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You mentioned Pride and Prejudice in your post about classic novels, and I was wondering about a) your opinion of Mr. Darcy in general and b) your opinion of Darcy and Elizabeth as a couple.

Don’t let my mocking tone in that post fool you. I adore Mr. Darcy with all my heart, I merely object to the way he’s popularly associated with the image of this perfect, brooding hunk, when really he’s just a socially awkward loser.

Okay, okay, so our first introduction to Darcy is at a ball, where he:

  • Doesn’t dance
  • Can’t make small talk
  • Is generally rude and embarrassing
  • Stands awkwardly in the corner the whole night
  • Decides he might fancy this one girl, so he insults her.
  • Loudly.
  • Where anyone could overhear.
  • Including the girl.
  • Gets roundly insulted to his face by said girl, and his reaction is ‘…damn.’

Later on, he gets to know this girl a bit better. He warms up to her, and starts to act a little less like a standoffish jackass.

Then comes the infamous ball where the entire Bennet family, except for Jane and Lizzie, embarrass themselves. He convinces Bingley not to marry Jane because it would degrade him.

MONTHS pass, and Lizzie meets Mr. Darcy again. She finds out that he separated Jane and Bingley and she is SIMMERING with resentment. Darcy, on the other hand, (who must have been pining over her and doodling ‘Mrs Elizabeth Darcy’ in his notebooks all this time) decides this is the perfect time to propose marriage. He BURSTS into her house, completely unannounced, ignores her chilly reception, then makes awkward small talk and wanders around in agitation. Finally, he confesses that he loves her, against his better judgment, and insults her and her entire family before standing back, quite pleased with himself and convinced that she’s going to accept him.

But she doesn’t.

She lets him have it. She tells him how much she loathes him and exactly why. He is stunned. Mortified. No one has ever spoken to him like this. He’s quite used to getting everything he wants, and this just shakes him to his core. He stands there for a while with a face like a slapped arse, then, unable to defend himself, he slinks away with a haughty goodbye and goes off to wallow in shame and resentment.

And then.


The next day Lizzie is walking around the grounds and Mr. Darcy finds her. Has he taken this time to compose himself so he might talk to her and explain himself better?


He wrote a letter. He wrote a fucking letter. He probably spent all night agonising and poring over this thing. Then he skulked around the grounds ALL MORNING in the hope of finding her. His exact words: “I have been walking in the grove some time in the hope of meeting you. Will you do me the honour of reading that letter?”

And he shoves it in her hand.

Then he runs.


(Darcy you fucking walnut.)

Lizzie reads the letter, and of course it’s beautiful and eloquent and it says everything he’s too socially inept to say to her face. It radically alters her opinion of him.

In response to her criticisms, Darcy really does make an effort to change his manners. He was never a bad guy – it’s obvious how much he loves his friends and his baby sister, and Lizzie too, he just tends to be rude and haughty and socially awkward, something that’s understandable considering his station.

Lizzie meets him at Pemberley and he introduces her to his sister (which, over-protective big brother alert, is the biggest compliment he can give) and seeing how he treats her makes Lizzie just a tiny bit weak in the knees. JUST A LITTLE. NOT THAT SHE WANTS TO MARRY HIM OR ANYTHING HAHA wow his house is big.


Then she hears her sister Lydia has run away with the renegade Mr. Wickham.

Mr. Darcy be like


He comes to the rescue, finds Lydia and Wickham, and persuades them to marry with a hefty sum of money, thus rescuing the Bennets from disgrace. But. BUT.



And Lizzie’s just like ‘oh no.’

(Because every girl’s a slut for a gentleman who treats her and her family with respect.)




Gee, I wonder who could have been behind that? I wonder who could possibly have persuaded Bingley that Jane truly did love him, and that her family was not beneath his station after all? WHO COULD POSSIBLY HAVE DONE THAT????

By this point Lizzie’s a hive of conflicting desires and emotions. That’s when Lady Catherine de Bourgh comes into her house, unannounced, and tells her not to marry Mr. Darcy.

How does Lizzie respond? Miss “From the very beginning – from the first moment, I may almost say – of my acquaintance with you, your manners, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others, were such as to form that groundwork of disapprobation on which succeeding events have built so immoveable a dislike; and I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry” ?


(Oooooh, girl, you got it bad.)

After this, Darcy shows up and starts talking to Lizzie. And it KILLS me, because obviously he’d given up on ever winning her hand. He did all those things for her not because he wanted her to like him, but just because he loved her. He was upset when he found out her uncle had told her about what he did for Lydia and Wickham. UPSET. And while Lady Catherine had raged about how inferior Lizzie’s family was, just as Darcy once had, now Darcy says that he respects and loves them. He says Lady Catherine spoke to him of their encounter, and it filled him with hope that maybe she didn’t think he was an insufferable jackass anymore. ONLY when he receives this encouragement does he renew his proposal, and even then he adds, “one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”

I MEAN???? Just LOOK at this precious sunflower, dumb and stuttering and full of “awkwardness and anxiety,” so fucking in love with this girl that he was willing to give his personality a complete overhaul and re-evaluate all his life choices, not because he thought it would make her like him, but JUST BECAUSE he loved her. And if she had refused him a second time, he would never have bothered her again. THAT is how you gentleman.

The name of the novel says it all – Pride and Prejudice. He’s proud and haughty, she’s prejudiced and rooted in her negative first impressions. These are the things they have to overcome, this is how they have to grow and evolve. He needs to lay aside his pride, she her prejudice, and only then can they be together.

