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For my younger followers, and those who have not had the chance to be as socially educated and may be on the fence about communism, an ideology that never should have left Karl Marx’s basement (where he wrote it while ignoring his starving children)

The perfect illustration of capitalism vs communism is Korea. 

In South Korea, you have this thing called K-pop

It’s cute bubbly pop music made by cute highschool girls and young women. 

Now in North Korea, you have these things called “Death Camps.”

It’s where girls just like this, toddlers​, elderly and inform, and political dissidents (real or percieves) are worked to death, starved, women subject to rape (usually followed by then watching product of said rape murdered in front of her.), entire families imprisoned in these circumstances for generations, all of them subject to medical experimentation and just any crime against humanity imaginable (the history of communism is parrallel to that of all major large scale human rights abuses for the past hundred years.

Depictions below made by North Korean escapee

Now choose.

Bénitier-Jardin , fragrances de tiare et bêches en nacres.

It’s been a while ! i’m currently working on a project with the awesome director  Romain Barriaux on a dope project. Can’t really tell much about it yet but i’m super thrilled and also busy !

Peu de temps pour poster grand chose en ce moment, plein de projets et de tff qui s’entrecroisent, bien stimulant mais prenant :) . https://vimeo.com/user7249715 ( le réal pour qui je travaille en ce moment sur un projet un peu secret :) )

PS : That image is not related to the collaboration with Romain, juste personal stuff , not sure it was clear ;)

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I love your comics!! I gotta do some short ones (10 pages) for university as well, do you have any tips on how to create a good interesting plot? You seem to know lots about everything art related!!

aw man thank you!!

sometimes when i’m having trouble coming up with a story i create a main character FIRST! and then i create the story around it that character and their personality, like where i think they’d be from, what problems they may have to deal with, etc. sometimes that can be easier because then you’re not starting with nothing. you’re starting with a character that you already are interested in!

other times i just have to sit there and think a while. what do i like about the stories that i like? do i want my story to have magic? should it be in the real world? do i want it to be realistic, do i want it to be weird? do i want to make it serious, or funny, or educational, or a combination of those?

for short stories it’s crucial to keep your story simple! interesting doesn’t have to mean super duper complicated and meaningful with 20 twists. interesting can just be like oh! i’ve never read a story about a humble chicken farmer who is also world famous sculptor! or oh! i’ve never read a story about a bear who spends half their life as a bear and half their life as a blue jay! let’s find out what happens!

stuff i think that makes up a good, interesting story:

- CLEAR and understandable

- not reliant on tropes (i don’t mean you have to be 100% original which is kind of impossible, i just mean check your story and characters to make sure it’s not something the world has seen 1 million times! if you’re doing a zombie comic, what makes your story different than the walking dead? if you’re doing a story about vampires or monsters or magic, what makes it different than twilight, or teen wolf, or supernatural, or harry potter? same goes for characters, try and avoid character tropes if you can. consider what real people are like instead! if you have 2 nice and likable characters, how do you make them different? maybe think about your friends/family and what they’re like)

- includes something a little unexpected or out of the ordinary (you can make this happen by putting two very different things in the same story! ex. farming and sculpting, or a huge bear and a tiny bird)

- is concise and has a definitive ending EVEN IF you want to end it on a ‘to be continued.’ i think it’s really important for readers to have some degree of closure even if you want to leave it open. but be careful about leaving it open at all! i only say that because sometimes people get tired and don’t know how to end their story and they just leave it on a cliffhanger or something and it’s not done very well because it wasn’t planned for. sometimes the ending is the best part for making your story different and interesting! you can put a weird twist in there, some kind of lesson, the punchline of a joke, something cute and sweet, something sad

but yeah! this is just stuff i could think of at the moment, i can add to this if i think of more stuff! and if you have any questions or anything don’t hesitate to ask. i hope this could help!!  

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Thanks for your answer, but I was hoping for more insight into shipper or anti trolling than just definitions. From what I have seen from my neutral position, it's the anons who are causing issues by misconstruing what both sides are saying to get a rise out of the blogger and stir shit. Are they real shippers? Maybe. And why the side eyeing? Do you think trashing on MM is doing shippers a service? I don't. Not to mention the impact it may have on her.

