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I woke up to the pitter patter of a small demon’s feet, the evil being crawled into bed with me demanding ‘snuggle snuggles’ in a deceptively adorable voice. I reluctantly put an arm around small being, it wriggled and butted it’s head aggressively into mine. I winch in pain. It giggles.

The next thirty or so minutes consist of a repetition of this process somehow 5 or 6 or 100 stuffed animals are in bed with us by the time I’m conscious. Eventually, I need to drain the ol’dragon and get up only to have the demon demand ‘juice juice juice’.

Anyway. There are a lot more demands, I buy gas, I buy an overpriced lunchable and take her to her babysitters then I go to work and spend too much time answering tumblr questions. 

5/10 Very Well Organized and SUPER Bright! Makes me think of Spring and then I wet my plants -10 for dry cleaning

I want to do Calum’s makeup. To see him giggle at the way brushes feel. Scrunch his eyes and nose to mess everything up. To have him pucker his lips way too much for lipstick. Make his eyebrows even better. Curl his lashes. To here his giggle fill the room, as he sees the mess he made me cause. For him to pin me down to the floor with giggles because “he’s mad” him to leave lipstick stained kisses down my neck. And him giggling at the fact he left little marks because he’s 6. Then for him to get up and use it as an excuse to shower together because “make-up wipes aren’t gonna work”.

Giggle Shots

Newt Scamander x Reader

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1156

Warnings: Mild language, kissing, implied smut, possible incorrect HP info??

Request: @vivere-citta 11, 30 and 32 with Newt. I’m sorry, I just love him. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Please tag me whenever you get it posted (no rush, take as long as you need)

11: “just tAKE THE JACKET!”

30: “C-can you hold my hand?”


A/N: I loved writing this one and I’m not sure whether this was out of character or not. I just thought the Giggle Shots would give me more room to make Newt more outgoing and weird. I really liked this one and I hope you do too. I’m sorry if anything is incorrect in the context of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, I’ve only recently started reading HP and have only seen Fantastic Beasts once. Enjoy!

You walked out of the bar in silence. Newt bid Tina farewell and he kissed her cheek. She smiled and waved goodbye. Newt ran back to your side. He had just thrown down three shots of giggle juice.

Newt was more clumsy in his step, one foot swinging in front of another. He hiccuped and giggled.

“What?” you laughed, crossing your arms over your chest.

Newt smiled wildly at you. “You look beautiful tonight.”

You blushed and kept walking. Newt ran to catch up with you. You hadn’t had giggle juice because you knew what it did it to you. You lost all control and were impractical. So you only stared at Newt with what you managed, an unamused face.

Newt swung his arms behind you and put his head on your shoulder. He kissed your warm cheeks and watched with wonder as his breath frosted in the air. “You are amazing (Y/N). You are so pretty. Like starlight. You are so funny. You always make me laugh.”

“Okay, okay.” you laughed pushing him off.

Newt was supposed to be walking you back to your apartment, but it seemed that you would have to take him back to his apartment. Or rather his suitcase. Which he left at your apartment. You made him promise not to bring it. He had frowned at you and insisted on bringing his bowtruckle which was still quite clingy.

He petted the bowtruckles head with his thumb and smiled at it in his pocket.

You breathed out, a stream of frosted air blowing in front of your face. You rubbed your arms and blew warm air into your hands, trying to regain feeling. “Remind me again why we can’t Apparate?” you asked him.

He smiled and spun around, throwing his arms out at his sides. He opened his mouth and caught a snowflake on his tongue. He smiled. Satisfied. “Because I love it out here. It’s so beautiful. Also, I’m out of floo powder.” he laughed.

“I might freeze to death by the time we get there.”

“(Y/N),” Newt said, stopping. He pulled his dark peacock coat, careful of the bowtruckle. He began to lay it over your shoulders.

You pushed him off and walked farther ahead. “No, I don’t want your jacket.”

Newt sighed then laughed terribly loud. A laugh like Grindelwald’s. “I know what you’re doing, (Y/N)! You are playing hard to get!” he shouted, overcome with giggles.

“No, I’m not.” you lied.

He laughed louder and took a bounding step forward. “I know I’m delusional right now, but I’m telling the truth! Don’t think I’m stupid!”

“I never said you were.”

“You called me an adorable idiot.”

“Idiot none of the less.” you laughed.