Because they are perfect for each other. Absolutely, unequivocally. And when Jane Austen says they live happily ever after, I believe her.

Things to remember about Autism & social skills

It’s ok to be really bad with them. You may feel as if you’re just falling into the common stereotype, but trust me. There are lots of people to fall with you. (although it might get a lil awkward between y'all)

It’s ok to be really good with them. Sometimes it feels like you don’t belong here, but trust me, you do. Remember that time you felt a really nice texture and made a really fun noise? Remember that time you accidentally spent 3 hours looking for the perfection reaction image because darn it what if I mess up and they block me? Remember all the times you did something super autistic? Heck yea, now gimme a hug!

Struggling socially comes in many awkward flavours. Whether you’re extremely shy, anxious, passive, clingy, overbearing, awkward, or just plain dense as a brick, it still counts. It’s all good, dude.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for dumb humor, but the face Link makes when he tries to draw a weapon without having one equipped is the funniest thing in the entire game, so I took pictures of every version of Link doing it for kicks and giggles.

just like photoshop something into his hand for the perfect ‘wtf is this’ reaction image lol

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I saw your reaction image and had to make a poor-quality edit of it with a Deus Ex reference. I have no idea if you’re using a font or handwriting, so I didn’t try very hard to match the text. The removal of the original text was also done fairly quickly and may be obvious. Also, I couldn’t make the sunglasses fit or be exactly the same size. It’s close enough though.

{Reaction} Got7′s gf not shaving everyday

got7 reaction to their gf not shaving everyday (legs/armpits) because it’s not good for her skin and she doesn’t mind the hair (people need to accept that women are hairy too!)

Note: Yas! Someone’s finally said it, I agree with you wholly! This reaction was made kind of short because I kind of struggled to think of scenarios {I need some creative inspiration~} But yeah, anyway, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Jackson Wang

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Jackson: “Babe, I have no idea why you’re telling me this. It doesn’t matter if you shave all the time or not, I’m not dating you for your body hair or lack of it. You’re perfect despite if you’ve shaved or not.”

Mark Tuan

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Mark: “Baby~ I don’t mind if you shaved or not, it doesn’t make any difference.”


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Bambam: “Do I look like I care if you shave or not? It’s your body, and I love you regardless if you have hair or not. You’re silly Jagiya.” *grinning*


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{y/n}: “I can see you staring at my legs and I’d like you to stop, I know I haven’t shaved-”

JB: “What are you talking about? you look sexy as hell”


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Jinyoung: “You look so cute Jagi, I don’t see why you care so much about it.” 

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom: “Why should you have to shave when I don’t? I think you’re beautiful either way,”

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae: *winks* “You still look sexy jagiya”

✨ types of BTS stans based on people I know/have seen✨
  • Taehyung stans: </b> Protective mothers,hype queens/kings,"put that tongue back in your damn mouth!",if they cry it's because they love him too much,"FUCK YOU AND YOUR WHITEWASH"(I agree with this one btw),just love this precious boy in general for who he is and they do it deeply just like Taehyung loves puppy's and his family<p/><b>Jimin stans:</b> Pictures of his little chubby hands,cry about how smol Jimin is and some are smaller than him,a bit crazy per se,their kink is seeing Jimin happy and healthy,Lie is their anthem,always make sure that Jimin knows he is loved by thousand's and don't need to change himself to please anyone<p/><b>Jungkook stans:</b> most of them or are young stans or are new stans(there are exceptions of course),addicted to reaction image/gifs,always SHOOK by Jungkook muscles,Jungkook's covers are everything for them, wish for Jungkook to show his face on SNS more often,everything Jungkook do is perfect even the way he breaths<p/><b>Hobi stans:</b> they scream USING CAPS LOCK,"DFNMLKNJDFGNJDKG",lovely people who love the sun, Hoseok attorneys,"PLS STAN HOBI HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SUNSHINE",send kisses to the sun for Hoseok,Hobi's smile is their most precious gem,they exist to show the world Jung Hoseok's talents,still not over 1 Verse and currently being patient while waiting for his mixtape<p/><b>Namjoon stans:</b> or call him "SUCH A CUTE BABY" or "FUCKING HOT" depends on their humor or Namjoon himself,fashion hoes and deep thinking,can't understand why Namjoon stage name is Rap Monster when he is such a cute awkward guy with a soft heart and great mind,they don't go much into other people bullshit fights they just watch,slight daddy kink,Namjoon protection squad,a bit bitter about how underated Namjoon's mixtape is despite being REALLY FUCKING GOOD<p/><b>Seokjin stans:</b> very dedicated princesses/princes,aesthetic hoes, can't get over Jin pink hair(but who can?),"JIN IS THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN", can listen to Jin windshield wiper laugh for hours,really bitter because of how underated Jin is but I don't blame them because I agree,"LET JIN SING!!!",want to taste Jin's food one day<p/><b>Yoongi stans:</b> The most passionate people in the world and love this man to the moon and back,curse a lot,really soft people inside, when Yoongi speaks of Holly they cry,cat ears is a sensitive subject, AGUST D is their anthem and the mixtape is their bible, very thankful about Yoongi's existence,their kink is seeing Yoongi's gummy smile and him pratically glowing by being satisfied with himself(finally) and just happy in general,fire🔥<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Source: https://twitter.com/neymarzord/status/797943959955849216
NCT 127 (+Jeno)’s reaction to their S/o being a good dancer.