No…they are not real shippers… that’s the short answer to your very convoluted question. No real shipper has any interest in Skipper (you can thank William Shatner for the Skipper nickname).

My definitions were meant to clarify that for you, not sure why you didn’t get it.

So again, these Anons are not real shippers…they are just trolls who want to post insulting things or contrary things to get a rise out of people. 

And while I do feel for MM’s situation at the same time I don’t. She has the option of not allowing herself to be a victim. Everyone is in charge of their own fate and well-being. 

MM is a grown woman with the option of disabling comments on her IG (she can still post pics), blocking trolls and deleting insulting comments. She does none of those things to protect herself from trolls. 


Confession:  It may sound petty, but I have a problem with most of the Citadel DLC friendly meetings. Some of them just tried to recycle too much of the Romance Version (or tried to make it go both ways), leaving it awkward or uninteresting. I really dont see the point in the Garrus friendly meeting in the bar, neither do I get Traynor’s “ let me use your hottube while having a conversation facing the wall” talk

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I'm an intp and I've noticed that I'm less likely to consider someone annoying than others are. Even if so, I can just stand that. I also rarely hate/don't like someone, I'm always tolerative or (usually) indifferent. I was thinking it might be because I just don't pay attention to some behaviours, or I don't care much because I'm weird myself. Either way, do you think it's common amongst intps?

Probably. While we may notice lots of stuff about other people, I think we process it differently than other people. I mean, we often remember things very clearly, such as what people are wearing, little movements they make, etc., but we process all this stuff in one big lump–that is, it’s all part of the Outside World, or whatever is outside of our brains.

Other people, I think, are more likely to process these things as actual human actions, and they’ll link them with the humans and say, “Oh, this person did/said this, so I like/don’t like him.”

Whereas we INTPs will say, “This person did/said this, so I know this about him.”

A person’s actions are not an invitation to make a judgement on a person, to us INTPs, at least. We view people as just more links in the world, more facts to be looked at so that we can draw conclusions. It’s colder, yes, but as a result we seem more tolerant of other people. And the reason we seem more tolerant is not necessarily because we are tolerant, and not even necessarily because we don’t care, but because we see the world in a different way.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

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I have borderline, and the popularized tumblr idea of intentionally latching on to a "favorite person" and making yourself their responsibility is creepy and not okay.

Cool. Didn’t ask.

I’m aware I’m not their responsibility and I’ve made posts before about how important that point is. I don’t ask them to do special things for my sake, and they don’t even know that they’re my “favorite person”. They barely understand what bpd is as I’ve only mentioned it in passing once asked. They do know I am in therapy and meet with a psychiatrist. It’s not a topic I bring up with them because it’s not their problem. I actively try to rationalize my thoughts and feelings, as I’ve worked on in therapy, though it may take me a while at times.

If you have an issue feel free to discuss it with me by sending a message and we can chat it out. Don’t go on anon and just complain. If you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to follow me if you don’t want to.

Have a nice day.

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woops i did not notice sorry but the UT/US/UF/SF brothers

UT/US/UF/SF with a S/O that acts a lot like a cat, like they will sunbathe, sleeping everywhere, will wear a collar, chase birds and so on

Alright, here we go! Sorry about taking a while.~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s not gonna mind. He’s honestly somewhat catlike himself. He’ll def join you in sunbathing and napping. He may even get you a new collar himself, if you’ll let him.

UT Papyrus

“BUT DATEMATE, WHY WOULD YOU ACT LIKE SOMETHING YOU’RE NOT?” He doesn’t quite get it, but as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, he’s not really gonna try and stop you. He just really, really wishes he knew why.

US Sans

He’s not gonna make any major comments, just a quick thing about watching where you’re going and not actually harming the birds/squirrels/mice if you catch them.

US Papyrus

Similar to UT Sans, he’s joining with the naps and sunbathing, but if you do, at any point, try to ask for him to do something, he’ll be likely to respond with “sorry, i don’t speak cat.”

UF Sans

“they’re not cat-like. lot’s of animals are predators with sunbathing habits. shut up.” He’s not a big fan of cats, but he loves you dearly, so he’s denying all claims that you’re cat-like. He’ll get you a cool collar, though. Monsters getting each other collars in Snowdin is a major step in a mating, so he has no issues at least thinking it.

