but it needed to be said


If you’re a part of the Voltron fandom that has upset the creators who gave us this blessing of a show: You should be ashamed of yourselves.

But do not worry, I have created a three step program to help to correct this issue that has gone way too out of hand:

1. Breathe and remember that this is a cartoon. It is a show. These are characters. Fictional. Characters. Nothing more, nothing less. It is what the are. We are the viewers who are able to witness these characters and let our imaginations roam in different creative type ways that maybe not every fan in this fandom will enjoy, but in hopes that at least one other will enjoy what you create.

2. Apologize to those you have hurt. And this goes to everybody. If you have sent hate, bullied, or hurt another fan in our space family, drop everything you’re doing and apologize to them right now. Our fandom is barely even one year old yet, and a lot of you are starting to act like it. If you don’t agree with someone’s creative thinking, don’t bother them. If you don’t like it, unfollow them if you want, but do NOT attack them. Please.

3. Remember that we are a space family. Us, the creators, every member of the cast and crew make up this space family. So let’s try to not make it as toxic as possible. Meet others who want to talk with you about your ships/favorite characters/headcanons/AUs, whichever. Go look for others who share the same ideas. Open up in a friendly, positive way to other fans in this family that you want to speak with.

Above all us, treat the fans you encounter the way you would want them to treat you. I can not stress this enough. The creators gave us a show that we all enjoy, and they want to see how imaginative we can be with their characters. But remember, they don’t want us to fight each other.

So be as creative as you want, but remember to be kind to each other too.

I love you guys, but we have to make up for this. So work together, okay now?

Take care of yourself, and take care of each other.

Haven’t been around much because it feels like so many Larries are very much starting their own journey and it leads to a lovely lack of urgency for my blog, but I did just want to make a note about the tags on this post. Srslycris tells her followers to believe a rumor about Louis and Harry being seen in the same place even though there were only pictures of Harry because, “i can’t personally verify #but i know fluff #this is legit

“fluff” being, of course, “diggingandfluff,” who says they know this story because “An acquaintance of mine who works at the Box in NYC was in London on vacation and went that night and saw them.” So I just wanted to point out that the sources of this story about 1D’s stylist team airing Harry and Louis’s weird dirty laundry to random fashion people? Also diggingandfluff’s acquaintances. To me, there is not a single plausible element to that story, so they either have no judgment at all about when they’re being fucked with, or they make shit up.

Just because people are saying things confidently, just because you’re being urged by people you trust or want to trust that they can be believed, doesn’t mean much when it comes to a lot of these blogs, sadly.

this kid in my Japanese class was supposed to say where a cat was, and he didn’t know the word for ‘chair’ to say ‘the cat is on the chair’, so he said ‘the cat is in my heart’


the extent to which fans sleep on taejin despite its constant overwhelming presence is beyond fuckin me

hear me out: a cutthroat kitchen-type contest for fanfic writers. contestants are given a different trope to write each round. sabotages include making an opponent write in first person, requiring them to write in a particular AU, making them incorporate the opening structure of my immortal. alton brown looks over your shoulder while you write the smut.

there are a lot of posts going around here with a lot of notes about what’s going on with amber heard and johnny depp and i definitely support the message about how important it is that a young, less established actress is risking a lot to get out of an abusive situation with an established and loved hollywood actor. 

HOWEVER, what’s annoying to me is the fact that none of these posts are talking about the fact that she’s not only a young actress but also a bisexual actress, and the abuse she faced from depp was 100% linked to the fact she’s bisexual. he tried to control who her friends were and tried to cut her off from her “lesbian friends” which imo is pretty clearly because either a) he was afraid she’d cheat because lol bisexuals always cheat or b) he wanted to cut her off from people who are similar to her (read: lgbt identifying), and both reasons are abusive as fuck and happened because of her sexuality. not to mention the fact that the media is gonna demonize her for being bi and act as if her sexuality inherently discredits her…

her sexuality is extremely important to this and it feels like a major erasure to ignore that a lot of her abuse was likely due to her being bisexual and the way she gets treated by the media will be influenced by the fact that she’s an out bisexual woman.. don’t ignore that!! 

