but it only got silver


And you think I’m the one best suited to lead our people through this?
I think that you are the best of us. The two of you together are the world in balance.

I think people are forgetting how well Silver played everyone in 405 

Even though we knew he would never betray Flint we were actually convinced that he was going to. Why? Because Silver can act. Better than we ever thought he could. Yet Hands, Billy, the crew AND the audience are still underestimating him in this situation now

Silver told Billy to kill Flint in 405

Now he’s telling 6 men to go kill him in 408 

Events are being repeated like they have been throughout this season yet people are STILL believing what is being fed to them

And look.. we know there is going to be some sort of twist. It’s what will make it, as Luke said, his ‘favourite written episode’. We’ve always been right about how important Flint and Silver are to each other. Don’t let this fool you. Don’t be like Billy and fall into the trap of thinking it was that easy to turn them against each other. He has underestimated their relationship again. Just like he underestimated it before. 

Perhaps he’d finally reached the limit of his physical ability to fight.

John Silver

I love that because I think it’s a truth that is is playing a huge part in the eventual outcome, both in a very specific and in a broader sense.

When they went back to the island, it was Flint who suggested a rest, and Flint who sat down with his back to Silver. At that point, Flint must already have been beyond exhausted. He’d fled to the island with the treasure chest, hauled it around, defeated six men in combat (and got wounded doing so) shot another, dueled with Silver, they hurried down to the beach to help the rest of their crew reach the shore. Then he took command of Jack’s ship, led them into battle. He climbed the mast, then he fought Billy, then he got down the mast to join the fight against Rogers, and then he and the others went back to the island to retrieve the treasure.

And it showed. The whole scene, Flint gave the impression of a man who was just completely done, who had reached his limits. During his conversation, he was sitting on the rock while Silver was standing, he only got up near the end. 

If that conversation had happened at any other time, with Flint rested, I don’t think that the outcome would have been what Silver wanted. I don’t think Flint would have let them take him alive.

And Flint’s physical fight has been going on for a lot longer than that. Ten years of high seas piracy, part of the boarding crew. The hunt for the Urca gold, Chales Town, the reckless behavior as part of the vanguard, battling that storm, suriving starvation, the battle on the island, retaking Nassau. The Spanish raid, then Skeleton Island.

And that’s not even the countless times that the had to fight other people with words, and overcome obstacles, and bargain, and convince, and intimidate, and persuade, and incite, through sheer force of determination. He’s killed Gates, he’s seen Miranda die and Eleanor, and I think that at that moment, on Skeleton Island, Flint had pretty much reached his limits in more ways than one. 

And I think it was that which ultimately allowed Silver to subdue him, and it couldn’t have happened at any other point. 

the more i think about the bs finale the more i realize the tragedies underlying the happy endings, so as of today i’ve decided to be dumb and blind. im taking the easy way out lads. subtext does not exist. all is well (ノ◕‿◕)ノ*:・゚✧


i started to realize it around our first school festival. it was a decisive blow. when you said to me: 

                   “no matter what happens, i’ll be on your side! that’s the reason i’m here.”

my heart was lost, and it was you who was able to save me. ever since then, i’ve unwaveringly been in love with you. so…i’ll be in your care.

                    i…i’ll be in your care too!

so my head canon tells me that although Silver only got one leg, he likes to be the dominant one in bed with him and Madi.  But based on how affected he is by her and how gone he was when he saw her in 4.03, I feel like he totally loses it when she takes the reigns in bed and kisses him all over before she climbs on top. 

@yemme I would like you to weigh in on this.

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My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.

Slow burn Yuri/Otabek with demi!Yuri and lots of texting as a belated birthday present for for @limitlessmonster. [Read on AO3]

Yuri grows up, grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.

Texting with Otabek, when it first happens, is fortunately not something anyone bothers to comment on.

While Yuri is not as much of a social media addict as he could be, when he is not on the ice he is instead glued to his phone, like any self-respecting teenager should be.

And it’s not like Yuri has never texted with people before. There’s Yuuko, and some other skaters still in the Junior division, classmates from Russia, even though he never exactly considered any of them his friends. It’s just that, with Otabek, Yuri is actually smiling down on his phone.

