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Imagine the Avengers threatening you, Wanda’s girlfriend because you aren’t human and her getting angry with them


“What do you mean by you aren’t human?” Tony questions with a raised brow.
“Exactly what I meant Mr. Stark. I am not human, just like I am not alive nor dead I’m just in between.” you explain.
“Still not following.” Tony says while taking a sip of his drink.
“I am a vampire. I died yet I have a heartbeat.”
“Is this a joke?” Tony says turning to face Wanda who simply gives him a neverous smile and shake her head side to side.
“Your kidding right?” Tony stands uo from his seat facing the team, “Vampires aren’t real they are just made up stories that parents tell their young ones to spook them.” Natasha says.
“Then explain my red eyes?” you say.
“Contacts.” Sam says with a strug.
“Fangs?” you open up your mouth and they watch as millions of tiny razer sharp teeth cover over your regular teeth.
“Neat party trick.” Clint says.
“Then explain this-” speeding over to Bucky they watched as you bit into your wrist drawing blood before shoving it into Bucky’s mouth making him swallow it before you snapped his neck.
Jumping away from Bucky body and you Sam eyes widen while the rest of the team brought out their weapons, “What the hell lady!”
“Wait for it.” you say while standing beside him, suddenly Bucky shot up eyes wide with panic facing you, “How am I alive?” Bucky askes, “You just snapped my neck!”
“Vampire blood in your system. If I wanted you dead I would have ejected my venom into you killing you before it took over you and turned you into a vampire.” you explained.
Clint realized a arrow your way which you could have easily stopped instead Wanda put up a shield in front od you blocking the arrow from hitting you.
“Stop it!” she yelled out, “You do not get to kill my girlfriend!”
“Wanda she just snapped bucky’s neck, she’s dangerous.” Steve tried to explain.
“Yeah and I killed innocent people, does that make me dangerous too?!” Wanda roared out at Steve.
“Wanda that wasn’t your fault.” Steve softly says taking a step towards Wanda which she followed by taking a step back.
“And (Y/n) was just trying to prove a point! So what if she’s dangerous Steve, I have powers what does that make me? Or Bruce for that matter! He turns into a raging monster who could destroy a whole country! What about Bucky who had killed people, millions of people! What does that make us?”
“If I may speak, that makes you all as dangerous as me.” you say while relaxing down on the same couch Wanda and you sat on when you first stepped into the living room.

hey, wheeler (mike wheeler x reader)

@beth0725 : ““Don’t touch me” with Mike Wheeler :))”

Believe me, this was not where you wanted to be. You had pleaded and pleaded with you science teacher to just let you go alone on this project like you usually did. But nope. He decided to pair you with one of the absolute nerds of the class.

Mike Wheeler.

Let’s just say, you two didn’t get along very well.

Flashback to 1st grade where you wanted to play with the firetruck, but noooo he just had to push you out of the way. This lead to a huge fight behind the bike sheds between the two of you and getting sent to the principals office.

Yeah, he’d despised you ever since.

You sighed as you made your way up the path to the Wheeler’s house. You internally groaned as you rang the doorbell, hoping the lord above that he wouldn’t answer. That nobody would answer. But nope, your prayers were not answered.

Nancy opened the door and smiled at you questioningly.

“Are you… here for Mike?” She asked, a smirk evident on her face and in her voice.

You gritted your teeth and let out a choked “yeah.”

She laughed and ,et you in, saying something about him being in the basement and winking at you. This was not what you needed right now.

You made your way through the corridor and down the narrow steps to the basement, slowly going down. As you got to the last step you saw a mound of messy black hair near the table, playing with some kind of figurines.

“Hey, Wheeler.” You said bluntly.

He looked up instantly rolled his eyes once he saw you. “Ugh, you’re here?”

“Yeah, I kinda wanna get this project done?” You replied, annoyed that he was already attacking you.

He muttered a quick “I could’ve just done it myself..” under his breath before patting the seat next to him.

You walked over and slung your bag on the ground, perching next to him on the seat.

