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Elsanna 3-sentence fic prompt (you don't have to if you don't like it, though): from otpprompts, 'Person A, a hockey player, hits Person B, a spectator, in the face with a hockey stick, gives them a broken nose and accompanies them to the hospital, apologising the whole time'

I’ll always like Elsanna. It’s my OTP of OTPs. :) Sorry if my recent posts have you confused–I haven’t come across much Elsanna on my dash lately. Unless you mean the prompt itself? In which case…

…Huh. I’ve actually been meaning to get to this at some point. Might expand on it in a longer drabble, but for now you’ll have to settle for 3 sentences. More to keep myself from taking too much time, haha.

Elsa had never gone to any sporting events during her school career–mostly because there were none available for figure skating–but at Rapunzel’s mention of a hockey game nearby, she figured she might as well–better late than never, as the saying goes.

Of course, she never expected to get hit in the face with a cute redhead’s hockey stick and subsequently accompanied to the hospital by said redhead, who was stammering apologies and blushing so much, Elsa couldn’t really fault her for the broken nose she now had.

Especially with her shy offer of buying her dinner later.

Epilogue: One date turns into many others, and Anna has a habit of kissing Elsa’s nose despite it having been fully healed for a while now. At some point, Elsa wants more than just nose-kisses and gives Anna a real kiss.

Everything spirals from there.

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I heard that in belgium hijab is banned everywhere? And long skirts too?? Is that true :(

Salam alaykum :)
Hijab is banned in schools and work places. So if you work or go to school you must take it off (h&m is the only store i know that allows it for their employees). So it’s not banned everywhere, but i heard they’re going to ban it in hospitals and stuff. And long skirts arent prohibited but this week 30 girls got kicked out of their school because their skirts were too long, in Brussels. This is honestly so scary, it happened in france about a month ago and now it happened in belgium for the first time ever. France was the first country to ban the hijab in 2004 and a few months after guess what.. belgium did too. Now if they start banning long skirts too, maybe theyre gonna ban long sleeves? And then clothes? And then underwear? Allah musta'an.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Film


⇶ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Storyline
The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan.

➪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Detail
Release Date : 2014-08-08
Casts : Taran Killam, Chris Wylde, Jeremy Howard, Leyna Nguyen, Derek Mears, Danny Woodburn, Tony Shalhoub, Malina Weissman, Abby Elliott, Venida Evans, Johnny Knoxville, Paul Fitzgerald, William Fichtner, Whoopi Goldberg, Megan Fox, Chance Kelly, Harley Pasternak, Mikal Vega, K. Todd Freeman, Pete Ploszek, Rick Chambers, Alan Ritchson, Braeson Herold, Madison Mason, Noel Fisher, Tohoru Masamune, Will Arnett, Minae Noji
Duration : 101 minutes runtime
Rating : 6.1

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straight christian white american men (usually from the south or like those square states) have an extremely volatile and dangerous brand of terrorism. they incite fear into everyone who isn’t them - women, lgbtia+ people, disabled people, literally anyone who is not christian, people of color (especially black people), anyone with an accent, and the list goes on and on. they speak of their freedoms and their rights, those very same “freedoms” that have served to actively oppress and actively terrorize for centuries. 

i’m terrified and also exhausted by this neverending fear. this is why it’s important to constantly work to dismantle power structures that allow for oppression - it’ll be a long time before any of us are truly “free” but we must continue to work at it, chip away at these institutions bit by bit.

Henry VIII Marries Jane Seymour

    On May 30, 1536 - only eleven days after the execution of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII married his third wife, Jane Seymour.

    The wedding was performed by Archbishop Cranmer at  Whitehall Palace in the Queen’s Closet, a side chapel where the queen heard daily mass. Jane had been preparing for this event for weeks - even before Anne’s arrest. She had a new, elaborate wardrobe. Seamstresses must have been sewing day and night to get it completed in time.

    As a wedding gift, Henry gave his new bride a magnificent gold cup designed by Hans Holbein. It had her phoenix emblem and their entwined initials on its elaborately engraved surface, along with Jan’e chosen motto, Bound to Obey and Serve. To get it done in time, Holbein must have started working on it months before, long before Anne’s fall.