“Oh, Yuri, you’re smiling?” Mila had asked once, curiously cocking her eyebrow at him.

“Funny cat video,” he had told her, making to hold out his phone to her, “Do you wanna-?”

Luckily, she had immediately made herself scarce then. Everyone knew that once Yuri started pulling out the cat videos he didn’t stop until he ran out of battery.

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just saying

gladion better not get the silver treatment

he better appear in the anime or imma slap somebody



SILVER FULLBUSTER[Batman]: Millionaire orphan. After losing his parents to street crime, he decides to become a vigilante, a hero that’s not a hero, in order to put criminals to justice. Puts up a double-act: playboy business man by day, hero by night. Despite his rough exterior, he’s kind and becomes attached to people. Very fond of Gray and Ur.

GRAY FULLBUSTER[Robin/Nightwing]: Adoptive son of Silver Fullbuster. Gray lost his parents during a shooting at his parent’s art gallery- where Silver was holding a charity function that night. Out of sympathy and guilt, Silver takes him in. They quickly grow close, and Silver trains him to be his ward. [I skipped his Robin outfits becase…because.]

Gray spent the rest of his childhood enhancing his mind and body with teachings from Silver. He also trained with Ur frequently, and sees her as a mentor and a mother figure. Gray eventually departs Silver’s side to lead his own band of heros, the Teen Titans.

UR MILKOVICH[Catwoman]: Ur is a single mother, who had Ultear when she was 17. Determined and desperate to stay with her daughter and raise her, Ur turns to the underworld to sustain their living. Her involvement in the underworld spirals out of control, however, and Ultear is kidnapped. Ur loses herself for a long time, believing Ultera to be dead.

She picks herself up, however, and resumes her fieldwork in the streets. This time, however, she devotes herself to stealing from the wealthy, and supporting orphanages and street children. 

She often ran into Silver, who tried to interfere with her work- but they develop a mutual understanding, a trust, a sort of twisted romance. Over the years she visits the Fullbuster manor frequently, spending time with Gray and Silver. Gray reminds her of Ultear, and she stubbornly prevents her relationship with Silver from becoming more, because she can’t allow herself happiness [from the guilt of her daughter’s death.]

ULTEAR MILKOVICH: Daughter of Ur Milkovich. Kidnapped at a young age, and believed to be dead. In reality, she was sent off to be trained as an assassin. In the process she is brainwashed about the memories of her mother, and the reason for her “abandonment.” She returns to the city years later and appears before Ur, to execute her order to assassinate Ur.

because everyone’s always going on about some Avengers AU, but I’m such a huge DC dork that I had to

Don’t Leave (Part Two)

*Requested: Part 2 to Don’t Leave, which is about Newt finding interest in a girl from Group B and abandoning Y/N for her.*

“Y/N, it’s not game over. I’m not leaving a single healthy Glader behind. We’ve all worked too hard for this. Now hurry before everything collapses.” Thomas said and you just stared at him.

“I don’t have anything to live for, Thomas. How am I going to get to Paradise and have to live in Hell everyday?” you asked, tears in your eyes not only from being hurt by Newt but by the fact that you hated your own stubborn self.

Thomas walked over and lifted you up easily and ran towards the Flat Trans.

“Let me down, Thomas!” you yelled but his grip only got tighter. He ran into the silver rectangle and you closed your eyes, expecting pain or some sort of discomfort.

“Shucking hell.” he said and put you down, and you opened your eyes and took in your surroundings. It was a grassy field with a lake and trees; almost like a glorified version of the Glade.

“Wow.” you said and looked around in awe. Was it real? Or was it just another stage, set by the founders of WCKED? You looked around and the other Gladers who survived and some Group B girls were there, and you spotted Newt and the girl immediately.

“Y/N-” you heard Thomas say but you ignored him. Your eyes were drooping from being tired and as you stared at the two people who were making your world spin, you saw everything go black.


You woke up under a tree with a damp cloth on your forehead.

“Minho.” you said when you noticed the muscular Asian boy sitting beside you in the shade of the tree.

“Y/N.” he said and you smiled at him.

“How are you?” you asked and his deep voice chuckled.

“How am I? You’re the one that passed out.” he said and you smiled again. Minho always put you in a good mood.

