Tony looks to his phone, the video reading nearly six minutes. “Nearly the beginning of the song.” Tony says and you know they’d seen it all, though judging from the fact Tony’s looking at his phone to tell you how long he’d been there, you become curious.

Raising a brow at him, you cross your arms over your chest. “Did you record us?” You ask, a shrug being the only response you get and you huff.

“Tony Stark, if you don’t delete that,” you begin to threaten though its playful, Tony only grinning at you as he begins backing away. “What’re you gonna do? I can’t help myself if you two are going around being cute in my home! Your secrets are safe with me,” he starts.

“And maybe the rest of the world one day.” He winks.

You’re only able to stand there, mouth slightly agape and you look to the side at your boyfriend who’s grinning. It falters when he sees the look you’re giving him and he shrugs slowly.

“I think we’re cute too.” He settles on saying and you roll your eyes, shoulder knocking against his as you move to flop back down onto his bed.

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day - MLB Edition

So after delving into ATLA fanfic, I moved over to Miraculous Ladybug, and  I started getting ideas for my own fics.  But I wasn’t going to write them.  I was too busy with my other writing.  But the fanfiction was once again there to see me through a new and worse crappy work situation.  And then I lost my job.  MLB fandom was my sanity break during job searches, retraining, and resume revision.  And when I started writing MLB fanfic, I got to know a few really cool people, too.

@youcancallmecirce and I started to really interact during Marichat May.  Our writing styles are very similar, and I’m hoping to do a collaboration with her at some point.  She gets credit for starting the whole independent contractor madness.  She’s an amazing writer and super nice person.
@seasonofthegeek is a prolific phenom.  Again our writing styles are compatible and I’m hoping to rope her into a collaboration, too.  Her erotica is professional quality (again, I know pro erotica writers, so I’m not exaggerating), and inspired me to move to an E rating on that independent contractor piece.
@Lairep does comedy like nobody’s business.  Do not eat or drink while reading their work, or you. will. choke.  Very much worth the risk for a definite pick-me-up though.  They can also art, so I have some envy (of the “wow you are so cool” variety, not the “how about you try on these cement overshoes” variety).
@kawaii-keke-chan is a genius.  She tends toward longer form erotica with relevant plot.  I can’t decide whether the plot or the erotica is better because it’s all so good.
@siderealscribblings is responsible for the most beautiful BDSM story I’ve ever read.  Fantastic plot + believable characters + explicit sex that focuses on being safe, sane, and consensual (so lovely).
@frostedpuffs is another one of those multi-talented writers.  She sucked me in with “Truthful Scars” and I’m eagerly snarfing up “A Simple Suggestion” whenever she’s able to get to it.
@thelastpilot is the excellent champion of Nino, and has written some really beautiful Adrien and Nino characterizations
@clairelutras work is a beautiful array of incredibly sexy and intensely emotion laden stories.

There are also a few wonderful writers who I’m just starting to get to know thanks to Fluff month.
@perditaalottachocolate-blog is fun to talk to and is responsible for some of the best *drien portmanteaus. 
@claws-n-spots has been a consistent delight during Fluffgust
@a-miiraculer has a knack for the shorter pieces 200-1000 words that somehow pack an emotional wallop (how do you even?)

anonymous asked:

I see you reblog a lot of Bungou Stray Dogs stuff. Would you recommend it, could you maybe give a brief explanation of what it's about? It looks interesting, and once my semester's over I'm planning on bingeing a few new shows, so I need to build up a list!

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Bungou Stray Dogs! In general, I don’t reblog anything I *wouldn’t* recommend, but for sure, I think everyone should watch Bungou Stray Dogs.

Originally posted by sawtsuki

It’s a little hard to explain though, because I feel like the summary doesn’t accurately convey just how amazing this show is. And I have only watched the anime and read the first volume of the manga, so I feel like there’s actually a whole lot more to the story that I’m only beginning to understand and I might not be the best person to ask for why this show is great. But I can talk at least in general about some of the things that I really liked about the series, and I hope that helps!

