but it means the same

okay lmk if this is relatable: literally the only reason I think it would be nice to be famous is that I could livestream and people would watch it. So if I was just sitting on my couch eating a burrito I could go live and people would listen to me talk about my fear of trains. That would be fun. 


uni! craig being a heathen and dadsona bearing (unfortunate) witness

y’all: omg keith & lance didn’t interact for like 5 episodes & are separated for a couple months, klance is dead!!

korra & asami, who were separated for 3 YEARS & didn’t even see each other for like half of the last season of tlok, and even after that didn’t interact v much in that season and were still endgame: you are like little baby watch this 


The “Cas” marathon: season 5. [ Castiel’s version ] [ season 4 ]

  • nonbinary people: 💞💗💗💝💘😍😍💓🌸💞💞💗💝💘💓💓❤️❤️💜💖💘💝
  • nonbinary people who partially identify with a binary gender: 💗💓💖💕💘💞💞💝💛💛💗💖❤️
  • nonbinary people who relate to a binary gender/both binary genders at some point: 💖💗💓❣️❤️💘💕💝💞💖💓💘💓
  • nonbinary people who identify with both binary genders: 💗💓💖💕💘💕💘💝💙💙💖💗💖
  • nonbinary people who don't identify or have a connection with binary genders at all: 💘💗💓💖💕💖💘💘❤️💛❤️💜💘💕💖
  • nonbinary people who don't think their connection to a binary gender is an important part of their nonbinary identity: 💗💘💕💙💘💘💗💓💘💕💓💞
  • binary people trying to put nonbinary people into binary boxes: 💔💔💔💔❌❌❌💔💔💔❌❌❌⛔️⛔️⛔️💔💔👎👎👎👎😡😡💔❌👎

Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