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UP10TION MV Teaser #1 (Runner) Reaction

it’s currently 5:30 am and the mv teaser was released 30 minutes ago and i have a chemistry exam in 3.5 hours but i gotta do this

nooo…. wooshin

oh my god ??? this is peak wei

run high ??????? what does this mean ??? up10tion pls do not condone the use of drugs in sports s m h 


is that… red bull…? also ten-up like 7UP? up10tion promoting unhealthy drinks i cannot believe it

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I know this is super random and weird and kinda creepy but what do u look like? I wanna know bc I know what I imagine when reading your privileged series but I wanna know what ur seeing. Does that make any sense? Idk lmao

haha nooo it isn’t creepy at all, ok well I’m really bad at describing myself butttt:

I’m pretty damn tall, I’m tan??? kinda just cause of the beach visits I do all the time, I have light brown hair, dark green eyes (and their pretty large) biggish lips, nose is on the bigger side and I’m probably more on the athletic build side of figures just cause I do a lot of swimming and netball and yeah :’) I feel like that’s the worst description ever sorry but I hope that made sense x

Exo reacting to you not knowing that they are famous - K version

These are kinda long. And it’s kinda late. (But I’m also really excited about this so I wanted to show it to y’all.) The M version will be updated tomorrow& I’ll link it on the bottom of this post. 

Suho: It would happen at one of your first dates. He fetches you from home and is adorable and a little awkward and you sit next to him in his car and ypu just talk to each other  and then suddenly this song comes on and he is embarrassed and goes ‘wow I’m sorry i’ll just…uh..change the station..?’ and you’d be like ‘nooo, I love that song!! Even though that band has a really weird name…wait, it’ll come to me in a minute..’ and he is just sitting there for a few seconds like: are you kidding me i am that band’s fucking leader how does she not know??? when he realizes you are in fact serious he erupts into baffled laughter. Over the next few weeks he carefully introduces you you to exo’s music, making sure to spare you with the really weird shit (wolf and mama era cough cough) for the longest time. When he finally shows them to you you have already watched them (like a thousand times) and sing along. He turns towards the sky and goes ‘wow, I want a divorce’ and you hug him from behind, nuzzling his cheek and go ‘suho, my darling…we aren’t even married?’ and he is really grumpy like: ‘yeah but now I want to marry you so that I can divorce you over this’ (You are like: ‘okay fine does that mean I get a shittone of money? Yeah i’m fine with that…’ he actually has to laugh and kiss you because ‘damn, you’re so adorable jagi’)

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Sehun: He’d walk up to you in a club like: ‘waddup’ with a really confident smirk and you are just standing there and wondering why this really tall, really creepy (really fuckable?) stranger is giving you bedroom eyes?? You just go: ‘Uhmm…can you move out of the way? I’m trying to order a drink right now.’ You slip past him and he is staring at you while you order the drink like: help?? I am famous?? How does picking up girls work when they don’t know you’re famous? By now he is really starting you creep you out and then he blurts out: ‘wait!! Don’t you know me?’ and you just go: ‘uhm… sorry I don’t really watch the news? Are you an escaped mass murderer or something?’ and he immediately takes a step back and goes gruffly says he didn’t mean to be rude but are you sure you don’t know him? 

After a second of consideration (and realizing he’s kinda cute) you suggest he should just buy the two of you shots every time he asks that. This leads to you waking up with a really mean hangover, very scarcely dressed next to a very smug sehun. (His playboy image is kinda ruined when he almost throws up like three times and you lend him your hairpin to keep his hair out of his face as he sits on the bathroom tiles, all pale misery and hoarse voice as he asks: ‘but you really have never heard about me??’)

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Baekhyun: He wants to be really suave about this and casually drop it or do something really cool. Bad for him you realize when you see an interview with him in a newspaper and swiftly come over to beat his ass with a giant pillow while demanding to know why the fuck he hasn’t told you, byun baekhyun you fucking asshole I PAID FOR MY OWN FOOD AT OUR DATES YOU OWE ME LIKE A DIOR NECKLACE OR SOMETHING. You aren’t really angry, though. Still, the next day a Dior necklace is delivered straight to your door. You call Baekhyun to tell him you are totally using it to strangle him and he’s like ‘sure if that’s what you are into’ and you can’t help but erupt into exasperated laughter. Still, he is going to tease you with this for like…forever?

