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Dear Jack, Greetings from the Refuge. How are you? I’m okay. Guess I wasn’t much help yesterday. Snyder soaked me real good with my crutch. Oh yeah, Jack, this is Crutchie by the way. These here guards, they is rude. They say “jump” boy, you jump or you’re screwed! But the food ain’t so badly so far, cause so far, they ain’t brung us no food! Ha, ha. I miss the rooftop. Sleeping right out in the open, in your penthouse in the sky. There’s a cool breeze blowin’ even in July. Anyway, so guess what! There’s this secret escape plan I got! Tie a sheet to the bed, toss the end out the window, climb down then take off like a shot! Maybe though, not tonight. I ain’t slept and my leg still ain’t right! Hey but, Pulitzer, he’s goin’ down! And then Jack, I was thinking we might just go like you was sayin’! Where it’s clean and green and pretty with no buildings in your way and you’re riding Palominos everyday! I’ll be fine. Good as new, but there’s one thing I need ya to do. On the rooftop, ya said that a fam'ly looks out for each other. So ya tell all the fellas for me to protect one another! The end, Your friend, Your best friend, Your brother, Crutchie

  • Spain: Hey, Romano, you're coming to my wedding, okay?
  • Romano: Tch, you already know who you're marrying, Tomato Bastard?
  • Spain: Yeah. They're pretty hot and I love them so much.
  • Romano: Sure they are...
  • Spain: They're perfect. They make my life complete.
  • Romano: Does it look like I give a fuck?
  • Spain: So I got one question for you...
  • Romano: ...what?
  • Spain: Will you marry me?
  • Romano: ...
but just imagine being robbie’s wife...

Robbie is at Comicon in San Diego, missing you like crazy while you’re in New York for a show. 

“Robbie Kay!” The announcer shouts, causing a boisterous round of screeches and screams to fill the energetic atmosphere.

Robbie’s smile reaches to his eyes at the pure energy running through the crowd, he just wishes he could spend this moment with his wife.

“Hello!” Robbie says into the mic before taking his seat. The announcer finishes up with presentations before moving on to questions. 

“Okay, so you guys know how it goes! You ask, they answer.” The host grins and nods at the first person holding the mic in the crowd in acknowledgement. 

“Hi!” The girl says, fully grinning and giggling, showing her braces. Robbie smiles back along with the rest of the actors. 

“So, my question is for Robbie,” She continues. Robbie nods in response, giving her his attention fully. 

“First of all, how are you?” The girl nervously asks, finding it hard to articulate with her braces and nerves. 

“I’m great,” He starts off before looking out the ground sadly.

“But I miss my wife.” He grumbles with a pout. The crowd chorus in coos and ‘aw’s’ as the rest of the actors around Robbie chuckle at his cuteness. 

His costar reaches out to pat him on the back. Playing along, Robbie sniffles and buries his face in his costar’s arm. This notion alone sends a chaotic sound of screams and has the power to burst a shipper’s heart. 

Robbie recedes back to his seat and let’s out a laugh, holding the mic away from him a little bit so his laughter won’t boom through the area. 

“Y/N–She’s my best friend, my buddy, mi amiga. Life hack: for all you ladies– or men– out there, marry your best friend, that way it’s like having the person who makes you smile with you every step of the way.” Robbie says with a shrug, making another round of coo’s go off in the room. 

“I’m so interested, tell me more!” A fan sarcastically yells out, causing the rest of the crowd to quiet down.

“Well, some days when I come home early, like I’d hide somewhere then jump out, which would scare her. The look on her face is everything, didn’t think I can love someone more.”

aosora06  asked:

Just found your blog and it's so good?? i like it so much??? oh um. if it hasn't been done yet, can I request headcanons of the main three's reactions after s/o confesses to them? (like... they suddenly realize that they like s/o too?) thank you ^^

thank you so much !! x

i hope you like them : ) <3



  • eyes widening slightly and his mind is raCING
  • heart beating v fast
  • but he tries to look like he’s composed
  • gets v nervous and probably bites his lip and chuckles a bit when he realises that he’s actually v happy
  • it’s weird for him bc he gets confessed to a lot but normally he can just say thank you with a smile and not think too much of it
  • he was actually sO happy ???
  • smiles v fondly at his s/o
  • bluSHINGG
  • doesn’t confess back to them yet in case the feelings aren’t what he thinks they are
  • BUT he does ask them for their number and if they wanted to go out for coffee or something sometime
  • he’s interested in exploring his new feelings for them
  • is hopeful that it develops into something