“What’re you doing anyways?” You asked, nodding towards the figures in his hands.

He looked up at you and raised his eyebrow. “You really wanna know?”

You nodded and crossed your arms, waiting for him to begin. Sighing, he began his in depth explanation on D&D, eyes sparkling as you talked about the game he loved. In this moment, you may even admit that he looked kinda cute. Just not out loud of course.

“And this figure- oh sorry, I’m rambling. Gosh, you must be bored.” He stopped suddenly and smiled at you apologetically.

You blushed lightly at his smile and looked towards the floor. “Nah, I wasn’t bored. It was interesting. But we should probably begin the project though.”

“Yeah, good idea.”

As you two talked more and more, the Wheeler boy was beginning to grow on you. And he didn’t really despise your presence anymore either. If anything, all you cou,d think about while you were with him talking about the efficiency of electricity, was the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach.

Shifting in your seat, your leg accidently brushed against his, and you being you decided to make a big deal about it.

“Hey, don’t touch me, Wheeler!” You teased, jokingly.

A blush settled itself on his freckled cheeks as he looked at you, eyebrows furrowed.

“It wasn’t me! You did it!” He laughed as you two began to poke and shove each other.

Honestly, this was the most fun you’d had in ages. But all good things have to end. Checking your watch, you gaped at the time.

“Hey, Wheeler. I’d better go, my mum’s gonna flip!” You exclaimed, rushing to chuck your bag on and running over to the stairs.

You didn’t catch the disappointment on his face as he stood up to say goodbye. “Oh, okay. I’ll, um, walk you to the door.”

As he walked you to the door, he though about just how much fun he had had with you. Is this what he’d been missing out on these past few years?

You both arrived at the door and instead of the awkward farewell he had expected, you pulled him into a soft hug before pulling away and smiling at him.

“I had fun tonight, Wheeler. How you don’t hate me anymore?”

He grinned back and stated “nope, still sworn enemies.”

You laughed at him and punched his arm jokingly. “See ya, Mike.”

“Y-yeah, see you Y/N.” he replied as he watched you walk off down the street.

He closed the door with a smile that night, smirking to himself.

You called him Mike.

Battlefront II Campaign Spoilers

But DAMN. That was So GOOD. 

So have a couple highlights.

- Luke Skywalker is a precious boy who wants to help/save everyone so WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, BOI.
- He also discovers a compass in the campaign mode, it’s the only thing he takes from Palpy’s observatory and MSW had a rumor awhile back about a compass, so… I think we can say that is confirmed.  Pillio literally calls him there for this compass, so it may actually have a purpose. 
- Leia fighting wars and taking imperial names while several months pregnant.  GIRL TAKE A BREAK. 
- Leia also still wearing a bodysuit 6 months pregnant (They hide her stomach during this time period, but girl, props to you. 
- Han.  Stop being a dick.  I know you care about Chewie but stop ignoring your wife.  
- Han: You can’t get rid of me that easily Fetus Ben: I’ll take you up on that in about 29 years. 
-  Lando is just the best character to play IMO.  
-  Kylo with how reading people’s minds works is cool, obviously, this could just be for gameplay sake, but I like the idea of him actually witnesses first hand what you went through.
- Kylo saying that Meeko’s love for his wife and daughter is what made him a traitor.   Continuing to ramble about how love makes you weak, etc etc, Give me more of this please.   Yeah Kylo, keep saying that until you really believe it. 
- I don’t think the Versio’s would be Rey’s parents saying that Rey is hella white, and they wouldn’t reveal that in the game, but I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY ARE TRYING TO mAKE YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE.  I’m SICK of this Lucasfilm.  

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I'm really curious, what was ur last picture inspired by (the one with a hare, two hearts and three swords)? It's so cool x

(fyi we’re talking about this piece)

Hey you! Hmm, I’m not sure, the idea kinda just appeared from my subconscious mind while doodling. Not to dive in too deep but lately I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what’s a healthy/morally satisfying balance between protecting other people and taking care of myself - maybe those thoughts have something to do with the illustration? As you said, there’s two hearts in the picture, so perhaps the hare is trying to protect not only its own but somebody else’s heart as well.