Newt laughed uncontrollably. You had thought the giggle juice shots had worn off now, that or it was just Newt now. “Why don’t you loosen up, (Y/N)? Have some giggle juice and just let loose-ha-that rhymed.” you shook your head and looked at the ground. This was the longest walk home ever. “Hey! Hey!” you slugged your shoulder, “You remember that time you drank so many giggle shots that you jumped on the bar and started doing the Erumpent mating dance! It was adorable!”

“You taught me that dance!” you said defensively. “That was a mistake and I don’t drink giggle shots anymore.”

“Then why’d ya come to the bar with Tina and I?”

You sighed and turned around, stopping in front of him. “Because, Newt I wanted to be with you. I honestly wanted to make sure nothing went down between you and Tina. I don’t want the chance of getting my heart broken. You are probably too drunk to remember this, but yeah, Newt, I like you. I like you a lot. Erumpent mating dance a lot.” you laughed.

Newt smiled and reached for your hand as you began walking again. “C-can you hold my hand?”

You shook your head and looked down at your hands. Newt’s was approaching yours. You stared at it tentatively.

“HOLD MY HAND GODDAMMIT!” Newt yelled in your ear, snatching your hand into his. You were taken by surprise. The two of you burst out laughing as you interlaced Newt’s warm soft hands into yours.

He half smiled. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I just really wanted to hold your hand.” he laughed and smiled innocently.

“I could tell.” you smiled.

Your hands swung between each other.

“Are you still drunk on giggle shots?” you asked Newt.

He smirked and you knew, as his head slanted to the side like usual, a curl falling over of his eyes. You reached up to fix. Your hands touched. The two of you smiled.

Newt dropped his hand back to his side.

You stepped a little closer to Newt and rubbed your free hand on your leg, then blew onto it. “(Y/N),” Newt said softly.

He repeated the motion earlier. Breaking away from you and pulling his jacket back off and offering it to you.

You gave him the same answer and matched the tilt of his head and smiled, saying “No.”

“just tAKE THE JACKET!” Newt screamed, throwing the jacket over your shoulders and wrapping it around tight securing his arms around you.

You looked back to see Newt’s freckled and smiling face resting on your shoulder. “I didn’t want you to be cold.” he smiled. “I’m sorry.”

“You are ridiculous.” you laughed, trying to hold up the jacket by yourself.

Newt wouldn’t let you. He playfully squeezed and held on. “I want to be warm too.” he smiled.

After a long cold walk, the remaining ten minutes, Newt’s arms wrapped around your stomach, you walked into your apartment and ran for the nearest blanket. You kicked the door closed. “It’s so cold outside!” you shouted.

You threw the blanket over yourself and wrapped it around your head, falling onto the sofa. Newt pulled one corner of the blanket from you and sat next to you. His head wrapped around with a blanket, his fingers pinching it around his face. “Can I join you?”

“I guess.” you laughed.

“No more hard to get.” he said.


“I’m not letting you get away.” Newt pushed you down and grabbed your face gently and kissed you. He pulled the blanket from you and threw over the two of you. When he pulled away you stared at each other almost complete darkness, the air growing warm between you. His hands and lips were warm compared to yours. You put your cold hand to his cheek, feeling him shiver for a moment only for him to kiss you.

The snow storm continued outside as you kissed Newt under the blanket.

Then the sheets.

Percy’s got a pro hair stylist to do his hair for date night this week.
He will be the best big brother.

I’m dedicating this to all the people who have been having a rough time recently. I hope it makes your week a little better or at least makes you giggle. I want to put a big shout out to @percyyoulittleshit because she really made me smile the other day and I want to try and return the smile :) and to @solbabydraws because her percabeth art and kid sister art gives me life. You guys inspire me so much 💙
Keep being awesome and stay safe everyone.

I'm meat dog in the mouth of scholars

Im a strange prisoner in love
tormented in the cruel hands of death
looking for a scrap to escape
but my mistress doesn’t love me
too much, like Orpheus loved Eurydice.
I bleed and weep, you smoke
and make love already to someone fresh like a new born rose.
I’m meat dog in the mouth of scholars.
Last, here Im a strange prisoner
tormented in the cruel hands of death.

I hear god calling me by my cherubim name
and it sounds like children are
playing with giggling penguins
surrounded by sheer darkness.

Watching the NIS America Press Livestream, Here are Details

Danganronpa Stuff:

– Oh god, the way they had to delicately help the poor boy/girl inside the Monokuma suit onto the stage… so sweet/pathetic. Of course, Kodaka and his translator come out with Monokuma, and Kodaka promptly does a Monokuma voice (in English!) into the microphone.