Yuuri K

  • ‘m-me?’
  • he’s surprised that someone would take a liking to him
  • he can’t help but smile
  • v nervous and inconsistent eye contact
  • he’s just v embarrassed
  • actually v happy inside
  • he doesn’t know why he’s so happy; he doesn’t quite understand what the gooey feeling is until he thinks about it for several moments
  • and then he realises that he’s v glad and v excited
  • he isn’t sure about how to proceed decides that he wants to try things with his s/o, he isn’t going to confess to them straight away but he asks if they want to do something with them like go sightseeing or something
  • or if they wanted to come to his next training session
  • his feelings will grow every time he sees them until he decides that his feelings are definite and strong enough for him to confess back

Yuri P

  • he can’t speak likes he’s stunned
  • v surprised and v flustered
  • ‘w-what are you saying,’
  • his eyes are sO wide
  • but he’s not upset
  • he’s actually v v happy and he has no idea why
  • is an absolute mess on the inside bc he’s so happy but has no idea whatsoever on what to do and isn’t sure if he’s supposed to do anything at all this child is confUSED
  • he’s just so startled and his mouth is agape the whole time that his s/o is speaking to him
  • he just can’t bring himself to be annoyed tbh
  • he has to think over his reply for a while and even then he still hesitates
  • ‘well, then i guess i should ask you out for coffee or something, right?’
  • v v nervous and can’t quite look them in the eye
  • blushING
  • ‘WELL? do you want to go out for coffee sometime or not?’
  • he actually rlly wants to see them again
  • and he wants to go and do things with them

songofkeys  asked:

OOH OOH REQUESTS can you draw Frisk keeping Chara in line somehow? Or Asriel and Chara goofing around (maybe with Chara's "creepy face").

If Frisk remembers previous resets I’d like to think that in at least one they remembered a something, got a little modicum of control back and trolled Chara good by convincing them to try throwing the knife once


I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you were looking for and I apologize if it’s not but it’s just what popped into my head?!! SO YEAH

You know that meme/joke that people use, usually regarding pictures of fav characters and stuff? How they’re all nonchalant and suddenly a picture slips out and they’re like “haha what’s tha–” more slip out “wha are you talking about this isn’t what it looks–SHIT” they’re everywhere “LOOK THEY AREN’T MINE JUST LISTEN–”

Tbh I’m imagining this, but Ritsu, and dropping fucking spoons.

The Signs on Their Wedding Day
  • Aries: Havin a fab time on the dance floor
  • Taurus: Making sure everything looks very pretty and put together to impress their guests
  • Gemini: Having tons of fun and making really sweet yet funny speeches
  • Cancer: Talking to all the guests and telling them all how beautiful they look and how glad they are that they could come
  • Leo: A total show stopper, excited af, and telling fun stories and jokes to all the guests
  • Virgo: Incredibly graceful and gracious of everyone who could come and everyone who helped make everything possible
  • Libra: Rushing around making sure people are happy and everything is how they pictured it
  • Scorpio: Giving everyone their undivided attention and probably acting a bit more bubbly than usual
  • Sagittarius: Telling amazing stories about their relationship to anyone willing to listen
  • Capricorn: Walking around like royalty because they look amazing yet also turning up on the dance floor bc why not
  • Aquarius: Talking about how excited they are for their future with their partner and all their big plans
  • Pisces: Drifting around all giggly and giddy and really happy to be getting married to their lover

anonymous asked:

what type of winter activity do you think the boys would like to do with their s/o (if this hasn't been done yet i don't think i saw this)?

Well, I’ve done one for activities on Christmas, but not one for winter activities in general, so here we go ^^

Jin: He likes snowboarding (and maybe skiing as well, I’m not sure), so I’m pretty sure he’d love to do that with his partner if he got the opportunity. There’d probably be some baking as well.

