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So I’ve been thinking about Sonja…

I feel like I need to take a minute to apologize to Sonja for hating on her so much… It’s obvious now she really loves Even. They were together for four years, and while Even’s never felt the way he feels about Isak before, Sonja was probably his first relationship, and clearly a big part of his support system. She may have even been with him through his diagnosis process. That’s a strong connection. And while Even fell in love with someone else, Sonja didn’t. So maybe she wanted to blame Even’s illness for his feelings to Isak because she didn’t want to lose him or maybe she knew she was losing him and was trying to stop it. She may have been horrible to Isak and maybe manipulative of Even, but she realices that she was wrong, she calls Isak to apologize, and proves once again that she just loves Even by assuring Isak that Even’s illness is not his fault, telling him it’s good for Even to be with him, and giving Isak the best advice you can give one with a loved one with a mental illness. Day by day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute. Sonja loves Even, and now that she knows she’s lost him, she wants to make sure that if it’s not her, someone else is there for him. 

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In so conflicted. :/ I've been losing weight for about a month and have been doing super well but I'm going out tonight and before I would eat pizza and half a sub but I'm thinking now i shouldn't bc it's too much?? Or should I as a reward??

Thinking of food as a reward can become a problem. You need to make sure you don’t get into the mindset of needing to “earn” your food. You always deserve and need to eat, regardless of what kind of food it is.

So yes, treat yourself. You’ve worked hard and you should never restrict yourself from eating yummy foods that you enjoy. You know how you used to eat when you went out, but you aren’t doing that all the time anymore! You may find that you aren’t hungry for all of that anymore. You can always take some home.

*PS I’m writing this while drinking a beer and eating Chinese food after popping a few chocolate truffles into my mouth 🤗🤗*

Okay this has absolutely nothing to do with BTS or even Kpop, but I’ve been meaning to make a cover for a while now. I’ve had some rough times recently, and I’ve always been able to go to tumblr for a smile, a laugh, or just some cheering up. Although, it may seem small, it really means a lot to me. I just wanted to take the time to thank each and every person here. I love you guys so much. 

A special thanks to the following people, who have been there for me to cheer me up and make me feel happy. This song is for you guys and all of my followers (:

@bangtannoon @kookiewithak @allaboutthespn @hobiandzeloaremyhubbies @jungkookfortunekookies @kool-beanzz @laysekai @philophobia999 @bubbl3tae @iamwhatimman @fetus-jungkook @kookie-bby

I chose this song because I want you guys to know that I’ll always be here if you need to talk to someone. I love you guys <3

Apophatic Theology.

The term ‘apophatic’ is mainly used for negative theology, but it also denotes a kind of mysticism that often goes along with negative theology. This mysticism is assumed to be based on experiences of emptiness and silence. We need not be too ambitious as to the degree of emptiness. Robert Forman takes apophatic mystical states to be ‘oriented…towards emptying,’ while some kinds of objects – in a very general sense of ‘object’ – may still play a role in the formation of the experience. These objects tend to be huge and homogenous, having no sharp borders or even comprising everything: a cloud, the sky, the sea, empty space, darkness, light. And some identify the object of their experiences as God.

In The Mystical Theology, a treatise on negative theology and apophatic mysticism, Dionysius the Areopagite (Pseudo-Dionysius) chooses the word ‘darkness’ as the central metaphor for God. In particular, he combines this metaphor with the metaphor of light to form contradictory descriptions of God. In a prayer that opens the treatise, we find the term ‘brilliant darkness’, and in chapter two, God is called ‘darkness so far above light’ as well as ‘darkness concealed from all the light among beings.’ Though the latter formulations do not seem contradictory at first sight, the contradiction appears as soon as we realize that ‘light’ is just another name of God. Light is supposed to be God’s creation, therefore the term ‘light’ can be used to describe God as the cause of his creation – ‘to name God from his effects’, as Denys Turner writes in The Darkness of God. He adds that from this ‘it does not follow that the names of God signify only that causality.’ A name of God ‘tells us something, however inadequately, about what God eternally and in her nature is, it does not simply report on some act of the divine causality in time…’


Hello everyone, I am so sorry for my spotty activity as of late, I have had some things going on in my personal life that’ve been constricting my time as of late. Also I just haven’t really been feeling in the best headspace when I hop on here. It’s not for any particular reason I’ve just been feeling not so hot when I hop on here. So!! I have decided that I will be taking a hiatus from tumblr until sometime in the new year. 