Also I like to think of bunnies as a symbol for “surviving against all odds.” It may be silly to see a defenseless hare as a protector, but considering how successfully their species live on on this planet where a ton of other animals struggle at the verge of extinction, they clearly know how to survive. Even though they have a ton of enemies.

…also this song. Also the 8 cups of coffee I drank while sketching out that drawing in the middle of the night. :P

Thanks for asking by the way, the fact you’re curious about my stuff means a lot to me! And hey if any of you came up with a different meaning for the illustration, I’d love to hear about it. No pressure, I’m just curious. :D

A few thoughts on "This is What We Do"

As with the 100th and 150th episodes, this was a really strong team episode that showed the agents inside and outside the office.  There was a personal aspect to this episode with Kensi but there was to Callen in the 100th.  All and all, a really strong hour.

Callen and Sam have switched places from the first time we saw them in their own show.  Callen is the more stable of the two, Sam at a rough place in his life.  Michelle’s murder is still the worst storytelling decision they ever made but, unlike Dom’s death, has had serious repercussions this season.  

While Sam may not be on the top of his game personally – he asked for a hamburger – he’s still a pro’s pro in the field.  

Mosley just got a lot more interesting.  WITSEC?  Parental abduction?  I’d like to know more.  And this was two episodes in a row where her character was the boss they needed her to be.

Kensi and Deeks.  I didn’t 100% buy Kensi’s zen “oh this doesn’t matter” nonsense in “Queen Pin” (and @teamrebecchi, Kensi’s line in that episode was a variation of the title – “I chose this job.  And I choose to be okay with it”).  Asakeem nearly took away her career, her future with Deeks and also could have badly injured Callen, Sam and Deeks.  "I don’t feel anything" is Kensi to the world when Asakeem is locked up.  She’s still angry and has every right to be.

Deeks’s mom is a bit free with the “secret agent” talk.  Please let Guy be a good guy.  Because if he’s not, that could be a big, big problem.  And since the Olympics are this February, and everyone on TV gets married in November, February or May (sweeps), I don’t think we’re getting a wedding for a while.

Did love Deeks’s conversation about the Jones sisters.  First, it got Kensi, Callen and Sam not talking about Kensi and Asakeem and second, it was hilarious.

Eric had no chance with the Jones sisters.  Whatever he did was going to be the wrong thing so he just plowed through and it worked.  The Count Chocula worked for him today.

I’m more and more interested in the Jones sisters.  Nell’s one sister has been dead for 12-years.  Sydney wanted her to know the world was hard for women but wanted her to know that when they were kids.  That happy family in the Christmas video call doesn’t seem all that happy all the time.

Harley remains awesome.

Loved Hetty’s last line.  Because it was true.

Really good episode.  

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imagine cole holding addy, i think i just combusted :) (just a thought that crossed my mind while i was minding my own business and got myself attacked)

Oh, anon. Cole with babies would absolutely destroy the fandom, but with Addy? It may just break Tumblr. 

Look, I think we’d all want that to happen. But at this point, I’m really tempering my expectations for Thanksgiving. And that’s pretty significant coming from someone who was convinced that Cole was gonna show up at the AMAs today. LOL. It could still happen, but I won’t be shocked or disappointed if it doesn’t. I just hope Cole spends the holiday with family/people who love him! (I’m really hoping for a Cole/Dylan sighting.)

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Hey I had a quick question and I wasn't sure who to ask because I am relatively low key witch and you are one of the few witch blogs I currently follow because I just love how informative your blog is. Anyways I am rambling, but do you have any advice when you feel a pull towards a typically "negative" deity and want to explore it? I am a cinnamon roll, why do I feel a pull towards a darker deity of the underworld?? Is is worth exploring, or should I ignore because of the negativity??