– The translator is too nervous to actually translate the first lines Kodaka says about DRV3, she stumbles and struggles while giggling, and Kodaka hilariously points out “But she doesn’t have to listen to me at all! She only has to read the monitor next to mine! I could say anything in Japanese, honestly, and it doesn’t matter. So maybe I’ll just make up some lies about competing games.”

– DRV3′s new school is now called Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles in the English translation. … I like it. Much better than “Gifted Inmates Academy,” the initial rough translation.

– The demo version IS coming to North America. It’ll be the same demo they had in Japan with Makoto and Hajime.

– September 26, 2017 is the official release date for Danganronpa V3 in North America!

– In fact, the worldwide releases will all be in September 2017, evidently, across Asia/Australia/Europe, although he doesn’t provide more details beyond that.

– Kodaka acknowledges that there’s a bit of time between the Japanese release and the others, but he says they’re going to be using the time to optimize the game further.

– Honestly, even the trailer for the Reload and UDG re-releases got my heart pumping. You give me that theme music, and I have an immediate reflex action of “OHMYGOD DANGANRONPA”

– The new teaser for DRV3 isn’t really… anything to speak of. Just some sprite art and text promising that stuff will be all-new.

Not-Dangan thoughts:

1) Is this press event all happening in someone’s basement? Why does it look like I’m in my old elementary school’s cafeteria?

2) Who is this Pewdiepie Lite-lookin’ host?

3) Tokyo Tattoo Girls looks embarrassing…

4) I’ve never heard of Touhou before, but it sure is… prolific, evidently. Some of the games shown look pretty cool. I need to look into this.

Sherlock x Reader: You Get Drunk

Originally posted by explosivecumberbatch

Gif not mine.

A/N: This is really short. I’m sorry but I still hope you like it. x

There was a thump from outside the room.

“Y/N is back,” John said smiling and putting on his coat. Sherlock rolled his eyes. You were always sensible when you went out to a bar. Well not always… Most of the time though. Sometimes you drank just a bit too much which could put you in a right state. John had seen you drunk three times whereas Sherlock had only seen your drunken state once which was enough for him.

“Don’t leave me John,” He told his friend. “I can’t do this.”

“She’s your girlfriend,” John replied with a chuckle. Sherlock put his head in his hands. Closely after, you stumbled into the room after finally making it up the stairs.

“Hello boys,” You said giggling and appearing in the doorway.

“Mary will be wondering where I am,” John said. “Goodbye.” John quickly left the flat leaving the pair of you. You burst into tears and Sherlock rolled his eyes again.

“What is it Y/N?” Your boyfriend asked with a sigh.

“Wh-Why did John leave us?” You wept.


“But why Sherlock?” You yelled at the man. You stumbled your way over to John’s old chair and sat down in it.

“Y/N you need sleep.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, detective boy!”

“Lets put you to bed.” He walked over to you. “Honestly, it is like looking after a child,” He muttered under his breath. He went to pick you up but you lashed out.

“Don’t touch me! I have a boyfriend!” Sherlock smiled to himself knowing that even drunk you would always be completely faithful.

“Y/N, I am your boyfriend.”

“Oh. Oh okay. But don’t touch me.” He chuckled. You were ridiculous when drunk.

“Do you realise you’re intoxicated?”

“No I’m fine. I’m completely fine! Look, I will prove it!” You stood up and tried to walk in a straight line. You failed miserably and had to lean against a wall to stop you falling.

“Okay, maybe I am.” You burst into tears again. “I… I need sleep. I think I’m just going to sleep here.” You knelt down onto the floor and then laid down. As soon as your head touched the floor, you fell into a deep sleep. This meant that Sherlock was responsible for putting you do bed. He carried you to your shared bedroom and laid you down on the bed and covering you with the blanket. He kissed your forehead.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

Stay With Me (Fluff)

DESCRIPTION: Jungkook wanted you to stay with him until you felt better.

WARNINGS: Mentions of homosexuality and menstruation

WORD COUNT: 1.3k+ ( a little baby fic aww )

REQUEST: HELLLOOOOOOOO can I request for a cute jungkook fluff ? And maybe something chocolate cos I’m on my period :-’)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: So I thought I’d look into a little bit of how I think he would handle you being on your period, while making a little fluff fic… -Admin tal

