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The back of this Spider stereograph reads:

Mrs. Spider is waiting for her dinner. A fat fly may get caught in her web. A hard shake or jar tells her that her dinner has come. When an insect gets caught the spider rushes to it. She wraps the insect in a band of a silk. She does this by turning the insect over and over while she spins. Then she takes her catch to the center of the web. She sucks the insect’s blood and throws away the hard parts of its body.

If an insect breaks her web, Mrs. Spider spins a new one. Under her body at the tip are three pairs of little knobs. They are called spinnerets. Some of the spinnerets make a thread covered with glue. Can you see the tiny glue drops? Mrs. Spider can also make thread without glue. The threads that go out from the center have no glue on them. The threads that go round and round have glue on them. The spider knows just which threads to walk on. She will not get her feet caught.

The spider lays about five hundred eggs. She puts them safely in a little silken egg sac. In spring only a few young spiders come out. What do you think these spiders have done? They have eaten all their brothers and sisters. 

                                                                                      —Keystone Vision Co.

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I was looking at your Society6 page, and wondering if you could add more options? I know you're very busy and probably don't have time to design new merch right now, but since you already have the one design up, I believe it's little more than a matter of checking boxes to get that same design available as a postcard, journal cover, magnet, tote bag, stickers, etc. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that's been my experience with similar sites--and I'd really, really love to send my friends RP postcards!

Hey! I haven’t actually been using Society6 in some time – switched over to Redbubble a while back. Given that I have around 150-200 items on there, and their backend interface is super slow, it does take a significant amount of time to make changes - a single image may work okay on a poster but not as well on a t-shirt, mug, etc. Postcards are a bit easier though, so if there’s specific princesses whose postcards you want, email me and I’ll enable them: jason@rejectedprincesses.com.

As a heads up for the future: I plan on opening my own store, probably by the end of the year. I had great success selling stuff at HeroesCon, and I’m emboldened to branch out. I’m still working out what will be on there, and adding new stuff may be slow, but initially I should have:

  • Signed books
  • Printed versions of comics (also signed)
  • Enamel pins

Stuff I’m looking to add, but no promises on timeline:

  • Coloring books
  • Postcards
  • Holiday Cards - specifically a Valentine’s Day set (I am cackling internally coming up with ideas for this)
  • Jewelry (I’d love to mint coins with the faces of historical women, and make jewelry around that… it’s pricey as hell though.)

Doing this is hugely risky and terrifying for me. It’s a lot of money to invest that I may not see back quickly. Publishing pays about once a year, and budgeting that out is hard enough already. So, baby steps.

(and yeah, I’d probably keep the Redbubble going for posters, shirts, whatever I don’t sell myself)

For now though, I’m in the final stretch for book 2 and can’t really focus on anything else.

There are times when I regret the Sally Hemings post because I wouldn’t be receiving cowardly hate on anonymous–but I really do not regret that post. I truly, truly believe it is disgusting that people are taking Sally Hemings and putting her in their fanfics and yes I do find them to be disgusting people. Sally was an actual human being and it is not “harmless” to put her in your fics–”her” whom I may remind you was a real human being, not a character

This is not a “ship war” this is defending a women’s rights that have been so disrespected even while she lays in her coffin. Sally deserves justice, she doesn’t deserve to be shipped with enslavers and her rapist. That is a terrible excuse that I haven’t been “educating people enough”. 

May  The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor {Lee Minhyuk}

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Prompt: For minhyuk an imagine where you take him home to meet the parents and they separate Y/N and him from sleeping in the same bed but he just gets hella desperate

Pairing: Minhyuk x Reader

Word Count: 7.134k

Warning: smut, oral -female receiving-, shower sex, PORN WITH PLOT, A LOT OF PLOT, 

Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || Smut Game 3 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist || Monsta X Masterlist

**I don’t even know what happened tbh…

**This may be the last story I post for a while simply because school is starting up again and I will be busy with that…of course…please stick with me and REQUESTS ARE OPEN !!!

**Did I ever say thank you for 1k? If not, thank you, babies!

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Do not touch her // Carl Grimes

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For anon

Request: A imagine where Carl threatens a new guy for getting too touchy and flirty with the reader?