Yoongi: He’s not a very active person, and he tends to get pretty cold during winter (just look at his huge ass scarves), so he would probably prefer lazing around inside. But he’d probably say yes if his partner wanted to do anything, and he’d love to go on walks with Holly and his s/o.

Hobi: Another one I can really see enjoying skiing, and probably ice skating. He’d find that very fun, especially as a couple’s activity.  I can also kind of see him wanting to spend a night in an outside hot tub.

Namjoon: He’d definitely say yes if his partner wanted to do anything, but he probably wouldn’t come up with too many ideas himself. I can see him wanting to travel somewhere though. Where depends on how much time he’s got. But cuddling by a fire is a must for him. Stargazing as well. 

Jimin: He’d probably like a lot of indoor activities. Like, reading, baking, watching Christmas movies, cuddle… Not very specific for winter, but still. But I can definitely see him wanting to go hiking somewhere, and then spend a few hours in front of a fire, eating toast and roasting marshmallows.

Taehyung: Man, there’s a lot of things he would want to do. Snowball fights, building snowmen, drink hot chocolate 24/7, go dogsledding, go ice skating, go skiing/snowboarding, go hiking, go snowmobiling, sing Christmas songs all night, cuddle, cuddle, cudDLE, CUDDLE, C U D D L E. He probably wouldn’t get to do all of it, but he’d want to.

Jungkook: Pretty much the same as Tae, tbh. Only less hot chocolate and cuddles, and more skiing and hiking.

Thank you for requesting! xx

Parks and Recreation Starter Sentences
  • "I hate doing work, but I love being flattered. So maybe I'll give it another try."
  • "Earlier I was licking icing off my finger and boom, I swallowed my wedding ring."
  • "This is the hardest I've ever worked on anything since... wow - I've never worked hard on anything! What a cool life!"
  • "I love you and I like you."
  • "We're all just calm and happy people enjoying ourselves on Earth."
  • "Slowing down is not really my jam."
  • "Live your life how you want, but don't confuse drama with happiness."
  • "I think we should talk soon because I almost bought a toe ring the other day."
  • "If all goes well, this might be one of the last times I get to speak to you."
  • "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die!"
  • "You can trust me because I don't care enough about you to lie."
  • "I formally retract my hug."
  • "This is like a waking nightmare of happiness!"
  • "Well, I think you have several options. They're all terrible. But they're options."
  • "I am 100% sure that I am 0% sure of what to do."
  • "No one achieves anything alone."
  • "Take the easy way out. I always do! It's easy!"
  • "I love this idea and I love me for thinking of it."
  • "First of all, you did the right thing by hiding under this table."
  • "Please let me get my insult out, I've been practicing it the whole way here."
  • "You look like I could use some company."
  • "I guess I kind of hate most things. But I never really seem to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?"
  • "That's the second most awkward way someone grabbed my breast."
  • "You only get one chance to make a second impression."
  • "Look, who hasn't had gay thoughts? Who?"
  • "Look, I love you like a sibling. But right now I hate you. Like my actual sibling."
  • "Well, I am not usually one for speeches. So goodbye."
  • "I have to tell you a secret. But if you tell anyone, I will kill you slowly with a giant syringe."

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll

Looks like they could kill you and actually can kill you

Can kill himself by choking on a cinnamon roll through Onew condition

psychic: [reads my mind] 

my mind: i’m so glad that our lemon tree finally grew and sprouted fruitful lemony lemons. i mean imagine, we can make lemonade, key lemon pie, lemon meringue pie. i think it’s the most valuable of property that we have. i think we should go to the bank and get a loan, actually i think we should just get lemon tree insurance and then get a loan and use the lemon tree as collateral because it is now insured. i truly do love our lemon tree. just imagine a life full of lemon trees, and all our beautiful lemons, endless possibilities. they’re so beautiful, i wish i was a lemon. You wish you were a lemon? if you were a lemon i would put you on my shelf and cherish you like i cherish all our lemons. that’s so beautiful, like i only hope that the whores aren’t stealing our lemons you know those naughty whores always steal lemons. we do have a couple lemon whores in this community, those damn lemon-stealing whores i hate them no one will take our prized lemons from us. hey, has it been about 10 seconds since we looked at our lemon tree? it has been about 10 seconds till we looked at our lemon tree. hey-

psychic: what the fuck