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I want everything with you. I want soft kisses and tight hugs. I want dancing to old records in candle light and to hold you close. I want to make out with you passionately and to have you leave hickeys all over my neck. I want to read next to you on the couch when it’s raining or snowing outside. I want to hug you from behind the waist while your making us dinner and vise versa. I want to see you on your bad days and spend all the good days with you too. I want to share my secrets, dreams and fears with you in the early hours of the morning. I want to not only have fiery and hot sex with you, but also make love to you all night long and whisper how much you mean to me. I want to cry with you during sad movies and laugh during funny ones. I want to have a million inside jokes with you and giggle at them when others are around. I want to go on long car rides with you, singing our favorites songs and kissing each other’s fingers. I want to go on late night picnics with you and hold your hand every moment. I want to argue with you about the stupid things and make up for it later in bed. I want to take steamy showers with you and relaxing baths when I truly need it. I want to make memories with you and take a thousand pictures. I want to love you. always and forever.
—  anonymous

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Robert always goes in for a waist tickle! I wonder if, after the first time he did it and realised Aaron was ticklish there, he had to take a moment to appreciate just how adorable and smiley it makes his fiancé as he tries to jump away amid carefree giggles. Robert vowed then, that he would do everything he could to try and make Aaron like that all the time!




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I went on a quick trip to the store with my boyfriend today. After the store, we parked somewhere a little more secluded to hang out a bit. He had me lie down so he could scratch my back to relax me, but even better than that, it turned almost immediately into tickles. He began tickling all over the side of me: my armpits, ribs, sides, and tummy. I was already a giggling mess, but to make matters worse (or better?), he said stuff like “You know you like it” and “It tickles you so much and you can’t get enough”. The t word was said FAR too many times for me to not have been a flustered mess. Then, at one point, he knew I wanted more, but he stopped and made me ask for it. Well, ask or beg. I asked for it, but it wasn’t easy. Oh my God, it was so good and I can’t stop thinking about it!

EXO Reaction: ‘They Video call you while they are on tour.’(Requests Open!)

Luhan:”Don’t worry, I’ll be there to give you the biggest bear hug in no time.”

Sehun: “Aww jagi don’t cry. Will my aegyo make you feel better?”

Chanyeol: “Only a couple of more days until I get to hold you. Fighting babe!”

Xiumin: *After two hours of talking, you start to get sleepy and as your eyes close for the last time to go to sleep he smiles*

“Sweet dreams Princess”

Yixing: *Sends you a video of him dancing like crazy because he knows you love to see him happy* ft. Chennie

Jongin: *Tries to wink sexily to cheer you up, but ends up laughing at himself*

“Aiya Jagiya! Staap giggling!”

Chen: “Don’t miss me too much, or else i’m going to have to kiss you through the phone.”

Baekhyun: *Makes funny faces just to see you smile*

Kris: “Can you close your eyes?” 

*you giggle, but do as he says*

“Can you imagine me there, holding you in my arms?”

Suho: *Video Chats you in the middle of the radio show* *No fucks given*

Kyungsoo: *You see tears welling up in his eyes and it surprises you*

“No! Kyung. Don’t cry. I’ll get on a plane tonight. I promise”

*You both know you can’t stay away from each other for a long period of time*

Tao: “Can’t I just reach through the phone and bring you with me?”

working with jimin

- constant smol shy smiles to one another
- “y/n stop looking at me like that its DISTRACTING” “jimin you’re DISTRACTING.” “bang pdnim tell her to stop”
- him getting shy when having to sing the more passionate and deep parts
- him giving you warm back hugs during breaks while he’s practicing his verses
- “can I have a duet with y/n” “jiMIN OM” “PLEASE” “JIMIN”
- him singing cutely while looking at you and having to redo some parts because your face makes him giggle too much
- eventually finishing and you watching hyper kiss you all over and drag you out of the studio


Request: “Hey I’m Kassidy! Can you do an imagine for me?? I want it be with Dean and I want smut or fluff whichever one you would like to do thankssss :) ❤️” + “Oh could you make one where Dean is like jealous of the readers and cas relationship?” - @ayeeitskassi

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Jealous!Dean (my fav), fluffy, giggly smut

A/n: This turned like SUPER giggly oops. (btw I got kinda hot and bothered writing some of this like damn)

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You giggled as Cas poked your side. “Stop!! Why do you always do that to me?” You tried to sound upset, but he made you laugh too much.

“Because I can.”

You laughed again. “Fair enough. But we actually have to go help Sam and Dean with research.”

“Are you sure you aren’t saying this just because you would like to spend time with Dean?”

You rolled your eyes. You had a crush on Dean since goodness knows when, but could you really help yourself? Cas was the only person, or celestial being, or whatever that you had ever told, and he always had to say something about it. “You know, you’re lucky I love you or else you’d be getting a fist in the gut.”