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: It takes place before all the stuff with the saviors || This is so bad I’m sorry, I wrote this while watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona FC and I may have been a little too hype lmao

You were walking down the streets of Alexandria, the weather was warm just like you liked it. You had decided to take a walk since for once it was peaceful. No walkers to be worried of, no ennemies to fight. It was pretty calm and it was probable the first time in so long and it was really agreable to finally be able to enjoy something so simple in a world like the one you were living in.

You saw a boy who was probably the same age as you or a year older walking towards you, he had tried to talk to you these past few days, but honestly you absolutely didn’t care about him, you didn’t even want to get to know him, you didn’t like him and how he could act and for nothing in the world you would trust him.

“ Hey baby “ you heard him say

“ Go away jerk “ you said while rolling your eyes

“ Nah I won’t “ he said smirking

You tried to go away, you just wanted to be alone but this boy had to ruin everything plus all you wanted to do was to hit him so he would finally let you alone. But the boy didn’t want to let you go, he grabbed your arm strongly so you wouldn’t go away and couldn’t escape him and pinned you against the nearest wall. You could feel his hand on you, and heard him saying bad stuff you didn’t want to hear. You were helpless. 

“ Do not touch her “ you heard someone say

“ Or what? “

“ Or I’ll kill you “ sternly said the boy who you recognized, it was Carl

Luckily for you, the boy got scared and quickly left. Confused and shocked by what had just happened your ran in Carl’s arm to get some comfort, you also thanked him for saving you. Carl had just saved you from probably a lot worse. 


3/? favorite pairings: jin & jungkook

hi, jk it’s me. i’m always appreciative of what you do. thank you for having the same mental age as i do, when i’m 26 years old. while traveling with you, i was reminded once again how strong your punches are. i’ll do better, so please don’t hit me. i think your face got a lot darker during this trip. as the older brother, i’ll give you a facial mask when we go back to korea. soothe your skin with it, and also soothe yourself and stop lying on my bed. you keep lying on my bed and take selfies when i’m not in my room. and if you do it again, you may have gotten a tan in hawaii, but i will throw you into a fire pit in korea. of course, that fire pit is my heart. come and be embraced in my big heart. thank you for being the teacher and the energy of the team. jungkook, you’re nice, good looking, strong, have a good body, have big eyes, sings and dances well. i love you.


Tomorrow morning I will be admitted to psych ward. Again, strangers will take care of me…

I had a hard time lately and some serious issues as some of you may have guessed while reading through my blog.

I hope so much that this time they will find ways to help me and that good things will come out of it.

I want to say “Thank you!” to all that beautiful people that read, like and reblog my posts. You really help me accepting and processing some very painful parts of my life.

I also want to thank all the people a lot that are talking to me via messaging.

People who offer me their ears to listen…
People who share their most private experiences to make me feel less alienated…
People who spend their free evening to talk me back to reality because I am dissociated…

All of them have their own ultimate life challanges ongoing. None of them knows me in real life. But nevertheless they care.

YOU are all so great and I don’t have words that can express how thankful I am for everytime we text each other.

Thank you so much, you all are my heroes.

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I respectfully disagree with that last ask. While the two Memes may be related, their content is completely different and "don't interact" is at this point completely diverged from "reblogged by anyone". Its format is unique and has developed quickly just over the past month! It would be misguided not to document this development.

Hello, apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I believe you are responding to this ask message posted on 30 July 2017.

After considering the matter and reading ask messages from other users, we have decided to document this meme as distinct from this post can be reblogged by anyone.

That is not to say that the don’t interact meme is not problematic in its own way, and we will be addressing the problematic nature of the meme in the explanation post.


This ridiculous blog of mine somehow managed to reach 200 followers, and while that may not seem like a lot I’m very proud considering that I transitioned it to a nerd blog just a little over a month ago. As a token of my appreciation, here’s my favorite picture of Leonard McCoy (with the addition of a poorly drawn crown of stars).

I just realized he looks like the statue of liberty. Oh well.

I’d also like to take this moment to thank all of you lovely people for following and for all of your support of my fics and general nonsense, you are very much loved and always welcome to drop me a message or ask if you want to get to know me better or ever want to talk about anything!