Awe, thank you sweet bean! 💞 From my experience gods reach out to whoever they want. While they may be an underworld god that doesn’t make them dark or negative or even a bad match up. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m a cinnamon roll(I am v soft) and yet Hel was still the first deity to reach out to me and I accepted her hand. She may be a bit strict at times but she’s been very kind and patient with my growth. I would give a shot. You never know what could happen!

GenderBent! Series- Jack

I got this request and honestly have no idea in what context this anon wanted GB!WDW in- but I was so hype so im just doing it bullet point style?? Honestly I’d be down to do more with these characters at some point in the future if that’s something ppl would be interested in though. Hope you like it, lovely anon!


The traits given to these boys’ female alter-egos are fictional and, while based on some general characteristic themes the boys may have- do not directly translate to legitimate traits the boys have or do not have in real life. This is for entertainment purposes only, and isn’t meant to be offensive or make commentary on their actual gender orientation- it’s just for fun 😊


  • Jacqueline Rebecca Avery
  • Doesn’t like the name Jacqueline AT ALL
  • Pretty much always goes by Jay or Avery
  • Will give you death glares if you use her full name
  • Honestly still a straight savage but amplified
  • Permed hair mimics something closer to an afro; grows more out than down
  • Is highkey good at makeup and only buys the top-quality stuff
  • Not big on lipsticks or blush but will leave you wishing you had her smokey eye
  • Is a VIB Rogue (premium member) at Sephora and will not hesitate to tell you
  • Will buy makeup based on the packaging, if it’s pink and shiny it’s not going in her basket
  • Badass on the outside but secretly a little peach on the inside
  • Will not let you see her peach side for a million dollars you gotta earn that
  • The girl you bring to dance clubs ONLY if you wanna get showed up
  • Moves like Jagger
  • Doesn’t really like skirts or dresses
  • But will bust a move in some $500 high-waisted mom jeans
  • Honestly still a Vans stan
  • Gets angry when the women’s section doesn’t have plain black shoes (or really plain black anything)
  • Thinks fake nails are the devil
  • But will not leave the house without her lashes on
  • Her idea of a workout is not doing the drive thru on her way to get In-N-Out
  • Is the girl who eats the greasiest food and has perfectly clear skin
  • Honestly not the girl to go for when you need relationship advice
  • Because she can’t hold commitment to save her life
  • But is the most understanding and least judgmental
  • Can go from everyday jokester and badass friend to a genuine and all-ears friend in 0.002435 seconds
  • Won’t admit it often but her family and friends are the most important thing in her life
  • Will often vocalize, however, her desire to integrate fully-fledged choreography routines into the band’s branding
  • Only wants the best for her bandmates
  • Doesn’t want a relationship or anything like that to jeopardize their career because they mean the world to her
  • Speaking of relationships
  • Honestly probably bi or pansexual
  • But doesn’t feel the need to label herself or anyone else
  • Calls Aunt Flo a Satanist because of “all the innocent blood she’s spilling”
  • Honestly has like 8-day periods and none of them are “chill” days
  • Caries more Advil than in her purse than should be legally allowed
  • Twitter page consists mainly of quotes she’s overheard from her bandmates, and memes that are only relevant if you are deeply invested in the obscure 90’s culture
  • People assume she does incredibly well on Instagram
  • She doesn’t
  • Mostly low-lighting photography of plants and shaky fancams of concerts she goes to
  • The occasional low-angle selfie that honestly still look better than your best high-angle selfie
  • Loves driving but only to have control over the music played in the car
  • Will pull-over if you put on the wrong song
  • Willing to drive anyone anywhere though honestly
  • Will pick up hitchhikers because she loves the stories they have to tell
  • Lowkey speeds but no one wants to bring it up because she’d go extra slow as revenge
  • At the end of the day a genuinely honest, loyal, and caring person though
  • Probably secretly has several pets at the WDW house but refuses to tell management
  • Bribed the other members not to tell but like
  • Management 100% knows
  • Honestly just a great person  

Legends Pet Headcanons

 - Mick has a gigantic ginger Mainecoone named Toast that he smuggled onto the ship. Jax once managed to get a video of Mick sleeping in his armchair with Toast curled up on his chest, her purring in perfect time with his snores. 

