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NSFW Alphabet Vikings Edition

Warning: NSFW duh!
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There goes July...

I may be scarce for a bit.  I just got an order of 50 plushies due as soon as I can make them.  I was expecting an order from this customer…just not this soon or for this many o_o

I have a few ML posts in my drafts that I’ll be spreading out over the next few weeks until I can complete this order. 

Thank you so much for 8,000 Followers! This is absolutely insane and I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!

A ton of new posts will be released over the next couple of weeks for you all to enjoy!
Thank you again! And if you have any ideas as to how I could repay you all and celebrate, send me an ask and let me know!

shararogers  asked:

If you're still doing the clothes meme thing, could I ask for Miami Morty in D3 😱 (I know, it's nothing like his style but... I'd love to see him in it haha) (and if you're not doing that meme anymore... Then sorry, please disregard this haha)

Okay he’s probably melting under the warm outfit but y o ,, cute outfit

idk if the app Vent is popular with the “mental illness community” on tumblr but it’s an amazing app. its whole purpose is to just vent about any feeling, negative or positive. people can interact and comment on your post and send hugs or relate, you can make your profile without your face and name so no one close to you can find you if that’s your cup of tea. its helpful to have somewhere to go when you feel alone with no one to turn to. shameless self promo y'all can follow me and I’ll follow you back im @/lostfaerie on the app


It took some digging, but I found what I believe is the complete Black Moon. It came out twenty-five years ago today, on June 27, 1992, marking the beginning of the 90s ELP era. 

Happy birthday, Black Moon!

from The December Sessions Vol. 1
[ all prompt lists ]  

01. “a simple word, a quiet house. a kiss before we fall asleep here on the couch”

02. “between the younger years of restless and the settled here and now”

03. “so take your time. take your lies and hold them closely”

04. “I guess that my wings have taken me too close to your sun”

05. “but if you must walk alone, don’t come running back to me”

06. “an empire of gold, returning to sand”

07. “I’ve walked through the fire before”

08. “and I’m just too tired to fight, can we let this go tonight?”

09. “I wish we could erase what we never meant to say”

10. “I’m reaching out to grab the stars and make them mine”

11. “and like a fool I’m chasing my idea of perfection”

12. “please tell her not to cry”

13. “I cannot say all that my heart longs to tell her”

14. “tell her everything’s my fault”

15. “I understand what silence does. it keeps a man from saying too much”

16. “your home sweet home is where your heartbeat can be heard”

17. “only time can wash away the pain”

18. “I know it’s hard to trust these hands when you’re so scared”

anonymous asked:

Uhhhh hey!!! I m going to be a freshmen this year and like ??? I m freaking out abt as we speak lmak,,,, do you have any tips??? About like.... anything?? I n sorry if i m bothering you o: but thank you sm if u do answer???

hiya! i’ll do my best bb, since i’m not the best at advice sometimes. 

i’m gonna avoid the whole “focus on schoolwork” because i feel it’s kind of a given and yeah, grades should be kind of important but not to the point where you actively have to put them ahead of you.

(i’m not sure how your school system works because my school was a middle school n high school combined so i came into high school knowing a lot of shit ahead of time, so forgive me if i say anything that doesn’t make sense!)

generally for school-related advice i’d say definitely don’t miss out on things. like, go to that pep rally, go to homecoming, go to some parties and go to those things that your friends have. my biggest regret from my past few years of high school is not doing things and missing out on memories.

like, even if you stay for 20, 30, 40 minutes - you can at least say yeah, i went, even if you didn’t stay. heck, you might stay the whole time! it’s better to do and leave than to not do and regret in some cases. (personally? i regret not going to dances throughout high school, which is why i’m definitely going to homecoming and prom and other stuff this year)

i’d also like to say that these next four years are definitely going to be tough in different ways, depending on how things go. i don’t know if you’re picking out your own classes or what, but if you are, never be afraid to switch out of a class because you’re uncomfortable or it’s too hard - no one will blame you (if they do, then fuck em, we’re all different). i started out my junior year in chorus only to switch to art within the first week because i wasn’t comfortable and i wasn’t having a good time - and i spent the rest of my year in a art class with my best friend because of it!

hhh i dont know what your into, anon, but i say; if you love it, go for it. like gardening? keep doing it if you can! like horses? take care of them babes. sports? do it! drink plenty of water and go for it babe, i believe in you! do what you love, alright? 

i guess also feel free to try new things if you can? i’d say this to anyone asking for any advice but like, freshman year and all of high school is a great time to try new things! maybe do something you wouldnt normally do (maybe swim? maybe try out for a play? maybe join a club?)

maybe try out a new style? or if you can, maybe dye your hair if your cool with it and your parents are cool with it (i mainly only say that because i had parents who were like “no” for almost all of high school until around last november, where i managed to somehow convince my mother to let me cut my hair and donate it, and then later dye it a month later) 

don’t be afraid to do something stupid. like, there’s a big difference from doing something stupid and doing something dangerous. make dumb mistakes. have stories to tell in the future because you accidentally did something dumb. like, i promise you that you’ll probably feel humiliated or terrible after it happens, but whether it be in a month or in a year or years, you’ll probably look back and be able to laugh at some of the things you’ve done. you’re a teenager, you’re allowed to fuck up sometimes.

you’re in no way obligated to know who you are right now. you’re going to change throughout high school, whether it be in big ways or little ways. you’re going to grow and opinions will change and things will differ as you go through high school. if you don’t know who you are right now before freshman year, that’s fine. hell, if you don’t know who you are at the end of freshman year, that’s also perfectly fine! we all learn who we are at different times. some people find out more about themselves throughout high school, some of us learn things about ourselves in college, some of us discover things about ourselves in adulthood

schools always will put pressure on you to find out what you want to do and where you want to go to college, but it’s completely fine if you don’t know, or if you do. i know some people who still don’t know what they want to do. i know some people in college who don’t know what they want to do at the moment. if you do know - great! if you know and then you change your mind, then that’s also fine! the person you are now is going to be different from the person you are in a few years, because you’re going to grow and change.

i also want to say don’t be afraid to take care of yourself first. whether it be physical or mental or emotional, take care of yourself.

please please please never be afraid to reach out to anyone if you need to. hell, you can always come to me if you need to (and that goes for anyone who reads this). high school is a different experience for all of us and i have no way of knowing how your school is or how you’ll go through school, but remember that there will always be someone ready to help the moment you need it - no matter what, you aren’t alone.

to finish this off, i guess all i can say is: be nice. always be nice unless provoked. i’m not saying not to snap back at someone who says shit - that’s different. i’m saying just be nice to people. compliment a classmate because they look nice, tell your teacher you liked their lesson maybe. maybe if you go to a sports game, compliment someone on the team if you can? we’re all pushing through school together, we might as well be nice and make things a little less hard. we all face different battles as we trek on, but we could all be nicer to each other.

i’m not sure if this is the kind of tips or advice you wanted anon, but it’s the best i can do without any sort of guidance. if you want things more specific (schoolwork, relationships/friendships, classes, ect) feel free to send another ask anytime. 

love you nonny. freshman year will be fine, i promise. i’m here for you if you need me <3

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