but it looks really choppy and bad

Some Maybe Not As Common Sicknarios

- we got in a fist fight and now have detention together and I’m only getting you tissues and offering my jacket because your sneezing and shivering is getting on my nerves. I am definitely not concerned

- we play in school band together and your normally long, stunning high trumpet notes sound short and choppy and WOW do you look sick

- I’m your manager at our job at the grocery store and I keep getting customer complaints of an employee coughing all over products in aisle 5. Why did you even come in today??

- we both teach swimming lessons and you come in sick. I watch you take a dive, only to not come up. Oh mY GOD YOU’RE DROWNING.

- we are singing with a choir at a chorus competition and you look really bad but we need your voice. I have to discreetly keep a hand around your waist to keep you from falling over as we sing

- you are my biggest track competitor. We are both neck and neck and the finish line is right in front of us when you suddenly collapse. I should take the opportunity to win but you look terrible! Have you been running while this sick the whole time!?

- I was really craving some pizza and you are my delivery boy and wOW YOU LOOK TERRIBLE. NO PLEASE COME IN. LET ME CALL YOUR EMPLOYER. HOW DID YOU EVEN DRIVE LIKE THAT??

- we walk our dogs at the same time everyday and I spot your dog running around without you. I grab your dog and find you passed out by a tree. ARE YOU OKAY??


kacchako comic thingy i was working on for a few weeks but was too lazy to finish *blushes* but I finally found the motivation! There’s a couple more pages but the whole tumblr limit thing made me have to chose the more important ones so thats why its a little choppy. D:  However, maybe in the future i’ll format it correctly and post the whole thing. 


jian + kisses

Chapter Three

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Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,276

⇨This chapter is from Saerans POV! This gets angsty, guys. Gotta set up that conflict, ya know?

Authors Note: Welcome to who’s fic is it anyway where the update schedule is made up and the word count doesn’t matter. I’m sorry guys I feel like George RR Martin when you’re all hoping I post more before I die. I’m sorry this has been so slow I’ll try and be better!

     Saeran grumbled and rolled around in his bed, kicking the notebook off angrily with his foot. At least he tried to study, right? He held his phone up above his face. The truth was he had spent all day periodically staring at the chatroom trying to summon enough courage to type, and because of that he found it impossible to focus on his assignments.

     The clock was winding down and taking his chances with it, it was already heading into the evening hours. He groaned, ruffling the thick hair on his head in frustration. There had been several people interested in him over the years, that’s true, but no one had ever caught his attention like this before. He was lost on what to do.

     “Just do it already, you dumb ass. What are you hesitating for?” he whispered to himself, hoping Saeyoung didn’t hear him from the other room.

You: I know, his lecture was brutal!
Yoosung: Right?! T_T
You: My hand was cramping from the notes
Yoosung: Maybe we can study together?!
*Unknown has entered the chat*
Zen: Getting bold now, boy?
You: What?
Yoosung: Don’t listen to him -_-
707: Lololol
Unknown: Hey
Yoosung: Saeran, hi!
707: Brother!
You: Hello, Saeran!
Unknown: What’s up, ___. I was actually wondering
Unknown: About what we talked about the other day?
You: Oh?
Yoosung: You guys talked??
Unknown: Were you still down?
Unknown: I could meet you outside in like 5…
Yoosung: I’m wondering, too…
You: It’s for art guys lol
You: Sure! I’ll be out soon! ^^
*___ had left the chat*
*Unknown has left the chat*

      Saeran let out the breath he had been holding in. She said yes. Oh, that meant he needed to get going. He grabbed his sketchbook and utensils, stopping in front of the mirror to mess with his hair and check himself out. His twins body perched itself on the door frame out of nowhere, that smug look on his face.

     “You look adowableee,” Saeyoung pretended to pinch his cheeks.

     “Don’t touch me, freak,” Saeran huffed and smacked his hand away, stepping out to head towards the front door.

     “Have her home before 11!” Saeyoung called out before the door slammed.
He saw you sitting on the curb, waiting. For him. You were staring up at the sky, probably because the sun was setting soon. The colors were beginning to reflect on the clouds.

     He cleared his throat to catch your attention, only a few feet away now.

     “Oh, hey,” you turned to him with a smile before standing up with your book in hand.

     You were wearing some shorts and a black t-shirt, plain white sneakers on your feet. You could have just rolled out of bed, but he thought you were beautiful. That effortless sort of beauty that appealed to him the most. Awkwardly he shoved a hand into his jacket pocket, trying his best to be nonchalant.

     “Ready to go?” he asked. 

      “You weren’t kidding, it’s beautiful here,” you sat down and opened your book.

     “It’s my favorite place,” he sat down next to you, “I come here a lot to think and draw.”

     “Does Saeyoung come with you?”

     “No. He’s usually too busy working or at church, plus he can’t draw for shit,” he remarked while opening his book beside you. 

     “Do you work, Saeran?”

     “Nah. Saeyoung works a lot so I don’t have to. He says he just wants me to focus on my art and studies,” he shrugged.

     “Your brother…he’s a great guy, isn’t he,” you remarked cooly.

     Why is she talking about that idiot? He wanted to brush it off as nothing, but the way you said his name and the tone of your voice left a sour taste in his mouth. In a way, he was glad. The anger brought back his confidence. He just needed you to focus on him and the present for a little bit.

     Placing his pencil and pad down he shuffled himself behind you, snaking his right arm along yours and grabbing your drawing hand into his own. Right then he knew he wouldn’t be able to get the fragrance of your hair out of his mind for the next few days.


     “Your stokes. They’re too short and choppy. Long, solid lines are better. Look,” he moved your hand on the page, drawing smooth lines with ease and sketching the landscape with you, “see?”

     “Oh,” you nodded, “I see. You’re really good, Saeran.”

     “So are you. If you really enjoy this, we can keep coming here together…”

     “Okay, it’s better than being at home, anyway,” you confessed.

     “That bad, huh? My mom’s a real piece of work, herself. I know we aren’t super close or anything yet. And I know you hate talking about it. But if you ever need anything…just call or text me, ok?”

     “Thanks, I will,” you nodded.