 - Ray coos over snakes and lizards the way most people coo at kittens. He also refused to allow Gideon to purge the family of bats that decided to roost in the ducts above the cargo bay. Surprisingly, Sara backed him up on that one, but that might have been simply because some of them were babies.

- Sara may be the biggest badass on the ship, but show her a baby animal and she will devolve into a babbling child and demand cuddles with it.

 - Nate was never allowed any kind of pet for fear that it might scratch him, but he loves dogs. Since getting his powers, while back in 2017 he worked as a dog-walker in his spare time and spent most of it just rolling around playing with the dogs.

 - Jax is a city boy, but when he was a kid, his school took him on a trip to a horse ranch and he got a short riding lesson. That summer, he begged his mother for more lessons, and he learned how to ride quite well on a gentle old mare named Mirabelle. He always went to his lessons with a pocketful of apple pieces that he gave to all the horses, but he always saved the biggest piece for Mirabelle. He was heartbroken when the ranch sold her, but to this day he will take apple pieces in his pocket whenever they enter a time period where they’ll be horse-riding.

- Stein got into bird-watching as a kid. He gave it up in favour of studying physics, but can still identify a great deal of north american bird species at a glance.

 - Occasionally, Axel escapes. Mick never worries though, knowing he’ll find him perched on Amaya’s shoulder or curled up in her pocket. According to Amaya, Axel is very polite for a rat. Amaya also very seriously brokered a truce between Axel and Toast; Axel flushes out any rodents that get into the pipes that Toast is too big for, in exchange for not being eaten himself. Ray finds their deal somewhat horrifying. Mick thinks Axel should have negotiated for a share of the food.

@asexual-fandom-queen I am very sorry to hear about your cat and I hope these pet headcanons help cheer you up a little.

theangelofsass  asked:

Out of curiosity, what's the harm in calling a metal puppet used for decimating masses of aliens a trap? I mean, it may resemble human anatomy, but it doesn't actually have a gender and it's just an object, so where's the harm so long as it's not used to describe an actual person? I mean no disrespect, I'm just curious why it's an issue.

First: the reason it is an issue is because the terms “Trap” and “shemale” are derogatory slurs for Trans lgbt members. “Trap” insinuates that straight Trans women are tricking men into sleeping with them. While the term “shemale” is just dehumanizing of Trans women who haven’t gotten bottom surgery. It’s a way of “other”ing Trans women. The same way calling a trans man a “cuntboy” is. Just Don’t.

And second of all: the warframes aren’t metal puppets. They have been proven to be very much alive and have their own personalities. Case in point, Stalker being a warframe with a mind of his own. So this is why refering to a female frame like Gara, or a male frame like Nezha, as “Traps” is really insulting.

I’ll Take Her Place (Chapter 5)

Summary:  AU. When Allura breaks the news that she is to wed Prince Lotor in order to continue the peaceful relationship between Altea and Daibazaal, Pidge knows that she has to do something to change that. And so, with a little help, she comes up with a new plan. A better plan

Pairings: Keith/Pidge (main) ; Shiro/Allura (minor), Hunk/Lance (minor) ; Lotor/Allura (one-sided)

Chapter 1 - Previous - Masterpost

Also posted on AO3 and fanfiction.net

Just a heads up, I work in retail and I’m now in The Week of Black Friday, which means the next chapter may be a little delayed while I try to survive work. (But not for long.)

Chapter 5

“I think I made things worse,” Keithir said the moment his mentor opened the door which joined their rooms together.

Thace sighed and stepped aside, letting the younger Galra enter. “Ulaz will be back soon. He was invited downstairs to see this castle’s cryo-pods. Apparently one of them is malfunctioning.” He watched as Keithir wordlessly padded over to the couch and sat half-curled against one side, legs pulled up close to his chest. Not for the first time, Thace was struck by just how young the prince was.

