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What if a Hale-wolf lives after the fire on the street, perhaps with a human who is homeless. And because of these circumstances he looks more like a sick thin dog than a wolf.

On, anon, why would you do this to either of us? 

The wolf is too thin, his belly shrunken and concave, no fat between his thin skin and his brittle bones. He has forgotten how to hunt. He is hunted instead, by the spectre of death. He knows. He doesn’t care. Instead of sticking to the woods where instinct tells the wolf he would be safer—shelter, water, prey—the wolf winds closer and closer into the streets of the human town, and picks through dumpsters and gutters for food.

Here tires screech on asphalt. Cars backfire. The street is hard underneath the pads of the wolf’s paws. Everything is loud and harsh and too, too bright.

The wolf limps down the alleyways, death silently following.

Winter is here. The wolf knows he will not see another one.

The wolf follows his nose. He picks up heady scents above the stink of exhaust fumes and oil and rancid things. The wolf rattles around the trashcans at the back of a cheap diner, and fills his belly with the sick-slickness of greasy burgers. Warmth fills the wolf, and his old friend death steps back for just a moment.

Nose in the air, the wolf continues to explore the alleyway. His claws dig into a pile of damp cardboard as he sidesteps the icy-cold puddle of rain, oil-slicked, in the gutter.

“Hey!” someone says, and the cardboard shifts.

The wolf skitters back, and then remembers that he is a predator. He stops, and turns, and growls.

A boy’s face appears from underneath a layer of the cardboard. It is pale. His eyes are bloodshot and his lips are blue. He has a spray of moles across his face like an unfamiliar constellation. The boy freezes when he sees the wolf. “Holy shit.”

The wolf and death stare back at the boy.

The wolf has forgotten how to mark time.

He has no idea how long it is he stands there.


The boy’s bones are as brittle as the wolf’s, his skin as thin. When he curls his fingers through the wolf’s ruff, they are like icicles. His breath though, is hot. It tickles the wolf’s fur when he buries his face against it. His tears taste like salt.

Death circles them, in the little den the boy has made behind the cardboard in an alleyway in the cold, cold town.

The wolf tugs himself from the boy’s grip, and slinks back down the alley to the trashcans. His boy is too cold, too weak to crawl this far, so the wolf picks up a discarded burger in his jaws and carries it back to him.

The boy eats it, crying.

The wolf curls around him when they sleep.

Death steps closer, its black mouth open in hunger.

The wolf growls at it, the sound rumbling through his thin ribcage.

Not tonight.

Not tomorrow.

Maybe not this winter at all.

The wolf has a den now, and a heartbeat to share it with.

When the boy is strong again they will go into the woods and build a shelter there, and the wolf will remember his instincts, and the boy will learn his, and they will be packmates there, where the ground is soft underneath their feet and the stars are visible at night.  

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Could you so #35 for Shallura, please and thanks?

And now… back to fluff! (I know people have been asking for angst, and I will do The Angst, but I’m trying to be flexible lol)

35. “If you make one more terrible pun, I will literally stab you.”

Shiro didn’t know Alteans could really get sick, until Allura retreated to her room for three days, groaning and complaining.

“She’s got a bad case of the nelts,” Coran explained. “Makes the old shape-shifting act up a little bit!”

Which explained why she was… blue. The mice let him into her room, where she lay in a heap of pillows, sniffling and looking down in the dumps.

“How are you feeling, Princess?” Shiro asked.

“Grumpy.” She pouted adorably. “I’m so tired! And my head aches so much!”

He really shouldn’t, because even on her sickbed she could probably thrown him across the room, but the opening was too good to ignore.

“So I guess you could say… you’re feeling a little blue?”

“Was that a joke?” The look she shot him would have been more intimidating if she hadn’t suddenly sneezed. Her nose morphed into something rounder and flatter, and a purple moustache appeared above her lip.

“I’m just trying to lighten the mood.” Shiro grinned. “I moustache-you if you need anything.”

She threw a pillow at his head, but he ducked it easily and plopped down on the end of the bed.

“Relax, Allura. Who “nose” how long you’ll be stuck in here.”

As he said it, he reached out to bop her nose. She glared at him.

“If you make one more terrible pun, I will literally stab you,” she said.

“I don’t believe you. You love my puns.”

He smiles at her, and this time, when her cheeks turn red, it has nothing to do with shapeshifting.

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(au anon) ok but where is my skater boii au?? have u seen all the boards in evens (/marlons) room?? Right okay so Jonas is the coolest kid on the skater block alrighty and Isak is his bestest buddy so he ofc tags along a lot and chills and takes some slopes himself w Jonas and everything is cool and shit unTIL one day some tALL ass rEBEL completely dominates the skateboarding park with his flawless fucking hair that the wind never messes up and if it does it looks like sin™ //

// and honestly Jonas has like jealousy hate for him so Isak being the supportive friend he is is like ‘yea hahaha he sucksss’ but everyone knows when Jonas is showing off and Even is skating at the same time Isak is looking at Even and nOT joNAS and is like 'yeah haha sick moves man mi bro’ while he hasnt seen a single thing off of it and Even totally knows hes into him and starts being his extra self and toTALLY starts showing off so much more and Jonas is just getting more frustrated //