Here’s to 200 more!

Love, Katy

anonymous asked:

This is an old ask but @the catholic school anon good luck to you it's rough but you will get through it I speak from experience but some stuff to know 1) your grammar/English knowledge will be killer once you're out (Catholics love rules lol) 2) speaking of rules there will be a lot of them and yes a lot of them will be dumb but break them at your own risk or perusal which ever way you see fit3) uniforms can be a pain but they prevent you from having to spend $ on clothes/choosing an outfit 1/2

2/2 4)mass is boring but during the songs mouth “strawberry watermelon” to the tune if you don’t want to sing the hymns (it’s also just fun) 5) trust me no matter how catholic the school there will be queer people they may take a while to find but trust me you will find them when I went to a catholic school my friend group was mainly queer 6)most catholic schools have a lot of volunteer opportunities and you should take advantage giving back is always fun Good luck and I hope all goes well💗🌈


before Yuuri moved to St Peters, this sorta thing probably happened a lot (it turned into a game of who calls first) 

twitter: @kurageclear


Suga to Jin: 

“ To Jinjinjara/Seok-jin!! It’s your eternal roommate, Suga. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since we’ve known each other. Remember when I first met you? You seemed so well-behaved and kind and you seem so bright and cheerful these days, which amazes me. I believe that being together with us has brought about that change? It seems like yesterday when you were concerned and not confident on stage but when I see you on stage these days, I realize how well you sing. It’s the result of your hard effort for a long period of time. I’ve watched you for a long time. It was touching to see you try to do better at something that you weren’t good at. I felt that I had a lot to learn from you. Let’s be together for a long time. P.S: But I wish you’d act your age”.

Jin to Jungkook: 

“ To Jk, Hi, JK. It’s me. I’m always appreciative of what you do. Thank you for having the same mental age as I do, when I am 26 years old. While traveling with you, I was reminded once again of how strong your punches are. I’ll do better, so please don’t hit me. I think your face got a lot darker during this trip. As the older guy, I’ll give you a facial mask when we go back to Korea. Soothe your skin with it, and also soothe yourself and stop lying on my bed. You keep lying on my bed and taking selfies. You may have gotten a tan in Hawaii, but I will throw you into a fire pit in Korea. Of course, that fire pit is my heart.  Come and be embraced in my big heart. Thank you for being the teacher and the energy of the team. Jungkook, you are nice, good looking, strong, have a  good body, have big eyes, sings and dances well. I love you”.

Jungkook to Rap Monster: 

“To Namjoon, Hey. This is the youngest of the team, Jungkook. I’m not good at writing letters so I don’t know where to start, but here I go. This is something that I always think about. I often get inspired, by the team. Although I’m inspired by all the members, I’m especially inspired by you. I have a lot of things that I wanna do but I never seem to stick to them for long. You guys always joke about that. But when that pattern was repeated, I felt that I have really become that kind of person. Whenever I see you working, talking about or working on music or speaking English, I develop this sense of confidence and passion. I know that things may be tough for you too, but please continue showing those things for me. I’ll keep following you from behind. You’re really an amazing person”.

Taehyung to Jimin: 

“To Jimin. Jimin, hi.  Writing you this sincere letter is making me cringe, but I’m trying to go on. Please understand. Since our trainee days, we came to Seoul without a clue.  We woke up, put on uniforms and attended the same school. We ate together, went to practice together, went to practice and got back to the dorm. Then we’d talk all night. After such 6 years, you’re now my dearest friend. Before our debut, you once got anxious about it. At that time, I had a company meeting. they asked me what I’d think if Jimin is on the team. I thought it over and said that you’re there when I’m up or down, the only one who laughed and cried with me. I said that I’d like such a good friend to debut with me as a team. It felt good to say that. And I’m glad that I was able to debut with you. All our good memories made me happy. And I’m sorry since I’m always on the receiving end. When I’m in the bathroom to cry, you still cry with me. And you come see me at dawn to laugh alongside me. You care about me and have me in your thoughts. You work hard for me and understand. You listen to my concerns and like me though I’m lacking. Let’s walk a road of happiness. Love you, buddy.