He joined him on the couch, near enough to let Keithir know he was there for him, but far enough that the prince had the space he preferred. “Do you want to wait for Ulaz?”

“No. We don’t have to.”

Thace settled back and waited.

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to hold us in the great hands of life

basically this started out being a drabble about terry’s talking about his kids, and then it devolved into terry narrating the entire peraltiago relationship. whoops. not proofread.

read on ao3

For all his height and taut muscles and “ass that just won’t quit” (as Gina likes to put it), Terry is rather soft and perhaps a little motherly, especially when it comes to his employees. Because in truth, over the past decade, he’s grown to know his detectives like the back of his hand, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

While Boyle may seem to be deceptively open about anything and everything that’s important to him, it’s the little things that Terry thinks he catches. When stressed, the small man grows colder much faster, and will raid the cardboard box (that Terry is sure housed a toaster-oven at one point) that serves as their lost-and-found for whatever outerwear he can find, tending toward choosing overly large and pea-colored argyle sweaters. And sometimes, Boyle will barrel into the bullpen a few minutes late, and the sergeant will know that based on his gait, he had to go to Nikolaj’s school, or maybe that his bus was late, or any myriad of other reasons. He even vividly remembers how Boyle and Peralta became friends, when the former decided that they’d be “besties” for life (which, if he recalls correctly, has to do with baked macaroni and cheese, the Mission Impossible franchise, and a foam ball).

Gina, though not technically his employee—being the captain’s civil administrative assistant, after all—is basically one of his employees, considering. As much as she tries to act other-worldly and eccentric at all times, he knows her lunch order at her favorite bodega on the corner that he swings by when she’s pregnant and complaining about the food she brought and doesn’t want to move because she’s carrying another human in her body, dammit. Terry knows that she grew up with Peralta and she regards him as a brother-figure in a way that Boyle is not (no matter how much he tries), and that she has memorized his social security number for him just in case of emergency.

Even the hot-tempered Diaz, who uses almost every ounce of her being to keep her private life private, Terry is well aware not only of her past as a Catholic ballerina, but also of the way she likes her coffee (not her standard dark roast that she’ll let someone get her—no, the frivolous drink she pretends she doesn’t love: a strawberry “cherry blossom” frappuccino with a mountain of whipped cream) and how the way she scratches her thumb when she’s a nervous sort of worried, especially when it comes to non-work related matters (such as the moments after Pimento leaves and she’s defeated, convinced that he’s cheating on her, and she tries to mask her pain with anger). Although she’ll never admit it, he knows of her soft spot for the bundle of energy that is Santiago, and she’s even left clues around the precinct about where her apartment is in the event that she’s actually chained to her deathbed with handcuffs and someone needs to feed Arlo.

And he knows his two best detectives (well, one will be a fellow sergeant as soon as the exam results come back) the best out of all of them, he thinks.

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Thank You All For 100 Followers!

    You’ve all been way too kind to me, and I’d like to say thanks. Yesterday was awesome because not only was my post about the RWY hug very well received, but I managed to bypass 100 followers all the way up to 111, from 96. 15 followers in 1 day is a lot for me, so that was definitely cool.

That’s right, we currently stand at 111 strong. Let’s go for 200!

    And, before I go, I’d like to give shout outs to people who’ve been coming back repeatedly, and liking my posts for a while now. You may not have noticed that you were, but every like/reblog/comment is viewed by me. 

(If you want your shout -out removed for any reason, just contact me)

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My Favorite Hidden Anime Gems

I’ve been watching Anime for several years now, and I’ve watched a lot of really good series (and a couple of bad ones). Among them are some series that are a lot of great series that I believe don’t get the attention and following they deserve. Some of them may be more popular than I realize, or they were popular a while ago and just faded over time. But all of them are, in my personal opinion, definitely worth a watch.