First off, I guess the basic summary is that it’s about rival organizations consisting of people who all have superpowers. But I also strongly feel like that summary only conveys a fraction of what is going on in the story, although for the life of me I can’t really summarize it any better than that.

Essentially, this show combines the two great loves of my life: literature and anime. The basic conceit is that every main character has the name of a famous literary author and their supernatural ability is named after one of that author’s major works. I knew that going in and I was very delighted by that fact but it was essentially lost on me until they started introducing the Guild who were all named after American/British/Canadian authors and then my literature-loving heart was ECSTATIC.

I mean, I think there’s just something supremely satisfying about watching a show and thinking, “OF COURSE Nathaniel Hawthorne is a priest! Of course he is! And of course his ability, The Scarlet Letter, would have creepy blood related powers.” And then there are moments when you go, “people ship H P Lovecraft and John Steinbeck?” and think to yourself how strange your life is that you just that thought.

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I will say, and I mean this as a sincere compliment, that I feel like it hits a lot of the same notes as a sports anime. And I feel like BSD fans might resent the comparison, but as I am a die hard sports anime fan, I really do mean that as one of the highest compliments I can give.

Like, you know how in sports anime there manages to be this intense, “We will WIN this, for HONOR. To DEFEAT EVIL. To SAVE THE WORLD” kind of feeling to the games sometimes? BSD has that feel too, only, you know, they actually need to “win” in order to defeat evil and save the world.

And then there’s the Pure Cinnamon Roll, too good for this world, who just Tries His Best main character (which, I am a complete sucker for in a main character, let’s be real here, especially when the pure cinnamon roll is also a badass, as they often are).

Originally posted by chizurou

So on top of that, it also has what sports anime generally does not: really complex world building, plot and character relationships. It also, in my opinion, has the perfect balance between comedic moments and pain. I mean, spoiler alert for the first three episodes, but the first two everything starts off fairly lighthearted, but then by the third episode it’s like, “holy crap, that went to a dark place super fast” but then it never gets *too* dark.

Originally posted by animegifstrash

Originally posted by asparagusoup

I’m the kind of person where if it’s really too much of endless pain, I have a very, very hard time watching it unless it’s an incredible anime otherwise. (Tokyo Ghoul and Psycho-Pass come to mind as shows that were very hard for me to watch but I was still engaged). BSD, I feel, hits that right balance of– when the action goes down, you have legitimate concerns that maybe the characters might not make it out, but overall (so far, later seasons may prove me wrong) BSD never goes to so dark a place that you feel like your soul is heavier just for the watching.

And that is an incredibly hard balance to achieve! A lot of times, when anime (and tv shows, let’s be honest) shifts from “light” to “dark” it pretty much just settles on “dark and pain” from here on out. BSD does a really good job of touching on painful things while still pulling back and having light moments again, and I really respect that in a story.

There’s like, a million other things I really appreciate about the show, but I think I’ll leave off there. So, thanks for asking anon-friend! I hope this helps! It’s definitely worth checking out!

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8.) Twilight Princess
Gamecube/Wii, 2006
“Twilight Princess” may have one of the single most tortured development cycles of any game in the series, and there are ways in which that sadly makes itself known in the final game, in particular a wide variety of design elements that don’t feel fully explored or finished (in particular the surplus of items that only ever receive use for one area and never again).  Even so, however, the game stands strong: whether on the Gamecube or the Wii version, where the added bonus of waving your Wiimote around for sword combat adds a delightful layer to the game’s combat, this game features some of the franchise’s most memorable boss battles, most engaging puzzles, and most unique settings.  The rich, atmospheric aesthetic is also consistently gorgeous and really pulls you in to the surprisingly-moody narrative.  And last but not least, this is the title that gave us Midna, easily one of the best characters in the entire franchise.  Her sarcastic personality and tragic backstory anchor the narrative in compelling territory, and she makes for a consistently enjoyable companion who makes even the lesser patches of the game feel worth going through.  The challenging battles, dual-world design, and well-constructed atmosphere make “Twilight Princess” good, but it’s Midna who truly elevates the entire experience.

