but it makes me feel weird

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Hey did you see the new rohan ova character designs? What do you think of em? I feel like okuyasu got screwed up bad.

honestly my first reaction to them is UHH… i get they were tryin’ to replicate araki’s newer style more but it feels like a strange amalgamation of his style and diu anime’s style… maybe it’s the colors that are making it stranger for me? i feel like they don’t work as well here. they’re flashier and work with diu’s cartoony style but feel weird with this more realistic deal

i guess i’ll have to see it in motion first but diu anime’s style had a simplicity that gave char appeal and potential for wonky expressions, which are always what make things fun. hard to say from these caps as everyone has the same dam expression tho pfft

if u haven’t seen em this is what they look like:

it’s v weird how you can tell people on here “hey this person is absolute garbage and here’s a long list of reasons why and seeing you interact with them in a casual friendly way makes me feel ill” and they’ll like. Do whatever the Internet version of nodding and smiling is and then a day later you see them doing the same shit while still following you and talking to you as if nothing happened it’s wild

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Is it weird that as a bisexual woman I just... don't like bisexual women in comics? Like usually it feels like they can get "sexy lesbian scenes" without making her gay. I want bisexual characters that actually show attraction and has good/bad relationships with partners regardless of gender. Hell it would be great to see bisexual MEN in comics more :/

Honestly it doesn’t surprise me you don’t like them bc bisexual characters are given shitty representation. I’m yet to see a decent portrayal of bisexuality in something mainstream that isn’t just homosexuality disguised or just fanservice

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Is it weird that Molly kind of annoys me? I don't know why she just does and it makes me feel bad cuz she died and all but also

LMAO it’s kinda weird but i understand. there are characters and people that just annoy me for some reason too

but also that’s my daughter be nice 2 her

Boyf Riends CisSwap AU: Getting Up

The sun peeking through the small ground window of Jeremy’s basement woke Jeremy up. Thankfully there was no pain in his sides anymore as he tried curling up against Michael when his boyfriend’s snorted awake.

“P-pizza?” Looking at Jeremy he smiled before making a face.

“What is it?”

“Can you get up for a second?” As Michael got off the couch Jeremy saw why he was making the face.

“So you are happy to see me?”

“Oh God Jeremy what do I do? It feels so weird, my underwear…” Michael’s voice trailed off as his face turned redder.

“Well you, uh-you-I er…you need to…” Using his hand Jeremy moved his arm up and down as Michael’s face was now a deep shade of scarlet. “Touch it.”

“There has to be another way, what else do you do?”

“Sometimes I think about naked old men and that can really kill it sometimes.” Michael closed his eyes for a moment in thought before they snapped open

“Not only did that not work but now I can’t get the image out of my head too, thanks for that.”

“Boys, I made breakfast!” Jeremy’s dad called from upstairs. “Who wants some cheese and bacon omelettes?” Both of their stomachs growled at this.

“Here,” Jeremy threw a pillow at Michael who caught it. “Just cover it until it goes away and you’ll be fine.” Jeremy walked up the stairs with Michael awkwardly shuffling behind. Suddenly Michael began to understand Jeremy’s masturbation problem is this was what he dealt with in a day to day basis in the morning. Or maybe he just he was just a horny teen that couldn’t control his addiction.

That was entirely plausible too.

Ok so listen.. whenever I say that being around too many men makes me uncomfortable people just laugh at me. But the truth is men deadass give me anxiety. I don't know what it is but I have the hardest time talking to men and it kinda spills over into my jobs because I have a hard time helping male customers. It's gotten to the point where I don't even like men looking at me and I feel like I need help.

This is weird. I just needed space to say this.

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I'm going to the doctor for testing today and it's got me thinking a lot. I don't understand social constructions of "weird" or "impolite". Like, my mom always makes me smile in public, even when I don't want to smile cause I don't feel well for the sake of being "polite". And I'm at the hospital right now, lying in the floor cause I'm tired and my mom thinks it's weird. She has an autistic child with or without me so I don't understand the problem. He does the same things.

Not understanding that stuff is definitely an autistic thing, and the answer for why your mom does that is ableism. She’s probably worried about people judging her by what you do in public, so maybe explaining to her that you’re not hurting anyone by doing what you’re doing and that people who have a problem with that are the problem might help.

(Alternatively, autistic revolt. Join your brother in being publicly autistic. Make your mother and ableism admit defeat. Everyone should lay on the floor. I’m actually doing it right now.)

- Os

I’ve been reading too much Mob Psycho 100

Buckle up buttercups because here is a 100% true story of what just happened to me today.

I’m out running errands, it’s hot and humid, I’m wearing minimal make-up and boring clothes. For some reason everywhere I went men asked if I was single, complemented me, asked if I work out (hahahaha ha), it was weird, this almost never happens and it was just nonstop. So naturally I’m feeling myself and laughing as i’m thinking about this:

But this isn’t the best part.  As I’m laughing about this and driving home thinking about how I’m going to post this moderately funny thought on Tumblr I GET HIT BY A FUCKING CAR. Hit. By. A. Car. I shit you not.