okay but I feel this needs to be said:

wlw who grew up in religiously homophobic environments are strong and powerful. wlw who went to religious schools where homophobia was in the curriculum, wlw who grew up hearing things like “hate the sin, not the sinner,” “marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman because god said so,” and even people comparing homosexuality with pedophelia and beastiality, wlw who were told at home that they had to save themselves for their ~husband~. Even if after you left that environment you stuck with your religion or left it because you felt you didn’t belong, y’all are so very valid and strong and amazing, and you deserve all the love.

well, blame @sexysilverstrider as usual;;;

Sure, okay, corrective rape could happen to anyone! Fair enough! But when an asexual gets raped because of their asexuality, it becomes an issue of the asexual community. I’m not saying it is an exclusive issue of ours, but I am telling you guys: when someone decides that an asexual person needs to understand what Real Sex™ feels like and ignores the fact that we are not consenting, they are doing it out of a need to show the error of our ways.

Sure, it could’ve happened to anyone. But it happened to an asexual BECAUSE OF THEIR ASEXUALITY. You can’t pretend an attack on my sexuality happened just because—it didn’t. It happened because to someone else, our lack of sexual attraction felt childish (you just don’t know any better, let me teach you), immature (how would you know if you don’t try it?/i can make it feel good, you’ll see), absurd. So yeah, it could’ve happened to anyone. Sure. But it happened for a very precise reason.

And okay, we aren’t oppressed because of our sexuality on a constitutional level, sure, I’ll give you guys that. Fair enough.

But how does that somehow mean people accept us and treat us equally? Like, the thing is, we aren’t even well-known enough to be oppressed on our own, and the more people who know us, the more people who start hating us because of our asexuality.

Did you know that Almudena Grandes, a Spanish writer, said in a famous TV Show over here that she hates “the asexual people” because being asexual makes us evil by our very nature? That we are incapable of feeling love and are boring and no one would want to be close to us because, well, we are Evil™?

Did you know that Flex made a nice little ad about asexuality, and that comments towards it ranged from mild “asexuality is stupid” to “they just need a good fucking” while implying that our consent wouldn’t be needed for them to do it, because they would be doing us a favour?

Did you know that no straight ever has looked at us and associated us with them? That for them we’re just as foreign and weird as the rest of the LGBT, that for the kind of people that hate homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, for them asexuality is just one more thing to hate?

Did you know that my best friend looked at me in the eye and said: “I’m so sorry for you” when I came out to her? Did you know she told me she would rather DIE than “become” like me? Did you know my brother made fun of me for weeks after I told him what I was, that my mother took years to even be able to talk about it, that I can’t mention it around my grandma because it makes her so fucking uncomfortable?

Did you know one of my friends asked me not to tell guys I was asexual, because he mentioned it once to his friends, and they all laughed and said they would fuck an asexual woman anyway because that’s what she clearly needed? We’re talking people who actually respected other women, saying shit like this. Did you know he gets scared for me, not just for being a woman, but for being an asexual one?

But then I have to come here and see shit of how we are privileged because Straight people see us as straight (throwing not only us under the bus, but anyone who is “straight passing”, as if that didn’t have psychological consequences, as if it didn’t feel constricting to be forced to act like someone you aren’t), how nobody would ever hate on us or hurt us because of our asexuality, how There Are No Issues With Asexuality In The World.

Haha, there wasn’t any war in Ba Sing Se either.

So okay, keep us out of the LGBT, I don’t even care about the Tumblr community tbh. But don’t come at us using arguments like “you don’t experience hate because of your sexuality!” “aces are just straight anyway!” or variants of these, because, guess what? You’re wrong.

You’re fucking wrong.

You Are Valid

I dont care who you are

I dont care what your gender is

I dont care what your sexuality is

I dont care what race you are

I dont care what religion you are

I dont care who you are

I just care that you’re happy

I care that you feel accepted

I care that you feel loved

I care that you have something to look forward to

I care that you have someone to talk to

I just care that you’re happy

celebrities that ditch tumblr bc “it’s so hard to use” annoy the fuck out of me like yes tumblr is more difficult to operate than fucking twitter but it’s not rocket science. invest ten minutes into reading the instructions that are literally given to you as you explore it and then you have access to a huge, always neglected part of your fanbase that grows despite you not watering it ever okay thanks bye