“Listen, about Newt, if you want me to kill that shank…” Minho said seriously and you appreciated his protectiveness.

“What can I do, Minho? He clearly has no feelings for me anymore.” you said and averted your eyes, remembering all the fun you and Newt had had while in the Glade, making jokes and kissing and staring at the night sky and drinking Gally’s special drink. It all seemed so far away, and he clearly wasn’t missing it half as much as you were; he had moved on so quickly.

“I was probably just like an item to him, you know? I was the only girl in the Glade, I was convenient, and it worked out for him because I was attracted to him and I was willing to fulfill his fantasies.” you said and stared out at the water where some of the Gladers were sitting and relaxing, probably talking about the future.

“You’re not just an item.” you heard an accented voice say and you turned around. Newt came up next to you and sat down, and a tense air surrounded the 3 of you. You didn’t say anything and just sat still, waiting for him to say something else.

He didn’t and he just got up and started walking away.

“Are you kidding me you shank?!” Minho stood up and shouted at Newt. Newt stopped in his tracks and you felt your heart beat faster.

“What kind of slinthead are you to leave Y/N like that for some girl you barely know?!” Minho continued to shout at Newt and you spoke up.

“Minho, it’s okay.” you said, trying to calm him down but you knew that once Minho got started, he didn’t stop until he was satisfied.

“No, it’s not okay. The shank thinks he owns the place and I’m shucking tired of it. The playing field is even now. And nobody gets to mess with you like that.” he said and charged towards Newt, but Newt dodged. Gladers jumped in from left and right to stop the fight, but your eyes stopped on a small figure off to the side.

Your eyes met her’s and she smiled.

You looked at her face intently as she mouthed, “Game over.”

Nalu Soccer Au: Red Card

Here I go again with another multi chapter story. I won’t post it on fanfiction until some other time

Well I know this isn’t smart of me to start yet another story but @illustraice inspired me to make a Nalu soccer au and well I started typing away lol. I really hope you like it! This was made in a 3 hr car ride in the trunk of my own car with my phone so excuse typos *sigh*

Story name: Red Card
Rating: T for now for colorful cursing, suggestive themes, kissing, etc.
Pairing(s): Nalu with a side of Sting x Yukino, Gajeevy, Gruvia, and Jerza
Summary: Lucy had always been a hard core soccer fan despite her girlish appearance. Her idol, Fairy Tail’s number 14 and forward, Natsu Dragneel. When by chance she’s gifted tickets for a meet and greet of her favorite team, she excitedly sets off only to unknowingly bump into a disguised Natsu who was on the run from his fans. What could this encounter unfold? Nalu

Setting the Net

Full on concentration. A complete and calculated concentration. Swift movement of feet and disheveled grass thrown aside by the quick and very sudden movements. The ball kicked with such grace as it soars and rolls to its next caretaker until it finally, with a piercing blow, is sent past the white line known as the edge of the net. The greatest excitement and disappointment all in one go. Cheers from those who saw the glorious entrance of the ball while the others yelled a string of curses or slapped their hands on their face knowing that was a point for the team not of their own. Soccer, a sport of passion.

“Yes! Gooool!” A blonde squealed prancing around the room with her arms flailing about her face contorted in joy and her chocolate brown eyes glowed. “Uh, L-Lucy, you really do love soccer, huh?” A silver haired girl with brown eyes smiled nervously from the couch as she saw her friend go crazy around their apartment living room. The blonde turned to her roommate as a blush spread at her cheeks.

She scratched the back of her head sheepishly. “Sorry, Yukino. It’s just I’ve loved soccer since forever. It’s so exciting! It’s such a rush even when you yourself aren’t playing.” Lucy breathed dreamily as she went to slouch on the couch. The silver head could only examine her. Her blonde locks in a high pony tail. The meticulously applied make up on her face in addition to the perfect manicured nails. The pale pink dress at her thighs and even the nude heels. The epitome of girlish. At that Yukino let out a snort of amusement, startling the blonde.

“W-What?” Lucy questioned as she saw the woman beside her begin to laugh to herself. “S-Sorry! It’s just…your looks…totally contradict your hobbies and interests”, Yukino apologized while still chuckling in between her explanation. The blonde shrugged thinking about it herself as she allowed herself to giggle at the truancy of the words. “You’re right, which is why I can’t date a guy unless I cab talk to him about soccer”, she joked lightly.

