but it looked rly bad omg

shit the signs prob do/say

*from my experience*

Aries: bad bad texters, make everything obvious, *randomly curses at u* (not a surprise if u find them talking to themselves), crazy drivers vroom vroom, *screams but cools down after 3 min*, laughs manically when angry, looks focused about everything,  jokes about things that’ll make you widen your eyes (rly personal shit)

Taurus: asks when and where they’ll be able to eat, make literally 0 sense sometimes, lazy bean always saying they’re tired, virgo #2, will fight u, takes their fights seriously, MI X ED SIGNALS!!?!!?!?

Gemini: “idk I like them but I don’t, you get me?”, hates it when u repeat music but they do the same shit, acts smart but can’t backup their arguments, rly loud laughers, *screenshots everything*, repeats their jokes until someone laughs at it

Cancer: adds everything w daddy, “im not emotional wtf”, likes to be derpy, either babies u or likes being babied, becomes victim if u dont return affection, has atleast accidentally called their teacher mom/dad once, “send that to me!”

Leo: actually leaves yelp reviews, s/o > frnds/u, dramatically cries when hungry, “lets take an uber”, turn to preachers at random times, #triggered, goes to places just for the pictures

Virgo: judged u atleast once, involves themselves in drama & accidentally becomes a victim, not scared of u, independent woman who dont need no man (unless u got some leo in u), my opinion > urs

Libra: literally wild af, talks really loud, says shit without even thinking twice omg??, wings everything, air head #2, s a ssy, “idc if they don’t like me……but why tho”, leo #2, have dank memes to back up their argument, most likely to send u a nude/ or have u call them daddy/mami, suggest i v e

Scorpio: text them at 4 am and they’ll reply, actually really hate spooky shit, could pull off as Geminis if they weren’t so mysterious, also looks rly hot, thinks about every bad scenario, the worriers, staring at you either means they hate u or they like u pick one

Sagittarius: *freedomly flirts*, so harsh like ouch?, the type to ask u to dinner and say they forgot their wallet, says no but does it anyways,  *shows u a song then reminds u they showed u it everytime u listen to it*, mimics everything, most likely to wear something that’ll grab someone’s attention

Capricorn: *looks rlly powerful but likes a dominant person*, lets you copy their hw #realOG, looks rly confused, depended on 167% of the time, looks rly hot, looks so serious but is really singing in their heads, ride or die

Aquarius: air head #1, say the weirdest shit sometimes omg?, leo #3, won’t apologize for none, probably already found out the secret to life, doesn’t hide anything, “im n o t we a  k”, makes a joke bout everything

Pisces: more sensitive than cancer like wyd astrology, says “what” after you just explained yourself, “dude what if like…”, oblivious , person: look at that cute person pisces: where?! *looks everywhere but the cute person*, no one knows what they’re thinking

first date with jAEmIN!!!

Originally posted by suhyngho

ayy Moon anon ;))) sorry im doing this pretty late but yeH also im including ur request in this so don’t worry!!!! thanks for requesting bb xoxo - admin amy

  • aight so y’all are already together after the sleepover you had last week
  • and then outta the blue on a friday night jaemin texts you like
  • ‘wassup bby lemme take u for a ride ;))) JK JK do you wanna go out tomorrow?? to the pizza place near the park’

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omg so when i was at swco i was expecting u know.. some bad.. elitist, douchebaggy kind of fans, right. 

and instead i met some of the sweetest people ever? like i have rly bad self-esteem issues w/ my looks and like 10 people called me anything from cute to gorgeous. some professional photographer even like.. asked to take a pic of me and i wasn’t even a cosplayer? some guy walked by me, stopped and was like “wow. you are absolutely adorable” and walked away not even waiting for me to respond. i just. never ever ever expect that kind of thing so i was smiling all day

THIS WAS SO RANDOM SORRY i just like the idea of everyone giving each other random compliments. u have no idea how much it can make someone’s day and stick with them 

