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Manga Kaneki is a (somewhat unhinged) Cutie Appreciation Post

Alright, so seeing how anime white haired Kaneki only seems capable of one expression of blank emo stare devoid of a personality, I wanted to make this appreciation post of the sadistic cutie that manga Kaneki is.

Literally just escaped from being tortured to insanity? Still able to smile like an angel.

(Even though the smile is a lie)

And he’s very capable of putting on very convincing fake smiles to mask his true nature. When asked if he murdered dozens of ghouls (that he totally actually did):

Wouldn’t you trust that smile if you didn’t know better?

Though there are plenty of genuinely cute moments, especially where Hinami is involved. He’s always a total angel with her, and looks after her almost like like a parent:

Pictured Above: Kaneki Ken, Ghoul Gang Boss, Pro Hairdresser

He’s also (somewhat distubingly) good at switching in an instant between sweet and… not so sweet. For example while training Banjou, he effortlessly goes from Yamori-style trainer from hell (and ends up throwing him off a building):

To (when rescuing him bridal style from falling from said roof) this gentle - albeit somewhat smug - smile:

In the midst of a dangerous raid, immediately after kicking ass?

“Why is this guy so happy” indeed, Irimi. And then the next time we see him, just few pages later, he makes a CCG mook literally piss his pants in fear just by landing in front of him.

And seriously look at this kawaii-as-fuck smile, even when confronting an enemy in a fight to the death.

Especially for the fact it’s directly preceded by this page:

And that’s just a few choice examples  (seriously, when taking screenshots for this post, I kept coming across great manga moments I’d forgotten about and had to restrain myself from just posting the whole manga). Conclusion: Pierrot, how the hell did you manage to mischaracterise Kaneki to the degree of cutting out both his sweet side and his sadistic side and everything else that makes him so interesting and likeable? 

Oh well, let’s just appreciate the treasure that is manga Kaneki Ken.

Friend: You know, the girls in my class are so weird. 


Friend : Can you believe it? They  *whispers* have crushes on anime guys. They serioulsy have fallen in love with them. 

Me : *poker face*

Friend: No, no I’m not talking about you, I mean, I know you like anime but not in a weird way, you’re not that obsessed.

Me : Oh

Friend: I swear. One of them even skipped class because she wanted to celebrate his birthday. An anime guy has his own birthday. Can you imagine?

Me: ……..

Me: *sweats nervously*



I wish I could make gifs, because this entire scene was golden