but it means a ton to me

1032) all my life i thought i was straight. then i went to college and promptly fell for a girl, head over heels. after that, guys were like… nothing. i mean they’re cool and all but all of my very minimal desire to date any male specimen decreased from 0.5 to 0. yet the idea that i might be gay still confuses me, maybe because i’ve romanticized the idea of being gay to something that i am not. like every day, i have these “tests” set forth for myself, and if i don’t pass them, i’m not “gay enough.” see that hot girl on the street? why am i not turned on? or why am i not really butch? why do i not have tons of female celeb crushes? why do i still get a little blushy around certain guys (though i’d never date them)? yeah, i have a massive crush on a girl and think girls are hella pretty and i’d love to have my own cute girlfriend but i still don’t feel gay because i feel like there’s supposed to be some sort of rite of passage that i will never go through.

Someone messaged me and was telling me they were getting tons of notifications from tumblr on their phone b/c a post they made is funny af so it’s blowing up and I’m just now remembering you can even get notifications, like, I have had those off for 3 years!! 20,000+ followers means hundreds of notifications a day and a bitch cannot have her phone buzzing all the time I have work lmao

Heyo, scrubs! I come bearing a couple links to the sites I frequent. Don’t feel obligated to follow me on either! This is just for those who would like to interact using means other than Tumblr.

I use Twitter I ton. I am also much more talkative on there, so if you feel like striking up a conversation, please, do! You can follow me here!

I also use Pinterest for aesthetics and photography and other hipster things. If you are into that, check me out here!

5 Nice Things

@skillfulstudio and @nour386 both tagged me in this meme, so I now I guess I have to say five nice things about me.

1. I produce a lot of content. It’s not always quality but there is a ton of it. Like, I think if you printed out you’d use up at least one whole ream of paper.

2. I’m punctual/polite

3. I try to be nice 

4. I’m really honest most of the time 

5. uhh, I can sort of bake. I mean I don’t invent recipes but if I have instructions to follow I usually do pretty well.

I’m not gonna tag anyone, but if you want to you are free to do so


Ya girl is slaying in the bowl rn.

This next month, I have a bunch of dates set up with surprisingly very attractive men. I have one tomorrow evening and I’m considering streaming it on my snapchat - getting dressed/makeup. I always have a ton of questions about outfits so I figured it would be fun for you ladies.

Like I said in a previous post, I am genuinely attracted to older men and recently I have been having the urge to enter a serious relationship and just see how it flourishes. I want to settle down. This means finessing but I have a few of those freestyle pick me ups waiting for when I return home tomorrow. Is it sad that I have picked up 4 at my gym? I am in the process of getting my personal trainers certification so I can do something while I practice for LSATs. So that will be an interesting twist to my usual hustle. Can’t wait to fill you all in on these dates 💕💕💕

thank you |-/

hi frens. so most of you are probably not aware, but I have an art account on Instagram (@line.lettering). yesterday, the Norwegian clique account reposted my art (without credit, but gladly gave it to me once they knew it was my art) and posted even MORE of my art. Since then, I’ve gotten 40 more followers and a ton of tags and comments and lovely messages from the clique. that toppled with all of the support i’ve been receiving on tumblr… i’m so overwhelmed (in the best way possible). i used to be so hesitant to share my art with anyone, but you all have responded so kindly and respectfully to my art and calligraphy in general… i just can’t thank you enough. tyler always talks about us supporting each other’s art, and you guys have clearly shown me what that means. you are all so incredible. thank you. |-/

feel free to tag me or submit any of your art to me. i would love to share your creations and help spread the inspiration that has fueled my art.

happy birthday mikey!! // @5sos

  • Hollywood: Fuck diversity. We gotta cast popular white actors in our thing so that we can make a ton of money!
  • Me: This book about a homeless kid, a black dwarf, a deaf elf, a muslim girl, and a genderfluid trans person has been the number one selling children's book in the country for five weeks straight....
  • Hollywood: Nope. More Johnny Depp.
  • television shows: i mean, who needs lighting?? let's just not use any lighting. forget the lighting. oh, but add a whole ton of contrast!! yeah, do that. can't forget about those blurry flashbacks!! oh, and let's make things really grainy!! love that, too. and why don't we put the credits over really awesome scenes?? yeah, that's great.
some yoi fans are going to get on my nerves

Okay but there’s a part of me that’s very frustrated with yuri on ice fans.
After episode 7 came out today I’ve seen some fan girls say “if they don’t have sex now I’m going to be so mad!” and “sex is the next step!! They need to include it!!”

Like no??? I mean what makes yoi so amazing is how different it is from the stereotypical yaoi or bl that I see so often.