     He couldn’t blame you for not wanting to open up about it. He had the same dark feelings about his own situation. This was the first time he had been on the other side of something like this, and it didn’t make him feel any better. He was fighting the urge to wrap his arms around you. To kiss your ear. And yet he still wanted to remain close behind you.

     “Well,” he continued, trying to change the subject, “keep drawing. I’ll just watch for now.”

     And he did. Until it was too dark to see the pad properly. He couldn’t remember the last time he smiled so much, and he even made you laugh a few times. He draped his jacket over you on the walk home, since you looked cold. He thought that was shit that only happened in movies.

     “Thanks,” you handed his jacket back as you approached your driveway, “you’re really nice.”

     “No big deal,” he shrugged.

     “See you at school tomorrow?”

     “Ya, see ya,” he watched until you were completely inside.

     His own house was dark and quiet when he entered. He threw his jacket on the couch, only to be startled by a figure rising from it in the darkness.

     “Hey, what the hell,” Saeyoung threw the jacket from his face as he sat up.

     “You scared the shit out of me,” Saeran yelled, “what are you doing sitting here in the dark you freak?”

     “Shh, you’ll wake up mom,” he whispered, “coming home pretty late, huh? How’d it go?”

     Anyone else would disregard his question as innocent. But they were twins. Saeran could see that hint of concern in Saeyoung’s eyes. Underneath that casual demeanor, Saeran knew his brothers stomach was probably in knots right now. Why else would he have sat up waiting for him to come home.

     He remembered the way you talked about Saeyoung and his eyes narrowed towards his twin. Saeyoung. The one who got to hold a job. The one who got to rely on his faith. The one who got most of their mothers attention, rare and shitty as it was. The one who made everything look easy by just laughing things off. He was tired of Saeyoung getting everything.

     “Cut the shit,” Saeran snapped.

     “Huh? What’s gotten into you?” Saeyoung laughed in response.

     “I’m not fucking around, Saeyoung,” his words were cold.

     The smile left his brothers face. They were now standing in the dark, staring each other down in the quiet living room.

     “I’ll warn you this once, since you’re my brother. Stay away,” he took a few steps towards his room, “I won’t let you have her.” And with that he closed the door behind him, leaving Saeyoung standing in the dark alone.

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I'm sure u get this question a lot, but which pride and prejudice movie version do u prefer? The miniseries or the film? Personally I really love the film as it made the story a lot more relatable for younger audiences and was also just very well done in terms of plot (without comparing it the original source material), acting, cinematography, music, etc. but I've heard of some ppl who really hated the film version do u know why?

Well, when people ask ‘which P&P do you prefer?’ these days it’s often the contentious choice between the 1995 BBC miniseries and the 2005 feature film. (Though, as I must always acknowledge, there are SO MANY P&P adaptations.)

Personally I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two, as the difference in running-time alone makes such a huge impact on the presentation of the narrative, and so ultimately very different choices have to be made. Where the 2005 may lack some of the subtlety of the 1995, equally one may argue that the 1995, by comparison, meanders at times and has less energy on the whole, with a blander result.

I really can’t force myself to come down on one side or the other, as I think BOTH adaptations have their strengths and weaknesses in several respects. However the major difference in reactions I’ve noted seems to be that those who cling to the 1995 adaptation do so ferociously and with great disdain for the 2005 adaptation in particular (though it is by no means the only other adaptation out there.) There seems to be this pervasive belief that the BBC miniseries Got It Perfectly Right and therefore there’s no need to adapt the story ever again, and any attempt must only viciously disappoint.

I know people who I generally like and respect who hold this view, but to my mind it’s over-simplifying bullshit and also ignoring issues which the 1995 miniseries has on its own, and the fact that it’s now been well over two decades since it was made and it is really beginning to show its age as a product of the mid-nineties. Which is not to say the 2005 film won’t also feel more and more dated in the years to come–all adaptations are subject to their production contexts. There were also more noticeably ‘Hollywood’ touches to the feature film, most notably in the traipsing-through-fields-in-nightwear reconciliation and the alternative American ending with the smooch, which put some people off who were used to the more buttoned-up Austen adaptations of the nineties, though the feature film is not alone in the wider trend of ‘sexing-up’ Austen adaptations with a bit more skin on show (though this isn’t always for the heroes and heroines, but more often the naughty side-characters like Willoughby’s conquest of young Eliza in the opening of the 2008 Sense and Sensibility, or Isabella Thorpe’s seduction by Captain Tilney in the 2007 Northanger Abbey.)

We can’t ignore the cultural context in which films are made and released, either, particularly in responses to high-profile feature films and their stars. The 2000s was a time when Keira Knightley was an absolute box-office powerhouse, and the reaction to her casting as Elizabeth Bennet caused outright fury among those who believed her to be merely an It Girl and not a competent actress who might ‘suit’ the allegedly suitable Look of a Georgian/Regency heroine. Again, this is a misguided and simplistic argument which often disintegrates into pointing at Jennifer Ehle’s curvy and curly look as being more in-keeping with ‘the character’, which is just pure shite, okay. We know Elizabeth has dark eyes and is not nearly as pretty as Jane, though she’s not plain. Basically there was a lot of hating on Keira Knightley for daring to appear in period movies with a ‘modern’ sort of angular beauty–without really considering that Elizabeth Bennet isn’t meant to come across as a classical beauty of her age. She is beautiful to Darcy, and that is kind of the point. (Also while people will insist that Ehle is Period Correct with her buxom appearance, they tend to ignore that Colin Firth was acknowledged by the miniseries creative team to have an atypical Look for an Austen hero, for the times…so apparently casting for alternative Hotness standards is only a bad thing when it’s the heroine. I don’t even know, but people ragging on Keira Knightley’s looks are already reeeeeaching for a very weak argument and is ragging on a woman’s looks really the hill you want to die on? Because that kind of makes you an asshole.)

I think the nasty pushback against the 2005 film adaptation in particular is a combination of three things: 1) the inevitable flaws and choppy narrative/characterization choices that come about in adapting for a running-time of under two hours; 2) those who prefer the 1995 miniseries for whatever reason and by extension have chosen to think that they cannot bear to consider any other adaptation to have any merits whatsoever; and 3) seriously, as much as a lot of people loved Keira Knightley in her starlet heyday after she burst onto the Hollywood scene in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl there was this counter-culture sort of backlash that was STRONG around the time that Joe Wright’s P&P came out. It’s mostly settled down by now, but for a few years there Knightley was unfortunately the focus of a widespread and wicked case of tall poppy syndrome and some people thought she couldn’t do anything right, and she definitely had no business in corset roles when they thought she hadn’t the bosoms for it.