meowdoglover  asked:

AHHHHHHHH ALL YOUR POST ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! May I please ask for the peacock spider one with 2p allies and Romano please? Thank you so much! Love your stuff!<3<3<3

I love all of your stuff too!!! Believe me :)))

2p America/Allen F. Jones

Allen don’t move…” s/o cautiously approached him. “What?” He raised his eyebrow at them. “HYAA!!” They screeched as they attempted to catch the little bug on his shoulder. “WHAT THE HELL?!” He gasped, ducking. “Gotcha!” s/o smiled in triumph. “I caught a peacock spider!!” They squealed in delight. “Look, look look! It’s so cute!” They excitably said. “All of that… For a spider.” He sighed, glancing over at the dancing spider. “What is it doing?” He questioned, seeming interested. “It’s dancing! See? Cute right?” They asked with a cheerful expression. “Yeah… I guess that is pretty cool.” He nodded.

2p France/Francois Bonnefoy

“You really like that spider… Don’t you?” Francois asked nonchalantly. “Sure do! It’s so colorful and it’s irresistibly cute when it dances.” They informed, carrying a jar which consisted of the little spider. “Oh! Look, it’s dancing!” They gasped, pointing at the jar. Francois looked down at the jar and watched it dance. “You can keep it. But if you start finding the spider more interesting than me then it’s as good as dead.” He stated. “Jealous of a spider…?” s/o smirked as Francois rolled his eyes.

2p England/Oliver Kirkland

”You’re right Poppet! It IS really colorful!” He chuckled at the spider. “It’s really cute when it dances too! See?” s/o’s eyes sparkled as the spider did a little dance. “Did you give it a name yet Poppet?” He beamed. “No, how about you name it Ollie?” They grinned widely. “Oh! Alright then! Let’s name it (nickname). Does that sound alright?” He wondered. “Of course, it’s perfect.” s/o nodded contently.

2p China/Zao Wang

You know, most people would be cautious around spiders…” Zao commented, noticing your odd fascination with a tiny spider. “But this spider is too cute to be cautious around!” They explained. “Of course it is… What makes that spider so special anyway?” Zao looked over at the tiny spider s/o had caught. “It’s really tiny, colorful and it is adorable when it dances.” s/o answered confidently. Zao looked into the jar and spotted the tiny spider dancing. “It is a better dancer than you Kitten.” He teased. “S-shut up. That isn’t a fair comparison!” They pouted.

2p Russia/Viktor Braginsky

”So, you like this tiny thing because it dances?” Viktor raised a brow. “Not just because it dances! It’s colorful, tiny and adorable!” s/o said. “I don’t see the appeal.” He sighed. “I know… But please try to like it!” They pleaded, holding up the jar. He looked into the jar and found a spider of a different species, “Interesting colors.” He commented. The spider had started to dance, Viktor had his eyes glued to it. “Maybe it isn’t that bad after all.” Viktor shrugged.

South Italy/Romano (Lovino Vargas) ”NO WE AREN’T KEEPING IT!” Romano snapped. “But Roma~! It’s so small and adorable! Toni even said it reminded him of you!” s/o smiled innocently. “W-WHAT THAT BASTARD SAID HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!” The Italian growled in reply. “Look at it dance! You might change your mind!” They pleaded. Romano looked at the spider as it danced, s/o looked hopeful. “We still aren’t keeping that.” He declared as s/o continued to persuade him otherwise.

beyond tucker being an underdogtho like he HAD his character development of becoming more responsible so to hint at there being something beyond that for the season and then dropping it so hard to make a joke that undermines his prev arc telling the audience ‘LOL SEE HE’S STILL REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE DON’T WORRY WE LOVE THAT STATUS QUO!’

