but it kept coming undone

Locker Room*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: There’s no real plot, maybe Reader wants to fool around in a locker room. Once again, this poor summary does not reflect my writing in general, I hope. Bear with me, please.
Words Count: 2.7k
Genre: NSFW/SMUT - 18+
Warnings: Smutty gifs, swearing, dirty talking, oral sex (both receiving), Chris being a butt guy (?), fingering and protected sex in a locker room, I guess.

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

    “Seriously Chris, why would you work out so late?” You whined, throwing your gym bag at the back of the car as you popped in, sitting next to him.

    “Listen, we both like this gym and this hour is the best time slot.” Your boyfriend huffed out a laugh, pecking your cheek and you buckled up the passenger seat belt.

    “There are other interesting ways to do exercises,” you wiggled your eyebrows, wandering your fingertips along his thigh and he rolled his eyes, starting the car. “If you do this to preserve your privacy then think about wearing something else than a cap. This became so obvious it’s Chris Evans hiding under.”

    “Always hilarious, Y/N,” he looked at the road, driving through Los  Angeles and you leaned your head against the seat, setting your running shoes on the dash. “You know it’s the job, I’m starting to film Infinity War in a couple of months now.”

    “Really, I had no idea… Captain Fucking Obvious.” Your eyes stared straight through the window as he glanced at you with his eyebrows furrowed, giving you his special look he used whenever you used sarcasm and a small laugh slipped through your lips.

    Once you’d finally reached the gym club opened at night, you both headed towards the different locker rooms and you got rid of your bag and jacket. You finally joined your boyfriend in the room - with some other people - and you saw him already working out as he focused on the upper part of his body.

    You smiled and as Chris sent you a wink, you tried to leave this glorious sight of him flexing his biceps, grunting lightly or tensing his back so much that you could’ve drawn the muscles through his T-shirt. You couldn’t help but internally gush over how very handsome he looked like this and how sexy his athletic outfit embraced all his muscles tightening then relaxing.

    Shaking your head slightly, you chose to concentrate the hard work on your legs for the night and you climbed on your favorite device, trying to forget the thoughts flying above your mind.

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    Cater To You: Tom Holland x WOC

    While everyone is off getting some good ole succ, I’m here writing about Tom giving the succ. A bit of inspiration from the Destinys CHild song- Cater 2 U. *SMUT for your Tom Valentine’s Day fantasies. 

    You patiently waited for Tom to get back from the gym. He always went before you woke up and you were pretty sire that today he was a little late because he was getting the rest of your Valentine’s Day gifts together. You smiled when he came in with two arm fulls of bags and Harrison carrying the human sized Teddy Bear behind him. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love!” He handed you the bags and gave you a soft, tender kiss on the lips. 

    “All of this for me?” You asked. “Of course, you’re the love of my life.” He blushed. Haz groaned and propped the bear on the couch. “Well I have to go prepare my things for Y/F/N!” He said his goodbyes and ran out the door. 

    “So are you going to open the gifts?” he asked ushering you to sit down. You blushed at the amount of lingerie he bought you. After opening the huge amount of gifts you turned to him and smiled, “I appreciate these gifts but I don’t want you spoiling me anymore today.” He was a bit taken aback, “What do you mean? It’s Valentine’s Day.”

    “I know but I hate how it’s usually about how the guy buys the girl stuff, so today is all about you.” You clapped. “Wow, okay.” He scratched his head and smiled. 

    “Is it supposed to tickle?” He asked trying not to laugh as the lady scrubbed his feet. “Sometimes.” You laughed. He was a bit skeptical to go get his feet done but he was enjoying it. You had been wanting to take him to get a pedicure for the longest time, his feet were hideous and today was a good excuse to do so. 

    He tugged at his robe and sighed in relief, “I never thought getting a massage was this amazing!” He said as the Masseuse rubbed his back. “You thought I was kidding huh?” After his pedicure you two were lead to the most quietest part of the Spa and given a couples massage. 

    He walked out of the Spa with a wide smile on his face, “That was amazing.” He threw his arm over your shoulder and kissed you on the forehead. “I’m glad you liked it.”

    You drove back home and started cooking brunch, “You sit down and relax and the food will be ready in a bit my love.”