 “nct 127 + jeno reaction to s / o being a very good dancer”

Imagine: He had walked in on you dancing to Cherry Bomb in the lounge. Your movements were so exact and you brought a certain atmosphere to the air when you danced. He was surprised to see you being so talented in dance.

Lee Taeyong:

Seeing you dance would get him quite excited because it meant the two of you could dance together and he could teach you dances as you could with him. He would cautiously approach you and begin to join you dancing, only when you turned around, you noticed him.

“Y/n, you’re amazing! We should dance together.”

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Seo Youngho/Jonny: 

Like Taeyong, he would want to learn dances with you after learning about your talent but would mainly like to watch you. He would be mesmerised with your performances and always ask why you never told him that you can dance sooner. 

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me about this! Can you do other dances?”

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Moon Taeil:

Taeil would want to watch you dance forever. As he knows how hard it is to learn dances, he wouldn’t push you to learn anything in particular but he would try to persuade you to do some of the other NCT dances so he could do them with you. He would enjoy helping you do the dances but would enjoy nothing more than doing them with you. He would try to persuade you to learn some cute girl group dances as well.

“Wow, Ai-in! That was perfect!”

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Nakamoto Yuta:

Yuta would also love to watch you dance, he would often watch you practice and encourage you. He would also help you learn NCT dances if you were learning them, which he would enjoy greatly when you perfected the dance and he could perform it with you. He would try to get you to learn some of the cute Japanese but very rarely. If you actually learned them, he would get flustered but find it cute.

“Ah, N/n-Rin, why didn’t you tell me you could dance? Do you think you could do this?”

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Kim Dongyoung:

Doyoung would have a similar reaction to Yuta and Taeil. He would be amazed to see you dancing to one of NCT’s songs, but nothing would make him more excited and happy than the image of you dancing to a girl group. He would love to ask you if you knew any but would be too shy to actually ask or suggest any. So instead, he simply asked what other dances you know.

“Ai-in, you looked so cool! What other dances do you know?”

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Jung Yoonoh/Jaehyun:

As a lead dancer, Jaehyun would be really amazed. When he sees you dancing to his part, he couldn’t help but join you. However, you would soon notice him as he would be so loud. He would love to dance with you and would teach you some dances he knew that you could do together. If you ever learned a girl group dance, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling.

“Jagi, please dance again!”

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Dong Si Cheng/Win Win:

As he loves to dance, he would be amazed and really happy when he sees you dancing as well. He would watch you but wouldn’t make a sound until you are finished. He would tell you how much he enjoyed watching you dance and would try to get you to dance again but with him this time. He would love to teach you Chinese dance and to watch you do it successfully would make him so proud.

“That was beautiful, Qin ai de”

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Lee Minhyung/Mark:

Mark’s reaction would be very similar to Taeil’s. He would stand, amazed at your talent and wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. Dancing with you would be one of his favourite things to do as the two of you would enjoy it so much. You would improve together and learn new songs together. If you learned any girl group dances, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and blushing.

“Babe… That was so cool! What else can you do?”

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Lee Donghyuck/Haechan:

Donghyuk would have a very similar reaction to Jaehyun’s. Seeing you dance to his part would make him so excited that he wouldn’t be able to keep quiet. After he begs you to continue after he interrupted you, he would dance with you and help you with it, only after teasing you about it through. 

“Jagi, do it again! I missed some of it” 

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Lee Jeno:

Jeno’s reaction would be similar to Doyoung’s. He would be amazed to see you dancing to Cherry Bomb, just like his hyungs and would love for you to tech him. Watching you dance would make him so happy and proud that his girlfriend is so cool. He would love to dance with you and would teach you some of the dances he had to do as a trainee. If you ever performed girl group dances for him, this poor boy would be blushing red and wouldn’t stop smiling at how cute you are. 

“Jagi, please teach me, I want to dance with you”

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Thranduil X Male!Elf!Reader - home. pt 2.

Thranduil X Male!Elf!Reader
part 2
warnings: sexual themes, there is smut yo
he/him pronouns used for reader
**not really set during any time period, but obviously when thranduil is king + after legolas born, duh

part 1

You were coming up on your third century when you returned to your home. To be more precise, you were 283 when you returned to Mirkwood, and you were very much a changed man.

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Good Girl (20 Different Pairings #2- Sam x Reader)

Summary: You and Sam give in to the sexual tension between you.

Warning: Smut, praise!kink

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: Hope you enjoy #2 of the 20 Different Pairings List!

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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace (A Sherlock Fanfic)


“Sherlock!” Molly exclaims with surprise, as if he were the last person on Earth she’d expected to see. Her breathing hitches as a light blush rises in her cheeks. “What are you doing in here?” She asks with an undeniable smile in her voice. She was alone, just as he’d thought, and frantically donning the last of her jewelry.

Sherlock grins with indisputable delight at how pleased she is by his presence, knowing the effect he had on her and loving it. “I wanted to see you,” he replies calmly, taking a step forward. “It is your big day after all.” Another step. “And you look beautiful Molly,” he adds with sincerity.

She did look truly stunning in her floor-length chiffon gown. The intricate lace bodice hugged her slim figure as far as her waist and from there layers of material cascaded down to the floor like a delicate waterfall.

