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So if we shouldn't collectivize people then you think we shouldn't collectivize muslims and we should have open borders for them and all the other scum from the 3rd world

Your answer is in the question. If you simply take each individual at what they have done and not hold them responsible for the collective, you’ve got yourself an immigration policy.
Governments ability to properly conduct border security and immigration policy aside, if you’re going to have some form of border, created by markets or by government, the policy to allow for maximum freedom of movement while stopping individuals who may have criminal records is to restrict only those with criminal records.

But since you specified exactly who you want to keep out and they type of language you use let’s me know exactly what you want.

Road Trip

Request: Hey may I request Bucky x reader oneshot. Where Sam, Steve and Bucky take reader to a roadtrip. Steve and Sam know reader and Bucky have crushes on eachother. Both Steve and Sam try really hard to get Bucky confessing his love for the reader

Blog Tag: @highchu

A/N: It took a while to get out, but then it kind of got away from me. I made this fluffy and cheesy AF and tried to make the reader figure gender neutral, so…. Enjoy!

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 1842

Title: Road Trip

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black people can be racist, racism isn't just oppression through power

Well, that’s exactly what racism is. I think people are a little confused with racism, discrimination and being prejudice. Everyone been using the term racist for also being prejudice and discriminating but their different. Black people don’t exactly have enough power to even be racist, as you can tell. I think people just look up the word and read:
“when a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.”
Which is true but people take that little section and make it like everyone can be a racist now. That just shows you may had looked it up and not actually learned about it or never done research on it. While black people can definitely feel that our race is superior to another we can’t acted on it. Which goes back to black people don’t have enough power. We can’t do like white people can do.
For example:
• A black person can’t shoot an innocent white person and not get in trouble. Only a white person can do this and get away with it (even with evidence showing what they did wrong).
• A black man rapes a woman and a white man rapes a woman. Some how the black man gets sentence 15-25 years in prison while the white man gets sentence to 6 months in jail and gets release extremely early because of good behavior.
• black people can’t tell white people they have to curl their hair or get an Afro texture wig because we find stringy white hair distracting. Only white people can tell black people how to wear their hair and have it legalize that jobs can discriminate against dreads.
Theirs so many more examples but that’s just a couple since those are what’s big right now. Long story short, whatever white people do, we can’t do it which means we are not equal, which means one race has more power over the other and that so happens to be white people.
Now, black people can definitely be prejudice and discriminate but can’t be racist. Those are three different meanings. So what you mean is, black people can discriminate and to that statement I say definitely.

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Hey, this isn't a request or anything. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the time and effort put into the sprite edits. I'm sure you may feel somewhat of an obligation to your followers, but make sure to take care of yourself and take breaks if you need it!

Well… It’s not like I just did this; I did it a while ago and just haven’t had a good opportunity to share it but… I might as well have it here while I answer this

I married Percy in one of my saves just because his voice actor is Anthony Del Rio. I would have preferred him to be a little older, so I fixed that. Very minor changes, but still compared to the original, I think it looks pretty good.

I have now done over one hundred in one week. I have around thirty more up to where I made the cut, and I definitely will not get to all of them(especially considering I forgot my tablet cord in my apartment and that helps me make custom parts, ex. Camilla/Setsuna peekaboo hair). I’d like to take it relatively easy tomorrow as I’d like to play the revamped Mad Father and work on my story.

But I have gotten six asks and two messages about de-stressing, including this ask. I appreciate that a lot. I get overwhelmed very easily(and I don’t think anyone can blame me considering I upped my quota by over 200% this week), and I wonder why I even put this stress on my shoulders in the first place, haha. But I appreciate the support I get and it gives me a little energy to continue working, even if I should be reading Salt Water Moon instead of staying up until four in the morning I’m sorry Christina.

You know who you are. Some of you were on anon. But thank you very much. Because I am only answeing this ask out of all of those, I really appreciate every one.

Updating my Simblu’s Sims 2 CC credits and links page now.

Linky: http://simblu.tumblr.com/post/150619730994/simblus-sims-2-cc-credits-and-links

Adding info for some of the neato ‘shrooms in this pic and also some of the posters and large wall-art.

Possibly more..I have the flu, I’m a bit sleepy from fever..so we shall see how far i get with adding more links.

Pic is taken at side of PomPom’s house in Sedona. (You can glimpse her and Rainbow Cat thru the window)  As you can see, I placed colored spotlights to get dramatic night-time effects so actual colors of the ‘shrooms are a bit distorted. (i also brighten and sharpen my screenies in Photoshop or Pixlr.)

I’ll post another pic to let folks know when my cc page updating is done for today. Adding to that page is a work-in-progress that may take a while to complete.

Utapri Week Day 6: Quartet Night

September 23rd || Day 6: The Dice are Cast

Option B: Favourite Group {Quartet Night}

So my choice for my favourite group is Quartet Night!! They harmonize so well together, and three out of the four of them I consider to be my best guys.

So here are some headcannons for quartet night! How they act together, what they do, and all those good things.