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Same, I can't remember that much about Yu-Gi-Oh!! either. I don't really like Boruto's flash forward at the beginning of Boruto, it's like repeating history again with the Pain arc. I don't know if we are going to see Boruto's flash forward fight because I've heard the ratings/viewership for Boruto is on the lower side and has yet to reach the Top 10 TV ratings in Japan.

Dang, it’s not surprising though I mean like naruto was full of serious fights and action, but boruto is like 8 year olds fighting, hmm I think with the upcoming sarada arc will be more popular than the others because sasusaku is so popular and naruto gaiden had lots of good reviews. I think it would be watched more if they hurried up the academy part and went to when they graduate and become actual shinobi, maybe? I like seeing them young like this because the other next gen kids may get more focus now than they will once they graduate, but I also wanna see them older and see the new sand siblings and stuff. I feel like the manga might also be a reason for the anime not being popular, like i mean I don’t know I haven’t read the manga since like that one rich kid came, also the art annoys me a lot I really don’t like ikemotos art style, but that’s just a personal preference lol. I am excited to see when (if) they animate the chunin exams and we get to see all the stuff the movie just kinda skipped over, and I also want to see if they go with the manga ending or stick to how to movie was. I also wanna really wanna see inojin more, and his fight with the masked sand sibiling, I mean that guys stats says he only uses his sword to fight, but I mean inojin would be a tough competitor using his super beast scroll and being a yamanaka, so I wanna see how he lost. I hope he gets animated a lot in general, lol I didn’t like a lot of the redesigns ikemoto did but honeslty inojins overalls are so cute lol I think he’s perfection so he can look cute anything. Ugh I still cringe at saradas and chouchous redesigns oh my god noooo why??? Ahh anyway this is all over the place and I got really off topic oops lol

voltron volleyball au

ok, there were a couple different set ups that i felt would work, but this one seemed the most fitting for everybody!

keith: left back

  • super agile and flexible
  • best at covering tips
  • there is no way in hell this boy will let a ball drop without sacrificing his body for it
  • seriously he’s like. always on the ground
  • bruises everywhere
  • him and pidge switch off at libero, but he’s a really valuable hitter so he’s most often put in left back
  • lance + him are always colliding at the ten foot line whenever the set is off because 
    • “-no that set was for me
    • “it was a back row attack, i called for it!
    • “nope. dont remember. didnt happen.”
  • on the rare occasion that keith shanks a pass, its almost always lance that covers him
  • and he never lets him live it down
    • “remember that one time in the deciding set of the galra match when the outside’s hit skimmed off your platform and i had to chase after the ball, saving the day for all of us? yeah. me too :’)”
  • the most superstitious of the team by far
  • puts his hair up in a ponytail with approximately 800 bobby pins trying to keep his choppy bangs out of his face
  • after a few practices like this with keith constantly fixing his hair, lance decides to help him out + french braids his hair before every game/practice
  • becomes his good luck charm
  • if lance doesn’t braid his hair he’s gonna Suck and they will lose the game
  • one time lance had a really bad fever of like 104F and he still showed up to the game to braid keith’s hair
  • everyone then proceeded to shoo him off because holy shit lance you look like literal death please go back to sleep
  • is always too serious and hard on himself
    • can sometimes take his anger out on his teammates 
    • but normally just festers and gets up in his head  
  • been playing since he was a little kid

lance: outside hitter

  • taunts the ever loving fuck out of the other team
  • pray for the right side they always get the brunt of it
  • this boy literally just like. floats as if he weighs nothing
  • jumps like he has springs in his shoes
  • you literally can’t hear his feet hit the ground
  • surprisingly pretty good hands? his sets aren’t that accurate but you can basically never hear the ball touch his hands
    • speaking of hands his are really nice
    • that’s definitely related to the topic at had what are you talking about
  • everyone is like super impressed and admirable of him when they first see him
  • then he opens his mouth
  • always rolls up his shorts really short
  • no one complains
  • pretty good at avoiding the block
  • can always find the hole in the block
  • Notorious Tipper
  • he actually hates tipping and always wants to smack the shit out of the ball because damn it feels nice and looks cool but he knows how frustrated and annoyed the other teams get when he does it
  • an ok passer
  • most of the time keith and lance switch when they go to front/back row respectively, but the sometimes they just play all around
  • lance focuses on setting up for a hit whenever he passes and always forgets to watch the ball to his platform, so his passes are almost never perfect
  • “ball first, lance” -literally everyone whenever lance is in the backrow
  • used to be a middle blocker but switched to outside because they get set more lol
  • the type of player to jump and scream and clap after every point they get
  • team dj

pidge: libero

  • calls the shots/is in control of the back row
  • complaining 24/7 about spandex
  • always yelling at the blockers
  • lives on the ground
  • for real this child is tiny it takes them like .2 seconds to get on their belly
  • strong legs but it doesn’t really show
  • hops for days 
  • can jump super high/far both vertically and horizontally 
  • though no one expects it cause they’re like barely 5’0 lmao
    • one time during a practice match with another school everyone played their worst position and pidge was put in middle
    • the other team was all like pfft lol were gonna crush this shrimp
    • needless to say the smirk on pidge’s face after stuffing their best hitter was absolutely shit-eating
  • is actually a pretty versatile player, but can’t hit for shit so is really never put in front row
    • their timing is utterly atrocious and they have pretty weak arms
  • best float/short serve you have ever seen
  • but can’t serve deep to save their life
  • has to wear sports glasses and absolutely hates them 
  • has a really loud voice
  • is always yelling 
    • calling for the ball
    • telling others who has what ball when it’s coming to them
    • cover tips
    • tells team which hitter is getting set and where they’re hitting
    • seriously they never shut up
    • the first time them and hunk played together hunk kept messing up because he’d get fully concentrated on whatever he was about to do and then pidge would just start yeLLING AND HUNK JUST SCREAMS AND SCREWS UP 
  • probably plays pranks on other teams at tournaments (with lance, of course)

