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Does a tiny sea creature hold the key to heart regeneration?

When Mark Martindale decided to trace the evolutionary origin of muscle cells, like the ones that form our hearts, he looked in an unlikely place: the genes of animals without hearts or muscles.

In a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the University of Florida scientist and colleagues found genes known to form hearts cells in humans and other animals in the gut of a muscle-less and heartless sea anemone. But the sea anemone isn’t just any sea creature. It has superpower-like abilities: Cut it into many pieces and each piece will regenerate into a new animal.

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Why Dany is not a villain

A hero is a villain to someone

I’ve been thinking a lot about the arguments that people use to support villain Dany theories and thinking why this argument always got under my skin and it suddenly struck me. Yes, this line stands true. We know in part, roles such as villains and heroes aren’t ubiquitous in some ways. Tyrion is considered a villain by the smallfolk and the Starks and while we know that he is no villain, most other people do not. The people within the text may not truly know who is the hero of the tale and who is not but the audience certainly will. We have a greater perspective than all the characters put together and therefore we know completely and absolutely who are the heroes. It’s very clear from the text who are the heroes. We know the Starks are heroes. We know that Tyrion if not one already will be a hero just as we know that Cersei, despite her history is not. Why, therefore, do we play obtuse when dealing with Dany’s character?

More so, does being a villain to a group of people therefore then make you a villain? You could easily argue that Sansa is a villain from this basis since she’s believed to have murdered Joffrey. She’s certainly a villain to Cersei at the very least but does this basis, therefore, transform her into a villain? No, we know that to be wrong because we know Sansa to be both kind and good. This is similar to Dany who we know to have a strong love for both justice and humanity, to the point that she pushed back her plans for a Westeros conquest in order to end the slavery within the different areas of Slavers Bay. Yes, Dany may be considered a villain to a wide range of people but considering that these people happily use slavery, are depicted as sexist, greedy and so on, should we even begin to consider this idea that Dany is somehow a villain for this.

Even more importantly and separate from this point, how does Dany becoming a villain even fit or belong to the narrative. What point does GRRM make with doing that to her? I know many people cite the fact that it offers shock value and that the series does not rely on tropes and therefore, makes sense. But, all the shocking moments we have seen were done for a reason. The Red Wedding and Ned’s death weren’t just depicted for shock value but to allow Arya and Bran and Jon and Sansa to take center stage and to lead the change that their predecessors had been so focused on achieving. Ned’s death itself is beyond tropey, we’ve seen it in Harry Potter and Kingsman and other huge series and narratives. The death of a mentor or parent is a massive aspect of many stories. Dany turning into a villain makes no narrative sense. What important message does it give if Dany is turned into a villain? 

So much of his series is based on human perseverance and hope and doing good despite how difficult it is. Being good is hard. Having power and not falling into the same pit as Cersei and other villains we have seen, not allowing that power to corrupt is even more difficult.It is some of these themes that are so central to Dany’s character. What purpose would it, therefore, serve to make Dany a villain?

In addition, all the villains we have seen have been very flat and clearly evil, even Cersei is very clearly a villain. GRRM does not do gray with his major villains. We don’t even have the POV of most of the antagonists and yet we have been with Dany from the beginning. We’ve seen her character grow from a scared little girl to the Mother of Dragons and queen. Seen her grapple with morality and her idea of home and her identity. Seen her, very overtly separate herself from the Valyrians, her ancestors, use of slavery and continuously rejects Viserys way of ruling and dealing. Let’s not even begin to discuss how Dany is likely the figure within these prophecies and how she did the impossible and brought dragons back (which if you’re wondering is a very heroesque type of thing to do) or how the narrative continuously frames her as a hero.

If you still don’t believe me on this then how about on a practical level? The story is drawing closer to the battle against the Others in which it has been shown that Dany will play a part.

That night she dreamt that she was Rhaegar, riding to the Trident. But she was mounted on a dragon, not a horse. When she saw the Usurper’s rebel host across the river they were armored all in ice, but she bathed them in dragonfire and they melted away like dew and turned the Trident into a torrent.

 It was a futile thought. He might as well wish for another thousand men, and maybe a dragon or three.

The story is moving away from the political war and onto the supernatural one in which Dany will establish herself fully as a hero and save the word. 