UF Papyrus

If he didn’t show as much of his love for you in public before, he definitely is now. He loves cats dearly, so his mate acting like one frequently is amazing. And, yes, he’s getting you an amazing collar. No hesitation.

SF Sans

He doesn’t care either way. He knows how cats work, so it’s no big. He might laugh on occasion, stating something about having both a cat and a dog now, but that’s the most of it.

SF Papyrus

He doesn’t care too much. He acts pretty dog-like on occasion, so he won’t mind you acting like a cat. As long as you still love him, he’s happy.

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it's totally fine that you may not get to this in a while I just couldn't get it out of my head, where Adam gets really hurt and is unconscious at the hospital and Elias is there crying/talking to him trying to get Adam to wake up

Adam woke to the sound of sobbing. 

He groaned, blinking at the bright light and hearing a voice more familiar to him than his own. 

“You’d better not die, do you hear me? I deserve to be in jail, I do, but you can’t die. You can’t die, not before I…” 


The shout and sudden hug made him groan, feeling wet tears on his neck as Elias started crying again. 

“You’re alive!” 

“What’s happened? I remember coming home from my run, and then…” 

Elias tensed, not letting go, and Adam felt sore as fuck but didn’t ask him to. 

“You were hurt. We are in the hospital.” 

Adam hugged him back, “Yes, Curly, I figured that part out. But how did I…” 

Elias let go and Adam fell back onto the bed, wincing at the pain. 

“You should’ve been wearing brighter colors! How could I have seen you in that grey clothing!” 

Adam closed his eyes, reaching over and pressing for more pain medication as hazy images came back to him. 

“You hit me with the car.” 

Elias sniffled, “You should’ve told me you were going to go out running, I was heading out for those danish cakes you enjoy.” 

Adam smiled, sighing as the memory of Elias staring down into his eyes came unbidden. 

“You didn’t know I was gone? The bed was…” 

“I thought you were in the kitchen, you make coffee every day! You…” 

Adam opened his eyes just as the nurse came into the room. He watched Elias staring at the ground, his face red and eyes bloodshot. The nurse checked his vitals, looking between the two of them and leaving without a word. 

“Elias, look at me.” 

Elias wouldn’t look up, sniffling and shaking his head. 


“You could’ve died. It was your own fault, but I deserve some of the blame. If you never want to have sex with me again, I deserve that.” 

Adam reached out and took his hand, making Elias look up. 

“I love you so much.” 

Elias’s eyes widened. “Oh. You fell very hard to the ground, you…” 

Adam pulled, despite hurting, and Elias came closer instantly. He kissed Elias’s fingers and nuzzled his palm, “I love you, despite you trying to kill me.” 

Elias’s lip trembled and tears started to well up in his eyes. 

“You lost your pinky toe and it looks quite disgusting, but I love you too.” 

Adam burst out laughing before he groaned at the pain, clutching his chest as Elias yelled out for the nurse. 

Apparently he needed brighter running clothes. 

He’d take Elias with him to be sure the color was good enough for next time. 

When I got to the age where I started questioning the reality of Santa, my parents told me that if I didn’t believe in him, he definitely wouldn’t bring me any Christmas presents.

The keep the faith mantra really reminds me of this.

While as viewers we may or may not get our gifts (representation, screen time, a pink pony) in the end, me believing we will really isn’t what will make the difference.

Publicly critiquing and giving honest feedback, on the other hand, just might. If not with this ship, maybe a different one, another Christmas, another year.