👀 @powerfulpomegranate

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You make it to the temple. And to your delight, they have some of your favorite foods available. You pick up a few Ainamiss bugs, and one of the Kyewfish for you to eat when you get home. You haven’t eaten today, and you only ate a little yesterday. You’re not very good at developing a consistent eating schedule. You usually only eat when you’re able to will yourself out of the house. You know Jahryk would be able to get food from the temple for you if you asked him. But you really don’t like to ask anything from him besides for him to be cute and play fetch sometimes.

You notice some strange bugs crawling on the statue of Lemonmarch. You have seen these in bestiaries before, but you’ve never seen them in person. These bugs are alien to this world, you know that. They’re an invasive species that often sneaks on the ships of the empire. Some believe that they were genetically engineered by a powerful corporation to spread around the universe and drop hints of their products around. You can see a couple of their garbage trinkets desecrating this temple. The question you think to yourself is, how did they get here? This concerns you. You should try to find your parents. They’re usually around the tavern at this time, and if the commotion with the sheep has ended by now, that’s where they’ll probably be.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia Romantic Headcanons
  • If you thought that just because he wore suits and has fancy hair that this man was a romantic, well you thought wrong
  • He might have been raised to aide the king, but he was in no way instructed on how to deal with love, let alone the romantic type
  • You must let him slowly ease himself into a relationship and find out where barriers and comfortability lies 
  • Ignis often becomes overwhelmed in romantic relationships
  • The fact that he hasn’t had many (you could count them all on one hand) as well as having to add “spend time with significant other” to his ever expanding to do list
  • But, for his s/o it will all go out of the window
  • Not that he would abandon his work load or half ass anything, it’s just that things would be getting done much faster than they had before
  • Ignis’s s/o is one lucky person because this man will cater to his beloved like royalty
  • Being able to spend time alone with them is something Ignis is always delighted to take part in
  • Ignis isn’t someone who likes to be very public with his relationships, romantic or otherwise. Aside of the occasional hand holding, there really isn’t much to see
  • Noctis says that he hasn’t even seen them hug in front of anyone
  • In the privacy of each other though, Ignis and his s/o enjoy each other’s touch as much as they desire
  • Although, that mostly consists of cuddling and chaste touches while doing casual activities around the apartment/house
  • Lots of brushing fingers while cooking and tidying up
  • There are even times when Ignis grabs his s/o’s hand and twirls them into a slow dance to the classical music playing in the background
  • Some nights they can spend hours dancing around the apartment, hand in hand, gossiping about their day
  •   Ignis appreciates an expensive night out, as does anyone, but he prefers to simply spend alone with his s/o
  • Ignis needs to be able to strip off the stoic and nearly humorless personality of the Royal Adviser and let himself go
  • Even if it’s just cooking a quick meal together, the tender banter and occasional innuendo makes for a calming and peaceful evening, just what the doctor ordered
  • Remember when I mentioned Iggy treating his s/o like royalty? Well that was no exaggeration
  • Even if all he wants to do is sleep, Iggy will still do anything his s/o asks of him, within reason of course
  • It was ingrained in him from early childhood, but that is in no way the only reason
  • Ignis adores his s/o with almost childlike sincerity but the actual relationship is mature and grown up…most of the time
  • Ignis no longer trusts his s/o to pour flour or any other grainy substance with it being…questionable
  • They also cannot bring up the word “cactus” without both of them bursting into fits of laughter (please, imagine one of the guys complaining about a cactus pricking them and Ignis just snorting in an attempt to keep his composure, also failing at keeping his composure)

Prompto romhcs

Noctis romhcs


I got my car all sorted out this week, so yesterday I went out to Lenz in Santa Cruz to buy some new paints. NEW FRIENDS!