shiro: middle blocker

  • co/vice-captain
  • calls the shots/has control of the front row
  • best hitter on the team
  • like for real he literally hits straight down bye
  • everyone from other teams is super intimidated by him cause holy shit is he strong
  • but then he starts talking and they’re all like 
    • >clutches chest
  • some people hate him even more after they talk to him because how can one man be so perfect
  • feels really bad whenever he stuffs an opposing hitter
  • lance always groans whenever he apologizes for hurting someone, says that he’s being embarrassing
  • though sometimes shiro gets in this Zone where he’s a total power house and cannot be stopped 
    • gets very quiet and focused
    • can sometimes accidentally bump into/injure his teammates 
    • or steal hits/passes from them
    • gets very selfish cause he’s hyper-fixated on the ball
      • hitting the ball
      • passing the ball
      • blocking the bal
      • b a l l
    • it’s kinda scary but i mean hey… they’re winning lol
  • him and allura are the best when blocking together
    • his vertical is insane
    • really strong hands
  • incredibly disciplined
  • overreacts when others get hurt
    • “are you ok? do you have a concussion? did you roll your ankle? do you need ice? i’ll get you ice-”
    • “shiro please put me down”
  • no matter how many times keith and pidge hit the floor he’s still like “arE YOU OK OH MY GOD”
  • one time lance got hit in the face while blocking and got a split lip so he asked shiro to kiss it better as blood dripped down his chin
    • shiro didn’t offer him an ice pack
    • shiro didn’t offer him anything

hunk: right side(/setter)

  • the teams main energy source
  • constantly picking the team up when they’re in a slump
  • him and lance are always coming up with cheers
  • their favorite is when lance pretends to shoot shiro after he gets a kill and shiro falls back into the arms of his teammates while they’re all howling and whooping
  • he’s technically the right side, but allura is a bit of a ball hog in back row and always takes the passes that she should let the libero get, so he ends up setting half the time
    • (if the setter takes the first ball, the right side gets the second)
  • he’s the type of setter that knows his teammates on a very personal level, and always sets where he knows they like best
    • shiro - quick ones (short set in the middle, rarely can a wing blocker/middle blocker get there and up in time)
    • lance - x’s (looks like the middle is going in for a one, but the setter sets a low two and the outside takes in - often hard to read and time for the other team)
    • allura - pinks (like a one but for a rightside)
    • keith - sets an inside A (back row attack) to make it look like he’ll hit angle, but fakes the other team out by hitting line
    • he likes hitting nines the most (which is just ur Average Right Side Set
  • Lucky Headband™
  • is a really good blocker because he has really strong + large hands, but his vertical isn’t super impressive
  • always has extra kneepads, socks, granola bars, and deodorant in his bag
  • very social with the other teams! chats up a storm with anyone and everyone at games and tournaments
    • one time they got whooped by a really amazing team and everyone was really bummed cause that game was super important 
    • and like after the game hunk rushes up to the setter and is like 
      • !!!!!!!
      • you’reamazingohmygoodnesspleaseteachmehowtosetlikethat
    • everyone else on the team is internally screaming because fuck those guys please can we just go home
    • and then like.. shiro goes over with him and starts talking to their middle
    • and slowly the rest of the team heads over
    • keith and lance are the last ones cause theyre like *scoffs*
    • then they look at each other and sigh and head over reluctantly 
    • everyone actually ends up having a really good time just hanging out and talking with them
    • they arrange practice matches whenever they can
    • Bonds Are Formed
    • good job hunk :’)

allura: setter(/right side)

  • team captain
  • really quick on her feet
  • dives a lot despite her height
  • can set any position from literally anywhere on the court
  • she’s somewhat ambidextrous, but left-hand dominant
  • notorious for spiking the shit out of the ball when feigning like she’s gonna set it
  • the??? coolest hair??
  • like she does such intricate braids and styles and almost never repeats the same hairstyle, or at least variates the original style slightly
  • is super scary to the other team (and to her own team lbr…) 
  • cause she gets super serious and intense
  • her physical fitness is incredibly important to her
  • works out almost every day, accept days with more than three games
    • so, yeah she works out on game days cause she’s a stud
  • shiro and her sometimes work out together, she loves having company
  • very chatty during work outs, which is somewhat surprising considering how focused and intense she gets during play time
  • despite shiro’s stamina, even he wonders how she can manage to talk so much while working her butt off simultaneously 
  • multi-sport athlete
    • volleyball
    • football
    • softball
  • litearlly can do anything tho???
    • >picks up tennis racket for the first time in her life
    • >varsity coah, after seeing her play for approximately .4 seconds: hello what is your name i believe we may have an opening on our team for you if you’re interested
  • ASB President + 4.0 Highly Capable Student
  • she’s the pride and joy and envy of the school
  • but like… people really cant hate her tho tbh… cause like.. have you seen and/or talked to her……
  • ..what kind of next level godliness…………

coran: coach

  • the type of coach that absolutely adores and loves his players
  • his life is his coaching
    • congrats here’s ur new children coran
  • always has a very rigorous yet fun practice outline ready the night before
  • knows when the team needs a Break
  • makes goodie bags for every away game
  • decorates them with volleyball stickers and ribbon in their team colors
  • each goodie bagl is individual and unique for each player
  • what a sweetheart :’)
  • his players normally just call him by his first name cause he wants their relationships to be as equals
  • or they just call him coach :p
  • no one who doesn’t know him takes him seriously
  • but this man used to be (and still is, really) dangerous on the court
  • was an outside hitter
  • holy shit he was strong af he hit straight down tbh
  • was always co-captain with alfor, yet put in just as much work
  • always worked hard for the benefit of the team, not just himself
  • put the team before him
  • the first to rush to a teammates side when hurt
  • has gotten pretty good with first aid lol
  • always has his Coach Backpack On 
  • contains all the coaching necessities of course, but also specific things from/for each player
    • lance’s spinning ring that he’s almost never without
    • pidge’s inhaler
    • has so many pairs of earrings floating around in the various pockets of his bag… like are they ever going to get them back… we just dont know…
    • granola bars
    • nail clippers
    • hair bands 
  • once had to shave off his mustache after he lost a bet with a rival coach
  • they ended up losing the next four games
  • Never Again did he shave his mustache
The 'Good' Tord reject

Alrighty this was a clone OC I left out of the larger post I made, since I really wanted to speak more about this guy.