Rap Monster to Tae-Hyung: 

“Taehyung, my first letter goes to you. That gives me a mix of feelings. Like the peddles we’ve seen to our heart’s content in Hawaii, it’s hard to pick out what I want to say to you. like the open sea we’ve enjoyed, it may be because we go far back with many memories we share. I remember when I first met you. When you came with your father to our dorm with big eyes, busy legs, and your puckered lips, I knew at once.That you'be a rascal. I also remember how you were anxious before our debut. Your unique character and strangeness got me puzzled at times. so I wondered what aspect of yours helped you to bear everything at times. But as time went by and my hair started to grow out, I realized that even me, who I thought was the norm, is also a strange puzzling guy. And I was drawn by your uniqueness. And I was envious at times because you easily befriend people and everyone likes you. You have shown everyone that your strangeness is actually your unique charm. You might say this makes you cringe, but since you started out as a trainee, I want to say I’m grateful to you as a friend and older member.  Thanks for not being a farmer or playing the saxophone and coming to us to complete BTS. Let’s keep up the good work. Hand in there!”.

Jhope to Suga: 

“To my bro Suga from Jhope, Hey. It’s Hoseok. We’ve been together for 7  years, including our trainee days. When I was first at the dorm, I felt so awkward and shy. So I remained in the living room. Then you came over to talk and made me relax. I still can’t forget that moment. Coming from Gwangju, you were like my savior.  When I was sick or sad, you were always there for me. When I was tired and had it hard; you were there to give me strength. When I got seasick on Bon Voyage 2 and opened my eyes from sleep, the first person I saw was you. Though Jimin was also there. I didn’t say it then, but I really appreciate your help. As much as we’ve spent time together, I’m that much grateful to you. I’d like to say that with this letter at this time. Thanks for becoming a member of BTS. And thanks for being my big brother. I hope you’re always by my side. I love my bro!“.

Jimin to Jhope:

 “To Hoseok. I thought it would be easy because it’s not the first letter to you. But it’s not. I am nervous. Because we talk together a lot and I talk about my feelings to you, I guess you know well what I think or what I want to say. When I look at you, I have this thought: ‘He is really honest and faithful. He is a good and nice one”. I thought like this: “A person can be cool because he is honest and faithful”. I realized it thanks to you.  As a younger brother and a member of the same team, I learn a lot from you. You always take good care of us. you pay attention to us and work hard. I know. I want to say thank you, with all my heart. Thank you, brother! I hope you take care of yourself and stop worrying about us. My dear brother, whom I always am thankful, love you.“

By @mimibtsghost

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

The signs in a relationship
  • Aries: fast-paced; kiss-on-the-first-date type people. They don't enjoy the honeymoon phase.
  • Taurus: goofy; makes plans to do crazy things with their partner. They enjoy teaching their partner about what they're passionate about.
  • Gemini: rough; likes to change their partner's mind about things. They ignore their parter frequently and don't think anything of it.
  • Cancer: romantic; is completely obsessed with their partner. They want to do absolutely everything with them.
  • Leo: cool; dates for the drama, generally. They may get attached, but it will probably take a while.
  • Virgo: soft; gets upset when they don't know what's upsetting their partner. They give lots of kisses.
  • Libra: sexual; enjoys the physical part of a relationship more than the mental. Probably moves on fairly fast and doesn't get attached.
  • Scorpio: sweet; talks about their partner all the time. Generally they start liking someone because they liked them first.
  • Sagittarius: quiet; waits for the perfect person to come along instead of always searching. They're always scared that someone will leave.
  • Capricorn: anxious; is afraid to get attached because they fall easily. They like the idea of a relationship more than the act.
  • Aquarius: clingy; is extremely attached to someone before they make it official. It takes them a long time to get over someone.
  • Pisces: materialistic; loves giving and receiving gifts. They always want to have an object that reminds them of their partner.

Hey babes! August is here, which means that the first day of class isn’t far for a lot of us! The first day is exciting, but it can also be pretty scary. Here’s your guide to tackling the first day with grace, and setting yourself up for your best year yet!

be prepared

Having the best first day means putting in some work beforehand! This way you can wake up the day-of and have a relaxing morning, instead of rushing around trying to find your textbooks. 

