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Happy Birthday, Killua!

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i didnt know jimin had to apologize for losing his abs when did that happen??

I believe it was within this week at a fanmeet (not sure which fanmeet though some people say it’s a fansign)

some bts “fans” are just trash tbh there has been an instance where a “”“fan”“” approached jimin and told him to lose weight to look presentable and apparently that he’s “too fat to look handsome” at a fansign ugh disgusTING IM LITERALLY GONNA THROW UP OVER THESE LIL SHITS




meta for the anon that asked:
Okay I might be crazy but in the fdtd s2 trailer the scene when Seth and kate are getting out of the tattoo parlor it seems and kate is ruffling with her hair, HAVE YOU SEEN KATE INTENSE LOOK? like she is super ready to be back at their hotel right the hell nowand do the dirty.. tell me it’s not just me!

okay so, first of all, thank you to the anon that put together that the tattoo scene will very likely be a scene about seth and kate. that explains a few things, namely kate’s expression in the top gif and seth’s expression in the lower.  we know this is a season where kate has lost literally everything and is trying to figure out where to go from the bottom. we know that she’s only got seth to turn to. and we know that in the past, she’s “swooned” over his behavior.

now, i ship seth x kate, but what i think the show will be going for is kate trying to express her feelings for seth, all of the confusion, hurt, trust, etc, as romantic. because she’s not really sure what else to do, and she’s not really sure what seth wants. that’s her expression in the top gif. she’s very, very attracted to him.

but let’s look at seth. and think about how badly seth wanted to be part of the fuller family unit, and the guilt he feels for dragging them to mexico and tearing them apart. and even if kate is 17 going on 18 or 18 by the time the show starts, i don’t see seth like “yeah i’m gonna do the do with her.” seth and richie both see kate as an innocent. her big secret was a french kiss. and we see seth with a half-naked woman in the preview.

so as much as i ship it, i still see seth as being really uncomfortable with kate having feelings for her, and concerned for her well being. that expression in the lower gif? that’s concern. that’s a face that makes me think that kate’s trying to be more like seth, and seth hates himself for it. and he hates himself for being attractive to her, and he hates himself being, as he once was for richie, all she’s got. so i’m interested to see them wrestle with that in s2.

Romantic Is Not The Be All & End All

So I’m going to post this here too because it’s really important to me.

I got the following comment on Sing a Rainbow, a fic I wrote about an Aromatic character who is, amongst other things, in a committed relationship with someone who loves him. I wrote a response as best I can to sum up why it hurts me that someone could think this way, and I want it here as well.

The comment:

I would hate to know the person I love would never love me like that in return. It’s like being permanently friend zoned…. At least they are partically together. Well, they are together, but Dave just isn’t in love with John like John is with him. Ugh, confusing

My reply:

I’m going to try to think of a way to explain it, so bear with me.

Imagine you’re vegetarian for health reasons. You don’t choose not to eat meat, you’re on that diet because you don’t have a choice. You find someone who you’re really interested in and enjoy spending time with, and they take you out to a meal. They order a steak, and you order salad. You both enjoy that meal, and have fun together, and they got to have the steak they love while you had the salad you have to eat, but willingly do and enjoy eating.

Now imagine that person said “no, I have steak so you have to have steak too, or I won’t enjoy mine!” You can’t eat that steak, you don’t want to and are incapable of doing so without hurting yourself. Would you be okay if that person hated you because you could only have the salad with them? Does it invalidate how much you’d enjoyed the meal together, the fact that you can only have salad?

Or is it fairer that they appreciate you have your reasons, and they have theirs, and you both appreciate that the meal and evening were just fine even if you both enjoyed different things as part of it?

Dave has his salad, John has his steak. They both agreed that’s fine. It is not being “friend zoned”, which is a terrible concept and has no place anywhere, honestly. It is Dave loving John, caring about him enough to spend his life with him, just not being able to feel exactly the same kind of love as John does. It is two people caring for each other enough to be together and not fixate on the fact that one love is “better” than the other.

I may be reading this wrong, but if you think that’s a bad thing, that John is suffering somehow, this fic is not for you. This fic is written because aromantics are not broken or spiting anyone with being how they are, they are not friend zoning anyone, they are loving in the way they do and just because it isn’t romantic it isn’t a crime against anyone, especially their partners. If you really think “friend zoning”, saying to someone even though I can’t love you romantically I still want to be with you in the way I can, to trust you and spend time with you, to be there for you and have a meaningful platonic relationship with you, is a bad thing, you need to reevaluate your views and think hard about why that relationship is any less important than a romantic one.