Daniel Smith quinacridone purple (PV55) - Bloody dark purple, moody - wouldn’t call it leap-off-the-page vivid, but it’s brighter than dioxazine (and considerably redder), and pretty much completely shuts out perylene violet - which is a wonderful paint, but it’s also incredibly desaturated and a major lightweight wet-in-wet. PV55 works great in mixes for an actual royal purple with ultramarine and quin magenta, and makes stellar fleshy browns with transparent pyrrol orange.  

Sennelier Helios Violet (PR122) - Fancy-named FEROCIOUS quinacridone magenta. It’s damn near Opera bright, though without the fluorescence, or the lightfastness issues - which is AWESOME. Violet machine. Vivid terror-purple. This is my first tube from Sennelier and so far I’m super impressed, but considering doing a lightfastness test. It’s damn near ubelievably bright.

Daniel Smith Quinacridone Coral (PR209) - The red side of the quinacridone pigment family lists consistently pinky-pink/violet. Coral’s not really an exception, but it quite strangely…. red. Like… an honest blushy red. Really delightful, does awesome things in mixes with green.

Daniel Smith Cerulean Blue Chromium (PB36) - Get this blue. All around deeper than PB35 Cerulean and a little bit greeny, textured rather than “fluffy.” 

Daniel Smith Diopside - I kind of raise the eyebrow a bit when it comes to the primatek paints - they’re really good, but it’s easy to get dragged in by the novelty. Paint with gemstones!! They handle very differently. Like… they’re gooey. They actually feel gooey, viscous, thick in water. If you don’t keep your wash mix stirred, you’ll get really inconsistent results. They’re heavy!

All that said, they’re also really cool. I lean on Sodalite pretty hard, and am forever making eyes at Amethyst. Diopside caught my attention as a granulating alternative to Pthalo green YS, and holy hell it is. I love it. It’s a lot warmer than i was expecting, not nearly as tangy (the primateks are consistently a bit dull,) and it’s just as corny - wouldn’t use either straight out the tube. Love what it does with quin coral, pyrrol orange, yellow, blue, etc.

Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium (PY97) - Speaking of corny, I like to avoid primary yellow like the plague. Because of this, I have a plague of yellows. Greeny yellows, orangey yellows, earthy yellows, and all this is great. But when something has to actually be yellow, it’s a huge problem. 

Hansa Yellow Medium is, honestly, nice. I’m not really sure how, but it’s both cool in tints and warm in masstone. It’s unexpectedly sunny and not cadmium-flat, or cadmium-toxic. Bless the cads and all, but cad yellow medium is probably what originally turned me off to keeping a middle-yellow in my palette. So far this one’s been a much more cooperative mixer and less opaque than cadmium, with more presence and all-around oomph than my previous go-to, PY175(lemon). It also lacks lemon’s magical talent of burning out your retinas if it gets out on its own.

The mixing charts are far from complete, but so far I’m really enjoying exploring the new additions! New favorites that work well with the old favorites, always a plus : D

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You know what the saddest thing is? Y0I really could've been something special if K//ubo had actually given a shit. If she had actually taken the time to make her plot interesting, flesh out the side characters, give Yu//uri and Vic//tor consistent personalities, carefully developed their relationship into something actually loving and intimate instead of shoving them immediately into sexual scenes intented to delight fujoshis, treated gay men like actual goddamn human beings, and (1)

speak to actual LGBT people and acknowledge the hardships we go through in-universe, Y0I would’ve been so, so much better. I mean, can you imagine an anime actually taking the time to at least reference the absolutely horrendous treatment of LGBT people in Russia and why it was such a big deal for Vic//tor to kiss another man on TV? That would’ve brought up real awareness. But no, K//ubo and her stupid fandom don’t give a shit about that. All they care about is cheap yaoi fanservice. I mean, who cares about character development and heartwarming scenes when we can have two guys almost-kissing? Who cares about actual LGBT men when we can ogle their hot bodies and treat them like animals in a zoo instead of real people who face real discrimination in their daily lives? None of this stuff was brought up because K/ubo didn’t care. She didn’t care about making Y0I meaningful or thought-provoking. All she wanted to do was cash in on that fujobuck. It’s very disappointing.