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Nerdy emoji 🤓x Cool emoji 😎 school au (keep it spi cyyyy 👅👄👄💦💦💦💦💦


🤓 was walking thru school 🏫 when she saw the hottest boy in class 😍😳😤 it was 😎
“dang 😔” she said. “why can’t he notice me 😭😭😭” she looked his way and he smiled 😁😉 at her.
😳😳😳 omg did he rly look at her?!
“HEY 😡😡😡” said 🙎🏼 rude white popular girl thottie. “r u looking at my boyfriend u LOZER?! 👿👿👿”
“chill 🅱️” he said 😎 “see u in class l8️⃣r, 🤓”
“w-w-wow” she said 😍💦 as her panties soaked. “i can’t believe 😎 knows my name 😍😍😍”
later after skool, she dropped her books on the floor 📚 every1️⃣ just walked by 🚶‍♀️🚶 “damn 😔 no 1️⃣ even notices me 😭😭😭”
“hey” said a familiar voice. “u ok 🅱️”
she looked-⬆️…it was 😎!!!
“oh 😳😊🙃” she blushed. “heheheheheehhehe i’m fine giggle” 😝
“hey ur 🤓 aren’t u???” 😎 asked.
“yes,” she said “dat me”
“well 😔” he said. “i kinda suck at school 😭😭😭 ik u r smart af…can u tutor me? 📚🤔😊”
😳😳😳 omg did he rly ask her that?! “y-y-yes!”
“cool 🅱️” he said. “imma pull up in the crib round 8 😎🚙🏡”


🤓 spent all evening getting hot af which took a lot of work bc she’s ugly and not cool 💄💋👙👠👛👑💍👄💅
ding ding. 😎 had arrived.
“hey 🅱️” he said. “ready 2️⃣ study 📚”
“ok 😍😍😍”
so they studied and then got rly close.
“wow 😔😔😔i suck at learning 😭😭😭 i might be the hottest coolest guy in skool w/ a 12 inch cock 🍆💦 but i’m so dumb. i hate me”
“hey thats not tru 😳😳😳” said 🤓 “ur so much more than just a cool dude…😍😍😍”
“tru i am also a HOT dude 🔥🔥🔥”
“what i mean is…u r smart. it just takes some time to learn 😌😌😌”
wow ,,, all his life… 😎 was used 2️⃣ being treated like the coolest guy ever…but dis girl…she see him 😳😳😳 for who he rly is.
“hey 🤓…ur beautiful 🅱️😍😍😍”
💑💋💏 (((they kissed omg 😱😳😍)))
but then there was a knock at the door…it was 🙎🏼!!!
“i saw that u 2️⃣…🤓, get ready 2️⃣ PAY!!!!!!”

2️⃣🅱️ cuntinued…………………..

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*cough* star wars newmann au

*cough* star wars trek newmann au, u said?(so my brain is banging pots and pans together going STAR TREK STAR TREK STAR TREK so….that’s whats happening. i’m glad we had this chat)

  • well obviously they’re both in science blues
  • also obviously, newt’s regulation science blues last for maybe two months into the mission. maybe. from then on, he switches to some old blue tee’s that have worn-out ancient graphics on them – like nasa’s old logo or one that says trust me i’m a dr or, hermann’s least favorite, the one that has a picture of a pterodactyl and says wingman – it’s really not that tasteless (even if it’s not funny) but it is so threadbare that hermann can see the lines of newt’s tattoo underneath it, even on his back.
  • speaking of tattoos, newt is still covered. they’re just of space and various creatures and also ships, bc omg the ships are what get you into space.
  • if newt isn’t wearing tee’s or shitty stained science blues, he’s wearing those black athletic shirts. hermann also hates those, bc he likes pushing the sleeves up and the black rly shows off the tattoos. its so unprofessional it hurts. making the whole dept look bad!
  • hermann’s the most brilliant engineer on the ship – also the most brilliant mathematician – also also he’s the best at 3d chess. most people refuse to play against him bc he’s absolutely brutal. he takes zero prisoners but he’s also fascinating to watch bc he’s so gd good at it. 
  • hermann, while more aloof and closed off than newt, actually probs has more friends. he gets along with most of the people on board in his own way
  • both of them fight to be on away missions, so they’re usually on the same team. bickering, as always. 
  • i’m sure i have more but i just. ugh.
  • no, hold on, both of them being total night owls. it’s hard to keep a good internal clock in space, so they keep the weirdest hours. newt likes to wander the halls of the ship when everyone else is sleeping, while hermann really enjoys working in those hours – when the lab is finally silent and newt-free. eventually, though, he loses concentration bc he’s used to tuning newt out. but eventually his coworker shows up and drags him to get some replicator coffee (so bad) and the day begins again.