Poor sweet Mob, I identify with you even more now.

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Sorry if this is weird, but I've been going through a lot of issues with my gender identity lately and surgery regarding it and posts you've made have been incredibly helpful in dealing with that, so I just wanted to thank you.

me too, friend, me too. Gender can be such a struggle. My gender identity feels like it changes pretty often and I have hard time telling if it’s actually me or if I keep falling into cis-society standards or something like that. I’m always down for making trans or gender positivity posts on here more often bc I know a large majority of my following are trans or gender nonconforming peeps and they all need to know they’re so worthy of love, respect and acceptance regardless of how they look, if they pass, if they don’t give a fuck, etc bc I know all too well that society can really fuck your perception of yourself, even to cis people but more so for trans individuals. 

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i needed to get this off my chEST but the song weird around you by eerie summer reminds me so much of yoonmin?? i listened to it earlier today and started crying bc i thought of yoonmin?? someone should make a fic based on it lakska like pls

confessing seems just a little bit pointless with a guy like you / i’d rather sit and stare at the water with you / i feel so weird around you / i’ve never really felt like this / you’re a friend and a really good one / i’d rather keep it bottled up

wow bye ?????? @ anyone write a oneshot w this??? we’ll love u forever??

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When I was in sixth grade I had just moved to a new school and got my first ever crush on a boy and I didn't know how to fucking handle it so one day when we were outside for gym playing dodgeball I nailed him right in the head and told him to "Stop making me feel weird". I got detention and had to apologize to the poor clueless boy who I had literally never spoken to before then.

OH MY GOD THAT’S SO CUTE and terrible and embarrassing but omgggggg

I was so preoccupied with TQftL’s upcoming fifteenth anniversary that I completely forgot about Morphic turning ten years old on May 10th. (Well, specifically, that’s when I posted the first chapter on Serebii.)

It feels incredibly weird that Morphic is two thirds the age of TQftL. What do you mean?? Morphic is my new fic! How dare you make me feel old. It’s also pretty amazing how much my writing progressed in those five intervening years. I still physically can’t get myself to read the earlier chapters of Morphic, mind, but it’s still astonishingly competent compared to the original version of TQftL.

(It’s also so, so hilariously different. After five years of writing a roughly-animeverse trainer fic about twelve-year-olds fighting legendaries, my next project was… a gritty America-AU Pokémorph fic full of religion and politics and drinking and swearing (so much swearing). Seventeen-year-old me just went 220% edgy. Mercifully, though, I genuinely didn’t do it to be edgy but just because it seemed like the right way for this story to be - otherwise I would probably have tried to wipe it from the internet by now, but as it is, could definitely have handled some things better but overall I don’t regret a thing.)

(Sometimes I wonder if the sorts of people who like Morphic decide to check out TQftL and vice versa and… just what goes through their heads. I think both “a Pokémorph fic written by the author of TQftL” and “a trainer fic written by the author of Morphic” sound like something very different from what they actually are.)

Anyway, happy late birthday, Morphic. I love you even though I forgot. Maybe I should send Dave a birthday card from God.

Guys! Guys! GUYS!!

We found out the sex on Monday. Freaking 5 days away! This time next week, I can finally put the finishing touches on my nursery plans!

It feels like yesterday I was reading the Bfp and now I’m almost 20 weeks. There are times where this still feels like a dream.

There are other times I remember I’m pregnant, but I forget there is actually something in there. That is until these last few days, where I have actually started feeling little twinge. I’m still in the “wow that is a weird feeling” stage, but I do think it’s cool.

Some of the Pregblr blogs have had their babies in the last few days and I’m just sitting here like “I cannot wait until that it me.”

Congrats to you girls! You make beautiful babies!

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My daddy is a girl, and I thought it was weird that I called her daddy because i never see littles doing that. But I found your page a few months ago and it makes me feel a little better about calling her daddy

I’m glad my blog helps!! I think it’s super cool to meet other female daddies ♡

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It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I'm bisexual but now whenever I feel down I find comfort in this, in my identity, is that weird? The very thing that so many people hate just makes me feel ok. Idk it just kinda makes me feel real and grounds me and helps me remember there is many good things ahead

Not weird at all! Lots of people consider their subdominant identities a source of personal strength. Good for you!! 💝

Loving the Loser (Shownu Short Story)

Au Note: With this one I wasn’t trying to make it seem like Shownu can’t defend himself or anything that I say he is in this short. It is purely for entertainment as are my other short stories. Enjoy!

Genre: ???