    The wedding was kept a secret for a few days yet to come. Even Henry recognized the people had been horrified at what he’d done to his last wife. A few days prior, he had ordered his council to “beg” him to remarry “for the good of the realm,” to which he had graciously consented. But that didn’t stop the ballad writers, who composed works lamenting the sad fate of Anne Boleyn. And so, realizing his actions were seen as distasteful, Henry married Jane quietly and decided not to announce it for a bit until outrage cooled.

    Despite her humble motto and demure demeanor, the new queen had an agenda. Her supporters had given her their assistance because Jane promised to advance their goal: to get Princess Mary restored as Henry’s heir. Jane realized that part of the reason Henry had come to despise Anne was her strong and bold avocation of her causes. Jane intended to try a more outwardly submissive approach. Her first effort was a failure. Henry retorted that instead of worrying about Mary, Jane ought to be seeking the advancement of the children she would have with Henry.

    She didn’t intend to give up, but she had to be subtle about it. In the meantime, all traces of the previous queen were being erased. Anne’s emblems, initials, and badges were being ripped off the palace walls. Anne’s falcon was re-carved to become Jane’s phoenix, and her secondary emblem of the leopard was being refitted with new tails and heads to become Jane’s panther.

    Only three years prior on this same date, Anne’s coronation procession had begun. And now England’s new queen was waiting impatiently in the wings for her status to be announced. 

    Did Jane feel any trepidation when she considered what had happened to her predecessor? Or did she assure herself she knew how to handle Henry and that her supporters would keep her protected? Did she console herself that if Anne hadn’t been technically guilty, she still “deserved” to die because of what had happened to Queen Katharine and the heresy of the new church?

    In any case, the die was cast. In the end, Jane had no more choice than Anne Boleyn had when Henry said he wanted to marry her. A king’s proposal was not something that could be declined. For better or worse, Jane Seymour was the new queen of England.

While we relish in our ancestors’ great works, it is useless if we do not contribute to it and make contemporary versions. Kushite-Kemetic is not just a history lesson, but a foundation for our present-future. Thus, we must perpetuate a new generation of great Kushite-Kemetic works in all fields.

While ultimately we want to revolutionize technology like our ancestors did (it is foreseen that one day there will be an African-owned electronic company called Tehuti-Ptah) we don’t have to wait to establish the culture now. Whether you are a writer, artist, musician, jeweler, dancer, schoolteacher, film-maker, entrepreneur, etc, there are countless opportunities for you to include Kushite-Kemetic culture and perpetuate its renaissance in the world. Let’s bring it to life! Ankh, udja, seneb!

Hobbit TheatreAU

At one point there was a Bring Your Fandom to Work thing. 

I must have missed this trend. But I’m really excited about the possibility. Because mine would have to be theatre. And of course it would be Hobbit right now since I’m in so deep I don’t have any choice but to keep digging and try to make it to the other side. But the easy parallels between the quest and a show season seem delightful. 

So we have Artistic Director & Director Thorin who took it over when his dad went a bit too crazy in his vision for all the patrons in the area. He’s trying to do too much, but compensates by being grumpy and difficult to work with. And it doesn’t help that his grandfather absolutely ruined the endowment by insulting some of their biggest supporters. 

We have Stage Manager Bilbo who was brought in at the last minute as a favor to Crazy AF Scene Designer Gandalf. And he just despises the way that this theatre is run. It’s a mad house. They don’t even have a proper inventory, and he had to go get the rehearsal props himself? Also, he doesn’t get an ASM. Really. It’s just ridiculous. And he and Thorin are just at each other’s throats constantly because Equity Rules REQUIRE A BREAK NOW SIR. ITS NOT AN OPTION MR OAKENSHIELD. THE ACTORS HAVE TO HAVE A BREAK.

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working as an account manager must be pretty damn shitty because ur job security is pretty much nonexistent when the account you’re managing opens up a tender and if ur company loses the contract u might be asked to hit the road like i wouldnt be able to trust a white enough to let that happen to me

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Lisa, how is life? Hows work so far? You must be extremely exhausted including when its almost time for all those tests and etc. I hope you are doing well :)

Hey babe!

If some of you guys don’t already know I basically broke down at school and cried. I was super depressed for reasons unknown to me and I felt incredibly alone and upset about my life. However, I have gotten much better! I’m happier. I’m excited about things! And I’m back into reading and writing and meeting tonnes of new friends! 

