but it looks rly cool


been wanting to use this dumb scene since forever but it looks like itll never happen in my fics so here take my mediocre art instead 👌


Some human! Lapidot au from a human au I’m working on w @tyranitarrage

my fav lil things abt jin

- how he uses food to express things “you peel off layer and layer and find there is always content there. it’s like an onion”
- “no it’s not”
- hella calm and collected when members start a ruckus
- how he will nvr admit food > bts but we all know
- his fingers! i love them so much
- that judging look when jihope were doing a love shot
- somehow finding out tht touching jk’s nipples would wake him up??
- tht iconic aegyo fail where he trips
- turtle neck + long coat + glasses look
- super duper flexible back, walking while doing a backbend 👏🏼
- endless dad jokes
- sleeveless jin
- jin & rice scooper, ult otp ❤️
- the long ass eye contacts w camera
- his imitations of tae & jk during the bts of asc
- when he gets amazed by how loud the members get
- when he puts yoongi back where he belongs
- !!!!steals army bombs!!!!! but then returns them back while giving them the most soft most gentle smile ever
- will be on his 3rd bowl of rice while you’re on your 1st
- “I was awkward since I was born!”
- has one by one tips on how to look ‘cool’ & if tht isn’t the cutest thing
- we rly do not appreciate his english enough!!
- no matter how much he gets teased for his dancing, he is nvr discouraged and still tries hard w/o getting upset
- when he asked if the woman was having a sad day during their hidden camera
- can’t contain laughter when beatboxing
- kinda reminds me of flappy bird sometimes
- when he helped yoongs put on his contacts
- the beginning verse of ‘dead leaves’
- human gps
- cute easy recipes tht come w adorable pictures
- car door guy
- wore a beanie and felt insecure but he looked so good!!
- doesn’t know how to turn on v app notifications
- “im only 3 yrs older than you!”
- can do everything w his toes
- the type to beatbox to a stranger and take a fry afterwards
- will answer if a member calls him mom
- works out in the hotel rooms bc he can
- bringing food to jimin and not knowing he was being filmed :’)
- #1 super mario fan
- plays w armys on twt
- eating food to the aura of the song
- how he flaps his arms when the food is 2 good
- the way he snorts when a member shit talks
- blessing us w his priceless blowing kisses
- no hesitance in using jk’s head to climb up the bed
- calls rap monster “rm” and jeongguk “jk”
- always ends up as a victim of rm’s dance moves
- no jin, no bangtan (he’s the oxyjin) but srsly.

yoongs | hobi | hobi pt.2 | rapmom | jimin | tae | jk

ok so i felt like a reaper/zenyatta fusion would be a rly cool looking combo, and that was my only reason for doing it, but like.. i have a lot of time to myself at work ok i started thinking about them a lot and i have.. a few thoughts to share if you would lend me the time… *rolls out a comically long scroll of paper*

it starts when reaper is cornered and needs a little boost to his power, he grabs zenyatta, being a frail healer, and force fuses with him. zen is horrified by what he sees and feels when he’s fused with reaper, but being who he is he doesn’t try to fight his way out of the fusion, he thinks this may be an opportunity to help a tortured soul. once they’re alone, reaper realizes just how good it feels to be fused with zen. the steady flow of calm and gentle thoughts helps to ease his mind just as much as the new healing aura does to his body. when zen tries to actually communicate with reaper about his problems and find the root of why he feels as he does, reaper blocks him out entirely, and if pressed, threatens violence. eventually zen exhausts himself entirely from feeding all of his positivity into reaper and getting nothing but negativity in return, and they can’t hold the fusion anymore. reaper finds himself in agony once they’re apart and tries to force zen back with him, but it wont work. he’s beyond frustrated, the pain of his constantly shifting cells has returned full force after being dulled for so long, and he goes to lash out physically only to stop cold when he realizes zen is laying there still trying to talk him through things even as his voice glitches every other word, pushing an orb of harmony towards him with the shakiest hands. and reaper just breaks because this isn’t just some tin can sitting before him anymore, this is someone– a person with their own soul– who, against all reason, cares about him and wants to see him be the best he can be. so he finally listens.

bonus sad:


arthur: baby blue!!!!!!!!! look at u!!!!! ur so cool omG!!!!!!! :)

blue: rly dad :-D thanx!!!! 

arthur: yes my son……i wonder if ur mom would let me dye my hair 

arthur: LOL n get piercings!!!! i wanna b cool 2!!!!!


this is not water this is 3 shots of vodka

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Speaking of aesthetic, which 1d solo aesthetic do you prefer?? niall and zayn's are my favorite! I just don't get Liam's because I feel like his pastel-ish style doesn't match his type of music (I'm not saying it looks bad it is only my opinion)

hmmm, this is a rly cool question, honeybee. also, good choices!

i feel like i deeply enjoy zayn’s more than the rest of them because it feels like a wonderful breath of fresh air for him, personally. 

you can tell he’s super into the zashion stuff, the specific iconography and typography of his album and how that relates to his presentation (it’s tattooed on him! and i could talk for ages abt the connection of the kid zayn cover w tats and adult zayn getting kid font mind of mine tattooed), the choice of images and outfits in the music videos, liw, befour, pt, and even the careful, happy curation of fanart on his social media wrt his physicality like hair colors, etc. 

all of it seems very specifically to make him feel safe and well expressed in his persona/celeb space and i really love that. he deserves so much of that. 

zayn’s the rare kind of person that can put on anything and it’s like he Is Wearing It. which means he gets to play around with unique textures and angles and color combos and clothing articles. and his soft focus in front of cameras translates so well. it all combines to make all of his pictures compelling. he moves through space in such an elegant and fun way. getting to see him be so happy about that in turn, is rly rly good and lovely. 

i’m the biggest fan specifically of: palette zayn, and that brand of comfy robust homey zayn known as zayno, and i love that he loves that awful bright shade of green (with red and black!) etc

i feel like my thoughts on the rest of them are less heart exclamation point? i enjoy some of their stuff, like country niall was my twice the heart DREAM, but i’m not vibing with them 24/7 like i do w zayn’s looks. and i agree a lot re the matching music thing. ziall kinda feel like the only ones that “match” their music wrt their looks. hll seem to have a bit of a dissonance going, which is their own to have, but just is less appealing than the seam accented, thread pulled, streamlined cut look zayn thrives in. 

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listen idec if this is a reach but in the sketches there were no glasses.. like. do u think they are otabek's. bc this is one hunna my hc until in six weeks we see the whole damn thing

im taking this headcanon and running with it

pls imagine,, yuri sheepingly asking otabek if he could borrow his sunglasses bc he thinks they look cool and it’d go rly well with his exhibition and otabek chuckling and handing it to him while saying hes looking forward to see his exhibition skate

yuri trying them on later thinking “now im just as cool as otabek!!!”