We’re Having Feelings On Thanksgiving

Michael x Reader

Author: Luc

Reader: Female

Word Count: 1282

Warnings: None

Request:  #17 and/or 32 with Michael, please? (from @eccentric-ravenwolf )

Note: I loved this so much i accidentally made it a short oneshot:)

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

LISTEN I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU MAKE HH SO PERFECT! you somehow manage to answer every question i have, craft amazing characters and always know their motivation and come up with the best plot. it all just...works. you can't come up with all these ideas on your own unless you're some kind of fic goddess (which i am okay with so long as i can read it)


Originally posted by schneiderforpresident

Hahahaha. The plot is definitely mine (although I am not a fic goddess at all), but lots of details work themselves out in edits. I also consistently thank the wonderful, delightful, excellent people who have conversations with me when I feel stuck and offer insights or otherwise just listen to me whine until something appears that works. 

I am really glad to hear it’s working for you! I know not everyone is pleased with the plot twist here in the latest chapter, but I’ll be honest – I thought it was something y’all would see coming from a mile away! I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

… and keep in mind, as always, that HH is told from third person limited for a reason, and y’all are only seeing/hearing what Bitty sees/hears. And Bitty doesn’t know everything all the time!

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to send me such a nice message. I really appreciate you!


1. Lacey

In my mind, Lacey was the obvious for First Call Out this week. Given how much the judges favoured her throughout the cycle, I was really surprised she didn’t make it to the Final Runway over Mame. Because this campaign is fabulous. Her first two shots are super cute. The poses in them are a little quirky - but they look super natural at the same time. And her final photo is asolutely stunning. I love how much attitude she has injected into her pose. The whole spread is consistently fantastic. I’m sure Zappos would have been delighted to use these pictures in a campaign.

Get to Know the Blogger

Tagged by the delightful @queendophne.  Thanks, hon!

Goal: tag 9 people to get to know them

Relationship status: happily single

Favorite color: Green

Lipstick or chapstick: I’m obsessed with chapsticks

Last song:  We Are All to Blame from the Wonder Woman Soundtrack

Last movie: Spiderman Homecoming.  I don’t get to the movies that often, lol.  Really want to see IT. I loved the book.

Top 3 shows: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things…um…I’m trying to think of what else I watch.  John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, I guess is the only other thing I watch consistently right now.  Going back some, X-Files, Buffy, Firefly, Angel, West Wing, Parks and Rec, Friends

Top 3 ships:  Steve/Tony (obviously!), Mulder/Scully (forever), Han/Leia (original OTP)

I’ll tag:  @shetlandowl, @chibisquirt, @fand0mfancies, @letsgetdowney, @captainstarkreportingforduty, @snowywinterevenings, @megaranoelle, @some-blue-jack and @javachik

makochosen  asked:

ok hi friend i just wanted you to know that you are such an incredible writer <3

ohmgosh hi friend thank you so much !! that is so sweet, i really appreciate it! especially since i’ve like. failed do the writing consistently DDD: but !! this is just very sweet and considerate! you are such a delight to have on my dash, i hope you know that i appreciate you<3<3<3

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any tips on script writing? I have a cool idea for a story I think would work best in audio drama format, but I know absolutely nothing about writing scripts. The Bright Sessions is so amazing and well written, I was wondering how you do it! Thanks <3

First of all, thank you! I am consistently surprised and delighted when people like my writing.

Here’s a fun secret: I also know nothing about writing scripts. 

I’m not kidding - I have never taken a scriptwriting class or read a book about scriptwriting or really done any creative writing at all since I was 14. I’m not saying this to be all, “look at how much of a natural talent I am!” because I’m not. Not when it comes to writing. But I have been studying acting for a very long time, so that’s the arsenal of tools I pulled from. 