If you think romantic love is the be all and end all, I don’t know why you’re here. This fic is tagged aromantic, platonic, friendship and self acceptance. John and Dave have a meaningful, significant relationship, based on real partners I’m lucky to be friends with, and both are incredibly happy in it.

If all you care about from a person you love is them loving you in exactly the same way back, maybe you need to think hard about how much you actually love them at all.


          ❝  ––––––––––welcome to jurassic park.  ❞

                    ❝  –––––you bred raptors ?  ❞

                        ❝  MUST  GO  FASTER ! 

The most important thing is keeping the room in my head clear. Even if that means cleaning my bedroom. Anything to keep those golden thoughts tucked in their jars.
—  The Head Room, thisbedottie

Okay, okay, before you get your knickers caught on a log or something, yes I know I technically already did something for my 300 milestone right before I went on hiatus for goodness knows how long (I honestly don’t even remember), but this is a little different. This is special.

See, I’ve been on Tumblr and in the rp community a while, and I know and have seen how hard it can be to really find people who will stay with you, support you, care for you, and click with you in general. And it has made me more happy than words, graphics, or a follow forever could ever say, to be able to say I think I’ve found those people, or at least some of them. So I want use this as a chance to thank them for those things, and for the light they bring to my life. This isn’t just a follow forever, it is a thank you from the bottom of my heart for how you have welcomed me back, shown that you cared, helped me in so many different ways, and made what have been some seriously dark and awful times in my life just a little more bearable.

So, without further ado…

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On Saturday the 4th of December, Lila met with William Forrester, a local artist that Ellie pointed her in the direction of. After meeting with him, and showing him her art, Lila has earned her way, for the first time, into an exhibition that William himself is in, and willing to share space in.

The point of this is to get her work out there, and even though she still must work full time at St. Mungo’s, this is the first step on a journey to a complete career change, and a dream come true.


The show confirmed it

Several members of the Crewniverse confirmed it

I don’t care if you don’t ship Rosepearl because you don’t think it’s healthy

Just acknowledge that it fucking exists, that it isn’t one-sided, that they actually HAD a romantic relationship before Greg came along


My holy trinity of Supernatural fan fiction have had a dry spell the past couple of days. That means no Dean smut for me. the-pri-experience deans-colette deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Ladies, what’s the deal? I mean at this point, I’d even take some Sam smut (for SHAME)

 I’m sending inspiration.

Have some sexy back.

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and dat belly

And of course my favorite GIF ever of Dean:

I love you guys! 

If I don’t hear anything in 24 hours I’m sending the pelvic thrusting.

Okay, I’m not going to tell anyone how to think, but nobody can deny that Haruka’s life was so… dull before meeting Rin. Like, he was either apathetic, annoyed by whatever happened or trying to escape loneliness by using the water. If he thought something was troublesome, he just avoided it. He was following a routine, with nothing that made his days more interesting.

But then Rin comes; lively, cheerful, pushy annoying Rin who knows what he wants and doesn’t mind if it’s difficult, because he’s going to get it. And what he wants is Nanase to swim in the relay with him, and if Haruka says he won’t Rin doesn’t mind because has had his eyes on him for a long time and isn’t going to give up without trying with his everything.

And of course at first Haruka thinks it’s troublesome and wants to avoid the whole relay thing. But Rin isn’t Makoto or Aki and he’s going to find a way to convince him. And Haruka has never felt so much annoyance; hell, Haruka didn’t even know he could get this annoyed until that ridiculous airhead came to his school to mess his life up.

And the worst thing is, Haruka knows nearly since the beginning that Rin has won. And that’s what annoys him the most. He’s almost until the end in denial, because he doesn’t want to admit that it’s not annoyance anymore. He agrees to swim in the relay. He gets more aware of the people surrounding him, he gets curious, he gets more alive.

But then Rin says he’ll go to Australia. And how dares he. How dares he make this mess Haruka doesn’t even know how to deal with and leave without batting an eyelid. Better get back to the water- oh, wait, Haru, dear, isn’t it running away? But Haruka never runs away… well, maybe a bit. Maybe a little more than a bit. But he’s not going to do it anymore, and that’s what matter.

And they swim the relay and it’s amazing and they make a promise when they bury their trophy, and Rin leaves, and Haruka doesn’t want to admit he misses such a troublesome guy so he hides behind a childish resentment. 

But what matters is that the damage is already done. Rin has changed his world for good and Haru can’t and doesn’t want to get back to what he was before because he absolutely loved the relay, loved swimming with everyone and loved the sight (and the lesson) Rin showed them all.