A meek “thank you” is all Molly can manage in return to his compliment, embarrassed by Sherlock’s unnatural formality.

They gaze into one another’s eyes for a time, each of them unsure of what to say to the other.

“H- how’s your hand?” Molly asks suddenly, remembering he’d cut himself yesterday.

“It’s fine,” Sherlock assures her, touched and amused by her concern over such a trivial injury. “Healing up quite nicely thanks to your prompt medical attention.”

“That’s good.”

Sherlock looks around, desperately searching for something to say, because in reality, he wasn’t sure why he was even there in the first place. He’d just followed a vague instinct to seek out his friend. His pathologist. His Molly. “Look, Molly I just wanted to congratulate you,” he says offhandedly. “You deserve nothing but the best and I hope you’ll be very happy with the life you’ve chosen.” He didn’t mean that. He wanted her to be happy of course, but it was a statistical impossibility with that moron of a fiancé. 

Molly nods once and bites her lip shyly, looking down at the necklace in her hands.

Sherlock follows her gaze toward the delicate chain. “Would you like some help with that?”

“Oh, umm, yes that’d be lovely,” Molly agrees distractedly, handing him the piece of jewelry and turning around so he could put it on her.

She reaches up to push her hair aside, but Sherlock is already doing so. His large hands brush gently across the back of her neck, sending electric shivers coursing through Molly’s body. She swallows anxiously, her mouth suddenly very dry. Molly does her best to keep still as he reaches over her shoulder and drapes the piece of jewelry around her collar. She watches silently in the mirror as Sherlock strives to fasten the tiny silver clasp. He had that signature, meticulous look of laser-sharp focus in his eye, even when performing something so mundane. Molly’s heart pounds uncontrollably in her chest as a flood of familiar warmth spreads through her.

Sherlock notices, of course. She was practically quaking beneath him. However, he does his best to remain indifferent.

Molly suddenly feels very guilty, as if her body were betraying her on the most important day of her life. I’m marrying Tom, she reminds herself. Not Sherlock. Don’t do this. Don’t let him get to you…

“There you are,” Sherlock announces- breaking her train of thought. He glances upward and their eyes meet in the mirror as he admires her image. “Now you’re perfect.”

“Thanks,” she practically mouths, unable to produce a sound.

Sherlock places his hands on her shoulders proudly and bends down to kiss her cheek. Molly closes her eyes as his lips meet her skin, slowly leaning into his touch. The detective hesitates before pulling away, unsure what to make of her reaction. Molly opens her eyes and finds Sherlock looking down at her with an openness and curiosity she’d never seen before.

Instinctively and simultaneously, they lean in to each other and Molly twists around until their lips meet. It was a perfect kiss. Hesitant, but also desperate. Slow, but deep. Necessary, but forbidden.

Sherlock takes hold of Molly’s waist, pulling her into him securely. It wasn’t the first time he’d kissed a woman. But it was the first time he’d kissed a woman he genuinely cared about, and it was surprisingly… pleasant. He loses himself in her enticing aroma as Molly reaches up and tugs at his hair with a tormented kind of need. He could feel her rapid heartbeat against his chest, making him ache to please her. He wasn’t ready to let her go. If this was going to be their first and last kiss, then the detective was sure as hell going to make it a good one.

Sherlock twists them around and shoves Molly backwards, pinning her firmly against the nearest wall as his lips continue their assault. His tongue begins to explore, ever-so-reluctantly, and Molly involuntarily sighs, too far gone for logical thought to register. All she knew is that she needed him. She wanted him with all her heart.

Both desperate for breath, Sherlock finally leaves her mouth, trailing his lips gingerly along her jawbone and down her neck.

“Sherlock…” Molly exhales with concern, slowly coming out of her daze and realizing what they’d just done. However it was what the detective said next that sent her into a complete emotional tailspin.

“Don’t do this,” he begs solemnly. “Don’t marry Tom.”


companions finding a pin up magazine, but after a few flips, they see sole in a revealing outfit! (who keeps the magazine and who asks about it too

Request from a cool anon, thanks for this :)

While rooting around an old cellar in sanctuary Mac and Hancock came across an old world pin up magazine, thinking it would be an enjoyable laugh for the whole crew the pair raced back to the lounge, to show off their find, only for them all to find a rather sexy spread of sole smugly lounging on some velvet red pillows, their was a mixture of amusement, embarrassing and just a hint of excitement at the surprising find.  

Cait: When her eyes scanned across the scrumptious position of sole she erupted in a cackle of laughter, “I’ve not had a good fucking laugh like this in a long time, although got to admit, sole is looking sexy as sin in this”. She doesn’t admit to the flutter of attraction that flashes through her eyes, but she does begin to non directly tease sole about the images, slyly commenting “practicing for something?” every time sole sheds a piece of clothing or bends down. 

Curie: She’s in shock, a rose pink bloom speckles across her cheeks at the reveling image, “Thiz? is sole? oh no! we must not tell them and respect their privacy!”. Although not admitting it to sole she does lectures the others on the beauty and art form of the images sole is in, it kills her to not ask sole to pose for her for a drawing. 

Codsworth: “Oh my!!” He jokingly lights his flame thrower, exaggerating the hotness of the photos for the others amusements, “I have to admit, if I was human I might of had some embarrassing reactions to that, even if they are my master” He chuckles

Danse: He flushes with complete embarrassment, averting his eyes everywhere but the image of sole, it makes him uncomfortable seeing his fellow comrade, so, so naked. While continuing to look away he comments on how the others where invading soles privacy, he backs out of the room to try and control his flushing cheeks and other issues. 