Another fit of giggles and Lucy was yet again entranced with the game going on the tv. No one, but Yukino knew at the university about Lucy’s infatuation with the sport. Not the blonde would mind them knowing, but she liked it better that way because boys would tend to kiss up to her for a date and knowing her secret would only lead to a fake ‘same’ interest on their part. Yukino blinked when she noticed Lucy’s eyes brighten up suddenly when a specific player got the ball with ease.

Yukino looked at the male player and noticed off the bat, the pink colored hair he possessed along with some beautiful emerald eyes. He wore a red jersey with a fairy insignia at the left side of his chest with the words ‘Fairy Tail’ right under. The number 14 was plastered at the back with 'Dragneel’ written above it. “Do you like him?” The silver head asked suddenly as the blonde squeaked in response. “I love him! Natsu Dragneel is just amazing. He’s Fairy Tail’s prodigy, their best forward followed by their second forward and number 11, Gray Fullbuster. What I would give to meet him”, Lucy explained with such a love struck expression on her face. Yukino let a discreet smile pass her lips as she retrieved her purse lying behind the couch.

“Hmm, is that so, the I’m sure you’d like these”, the petite girl sang as the blonde turned to her. Yukino held two tickets in her hand and waved them teasingly in front of the blonde’s face. Lucy tried looked over them and read the words “Fairy Tail meet and greet 5pm at Magnolia”. “Oh. My. God!!!” Lucy yelled as she hugged the silver head tightly.

“Where did you get those?” Lucy questioned as she looked at Yukino as if looking at a goddess. the latter only smiled knowingly. “Oh, I have my ways, and just so you know, this is today just when they’re game finishes~ So you should retouch your make up, and go or else you’ll be late”, Yukino sang as Lucy jumped up to run into her room while still squealing uncontrollably.

“Oh boy, if only she knee how I got these she’d go crazy”, the silver head smiled to herself.


No later, Lucy had run out of her apartment, purse in hand and tickets safely inside. It was 4:30 and she’d be late if she didn’t hurry up. “Dang! My make up and finding my jersey took longer than I thought”, she scolded herself. She’d put her jersey in her purse for her idol to sign and just the thought of seeing him made her heart race. So much, in fact, that she’d started running again to ensure she would definitely not be late. She crossed the street despite the crossing sign with the red standing man lighted up. Looking around for any policeman, she ran down the street.

She squeaked apologies as cars honked furiously at her reckless action as she ran towards the other side. She almost felt panic rise in her when she noticed the train bars begin to lower signaling the subway coming in the way. “Not today!”, she growled as she kicked off her heels and carried them from the straps as she ran as fast as she could. After all, a former soccer player like herself was still just as fast as she used to be as she sprinted down the street.

The bars lowered and she picked up the pace managing to go under them and running past as the subway train began to pass over. She fist pumped the air feeling a sense of victory and she leaned down to set her heels on the floor. She wiped her feet from the light dust and dirt on them and looked around making sure no one had seen her, which she doubted since the street was bustling with people and cars.

Regardless, she strapped back on her heels. She breathed relieved for a few seconds before continuing to run taking a sharp left turn and hitting straight into someone. She fell back with such a force on her bottom that she almost cried from the sting especially from the scrape at the side of her leg when she fell backwards. Out of all things, she just had to go and get herself hurt. She even figured her dress was a little dirty now.

“Shit! Oi, are you okay?! ” a male’s worried voice questioned as he looked around him as if looking out for someone. However, he looked down to her bleeding leg. “Oh, man that was a stupid question”, he huffed embarrassed as he offered to help her up. She wasn’t really angry since he was being so attentive. She took his hand and was shocked with his strength as he picked her up effortlessly. Lucy felt weird though, there she was allowing a complete AND suspicious stranger treat her to some coffee after properly treating her wound. He was wearing a red hoodie and his face was for the most part concealed. That made him even more suspicious, but he had helped her and was now in a public place with her so he would probably not be a danger

“Uh, you really didn’t have to buy me coffee”, she finally interrupted the silence between them. The way his form was positioned gave off an apologetic vibe. “I had to. I did hurt you really bad”, he motioned to her leg which now had a scab where it had healed when he had carefully cleaned it. She felt slightly guilty for making him feel unintentionally responsible.