The relationship that yoi staff has portrayed in this show thus far is revolutionary to anime!!!
You can clearly see that yuri loves victor and that victor cares right back without throwing them into a forced and awkward sex pool. They have gentle touches, intimate moments and challenges that come with real relationships.

Unlike yaoi relationships, real relationships take time, effort and patience. It is NOT just sex!! And it may not lead to sex!!It makes me very annoyed to see that many people just expect it to automatically go to that level.

Not only that but yuri has a very accurate panic attack like moment before his performance??? That affects victor and yuri’s relationship? I MEAN HOLY SHIT!! Neither of them know what to do when it involves someone they care about and to see this is breathtaking!!

It makes me frustrated that a good portion of the fans are just watching it for the love development into sex??

I hate to break it to some of you, but real life doesn’t have those “shut the person I like up with a kiss” moments. There is insecurity, hesitance, understanding and very clear fondness for each other in the development of victuuri and I wish more people viewed this show in that perspective.

If Kara had gotten her fake mother daughter interview
  • Kara: And what about your teen years Lena?
  • Lena: Oh well I was quite the tomboy. Mother never really approved
  • Lillian: You weren't a tomboy
  • Lena: Yes I was mother
  • Lillian: You slept with a ton of girls. That doesn't make you a tomboy that makes you a lesbian
  • Lena: Potato, potatho. Same thing
  • Lillian: Wait is this what is all about? Are you trying to get into this reporter's pants? I was in the middle of planning an alien Apocalypse and you pulled me out for this?
  • Lena: What?
  • Kara: What?
  • Lillian: ....I mean I have a spa appointment. Gotta go

smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook

Who’s Stiff Now?

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,395

Warnings: Smut, Mirror kink, Metal arm kink, teasing, NSFW

A/N: Others wanted a continuation of the imagine, so here it is! Sorry if I haven’t been posting very much, life’s been a struggle for me right now, but I’ll try to post some more soon. :) Thank you all for being patient with me, it means more than you know. 

Based off my imagine: Imagine watching Bucky’s arm as he works out

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Happy New Year 2017 everyone! Stay golden.

In celebration of the new year, the end of 2016 (which I know sucks for literally everyone), and my blog nearly hitting a major milestone of 10k followers, I decided to make a follow forever to thank all of my followers and the blogs that I follow for supporting me all this time. I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here, made tons of friends, and basically grew as a person during my time on this site. If I could, I want to thank each one of my followers personally for following this lame blog because you all mean so much to me. 

Below are all the blogs that I recommend following because they all post awesome content and they are all amazing people too. You can also check my blogroll for more follow-worthy blogs. I want to apologize in advance if I spelled your url incorrectly or forgot to add some people on here. I promise that it’s not on purpose and you can let me know if something like that occurred.

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cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

read from right to leftt

“Sunset Serenade”

I kinda wanted to draw this in celebration for @crankgameplays reaching 200,000 on Youtube, which is a ton. Also, this is the first time I drew a doggo, especially a Portuguese Water Dog. Totally didn’t stalk through his tumblr to look for reference. Anyways, yeah, this took me about 3 hours to sketch, lineart, and color.

When your limited to only markers that are colored the rainbow, and not tan/neutral colors, you kinda have to think.

Either or, Congrats, Ethan, on 200,000! Kinda late, but I mean, better late than never, right?

Also, special guests my blotter and my lap desk.

Me: I mean, you can’t really /stop/ being a Jew…

Guy: Oh, so they kill you for apostasy?

Me: Oh, no way! We just don’t, like, stop considering you Jewish. Ever.

Guy: Wait, so you could eat a ton of pork and cut your sidelocks and stuff and they’d still, like, let you be Jewish?

Me: Yeah? Like, Judaism is like the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like but you may never leave.

Playing the Part

Summary: Sam and Dean have a fun night with Gen while stuck in The French Mistake Au.

Warning: Wincest, smut, voyeurism, threesome (sort of), role play, some dirty talk, mentions of Sam’s addiction to demon blood

Word Count: 2850

A/N: If this doesn’t sound like your thing, I won’t be offended if you skip it :) Thanks to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for assuring me the idea was worth writing. I’ve never written anything like it before, but it was a lot of fun! XOXO

Dean’s lying on the couch- not quite asleep, but his eyes are closed, and that means he’s not up for talking- and Sam’s got nothing to do but wait for morning. They’re stuck here for at least the night.

But they’ve got a roof over their heads, a particularly nice roof with fancy and unnecessary furnishings everywhere and tons of food and imported beer in the kitchen, so Sam can’t really complain. He just grabs a bottle with a foreign label from the fridge, and enjoys the dark flavor on his tongue as he makes his way back to Dean.

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