There was a Tord clone being completed, but when his memories were being transplanted, something went wrong. The machine screwed up and actually WIPED all of his memories and common sense. He woke up in the movie theater with all of the other clones, and was immediately terrified. The claw soon scooped him up and placed him in a reject room that’s filled only with Tom clones. He tried to stand up, but he had no idea how. As the Tom clones turned to pay attention to him, all the Tord clone was whimper and coward away in the corner of the room. The Tom clones where confused. Why wasn’t he fighting them or saying insults? The Tom clones in the room were relatively normal, since their only defects were based on their thoughts or preferences. One hated guitar, another one is sober, and the third one is a pacifist. The only one that WASN’T a normal looking Tom clone was in another corner of the room, back facing to everyone………..

The Tord clone is curled up in a ball, confused out of his mind. The pacifist Tom walked up to him and poked him. “Are you okay Tord? You’re not like yourself!” All the clone did was look at him with fearful eyes. “Hey man, can you talk? Or are you mute or something?” The Tord clone just started to mutter to himself and he looked really confused. Then he spoke.

“T-T-T-TooOORRD-DD ???”

That when it hit the Tom clones. He’s got no memories of who or what he his. He’s like a child practically, but one with no sense of how life is. The Tom clones start to help him jog his memories, by asking if he can remember his name, where he came from, and all the adventures they had. All the Tord clone did was watch and mutter. He has no idea what he has done to Tom in the past and how was their relationship. The sober Tom soon taught the Tord clone how to speak and what some words mean. After a week or so, the clone can speak in some broken choppy sentences. Mostly they were comprised of simple terms, like ‘No’, ‘Yes’, ‘Please’, 'Thank you’, 'Go’, 'Stop’, and of course, 'Tom’. The realization of being a clone of a relatively bad person didn’t really shock the clone, since he has no memories of being a trigger happy communist. Using this to their advantage, the Tom clones began to say some things that didn’t really happen, like saying that themselves are better and stronger than Tord. The clone of course believed them. He became more mellow after a few more weeks and was very kind to all the 'normal’ looking Toms. But he’s extremely curious about the somewhat quiet Tom clone that he hadn’t met yet. The guitar hating Tom told him not to speak to that clone, and to leave him alone……

At this point, the Tord clone’s vocabulary has gotten better, and he can express his emotions too. He’s constantly pestering the Toms about his life and how is the outside world. The clone is being super clingy too. Eventually the three 'normal’ Tom clones treat the Tord clone like as son. The physical appearance of the Tord clone looks like the 'Original’ Tord, but progressively his hair started to loose the iconic pseudo-horn shape. He blushes a lot too. Eventually the Tord clone learned a lot about the world except one thing: Weapons. The Tom clones don’t want to 'taint’ the innocence of the Tord clone. They never really explained death to him either. Everything went well for a few months, the Tom clones getting along with each other after settling out their differences, and taking care of the Tord clone. However, the Tom clone in the corner never stirred….. Everything was great! Until the riot happened.

It was sudden, when the walls fell and all they heard was chaos. They only saw red for awhile, until the dust settled. By the time the Tord clone snapped out of it, he saw the limp cold bodies of the Tom trio. He shook them, trying to wake them up, having no idea that they’re dead. Suddenly, he heard some rubble shook next to him. He saw a blood stained blue sleeved hand, and the Tord clone took hold of it and pulled. That when he saw what the mysterious Tom clone looked like. The massive cluster of eyes in his face stared back intensely at the Tord clone. He fell back, screaming in fear, as the Tom clone pulled himself out of the rubble. The Tom clone has about eight arms, jutting out in different directions, from different parts of the torso. He also has six legs, with one too many feet on each of them. Along with having a cluster of eye holes on his face, he seems to have five mouths, one even on his neck. The Tord clone screams even more and braces himself in fear. Then that’s when they heard the gunshots. The riot was far from over. Before the Tord clone can do or say anything, the multi-limbed Tom grabbed him and ran as fast as he could, trying to avoid tripping on his extra legs. Outside, they ran into a series of alleyways, trying to avoid being shot at or being seen by the public. At this point the Tord clone has so much shock, that he can’t even function. The Tom clone just stared at him, trying to snap him out of it. They spent the night sleeping in the alleyway, the Tom clone clutching the restlessly sleeping Tord clone. By morning, the duo talked it out, and the Tord clone isn’t afraid of that eerie clone anymore. He even help give him a name, since the other three Toms never bothered to give him one. Tomalgam. Then they walked behind some buildings, trying to find some loose change to buy food. Since the Tord clone is 'normal’ he can go into the public, while Tomalgam must stay in hiding. The Tord clone is incredibly shy and doesn’t want to have eye contact with any other people. He just goes in and out as fast as he can. There are still some things that he doesn’t know, such as how people can react to certain things, or how some things in nature work. Nonetheless, he survived. It’s been about a week the Tord clone and the Tom clone roamed around, until they found their 'Original’ home. The Tom clone said to stay away from it, but one night when he was sleeping, the Tord clone was consumed by curiosity and went anyways.

There was a gunshot.

The multi-limbed Tom suddenly woke up and saw that the Tord clone wasn’t there. He stumbled his way to the house and saw somebody dragging something. It looked like clone Tord. Except for one thing. He had the pseudo-horn hair. The thing he was dragging was the innocent Tord clone’s corpse.

The Tom clone was speechless. Why didn’t he told him that the man he is a clone of was evil? Why didn’t he say that the stories of the other Tom clones in the reject room were lies? Why didn’t he stop him? The Tom clone started to weep, tears gushing out of all of his eyes, all five of his mouths agape and moaning in agony.

Tord heard him.

When Tord went up to where the sound was coming from, he didn’t know what he was going to see. Tomalgam looked up and saw a petrified Tord, shaking in complete terror. The Tom clone was filled with rage and hatred, and he managed to say 'hO W cOUL D Y oU’ before punching Tord unconscious. He wanted to kill him, maim him, rip his body to shreds, but yet he can’t. He’s full of grief and seeing his old friend made him think even more about the pure Tord clone. He left Tord’s unconscious and bleeding body in front of the house, and took clone Tord’s body. He hold onto his limp body, crying uncontrollably. Even though they never really spoke, the Tord clone was so kind to him, even though he’s a freak. Tomalgam then shuffled back into the alleyway, never to be seen again…….. but there are rumors that he’s been spotted by others………and that some other reject clones may be roaming around the town too………..