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I love how well written that first hc was. If possible could you add Saeran to it?

no problem!!

for context, the original request was:  Hello may I request a scenario? Can you write about Jumin, Zen and Saeyoung having to save MC after she gets caught struggling in deep water while swimming? Good luck for your blog! 

original post is [link: here]!
⛅I imagine it would take a lot of convincing to get him in the water
⛅similar to Seven, he probably doesn’t know how to swim
⛅but even just being in the shallow end is more than he’s willing, for a while
⛅he’s a bit more amenable to it when you buy him a wetsuit instead of swim trunks so he won’t have to be shirtless (vulnerable), even if you’re the only person who’ll see him
it especially helps when he sees what you look like in a swimsuit
⛅so, finally, he caves and you two go to the pool
⛅it’s not very warm out and it’s the morning of a weekday, so you’re the only ones there
⛅one of his conditions for going was that you and him had to be alone
⛅he’s not willing to learn to swim, or to play with the pool toys Seven offered you, but the water does feel nice, and he finds himself relaxing and enjoying it a lot more than he’d thought he would
⛅you were having the time of your life; even before you started going out with Saeran, you hadn’t been swimming for a long while, and you didn’t think at all about how unaccustomed to it your body had become
⛅that was… bad plan
⛅it was a combination of cramps and exhaustion
⛅you were farther from the pool’s edge than you’d thought, with Saeran back in the shallow end and not paying you much attention
⛅he figured it out pretty quickly, though, when your splashing turned hurried
⛅he’s immediately out of the pool and circling around to the deep end, as close as he can get to where you are
⛅he doesn’t even think about it before jumping in and only at the last second does he remember that no, he cannot, in fact, swim
⛅so he holds onto the edge with a death grip with one hand while stretching as far as he can to grab you with the other, somehow managing to catch your elbow and pull you closer amidst your panicked flailing
⛅for a long while he simply holds you against him, one arm on the pool edge and one around your waist, attempting to comfort you
⛅he’s trying really hard not to get upset himself, because he knows it’ll only upset you more, but “that was terrifying, MC, and I thought you said you could swim?????”
⛅at least he manages to refrain from saying “I told you so”. it’s progress
⛅he is incredibly a bit overprotective for a few weeks, taking care of all the chores and errands and nearly smothering you with his own dry, sarcastic form of concern
⛅you do appreciate it, though, because you know he’s trying to comfort you as best as he can
⛅but good luck ever getting him in the pool again


3/28 ▪ 3/25 ▪ Loved this planner spread for all the little positive mantras. Whenever I feel unmotivated, I search positivity quotes rather than motivational quotes. I find positivity quotes support your general life outlook and self-image, while motivational quotes can be aggressive in their approach and may have stressful effects. I know the process to find motivation is a journey that all students struggle with, and this is just where I am in mine. Let me know if you have any motivation tips, and I wish you luck on continuing your journey!

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You can still cheat on a person without being physical. Late night texts, always thinking about the said person, using them as a shoulder to lean on, is called emotional cheating and is ultimately considered flat out cheating. You may not think you cheated but you did. Cheating is wrong. If you don't like the relationship that you are currently in, you break it off with that person, not keep stringing them along while you are growing emotionally attached to someone else.

How do you personally know that I did any of these things? I texted numerous friends late at night - not just Alycia - is that considered cheating? In most cases, I texted them about veterinary stuff. Is that deemed appropriate in your all knowing eyes? Is going to a friend when you need some support through a difficult time cheating? If so, then we’re all guilty of that. Stop making assumptions when you have no solid basis for your accusations.

Chapter 37

Jump City. May 24th, 2018. 12:45 AM.

Raven sat cross-legged on her bed staring down at her fiancé’s face with a look of disappointment. They both figured they’d eventually have to get around to it, they just… they didn’t want it to be so soon. Damian’s eyes stared back at Raven’s, mirroring her expression. It was actually rather strange how it worked out; any normal person would be ecstatic at the chance to magically recover from a car crash in seconds. But getting thrown through that windshield had, while rendering him wheelchair-bound for several weeks, allowed Damian to take great strides in his relationships with all of his friends. Among those strides were learning to cook with Jon (for someone who spent most of his time in Kansas as a farmhand, Kent made a surprisingly good pot roast), studying meditation with Garfield and Tara (Beast Boy was surprisingly tranquil at heart, especially for someone who called himself “Beast Boy”), helping Jaime learn more about the previous Blue Beetle Ted Kord (Damian never met the man directly, but his father spoke fondly of him; of all the heroes he’d known, Bruce felt that Kord was the most down-to-earth, the most human), and discovering that Kori had been developing her relationship with Todd and veteran Titan Roy Harper. (To what end this relationship was building, Damian didn’t bother asking. He finally realized that not everything that goes on in Titans Tower was his business.) But of course, Raven knew all this… since she was there for nearly every second of it. She enjoyed spending quality time with everyone just as much as Damian. She even got the opportunity to get to know Cassandra a bit better. While there had been something of a language barrier between them (Cassie was still getting accustomed to English), Raven found a kinship in Orphan quite similar to the one she found in Damian.