Now, this isn’t to say that Dany hasn’t done a great many things that are both villainous or wrong or even that she doesn’t walk closer to the edge of darkness in comparison to our other heroes. Dany has and likely will do some more things that will be wrong but this in no way means that she will be a villain or that she should even be considered one

So like

When I was younger (before I watched Wonder Woman) I always thought I loved Chris Pine because he’s just freaking gorgeous and glorious.

But I’ve been rewatching a bunch of his movies, and I’ve realized that, while he is the best Chris in terms of physical appearance, he’s also the best actor I’ve ever seen.

In every scene, his face shows exactly what his character is thinking. His body language is spot on. There was a reason he broke my heart in Wonder Woman, and it wasn’t because of his pretty face.

He may be beautiful, but this man can act. For real.

Drunk Texting (2)

AN: if you think I’m going to write multiple drabbles about my beloved brotp while still mixing my otp in it just so y'all may eventually fall in love with my brotp too…you damn right.


“You know, its not bad. Nothing to be embarrassed about…” Ino said sincerely. “However, I do we’ve reached like the peak in our friendship now.” She lifted her hand above her head.

Sasuke crossed his arms. Never had he had a woman so close to his “junk” before…for no reason other to just look. How did she even talk him into this? “Are you finished?”

Ino lifted a finger, still examining him. “I’m not ever gonna see the real show, so I might as well enjoy the opening act.”

He squinted his eyes. “What?”

Turquoise eyes lifted from his…private spaces to his eyes. “I’m going to talk to Hinata for you.” The blonde gasped. “Did it really use twitch on the mere sound of her name?”

“What? No.” He looked down. The betrayal.

“Hinata. Hinata. Hinata. Hina-”

“You’re done.” He turned away quickly, pulling up his pants. Ino grinned seeing her friend’s ears an interesting shade of pink.

“The caveman has feelings. What an interesting day I’m having!” She clasped her hand. “Listen…despite everything… I think I may respect your wishes.”


“Hinata, you deserve a shot. I’m going to stay sober tonight just for you.”

Opal eyes lingered on the small glass filled to the brim in vodka. Sakura was already on her third shot. “Do it! Do it!”

Hinata bit her lip. Ino smiled, “You’re always there for us…you deserve to have fun.”

“R-right…” she mumbled, picking up the glass. “Just three. I’m only taking three…”

Seven shots and one and a half mixed drinks later. “I’m not - drunk.” She pointed.

Ino was holding Sakura’s hair back as she vomited in the toilet. Honestly, being Sober Mom was no fun. “Hinata, look in the mirror.”

The very drunk young woman stumbled towards the sink. Her makeup was ruined, her was an absolute mess and her mouth was full of fries that she didn’t remember ordering. “Hinata, do me a favor,” Ino called.

“Mm? Elmo-chan?” She answered.

Ino looked back in horror. Who? What? She shook her head. “Call Sasuke and tell him I’m going to need help.” She gave the woman her cellphone.

“Call Sauce, got it.”

Ino took a moment to realize maybe that wasn’t such a great idea but it’ll be great hearing about it in the morning.


Sasuke opened a water bottle from the fridge and noticed his phone was ringing. He picked it up, “What?”

“Hey Sauce-”

He immediately looked at the caller ID. It says Ino but that’s definitely not her voice. “Hyuuga…” he said slowly.

“Sauce, Elmo said that she needs, um, your help. Sakura…is drunk.”

“Are you?”

“Nope. Yup.”

Sasuke grabbed his keys and a jacket.

When he finally got there, dealing with a drunk Sakura was worst than dealing with drunk Ino. She was right up there with drunk Naruto.

“I got her, I got her,” Ino huffed, getting Sakura. “You go grab Hinata.”

“I - can’t.” He mumbled as she basically herded Sakura in the apartment. The Uchiha sighed and walked to the passenger seat.

“Hey,” she smiled, navy hair falling over her face. “I really didn’t mean to drink this much.” She reached out, rubbing his arm. “You forgive me?

He nodded, leaned against the car door. “You want to get out?”

She nodded. “But I cannot walk…” she swung her feet.

“I’m going to pick you up, okay?”

“Kay,” she lifted her arms and opened her legs.

