but it means the same

OK so I know people were saying Jensen was super drunk during the JIB8 cockles panel, and at first I thought so too - because otherwise WTF was that all about?? But honestly the more I think about it (and I was there) the more I honestly think he really wasn’t all that drunk?

He’d drank A LOT more the day before, during his J2 panel (IIRC) but I honestly didn’t see him drink a lot on Sunday, and if you recall he’d had that emotional YANA moment mere hours before the cockles panel (he actually referred to this moment - but didn’t go into detail about it - during his M&G the same day which I also attended).

I really don’t think he would’ve drunk a lot after that moment….So honestly, IMHO, what we saw on stage there was more JENSEN than NESNEJ…Just a really hyper Jensen in a super flirty and jokey mood. He’d been in a really good mood / top form all two days of the con so it wasn’t out of place for him to act like that during the cockles panel, too.

Which makes that entire panel all the more unbelievable…Pray4misha

She misses him.

She won’t admit it, she hardly even shows it. She still wears the dress he loves, hoping for a compliment or even just a second glance. She can’t come up with words to say over dinner and she doesn’t know what to do when he talks to her. She feels lost as she climbs into their bed alone. She feels numb as she falls asleep on her own, the tiniest hope in her mind that the next day will be better.

He misses her.

He’ll never admit it, his poker face is good enough not even his mother can see the truth. He wants to tell her that she’s beautiful, because she really is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and one look at her still takes his breath away. He doesn’t know how to talk to her anymore. He glances into the bedroom at night, watching her sleep peacefully for a moment, before he shuts the door and dozes off on the sofa, praying he’ll know what to say tomorrow.

A story of two souls trying to find what they once had.

Turned Around ; Coming back the first week of June!

sb: i only read / kept reading the books for peeta
me, looking at wedding venues: do u think doves would be a bit too much?

HI OKAY so i. uh. started watching ep 2 first, because the link was on my dash, and 1) i cannot watch two eps in one day that’s a recipe for actual murder and 2) this worked out perfectly fine because TOMMY DOES THIS IN EP 2 ALSO!!! PRESUMABLY, he also does this in real life, all the time, several hundred times a day & worse now that he’s in l.a. & not bound by the limitations of skype. GREAT. FINE.

but as a person who definitely paused & rewound CERTAIN PARTS MANY TIMES, and also HAS EYES, i now feel supremely qualified to float the theory that maybe once a week, tommy & favs go out & grab a couple drinks & talk about sports or like, chance the rapper or whatever, AND ALSO COMMISERATE OVER THE INCREDIBLY STUPIDLY FOND WAY THEY’RE BOTH IN LOVE WITH LOVETT???? 

obviously this started way back in the white house years when favs first says lightly “maybe you shouldn’t move in with lovett” and tommy has no idea why favs thinks this arrangement would be a problem. and then a couple months later favs comes by tommy’s office on a friday afternoon, kind of stumbles over saying, “hey, so lovett just got back to me with some of the jokes for the speech next week and can you just like, read them over and give me an opinion because i can’t tell if they’re actually funny or i just know lovett so well that it just feels funny to me,” and tommy looks at favs who’s kind of fidgety and not looking straight at him and says, “uh, i don’t know if i’m the best person to help you here because i feel like i might have the same problem?”

anyway they stare at each other for a minute and then favs is like “you wanna go get a drink,” swiping a hand over his face, and tommy exhales and says, “yeah, okay”

(the speech turns out okay, but only because obama thinks the jokes are funny)

Ok but consider Zelda as a playable character

  • can’t run quite as fast as Link but has more stamina so can run for longer
  • ditto swimming, less likely to straight up fkn drown  
  • ditto climbing, can’t do the jumpy thing either 
  • not as good with close combat/melee weapons but does more damage and is faster/more accurate with a bow and arrow 
  • HOWEVER she does some SERIOUS damage if you Flurry Rush and her backflip is graceful as fuck
  • not unlike the Master Sword, the Bow of Light doesn’t break, just needs time to recharge 
  • doesn’t have any of the champions’ abilities (those were intended for Link and will stay that way) but her sacred power has attack, shielding and healing elements depending on the situation in which it is used 
  • elixirs last twice as long cos U KNOW SHE’S BETTER AT MAKING THEM 
  • sneakier!!!! 
  • can wear Link’s armour without it magically moulding to her body and becoming Sexy Armour™ 
  • s e l f i e s 

I think about how Zevran automatically puts on the Dalish Gloves and Antivan Boots no matter what other equipment he has on a lot…it fucks me up man.

Like, lets say that instead of the Warden buying his armor, he spends some of his own gold on a nice pair of leather gloves. They aren’t Antivan, but they’re of fine make, and the best he’s going to get in awhile.

But then the Warden hands him these random, beat up Dalish gloves because they remembered him talking about his mother.

They remembered this one conversation enough to keep these ratty things and hand them to him, because they cared enough about him to remember.

He’s never torn anything off his body so quickly as he did those nice, expensive gloves he bought, and never thinks about wearing them again.

your mobility aids aren’t ugly and they don’t make your appearance any less attractive.