He smiled. “Shall we go then?”

“That’s what I was asking for in the first place, honey.”

Both of you walked into the library laughing. Sam and Dean looked up from their laptops.

“Hey guys, you finally coming to help us?” Sam said with an amused voice.

You chuckled again, still in a giggly mood from your conversation with Cas. “Yeah. Sorry.”

Dean did not look so amused as he looked back to the computer screen. “You know, we could hear you guys laughing all the way in here.”

“Sorry, grumpy pants. You allergic to laughter or something?” You replied, ruffling his hair and sitting in the chair next to him.


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MILD SMUT. Not full on smut. Wasn’t sure if Anon wanted that or not. 

AJ Styles/OC. For Anon: You’re ridiculously close with Gallows and Anderson and AJ gets jealous of how much time you spend with them so you make a deal with them to try and wind him up as much as you can by flirting. AJ gets really pissed with you and the two of you end up being in a mixed tag match together and there’s so much sexual tension.

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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder- Drunken MC

I went for ALL types of drunk people here; jealous, mouthy, playful, sexual and brave. So here it goes ;)


“Otaaa can you be MY pet now?” *giggles*

“Oh Koro, you drank too much. You shall be punished in the morning.” *smirks evilly*


*MC takes his hat and begins to run around their suite avoiding him*

Baba: “Pretty lady, you have to give that bac-” “-Hey! That’s stealing-” “Don’t pout at me lady…-Fine. Have it.”


*Plays with his tie* “Andddd me! Always having to OBEY-why do you like obedient women Eisuke?” “-Do you love me Eisuke?” “-Are you mine Eisuke?”

Eisuke: “She’s lucky she makes good coffee.” *lies back on the bed exhausted*

Luke Foster

*MC plays with his hair* “Can we play Doctor?”

Luke: “Play? Doctor? I am a doctor, you’re being interesting today Sexy Bones. Tell me more about this playing-”


“Mamoru, I want to cuddle and talk! You’re just so cute look at your cheeks-” begins giggling, “I loveeee youuuu”

Mamoru: “Come ON kid, just let me sleep. I’m begging you here.” His arm comes up to hide his face- and laughter.


“I want to be a lady bug-” *giggles* “Oh no! But you hate bugs! You HATE ME!”

Shuichi: *rubs temples* “It’s been 2 hours…can we please sleep..?”


“Dragons are scary Sor, why are you called Dragons? Do you want to scare people? Why do you love omelettes so much? IF ANOTHER GIRL MADE YOU OMELETTES I SWEAR TO G-”

Soryu: “No one else will ever make me omelettes okay- yes- no- ___ please can we?- Yes I love you. Please stop ranting- yes my dragon- no you aren’t scary like a dragon.-” *kisses MC to make her shut up* “Bed now, okay? Next time don’t try to out drink me..”


“I SAW you looking at her! Nope I’m not talking to you-! …Don’t ignore me!”

Hikaru: “Are all females like this? But can I win? No. Go to sleep. Now. You silly drunk.”

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When she flirts

Her: Damn look at you looking all sexy!

Him: [ glares at her]

Her: [unfazed she walks around him as he stands awkwardly] I’m soo lucky even standing next to you.

Him: Noooo, look at you, like damn, gotta shield my eyes from your beauty…

Her: No No No; [she interrupts] you look way too damn fine. Just might make a girl jealous.

Him: [Blushes and shakes his head] Stop it [Grabs her face and kisses her]

Her: [She giggles in between kisses]

Him: [Finally lets her go] Whats so funny?

Her: Nothing, I’m just happy your sexy ass is mine

Him: [Covers his face with his hands] Baby please stop making me shy!!

Her: [Wraps her arms around him] I love you so very much, so I’m not gonna stop letting you know how ravishing you are.

Him: You’re the ravishing one [he mutters]

Her: We both are [she breaths as she cuddles closer]

Him: I love you sugar, [He smiles into her hair]

I've always wanted to meet Jensen and misha, but I think of them together too much so imagine: picture time:
  • Me: hi, hi misha, hi Jensen
  • Jensen: Hey
  • Misha: hola
  • Me: I want you two to hold each other while I stand behind you making faces
  • Misha: *shrugs*
  • Jensen&Misha: *stand together holding each other*
  • Me: *mind goes to destiel smutt and I stand there like an idiot staring at them*
  • Me: *stands behind them and gets picture*
  • Jensen * kisses misha on cheek*
  • Me: *bad mind*
  • Me: *giggles and walks away*