Over years of reading/seeing/performing in plays and films, I’ve picked up a thing or two about dialogue. I instinctively understand what a scene between two people is supposed to be like because I’ve performed in approximately 2 million of them (that’s all acting class is sometimes, guys). 

So when I sat down to write the first episode, I had a few things to go off of: 

  • how Sam talks
  • how Dr. Bright talks
  • what information I wanted to reveal
  • what the characters wanted from each other 

Those four things are more or less all I think about when going into writing. Since that first episode, I realized I’ve absorbed a lot more about scriptwriting from just being in entertainment than I was giving myself credit for, but you can get there too. If you have a favorite movie, find the script online and read it as you watch the movie. You’ll start to realize that you know a lot about more about dramatic structure than you think. Watch movies, listen to podcasts, and read books. Read all kinds of books. 

Then figure out what your characters want from each other and how they are going to get it. There’s this great acting exercise where you improvise a scene with a partner. One of you enters and presents a problem that you need the other person’s help with. There are only two rules to this exercise: 1) the person with the problem must get the other person to help them and 2) the other person cannot under any circumstances say yes to the person who needs help. It is incredibly frustrating but you end up finding all sorts of creative ways to make an argument. 

(and this is what’s great about audio drama - you can get away with making a scene that is only dialogue)

If you want more formal (aka real) advice about scriptwriting, I highly recommend checking out the writing tag of @personalinsanitymoment (Gabriel Urbina of Wolf 359). That is a man who knows writing and knows audio drama and, as I am doing now, answers questions by pointing to smarter people, which is always a good idea.  

Here is my biggest piece of advice, courtesy of the ever-interesting Shia LaBeouf: just do it. I spent a year sitting on the first script of The Bright Sessions thinking no one would like it and guess what? That’s the script that you hear in the first episode. If you have an idea that you’re passionate about, let that passion drive you and people will respond to it. Work hard, write every day, and don’t get too bogged down in self-doubt. 

The best piece of advice I’ve received since moving to LA is this: “Lauren, a lot of people are going to give you a lot of advice about the best way to be successful in entertainment. Don’t follow all of it”. It is ironic that that is the one piece of advice I have followed, but the point is that you can get advice from a lot of different people and read all the major books and take the right classes but at the end of the day, you’re the person you need to listen to the most. 

As Stephen Sondheim, one of the greatest artists of all time, wrote: 

“Anything you do, let it come from you, then it will be new. Give us more to see.”

impala-azula-deactivated2016082  asked:

Zutara fic recs? Also your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs ok have a nice day ok :)

dsfghjdfghj IM SO SORRY I ONLY GOT TO THIS NOW i hope you see this!!

but anyway, wanted to give out a little disclaimer that I’m really picky with fics /and/ despite shipping Z & K since forever I haven’t ~properly~ read as much fics as everyone else has <///3 But in any case, here’s a [very] short list! I hope you don’t mind ack

1.) Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow by sadladybug

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Angst/Romance | Chapters: 7 - Words: 65,000 | 

“It is not the memorial she deserves, nor the one she would want. But it can’t be helped. He owns no property in the other nations, and he needed to keep her close. Closer than she was in life, anyway.” Zuko’s reflections on a life lived and a life that could have been. Told in four arcs: melancholy, slow dancing, unrequited, and cobalt blue/vigil. For Zutara Week 2014-2015. 

Hands down the best Zutara fic I’ve ever read. Beautifully written and canon compliant and everything just FITS. You’ll squeal and swoon and laugh but there are also parts of it that’ll make you just wanna stare at the ceiling and cry <–a whole lot of that last bit too, so be sure to bring lots of kleenex and your favorite stuffed toy to cuddle with because IT WILL HURT A LOT. I usually don’t read fics like these bc i don’t like crying lol, but this was just so beautiful and it was 50000% worth the read. 

2.) Tempest in a Teacup by AkaVertigo

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Romance | Chapters: 22 - Words: 34,018

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort. 