Once I return I may or may not delete this blog and move everything from it over to a newer blog just to give me a nice clean reset. There’s a lot of stuff on this blog that makes me feel cluttered and to put it simply, I want to clear up my dash just a little bit.

I’ll be saving the new URL for my blog and I won’t officially remake the blog until the new year should I decide to do that. 

While I will be away from tumblr I will be on skype, so for anyone who has it or wants it feel free to hit me up and we can do some short threads going on there. 

I am so sorry for any new comers who were hoping to catch a thread with me, this has been a bit of a long time coming and I just need some freedom from tumblr for a couple weeks! 

Thank you <3


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I have recently started some sort of inner change I think and all signs point to me needing to connect with my spirituality more. I really connect with the type of spirit work you do and I was wondering if you have any tips for becoming a more spiritual person/connecting with your magic/finding your path. I often find myself kind of directionless and you seem to have a knack for seeing things in people. Anyway hope this wasn't too imposing or strange. You are lovely I hope you're doing well 💞🌞

This is an interesting question to tackle because of course it is different for everyone. What works to make me a more spiritual person will not necessarily work for you.

But I may be able to help anyway.

Basically, it takes time and patience. I wrote a post a little while ago that suggested finding your magical path does take time and patience, and I was met with many responses that said, “I don’t want to be an  XYZ witch, I just want to be myself. Do I have to choose a delineated magical path?” Well the answer is no, you don’t. Don’t be distracted by labels. Labels are nothing but tools of communication. I call myself this or that magical practitioner so that others have a sense of what I do, but that has little to no bearing on my true path. I am not a spirit worker because I call myself a spirit worker; I am a spirit worker, and therefore I call myself that. So don’t be distracted by what you need to call yourself. That can come later.

Focus on what brings you joy. If something brings you feelings of nervousness or dread, that is not the right path for you. “Well I just feel nervous because it’s new to me and magic is very scary!” No, you feel nervous because you are considering walking down a path that was not meant for you. If it is your true path, it will bring you feelings of peace, joy, and excitement. 

And if no path brings you these feelings of peace, joy, and excitement, well, that means you are not ready yet. Work on yourself first, discover what brings you joy, and attempt to launch your spiritual ships once again.

I regularly struggle with what my path is. Spirits try to trick me and force me down paths that are not meant for me. Gods try to manipulate me and draw  me away from my calling. It is not always easy to find your path, and stick to it. In fact I’d call it quite difficult. 

As for connecting with your magic, start small and actually practice. Twenty hours of book learning is worth the same as an hour of real practice. Meditate with the universe. Cast little spells. Talk to spirits if that is your calling. Do what it takes, but remember to work actual magic instead of endless studying.

A note of thanks

Thank you to those of you who continue to visit my tumblr. Your support, attention and trust in my posts and opinions has always been greatly appreciated (and somewhat baffling)!

While I am still very much a Hooligan, I chose to step away from being an active contributor in the fan community. As some may have noticed, original content (and eventually reblogged posts) had been tapering off over the past couple of years. Just as Bruno started 24K Magic promotions, I decided that it would be best to completely step out.

Blogging was something I enjoyed as a hobby, especially as it was my own way to promote Bruno’s outstanding work. However, there are other commitments in my life now that must take priority - and this is something I am very happy with! I’m sure this comes as no surprise but I thought it’d be fair to give this statement as an official sign off. I’ll pop in and out every so often but obviously I won’t be doing the same things as before. Thank you to you wonderful people who still check in and/or send messages. Sorry for not being able to continue!