(or, if you’re wedded to star wars, please imagine both of them being slightly tipsy, having a lightsaber fight with plastic swords that light up and make NYOOM  and BBZZT noises when they clash together in the middle of their lab. in any and all universes)

(send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons abt it)

BTS as random cute ways of showing affection
  • Jungkook: shy stares n teasing as he slowly gets closer to you. “Accidental” touching. Nervous texts!!!! “ur so ugly” “jungkook what?” “omg I tried to be funny im sorry you’re the prettiest girl ive ever seen” “jungkook what”
  • Jin: takes such good care of you, gets you extra clothes if it’s cold, buys u dinner, includes u in EVERYTHING. super caring texts, probably asks u a lil too often if ur hungry. Smiles when u eat
  • Jimin: lots of trynna to make you laugh, spins you around when he thinks you look cute. Laughs ironically at ur bad jokes n carries u all the time.
  • Hoseok: makes you popcorn rly late at night and teaches you how to dance, keeps asking you if you’re comfortable when cuddling. Smiles to himself when he sees u eating popcorn.
  • Namjoon: probably snoops to be honest nd asks u about ur lockscreen nd that quote on ur wall nd wants to figure u out nd get to know u so bad nd like he’ll probably be so fucking frustrated w himself for being so in love w u nd he’ll be a lil shy probably. prolly the type to smile when u tell stories to ur friends.
  • Yoongi: sudden outbursts of pulling u rly close in public nd whispering shit like “you know I really love you right” or “you are so perfect” u know just the kind of shit that sends shivers down ur spine when its spoken in yoongis voice. Rly sudden kisses, not a lot of daytime smoochin nd huggin nd generally pretty lowkey with pda nd THEN BAM IT HITS U LIKE A TRAIN nd u get it all at once.
  • Taehyung: sends u pics of himself all day long n calls u often nd sends u voice texts tellin u he loves u nd sends u pics of puppies nd babies discreetly tellin u he’d like that. Random silly dancing in the living room on a Sunday afternoon.

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I know this is a silly message in response to a silly thing, but I just want to tell you that you're allowed to be a little more self-indulgent! Like, your BNHA oc is cute and funny, but if she's supposed to represent you, it wouldn't be a bad thing if you really looked inside yourself, looked at your true strengths and weaknesses, and found a way to express them as a cool superpower. I think you could be really cool! [/supportive drivel]

omg no hana’s not a representation of myself …!! i never thought of her like that .. she’s just a character lol

i made a joke tweet a few days ago that was like “o yea i have a bnha oc too uhhh her quirk is that she can produce infinite toilet paper from her nose”
and then i decided to actually draw her today and add some more ‘uncool’ things about her lol that’s all

i don’t tend to self-insert when i make ocs and my ocs are completely separate from me….. when i draw myself that’s the only time i project myself/how i see myself in what i draw
(and the things i have low self-esteem about i rarely put in my drawings/want to show people publicly)

i exchanged phone numbers with my hot coworker today 8) he kinda looks like oscar isaac and i’ve had a crush on him for months and i’m dying a little omg

(i’m only working here until september so it’s not as bad of an idea as it sounds guys)

((also still entirely unclear if he’s just interested in being friends but tbh he’s a rly phenomenal human and i just kinda want him in my life in some way??))