Deacon: “woahhhh there baby now that, right there is the most perfect peach of an ass I’ve ever seen”. He snatches the magazine marveling at it while childishly giggling, “hey, hey guys anybody want to get a shot of me in a sexy pose”. The winks at them before making porn music noises and stripping until he’s yelled at. He pesters sole for a new spread teasingly ever other week after.

Dogmeat:  ( Borks at the commotion, maybe this was an important paper he should bring sole while they where in their meeting)

Hancock: He’s snatched the magazine for himself, shamelessly eating up the eye candy and making noises that would cause nightmares to the others in the room, “hey, you guys want to leave me and the magazine alone”, his tone is enough to leave the others backing away cringing. He shows the magazine to sole, telling them the picture would be largely displayed in his mayoral office. He always keeps the skin mag in his back pocket.

Nick: When he notices the sexy human is sole he feels guilty for eyeing them up like that, he rubs the back of his neck embarrassed and walks straight to sole to tell them what he has seen. “I’m not judging kid and honestly at first I was really enjoying the view but wow when I realized it was you..” He rubs his head mortified but ends up in fits of laughter with sole over the whole situation

Maccready: He shamefully gets a little bit to excited by the images and has to leave to er, get rid of that excitement, he constantly pesters Hancock to share the magazine saying he wants it to laugh at, “Come on I just want to laugh at it, nothing else…pleaseee”. He is always unsuccessful in his attempts 

Preston: He like cait bursts into laughter, joking and acting like a child, “general booty reporting for duty!!” He chokes out between laughing fits, he braces himself agaisnt the wall, trying to find composure, “seriously guys we shouldn’t tell them I think you’d be pissed with us and probably embarrassed”. It takes him a week to be able to talk to sole again without giggling

Piper: “woah there blue now that’s a front page article”. She giggles cheekily spinning round and mocking up a fake news story where they could feature the picture in the publik occurrence, she really enjoys seeing this different side of sole and knows how much fun she can have at their expense. She tells sole jokingly if they don’t give her the last nuka cola she’ll feature them under the headline “Boston’s own blue booty”

Strong: When strong saw all the others gathered round the paper he decides to look fir himself, he was annoyed to find that even before the war sole was not wearing Armour and even worse not many clothes!!! He’d have a few choice words for them later about how useless a “bunny tail” was 

X6-88: “This is an old world form of pornographic material am I right”. A slight smile creeps on his face as he momentarily flips up his glasses for a better look, “This could be a good study research for old world ways”. He lies, secretly wanting the magazine for himself, seemingly unsuccessful as the other companions tell him no. He approaches sole afterwards telling them how professional looking they where in their pornographic pictures. 

Something I find really interesting about the Kageyama Brothers- they BOTH have issues with expressing their emotions in healthy ways, and for a long time just went with the ‘suppress’ route.

It’s quite obvious with Mob, what with him officially having a complex due to his suppression of his emotions and his powerful outbursts due to that, but Ritsu had also trained himself not to let his feelings out. He did it for Mob, to keep him calm and safe, tried to project the image of the perfect caring little brother. He tried to ignore and forget his fear, a child’s understandable reaction to trauma, and I wouldn’t be surprised if being afraid of his brother’s ???% state made him feel ashamed. He loves his brother, so being afraid of him makes him feel like a bad person, and so he tries to ignore it all the more. Add to that the feeling that if he could just get psychic powers of his own, he wouldn’t have to be scared of him, and the jealous frustration just grows. But he can’t let any of that show. Because that could stress Mob out.

But of course, just like with Mob, suppressing those turbulent feelings just made them worse, and come out in violent, explosive ways.

ayabai replied to your photo “petition for tumblr user @ayabai to co-direct the yuri on ice movie. …”

My first act as co-director is obviously to decree the movie 75% porn, 15% cuddling, and 10% actual plot LOOK PEOPLE THIS IS THE MOVIES

LOOK, this is good, i approve. i had a perfect reaction image for it and i couldn’t find it and i looked through 11 months of my yuuri katsuki tag for that perfect image, because i support u and want u to succeed working side-by-side with sayokubo in making lots of penises touch in a sexy way intercut with victor nikiforov making coffee in his briefs and one of yuuri’s t-shirts backwards and inside-out while yuuri sleeps in their shared bed because they’re married married married with some really good ice skating, particularly victor coming out in a gold lamé one piece and eating the world record for breakfast.  

(but also in my search for a reaction image instead i found the post i made immediately after episode ten where i basically left work three hours early because i was too emotional about victor nikiforov to function and i was like, oh god yeah, i’m definitely that person, wow wow w o w)

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Tbh "I ain't even mad," is somehow such a perfect Outsider quote? I mean, depending on the game you're plaing, it can describe like 50% of his character. (Not to mention that imagining an actual god like him saying it makes me laugh.) I feel like we're sorely lacking an Outsider reaction image with that caption and the world is lesser for it.

I fully support the creation of this!

What Dating Namjoon Would Include

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Author’s Note: Soooo guys I’ll be starting this dating series for all the members. Know that I almost died writing this because you don’t know how bad I want all of this to happen. Please don’t judge me :) Its also a little something away from all the angsty stuff I’ve been writing. I mean like what happened to all the fluff I used to have inside? Anyways there is still fluff inside me so I hope you guys enjoy this. Oh did I mention there are some Rated 18 stuff so read to your pleasure ;)

Oh another thought, what if Namjoon was secretly submissive but we all think he is DomJoon. But idk I have all these dominant vibes from him too.