S2 E4 Sarumi Scene Review

Earlier today I watched K project season 2 e4 and I died at the scene where Misaki saves Saruhiko. 

I was thinking, why didn’t Misaki let him been killed? Some people may argue that Misaki wanted to do it himself, or that he knew that he needed Saruhiko’s help in the fight, but think about this: The writers chose to have the scene be played out this way, they could have easily had Saruhiko move away and end the fight another way, but they had Misaki come into the rescue and save Saruhiko. This might seem out of character at first, but i’ve seen other posts stating  that Misaki’s character has grown and he has matured a lot which is true. In the first episode of the second season, he tries to thank Saru for helping them find Anna from the movie Missing Kings. Also, talking about Missing Kings, there was a scene at the end which I feel has been somehow overlooked in the fandom, (maybe it’s just me and it’s really popular but i never saw anything of it) when Misaki tries to thank Saru, and he blushes and stutters. It was so adorable and i’ll try to get a gif of it later, i made the ones above but it took forever because the files were always to big and they have to be 1MB or less on tumblr so sorry if they’re bad quality or choppy. Anyway, The look he had on his face was so cute! When he saw Saruhiko his expression read “oh my god. He’s right there!..” So when he started to say thank you, he stuttered too xD I just want to point out that those are things he does whenever he is around girls. Unfortunately though Saruhiko ignores him and Misaki gets a little angry, but I swear I could see the word “CANNON” written all over the screen. 

inevitable-everything  asked:

You know, for some reason after I finished BLLB, I've been thinking about Adam's hair a lot? Like, who cuts it? I'll bet that before it was just his mom in the kitchen with scissors. It would probably look choppy but okay. But now, he probably just goes to a cheap place so he can save money, and I'm just imagining he gets a really bad haircut once, and Ronan is just like "NO. Even I can do better than this." and sits him down and fixes it.

This was an incredibly delightful thing to think about all afternoon while I was ordering images, so thanks! 

I see kind of a lot of fic where Adam or Gansey does Ronan’s shave for him, but I haven’t seen any (I don’t think, feel free to throw it right at me if you have any) where Ronan (or Gansey or Blue, not picky) cuts Adam’s hair. Which is a shame.

I bet a small town like Henrietta has an honest to god barber shop that’s left over from the last century and doesn’t cost much at all compared to the Great Clips or whatever, but is mostly used to doling out the old ‘high and tight’ or slightly floppy dad hair from the 50s and okay, Adam’s never been a cool hair guy, but neither of those looks are really what he’s going for. Still, it doesn’t cost what it could and they’re supposedly professionals or something, so he flips through the dated magazines in the waiting area and shows the guy the picture and in spite of this just ends up with a modified, longer version of slightly floppy dad hair from the 50s. But floppier. Like, the revenge of the floppening. He is Not Pleased by this, but he doesn’t know what to DO about it, because the guy technically did his job, so it’s not like he can not pay him. 

Anyway, he’s even more Not Pleased by this when he gets to Monmouth the next morning or something for forest times and Ronan and Noah are such dicks about it he eventually gives up and just ignores them for the rest of the day. The literal Adam Parrish silent treatment, which Ronan also makes fun of, until he starts to realize that Adam is actually not going to talk to him, on purpose. Adam, he knows, can hold a grudge. And Ronan really hates it when Adam doesn’t talk to him for a large number of reasons that have nothing to do with his stupid accent, thank you very much. Mainly, silence prickles Ronan. He prefers shouting. Shouting he can work with. Silence is an unknown quantity and it makes him uncomfortable. 

So after a long day of tromping through the woods he disappears into his bedroom while Gansey sees Adam and Blue off and lets all of them think he’s being a dick. (Or, you know, Blue would say with a shrug, Ronan.) Meanwhile he looks up hair cutting tutorials on YouTube and tears the apartment apart looking for a pair of scissors. He finally ends up stealing Gansey’s crafting scissors, which have glue on them, and maybe glitter, but Ronan figures it doesn’t matter and wipes them against his jeans until they’re good as knew. Then he sets out on his mission, armed with pointy objects and just enough knowledge about hair cutting to get him and the cut-ee in trouble, which obviously also makes him dangerous. 

Adam doesn’t open the door at first, but Ronan is persistent and loud, so Adam finally gives in, mumbling about how he’d like to eventually sleep at night, Lynch, what on earth is your damage? Ronan merely brandishes the scissors at him and Adam very seriously says ‘NO’ and Ronan equally as seriously says ‘YES’ and pushes past him into the apartment and into the bathroom. 

When Adam catches up with him Ronan has his phone on the corner of the sink with a video queued and is standing in Adam’s bathtub still in his shoes. He snips the scissors at Adam menacingly and Adam gives a long suffering sigh and sits down on the edge of the bathtub. Because here’s the thing. He’s mad at Ronan for being a dick, but he’s also mad at himself for being in this hair situation to begin with. Adam Parrish is NEVER going to apologize to himself. Ronan is never going to apologize to him either, but Ronan WILL do something stupid to try and make Adam hate himself less, which is probably more of an apology than Adam ever deserves, given how he gives Ronan just as much shit as he gets, it just happened to be his day on the receiving end. 

Adam doesn’t have a towel he wants to lose to tiny, itchy hairs, so he just squirms out of his shirt and drops it on the floor, thinking it will be easy to brush hair off his naked shoulders and back and not thinking at all about Ronan, whose breath catches when Adam does it and who stands behind him for a very long time before doing anything. Adam sits and waits for him to move, stewing a bit in the tension and trying to place that slippery feeling in his gut. Finally Ronan picks up his phone and watches part of the video and then puts it down again and begins to cut. 