(((:D :D :D :D :D)))

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could you put together a hand appreciation post for Kookie? after seeing the one with Jimin i rly just wanna study all their hands omg

oh yeah i can 

pls enjoy :)))


UGH why does he have to be so perfect ew i wanna vomit

damn look at those hands


JESUS christ kill me now






oh great i want m&ms now

you shady af

you little shit


…..is he picking his nose, thats gross jungkookie


im done

what is this crap i hate this


grabbing ur boobies like

im dead once again

gifs and pics aren’t mine


alrighty so my very first thing on this blog, domestic!joshua , as requested by the lovely @jisoostar ♡ I hope you enjoy this!!

it was so cute to write

○ owning a house w/ josh would be the cutest thing ever honestly
○ like first of all
○ can you imagine waking up to him every day
○ sleepy josh w/ messy hair and a soft smile? sign me UP
○ ok like i see him as someone who wants his house to be really clean
○ but never really wants to do the cleaning himself……
○ but also feels rly bad asking u to clean
○ “gosh the living room is getting kinda messy…..”
○ “then clean it?”
○ “idk..would u do it…please?”
○ you’d always end up doing the cleaning
○ but his laziness in cleaning is made up for by him cooking and doing the shopping for around the house and like laundry
○ will probably over decorate for holidays
○ “i got more halloween decorations!!!”
○ “josh..thats great but it literally looks like a haunted house in here”
○ “i know isnt it GREAT?!”
○ just gets really excited over holidays and spending them with u in your home
○ artist!joshua would come out tbh
○ he’d spend so much time decorating the christmas tree cookies with green frosting and tiny sprinkle ornaments
○ eventually gets frustrated and just throws on random frosting and a shit ton of sprinkles
○ christmas morning would be thE BEST
○ you’d wake up to a non-sleepy josh, he’d be leaning over you just WAITING for you to wake up so he could see what you got for him and he’d be SO EXCITED to see ur reaction to what he got u
○ “y/n wake up!! come on its CHRISTMAS!!!!”
○ josh is just an excitable little angel omg
○ ok but like back to house decorating
○ i feel like he’d be the type to really be into feng shui or have like a very serious aesthetic for your home
○ you’ll come home with like new red drapes or something and he’d just be like
○ “oh no…y/n….this doesn’t match the rest of the house….”
○ he’d leave u really cute sticky notes in the morning
○ like on the mirror in your bathroom saying
○ “good morning beautiful, have a lovely day ♡”
○ he’d very often come home with like flowers or one of ur fave snacks or just anything to let u know he was thinking of u on his way home
○ eating dinner together would be so sweet
○ he’d always ask you abt ur day and listen intently to u rant about the drama at work
○ he’d probably get so into what u were talking abt he’d stop eating
○ if u had an especially bad day at work he’d cook u ur fave meal followed by cuddling while watching ur fave movie/tv show
my heart is fluttering thinking about it omg
○ he’d honestly be the best stress reliever i just-
○ he’d be an even better listener on those days and would hold you in his arms and stroke ur hair while listening to you, nodding along to everything you say
○ you guys would have a music room in ur house
○ he’d spend a lot of his free time in there
○ like his guitar would be in there, all the albums u guys own with a really good sound system, and any instruments u play
○ would want to have jam sessions with u in there ALL THE TIME
○ like u guys would probably spend more time in there than anywhere else honestly
○ likes when u sing along to the music you’re listening to
○ like he’s just walking past the music room and hears ur voice and just stops outside the door and peaks in and smiles to himself
○ he loves your voice ;;;
○ ok so like you’ll have to go away for like a week on a business trip or smthn
○ and like time apart isnt anything super rare for you guys, but it’s mostly him thats gone
○ and so he’s spending a week alone in the house…and he’s like….really sad
○ like ofc he loves the house cause its your guys’
○ but its different without you there
○ and he’d have trouble sleeping in your bed without you there in his arms like
○ he’d just be so sad w/o you there
○ and you come back and he’s waiting for you with flowers and his arms wide open
○ you run into his arms and you guys just hold each other for like 10 minutes
○ and when you pull away joshua is like
○ “this house isnt a home without you in it”
○ so in conclusion, domestic!joshua would be the sweetest, fluffiest thing ever