Quick note: I tried to put down why I believe some of these shows aren’t as popular. More than one of them is because the original material comes form Light Novels, which aren’t a readily available to the western fans as manga and anime, which alienates those fans since they believe they are missing some of the story.

Now, on with the list:

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I present to you… an almost effective way of replacing a lost pen nib!

Some warnings, first… This may not work well for every tablet. I use an old Intuos 3, and it’s already really beat up so… It doesn’t SEEM to have caused any new scratches, but use with caution!

Additionally, there may be a curve in the nib from being rolled onto a spool previously. This may cause it to sometimes stay “clicked” while drawing, resulting in a continuous stroke… In theory, heating it a bit and straightening it out might help, but I just keep taking the nib out and bending it straight until it stays.

Sometimes this takes awhile. Yikes.

If you’re still interested… What you’ll need is:

- Weed whacker cord in the proper size. If it’s too big, you can sand it down! It’s easier to try and get a close size, though.
- Various sand papers!
- Wire cutters!
- Anger.

That’s… pretty much it.

Now… Take the end of the cord, and put it into your pen. I like to do this before cutting it, that way I can make sure to get the proper size instead of wasting any. If it won’t fit into the pen, sand it until it fits!

It’s best to leave it a little bit loose, but not so loose that it can just slide out. That’s how we got in this mess in the first place. (I am a disaster)

Make sure the end that goes inside the pen is flat! 

After that, cut it down to size, so that the end of the cord is just a little bit outside of the end of the pen, as pictured above.

Once you have it cut to the right size, take the cord out of the pen and sand the end until it’s rounded! I try to use a finer grit sand paper after shaping it so that I can be extra sure it doesn’t have any hard edges that will scratch my tablet.

You can put the nib in a couple times while you’re working to test how progress is going…

In the end, it should look something like the picture above, with one end rounded and the other end flat-ish.

The bend in the nib goes away eventually, but it can cause a bit of frustration until then. Just keep bending it straight… Or you could try removing the nib from the pen and using hot water or a heat gun to warm it up enough to get it to stay straight. I haven’t tried this yet, so uh… Be careful.

I hope this helps someone. Obviously, be cautious if you try this. Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it would work for everyone, especially since I think some newer tablets are made of different materials, and I have never tried this on a tablet with a screen.

anonymous asked:

Would just cutting my hair while my parents are out be a good way to come out?

Cutting it yourself? I wouldn’t advise that.
But going and getting a hair cut may not be bad, if you think you’ll be safe after it of course -Matt

(( im surprised to say the least, that people are still following this blog today

though i guess its easy to say im incredibly busy and well, its unlikely i will post for a while still just because i have other projects on my back. though who knows, a lot of my casey story is totally original due to the nature of his presence in game and i may pop in for some posts…. but idk. ))


It’s been a while since I posted, so I decided to give you a bit tonight. I’m slightly ahead of the word count, which will be helpful when I am unable to actually update Wednesday and Thursday because of Thanksgiving shenanigans.

I very much hope that this story has some truth in it. Through all the versions, I have learned a little about myself in the process and may have hit upon something new this time. But that is a post for another day. I hope you enjoy this snippet.

Susan walked through to Anthony’s room. He was pacing anxiously. He paused when she walked into the room.

    “It’s been a long day, so—”

    He cut her off with the shake of his head. “We have all night.” He removed his dressing gown and pulled down the blanket. “We’ve done this bit before.”

    She nodded as she made her way to the other side of the bed. “We have.” She draped her dressing gown over the end of the bed and slipped under the blanket. She smiled and removed her nightgown.

    “Oh, so that’s the way it is.” Anthony repeated all her movements.

    Susan grinned. “I’m still wearing knickers.”

    “So am I.” He scooted closer. “The toy is put away. I think perhaps tonight, just slow exploration.”

    “All right.” She turned and draped a leg over his and spread her hand over his chest.

    His heart pounded under her hand.

    “I’m so damn nervous.” He said with a little chuckle.

    “You’re not the only one.” She tangled her hand in Anthony’s hair.