The scissors are not good hair cutting scissors, so the cuts are not clean, but Adam doesn’t suppose that matters. He’s seen more ragged ends on boys who probably paid $150 for a haircut, and if nothing else he looks more natural than he had that morning. He’s back to being boring, someone who can fly under the radar, which is exactly what he wants. He wipes the hair off his shoulders and chest and back into the tub and Ronan watches him do it, but doesn’t reach to touch him or help. Instead he stands with his head slightly bent under the shower head and his hands behind his back. He looks incredibly strange in Adam’s tub fully clothed, but Adam is definitely not ready for the follow up thought to that, so he just finishes and puts his shirt back on. 

When they’re back in the middle of his room, where the tension has enough space to shift and dissipate some, he eyes Ronan up and down trying to decide what to say. ‘Thank you’ is out of the question, because they’re them. He doesn’t know how to say it any more than Ronan knows how to accept it. So instead he says, ‘I’ll write your essay on Hemingway’. And Ronan says ‘thank fuck.’ And that’s that. 

They absolutely do not make a habit of this and Adam absolutely does NOT shave Ronan’s head with the long guard on his electric razor one afternoon when they’re bored and they never tell any of the others about this because there is NOTHING to tell. 

Liar Liar

Summery: What a klutz! When the reader and the boys go on a witch hunt, the reader cant help but trip over her own two feet resulting in a blackout and lie detector powers and what better than to put those powers to use when Dean’s prone to lie about his feelings.

Word count: 1908

Warnings: swearing (just a few curse words, and not in an offensive way… I think), reader calls Dean and idiot and dumbass (in a playful way).

A/N: original request: Hey Honey! I’ve got a request for you! How about a fluffy Dean x reader where Sam knows Dean has feelings for (Y/N) so he always teases Dean about them in front of her and Dean always denies it quickly. He doesn’t know that (Y/N) shares his feelings, but always denies them as well so not to ruin their friendship. One day though, a witch hunt goes wrong and (Y/N) wakes up with the ability to tell when someone is lying so when Sam begins his teasing, Dean begins his lying.

“I cannot believe how much of a big baby you’re being.” Sam huffed in annoyance, his attention drawing back to a restless and irritated Dean who lay on the bed, arms spread out with legs resting on the floor.

“Dude, let it go.”

Sam shook his head and returned his gaze back to his computer, the pit-pat of the keys as he typed filled the silence for awhile, but eventually Dean got even more restless, his internal thought process slowly oozing out into a verbal display as he battled with himself.

It got to the point where Dean would grumble every so often causing Sam to glace over. He knew Dean was doing it for attention.

Dean sighed for the millionth time.

“Oh my god, Dean.”


“If you do not come clean about your feelings for Y/N and continue to wallow in this annoying state of fear and denial so help me I will-”

“Will what? Tell her?” Dean mocked

It had only been a few weeks since Sam found out about Deans massive crush on you, but that didn’t stop Sam from immediately teasing Dean. It started off in private, banter only shared between the two brothers, but as the weeks dragged on and Dean became more and more annoying, Sam started teasing him in front of you, hoping and praying that it would give him the balls to admit his feelings to you.

No such luck. 

“Hey boys, I’m back!” you say in a sing song voice as you open the crappy motel door. You walk over to Dean who was still laying on the bed sprawled out and throw his keys onto his chest.

“Baby’s okay?” Dean asked as he sat up, setting his keys on the bedside table.

“Y/N seems okay to me.” Sam remarked casually.

Dean stuttered and felt his face flush, ears burning at Sam’s comment.

“I mean my car, how’s my car.” Dean clarified quickly, almost defensively. 

You felt your heart twinge a little as you pulled up a chair beside Sam.

“Baby’s fine, I still can believe you let me drive her.”

You never thought Dean would say yes when you asked him if you could drive baby to go do some research at the local library, it was just something the two of you did, you’d ask for the keys and he’d laugh and tell you no. This time was different.

“Anything for his baby.” Sam muttered which caused Dean to glare menacingly at his brother.

“Y/N is not my baby.”

His words were rough and forced, not to mention cut like glass. But that’s what it was like when you were in love with someone who didn’t feel the same way, they just didn’t realize how much they were hurting you.

Yes, you loved Dean. You loved him very much. More than anything, but obviously he didn’t feel the same way.

With gritted teeth Dean continued talking.

“So what’s this case anyways?”

“Uh, witch.”

Dean groaned and flopped back on the bed. This was going to be a long day.

“Tell her.”

“Sam” Dean warned as they waited for you in the Impala.

“Tell her Dean.”

“No Sam.”



Sam huffed as he sat back and folded his arms over his chest, watching as you shut and locked the motel door, sprinting to the Impala.

“Dean has something to tell you.” Sam said as soon as you sat down and shut the door.

“Uh, okay?” you looked at Dean through the mirror, catching his shocked and startled expression as he looked back at you.

“Uh- Ah… d-did you bring the address?”

“Um, yeah.” you replied, slipping the paper with the address into Deans outstretched hand.

“Thanks.” he mumbled as Sam scoffed and shook his head.

What the heck was going on with these two? The boys had been acting so strangely for the past few weeks, it all started off with weird glances from the bothers, than Sam teasing Dean about you… oh my god he knew, Sam knew about your crush! You felt your face pale slightly.

Its fine, its okay. You don’t know that for sure, its alright.

You repeated these words, praying them to be true.

You all drove in silence for a while, the gentle roar of the engine was the only sound to be heard, no music, nothing but the Impalas purr.

“Keep your eyes on the road Dean, you can stare at Y/N later.”

Glancing over you watched as Dean gripped the steering wheel, ducking lower in his seat as a small heat crept across his freckled face.

“I-I wasn’t- I wasn’t staring, I’m watching the road, shut up.” Dean grumbled in a bitter tone.

Would it really be so bad if he was staring? Am I really that unattractive. Ouch.

“Y/N, you smell very nice, what is that? Lilac?” Sam questioned as he twisted in his seat to look at you “Dean doesn’t Y/N smell nice?”

“What? No! well I-I mean yes but-you don’t smell bad or anything-”

Your brows knitted together at Deans choppy and rushed sentence, trying to decipher what the hell it meant. Why’d he say no first?

“Smooth.” Sam whispered and smiled smugly.

“We’re here, get out.” Dean grumbled at Sam as he pulled up to the old styled Victorian house.

“Alright, lets go gank a witch.” you say smiling and climbing out of the Impala.