I had a great time on here sharing my love of Bruno with you all. I am very proud of the blog I’ve built and cherish the memories we had together as a fanbase. The blog won’t be deleted, but everything will simply remain as it is. Think of it as perhaps a time capsule of the pre, during and post Unorthodox Jukebox era in Bruno Mars’ inevitably long and successful career.

Sincerely wishing you all the very best. Continue to respect the artist and above all else, each other. 


RhapsodyInColour xxx

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One of my characters is a trans woman undergoing HRT. She takes oestrogen and an antiandrogen. My question is how are these typically administered? Are they pills or injections or patches or gels? Are they taken daily or weekly or monthly? If it's an injection is this something a health professional has to do or would she be taught how to do it herself?

Alright, let break down this question. I’m going to say this now: while I have been taught about these drugs, I haven’t been taught about them specifically for transition, so my information might be wrong.

The most popular antiandrogen is spironolactone, and it is mainly a tablet form. This, and other antiandrogens are usually taken once every day.

Estrogens on the other hand, can be administered on the skin (so patches or get), by mouth, or by injection. It depends on which estrogen your character is taking.

The pills are usually taken once a day.

The patch may be 1 or 2 per week depending on the formulation.

The injections can be given either once a week or once every 2 weeks, depending on which drug your character was assigned.

I don’t believe that a health professional has to do the injection. Your character would most likely have been taught by either her doctor or pharmacist.

***source of information was UptoDate, an evidence-based clinical decision support resource***

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Please don't be so disrespectful to Harry as to keep that horrible photo Samantha Quek asked him for. He is visibly upset and grief-stricken and while SHE may be lacking the manners and common decency to be respectful of the circumstances, doesn't mean you have to emulate her. Tbh, I have always thought better of you.

Idk nonnie, but this pic was taken with his agreement and if he didnt want to take this pic im sure he’d have said that.
And sorry to disappoint you.

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I follow you because even though you can be quiet, slightly isolated and self-deprecating, I still see someone who has a strong will. You will have days or maybe weeks of being in a dark rut, unable to see the positivity and it may be hard to get a single word out of word in these moments. But you still are the sweetest person and have a very talented imagination and set of writing skills. I appreciate the positives and negatives of who you are.

Please, excuse me while I lay here and try not to cry. 

This is one of the best responses to a follow meme I’ve ever received. I’ll be totally honest and say that sometimes I get pretty down about the fact that my inbox stays pretty quiet when I reblog these silly memes. Taking it to mean that most people could not care less about me, my blog, my writing, etc. (which is more than likely true). But I would not trade any quantity of fair-weather followers for the quality ones, like yourself. 

I spent so long trying to keep a huge part of who I am hidden on this infernal website, so afraid of scaring people off. And when I started truly being myself, people did unfollow. Mutuals who claimed to be my friends all but vanished, continuing to follow me but never again acknowledging my existence in any way. But by finally showing all facets of myself I learned who the quality people are. Real people with good and honest hearts. People like you, anon. 

So thank you for following me. Thank you for staying. And, most of all, thank you for being you. The world needs far more truly good people like yourself.

Why do you follow me?

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I had my problems with EO and TH (Mainly the fact that neither would admit they were dating to and the fact that they did the are they or aren't they to create fake hype for ISTL) but may god after Hiddleswift I'd take EO any day of the week. While EO does the are they or aren't they with all her costars (Which is annoying) she never veers into classless behavior like TS does. EO doesn't insinuation shit about her exes simply to keep her name in the press.

that’s a few examples of maturity, yeah.

Quick add on for the education post as a submition because the ask box is too small.

You do actually have to pay to go to nursery (it is not therefore legally required to attend), but if your income is low enough like my family’s was, you can apply for a grant to cover some of the cost.