“It’s been great, hasn’t it?” Damian sighed as he let his eyes turn back to the ceiling.

Raven smiled as she traced her fingertips along his chest. “Yeah… but we have to get this done.” She sighed, and carefully helped him pull himself up, until he was eye-level with her.

“Well… it’ll be nice to walk on my own again, I’ll say that.” Damian smirked back at the witch-girl before leaning in and giving her lips a quick peck. Raven rolled her eyes and began to tug at Damian’s shirt, which caught the boy off-guard.

“Yeah, I know, it’s weird. But for really extensive injuries, I have to be able to see it to heal it,” Raven explained. Damian nodded, blushing as he carefully removed his shirt and lowered himself onto his stomach in front of her. Raven looked down at the expanse of skin before her, and she had to pause for a moment. Even ignoring the bloody smears from where her lover in his infinite wisdom decided to remove his own stitches, Damian’s back was already covered in battle scars; bullet holes, blade strokes, even what appeared to me claw marks from what had to either be a bear or some kind of big cat…  but beneath all those marks, Damian’s skin rippled with toned muscles and curved with his shoulders and spine. Damian was more on the lean side, no hulking muscleman, but…

It was a good few seconds before Raven realized she still hadn’t laid a hand on him. She was just staring down at his back, running her eyes over every mark, every curve. Damian, however, noticed soon enough, grinning back at her over his shoulder. “Ohhhhh. You’re kinda into this right now, aren’t you?”

“Shut up,” Raven snipped with a little smirk before gently placing her hand on his back, over his still-open wounds from where the glass of the windshield had been. Slowing her breath, her hands began to faintly glow with a familiar violet light, which slowly made its way into the wounds in Damian’s back. In mere moments, the wounds in Damian’s back had faded into more scars covering the canvas of flesh. Raven let out a heavy sigh; the wounds were not deep, but they had been numerous enough that healing them all had been somewhat taxing for her.

Damian swung his legs out in front of him and sat up straight, sliding right off the bed as he picked up his Red X top off the floor and slid it over his head. “God, it’s good to walk again…” the Son of Batman let out a low grunt as he pulled the shirt down the length of his torso. “Now I just have to keep my mother in check while we hunt down this impostor.”

“About that, Damian…” Raven slid across the floor, wrapping her arms around Damian’s waist as she gently rested her head on his shoulder. “Are you sure it’s really her? I mean, if it’s been this long since you even heard from her, how do you know she’s still…”

“Because she’s more than just League…” Damian’s expression went grim as he spoke. “… she’s an Al Ghul. Al Ghuls are like roaches… we’re tough to kill.”

“How much do you know about her?” Batman busied himself at Damian’s computer screen, filling in a brand new file for this mysterious “false X” as he tossed the question over his shoulder to the mother of his child. Talia paced back and forth across their son’s room, wracking her brain to come up with any information she could recall about their adversary.

“She was second in line to be the head of the Demon’s Fist,” the Phantasm began, “before my father died. She was trained alongside Damian for years, and they were nearly equal in skill… but Damian was just a hair’s breadth ahead of her. I terminated the Demon’s Fist project shortly after Deathstroke’s assault on the League, and sent her to handle our chapter in Gibraltar.”

“You gave her her own chapter?” Bruce cocked an eyebrow as he filled out the bio. “You must have had a lot of faith in this kid…”

“My brother’s daughter was bred for the same purpose as my son and myself,” Talia replied. “We were to supplant Ra’s if anything happened to him. Damian was put at the top of the list only because he was male.”

“What exactly happened to your brother, anyway?”

“Dusan? No idea…” the former assassin shrugged. “He’s probably dead. Either way, if Damian is right about this false Red X, then she needs to be our first priority.”

“Of course. Now assuming she’s roughly the same height and weight as Damian, I just need a little more information…” the Dark Knight scrolled back up to the top of the page. “Hair.”