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Chanyeol: He is planning on telling you. Really. He is planning on doing so for the whole three months of your relationship. One day you, Baek, Chanyeol and Chen hang out at his place and you read a magazine and go: ‘omg!! this guy looks just like Baekhyun!!’ and Chanyeol has a minor heart attack while his friends give him the ‘we knew this would happen’-look. Then you go: ‘but his eyebrows look really weird lol’ the next second Baekhyun is next to you screaming: ‘WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY FUCKING EYEBROWS’ and you’re like: ‘what.’ Chen grabs Baek by the collar of his shirt and drags him towards the front door as he tells you to go easy on poor Chanyeol. Meanwhile Baek is still demanding to know what happened to his eyebrows and suddenly the door falls shut and you are sitting on the sofa for a few seconds before you turn around to Chanyeol. He is awkwardly scratching the back of his neck like: ‘uhm…so…I’m famous? Kinda?’ It’s not as awkward of a talk as he imagined it to be. You kinda laugh like:’dear god, why haven’t you just told me?’ he sheepishly admits that he didn’t know how to and you are like: ‘aaalright… but don’t expect a special treatment now, famous boy. Like, please tell me fame didn’t fuck you over so that you are into really weird sex stuff now?’ he is all shocked big eyes and ‘eeehw, nooo, what the hell jagi??’

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Kai: You kinda find out on yourself and you might have kinda kicked down his door to confront him about it. He just goes: ‘uhh,,,but i told you that I am in a band?’ He actually looks kinda frightened when you growl at him: ‘Kim fucking jongin. You are in your early twenties. I assumed being in a band means you and your drunk college buddies once sang at a garage and tortured some poor instruments!!’ he defends himself: ‘i told you we have concerts and stuff!!’ and you give back ‘I thought you forced all your friends to come to some underground bar! Not that you sold out the Tokyo dome! Several nights in a row!!’ After that both of you just stare at each other, slightly out of breath and still angry. Then he asks if you are breaking up with him and within a second you answer. ‘what the hell. no!’ 

He just goes: “uhm..okay..good. because since you stormed  in here i’m imagining how awesome angry sex with you would be.’… you blink before admitting: ‘Yeah…same…i guess?’

A few seconds later you are pressed up against the wall, his teeth leaving marks on your neck as your hands are clutched into his shirt.

You breathlessly remind him that ‘this isn’t over yet’ but the next second his mouth is on yours and you decide to fuck it, because who cares if he is famous? You aren’t giving up on this for anything in this world.

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D.O.: For some reason your weird new boyfriend never has shown you his place, but tonight he just decides to take you there. You are slightly scared, because according to your friends you either should expect a) sliced off body parts or b) really weird fetishes or c) his actual wife/ girlfriend. But when you arrive there you are just greeted by his slightly weird roommates who hurriedly leave when the two of you show up and Kyungsoo says he has to tell you something. When he is done telling you: ‘uh…he is in this band…and they are kind of…okay, he doesn’t want to brag, but really famous’ your first reaction is: ‘so you aren’t married?’ And he is like: ’what the hell…no!!…also, haven’t you ever wondered how he affords all those expensive accessories he has been (purposefully) wearing around you?’ your answer is: ‘uh…i kinda imagined you to be a professional killer…or like a high-level drug dealer?’ and at this point he just erupts into exasperated laughter. You kinda grumble ‘what, sometimes you look really creepy’ as he draws you into a hug, still laughing about his weird-ass girlfriend.

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Aaalright, that’s it for today! :) I hope you like it& are excited for the M version (bc I am) As usually, this is where you can find my masterlist and here you can ask me questions. Or just message me.  Honestly. Just text me with whatev you are thinking right now. I am such a ho for fangirling together.