“Not - like that.” He kept his eyes open, damn near at the sky. He was not about to charged with shit! He moved her to the side a bit, before sliding his hand under her knee and bringing the woman to his chest. Somehow, he got her out and closed the door.

She was just smiling, “Ne, Sauce?”

“Yes.” He answered.

“If you really were a Sauce…I think it’ll be hot sauce. Spicy sauce.”

He looked down at her. Wow. If she remembers this in the morning, that’s really gonna haunt her. Still grinning, she looked up at him. “I really do like hot sauce too.”

“You should stop…” he tried. He was carrying her to his room when Ino grabbed the back of his shirt.

“What the hell are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m sleeping in the damn living room,” he snapped. “I’m not sick.”

“Making sure,” she patted his back, smoothing out the wrinkle. “Just making sure.”

He placed her on his bed and pulled off her shoes. “Sauce,” she asked, as he put a trash can by the bed. “You do have a nice penis.”

He choked on his spit. “What did she say?” Ino hurried in asking. “She said what?”

Hinata smiled. “Elmo-chan, my best friend…” she covered herself with a blanket. “Goodnight to the four of you guys.”

Sasuke glanced over. Ino took a deep breath, “Maybe she won’t remember?”



Hinata walked out of…Sasuke’s room. It took her a minute to remember he brought her in here. It was in that moment everything came rushing back.

Both Ino and Sasuke were sitting at the kitchen table. Sasuke was reading the news paper and Ino was reading a National Geographic magazine. Was this a normal Saturday in this house?

“You’re awake,” Ino smiled. “And you don’t even have a hangover. That’s amazing.”


She looked at Sasuke. “I…” Ino walked over to her and pushed her towards the table, claiming they had much to discuss and that she should check on Sakura. “I…said things last night.”

“Its has happened,” he said.

She cleared her throat. “…the sauce thing–”

“Forgotten,” he nodded.

Her face felt like it would explode. Honestly, she did like something about the Uchiha. She really did…but it was innocent, or so she thought…because-

“It’s all forgotten,” he said.

“No, no,” she said. “I don’t think it should be.”

He stared at her for a while. She was still in her old clothes, hair and makeup still a mess and she was wrapped in his blanket. He put his news paper down. “Alright then,” he decided.

She finally averted her eyes. All the confidence she mustered up had withered away. “…alright.”

Day 28: Major Figures & Important Players

While we’ve been talking about people in general in your world, there may already be a few individuals who you want to focus in on, whether they’re a protagonist or antagonist to a story, an important political player, or someone who just has a lot going on with them in the world, which may impact the world directly or who gives your world a lens to look at it through.

Today, dig into those people, consider their place in the world and talk about what roles they play and their importance.

They’re of course products of their surroundings, from upbringing to current circumstances. They may have some dynamics in their life which have been determined long before their birth such as feelings about their race by the rest of the world, or just who their parents were.

Rev up those biographies and GET BUILDING!

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Oh my. I've never noticed the age difference in real Easy Co. (I'm talking about that gifset you reblogged). It says that Liebgott was born in 1915, Winters and Nixon were born in 1918. He was older. I always assumed that officers were older for some reason. It's funny when you think of fanfics. We put Webgott in really close age range. In reality age difference between Web and Joe was almost 10 years. Web was in his early twenties and Joe was almost 30 on D-day.

I assume they casted guys without really focusing on their age and age of real soldiers (thank god because all of roles were perfect) with the thought “he has to survive boot camp” in mind. It’s just kinda funny because Eion and Ross played characters with significant age difference while being same age XD Sorry for ranting your ear off.

Let’s look at some numbers here! 

Lieb was born on May 17, 1915, while Web was born June 2, 1922. That’s a seven year age gap – which, yeah, was pretty substantial! Lieb was actually called one of the “old men” of the company due to his age. So was Frank Perconte, who was born in 1917.

Winters and Nixon were both born in 1918. So was Welsh! Lipton and Speirs were both born in 1920. George Luz was born in 1921, while Joe Toye was born in 1919. Babe and Bill were born in the exact same year, 1923 – not even a month apart (funny, because I always think of Bill as being older than Babe, but he hardly was!) Eugene Roe was born in 1922, and Buck Compton was the youngest of the officers, born in 1921.