“I mean, I was running too so it was partially my fault. Thank you, regardless”, she smiled. “Why were you in such a hurry, anyways?” he asked interested in continuing their conversation. She blushed at that trying to formulate the words to say.

“Meeting up a boyfriend?” he chuckled, but she shook her head and crossed her arms defensively. “Definitely not! Er well, I don’t really have one”, she muttered.

“No way! You’re beautiful! How does someone like you, not have a boyfriend?!” he questioned almost outraged and seemed to look away when he realized what he said. The atmosphere became awkward as she answered his previous question. “ W-Well, I was… heading off to Fairy Tail’s meet and greet”, she finally confessed as to which the stranger perked up. “You like soccer? I mean are you going to see the 'hot guys’?” he questioned.

“Well, not really, I mean the guys being hot are a plus, but had they not been handsome I’d still definitely go”, she smiled fondly as leaned on her elbows. “Why?” he followed up.

“Well, I’ve loved soccer and Fairy Tail since I was young. I remembered watching Igneel play when I was younger”, she began to explain before the latter interrupted her. “You knew Igneel?” he questioned startling her. “Yeah! He was one of the reasons I myself played soccer from middle school and high school, but then I just stopped after my father demanded I quit that nonsense and then Igneel retired”, she sighed sadly a longing beginning to show in her voice.

The stranger remained silent and Lucy almost felt he was judging her. “I’m strange, aren’t I? A girl and a girlish one at that who likes soccer. You must be bored”, she sounded apologetic. “ Not at all. I think you’re awesome! But don’t you think it’s waste of time to go to superficial meet and greets?” he questioned. She hummed in thought before giving him a wide smile.

“Of course not. For real fans like myself these events are the world. The players themselves might not realize that it means the world to them. To see the person you admire, your idol, in person, is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to meet Natsu Dragneel. He was my idol after I first saw him play. His skill on the field is spectacular. The smooth passes, the force of his kick and those rare occasions of corner kicks as they curve beautifully is something I’ve always admired. I have hope that he’ll become the next Igneel. They do have a similar style”, she explained so animatedly.

“You really think so?” he almost muttered. “He’s amazing! Of course, he can. If he keeps playing as passionately as he always does. I believe in him”, she chuckled. “You speak so fondly of him even though you haven’t met him”, he laughed. She blushed furiously. “I k-know, but I feel he loves soccer more than anyone just like me which is why I talk like that”, she sputtered embarrassed.

The stranger just gave a hearty laugh and Lucy felt she really liked it after how reserved he had been at the beginning. “I’m Lucy by the way. Lucy Heartfilia”, she smiled. “Hey, isn’t the meet and over, Lucy?” he asked her and she looked at her iPhone’s clock. Her face immediately deflated, but then she huffed and smiled once more. “Yeah, that’s fine. I had a very enjoyable time regardless. I’m just as content watching them on tv”, she mentioned as she settled to fix her belongings.

“I could still get you to meet the team”, he casually mentioned. The blonde looked at him incredulous. “No way!” she squeaked as her grin widened. He only nodded . “Are you like someone important at the event?!” she asked excitedly as he stood as well. “Uh, you could say that”, he smirked secretively as he guided her out of the shop and down the streets.

“So how come you listened to your father and stopped playing the sport you loved?” he asked her as they walked while he dipped his hands into his jean pockets. “Well, my mother died when I was in my sophomore year of high school and I still played soccer even after that but he guilted me into quitting saying that I had to listen to him in my mother’s stead and so I stopped after I graduated”, she sighed looking straight ahead at nothing in particular.

“If you could play again, would you?” he asked as they finally crossed in front of the establishment of the event. “Many more times again and again.” He smiled lightly as he approached the guard at the door. From his pocket he pulled out a tag and without hesitance was led inside as he motioned for blonde to follow him. He led her down a series of complicated hallways holding her wrist to avoid her from getting lost before they reached a door which had big white letters with the name Fairy Tail on it.

