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Watch out for cheats in citation game

When scientists misbehave, the culture of ‘publish or perish’ is often blamed. Some researchers cut corners, massage data and images or invent results to secure academic papers and the rewards that come with them. This is rightly regarded as misconduct. But there is a new class of bad behaviour — one that is driven by a related but different pressure: ‘impact or perish’.

It is no longer enough for scientists to publish their work. The work must be seen to have an influential shelf life. This drive for impact places the academic paper at the centre of a web of metrics — typically, where it is published and how many times it is cited — and a good score on these metrics becomes a goal that scientists and publishers are willing to cheat for.

Collectively, these new practices don’t seek to produce articles that are based on fraudulent evidence or claims. Rather, they use fraudulent means to secure their publication, enhance their impact and inflate the importance of those who write them. They are on the march — and scientists no longer have to look far to find them. News about research now includes regular reports of authors who supply fake e-mail addresses of suggested peer reviewers. They then use those addresses to offer reports that are supportive enough to ensure that the paper is published. ‘Review and citation’ rings go a step further, trading favourable fake reviews for citations to the reviewer’s work. Others hack publisher databases to seek more invitations to review papers, and so possibly insert more citations to their own work.

“All metrics of scientific evaluation are bound to be abused.”

Started the morning feeling alright but thanks to a poor train of thought on the drive into work, I’m not feeling so alright anymore. I had the think about negative life stuff 😂🙄🙃. Silly Jon!!!!

Remember the positives. Replace those negative thoughts with the positives. Focus on those positives and remember where I am in life right now isn’t permanent. Focus.

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Just read the posts about Yamanaka raised Naruto and yes! A thousand times yes. Ino and Naruto would be such a scarily good pair that they would have to be put on different teams for the sake of the village. Also I love the idea of Shikamaru having a huge crush on Naruto (because there's not enough ShikaNaru in the world) and Naruto is oblivious but Ino figures it out and completely uses it to her advantage. Anyone who wants to date her brother must work for it!

Oh, she would torture Shikamaru with it. It would be glorious and beautiful and she would secretly be planning their wedding while pretending that she’s rabidly against it and will blackmail Shika into his grave to keep them from dating. 

Think Positively

Step three: Reining in harmful emotion requires us to change negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Think about it for second. If negative self-talk can cause negative emotions like anxiety and sadness it makes sense that positive self-talk can create positive emotions like self-confidence and hope.

Now the problem that people have with this step is they say “what if I don’t believe it when I say positive things?” The trick is that it doesn’t matter. The mere repeating of positive self-talk (called affirmations) will cause positive emotions. You see, our brains for all their complexity are really very primitive when it comes to emotion. Emotion is part of our primitive “lizard brain”. In other words, it cannot tell the difference. It will work.

You must repeat positive talk like “I’m going to be alright” and “things are working out”. Also, “I have nothing to fear” and “I feel better and I am feeling better all the time.” Repetition is the key to success.

Try it. It works, This technique is used in all modern therapies but it is thousands of years old. It is used because it works. Period.

See: Sam’s Guide to Visualization and Affirmation

See: Sam’s Guide to Deep Relaxation and Self Hypnosis

Long Journey Home - A Fallout 4 Visual Art Fanzine

This is the official announcement post! We received a lot of overwhelmingly positive support and have decided to move forward with the project. This will be a zine made to showcase unique sole survivors and their stories.

Signups are OPEN and will close October 1st at 12AM. To apply, please fill out the →Signup Form←


  • No canon characters allowed, and no references to love interests/etc in the pieces. (the exceptions to this rule are: nate/nora/spouse or shaun, if applicable, and dogmeat.)
  • All art must be your own work (i.e. you, the creator of the sole survivor character)

For details, check out the Zine Guidelines page. If you have questions, please check our FAQ page. If you’re unsure of anything or have a question not answered in the FAQ, feel free to send an ask to this blog, or pop into the Discord Server at any time to chat about the project, your sole survivor, fallout in general or just to meet other artists who will also be participating!


the pen in his hand quivers under his grasp. this is not right, he scolds himself.

yet he is compelled to finalize the thoughts from so many years past. he MUST. but now that it is time to go to work, he finds himself unable to do it. can you bear it, he thinks, what is to come?

i have to be, GEORGE R.R. MARTIN thinks. who cares about what the fans will say? they’ll come back. they always do.

so he puts his pen to work and writesROBB STARK IS DEAD!

“it had to be done,” he says to the media, “i knew from the beginning that he wasn’t going to make it.” but they don’t know how the memories still haunt his mind and how many tears have stained his pillowcases. it was the only way, he assures himself, there was no other way BUT.

in his moments of weakness, though, like the north, george remembers. i should have kept robb safe. but no one is safe in war.

                                     for justice is not certain in this world ( only DEATH. )

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So this is what your doing when your not stalking Frisk, answering questions on a blog. Wait, what happens to the blog if someone resets?

*Well I haven’t lost all my posts yet!

*So this place must work on some other set of rules.

*I have no idea what any of those rules ARE.

*Just that they’re built towards answering questions from strangers forever.

*Convenient, huh?

Life! is! killing! me!

  • Must hire for two positions (reading cover letters and conducting interviews stresses me out like you wouldn’t believE)
  • Must stop falling behind on my own work
  • Must organize large community event for 4000+ people
  • Said event is the same day as the Duke and Duchess’ visit so we’re fucked
  • But I still need to raise several thousand dollars of sponsorship despite being fucked
  • Icing my horse’s leg for 15 minutes twice a day is apparently fucking impOSSIBLE for me
  • Having rather a lot of dental work being done on Thursday so that whole day is a write-off because I have to take Ativan to not be a nightmare for the poor dentist
  • I don’t even remember what else I’m stressed about but I am sure I am stressed about it nonetheless

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Latilda awakes in a room bound and gagged alongside some adversary of hers that she wouldn't be caught dead working with. No magic works in the room, and the two of you must work together to escape. How and with what and why and all that is up to you.

What I love about this question is that it assumes there is one. One rule of Latilda I’ve learned while writing her is that she’ll work with a lot of people if she has to. Doesn’t mean she likes it. Just ask @misspleo or @the-notorious-never-do-well.

that said,for this scenario, I would pick either @demetrius-devereaux or @warlundblackfyre, since she has a vehement history with each and a desire to see each serve time for their crimes. The likely scenario depends on the situation, but escape styles would be similar. If there are guards, they would set a trap and take them out this way. Lat might lock pick, while Warlund would kinda brute-fight his way out (or Deme would rogue his way through a fight.) If there were no guards, then destabilizing the door or window would be the way to go. Lat might attempt a signal or message, hoping she can get a hold of @risrielthron or @tayelablackfyre or one of Warlund/Blank’s contacts indirectly. (Blank also has certain communication methods that are also unaffected by magic.)

but again, there are so many variables in my mind, I can’t give you a outright plan, only that the pairing would not be one you should trifle with.

We need a movie about Fe del Mundo


And they couldn’t turn her away because 1) she was already there, she traveled so far, it wouldn’t have been right to send her back 2) her grades were, unsurprisingly, above and beyond and she was too good to turn away and 3) the scholarship was granted to her by the president of the Philippines, and y’all don’t say no to that without some international incident let’s be real 

So she unwittingly became the first woman ever accepted into Harvard Med School (and possibly the first Asian ever enrolled? Though I haven’t confirmed this). She’s also since pioneered so many medical advancements in the Philippines that they can barely be counted, and she is by all accounts one of those amazing human beings that come rare in our lifetime. She was buried, and rightfully so, in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery).