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Where did Lana say she was rockabilly? & can you give examples of her rockabilly outfits pls? Or style?

Courtney Love: Can I ask you about your time in New Jersey? Was that a soul-searching time?
Lana Del Rey: Oh, I don’t even know if I should have said to anyone that I was living in that trailer in New Jersey but, stupidly, I did this interview from the trailer, in 2008.
Courtney Love: I saw it!
Lana Del Rey: It’s cringy, it’s cringy. (laughs)
Courtney Love: You look so cute, though.
Lana Del Rey: I thought I was rockabilly. I was platinum. I thought I had made it in my own way. But I was proud of myself. I felt like I had arrived, in my own way. I had my own thought and it was kind of kitschy and I knew it was going to sort of influence what I was doing next. It was definitely a phase. (laughs)

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chocobros hc on thoughts of s/o look and act innocent and sweet. except they're into horror,gore,terror,and violent stuff than cute stuff. like movie, playing video games of that, etc.

Hey Anon! c:
Thank you for your request and I’m terribly sorry it took forever. As I’ve mentioned before uni is quite stressful atm. -.-

However, I hope you like this! C:


  • He’d find out during a movie night/date night 
  • He let them chose the movie not thinking much of it
  • He prepared for a Disney & DreamWorks night
  • Even believed he’d fall asleep halfway through so he bought energy drinks
  • Oh my, was he wrong
  • The second the title screen plays he’s in shock
  • Immense shock
  • Out of all the DVD’s they picked Friday the 13th?!
  • He tries to hide how shocked he is but it’s quite difficult
  • Totally stares at his s/o, trying to figure out how someone so innocent can be into stuff like that
  • When they notice and ask what’s wrong he shakes it off
  • But as he spots the other DVD’s his s/o prepared for them, he spits out his drink
  • Halloween, Wrong Turn, Final Destination,…
  • This boi is shook
  • But he owns all these DVD’s - of course he’s into horror
  • Once he’s over the initial shock, he begins to realize how lucky he got
  • A cute af s/o that so happens to like horror related things?!!!
  • However, it takes him a few hours to process this
  • In those few hours, all he does is stare at his s/o and watch how they laugh as another group of people split in the movies and die shortly after
  • His shock turns into fascination
  • Loves. His. S/O. Now. More. Than. Ever.
  • Considers him the luckiest man alive!


  • Prompto would find out by visiting his s/o and catching them playing a game
  • Game date! They chose on a date where they’d chill and play games
  • Well, Prompto expected countless rounds of Mario Kart or Mario Party
  • Nope. He was wrong. 
  • No cute Nintendo colors at all
  • Instead, his s/o only plugs in one controller and introduces him to the world of horror games
  • What starts off with Silent Hill and Fatal Frame soon turns into F. E. A. R. and Alan Wake
  • Prompto is rip. 
  • Jumps all the time
  • Absolutely horrified and in shock
  • Did. Not. Expect. That. 
  • As they pass the controller over, he rapidly shakes his head 
  • His s/o urges him to play a round of Outlast
  • They also told him it’s just an exploring game
  • Well, no. 
  • This boy shrieks and throws the controller away from him within the first 10 minutes 
  • What the fuck 
  • He’s a cute cinnamon bun that might shed a tear or two from fear and bc a jump scare terrified him
  • Loves his s/o but wasn’t prepared
  • Terrified and horrified of his s/o until they quit the gaming and they crawl into bed together, watching a round of cartoons
  • However, his heart belongs to his s/o - of course he’ll accept that side of them 
  • Perhaps he might even learn to love horror stuff.. Or at least get used to it


  • He finds out while he just casually visits them
  • A simple sleep over is planned, nothing special
  • While Ignis prepares food, his beloved reads the new issue of their favorite magazine Scream
  • The moment he heads over to them and tells them food is ready, he spots the magazine 
  • Not shocked, in fact just a tad bit confused 
  • Didn’t expect his little cute angle to wipe out a gore and horror magazine 
  • Doesn’t hesitate to tell them about it
  • I certainly didn’t think you’d be into such.. vile things.
  • Makes him more curious about his s/o and sides he might not have discovered yet
  • Invites them to take the magazine to the table 
  • Wants to know what her favorite movies are and wants to read the magazine with them
  • He’s really interested in the subject because he didn’t really care for it before
  • As he sees the happiness in their face and how glad they are about him being accepting, the happier he gets
  • Doesn’t judge his s/o or think of them badly
  • Just wants to get to know them even better 
  • Urges them to watch horror movies with him
  • Supportive af 
  • Will end up buying them lots of horror DVD’s, magazines, game or books 
  • But he expects them to watch it with him


  • He’d find out while switching through TV channels and his s/o tells him to stop at some bloody horror movie
  • Confused about why they chose this movie
  • Prepares to comfort them 
  • Thinks it’s boring and unrealistic 
  • Complaints about it to make his s/o feel less scared
  • Except.. They are not scared
  • They tell him to shut up
  • Now that man is shocked 
  • Quietly pouts beside them and watches how they react to every death or bloody scene or even jump scares 
  • Blatantly asks if they’re into horror stuff at some point 
  • Of course, they reply with yes which is quite the surprise for the King’s shield
  • However, it’s not a bad surprise - he likes it
  • Actually thinks it’s pretty badass his s/o likes such cruel things 
  • It gives him the freedom to talk about his real life “slasher” action without pretending like it wasn’t brutal 
  • Now he can share how violent he had to be without fearing his s/o would be scared of him 
  • This guy is ready to watch every horror movie in existence with them, same goes for games 
  • Of course, he lets them know how awesome they are 
  • Didn’t think someone so adorable could bear something so cruel.
  • And then he brags about how he had better killing moves than the killer on TV

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I'm contributing to kliensen bc there isn't enough of it. Evan regularly names tiny potted plants after people (he has at least 3 named after his mom etc.) And when he suggested naming one after Jared he was like "can I change it up a bit?" so he now has all these plants with lil tags on them that have names written nicely and then you just have "JARED THE DESTROYER"

Oh my god. It’s this cute tiny little succulent but jared and evan decorated the pot to look ~hardcore~ n it makes evan smile whenever he sees it


Oh Taejin Love Voyage, oops, I mean Bon Voyage 2 ep.1

Yep Taejin is out there being a true honeymoon couple and it got me shooked! I know they are together like they cannot hide it, but bro! Everything is so cute…my heart is racing. Look at them!!!!

Here is a quick update list (spoilers) on Tae & Jinnie as a honeymoon couple:

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Happy Birthday Danz...😘🙌🎉🎊🎁🎈

Don’t act like you guys didn’t know this was coming, but anyhoo… Happy birthday to one of the dopest people I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in real life. Even though all we have is this tumblr world to connect us, I do feel like you’re a true friend. You give me the best advice, make unreal predictions about my life that ALWAYS come true…😩…oh and you look good in green…😏…so its only fitting that you’re my Yoda…😌 I love your irrational fear of ghosts, bugs…😂 (the stories you’ve told me about bugs😏) and dolls or people named Annabelle. I love that you scare easily but you’ll still watch scary movies. I love that your tumblr is full of cute dogs and cats in hats and thunderstorms… I love that you still lowkey ship Camren…oops…shhh I won’t tell anyone though. 😋😛 Happy Birthday to my tumblr bestie. Hope you have a great one Danz and I’ll be sure to have a few beers for you today after work. 😘😜🙌💃🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🍻🍻🍻🍻 @2thrive #DIKKI✌😏

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//What Zest and Acrid thinks of Shifty?

(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)
“You’re very fukin short wtf ”
(how close a friend they consider them)
“You stole donuts for me so..i guess”
(wanting to have sex with them)
“Just because you’re fluffy and I can sleep on you afterwards.”
(hoping for a romantic relationship)

(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)
“I must admit, you are very cute.”
(how close a friend they consider them)
“Well…you kidnapped me…but I’m sure we can work something out.”
(wanting to have sex with them)
“O-oh my…uhm…I could hurt you…I wouldn’t want that”
(hoping for a romantic relationship)
“……its possible..perhaps .”
💔 Non-existent
💗 Very low
💗💗 A little
💗💗💗 Hopeful
💗💗💗💗 High
💗💗💗💗💗 Maximum

2p!England x @yanderehetaliareactions

This is for the lovely @yanderehetaliareactions for her birthday! This is an insert story, but not for reader! I’m sorry this is so terribly late and I know it should have been posted sooner! Happy late birthday, sweetie! ((Also forgive me, I did this all on my mobile, so it may look odd to anyone reading on an actual computer!))


Oliver watched the recording with rapt interest for what seemed to be the six trillionth time that day, the upbeat pop songs blaring from the TV along with his angel’s incredible voice telling all her fans to have a nice night. So polite! Oh yes, Marvi was absolutely perfect and cute. Oliver stared at her long brown hair and her oh so stunning green eyes as he clutched one of his colorful throw pillows. That’s his Marvi alright. Always so sweet and soft and kind.

A knock on the door distracted him and, with a slight irritated growl, the Brit stood up and marched to the door, baby blue eyes swirling with a venomous pink. If it wasn’t important, then everyone else should just leave him alone to plot how to get his love. He paused for a moment with a blush. Yes. His love sounded very nice. With a slightly rough yank, the door was opened. All of a sudden, the pink haired man couldn’t see for something was thrust into his face. He didn’t flinch.

“Here. Louis said you’d like this gift…. it’s a sorry thing, I guess. Me and James breaking your window and shit.” Allen’s voice muttered the words and Oliver sighed, remembering the incident and Al and James’s promise to make it up to him. He had long since fixed the shattered glass and vacuumed up all the shards that were too small to pick up.The irritation melted slightly at that, realizing that the American was trying to be nice in his own standoffish way.

Though that didn’t exactly stop Oliver from making a sarcastic comment. What fun would it be if he couldn’t ruffle Al’s feathers once in awhile? “Allen, dear, I can’t exactly see my gift if it’s right in my face.” Al snarled at the use of his full name and pulled the envelope back a little before thrusting it into the Brit’s hands and stomping away. Poor Oliver couldn’t even remind him to put fifty cent in the swear jar before he stalked off. “Thank you!” He called after his brother, smiling slightly when his truck door slammed hard and the sound of tires squealing left his driveway.

Genuinely curious at this point, Oliver looked down at the pure white envelope in his hands, which had a messily written ‘my bad’ on the front. He shakes his head before heading back to his living room and sitting delicately on the couch, careful not to wrinkle Al’s gift. “I wonder what my dear Allen has gotten me.” He cooed as he grabbed his knife off the end table closest to him, slicing the top in one neat flick of his wrist. The first thing he pulled out was a piece of notebook paper with James’s handwriting on it as well.

‘Oliver, sorry we broke your window. Louis said this would be a good makeup gift or whatever. -James’

The Brit smiled at his son’s attentiveness. Gently setting the letter aside, he dumped the contents of the manila envelope next to him. Shock nearly caused him to drop his knife as he screamed in absolute joy. There, on his sofa, laid a ticket and a VIP pass. Not to just anything. To a concert and not just any concert. In bold lettering at the top of the ticket, sat her name. His Marvi’s name. What a perfect opportunity his sons had gifted him!

The concert that was scheduled for tomorrow! ‘How in the world have those two managed to get their hands on a ticket and a VIP pass on such short notice?!’ Oliver thought as he squealed happily, pressing play on his remote as he placed the pass around his neck, walking towards the TV. “Soon, darling… Soon, we’ll be together. Forever and ever.” He purred at her form, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.


Exhausted from another wonderful show full of adoring fans, Marvi waltzed to her dressing room, wiping a bit of sweat off her skin with a soft towel. Feeling tired and smiling a little in joy as she took a breath. Her manager and long time best friend, a tiny Vietnamese woman with bright amber eyes and raven black hair peered in. “Your VIP guest will be here in two minutes.” She said, her voice soft and gentle, befitting the soft looking woman. Marvi whipped around with a smile, brown hair fluttering and her green eyes shimmering with a mirthful light, waving at the woman.

“Thank you, Linh! You should get some sleep. You must be exhausted from all the work you’ve done for tonight’s show.” She said, concern for her friend and manager evident in her voice as Linh opened her mouth to protest. “Good! I’ve already sent everyone else home. Now, get to the hotel and rest!” Marvi ordered good naturedly and pointed towards the parking lot, smiling as the smaller woman gave a sigh and a nod before heading to her car.

“If you’re sure…” Linh mutters softly, looking a bit conflicted as Marvi waved her off before heading back to her dressing room and shutting the door.

“I can totally deal with one fan! How hard could it possibly be?!” She asked with a large grin. Linh sighed and began walking down the corridors of the stadium to get to her car. Large blue eyes watched the scene and the scowl on Oliver’s face twisted to a large grin as he pulled the small Asian woman to him, knowing that Xiao had his eyes on her as well…Come to think of it, Kuro had mentioned some woman managing a famous singer too. Someone who came on TV during an interview, maybe…? Oh well. Two birds with one stone, as they say. She let out a sharp cry before Oliver put his hand over her mouth and placed the knife at her neck.

Linh froze and looked down at the blade slightly before tensing up as an arm snaked around her waist. “You’re going to allow me to escort you to Marvi’s dressing room and you two are going to come with me quietly.” Oliver stated cheerfully, though his swirling eyes told her a different story as he glared at her. She gave a small nod as he allowed her to lead the way. She took a deep breath, but before she could say anything, Oliver pressed the knife closer.

“Try to warn my angel… try to scream… try anything that could ruin this… and, poppet, I’ll slice your throat open so quickly, you’ll be wondering what happened. I don’t care who wants you.” He growled slowly as the Vietnamese woman let out her breath shakily, tears welling in her eyes as they made it back to the dressing room. “Knock, dear. It’s only polite.” Oliver said sweetly as Linh brought her trembling hand up and knocked twice.
“Did you forget something, Linh? I didn’t expect you to-” Marvi started before seeing her friends testy eyes and the shine of a silver blade at her neck. Linh sniffles slightly and bit her lip as Oliver leaned over her shoulder. Marvi opened the door wider. “Well, hey there… As rude as this may sound, please get that knife away from my friend’s neck.” Marvi spoke, anxiety welling up in her chest as her friend began to panic lightly.

Oliver leaned closer to her, gently grabbing a few strands of her brown hair and smelling it. “Oh, angel, your hair smells better than I thought it would,” He stated dreamily as he smiles. “But I’m afraid I can’t do that. Please, grab your things, darling, and come with me. Or else Miss… oh goodness, I didn’t catch your name, poppet.” He said to Linh as she trembled.

Silence rang heavily over the three for a moment before the Brit quickly sliced the Asian woman’s cheek, causing a small cry of shock to come from Marvi. “Name?” Oliver asked, the pink swirling faster in his eyes. “L-Linh! M-my n-name is Linh Kieu!” She gasped and Oliver grinned. “Lovely. Now I know you’re the one they’re looking for. Oh! Right! My angel, Marvi, please grab your things and come with me or Miss Kieu will not be breathing much longer.” Oliver threatened, his heart shattering at the upset and fearful look on his love’s face as she grabbed some clothes and pulled the bag over her shoulder.

Marvi nodded and grabbed Linh’s hand gently as they both trembled. “Alright, Sir… Are you the fan I was supposed to meet? Oliver Kirkland, I believe the name was on the ticket?” She asked softly as his eyes lit up with a joyful glint. He could not have looked happier as he took a step forward. “Yes! Yes, I am! I’m so glad you know my name!” He squeaked as a blush made its way across his freckled cheeks.
“Oh! Pardon me for my lack of manners! I just got so excited!” He said softly and pulled out a needle and stabbed Linh’s neck and injecting half the liquid. Marvi screamed as her friend let out a slightly strangled groan and fell limp into their captor’s arms. A horrified and concerned look crossed Marvi’s face as she looked to her limp best friend, whom Oliver was now tossing over his left shoulder.

“What did you do to her?!” Marvi shrieked as Oliver grinned. “No worries, angel. It was just a sleeping medicine… I didn’t need her to run away if the chance arose…. The same as you.” He spoke softly as a sharp pain registered in Marvi’s brain and soon, darkness overtook her.


Emerald eyes blinked blearily open as the sharp sound of a deadbolt lock opening reached Marvi’s ears. Cheerful humming swam through the air and cut into her pounding head. A small groan escaped her lips as she sat up, body aching as she did so. The pop star, looked around the room, her heart pounding as she looked all around and down. Her heart seemed to stop as she found he had changed her from her jeans and top from her concert to a pink and baby blue Lolita dress, complete with frills and Mary Janes strapped to her feet. The next thing she noticed was the pain, hot and throbbing. It radiated from a large area on her left arm and as she looked around, she lifted the appendage and nearly threw up.

Gauze covered her forearm and a pink spot told her that she had been bleeding there. Gasps escaped Marvi’s lips as her eyes looked frantically around the room. In the corner, dressed in a qipao dress, a short one at that, was Linh. Her friend was still unconscious, but was breathing deeply, giving the brunette a sense of relief as Oliver pranced through the door. His eyes lit up and he clapped his hands loudly, causing his angel to jump. “Oh goody! You’re up, darling!” He squeaked and rushed over to her, sitting beside her on the mattress she was chained to by her ankle.

Marvi stared at him intensely for a moment as she took a shaky breath, wanting nothing more than to scream and cry. He gave her a sympathetic smile and placed a warm hand on her knee. “I understand this is a lot to take in, yes? I’ll be frank. You’re mine.” He states and leans in, kissing her porcelain cheek gently. The pop idol immediately draws back, trembling as tears bubble in her eyes, falling down her cheeks as she shakes her head. “Wh-what?” Her voice was small before she broke out into sobs and Oliver grasped her hand.

“Oh dear, did I frighten you? I apologize, dearest… Would you like for me to wake your friend so you two can chat a little? Would that make you feel better?” He asked sweetly as he stroked her hair, knowing that Marvi was a little too distressed to resist the small advancement. She quickly nodded, green eyes looking towards Linh quietly as she sniffled. He nodded and quickly lifted the small Asian woman into his arms, unlocking her own chain and carrying her to the bed. New chains were soon placed on Linh’s ankle and handcuffs placed her hands behind her back. Oliver produced a phial from his inner vest pocket and read the label that had been lovingly written in blue glitter pen. Opening it, he waved it underneath the woman’s nose for a moment before she surged forward, her leg shooting up to kick him and hands jerking to try to hurt him.

He sighed and grabbed her leg by the thigh, just as quickly as she had thrown it towards him, and grabbed the other. Her legs were soon spread open and Marvi jerked forward to try help her friend, blood dripping from her wrists as she yanked on her own handcuffs too hard and heart hammering in her chest. Was that why he took the two of them? To rape them? Linh shook horribly as Oliver placed a knee in between her legs and loomed over her. “Now, poppet, this is very ungentlemanly of me and I’d prefer not to scare you like this, but you’re struggling and it is useless and if you try to hit me once more, there will be consequences and then I’ll have to give you away all damaged,” The Brit spoke, his voice saccharine sweet, but his eyes betraying the vicious bitterness he felt. “Am I getting my point across, dear?” He asked as the Vietnamese woman beneath him shakily nodded her head, agreeing. Visibly displeased, Oliver pressed his knee to the apex of her thigh, causing a terrified whimper to escape her as he leaned in closer, staring straight into her liquid golden eyes. “I asked, sweetheart, ‘Are. We. Clear?”

Marvi frantically wracked her brain on how to help her friend, who was almost crying too hard to answer the seemingly mad man on top of her. “U-umm.. Oliver,” The emerald eyed woman started softly as Linh let out a pitiful sounding ‘y-y-yes’. Oliver immediately whipped towards the speaker, his eyes going back to the electric blue they normally were as Marvi’s shaking voice continued. “Linh and I are terribly hungry… You see, we forgot to eat dinner after the show… s-so I was wondering if we could possibly have something to eat since we missed dinner… Please.”

Oliver’s eyes shone in unbridled joy. Oh how polite his angel was! He nodded enthusiastically, jumping up and away from the terrified woman. “Of course, love! Anything for you!” He said and skipped up the steps, closing the door. The sound of a deadbolt lock sliding shut allowed Marvi to relax slightly as Linh tried to compose herself. “Linh… Linh, listen,” Marvi called gently, her voice soft and urgent, the woman beside her casting hopeless golden eyes into her own strong emeralds. “We need to stay calm and think of a way out of here, okay? Be strong, girl.” Marvi encouraged as Linh tried to wipe her tears on her shoulder. Linh’s face twisted into a more thoughtful one as she stopped crying and took deep breaths. Marvi knew that her original plan would fail. To ask for the chains off and to try and hit him would practically be suicide.

A small exclamation escaped her friend and Marvi turned to her, anxious about any plan that she could come up with. Linh looked to her friend, her eyes hard with determination. “I have a plan,” she said slowly, as if unsure of the idea. Marvi nodded, an attempt to look encouraging and comforting to the still tense woman. “I’ll try to hit him again once he unlocks my hands. Then, when he does, I’ll take the keys from his sweater’s front left pocket… I’ll toss them to you, you unchain yourself, and you run for help.” Linh whispered softly, Marvi shaking her head furiously.
“Do you have a deathwish?! There’s no way that would work! Besides, you know that he’d ra-” Marvi cut herself off, bile rising to the back of her throat as Linh gave a wan smile, her face pale in terror and her eyes darkening. “It’s crazy, but it might work… just as long as you run, okay?” She asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper as she bites her lip gently. She looked positively sick to her stomach, Marvi noted as she rolls her shoulders.


Oliver giggled softly. So, the little Asian thought she could help his angel escape? How funny. The baby monitors he had kept from the time Allen and James came around still worked perfectly and neither of the women knew he had them under the bed and in the nightstand drawer. A large, Cheshire Cat grin curled on his face as he baked the cupcakes with the ‘special ingredients’ he had taken from his little songbird down the stairs. Oh, she had absolutely no idea that what she would be eating was the sweetest thing he could think of.

He poured the mix into the wrappers in his cupcake sheet, humming a small tune as he grabbed his oven mitts and placed the tray into the oven. He ruffled his hair slightly and took a small breath, picking up his landline and dialing a familiar number. One ring…. Two rings…. Three rings…. Oliver silently decided that if he didn’t pick up, his brother would be called and he would get the prize. The early bird gets the worm or so they say. Four more rings permeated the silence he had created, the only sound being the shuffling from his basement. An additional ring happened and then a click.

“Mōshi mōshi…” the tired, groggy voice rang out and then Oliver checked the calendar on the wall and winced. It was his friend’s day off. Of course he would be sleeping this late! Working for Luciano Vargas was absolutely exhausting!
“Ah! Kuro, darling! How nice it is to hear your voice! How have you been?”
“Oliver… I have been doing well for myself, thank you for asking… what is so important that you decided to wake me at this moment in time?” The tone was polite, but the edge in his voice was anything but pleased and it was a bit threatening.

Oliver didn’t mind. He would soon change his attitude once he got his prize. He had to separate the two women completely. Or else they’d make good on their plan and Oliver didn’t exactly know how Linh would try and take him down.

“I have a little gift for you, my dear friend… You’re very lucky I decided to give this gift to you instead of your brother. I just trust and like you more than Xiao.”

“A gift..? You called me on this day for a gift? If it is another two dozen cupcakes, I will politely decline. I’m still eating the four dozen you sent me last time.”

“Oh no, no, no! Kuro, this gift is much sweeter. For you anyways. Would you please come over, old chap. It will only take a moment or two and you can even take a nap in the guest room before going on home.” Oliver knew his offer was too tempting for Kuro to resist. Through his stolid nature, he was quite the curious soul. Additionally, he had gotten the mattress in that room specifically for Louis’s bad back. The entirety was made of the most cushiony material he could find. A few minutes past and Oliver was almost afraid that Kuro had hung up on him.

The silence was broken by a soft breath being taken. “I’ll see you in ten minutes… please make my favorite sweet. No one can create it as well as you do in this god forsaken country…” Then Oliver got the dial tone. He clapped his hands together, quite pleased with himself, taking the sakuramochi he had made the previous evening (after settling in the two ladies, of course! What sort of gentleman would he be if he didn’t make sure his guests were properly settled in?) and setting them on marble counter. Oliver then grabbed his kettle, brewing some tea for his good friend and took the cups to his sitting room. Oh how much fun!

The Japanese man arrived forty-five minutes after the phone call, not living all too far from their ‘work acquaintances’, but far enough not to bother them. Pleasantries were exchanged, quiet conversation, and then Kuro raised a brow, looking around the sitting room and noted how itlooked more like an old woman’s house than a grown man’s. He wisely didn’t say anything about that. “You told me you had a… ‘gift’ for me… sweeter than the treats we have on the table.” He spoke, much more alert and awake at this point than he would have liked. Oliver grinned, the pink swirling happily with the ice blue in his eyes. He was absolutely delighted. Tickled pink. This would be perfect. “I do! Stay right here and I’ll bring it right up!” He exclaimed, bouncing from the antique lounger he had been sitting on to go and get the ‘gift’. It wouldn’t be hard to hand the chains over to Kuro. Then at least he’d be alone with his sweet angel at last!


Marvi and Linh talked softly, tense. “Do you think… we’ll escape if we put the plan into motion like this?” Marvi asks tentatively and Linh sighs. The pop star sat quietly and bit her lip, silently hoping so. This was nerve wracking. Soon enough, the deadbolt slid open and Oliver quickly stepped down. “Miss Linh, I would highly suggest not going through with your plan. Because I have an eager guest upstairs awaiting your presence.” He said and quickly slapped cuffs over her wrists behind her back and slid duct tape over her mouth as he unlocked the chains from the walls. “Up you go now, dearie. Don’t make him wait.” He said and Linh looked over at Marvi, tears streaking down her face.

Marvi felt her own trailing down her face. “Please, please don’t!” She shouted to Oliver as her small Asian friend was taken away for god knows what. “No! Bring her back, you son of a bitch!” She shrieked as she heard Linh’s muffled cries for a moment before the soundproof door sealed out all noise. Marvi trembled. The chains and cell were more bearable when she had her friend with her, the soft breathing and rattling of chains other than her own were so much better than the silence she now had. “Bring her back!” The emerald eyed woman shrieked before she dissolved into broken and terrified sobs.


Oliver presented the woman to his friend with a flourish. “Ta-da!” He exclaimed as she looked up towards Kuro and tried to motion towards the basement. Kuro just smirked after the shock in his bloody red eyes died down. Oliver grinned, knowing he did well. And in return, Kuro would tell everyone to leave him alone for a few weeks, and that included his family. No one needed to know about Marvi until she was well and trained to love him.

Kuro nodded approvingly, his gaze hungry. “So you managed to acquire my little blossom? How?” He asked and Oliver put his index finger to his lips. Oliver’s eyes shone as they swirled once more. Kuro, sensing the mood perfectly, gave a smirk and nodded. “Alright then, friend. I’ll make sure you aren’t bothered in exchange for her. Wonderful choice in outfits, by the way.” He said and Linh shook her head, the tears in her eyes coming back full force after her hope had been crushed.

The Englishman’s eyes glimmered in delight as he transferred the chains in his hand to Kuro’s. “Thank you. The pleasure was all mine.” He said silkily and the Japanese man nodded, pulling his new prize to the door and towards his darkly colored car.

“Thank you for the tea, friend.” Kuro called, slamming the trunk closed once he had his prize in there. Oliver waved as he drove off, smirking once his car was out of sight. “Distraction is gone. She’s all mine now.” He said softly before heading back to the basement. He just couldn’t let his angel sit there all by herself, now could he?


Marvi hadn’t known that she had fallen asleep. She could still practically hear the muffled sobbing of her best friend as she was taken away and the psycho who had taken her just turned back and gave a gentle smile. Did he expect that to help?! She tried to sit up, heart nearly beating out of her chest when she realized an arm was wrapped around her waist. A pale, freckled arm.

“Oh, goodie! You’re awake! I’m just here to hold you!” The Englishman exclaimed happily and cuddled into her back even more, resting his face in the crook of her neck. Marvi could feel herself tremble from rage and fear. What had he done to Linh? What was he going to do to her?

Marvi didn’t want to be here. She wanted to go home. Her emerald eyes searched around for an escape before Oliver flipped her onto her back and looked at her. “Poppet, I’ll only say this once. You’re not ever going to escape here and after awhile, you won’t want to. Because I love you and you’ll be mine…. Forever.” He said and kissed her despite her struggling.

“Mine… Forever and ever…” He said and tears blurred her vision once more.

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Headcannon of Toshinori being with a s/o who is very touchy feely. Like they LOVE hugs and being dorky.

Sorry it took so long ! Enjoy ,’:)

- Honestly, he doesn’t mind at all because he’s like that too sometimes.

- everyday when Toshi comes home from being a hero, you would tackle him down with a big hug. And I mean tackle.

- would allow you to be the big spooner because you like to do that.

- He loves your dorky side. Toshi finds it cute and amusing.