A fucking Zutara classic. This was written and completed back in 2006, 2 years before ATLA even ended. If you regularly read Z/K fics, I’m almost sure you’ve read this one. It’s a good amount of everything: feels, squeals, and just. Everything. I can’t even begin to describe how much this fic has stuck with me. There’s also an unfinished sequel to this, but the fic overall has enough closure. Just. Just read this ok just read it.

3.) The Rising by The Adamant Daughter

Three years after Fire Lord Ozai’s defeat, Zuko is threatened by the Raiders, a rebel group seemingly tied to his family’s dark past. With the help of Katara, Zuko leaves his home in pursuit of answers and peace. But, does the truth really set you free? *COMICS DON’T EXIST*

Status: In Progress | Rating: M  (for descriptive violence, strong language, dark themes, & sexual situations) - Romance/Adventure | Chapters: 17 -  Words: 101,373 (as of 03/27/16) 

I came across The Adamant Daughter’s blog very recently (she posts zutara one-shots and RP’s on her tumblr), and I fell in love with her writing almost instantly. So when I found out she had a multichapter up on FFn I nearly screamed in delight lmao. The Rising is pretty dark and angsty (it’s rated M for a reason), but also has enough fluff to balance it out. I’m not usually a fan of dark&brooding!Zuko, but I had to make a special exception for this. The canon ATLA comics are completely disregarded too (which is good bc the comics suck dont even bother), and The Adamant Daughter writes a very interesting and creative take in this intriguing AU-of-sorts. Her characterization/writing is consistent and follows through in every chapter, and you really get an in-depth understanding of the characters throughout the story, and why they do the things they do. Plus like I said, I normally don’t read M-rated stories like these. Barely touch the stuff. This is the one exception. Go read it.

Honorary Mention!!!!

The Stalking Zuko Series by emletish (part II & part III)

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Humor/Romance | Chapters: 50 | Words: 429,313 

Katara has developed a new hobby. At the Western Air Temple she takes to stalking Zuko. Much silliness and shenanigans follow. In chapter 20: Katara and Zuko return home to the others. Katara hates the F word and she comes to a decision regarding Zuko.

Just. Dork Zuko. Dork Zuko everywhere. Just. TFGSDHJJNFSKDLSD.  I came across this fic because I was looking for something to cheer me up after reading Clothe Me in Seasons, and needless to say, not only did it work, but I ended up continuously squealing and making a lot of this face–> :OOO!!!! and fanning myself for 3 days straight. And apparently ticklish!Zuko just has me weak everywhere I fucking can’t. Just. FUCK JUST HONESTLY THIS FIC MAKES ME WANNA HUG ZUKO 24/7 BLARGHAGHGAHGHSGDUHJSA *NIGEL THORNBERRY NOISESx10000000000000000000000000000000000000*

ALSO! Shameless plug lol. 

Where the Panda Lily Sleeps by panclarks (thas me on FFn. But i might move soon)

Status: In Progress/Hiatus | Rating: T (it says M but this is definitely a T) |  Chapters: 11 - Words: 18,918

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where; I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. (Pablo Neruda)”

Yes this is mine. Not sure if I’m still going to finish this any time soon because this fic has me on eternal writer’s block ugh, so read at your own risk basically. The reason I’m posting this though is because I’m currently working on a Zutara multichap AU as well as a Korrasami/Zutara oneshot which I’ll be publishing on FFn or Ao3 soon (?), and if you’d like to get a glimpse of how I write and see if it suits your taste, you can use this to check and see. I’d also appreciate some feedback on it if you guys can spare the time!

so um. Sorry this turned out rly long but lol tl;dr apart from my shameless plug just read all of these ok just read everything tfghjkl;.

PS @satans-sock-sorter Thank you! Your blog is rad af as well <3 <3 <3 Really sorry again for not getting back tot his sooner! But in any case, have fun and have a nice day too!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3