(au anon) // and isak is getting more and more blushing cheeks whenever Even stops his cool move right in front of the bench Isak is sitting and ok isak rlly wants to look away but hey that guy is raising his brows at him and smirking and Isak wants to die honeSTLY but not rlly,,, and Even is totally into it when Isak is skating a bit and he teases him,, &eventually Jonas is like ok hes cool i guESS,, like honestly their first convo was 'cool board’ 'yeah it was jonas’’ 'that guy over there?’ //

(au anon) // 'yeah’,,, &the crushes are getting oUT OF CONTROl okAY like 'hey u r invading my personal space and we are bound to fall but wtv haha shit’,, & their first fkn kiss is while Isak is standing on his board and Even is correcting his form on something and isak cant hold it back anymore cuz lit evens hands are on his waist and hes smIRKIN and teasin him and isak is like weLLL fuck IT and that mi dudes is how the cutest skater couple of the town is formed who make out on skateboards

my first reaction was 'wait but they’re already sk8r bois, skam is living its own sk8r boi au’ and after i read it i realized it could be so much more,,,, thank u for this 

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just saw a post "calculating" how lactose intolerant keith would be with all his different heritages mixed together, galra included (on a scale from 1-5, it would be like a 10). could you do something with him getting a really bad tummy ache because he ate some altean food that had lactose in it but he didn't realize it? and maybe pidge being the real mvp and taking care of him because he doesn't want to admit to the others that his stomach hurts so bad?

for you, anon!

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Nobody is in a good mood as they dock their lions. They’re tired, cranky, and—quite frankly—sick of looking at each other. The gloominess permeating the silence over the comms is all but tangible, as if some unwritten agreement has been constructed among the five to avoid talking about their disaster of a mission.

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How many tattoos do have? Is it just the one or are there others, and if you have others what are they?

I don’t have any others right now because I don’t have the extra money yet - but I have many ideas!

This is a shitty example because I have a shit laptop and no photoshop, but I wanted something like this (done better) under my belly button. Basically everything symbolizes death or poison aside from the moon - and I never want kids - if you catch my drift. Death’s Head moth, Death bells and Datura Inoxia. 

I have other drawings I want to bring to life. Broken/decaying wings on my shoulders that are sewn back on, a three-eyed wolf with geometric design on a forearm, a coffin that says “It’s okay to decay” or something like that that incorporates my chronic illness (”but you don’t look sick”), the lyrics from Mastodon’s “Oblivion” (Fallen from grace ‘cause I’ve been away too long), @delicatelyhaunted and I will be getting a wrench and crystal design because we’re torque witches lol, probably some variation of the Justice and Moon cards…

That’s all I can remember right now. I have my life planned out I just can’t afford it lol.

Guys I’d like to emphasize that you really should leave fledgling birds alone. Usually the parents are nearby and you’ll see them come down to check in if you wait long enough. If it looks like the baby isn’t in a very safe place you can place him in a bush or tree that’s safer for him. If theres nowhere for him to go, or he looks injured or sick, take him to your local bird rescue Centre as soon as you can.

Really try your best to leave them alone unless you’re sure they’re in an unsafe spot. Don’t worry about touching them and getting bad smell on them.. That’s a myth birds don’t smell very well at all and the parents won’t mind if you’ve touched the baby!

I’m currently struggling to sleep and these are the two thoughts that are being replayed in my head atm;

- how once i caught my coworker cheating on her husband but she didn’t know because i was on the second floor at the mall looking down and saw it all and felt so sick i wanted to die

- how my professor from undergrad broke his leg and i had to push his wheelchair from time to time so i used this as an opportunity to deliberately push him into walls and doors (he was amazing but i hated him)

//So I opted instead for a subtle “sick” look instead (which makes my eyes look huge but that means I also look starved so bonus) complete with a Joker-ish back comb. I’m down for the Todd experience.
Hope the weight I’ve lost is evident here cuz I’m still proud of that accomplishment😗
Consider this your Munday pic.
For my new followers…… This is the trash you are talking to. Hello. Come closer. Not too close!!

there she is, but better. I settled on “Eduarda Carvalho” for her name, because I’m sick of looking up for the “perfect name” on baby names lists so i just picked a seemingly common name!

She’s a priestess who is also a witch ooohh, and she’s on her late 30′s/early 40′s, therefore, older than she looks here orz (there’s no rejuvenescence spell whatsoever lol)

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I've got a question. Im thinking of getting a beta fish from petco/pet smart/ect , and I want to make sure I get one who needs a good home the most. What should I look for to find a stressed/sick betta??

mmm sick bettas will usually be very lethargic, skinny, have odd markings (white fuzzy growths, white spots, gold dust), or have trouble swimming. sick fish can be pretty hard to care for, and expensive though!! if this is your first betta, i’d stick for a healthy one tbh. even for experienced hobbyists it can be hard to identify what is wrong and how to treat it. 

if you really want to go for it, pick them out and get your medication before hand, so when he comes home you can start treatment! buy some kanaplex, paraguard, a fungal medicine, and aquarium salt. treating something like fungal growths where you can see it and know what it is will be easier than treating something where he’s just resting. fin rot would be okay too, kanaplex has worked great in healing @flashiefins godric! be careful when choosing a sick fish :) good luck!! thank you for wanting to take care of a sick baby!


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.