(oh, and thank you to the amazing @life-ruiners​ for letting me spam her with my weird-ass ideas. you’re my homie, (my #1 drug-daeler!)& an awesome fangirl buddy!)


So we were at a thrift store / garage sale type thing, and I found this amazinggg vintage shell purse. I fell in love so hard. The way it feels and sounds is so neat! So I go to check out, and this lady comes up, pretty much snatches it out of my hands, and says “this box of stuff is mine!!” referring to a box sitting on one of the tables (where I got the purse). I told her I really really loved it, but no. She said she was buying it for a “friend that lives in florida”… like, don’t they have enough shells?! lol. And, she was nooo where around, like how can you just claim a box that’s out with all the other stuff for sale? Anyway, I was kinda at a loss for words, I wasn’t gonna beg her for it. So I just had to woman up and walk out of there like I never saw it. But I did. And I took some pictures. And here they are. And looking at them kinda makes me sad. lol. 

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Oh my god how did you get to take those selfies? 😱

Okay so my best friend’s dad is the director for the today show(which i didnt even know about until last week) but anyway a few days ago she asked me if i wanted to go see FOB bc they were performing. So we woke up at 4:30 today drove to nyc and got to go all through NBC studios. We got to watch rehearsal side stage which was amazing and then when they actually performed they had like a 30 minute break between Thnks fr the memories and the next two songs. So during that break they were kinda goofing around on stage and we were under Joe’s mic and they were all waving at us and being really cute but had ear pieces in so couldnt understand what we were saying. I really wanted a picture so after a little bit i made a little sign that said ‘Selfie?’ On it. I held it up and PETE WENTZ MADE FULL ON EYE CONTACT  and i shrugged and kinda beckoned him over HE LEGITIMATELY SKIPPED OVER TO US AND STARTED TAKING SELFIES. Even after we were done with pics he kinda just sat there high fiving us and took out his ear piece for a little to talk(THAT BOY IS A WORK OF ART) And then patrick ran over too and we took selfies but i messed up my first one and i was like ‘nooo i look so bad’ AND IN THE MIDDLE OF TAKING A PICTURE WITH MY FRIEND HE GRABS MY SHOULDER AND SAID “YOU LOOKED CUTE BUT WE CAN RETAKE IT” AND I AM STILL CRYING BECAUSE OF THAT BUT YES THEY GAVE US PICKS AND THEN HAD TO PREFORM BUT BASICALLY I HAD THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE EVER BECAUSE OF THIS SIGN:

biting is usually synonymous with playfulness, but tail biting indicates mating fondness and dominance

so to just come up and start nibbling on another dragons tail is just naughty


…this is an excellent headcanon fuck I need to write it down.

No seriously that’s a whole of nlandlnélnén yes you dumb bog scaly doofusfaces please proceed with nibbles.

Okay you really draw Karkat’s, Wildclawey, feathery crest + horns most awesomely! John looks like he’s achieved maximum limp noodleness 

So hey everyone said I need to make a text post about what happened at ITAtube ;)

I came there at around noon-1pm and there I am wondering what I’ll do till the Tyler-Troye-Hannah meet&greet. I look around and see so many “I can’t stop watching youtubers” posters. What are people doing with Tyler’s posters. Where is he. What is happening. Is he here already. I see a HUGE crowd at the meet&greet stage 1. WHO ARE THEY WAITING FOR. Are there some Italian youtubers maybe?? I look at the stage but there are a lot of people so I don’t see who’s there. But then. I see. A lilac. Quiff. (I die at this point.) I go to the crowd, even though it’s almost not moving. I’m standing the for an hour and I’ve moved for ¼ of the crowd. At this point Tyler disappears??? Then he comes back and he moves to the meet&greet stage 2. What is he doing? I go to that line and I’m almost at the start of the line but the line isn’t moving. They’re there for like a few more minutes and then they stop. Tyler is talking to a lady in a black and white striped dress. They’re talking. They’re thinking. Tyler looks at our line. He smiles and waves but then soon he leaves. The whole line is like “NOOO” but we just kinda stay there because we know this line leads to a Louise-Zoe-Tanya meet&greet in like half an hour. I hear people behind me saying “who are we even waiting for” and I’m thinking the same. They come and I soon come to them. I realize “what the fuck am i even gonna say to them” and I had some ideas but at the end I just came to them and it felt kinda weird but Zoe said that it’s nice to meet me and we took a photo. Oh well. Then I went off the stage and I was really thirsty because they took our water at the front door???? My dad bought me a giant glass of water at the bar. I’ve been snapchatting and tumblring this whole time so I check Tumblr again. I check the messages and I just see “tyleroakley said:”. WAIT WHAT? I read the message. “Hey friend. Hope you’re having fun…*gives the information and stuff* I want to meetcha!”