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it has been almost 2 months and I still can't get over the photo where jimin is applying lip gloss to jungkook's lips with the makeup brush, and jungkook is looking at him with so much love in his eyes???? That photo makes me want a jimin makeup artist jikook au so bad

omg jikook makeup artist au where model!jungkook falls in lov with rookie makeup artist jimin and ends up scheduling his gigs wherever his fellow supermodel kim taehyung tells him jimin will be.. and whenever they meet jungkook’s like “hey lol what a coincidence ur here too? can u do my makeup” jimin is totally oblivious bc jungkook doesnt even talk to him when hes working but in reality jungkook just rly likes the way jimin’s brows furrow in concentration and his tongue pokes out a little when their faces get rly close so hes too distracted to even say anything

Talk To Me: part 3

I’ve started to rly like writing the talk to me parts omg
Happy Jimin!!! Finally!!
Part ONE Part TWO
-Admin A

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Jimin had avoided looking at you, touching you or speaking to you for more than a few minutes for almost two days now, so you were pleasantly surprised to wake up with Jimin snuggled up behind you. You felt bad, you knew he was going through a lot right now, but you missed this and even though he wasn’t very responsive to you, you enjoyed having him at your apartment with you. Usually he could only spend a night here at most, leaving early in the morning but Namjoon had called to let you know Jimin was excused from practice for a few more days.

You bit your lip, you could feel his warm breath on the back of your neck but he didn’t have an arm around you, and you were a little relieved, it made it easier for you to move. You turned over to face him, trying to shift the bed as little as possible and Jimin sighed in his sleep as you settled back in beside him. You smiled to yourself as you scanned his face, he looked better. His face wasn’t as chalky pale, the bags under his eyes had faded and he seemed to be sleeping better, deeper. You froze as Jimin opened his eyes to stare back at you sleepily.

“Sorry,” you blushed, moving backwards on the bed to give him some space but he moved with you, smiling at you sleepily as he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you against him.

“If you wanted snuggle time just do it,” he chuckled, “don’t stare, you creep,”

You grinned as you curled into him, resting your forehead against his shoulder when you felt his hand slip under your shirt, ghosting his fingers up the middle of your spine. At first you thought he was just being cute, until he flatted his palm against your ribs, sliding his hand upwards until he reached your bare breasts.

“Jimin,” you warned, placing your hand over his and moving it to rest safely on your hip. Jimin chuckled, sliding his hand down your hip to move and hook your thigh over his hip. You tilted your head up to narrow your eyes suspiciously at him as you felt a very distinct bulge press against your lower stomach.

“Just cuddling,” Jimin smiled sheepishly and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“You look better,” you said hesitantly and Jimin nodded.

“I feel better,” the two of you stared at each other for a moment, “thanks to you. Y/N, I don’t know how to make it up to you,”

“Jimin, you don’t-”

“Let me speak, please,” he stared down at you seriously, his grip on your hip tightening, “I ignored you and said some really bad things to you, about you and I don’t know how to apologise for that,”

You flinched and he kissed your forehead.

“You’re not like the fans. You don’t only see my abs or the performances, you see me, these last two days proved that and I just want you to know that I am sorry and I’ll never hurt you like that again and I honestly love you so much,” Jimin looked worried and you hated to see the sadness in his eyes again. You leaned up, pressing your lips to the worry lines on his forehead.

“I forgive you,” you whispered, “You’ve suffered enough and I won’t add to that,”

“Speaking of suffering,” Jimin smirked as he rolled his hips into yours, “I think I need to take care of something, I’m going to take a shower,”

He rolled away from you and off the bed, padding to the bathroom.