You all make your way up the driveway, Dean signalling for Sam to cover the back while you and Dean made your way to the front. This was how it usually was paired.

Slipping into the old house, you decided to take the basement while Dean stayed to search the main floor. You tried to walk down the stairs as quietly as you could, sticking as close to the walls as you could. It got darker and darker as you descended the stairs, slowly growing more blind to your surroundings.

that’s when you tripped. Who knows how many more stairs you had left, four? Five?

You woke up feeling strange, you couldn’t exactly place what it was, nothing was wrong, something about you just felt… off.

Walking out of your bedroom dressed solely in an oversized t-shirt you wandered into the kitchen where an already awake Dean and Sam sat sipping at their coffee.

The two brothers looked up at you, relief flooding their faces.

“Oh thank god.” Dean said as he rushed to meet you, placing his hands on your shoulders to examine you.

“Are you alright? How’re you feeling?”

“F-Fine… what happened?”

“You fell down the stairs you klutz, you literally fell into witch goo.”

Your face scrunched in disgust as well as embarrassment.

“Oh.” was all you could muster up.

Walking over to the counter you opened the cupboard only to be faced with disappointment.

“Dean, did you seriously eat all my cereal?”

You shut the cupboard roughly as you looked at Dean, waiting for an answer.

“What? Of course not!”


The feeling hit you like a truck, a wave of senses crashing over you. You knew Dean was lying.

How did you know? You couldn’t explain it, it was like you had a polygraph inside your heard, the needles skewing wildly at Deans blatant lie. It was like something in your mind just screamed liar.

“You’re such a liar!”

“I am not!” he retorted.

What a little liar.

“Dean Winchester don’t you dare sit there and lie to me, I know you ate it!” you smiled as you yelled so that Dean knew he wasn’t actually in too much trouble. He always lied about eating your food.

“Okay fine, I ate the last of your cereal, I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.” you reply sitting at the table with an empty bowl and a steaming cup of coffee.

“Man, I did not sleep well last night” Dean sighed as he dragged his hands down his face.

“Up all night thinking of Y/N?” Sam questioned sipping his coffee.

“What, no!”


There it was again, that sense of lying. Dean was lying, you knew it. You were certain of it.

“Dreaming of her then, interesting.”

“I was not dreaming of Y/N!” Dean argued, glancing over at you with soft, apologetic eyes.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

“Liar.” you whispered as you watched Dean argue with Sam.



You all sat in silence, slowly sipping your coffee’s.

Dean was up all night thinking about you? Why? Why would he do that?

Scraping your chair against the floor, you pushed away from the table to pour yourself another cup of coffee.

“Dean, stop staring at Y/N’s ass.”

“W-what? I wasn’t!”


You quickly turned around, eyes connecting with a red face, embarrassed Dean.

“I wasn’t” he tried to reassure but you knew he was lying. What the fuck was going on? How could you tell when someone was lying?

“Guys… we have a problem.”

“What is it Y/N?” Sam watched you carefully as you made your way back to the table.

“Sam, lie to me.”


“Lie to me. Tell me a lie. No, better yet, tell me one lie and one truth, I have to figure out which ones the lie.”

“Uh- why…?” Sam sighed and shook his head causing his hair to swish “Okay, uh… I really love that new romantic comedy you made me watch…”

You didn’t feel anything, was that really true? Did he really like it?

I fucking knew it!

“And-uh… I really love your Doctor Who lamp you put in the library.”


“You are such an ass Sam Winchester, you told me you loved that lamp!”

“How the hell did you know that was the lie?”

“I don’t know how, but… I can sorta tell when you’re lying to me… its kinda freaking me out!”

You could see Dean pale in your peripheral vision.

“What? F- for how long?”

“Since I woke up. That’s how I knew you were lying about my cereal… and uh-” you made a weird gesture with your hands.

“Oh my god,” Dean said as he dropped his face into his hands “I-”

“Dean why were you up all night thinking of me?”

Sam stood up suddenly making his chair clatter.

“My cue to leave.” he muttered as he passed the two of you.

You looked back at Dean expectantly.

“I- its just… okay,” Dean breathed out heavily and ran his hands through his hair.
“Don’t be mad. I know you don’t feel the same way, that’s why I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship or anything but-Y/N… I- I’m- I love you, Y/N.”

Dean looked up at you sadly, his eyes drooping to form a sad puppy dog expression. You’ve never seen anything so cute and sad at the same time.

“I know you don’t feel the same-”

You grabbed the front of Deans shirt, startling him as he looked at you with wide eyes.

“You, Dean Winchester, are the biggest idiot I‘ve ever met.” you say as you pull him by his collar and crash your lips into his. Dean hesitated for a moment, unaware of what had happened, but soon he was snaking his hand around the back of your neck and pulling you in closer. When you pulled away dean was staring at you, cheeks flushed and his lips swollen.


You pulled him back for another kiss.

“I love you too, you dumbass.” you mumbled into his lips.

You shouldn’t have fallen for me,” he said finally. “I told you. I told you I’d fuck it up!“ He growled as he leaned up against the wall his hands covering his face.
The air was still and the second it took before she replied dragged on.
“If you love someone you hold onto them, right?” She asked no one in particular. “You don’t let them go?” She said sadly and he unclenched his fists and watched her.
“I used to be poetic before I met you,” she continued, “but now I’m just an emotional wreck with too many words.” She sat on the floor beside him.
“You make me sad, you know?” He said finally as he slumped to the ground and joined her. “I can’t look at you without wanting to laugh and you look back at me like you’re waiting to cry.”
“Then please,” she said “just tell me what to do, I just want to be happy. I’m sorry.”
He looked at her and winced, “god, you’re going to fuck me up.” He does this half laugh. “You know how I know?”
She shakes her head.
Because,“ he continues, “when you’re tired of explaining yourself, you just end up apologising instead.”
She tore her eyes away from his her hands shaking.
“I think you tried to love me,” he managed finally his voice apologetic and it’s that word: ‘tried’, that gets caught in his throat.
She looked at her hands as they rested in her lap trying to find the right words to say to him.
“I find it hard to trust.” She whispered softly, and for once he truly smiled.
“You can trust me.
—  S.Z/ Borrowed prompts