  • Save your class schedule to your phone
    • I like to add each class (including details like the room #) as an individual reminder in my iPhone. That way all you have to do is swipe right on the lock screen and everything you need to know is there! If you have another type of phone, setting a picture of your schedule as your home screen works as well. 
  • Prepare your supplies
    • Make sure you have everything you’ll need for the first day, and pack your backpack completely the night before. 
  • Think of some ice breaker answers
    • I don’t know about you, but for me the worst part of the first day is sharing “a fun fact about yourself” or “one word that describes you” in every class. Save yourself some stress and think of those now!
  • Pick out your outfit
    • First impressions are important, so show up on your first day feeling confident about how you look! Make sure everything is ironed and laid out the night before so all you have to do is put it on!
  • Pack a lunch and prep breakfast
    • Make sure you have a healthy lunch packed and ready to go before you go to bed the night before, and go ahead and get a head start on breakfast too. Lay out the ingredients on the counter so all you have to do is fire the waffle iron up and go. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Go to bed a little earlier than you normally would. Nerves about the first day mean that you may not get to sleep as fast, and you’ll probably be waking up earlier than you’re used to anyway. 

the first day!

  • Wake up early
    • If you wake up a little earlier than you need to you can start your day relaxed, and that sets the tone for the whole day! Take your time getting ready & eating breakfast, and avoid using your phone (or you’ll totally find yourself on Twitter instead of getting dressed)
  • Get to school early
    • It usually takes me a little while to get my bearings on the first day of class, especially if my first class is in a new building. Show up early so you have time to scope out the halls and find your way.
  • Bring a planner
    • You’ll be getting a lot of dates thrown at you the first day, so be sure to bring your planner to write it all down!
  • Introduce yourself
    • Before class, say hello to the person you’re sitting next to and get to know them a little! After class be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher (or say hello if you’ve had them before). It’ll leave a good impression and may help you out with your participation grade!
  • Relax!
    • First days can be scary, but they can also be fun! Try to relax and enjoy it and know that you’ll have the best year ever!

Homestuck but I add in an extra long conversation between rose and roxy that covers how rose admits she may never forgive her mother while she says she knows mom wasn’t a bad person but she didn’t properly take care of her and now rose’s stuck picking of the pieces of her broken social skills and mental state but rose knows that roxy is not the woman who raised her and is excited to form a new healthy relationship with her
It ends with a panel of rose, roxy, and kanaya hugging and rose quietly saying she loves both of them

GoT S07E05 Thoughts

Fuck me. 

This might have been my least favourite episode to date and we had Gendry!!! Okay, in all fairness, it wasn’t a bad episode. There was just one particular conflict that I am not looking forward to seeing continue. 

And no, it’s not Jon3rys. I couldn’t give two shits about that right now. 

But let’s begin, shall we? 

For anyone who still believes Dany to be a good person, I honestly suggest going to an optometrist or retaking high school English because how much more obvious can this show get? I didn’t get to write down her full speech, but following this:

“I’m not here to murder…”

With this: 

“Bend the knee and join me or refuse and die”

You’re kind of a hypocrite and a really obvious one at that. War is horrible, I get it, and good people do atrocious things in war, but that’s why we, as modern somewhat enlightened (although questionable) human beings, have war trials. People may die in war, as that is inevitable, but there are certain acts that no decent human should perform even in the midst of war. 

I know I’m quoting Wikipedia here, but whatever: 

Examples of war crimes include intentionally killing civilians or prisoners, torture, destroying civilian property, taking hostages, perfidy, rape, using child soldiers, pillaging, declaring that no quarter will be given, and serious violations of the principles of distinction and proportionality, such as strategic bombing of civilian populations.

Do you think a man as concerned with portraying war as a clusterfuck of morally grey characters would place an entitled figure with weapons of mass destruction which she uses indiscriminately, who commits war crimes, as the main protagonist? Do you think that is a good conclusion? And this is simply going by this episode and not the mess Dany made in previous seasons. 