“Feel free to join me,” he turned to face you, wiggling his eyebrows and you stuck you tongue out at him, throwing your arm over your eyes to keep yourself from watching him walk away. You groaned as you heard the shower start, slipping your hand into your pyjama shorts, massaging your clothed core as heat pooled in your stomach. You could hear Jimin panting from your bathroom, wet slapping sounds echoing through your mind, taunting you. You exhaled in frustration, kicking off the covers, your shorts and underwear in one rushed swoop and you let out a rather loud moan as you pressed two fingers to your clit.

“Y/N,” Jimin called out, moaning your name, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing!” you called back shakily, sliding a finger into your tight heat at the sound of him moaning you name, “Shut up you’re so loud!”

Jimin laughed, the slapping sound getting louder, faster, his deep voice shot through you, sending shivers down your spine as you pictured what he was doing.

“Fuck,” you growled, hastily pulling your finger from yourself and standing. You pulled your shirt off as you strode to your bathroom, pausing in the doorway. Jimin stood with his back to you and you ran your eyes over his broad shoulders, his muscular arms.

“Y/N,” he panted, throwing his head back as his pace faltered. You bit your lip, you could tell he was close. You opened the shower door, causing Jimin to jump, his eyes widening as you sank to your knees in front of him.

“Holy fuck,” he swore, threading his fingers through your air as you deep throated him in one go. You bobbed your head on his dick, reaching under to cup his balls.

“Y/N,” he screamed, glancing down at you as he came into your mouth. He licked his lips as you pulled away, some of his cum dripping from your bottom lip as you swallowed. You smirked, running your hands up his thighs as you stood, lightly dragging your nails up his stomach, his chest. Jimin growled, leaning forward to crash his lips to yours, reaching around you to grasp your thighs and picking you up. He pulled his mouth away from yours as he slammed you against the wall, smirking.

“I didn’t think you’d join me,” he smiled and your heart raced in your chest as he leant forward, pressing his forehead to yours.

“I missed you,” he whispered, grazing his lips against your softly before lightly kissing you again. This kiss was different, slow, passionate, filled with love. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your chests together as your lips moved against his.

“When are you going back to practice?” you whispered as you pulled back, you didn’t want him to leave.

“Maybe in a day or two,” Jimin smiled, like he knew what you were thinking, “…or three. Can we go get food though because I’m hungry and you have like, nothing,”

You laughed, resting your head on his shoulder, his wet hair tickling your skin as he kissed along your neck.

You missed  him, too.

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Hi idk if u get this alot but hey ur my fav artist on tumblr ur draws are v dynamic and the flow is so spot on.. everything looks so natural and ur coloring can be rly bold.. i love it ☆☆

I DONT!! BUT ANON I APPRECIATE THIS SO M uch omg… hush let me hold you in my arms
this means os much to me ive been feeling kind of bad lately and this has picked me up <33 

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wot omg to kfans rly call namjoon "honey eyes" bc of jin? how do u know dis? brb gonna go jump off a cliff

honey farmer* my bad. but i got it off this post (x). 

honestly if it’s not true and kfans don’t actually call him that, I WILL CUZ LOOK AT HIM (when will joon look at me like this????????) : 

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H E IS SO IN LVOE WITH JIN (who isnt lbr) 

ok so i planned to do this like a day or 2 ago when i hit 500 but today i hit 525 so happy 525 to me~ i know this image is bad but im tired and tired people dont give a fuck

♡ all sections are in alphabetical order
♡ you might be in more than one section– most people are!
♡ i only included mutuals, sorry!
♡ if you want to be removed let me know!!
♡ finally, i follow 300 people… its a lot of people!! so im sorry if i forgot anyone :(!!! 

bolded means youre one of my faaaves, even though i luv all of u equally i just enjoy the vibe of some blogs a lil more! 
on we go!!

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some ladybug/marinette doodles! just trying out different designs for her, though I like the idea of older ladybug having low ponytails and some kind of cool cape :^o also kind of like the idea of mari having big eyebrows haha

(lol what is a consistent style??? don’t ask me I don’t have one)