    You cooked and served the food, “Eat up.” You handed him his plate and he smiled. He finished and you took the plates back to the kitchen. “I can help-” You put your hand up,”Nope you relax, I got it.”

    After spending  the rest of the day cuddling and making out, you got dressed to take him to dinner. “You ready love?” You asked stepping out of the bathroom and getting turned on when you saw him in his suit. “Oh that is definitely coming off tonight.” You winked and kissed him on the cheek.

     The restaurant was crowded with couples. “Okay so I have a few things for you.” You said. “I figured when I saw you carrying the bags.” He smuled, taking the gifts from your hands. You two sat in a quiet corner both away from the general public. “Oh wow these are some great shoes.” He said. “I love you but those fucking combat boots have got to go!”

    “I like those boots!”, “Well I don’t.” You joked. After opening all of is gifts he smiled and leaned in for a kiss. “Their great, thank you darling.”

    “Also I have this!” You pulled out a rose and he blushed, “W-what?”

    “It’s a rose silly.” You handed it to him and he looked around a bit embarrassed. “Guys usually don’t get flowers.” He mumbled. “Are you embarrassed?” You asked. “N-no, it’s just that I’m so used to giving you flowers-”, “I know but you do so much for me and I wanted to return the favor.”

    “Thank you.” He said kissing your hand. 

    You were ready for the grand finale of your Valentine’s gift for Tom. You poured out something to drink an pushed him on the couch, “Wait here.”

    You put on the lingerie he had bought you and you walked back into the living room, your heels echoing on the wooden floor. His eyes widened and moaned, “This has got to be the best Valentine’s day ever.”

    You took the drink out of his hand and placed it on the table, you made him sit all the way back on the couch and you straddled him. You kissed him softly at first until he got impatient. His tongue separated your lips and soon you tongues danced around. 

    You pulled away from him and unbutton his shirt while his hands roamed your body. You climbed off of him and got on your knees, he gulped and threw his head back as you pulled his hard cock out of his pants. He hissed when you kissed the tip and slowly took all of him in your mouth. You kept a steady pace and smiled when his hands grabbed your hair. The satisfaction of hearing him moan made you wet, his breathing got heavier and you knew he was about to cum. You stopped and stood up, sliding your panties off. 

    You hovered over him, he grabbed your hips and slammed you onto him. You moaned at the feeling of him inside you. “Fuck!” You screamed as his pumped hard into you. You buried your face into his neck and sucked on his ear. 

    “I’m gonna come.” He panted. “Come for me daddy.” You said sucking on his sweet spot of his neck. Sucking on his neck and calling him daddy was enough for him to release into you. Even after he came, he kept his steady pace and soon you felt yourself coming undone.

     You rested your forehead against his and tried to catch your breath, “Happy Valentine’s day baby.” You said kissing him on the lips. “Happy Valentine’s day, love.”


    Bonnie & Clyde: Young and Beautiful

    Bucky x reader AU

    Notes: smut, angst (ish), fluff, swearing, mentions of prison sentence, mentions of criminal activity

    (Bonnie & Clyde inspired AU) 

    Lana del Rey - Young and Beautiful

    Summary: Your husband, James Buchanan Barnes, is trouble. Beautiful, dangerous trouble. After a prison sentence of 34 months, he is finally released and seems to have taken his time to think about what is truly the most important thing in his life. 

    To avoid confusion: every chapter will have another added title. The titles are probably all Lana Del Rey songs, which I advise you to listen to while reading. It’s an amazing source of inspiration for me on this one. 


    @jjlevin​​ @starstar1012​​ @stephvera​​ @styleswift1989​​ @amf71010​​ @heismyhunter​​  @a-small-independent-princess​​ @bxckytrxsh​​ @incadinkadoo @buckyismybbz@seabastian-barnes@number1fantrash@verycoolveryunique@snowwhiteslays@tesseractbucky​ @popsxerox 

    You leaned nonchalantly against the brand new Porsche Carrera, pushing your sunglasses back on it’s place before you crossed your arms, staring impatiently at the motionless gates. Finally, his sentence was over, finally he would be free. 34 long months you were left without your husband, after he was caught during your last heist. Well, caught; he gave himself up to protect you. You could still see him smile at you, bullets flying everywhere while he pushed you out of the way.