She breathed heavily as she tried containing her excitement. He seemed to sense it as he turned to her. “Ready?” He asked teasingly. “Nope, but really nervous and excited”, she muttered as he finally opened the door. “I’m back”, he drawled really casually. “Damn you! I can’t believe you got away with it, flame brain!” a voice howled as Lucy almost felt she would faint at seeing Gray Fullbuster in front of her. He had black hair and dark blue eyes with firm features.

“Oh my god! Gray Fullbuster”, she whispered as she clutched onto the shoulders of the stranger. Gray blinked as he looked at the blonde. “No way! You brought a girl? This is the end!” Gray laughed as all the players seemed to near them in shock. Lucy felt overwhelmed as she met their 2 of their defenses Jellal and Elfman, numbers 3 and 5, respectively and two of their mid fielders, Loke and Gajeel, numbers 7 and 12, respectively. The rest of their team seemed busy getting their things together.

“Hey what’s your name?” the black haired male asked her. “L-Lucy”, she mumbled.

“Okay, idiots, chill. She’s a huge fan and you guys are scaring her”, Lucy’s companion interrupted. “Didn’t mean to. Nice to meet you, Lucy”, Gray grinned stretching out his hand to shake hers. She grinned as she shook his hand vigorously. She seemed to look around in hopes to find her idol and not finding him.

“Hey Salamander take off that ridiculous hoodie already”, Gajeel motioned annoyed. Lucy noticed that it was awfully hot to be wearing such a thing as she looked at him expectantly. He had to be some sort of manager or maybe even a friend of theirs with the way they spike so casually to him. And by Gray’s words, she was probably be the first girl or even person this man had brought with him to meet them team. She was extremely grateful to him for indulging her so.

“Haven’t properly introduced myself, huh, Lucy?” he smiled at her as she nodded in confusion. This whole time he had been nameless to her and she felt almost ashamed. He grasped the hoodie by its hem as he pulled it off with one pull. His shirt rid up a little and the blonde was shocked to see the glimpse of defined muscles. He threw the red hoodie at Gray who cursed under his breath as he shoved it to the floor. “Stupid”, he mumbled irritated. “Chill, ice princess”, he motioned with a cackle.

Lucy returned to look at her companion after he began to laugh at the black haired male and she felt herself remain speechless at the sight of a handsome face with pink spiky locks, gorgeous smile, and beautiful emerald eyes. He stretched out his hand a large grin still plastered on his face and feeling amused as her face became beet red in both embarrassment and shock. He chuckled lightly as he stretched out his hand to her.

“I really had a good time with you. I’m Natsu Dragneel by the way. Nice to meet you, Lucy.”

Welp that’s the first chapter! I hope you guys liked it. I was really excited to write this sort of au. Please do tell me what you think! And wait up for next chapter!!!


We’re back to the same two choices we’ve known our entire lives. Toil for another man’s benefit or  s t e a l  for our own. Unless, Captain Flint just showed us a third way. A reconciliation, pardons and not because we need to apologize for what we’ve done. Not because we got any desire to go back to where we came from, but because maybe, with a little help, this place could be the reason we never have to do either again.

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You Got Me~*✲゚*✧~*✧

Underneath the silver maple tree
The only people there were you and me
And it seems that beauty isn’t hard to find
When you’re around to ease my troubled mind

Clarke and Lexa napping. I’m honestly at the point where I can draw these two without looking at references.

Missing You

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Missing You

After another long and exhausting day at work, you wandered into your apartment. You’ve made it a habit of working over time at every given opportunity lately. You practically did anything and everything to avoid coming home to that big empty house.

You used to love this apartment, but ever since Jooyoung left for military service you’ve come to despise it. It was like he was everywhere, and yet nowhere at all. Loneliness had just become a sensation you’ve gotten used to.

Some days you were so busy you didn’t give yourself the chance to miss him. You’d be out the door for a jog before the sun rose, then head into work. Some days you even worked a double. Sure, this led to you burning yourself out, but you learned the hard way that you needed to do this.

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Look, I may have already posted this piece of art a long time ago, but today, I just got word from my teacher that the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have already judged the 2015 submissions and THIS WAS THE ONLY ART PIECE OUT OF THE 8 I SUBMITTED THAT GOT A SILVER KEY AWARD.