I got a new job today at a small publishing firm that publishes books! It’s fantastic. I haven’t started yet but I’ll definitely enjoy it. I do blogging and media for it. :DD

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There is another that bothering at me. The different in Sarah/Helena and the other clones must be very subtle since Dyad has done blood work and tests on Sarah as Beth(season 1) also as Sarah (the end season2). They're missing something or maybe just didn't know what to look for it. Because Coady pick up on the prion, of course her clones were dying quicker. Irony of it, Dyad big labs compared to Military's hole in the dessert and look who was making more head way.if Coady hadn't been insane?

Yeah I think the problem is they don’t know what they are looking for, so they can’t find some synthetic sequence or random mutation in Sarah/Helena because they don’t know where to look.

Coady took what she knew about Sarah and deduced she would hold the cure. She didn’t nail down what biologically is causing the immunity, but she at least verify that Sarah is immune.

wait i just looked it up and that was straight-up a stolen joan miro quote: “The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness”

#IdinaManzel#이디나멘젤#IdinaWorldTour#musical#뮤지컬#chess#체스 Happy birthday! @idinamenzel ❤️ 지금 준비하고 있는 뮤지컬 체스와도 연결고리가 있어 평소 정말 팬이었던 이디나 멘젤 님을 만나고 왔어요 ~ 좋은 조언도 듣고,함께 노래하고싶다는 기분좋은 소리도 듣고 ~ 체스 영상 꼭 찾아보신다는 ㅠㅠ 열심히 하겠습니다 :-)

#IdinaManzel#이디나멘젤#IdinaWorldTour#musical#뮤지컬#chess#체스 Happy birthday! Idina Menzel ❤️  now still preparing for chess musical  and idina manze is come so i can meet her , i really her fans~ is good to listen her advice and is pleasant to hear she is want to singing together~ i must to see a real chess ㅠㅠi will keep work hard :-)

Slash is a conartist

Slash is a conartist

Slash is a conartist

Slash is a conartist

The site as made probably like 100k on this stupid ass event, if not at least TENS of thousands. And lol conveniently when it comes to pay artists their due, there is no money. Funny how the MORE money he makes, the LESS he supposedly has, because money works that way.

Even if there was USD bonuses on the site, you CANNOT convince me that there was like TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS cumulative on all the accounts. You’re a fucking liar.

The math doesn’t add up, where did all the money go? Into his fucking pockets, he’s stealing money from the site and the users to line his own pockets. Must be nice to trick struggling artists into doing work for you so you can make like 200% profit off of their hard work while NOT PAYING THEM WHAT THEY ARE DUE.

Also, if the site is failing and you really want it to survive, you should be dipping into YOUR OWN FUCKING MONEY to save YOUR FUCKING SITE/BUSINESS instead of begging the user base to save YOUR WEBSITE when they aren’t making money off of it.

I also love how you insinuate it is all the user base’s fault and not your own. You gross ass conartist. You bleed your gullible users dry of their money, then turn around and claim there is no money. You fucking disgusting liar.

I hope one day karma catches up with you.

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Ben didn't quite understand... Oh, right, the uniform. "The BSAA? No, I just wanted to ask about the sweet glasses." He put his hands on his hips, curiously raising a brow. "Why? SHOULD the BSAA be interested in your company?"

“I see.” she managed, snorting. “Because your BSAA has a tendency to stick it’s nose everywhere, darling. I wouldn’t say interested. We’re one of many, trying to find a cure to an onslaught of viruses plaguing this world of ours. Undoing so much damage that should never have been caused.” she sighed, turning back to her work, finishing up. “You know, I must say one thing for your people, they are wonderful at keeping their areas clean and organized. And quite the technology here.”

She turned her attention to him, clasping her gloved hands together. “now, is there anything more I can help you with soldier, or is that all?” the woman questioned curiously, before beginning to take off her gloves and labcoat to switch back to her more casual attire of a turtleneck and slacks, grabbing her blazer from the side to don and button up. “I do have some time to- pardon the phrasing- kill, before I happen to back on. You’re welcome to join me, if you wish. And pardon, The name is Doctor Allison. Working here for a little bit while repairs are on going.”