- Late night/ Early morning cuddles because he’ll be up practicing or writing songs.

- He’ll probably be buying you gifts when he is overseas because he’ll be guilty leaving you behind.

- Late night pillow talks with him discussing about the meaning of life or how the universe was formed.

- You waking up in the middle of the night to see him working on lyrics because he suddenly had inspiration.

- Him purposely placing things really high so you can’t reach it. 

- The cocky grin on his face when you ask him for help to get the mug on the top cupboard.

- Lotsa backhugs while you’re cooking to make him feel useful in the kitchen
we all know he can’t cook 

- Dates together at the park for a picnic or just grabbing some coffee to get away from hustle and bustle of life.

- Wearing his shirts that drape over you like a dress.

- Accepting his unique fashion sense.

- Him buying you lotsa Converse Highs.

- “Where did all my shoes go?”
  “I don’t know but what I do know is that these Converse would look amazing on you” he said while flashing you a wink.

- Taking his Kim Daily photos in odd angles to make him look good not that he isn’t already

- Teasing him for anything that spoils in your house.

- “Did you do something to my tv?’
  “You’re the only one sitting here all day so it must be you.”

- You apologizing afterwards because you know he is not always the God of Destruction.

- You secretly thinking he is cute for being clumsy with things.

- You thinking out loud that it is not cool that he broke your favorite vase.

- Forcing him out of the confines of the studio because he has been overworking himself.

- Just spending time in the same room but each doing your stuff. Him composing/writing songs while you do your work.

- Literally treating him as your personal dictionary and encyclopedia.

- “Hey babe what does circumlocution mean?”
  “…. Ermm.. I don’t know.”

- Poking his dimples whenever you have the chance to.

- Buying matching Ryan bear pajamas with him.

- Loving the side to him when he forgets that no one is watching or judging him.

- Comforting him whenever he gets hate by fans/ k-netizens.

- Encouraging him to sing more because you love his voice brace yourself for vocal monster

- He’ll definitely write songs about you. Either to tell you how amazing you are or how sorry he is for not being able to be there all the time or maybe about your amazing sex life

- Squeezing your butt whenever you walk in front of him handsy Namjoon

- Him cracking jokes that has a sexual meaning to it also.

- You acting like you’re disgusted but secretly loving this side to him because you actually get his sexual jokes.

- Being open to try kinks with him pretty sure he has some

- “Daddy” or at least him being the dominant one. 

- Him leaving hickeys all over you as a reminder of the amazing night before.

- Him not being shy at all when going lingerie shopping with you.
“You should try this one y/n.”
“You can see my boobs through it.”
“Precisely.” he grins suggestively at you.

- “What if your parents don’t like me? What if they-”
  You shutting him up by kissing him and then assuring him that he’s overthinking about things. 

- Probably not being able to keep your hands off him.

- HOT STEAMY MAKE OUT SESSIONS that usually leads to more after.

- Helping him take care of his stuff down there because boi he has a high sex drive.

- You knowing that behind his image on stage lies a 22 year old man who has his own fears and uncertainty. 

- Despite all his flaws, you love him unconditionally because he is perfect with all his imperfections in your eyes. 

Psychology Behind Passengers’ Negative Reviews (opinion)

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ONE LAST THING ABOUT PASSENGERS I SWEAR I’M SO SORRY. I dragged my family to watch Passengers tonight (merry Christmas to those who celebrate) and on the way home we had a discussion that lead to a breakthrough (as I like to call it). That breakthrough was me explaining the negative reception towards Passengers with psychological theories. This is just stemmed from my constant blabbering about Passengers, but can probably be applied to other movies and situations as well.

WARNING: spoilers ahead

Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE)

The first theory is the fundamental attribution error. So I learned this sometime last year in my psychology class and it’s actually pretty interesting. Essentially it’s when people attribute an individual’s behaviour to internal characteristics like someone’s personality, as opposed to the external situation the individual is placed in. 

In terms of Passengers, people have been reacting negatively to the fact that Jim wakes Aurora up, calling it “creepy” and “gross”. Now, this can be seen as an example of FAE. People (critics especially it seems) are attributing Jim’s behaviour (waking Aurora up) to his personality, thus branding him as a creepy stalking. However, in my opinion, attributing his actions to his personality is the wrong move. We know that Jim has been placed in extreme circumstances, where he has been alone for a year on a steel spaceship. As I had mentioned and explained in my previous reviews (spoiler FREE, spoiler FILLED), it is human to want human companionship in this specific situation. 

I honestly believe that the reason people are saying that the twist is so horrendous that they can’t bare to watch the film is because they believe that Jim is just a terrible human being for waking up Aurora and essentially murdering her. I am certainly not saying that what he did wasn’t wrong, because believe me, on every moral and ethical level, it is wrong. But, I don’t necessarily think it makes him a bad person, just because I am taking into count and attributing his final decision to wake Aurora up to the extreme situation he is being placed it. Point is, I understand his behaviour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I accept it. 

