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I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on myself over the course of the year. I’m 22 now. When I was 21 i had already tried to kill myself and was in a deep depression since the time I was 13. Last year I didn’t have a job, a sense of direction in life, or any money. I was also at a weight where I hated myself. In high school I weighed 180lbs. A year ago I weighed 260lbs. I hated myself and I couldn’t stand to look at myself. Turning 22 I had a job for 9 ½ months, a somewhat steady income, money saved up, trips planned to see my little sis, I know exactly what I want to do with my life and know how to get there while working hard for it, a larger, more refined group of friends, I weigh 212lbs and working on losing more and I’m finally happy with myself and I feel as I beat my depression. It’s funny how many people come and go in just one year. It’s funny how much can just change like that.

also my back and abdomen hurt like hell but fuck it i dont care im happier than ive been in goddamn years and i’m going to motherfucking enjoy it

hear me out: a cutthroat kitchen-type contest for fanfic writers. contestants are given a different trope to write each round. sabotages include making an opponent write in first person, requiring them to write in a particular AU, making them incorporate the opening structure of my immortal. alton brown looks over your shoulder while you write the smut.


Trump is threatening them if they vote against the bill, if you’re their constituent (or know someone who lives in their states), call them and make sure these reps know they answer to the American people and not to Trump.

Vote will take place on Thursday, March 23 - tell them to vote no on AHCA aka Trumpcare.

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  • Secretly a hoe for it: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Openly a hoe for it: Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Doesn't really care: Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

What FanFiction and AO3 need is a “suggested story” list. When you finish one fic you really liked and you now need to fill the void, you just click on the option and find a similar one.


Taehyung, where do I start?
This poor boy has just lost his grandmother and I for one didn’t even know, you know why ? Because he but on a brave face, performed, continued his work and did his best to smile for BTS and for Armies. And all through that, not only has he been dealing with grief by trying to bottle everything up in the public but he has also been receiving hate and false accusations from antis. Seeing him cry on stage was heartbreaking, I always think of Tae as a happy go luck guy who doesn’t let a lot of things get to him (or at least tries) but seeing him breakdown on stage in sadness because of his grandmother is awful. So Taehyung needs armies support now more than ever, if you see hate anywhere just report it please don’t argue and give it more attention because there is a bigger chance Tae or any of the boys can see it. As I am sure most of you know bighit are now taking legal action against anyone trying to defame BTS. And to antis, none of the boys including Tae deserve hate and especially not now. Have respect, if not for him as a hardworking kind person, than have empathy for him as a grieving person who has lost someone he loves.

a lot of sapphic positivity focuses on the enigmatic beauty of intimacy between two girls, and while messages like that are crucial to the foundation of this community, I want to take a minute to remind asexual wlw that it’s okay not to want sex. it’s okay to only feel romantic attraction to girls, and it’s okay to not be entirely sure about those romantic feelings. your asexuality is not a hallmark of internalized homophobia; it is its own complete identity that belongs wholly to you, and no one else has the right to define it. you are not “less sapphic” than your non-asexual sisters, and we love you very dearly. 

OKAY but real talk I love how extra dan is with everything. when he wins, he celebrates by shouting and pointing finger guns and doesn’t drop it for 10 minutes. when he loses, he pouts and rolls his eyes and grumbles. when he’s intrigued he questions it for half an hour and goes on a wikipedia spree. when he’s disgusted he flips his hands up and yells and scrunches his face while shrieking. when he’s happy he grins using his whole face and he laughs loudly and claps his hands together. when he’s embarrassed he covers his face and curls into a ball and wails loudly. when he’s angry he yells and points his finger and furrows his eyebrows and steams abt it for several hours. when he’s entranced he stares for several seconds and takes it all in, appreciating every detail. he just expresses his emotions so unapologetically and I’m so happy for him and I love his unashamed way of showing emotion.