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BTS as random cute ways of showing affection
  • Jungkook: shy stares n teasing as he slowly gets closer to you. “Accidental” touching. Nervous texts!!!! “ur so ugly” “jungkook what?” “omg I tried to be funny im sorry you’re the prettiest girl ive ever seen” “jungkook what”
  • Jin: takes such good care of you, gets you extra clothes if it’s cold, buys u dinner, includes u in EVERYTHING. super caring texts, probably asks u a lil too often if ur hungry. Smiles when u eat
  • Jimin: lots of trynna to make you laugh, spins you around when he thinks you look cute. Laughs ironically at ur bad jokes n carries u all the time.
  • Hoseok: makes you popcorn rly late at night and teaches you how to dance, keeps asking you if you’re comfortable when cuddling. Smiles to himself when he sees u eating popcorn.
  • Namjoon: probably snoops to be honest nd asks u about ur lockscreen nd that quote on ur wall nd wants to figure u out nd get to know u so bad nd like he’ll probably be so fucking frustrated w himself for being so in love w u nd he’ll be a lil shy probably. prolly the type to smile when u tell stories to ur friends.
  • Yoongi: sudden outbursts of pulling u rly close in public nd whispering shit like “you know I really love you right” or “you are so perfect” u know just the kind of shit that sends shivers down ur spine when its spoken in yoongis voice. Rly sudden kisses, not a lot of daytime smoochin nd huggin nd generally pretty lowkey with pda nd THEN BAM IT HITS U LIKE A TRAIN nd u get it all at once.
  • Taehyung: sends u pics of himself all day long n calls u often nd sends u voice texts tellin u he loves u nd sends u pics of puppies nd babies discreetly tellin u he’d like that. Random silly dancing in the living room on a Sunday afternoon.

some ladybug/marinette doodles! just trying out different designs for her, though I like the idea of older ladybug having low ponytails and some kind of cool cape :^o also kind of like the idea of mari having big eyebrows haha

(lol what is a consistent style??? don’t ask me I don’t have one) 

i literally just realised that two of the three main characters in finding nemo are disabled. like…..that only just occurred to me. like…….nemo’s physically disabled and dory’s neurologically disabled and they’re both important and valued in the story omg. as someone with increasingly bad memory problems, im really starting to look forward to finding dory……. (does dory have short or long term memory problems or both? i think both? i can’t rly remember - oh the irony. mine’s just short term so, altho not exactly the same, still hella relatable) anyway i think finding nemo needs to be rewatched now

Talk To Me: part 3

I’ve started to rly like writing the talk to me parts omg
Happy Jimin!!! Finally!!
Part ONE Part TWO
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Jimin had avoided looking at you, touching you or speaking to you for more than a few minutes for almost two days now, so you were pleasantly surprised to wake up with Jimin snuggled up behind you. You felt bad, you knew he was going through a lot right now, but you missed this and even though he wasn’t very responsive to you, you enjoyed having him at your apartment with you. Usually he could only spend a night here at most, leaving early in the morning but Namjoon had called to let you know Jimin was excused from practice for a few more days.

You bit your lip, you could feel his warm breath on the back of your neck but he didn’t have an arm around you, and you were a little relieved, it made it easier for you to move. You turned over to face him, trying to shift the bed as little as possible and Jimin sighed in his sleep as you settled back in beside him. You smiled to yourself as you scanned his face, he looked better. His face wasn’t as chalky pale, the bags under his eyes had faded and he seemed to be sleeping better, deeper. You froze as Jimin opened his eyes to stare back at you sleepily.

“Sorry,” you blushed, moving backwards on the bed to give him some space but he moved with you, smiling at you sleepily as he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you against him.

“If you wanted snuggle time just do it,” he chuckled, “don’t stare, you creep,”

You grinned as you curled into him, resting your forehead against his shoulder when you felt his hand slip under your shirt, ghosting his fingers up the middle of your spine. At first you thought he was just being cute, until he flatted his palm against your ribs, sliding his hand upwards until he reached your bare breasts.