“Oh , wait….babE LOOK IT’S THE SUPER COOL NARUTOOOO FIGUREEE” “Hon, I know.” You tugged on his arm. “PLEASE ALSO THIS???” You activated your puppy eyes. “Please babe?” A pout formed on your lips. “Honey…” He patted your head. His eyebrows narrowed and a sheepish smile formed. “I’m already buying the wizard book.” You’re breath hitched. “You mean…Harry Potter right?” “Yes hon.”

- cuddles in bed almost everyday when he’s home.

- Oh yeah, lots of shower sex by the way. Toshi is trying to bathe but you’re there just touching him.

- Toshi always questions whether or not you’re really happy or being horny there’s no in between

- whenever you talk to him, you make references to fictional characters and he’s just there like ???

- “I know that guy! He’s from Naruto.” “Um, All Might how did you know?” “…Midoriya shounen, my honey watches them.”

- Kisses here and there. Like…everyday.

- But in the end, Toshinori loves you for that. He DEFINITELY feels loved.

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The fluffy beni who did you that fan art?

rip i had like another person send me this so i’ll just copy and paste what i said sense it’s in my drafts))
(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

“his so fluffy oh my! even more fluffy then me in fact. i just wanna hug me all day long like a kitten”

(how close a friend they consider them)

“i never interacted with the babe, i might do so tomorrow actually”

(wanting to have sex with them)

“we could eat chips on the couch”

(hoping for a romantic relationship)

“ i can’t fuck something that cute!”

💔 Non-existent
💗 Very low
💗💗 A little
💗💗💗 Hopeful
💗💗💗💗 High
💗💗💗💗💗 Maximum

Today I went out with the lovely lady who’s going to be making my wedding dress and we looked at the various types of sleeves and necklines and everything so we could get a feel for what looked best on me. On Thursday we’re going looking for patterns and maybe fabric.

The dress itself isn’t happening until much closer to the wedding but oh my god I’m so excited.

Also I found a summer dress that’s cute as fuqqq, so today was kind of awesome.

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How would Diana and Saero feel if the MC and her incubus (doesn't matter which one) asked them to be the godparents to their children?

I’m a godmother to a very cute little girl <3 So this ask warms my heart~
Oh, some spoilers of SM2 if you all haven’t played it yet.


“You’re joking, right?”

The sincerity on your face made Diana realize that, no, you were in fact not joking about asking her to be your child’s godmother. A frown pinched her face, unsure whether you were making the best decision for you baby. She was a demon after all; the queen of demon world at that.

“I couldn’t think of a better person,” you said, looking over to your husband before giving her your brightest smile. “It has to be you.”

Looking down to your belly, Diana felt a pang in her chest that she hadn’t felt in quite a long time. Something was tugging painfully at her heart, bringing up past emotions. The idea of seeing a small child, of holding a baby in her arms, reminded her of the excitement she’d felt when she learned she would be an older sister. Suddenly, she was missing Oribel more than ever.

“I could visit whenever I wanted?” Diana’s question was slow, testing the waters.

Realizing that this was Diana’s way of accepting your offer, your smiled and grasped her hand within yours, gently letting her touch the apex of your stomach. “We would love that.”


“So if the both of you die, then I have to take care of the child?”

Saero didn’t have to put it so bluntly, but the idea of godparents was not a common one in the Abyssal Plains and he wanted to make sure he got the gist of it correct. At your hesitant nod and strained smile, he gave a nod of his own in understanding.

He didn’t know why you were asking him of all people. Especially considering the fact the only time he’d ever gotten to know you in the slightest was when the Demon King was holding you captive in the Abyssal Plains through a spell. Even then, your interactions with him were far and few in between, most of them in the training room where he worked you like a dog.

“I trust you’ll do a great job,” you said, giving him that reassuring smile he knew you for. “Trust me, it won’t be hard. We don’t plan on dying that easily.”

You and your husband chuckled with each other, your hands going to your swollen belly. Saero’s eyes followed, gaze falling on your stomach where he knew your first born was. An emotion in his chest had his skin feeling warm.

“I’d be honored,” he finally answered, accepting.

someone: *draws hunk skinnier in an effort to make him look more attractive*

me: screencapped and emailed to my lawyer. She will have filed charges by tomorrow afternoon. By law We must allow you 48 hours to remove the offending material. If not, you will be charged with defamation of character, libel, and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. You will face a judge trial.