Usually, if you fail (so get a D grade/whatever the hell that is under the new number system) or below in GCSE Maths and maybe English (two types, English Literature and English Language), while you will still leave secondary shool, you will still be required to take the exams again until you pass, and will be given support through the college to do so. You can still retake some GCSE exams even while you do your A-levels, as while you may have passed with a C, some universities ask for at least a B in Maths for some courses (I know Psychology does). With A-levels, the ones you study do not necessarily have to be related to your university course, but some unis require it and good luck writing your Personal Statement for UCAS without anything relevant. UCAS is another beast entirely though.

Under the current system, A-level courses are studied for two years. At the end of the first year after exams, two things happen. You either drop the subject, and walk away with a Grade _  AS award in the thing OR you take the subject to the second year where you do both your first year exams again plus second year exams.and essentially pretend that those other first year exams never happened and your grade in those does not matter. BE AWARE when researching this as the specification/system have completely changed recently.

There are two options besides A-levels after secondary school: BTECs and Apprenticeships.

BTEC - Go to college to do a BTEC (assessed with practicals and projects throughout the year rather than written exams at the end of the year) which used to be thought as less than A-levels, but are increasingly more accepted by Unis. BTECs are graded Fail-Pass-Merit-Distinction-Distinction*, and some are equivalent to ¾ A-levels depending on the exact course.

Apprenticeships - don’t know as much about but is essentially training on the job (possibly with a job offer at the end, depending on the company and how well you do) ending in a qualification relevant to the thing you’re doing. You do get paid for it, but the minimum wage is £3.40 per hour, which is piss poor tbh. Usually goes through a college as well for the qualification part.

Going to Uni post-college is pretty pushed, even in my low-income low-attainment area.

Also, a friend of mine did skip Year 5 (so she finished year 4 and started year 6 a few months later) though this was because she was incredibly intelligent and close enough to the birthday cut off point at the beginning of September. Rare, but it happens.

This is all way more in depth than I was expecting to wrtie.

Anything about the actual process of applying to Uni through UCAS and Student Finance or whatnot, let me know because I am currently reliving the tedium for a second year.

TLDR: Grades are weird and it is possible to skip a year, but it’s rare.

THANK YOU TO @curiositykilledthelanyon FOR EXPLAINING IT IN MORE DETAIL! Man we are confusing lmao

a parable:

there is a tree watered with
the steady flow of tears from all
who have been moved, inspired, heartbroken
while here. these tears flow into a
river, a hose, a watering can irrigating 
the oldest tree in the world. 

there is a tree which grows
only when watered by people
who decide to make a change here.
it grows and grows as these gardeners
take their passions and continue to take care of 
the oldest tree in the world. 

there is a tree which from time to time
may extend an arm, an offering, an olive branch.
this branch seems to say, be at peace:
you can only offer what you can offer.
be satisfied, it seems to say, remember, i’m
the oldest tree in the world. 

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Heya. I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 a couple months ago and I was put on Abilify (for psychosis), Lamictal (controlling mania), and Lexapro (controlling depression). However, I just got out of a pretty severely manic episode and it's now time for me to reconsider my medication. My depressions are severe and last much longer than my manias. I'm rapid cycling, and I do have psychosis while in my severest depressions and manias. My question is: do you have any suggestions for changing meds?

Hi anon! I took both Lamictal and Lexapro (though I’m still on Lexapro but mostly for anxiety), so I may be able to help. First of all, I recommend you get on an anti-psychotic for your psychosis. I got on Abilify, and found that I didn’t need the Lamictal anymore, because the Abilify doubles as a mood stabilizer. I’d recommend you add an anti-psychotic, and maybe a stronger anti-depressant. I currently take Trazadone, Lexapro, and Abilify to help with my schizoaffective disorder. I hope this helps!

- mod Sunny (formerly mod Kye)