So Liebgott was the oldest of everyone, funnily enough!

I think out of everyone portrayed in the series Alex Penkala might have been the youngest??? He was born August 30, 1924, meaning when he dropped on D-Day he wouldn’t have even been 20 yet!

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Oh I just wanted to send asks and get a response really. So what did they tell you about me? Apparently they have been getting my asks and they chose to ignore me because I wanted pinkie to be focused on and appreciated once in a while.

ohh so you’re the guy who’s always complaining about how we all hate pinkie pie and makes threats to my friends, what a completely turn of events!

listen my tiny teeny sweet holy potato child, you wanna know the reason why we keep ignoring you and taking you for a creep? because you keep harassing and threatening people just because they “hate” a pastel coloured horse! yay, way to go and try to make friends, amirite? but, lemme make a suggestion here, to improve your archaic methods, may I?

🌈Stop being a creep and making death threats to my friends you weirdo.🌈

🌈And also McFucking chill with the ponies because no goddamn fictional pastel horse is worth a human live🌈

now consider your manners and your life choices or get out of my friend’s blogs and mine, you bread-face.

See ya in I hope better circumstances

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May I ask how the 2ps would react to while walking on the street, a random dildo that someone accidentally threw hits them untie face and starts to vibrate?

Yay free toy!!! – 2p Germany, 2p Japan, 2p America, 2p China

/raptor screeches/ GET IT OFF GET IT OFF – 2p Italy, 2p Romano, 2p Prussia, 2p England

Just when I thought I was going to have a /normal/ day. – 2p Spain, 2p England, 2p France, 2p Russia, 2p Canada

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Hey babes - I made a question a while ago but I suppose Tumblr ate it :/ anyway !! Do you know any fics where Zayn is too beautiful and liam can't take his eyes off him ?? Or like Li is reeeeally attracted to Zayn ?? Thanks XX ❤️

sorry for the wait babe <3

set your life on fire

these fading scars

it’s my right to be hellish, I still get jealous

This Time

we may fall (but we get up again)

Someone To Keep The Rain Away

Wolves and thieves (wip)

these are mpreg just warning ya :D

‘Cause youre having my baby

Is it too much to ask for something great

Any other way

The kids are fine

one that’s beautiful as you are sweet

Tickling - Kentin x Candy

Requested by @brendinhascuti

Moments where a complete sense of calm rest over you are rare. It’s near impossible to actually find or create one of these moments on purpose. Rather, you need to wait for the moment to come to you. Some may find this rather inconvenient, and for a while Kentin agreed. Why would you want to have to wait for something as nice as comfort to appear? What’s the point of it if you can’t bring it into action when you most needed it?

At least that’s how Kentin felt before comfort found it’s way into his life on a regular basis. Turns out all that he needed was somebody in his life who he felt that he could be his entire self around. Someone who knew who he was and who wasn’t ashamed of who he had been. Once he found that person, every moment alone with them was pure bliss-filled comfort. Even the moments when they weren’t alone were far better than they had used to be. Kentin was ridiculously thankful to have found that person. He was ridiculously thankful to have found Candy.

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May I request some with Nyx? I'll let you be creative with it unless you would prefer me to actually come up with it.

10 more minutes to go.

Nyx was standing there staring up at the clock. In 10 minutes he was free to go and he could finally see you.

“Staring at the clock won’t make it go any faster, Nyx.” He turned around to see Crowe looking at him. He laughed softly under his breath and cast another glance to the clock.

“I know, it’s just… It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and I’m excited.” He admitted, smiling. Just the thought of you made him happy.

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whats the fancafe and where can i find it???