I died. I drank the whole cup of water and sat on the floor next to the main stage. In that moment Mazzi Maz comes on the stage and people are standing next to me but I don’t care. I made a post saying “jlblaidfyukhjldfujliazsgyhfoilu” and people reblog it, not even knowing what is happening. Haha. The lady in the striped came to me and we walked past all the people (they were all so confused hahaha I was internally laughing) and we go through the stage (*i can feel people staring at me*). We go backstage and there I see Tyler, sooner than I thought. He smiles and says hey and hugs me and tells me that he just wanted to make sure to meet me. His voice was so smooth and beautiful, I couldn’t believe it. Because you know when you have an accent like me hearing an actual english speaker talk, it’s so weird in person but really beautiful. He thanked me for my blog and I said I was on tumblr earlier and that everyone is saying hi. He told me to say hi back. He said the whole tumblr crew is amazing, which I agree. Y'all are  a m a z i n g. The lady in the dress then took my camera and we took some photos. Then I went back out. People staring at me again hahaha haii. I didn’t know what to do so I sat back down on the floor. I called my mum and told her everything. Then I realised it’s almost 4pm and the actual Tyler-Troye-Hannah meet&greet was about to start. The line was so long, it went from one side of the whole place to the other. It would take DAYS to come to the end so I just kinda stepped in at the start, oopsie ;). Even though I was like 5 feet away from the stage, It took more than an hour and a half to get to them. People were pushing and like 2 people were carried away because they weren’t feeling okay. I saw a girl that wanted to text but couldn’t move so yeah same with me. People were shouting in Italian the whole time and I was just like wtf are they saying I hope it’s not important. I finally came on the stage and now I was in the final line. Louis Cole casually walks by and we all take a selfie with him. Then I came to the end of the line and Lisa, the lady in the dress, is there again. She smiles so much and is happy to see me again and so am I. Hello friend! ;D She says “you can go ahead now” and Tyler sees me now. He smiles with the biggest smile and I say something like “me again:D” and he’s like “come hereee” and we hug. Then I go to Troye and we hug. He is so tall and I forgot to smell him because my nose probably stopped working so all of you asking, I don’t know how Troye or Tyler smell like. He says “I’ve heard of you before.” I can’t believe my ears. I didn’t even introduce myself to him, how does he even know who I ammmm? Then I hug Hannah and tell that I love the trinity fandom and that they’re my good friends and she’s really happy to hear that. We all take a photo together then. I go to take my camera from the lady that took the photo and Hannah says I look really cute! This is too much for me but I somehow survive. I once again look back to them and they’re all smiling and it almost looks like Tyler is sad to see me leave. Or maybe I’m just imagining things at this point. I walk from the stage. My dad says that Paulina (troylersworld) is saying hi to me and I see her leaving the stage after meeting  Tyler, Troye and Hannah. We hug and half talk half shout what has happened to each of us. There is a random girl standing behind Paulina. I tell her that I went backstage and we’re like dying. Paulina has to take a phone call and the random girl from behind comes to me and she’s like “you went wHERE” and I internally laugh so much. I’m really sorry. I see the opportunity and, all chill, say “Yahh I’m friends with Tyler” and I see her die. Oppsie. ;) Then me and Paulina go outside because we heard The Youtube Boyband went out at that door. We miss them but think maybe Troyler will escape there? But then someone tells us Troyler is on the main stage and we go watch the LGBT panel. After it we went back outside where our parents became like BFFs now. We talk to a few other people and then Troyler comes out and goes into a taxi so yes that was kinda the end of the day and I’m still out of my energy, but I can say that was one of the best days of my life ever.