Word Count: 1242

Originally posted by garisanee

I don’t dislike him; however, we aren’t close enough for me to say that I’m fond of him. He’s not popular but he does have good looks, I’ll give him that. Not many people pay attention to him though, he’s more or less the “loser” of our workplace, the small book cafe/store. I’ve got a couple friends that work at the store with us and we do tend to have drinks together or meals together but no one extends the invitation to Shownu. It kind of makes me feel bad but then again I’m not sure if the loser would even accept the invite. He’s not a weird kind of loser, he’s more of the quiet, has never had a girlfriend, shy kind of loser; not that it’s a bad thing at all. The other girls that we work with say he is creepy because he never looks at them the way the customers do and he almost never speaks to them either. I however don’t believe that he is a creep, as I mentioned before he’s quiet and shy. 

My perception of him changed when it was just the two of us working one day as everyone else was away or sick. It was a cold day in the winter, it wasn’t snowing but it was windy making the cold feel ten times worse. People were coming into the store seeking refuge from the cold, unfortunately for customers and ourselves our store didn’t have any heating but we did have a coffee machine. We were selling more coffees than books which was not entirely bad but it wasn’t exactly good for the book side of things. Our boss will have a fit when she finds out that next to no books were sold today. It became unusually quiet during lunch hours and increasingly started to become awkward between us so I was surprised when Shownu spoke up first. 

‘Can I make you a warm drink? That sweater doesn’t look like its keeping you as warm as you should be…’ I smiled at him from across the counter where I was currently sat on one of the bar stools. I half expected him to stutter and flush a crimson colour but he was calm and collected. I guess the words of the other staff are tainting my views on him. I decided to make a comment about him speaking to me, he has such a nice soothing voice but he rarely uses it. 

‘You know, I was starting to think you were mute. You’ve never even muttered a word to me before; I just assumed you didn’t talk at all, regardless of what everyone else said.’ He chuckled as he turned around and placed a mug of hot cocoa in front of me. Coming around the counter with another mug of cocoa he sat in the stool beside me but said nothing. Great, we’re back to being mute again, trying to make conversation again, I mentioned how he must be freezing with the thin sweater he had on. It was very thin, and although it accentuated his muscles, it can’t be very warm. 

‘You must be freezing, I mean all you’ve got on is that thin cardigan thing whereas I’m sitting here is a freaking parka looking sweater and I feel like I’m in Antarctica!’ Again he chuckled and turned to face me. 

‘That sweater is hardly a parka, I see tourists walking around wearing so many layers that they actually waddle. It looks almost as if they have every single article of clothing that they brought with them on!’ I had to agree, I have also seen tourists that looked like they were suffering but it’s not as cold here as it is in the arctic they should be grateful that they are here rather than there. We kept up small talk until a group of customers came in; they looked around for a little bit, grabbed a book or two between the six of them and wandered over to the cafe counter. Whereas I was on my break but didn’t want to leave Shownu alone of the shop floor I stayed at my spot on the bar stools ready to help out if I’m needed. It looked as if the group were going to order many drinks so I was ready to jump up to help the loser make them but what they had said to Shownu was not a drink order at all. 

‘Hey, you nobody! We saw you chatting up this pretty thing a few minutes ago and just wanted to say that you have no chance whatsoever with her. She is way out of your league.’ That is so uncalled for, however Shownu didn’t react to their words and seemed to smile at them; maybe it was a grimace yet he said nothing. I couldn’t sit there and let them treat him this way even if he was chatting me up it’s not their business if he has a chance with me or not; which he totally does now that I have been getting to know him more. 

‘That is none of your business whether I am out of his league or if he has no chance with me. How would you feel if I told you we were together? You’d feel pretty crappy wouldn’t you?’ I could see Shownu shaking his head trying to get me to stop talking but I wasn’t going to let them get away with treating people this way.

‘Do me a favour and either buy something and leave without trouble or put down the merchandise, stop harassing the employees and get out of here.’ Shownu was now biting his lip trying to hold in his laughter and by trying I mean desperately trying. I found it hard to concentrate when he was standing there looking like that, come on (Y/N) focus. The group has now directed their attention to me and seemed pretty surprised that I had said something to them.  

‘Who are you to stand up for him? He’s not worth your time and attention sweetheart focus on people like us, we’re better for your image.’ They want me to focus on them? Yeah right. I’m starting to like Shownu as a man rather than just a colleague why should I focus on them? 

‘Focus on guys like you? The bad boys who have some sort of drama with every person they meet? Yeah, no thanks I prefer guys like him. Shy honest and kind. Thanks for the offer though! Now get out.’ They were yet again taken aback by my words but dropped the books they had onto the counter and left without another word but various glares at both Shownu and I. 

‘Do you really prefer guys like me?’ His question was so quiet and I felt like I almost didn’t hear him. I smiled at him, uttered an “of course” and put my apron back on deciding to finish my break. I went back around the counter to stand beside his much taller frame, he’s tall and very handsome and his personality makes up for the shyness and his quiet tendencies. 

In all honesty I would say that he is quite simply a perfect spouse considering all of his traits. I never would have thought it but I guess having developed a crush on him you could say I am starting to love the loser after all.