Anonymous said: hello! do you or know anyone who has a gif of jin saying ‘hey, stop it’? i kind of need it.

i don’t, sorry :-( you may want to look in other gif makers’ archive, especially jin biased gif makers, to see if they gif anything the day they did that live broadcast

Anonymous said: rinnnn ♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️ not just joon but all of them listen carefully to each other while speaking english uhhhhhgggg ur gifset showed it well!!!! i love it!!

i wish i have someone to look at me like that when i speak in a foreign language 😭


i ship taekook in most occasions and TAEKOOK when they do something that makes my heart leap 1000 rounds around the world


This is so random but to be honest I can’t wait to get settled down with my future husband. I don’t know why am I thinking about this right now but seriously, I just can’t wait for that to happen. Yung gigising ako ng umaga and cook breakfast for him habang suot suot yung big shirt niya, prepare his clothes for work, go to the grocery together, sing along with our favorites songs while driving, go to the beach on weekends, play video games, make love all night (haha) and alot more! Gosh, I think I’ll be the best wife my future husband will ever have. Yay! Ang sarap mag imagine kapag ganitong maulan eh. Saka nakakatuwa din kapag may nakikita akong married couple na nagtatawagan ng “Ma, Pa”, “Daddy, Mommy”, “Honey” or “Hubby, Wifey” haha ang cu cute nila sobra. HAYS….

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Can I have a 2p Canada trying to learn how to dance to impress his s/o?

It would take him a while to get used to it, no matter what kind of dancing he’s trying to learn. He may almost give up at some points but he’ll just keep on going back to it. When he does learn, he’ll still be a bit stiff when dancing with his s/o. He tries tho you gotta give him that.

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May I ask: When did you discover you were ace/aro? Did you have a hard time accepting it? Because I'm struggling a bit right now... I knew I was ace for a pretty long time now but I've only noticed I was aro a few weeks ago. I don't really know how to feel about that cause i do like the idea of a romantic relationship but just don't feel any romantic attraction...

I did have trouble coming to grips with the labels for a while. Knowing you aren’t the default and people are going to treat you differently (and usually worse) because it is tough. It’s tough for most people learning to accept themselves. For a couple years there were days when I thought maybe I’m not ace or aro. Maybe I’m faking it. But the truth is, if you think the label works for you, you get to take it. The power is in your hands. If you decide something else works better or changes down the line, that fine too. Your true friends will still be there for you. 

I’ve known some aro’s in relationships that were really happy. It’s different for everyone. 


This is a drabble based on a dream I had.

This is SFW, and it contains admission of feelings and a kiss.

**This can work for either a female, a male or transgender person. It is not in ‘reader’ or ‘you’ format but you may read it as such. You can change my name, 'Nat’ to your own, no matter of sex or gender, if you want to read it like that.**

SFW - (Safe for work) Suitable for under 18s, just a little bit of romance.

Crowley/OC (Hunter)

Words: 1,278


*Well, it’s now or never* I thought to myself as Crowley talked to the Boys. We were in a diner car park next to the Impala. I was a 30 year old hunter who was tagging along with Sam and Dean for a while, they were letting me stay in my own room in the bunker to save me money on motels.

*Actually no, he won’t be interested. He’s the King of Hell for a start, probably has some gorgeous demon Queen or King warming the bed for him right now* I chickened out, trying to think of something else.

It had been a few years now that I’d known Crowley. I was indifferent to him at first but then there were those nights where he would drop in to see the Boys where we had all drinked and talked, but it had always seemed so formal when Crowley was there, maybe because he insisted on wearing suit everywhere like the world was a business meeting. I suppose in a way, for him, it was.

I zoned back into the conversation between Sam and Crowley.

“Well, it’s up to you, Moose, take it or leave it”

Sam looked at Crowley, “We’ll let you know okay?”

“Hey I’m starving, let’s go grab a bite to eat before we go,” Dean said to the both of us.

“I just have something I would like to discuss with Nat, if it’s alright with you?” Crowley was not asking for permission but did so mockingly.

“No. Do you think for a second we’re leaving her alone with you? For you to zap who knows where to use her as a hostage? Not happening. Come on, Nat, get inside,” Dean angrily stated to Crowley.

“I wouldn’t dream of it. Just 5 minutes, that’s all I need,” Crowley rolled his eyes and answered.

“I’ll be fine Dean, but thank you,” I reassured him.

“What do YOU want with HER anyway?” Sam crossed his arms.

“Well, we’ll be watching out of the window, so no funny stuff!” Dean growled, “C'mon Sam”

My pulse raised a little. What could Crowley possibly want to talk to me about? Was he proposing a deal? I couldn’t sell my soul and wasn’t about to! Did he know that I liked him? Had he picked up on that? No, he can’t have, and even if he had, he will have laughed on the spot surely? I’m not a stunningly beautiful supermodel or anything and surely a King, a demonic King of Hell at that, would only be interested in those types of people? My thoughts raced.