“Black, with a red streak over her face.”


“Heterochromic. One green, one brown.”

“Notable features.”

“A scar over her right eye.”


Talia grimaced. “… Mara. Mara al Ghul.”

Damian stood on the edge of the roof overlooking the river, watching the flowing water shimmer as it moved around Titans Island. It felt good to be on his own two feet again, and even better to be back in uniform. He had been on the sidelines quite long enough, and he was ready to hunt down the false X once and for all. Unfortunately, the false X turned out, if Damian’s assumption was correct, to be his greatest rival: his cousin Mara. He hadn’t even thought about Mara since he was a child. He figured she was stilled holed up somewhere in Gibraltar where his mother had sent her when Ra’s was killed. He figured she’d probably die there, and it honestly never bothered him that much… to put it mildly, he was not particularly fond of Mara. She was every bit as aggressive and arrogant as he himself had been as a member of the League. The difference was that Damian had had family and friends to help him mature into something more than just the living weapon he believed himself to be… Mara had no one.

“Hey. Good to see ya up and about again.”

Damian looked over his shoulder as Garfield Logan stepped up onto the edge beside him. There was a tired look in his emerald eyes, a look that spoke of far more than just physical exhaustion… Garfield had been struggling lately. A moment passed between them, and the Changeling glanced down at his stub and smirked.

“Did you know you can still feel it?” Garfield asked in a low voice.

Damian blinked for a moment. Was this… was this conversation actually about to happen? “Feel… what?”

Beast Boy looked over at Damian before raising what was left of his arm up for him to see. “I can still feel it… it itches. And I can’t scratch it.”

Damian winced at the thought. “That has to be rough…”

“Could be worse…” Logan continued. “the worst is when it gets numb. Like pins and needles… I can’t smack it against anything to get it to wake up, so it just tingles until it burns. It’s brutal.”

Damian sighed. “Garfield, I’m sorry… I never meant for this to happen to you…”

Beast Boy smiled over at his teammate. “Relax, man. You did what you had to do. And it really wasn’t too hard to adjust.”

Damian knew this was a lie; he’d watched Garfield’s transition into a one-handed lifestyle, and it was most definitely “hard”. And slow. And excruciating. Even his transformations were one-armed… even one-winged, in the case of birds. Still, the shape-shifter somehow managed to learn to gallop as a three-legged stallion, cut through the waters as a one-finned shark, and he almost was able to discover a way to stay airborne with only one wing (sadly, he was unable to overcome the laws of physics in this case).

“But y'know what makes it all easier?” Garfield smiled as he turned and looked down to the grassy area just outside the Tower entrance, where Tara lie gazing up at the stars. “Waking up next to that girl every morning. Makes everything worth it.”

Damian let his mind drift to Raven. In his head, he could see her reading on the couch in the livingroom, and he smiled. “Yeah… I can relate.”

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I just realized May and Drew are really short. Like for example May is one of the shortest female companions in the show (Misty, Dawn and Serena are all a little taller than Ash while May is noticeably shorter than Ash in most episodes), and Drew is often drawn either the same size as May or a tiny bit shorter. So May and Drew are both small tiny people. Kinda cute.

A couple of smols. Adorable.


Thank you all so much for the suggestions!!! We’ve since booked our flights and accommodation, and will be in town from May 6th to May 14th!

I haven’t been able to be very active lately, so to be honest am a bit scared of the 1000 steps! Hopefully I’ll have more energy by the time May rolls around. Thanks especially to @unlazygirl
for your very generous offer to be our tour guide for the day! While I’m in town I’d definitely love to catch up with some of you 😊- just a shame I’ll be missing @pastelsandpicnics 😥

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How did Arolin the Aromic obtain his epic powers?

Arolin the Aromantic obtained his powers when he was young. He was born in the Scottish Highlands and when he turned 15 he had shown potential enough to be trained by a local druid. While he showed promise in the lore of plants and their uses he just didn’t take to their wisdom based magic . After talking to a travelling wizard about life and belief, he found out he actually had the makings of a wizard! So he trained with the wizard learning potions and cantrips while travelling fantasy Europe. While he might not be the “Great and powerful” he can definitely hold his own and is quite ready for any adventure that may come along.