Self-Serving Bias (SSB)

Self-serving bias is ANOTHER theory I learned in my psychology class (didn’t think I’d really ever apply it to something I love as much as movies). This theory is based on the idea that people will do whatever it takes to maintain their self-esteem and view themselves as good people. In my opinion, the negative reception towards Passengers could be partially due to this theory. Nowadays, there are two types of movies: ones that are so out of this world and sweep you away and ones that break down and reflect human society. Passengers is a little bit of both, but at its core, its the latter. 

Jim waking Aurora up reflects the fact that we as human beings are selfish. We tend to do things to benefit ourselves more than others. Jim wakes Aurora up to alleviate his loneliness and perpetual suffering, therefore making him seem selfish (this connects to the previous theory mentioned above). Now, viewers of the film see this behaviour and think: “So the creators of this film are telling me that this movie is about human behaviour. Jim wakes Aurora up, making him selfish. So the filmmakers are telling me I’m selfish? No way.”. Here my friends is a prime example of SSB. 

Since viewers understand that the actions of the characters in this movie are meant to reflect us as humans, what they are seeing is that humans are selfish, therefore meaning that they are selfish. This is where SSB kicks in. Being selfish is seen as a negative characteristic and since SSB causes people to do what it takes to maintain their self-image as a good person, they will instantly reject this to do so. Essentially what I believe is that viewers do not want to believe that if they were placed in the same situation that Jim was in, they would be the better person and NOT wake another person up, sentencing them to death. This makes them feel like they are good people therefore maintaining their self-image and self-esteem. 

To wrap up, I’d just like to remind everyone that this is my personal opinion from a very psychological point of view. This doesn’t mean that every single person who has had a negative reaction to the film’s “twist” thinks this way, it’s meerely a possibility. I really enjoyed this film, but it’s certainly not perfect and has many flaws. Those flaws are a strong contributing factor to the negative reception this film has gotten, once again reitterating that my psychological rant is not me generalizing the cause of the negative reception towards this movie. These theories are widely applicable and can be applied to a myriad of other films and situations (like I mentioned before), just none that my sleepy brain can think of at this exact moment.

I actually never thought I’d apply psychology to something that I love as much as films, so this has been really interesting and I’m certainly hoping I’ll be able to do more with it in the future. 

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How did Margaret Beauford treat Elizabeth in real life? I doubt anything in the series The White Queen is true. The White Princess infuriates me!

For what we know, they had a good and cordial relationship. They teamed-up often during Henry’s reign –after all, it was their descendants they were working for.

Margaret was a presence at court, but non-constant. She didn’t live all the time at the Palace and owned a residence away from London. Margaret spent a lot of time at Collyweston, where she took an important role in local justice and government- Henry VII used his few relatives and allies like the earl of Oxford as much as he could to secure his rule over England. So Margaret definitely wasn’t always at court, leaving Henry and Elizabeth together. Margaret wasn’t trying to control her son and daughter-in-law all the time. She was largely dedicated to her charities and foundations. 
Yet, Henry clearly revered her and listened to her on domestic matters for example. Other Kings’ mothers had been involved in their son’s court as well btw (Cecily Neville, mother of Edward IV, was also a constant presence during the early years of her son’s rule. She even revised her coat of arms to include the royal arms of England, hinting that her husband, Richard Duke of York, had been a rightful king and that she was effectively Queen Dowager, and when Edward married Elizabeth Woodville, he built new queen’s quarters for her and let his mother remain in the queen’s quarters in which she had been living).
We have to remember that Margaret had actively worked towards her son’s marriage to Elizabeth of York.
However, that Margaret was commanding and imperious cannot be denied, but then nor can her affection for both her son and daughter-in-law. There is no evidence Henry favoured his mother over his wife. The most used accounts of Margaret’s alleged dominance over her daughter-in-law are from the Spanish ambassadors, like : “The King is much influenced by his mother…the Queen, as is generally the case, does not like it.” but looking at the entire letter gives a slightly different context.“The King is much influenced by his mother and his followers in affairs of personal interest and in others. The Queen, as is generally the case, does not like it. There are other persons who have much influence in the government, as, for instance, the Lord Privy Seal, the Bishop of Durham, the Chamberlain, and many others.“

But then we should remember that the spanish men were used to see a strong Queen in Isabella de Castilla —even stronger that the spanish King since her lands were far wider and powerful than his—, a queen taking decisions and contradicting her husband, even publicly. So the ‘humble and reverend’ Elizabeth could be perceived as submissive.
And ambassadors had their own agendas as well. I tend to take their opinions with a grain of salt (Spanish envoys also called Anne Boleyn the biggest whore of all or something like that, so yeah…). EOY was pregnant then too so maybe Margaret was being overprotective, or EOY was not in a good state… idk?

It was Margaret who intervened for Elizabeth’s younger sister Cecily when she angered Henry with her marriage to a commoner, Margaret who gave Cecily and her husband shelter and negotiated with Henry on Cecily’s behalf so Elizabeth would not be placed in a difficult position. It was Margaret who looked after Elizabeth in the aftermath of Bosworth, newly renovating her rooms to keep her comfortable and allowing her the privacy to get to know her future husband. Margaret kept a permanent suite of rooms entirely for Elizabeth’s disposal at her estate in Collyweston. It was to Margaret’s house that Elizabeth fled with Prince Henry during the Cornish uprising of 1497. It was Margaret to whom Elizabeth turned when she was anxious about her daughter being sent to Scotland. It was Margaret who commissioned the printer William Caxton to publish the romance Blanchardin and Eglantine, in honour of the love-story that was Henry and Elizabeth’s marriage (then, Margaret & Elizabeth together commissioned  a highly popular prayer sequence).
When, in the run-up to Prince Arthur and Catherine’s wedding, Lady Margaret drew up a list of the queen’s attendants, there were spaces for names to be included –after discussion with Elizabeth.
A letter from Pope Alexander –around 1498 if i am right?– warned Margaret that Henry had already promised Elizabeth that he would appoint her candidate as the next bishop of Worcester, therefore Margaret’s candidate had to be dropped. So he listened his wife intead of his mother for this example (and maybe more since a lot of letters disappeared). I can’t imagine Henry allowing anyone, even his own mother, to disrespect Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the crowned Queen of England, and by simple dint of the social order of the day, she outranked Margaret by a mile.