Crowley waited until Sam and Dean had gone into the diner, they sat at a window table and Crowley and I were under their watchful eye. They did start to chat for a bit, but they were always wary of what was going on in the car park, they had one eye on their menus and one eye on Crowley and I.

Crowley smiled. “Well now, you look particularly stressed. Is there anything on your mind, Love?”
I looked at him, unable to meet his eye because he was so close to me and I could smell his expensive cologne on his neck. I was slightly embarrassed to be in this situation. I wondered what he wanted.

“Um, no, just hungry I guess, I wondered what you wanted me for?” I asked him.

Crowley smirked and chuckled, got even closer, and whispered in my ear. This got me all flustered. This had not gone unnoticed by Dean in the diner window seat.

**Inside the diner**

“I swear, I’ll kill him if he hurts her,” He lowered his voice to Sam so as to not alarm other diner patrons, “What’s he doing anyway?”

Sam tried to calm Dean down, “I’m sure he’s just talking shit about us to her, trying to get her to leave us, as a strategic move to split a group of hunters up. He’ll say something, scare her, she’ll come bursting in here saying she hates him, and that’s that, just let’s keep an eye on her, she’s fine,” Sam answered.

“Yeah….talking shit about us, like he did to Kevin, well, if he lays a finger on her, he’s getting the angel blade treatment” Dean growled but at a low volume. “I swear that guy thinks he’s a vamp sometimes, how close he gets to people’s necks to whisper into their ears, you’d think he was about to go for the jugular or somethin’,”

Sam chuckled at the suggestion. “Crowley, with…fangs? Give me a break Dean.”

**Back in the diner car park**

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as Crowley whispered into my ear.

“Love…pet….I think there is something on your mind.” He purred.

“Oh I’ve got a lot on my mind…hunts, fellow hunters, the law, how I’m going to afford my next motel, food, luckily the Boys have been looking after me for a while.” I answered. My heartbeat was still racing, my hairs still standing on end on the back of my neck.

Still whispering into my ear, he lowered his voice a few octaves, “I think SOMEBODY has something they wish to say,”

I was still too embarrassed.

“Fine, don’t tell me, then. I will ignore the fact that, with my heightened demon senses, I know your pulse is quicker, that your hair stands up on end, and that I can almost sense what you’re trying to tell me.” He purred in his signature tone, “You have quite the thing for me don’t you, Darling?”

He stepped away from my ear. This was it, now, he wouldn’t want to ever go near me again. I sighed. “Sorry Crowley, I can’t help myself, you’re suave and sophisticated, handsome….you didn’t catch my eye when I first met you but the more time I’ve spent with you, hot damn!” You bravely stated.

Crowley took in what you had just said, he already had guessed all this.

“But…I know. I’m not only a human, but I’m a hunter. You probably hate me for that. I’m not exactly supermodel material either. I must not be what you’re used to. Please, just go, I’m embarrassed enough,” I looked at the floor and sighed.

He came back over and looked at Sam and Dean, they were busy ordering their meals from the waitress. He used this brief window of opportunity to embrace me quickly and whisper in my ear, “Darling, you are beautiful, and you are gorgeous. I am deeply flattered that YOU would think of me in this way. Thank you, for showing this old demon that there IS hope for me to be loved”

He saw that the boys were still engrossed in their ordering and looking at a text that Dean had received from a fellow hunter.

“May I?” Crowley asked. I nodded.

Crowley pulled you into a kiss, and you let him. It was brief, fun and breathtaking.

After it was over, he looked at me with his emerald eyes, a look of admiration and pride in them.

“I’ll see YOU later, my sweet,” He spoke before all-to-soon teleporting away.

I lingered in the car park for a while, smiling, unable to process what had just happened, knowing it had not been one of his tricks.

You walked into the diner, smiling, like you were a youngster back from their first date. You sat on the diner booth chair next to Sam.

Dean shook his head, “Yeah, we just saw that. Care to explain?”

Sam looked at you trying to contain his amusement.

Oh boy, where were you going to start with explaining this one?

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(To be continued)