She had Randyll and Dickon Tarly as her prisoners. There was no need to execute them, or at least no need to execute both of them. If she wanted to make an example, she could do so with Randyll, but fine, let’s concede the fact it had to be done. She burned them. A slow, horrible, agonising death. She could have beheaded them, as was customary in Westeros, but no, she chose to burn them because you know why? She likes it. She’s done it before. Burning her enemies gives her great satisfaction of her power, but also it spreads fear into the hearts of everyone there because she knows it’s the only way to get them to submit. 

If she allowed them the third option of becoming a prisoner of war, she knows they’d choose that over her. She even says so to Tyrion, because guess what? The people of Westeros doesn’t like or want Dany as their queen. Cersei may be a Grade A Bitch, but she’s the bitch they know. She doesn’t have dragons to burn those who defy her at her will. Yes, she’s powerful and could still easily execute people at a moment’s notice, but they’ve seen her humiliated and frightfully human when she was made to walk naked in shame through the streets of King’s Landing. She is human and she can fall. To them, Dany wields her power like a god and not the kind they worship out of love but out of fear. What kind of ruler is that?

And let’s talk about execution in general here. We’ve seen a lot of it over the seasons, and what we always come back to as a code of honour and true morality in this grey world is this quote from Mr Honour himself, Ned Stark: 

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”

Mr Honour Jr aka Jon Snow lives by this rule like a life motto. If he must sentence a man to die, he will swing the sword himself, and throughout the show, we’ve seen Jon do this and we’ve seen how this weighs upon him, though the culprits may be deserving. Yes, people die in war and Jon has killed on the battlefield for survival, but executing someone is a deliberate act. It’s taking the life of a human while they are powerless to stop you. Jon doesn’t take any pleasure in it. 

But Dany… She’s executed people left, right and center. Burning them in the most unnecessarily cruel way because she can and because it instills fear. Feeding them to her dragons which is even worse. That’s not at her hand. That’s cowardly and sadistic. 

You know who else rules through fear? 

“The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.” 

Cersei bloody Lannister. 

Yeah, let that sink in. And let’s move on. 

Jon meeting Drogon. I hated this scene, although I see how it’s important in establishing Jon as a Targaryen. I didn’t like it mostly because I was still reeling Drogon burning the Tarly’s alive, and yet right after, they have Jon bonding with Drogon like some special moment. But do you think Jon would even touch that dragon if he knew the horrors Dany had made Drogon do? Or the fact that she just executed Jon’s best friend’s family in the worst way possible? Yeah, Sam hated his father, but he didn’t hate his brother. And no matter what animosity there was between them, Sam is a good person and he would still be devastated by this. Not to mention we weren’t given all those Dickon scenes where the man acted with honour, kindness and bravery, just to dismiss him as another faceless enemy of Dany’s. He was Sam’s brother and so much like Sam in a way. I think that’s what made his death in spite only knowing him for 2 episodes so heartbreaking. Also, why this meeting between Jon and Drogon made me angry and disgusted. 

Of course, it also establishes some Jon3rys bonding, although more so on Dany’s side. Let’s face it, the Dragon Queen wants familial Dragon D. Her heart eyes for Jon throughout this episode was at least 100x more convincing than previous episodes between them. Jon, on the other hand, has moments where he does seem to think Dany is alright, but I still don’t see the same level of affection on his end at all. As always, he has a one-track mind and that’s the war up North. 

And I’m sorry but Dany’s attraction towards Jon seems to predicate on her notion that he’s as heroic and powerful as her. I get that he is and that’s a wonderful reason to fall in love with him, but it’s still falling in love with the idea of him and not who he is, because who Jon is, isn’t that person. He doesn’t want to be a hero or to be powerful. I know Show Jon doesn’t go into this, but Book Jon wants a family, to settle in Winterfell and live peacefully and honourably like his pseudo father. But Dany will never know that about him because she doesn’t know him. Take her asking Jon about whether he got a knife to the heart, the wonder and awe in her eyes as she asks him. She wants him to be just like her (or her delusional perception of herself as some kind of prophesised princess that was promised). Jon is who she thinks she is and she’s attracted to that, which is basically some Game of Thrones version of Narcissus. When she realises he’s a Targaryen, she’ll feel threatened more than relieved she’s not alone, because if she thinks he’s her then she’ll think he wants the Iron Throne and he’s a threat to her ambitions. 