Woow this was long. No one cares :D

How I came to love Flaurel
  • Me, watching season 1 for the first time: Wow, that guy IS a misogynistic ass! She's smart and knows what she does, give her some credit!
  • Ok, she's "Frank's girl". That's kinda bad..
  • Helloooo, who's that hottie?! Oh, Frank saw them together.. he looks... sad. Now I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • She hooked up with Kan, great! He's so handsome. Even hotter than Frank.
  • Nooo Laurel, Kan is much better for you!
  • Ok, maybe Frank and Laurel are super hot together. And cute. But, come on. He's a bit of a bad guy.
  • Oh, he really cares about her. Like, a lot...
  • Right, Kan is a thing. Almost forgot about him. After all that stuff happened.
  • Starting season 2: Frank and Laurel are still so hot for each other, omg. And he's shirtless. Damn, he is hot. How didn't I see that in season 1???
  • They're gonna fuck. Please have sex.
  • Ok, he's kinda right. Using him only for sex is not a nice thing.. and he has feelings for her! That's so amazing.
  • I miss scenes between them. Come on, I need more..
  • OH MY GOD HOT SEX IN AK'S BASEMENT. I live for this. Let's watch that scene again.
  • Uuuuh.. I'm in love with Charlie Weber.
  • DOMESTIC FRANK AND LAUREL. His family. I can't breathe anymore..
  • Just seeing them kiss makes me swoon. Basically any interaction.
  • Ok, they have a little fight, no problem. They can get through this.
  • And now they're insulting each other. MAP. Oh..
  • THEY JUST HELD HANDS. Or did I imagine this? *rewinds* NOPE, it's real! They're so cute.
  • Uhm.. I'm a huge Flaurel shipper. Yep.
  • More domestic Flaurel! Awwww!!
  • He's wearing an apron and looks hot af. Send help.
  • He wants to save their relationship from Annalise. I could actually cry.
  • "You taste like my sauce" I'm drowning in feels and happiness.
  • They are so hot. This isn't fair. I never meant to ship them this hard!!
  • Also, Karla calls Frank "bae" on Twitter, so I'm just so happy all the time.
  • Rewatching season 1 before the winter finale: But he's YOUR misogynistic ass!
  • "Frank's girl", hell yeah she is! But still, she's smart and really good at her job.
  • Oh, Kan. Yeah. I used to be really into you. Now you annoy me.
  • Seriously, Laurel, Frank is so much hotter.
  • He loves her so much, I wanna die.
  • Now: I have to read all the fanfiction. Right now. And then I'm gonna rewatch all the Flaurel moments until HTGAWM returns. And reblog everything on tumblr. Perfect.

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when rey hugs finn you can just see him looking so surprised and then amazed. what is this fantastic thing called a hug? she's so small and warm! i kinda wanna see finn waking up and hugging rey and she just kinda starts crying because no one's ever treated her like she's so small or precious. and finn is just like "heart eyes" because he's such a kind wonderful person but he's always had to pretend to be a Mean Tough Stormtrooper