“Jimin,” you warned, placing your hand over his and moving it to rest safely on your hip. Jimin chuckled, sliding his hand down your hip to move and hook your thigh over his hip. You tilted your head up to narrow your eyes suspiciously at him as you felt a very distinct bulge press against your lower stomach.

“Just cuddling,” Jimin smiled sheepishly and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“You look better,” you said hesitantly and Jimin nodded.

“I feel better,” the two of you stared at each other for a moment, “thanks to you. Y/N, I don’t know how to make it up to you,”

“Jimin, you don’t-”

“Let me speak, please,” he stared down at you seriously, his grip on your hip tightening, “I ignored you and said some really bad things to you, about you and I don’t know how to apologise for that,”

You flinched and he kissed your forehead.

“You’re not like the fans. You don’t only see my abs or the performances, you see me, these last two days proved that and I just want you to know that I am sorry and I’ll never hurt you like that again and I honestly love you so much,” Jimin looked worried and you hated to see the sadness in his eyes again. You leaned up, pressing your lips to the worry lines on his forehead.

“I forgive you,” you whispered, “You’ve suffered enough and I won’t add to that,”

“Speaking of suffering,” Jimin smirked as he rolled his hips into yours, “I think I need to take care of something, I’m going to take a shower,”

He rolled away from you and off the bed, padding to the bathroom.

“Feel free to join me,” he turned to face you, wiggling his eyebrows and you stuck you tongue out at him, throwing your arm over your eyes to keep yourself from watching him walk away. You groaned as you heard the shower start, slipping your hand into your pyjama shorts, massaging your clothed core as heat pooled in your stomach. You could hear Jimin panting from your bathroom, wet slapping sounds echoing through your mind, taunting you. You exhaled in frustration, kicking off the covers, your shorts and underwear in one rushed swoop and you let out a rather loud moan as you pressed two fingers to your clit.

“Y/N,” Jimin called out, moaning your name, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing!” you called back shakily, sliding a finger into your tight heat at the sound of him moaning you name, “Shut up you’re so loud!”

Jimin laughed, the slapping sound getting louder, faster, his deep voice shot through you, sending shivers down your spine as you pictured what he was doing.

“Fuck,” you growled, hastily pulling your finger from yourself and standing. You pulled your shirt off as you strode to your bathroom, pausing in the doorway. Jimin stood with his back to you and you ran your eyes over his broad shoulders, his muscular arms.

“Y/N,” he panted, throwing his head back as his pace faltered. You bit your lip, you could tell he was close. You opened the shower door, causing Jimin to jump, his eyes widening as you sank to your knees in front of him.

“Holy fuck,” he swore, threading his fingers through your air as you deep throated him in one go. You bobbed your head on his dick, reaching under to cup his balls.

“Y/N,” he screamed, glancing down at you as he came into your mouth. He licked his lips as you pulled away, some of his cum dripping from your bottom lip as you swallowed. You smirked, running your hands up his thighs as you stood, lightly dragging your nails up his stomach, his chest. Jimin growled, leaning forward to crash his lips to yours, reaching around you to grasp your thighs and picking you up. He pulled his mouth away from yours as he slammed you against the wall, smirking.

“I didn’t think you’d join me,” he smiled and your heart raced in your chest as he leant forward, pressing his forehead to yours.

“I missed you,” he whispered, grazing his lips against your softly before lightly kissing you again. This kiss was different, slow, passionate, filled with love. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your chests together as your lips moved against his.

“When are you going back to practice?” you whispered as you pulled back, you didn’t want him to leave.

“Maybe in a day or two,” Jimin smiled, like he knew what you were thinking, “…or three. Can we go get food though because I’m hungry and you have like, nothing,”

You laughed, resting your head on his shoulder, his wet hair tickling your skin as he kissed along your neck.

You missed  him, too.