There’s a reason why after all that Gilly discovers the Rhaegar and Elia annulment (which btw is such bullshit but whatever). Jon has more right to the Iron Throne than she does. 

What’s funny about this episode that even Dany’s Second Biggest Fan struggles to support her. Yes, he still will, but that entire conversation he has with Varys just sounds a lot like he’s trying to convince himself that ‘yes, all rulers burn their prisoners like a sadistic pyroqueen, and yes, Dany is so not like her father’. And the fact that her own loyal subjects are questioning her? Yeah, tell me again how she’s a hero. 

Now onto the main reason why I hate this episode: StarkBowl. But oh ho, not Jon and Sansa StarkBowl but Sansa and Arya. 

I’ve always loved Arya. She was my favourite character for so many seasons, until I fell madly in love with Sansa, although Arya remains in my Number 2 spot. But this episode, I felt such a burning anger towards her. After all they’ve been through, everything Sansa’s endured, Arya would still hold her accountable for the beliefs Sansa held as a young child. She’s changed and grown so much on account of her experiences yet she will not lend her own sister the same courtesy. It pisses me off because what Arya is doing (judging and accusing Sansa of things she didn’t do or for who she was when she was a child) is exactly what Anti-Sansa’s have been doing for years. And her own short-sighted, ignorant inability to grasp that this woman before her is not the same Sansa she once knew has now led her to being manipulated and conned by Littlefinger. 

What I can only hope is that Sansa is smarter than Littlefinger. Bran wouldn’t give Arya the dagger if he foresaw Arya using it on Sansa. And I feel like it is so uncharacteristic of Arya, who has longed for so long to be reunited with her pack, to suddenly break down by childish prejudice at the first miscommunication. Sansa is far more cunning than anyone gives her credit for and I feel that this could all be a long orchestrated con on Littlefinger himself. Arya’s not that stupid. I refuse to believe she’s stupid enough to underestimate LF that way and let herself be manipulated so easily. I feel like perhaps that fight between Sansa and Arya was for LF’s benefit because it felt so contrived, so out of nowhere. I know this speculation is also heavily biased by my refusal to believe that the Starks would fight amongst themselves after all they went through, but I do believe that LF will die this season. It won’t be at Sansa’s hand but it will be because of Sansa’s machinations. 

Now, onto Gendry!!!!!

The happiest part about this hell episode because fuck, he’s so hot still. That cropped hair, those muscles, that smile… Yeah, swoon. He’s also hilariously bullheaded (very like a Baratheon) when he ignores Davos, hits those soldiers with his hammer and immediately tells Jon who he is. 

In fact, there was this instant spark of chemistry between Gendry and Jon in their first meeting. 

“You’re a lot leaner.”

“You’re a lot shorter.”

The gentle ribbing of two strangers is adorable, but it also reminds me of Ned and Robert’s first scene together:

“Your Grace.”

"You’ve got fat.”

Now the parallels of Jon as Ned is nothing we haven’t seen before. Gendry as Robert is newer, and Jon and Gendry together as Ned and Robert is so satisfying to watch. It also makes me, a trash shipper, so happy because you know if Jon is being paralleled as Ned in this episode, you know who is being paralleled as Cat? 

Yes, that’s right. Strong, confident Sansa, who was called only Lady Stark in the Great Hall meeting. 

I know I’m crazy but I’m still not worried about Jonsa. That scene in the Great Hall just kept making me think of Sansa as Penelope. She’s there holding onto Winterfell for Jon’s return as he gallivants off on his many missions and overcomes his many trials. She’s there, always loyal and true to him, and maintains his kingdom for him

Boatbang may happen (likely), but Odysseus also slept with Calypso, before ultimately returning to his lady love. I believe the same will happen for Jonsa. 

Also, who thinks Cersei’s not actually pregnant? I think she’s beginning to question Jaime’s loyalty and needs to firmly hold him in place. And I think when he finds out she’s not after all he’s done for, all the sinful things he did, it might make him plunge that sword into her heart prophecy-style. Or not a sword. I don’t know. 

But that’s it for me. My head hurts. My heart hurts. And I maintain that I hate this episode because fuck StarkBowl. And fuck disrespecting Sansa like that

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