Originally posted by jinguuji-san

  • When they are not in the presence of STARISH and Haruka, Reiji often likes to make.. More “adult” jokes with the group. While Ai may only be 15, since he doesn’t react to them Reiji still makes them in front of him.
  • Until recently the group never did many activities together outside of their jobs, but they now often spend down time together, drinking tea and having some light snacks. (since it was the only thing they could all agree on)
  • Ranmaru and Reiji are closest to each other, and Reiji often takes Ranmaru for drives at the randomest of times.
  • Reiji will also jokingly drive by him multiple when he goes out for his morning jogs, promptly annoying the shit out of one anotherAi is interested in Camus and his mysterious background, and often spends long hours having a conversation with the count.
  • Reiji once braided Camus’ hair while he was asleep, and the count didn’t notice until halfway through the day
  • Their favourite place to go out (besides the tearoom) would have to be an arcade. Ai meddles with the cranes and every prize game possible, calculating the chances of winning which prize. Reiji and Ranmaru will play dance dance revolutions against each other for hours on end and Camus likes to play any and all games that involve racing or competing.
  • Reiji, like the good mother he is, will bring the others lunches to their jobs when he knows they didn’t bring any (much to the embarrassment of them)
  • To get him back for all the mischief he causes, the other three members of QN one time put Reiji, along with his entire bed out in the middle of the Master Course courtyard while he was asleep. What they didn’t know.. Was that he slept in the nude.
Taking SP OC Requests

I’ve decided to take in Sausage Party OC requests from the lovely members of the Sausage Party fandom. For everything this fandom has done for me I would like to reciprocate back. So if you have an OC/Foodsona that you would like me to draw for you, I know you all have at least one, don’t be shy to ask me. Don’t think of yourself as a burden or that I may not have time for your simple request. Be confident darlings.

So send me a message, no Anons I’m sorry. You just have to tell me who your OC is, give a reference of them, and if possible send me a song that reminds you of them. Music is a big inspiration source and keeps my creative juices flowing. It may take a while but I just want to put effort in every drawing I display.

Loosejuice has spoken.

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not trying to be mean or rude or anything. how come daehyun can drop so much weight just like that with obvious improvement while himchan still looks the same? isnt himchan the one going to the gym and all? which is kinda funny.

okay so~

  1. everyone’s bodies are different. the same diet/exercise may not work for everyone. what works for dae might not work for himchan.
  2. we don’t really know what method they’re taking in losing weight. we have no idea what their eating/drinking/exercise plans are. tho i have a hunch :/ but it’s really only an assumption.
  3. please stop thinking himchan going to the gym is funny. he should be encouraged, not laughed at. and honestly he does look like he’s lost weight. but if anything it seems like he might be building muscle.
  4. we can’t assume dae doesn’t go to the gym just because he hasn’t taken any recent selfies or videos there. i would bet actual money that he does go.
  5. dae did drop weight really rapidly. which concerns me, because that usually means the person went on a crash diet, and those are very unhealthy. meaning he is probably starving himself. but that’s again only an assumption/worry.

you happened to send this to someone that majored in nutrition and fitness in college. 

***please don’t reblog with with an angry response***
this anon is strictly talking about weight loss. don’t link it to the fat jokes please.

Crocheted Pokemon Magikarp Hat

He may be useless as a Pokemon but as a fashion accessory you won’t find a better choice than Magikarp. This hand crocheted Pokemon hat displays all his fishy glory – just pray he doesn’t decide to evolve while you’re wearing him on your head.

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Coulter is a bitch but she has a point in the fact that pretty much every jewish organization has been pro-migrant while at the same time israel has been profoundly racist, calling for dna tests so only "true jews" may settle, sterilizing ethiopian jews, prominent rabbis and politicians saying israel belongs to whites (they were ardent supports of apartheid south africa, manufacturing armor and vehicles for them).

Plenty of American Jews are pretty liberal in general so it’s not that much of a surprise that a lot of Jewish organizations take pro-migrant positions.

I’m aware of Depo-Provera and Israeli-South African controversies you mention. While I support Israel, it shouldn’t be viewed on a pedestal (no country should be). Its status as the sole Middle Eastern democracy doesn’t make it exempt from criticism.

@jewishpolitics Anything you want to add?

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@ cornstarch anon: cornstarch works for making dough, but it may take a little while to knead it to the proper consistency. I made aloe dough with it, and it's sticky at first, but it gets to a doughy consistency within a few minutes.

My Apologies

Bonjulio apologizes about his inactivity as of late. Evil Ruler of the World School has been hell recently while my side job has been working Bonjulio to the bone. Do not worry though for Bonjulio will keep answering all the questions that I receive! (though it may take some time to get to them all)

Meet My Inquisitors Part 1

Marian Travelyan. A double handed swords-woman, Hates her family. She fights for  whats right and enjoys spending time Sparring with Cassanda as well as sharing their interests in common books they read. She has become one of Dorians dearest of friends and respects him greatly. she wants him to succeed in his plans for the future. They sneak into the Skyhold wine cellar and take the best of wines back to her quarters to enjoy each others company while talking about nothing and everything. She enjoys spending time in the tavern with Blackwall, Bull and Varric, listening to tales of their adventures. She is not friends with Sera, although she enjoys her company when things are smooth. She respects and takes heed for any advice Solas may give, and spends time with him discussing different things between politics and history. She fell in love with Cullen, and they tend to spend time and most evenings together at the battlements away from prying eyes and ears. Josey and Lel’s are her best friends as well as respected advisers of the inquisition. 