People likes to imagine that when Margaret dressing like Elizabeth or signing as ‘Margaret R’, was to show her ‘power’ over her daughter-in-law. But the fact of being dressed alike was not new. A miniature shows Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville kneeling before an image of the Trinity, and Cecily, Edward’s mother, is depicted in royal robes, placed immediately behind the Queen. Amy Licence said that, on key occasions Elizabeth and Margaret appeared in “like mantle and surcoat” but then Margaret tended to her daughter-in-law’s crown as Elizabeth feasted.
And for the ‘Margaret R’, people thinks it’s for Regina (The Queen) when in fact, we do know that Margaret signed her letters Margaret Richmond because she was the Dowager Countess of Richmond through Henry’s father. She sometimes seemed to have used Margaret R to shorten her signature ( people often get lazy when signing, I tend to just scribble my initials,  so it could have been that too) leading people to speculate that she was signing as “Regina” for Queen.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, was pleasant-natured and easy-going. Perhaps she smothered a smile when Margaret got deadly serious about making sure that every tapestry and bedspread in her daughter-in-law’s chamber was just right, but it didn’t really bother her. Perhaps she saw it as a sign of Margaret’s care for her that she wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Elizabeth so she’d have a pleasant experience in her lying-in chamber.
There’s always the consideration that her ‘submission’ and public nice nature were actually an strategy of Elizabeth herself -perhaps young Elizabeth observed that her mother, perceived as an active political Queen attracted a lot of negative feelings, comment and reactions, which may have contributed to the success of Richard III’s coup. Her predecessor, Margaret of Anjour, was also a busy political Queen, resulting in an image that proved disastrous for the Lancastrian cause.

There may have been times of conflict but most of the evidence points towards the two women being civil and great partners, if not friendly despite their very different personalities.

In the end, It’s hard to judge a relationship only on very brief interactions, reported by biased men (good or bad interactions).

i hope i answered your question :)

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Izaya & Shizuo's reaction when they overheard their crush shipping Shizaya with Erika (talking about top-bottom and stuffs)? :3

Orihara Izaya:

“And, from what you’ve gathered, Iza-Iza is perfect for being a bottom, no?”

“Huh? What’re you talking about? He’s obviously the top…”

“..True! Shizu-chan lying down, beneath Izayan…”

“Aaaah!!! That’s a really, really, really, really, really nice image!! Come on, you can make it come true, right?”


“You’re pretty close with Iza-Iza! I’d say that he might even have a crus—”

“…I see that Karisawa-san and you are doing fine.”

Izaya had appeared far too casually, appearing from a sharp turn. One glance at that signature jacket, and immediately Erika and you knew who it was.


“I—Izaya-san! It’s nice to see you here.”

“Just in time!! Ne, ne, Iza-Iza—“

“Nice to see you here too, [name]-chan,” he said, smiling.

“Don’t call me that, Karisawa-san.”

His polite smile did not falter.

“Bleeh, I can call you anything that I like.”

“I suggest you don’t.”

He seemed to be grimacing slightly as Karisawa huffed and pouted at you. Continuing to talk about Shizaya, it didn’t stop until Izaya had suddenly tensed (quite visibly, in fact) and warned,

“…Don’t go any further.”

“Shizu-chan.. and I.. As much as I hate to admit it, he and I will die first before that.”

“So does that mean you’d rather do all those things before dying?”


“Damn,” you muttered.

Izaya breathed in as he looked rather pointedly at you.

His smile looked strained. 


“I suggest leaving before the gangs begin to flood this place like a bunch of gnats. Annoying, but alas, it’s impossible to stop them from barging over here and starting yet another fight with one another.”

“Eeeh? Gangs?”

“Dota-chin did tell me once about something like that happening here—”

“…Just go.”

Heiwajima Shizuo:

Why he even thought it was a good idea to approach his crush and that otaku always around Kadota, he had no clue. 

His crush stood not too far away from him. They were looking to be deeply engaged in some sort of discussion with Karisawa, eyes lit up with vibrance and an energy Shizuo didn’t think he’d seen before.

(Maybe they were talking about something his crush liked?)

Shizuo took in deep breaths as he walked.

hmm!!! yes, yes!! shizu-shizu as the bottom?!”

“well. yeah. it would be interesting, right? just imagine—“

“iza-iza pinning him down?!”

“exactly! but shizuo as a top doesnt sound so bad, either…!”

….Top? Bottom?

He paused in his tracks and blinked, genuinely feeling confused.

…what.. what does that mean..?

Maybe they were talking about—







His eye twitching as his footsteps end up becoming loud stomps, he noted to himself that he’ll ask Tom what the hell a top and bottom were later. 

Then maybe beat Izaya up, ‘cause —