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so you and luke would be talking in your room, it was the prom in a few weeks and he would be teasing you about the boy who had asked you to go. he would be making comments like ‘are ya gonna kiss him? are you gonna smooch him?’ and he would be awful, he would be poking your sides and making overly loud kissing noises and pouting his lips and you would be laughing so much but you wouldnt help but blush cause he knew that you had never really had a boyfriend so the fact you got asked to prom would be a big deal to you. so you would eventually push him off you and kinda just laugh gently to yourself, although luke could sense that something was a little bit off, twisting himself now so you were both sat in front of each other, legs crossed on your bed as he whispered ‘what ya thinking?’ which would make you sigh cause you knew he had caught you. you would begin talking as you tucked your hair behind your ear, looking at the bed instead of luke, way too embarrassed to watch his reaction as you said you were nervous about the prom after party, because what if your date did kiss you? you had kissed a boy before but you wouldnt class yourself as experienced, and what if he wanted it to go further than that? to which luke would interrupt with a ‘you dont have to do anything you dont want to do’ tilting your head up to look at him as he spoke, making himself clear about that, calming down slightly when you replied with ‘i want to go further, im just scared cause i dont know anything’ and he would smile and you would feel a bit at ease knowing he wasnt mocking you, and he would just continue to smile before raising his eyebrows at you, ‘he should be the one looking after you if you know what i mean’ which would bring a blush back to your cheeks instantly because even though you wouldnt be doing anything you would still be nervous. luke could tell, and he would open his mouth as if he was going to say something, before realising what he was actually going to say but stop himself, although it was too late cause you saw him, raising an eye brow at him and tilting your head, now questioning his thoughts. he would smile before blushing slightly himself, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck before sighing and quickly rushing out a ‘i was gonna say would it be easier if it happened before after prom?’ and you would chuckle and be like ‘yeah of course but who do you know whos gonna be willing to help a girl like me out’ and you would just sit and look at him squirm before he would shrug his shoulders and shyly smile and instantly you would know exactly what he meant and you’d just be like ‘oooh no luke nooo you cant’ and he’d just ‘i dont see why not?! you need help and i obviously know what im doing and it wont be awkward cause your my friend and ill look after you?!?!’ and he would be defending himself so much and everything he said made sense to you so you would kinda just sit there before saying ‘i guess its better with you cause i know you’ and luke would be kinda proud in a way cause he knew that you would be trusting him a lot to do this, so he would grip your legs and uncross them, pulling you closer to him which would make you giggle cause after all he was your best friend and like this was a little bit more than something best friends would do, so he would cup your face gently at first, leaning in really slowly as he whispered ‘do you trust me?’ before gently kissing your lips, pulling back to watch you nod your head gently as you answered him, keeping your eyes closed as you tried to calm the rate of your heartbeat, not seeing the huge grin on lukes face as he leant back in to kiss you. and thats all he would do for a while, he would kiss you gently, taking his time to make sure you were relaxed and you were comfortable and you were wanting the pleasure as much as him, then he would deepen the kiss, getting you more excited as time went on, pulling you as close as possible to him as you both reveled in the feeling of making out with your best friend on your bed, both of you giggling slightly as luke pushed you backwards on the bed, both of you landing a lot heavier than you expected, being way too focused on the kissing than anything else. luke would use this moment to start peppering kisses on your face moving down to your neck, again taking his time, showing you that he was completely focused on you. you couldnt focus on anything around you as luke showed you what it was like to be looked after, the only thing on your mind was how glad you were that you agreed, and how you werent sure anything could really make you feel this amazing again even though this was the furthest you had ever gone with a boy. it was the odd bit of eye contact and the little things you enjoyed, knowing that this with anyone else but your best friend would have been awkward. it was your moans that would make luke want to carry on, putting everything he had into it, cause he couldnt imagine this kind of side of you and he found it so unbelievably attractive, although he stayed calm and made sure he focused on you entirely cause that was his main priority right now. finally coming undone for the first time, you wouldnt be able to stop smiling, watching as luke came up to lie beside you, the same huge grin on his face even though all he had done was look after you and show you what it was like to be pleasured, the first words to be spoken afterwards coming from your best friend lying beside you asking ‘do you have your dates phone number?’ which confused you at first, him giggling as he spoke ‘you better tell him to return his tie, cause your not going to after prom, let alone prom, with anyone else but me after that’ STAB ME SOMEONE STOP ME IT TOOK ME AN HOUR TO WRITE THIS CAUSE I WAS A LITERAL MESS THIS GOT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS IM SORRY I DIDNT GO INTO MUCH DETAIL JUST MY LORD WHY DO YOU ALL DO THIS TO ME