Choices: Recruited and Allied with Templars, (although she regrets it when there were still many from the order that tuned to red tmeplars, and felt guilty for leaving the mages to their doom when they were the ones who needed the hep the most). She exiled the wardens at Adamant Fortress, and Chose to leave Stroud in the Fade. Saved Empress Celen, Brilala was to work with her, and Gaspard was killed. She Drank from the well, and tamed a dragon. 

In Trespasser: She Married the love of her life, She made Vivienne Divine, and She promised to save Solas from himself as her friend. And finally disbanded the inquisition. 

Ellana Lavellan. Mage - Elemental & Fade Rift mage. Leaving the Lavellan Clan was the hardest thing she had to do. She loves her family, and wishes to come back to them one day but knows it will never be likely. She is cautious around Cassandra at first, but slowly they both open to one another and a friendship blooms between them. She gets along well with Varric and enjoys his tales and adventures and they share a common sense of humor. They became fast friends. She was reluctant at first around bull and his chargers, but once she got to know them better. she respected bull for his ability to lead and his abilities as a Ben Hassrath to know people and see goo in their heart. She also enjoys teasing him and being teased back, for she knows he has a kind heart under all that bravado. Dorian and her clicked the moment they stumbled to one another in the Chantry. Flirtatious words soon turned to words of deep care and friendship that she knows she will never stop to care for him ever, especially when shared with wine and deeps discussions that sometimes leads them both sleeping side by side on coaches. She was always fascinated with Blackwell, because she deeply respected the Grey Warden Order. And she saw him as a father figure to her in all of this. giving her words of encouragement and helping her carve gifts to her friends and staff handle designs. She set him free once and for all from his regrets and hope that one day he will find a way to truly live. And live the way he would want to see the world be with that hope. Once you know that Ellana is with Sera. Know that trouble in on the corner. They are the bestest of friends, enjoy making trouble to everyone and do pranks on their friends. She reminds her of her little trouble maker sister back in the clan. Although she may respect Vivienne, she does not agree with her about the circles and how mages should be trapped. Although, listening to her about court intrigues and learning the ways of the game, made them somewhat close. She does not know that when she turns away, Vivienne smiles fondly at her, and after knowing her, she truly just wished her the best. 

Her advisers are her pillars. She respects all of them, and she has grown close to Liliana and Josephine. They enjoy making Cullen uncomfortable at the War Table meetings just to see him blush.  

The humble Apostate was the enigma at first. At first she was shocked to hear what he had to say about the Dalish. Her PEOPLE, Our people…. but as she listened to him more. she began to doubt her teachings. Even when she already was doubtful. She grew more bold and started to ask him for more. Their arguments soon turned to debates which soon turned to discussions and it only grew more frequent when her thirst for knowledge took hold. But it was also him. He was kind to her, he was also patient. They tended to share their private moments alone, away from everyone. and he slowly opened up to her. She saw many sides of him that no one from her companions would have guessed he possessed. and she was In Love. He was her heart. 

And she was patient with him too. Until he Finally left. and She hoped. she still hopes. 

Choices: Allied with the mages. She exiled the wardens at Adamant Fortress, and Chose to leave Stroud in the Fade. Saving Hawke. She saved Empress Celen, Brilala was to work with her, and Gaspard was exiled. She let morrigan drink from the well. 

In Trespasser: She was still heart broken from Solas disappearance. She became a Red Jenny with Sera and made Liliana Divine (softened). She promised to save Solas from him self. Var lath vir suledin. She Finally Disbands the inquisition. 

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Did kaisoo really sleep together in the same bed? 😏 where did you read it?

Back in 2012, a large group of sasaengs following EXO-K released notes and information they’d gathered on weibo, but only a few ifans chose to translate the post for obvious reasons (because sasaengs are fucking horrible and it‘s very invasive and wrong and what they gathered is definitely stalking), but anyways among their notes was this:

“Kai and D.O’s bed is queen sized bed while the others sleep on a single bed each. It’ll be changed in the future though.”


Fan speculation is that they shared a bed through pre-debut (WIL / HISTORY era (which the most famous pre-debut kadi selfie also aids this gossip)) and that they also shared through MAMA era, but their bedding and rooming changed in Wolf / Growl era. Again, this part is just speculation so take it as you may lol

Them sharing a bed, however, has become basically fact among most early EXO-L’s.

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hey american college students planning to vote absentee in your home state while at school: if you haven’t applied for an absentee ballot do so immediately.

if you’re receiving a ballot by mail, it will take time to get to you. additionally, your home state’s absentee voting regulations may have changed – which means you might realize that you need to register to vote in the state you’re going to school in instead! the majority of states require you to register to vote by october 11th, so make sure you have time!

an idiot who didn’t realize her state’s absentee voting regulations had changed