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    Happy Accidents

    Also gotta give credit to our main girl @stylesbabygirls for the post that started everything. Here:


    #1 of the “Things @stylessemantics and @harrycarryme Talk About” Series of Rants


    You wake up, and your feet hit the cold hardwood. Then you’re on your way to your kitchen when your phone alerts you of a text message. It’s Harry, and you open it as you pour the milk into your cereal. What you read makes you almost drop the milk. His message reads “I woke up horny.” Just a simple statement that had so much behind it. Why did he send that to you? His best friend and only his best friend? This had to be a mistake and you had no response. You put your phone down, trying to get the blush in your cheeks to calm down. Then the phone rang from a phone call. You answered and the apologies started.

    “Didn’t mean to send that to yeh, fuck, I’m sorry.”

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    anonymous asked:

    I have just started at a jujitsu club. I am not used to being thrown around as my background is all TKD. Of course while in class my zip up sports bra kept coming undone. So I'm looking for advice as to the best kind of sports bra for being thrown around. I need something that won't come undone and something super supportive (I am bigger in the chest) any help would be greatful!

    I have big boobs  and I like Champion stuff. I filter results by “maximum support”: http://www.champion.com/shop/champion/womens-workout/sports-bras/maximum-support

    Mine has a typical 3-prong clasp in the back, and I’ve never had a problem with them coming undone or anything. They have some with wide shoulder straps which makes them more comfortable. I feel super strapped in and ready to go. 

    Bra sizing is dark science, so I ordered a couple different sizes to try on. Their return process was easy (at the time). I’ve had two pairs for, like, five years. 

    Anyone else have a much-loved sports bra that can take jujitsu air travel?

    I hope you’re having a good time in jujitsu! I haven’t done it, but I love getting tossed around (Hapkido/Judo)

    An Anon asked for A Hot Kiss Gruvia prompt, so here it is!   

    Modern Day AU

    A Hot Kiss

    Gray frowned as his eyes darted around the bright club. He was a little drunk, his head buzzing and his body feeling light. The loud music was pulsating through his body.

    “Gray,” he friend Natsu laughed from beside him. “There is this super hot blonde over there-” he motioned towards a booth across the room- “who keeps giving me sly looks…” He smirked as his eyes narrowed on the blonde who seemed to be sipping some type of fruity cocktail.

    “Natsu, don’t get us kicked out again,” Gray warned him with a frown.

    “Yeah, yeah,” the man rolled his dark eyes. He swept them across the entrance before they widened. “Holy shit… Is that…?”

    Gray followed his eyes and instantly he was sober. It was… Juvia Lockser. You could say that they use to be High School sweethearts… Use to be, before she left suddenly without saying a word or without calling him. That was four years ago.

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    i had a dream last night that i was trying to glue a cardboard box shut and i kept trying and trying like 3 times and it would come undone because the glue didn’t work. what does this mean

    Only a Moment

    This is for my wonderful friend Sara @babeliciousrockgod I’m not sure how much you love Sizzy, but here’s some hurt/comfort fluff for you!!  I hope you enjoy it!!

    Being a shadowhunter was not all it was cracked up to be.

    Simon Lewis (or Lovelace as he was called now, but some part of him would always be Lewis) now had his memories back, and now he knew that most of them weren’t good ones.  He loved the way he now remembered Izzy inside and out  He loved knowing her the way she wanted him to know her.  He was glad they didn’t have to start over from scratch the way they had been.  He had hundreds more memories to play through his head before he fell asleep which was a huge plus.  Everything that was good about them suddenly became great.  He felt like he truly belonged with Isabelle, and that was the best feeling he could have hoped for.

    The memories he didn’t love were of blood and death.  The ones of people that were now gone and he felt awful for not remembering and honoring them for so long.  He remembered the fear like a bad taste in his mouth, and the sights of war around him.  He saw dead bodies in his dream, some he knew and some he didn’t.  He had been through more than he could have imagined in the last few years and having it dumped on him all at once was a lot.

    Magnus had come up with a sleeping potion he could take every three days after Isabelle had asked him for help when he’d fall asleep any time he sat down.  The potion prevented him from becoming a zombie, but he was still so tired.   The training hadn’t let up and he was up before the sun half the time with Jace and Alec   He had thought he had become quite good in the Academy, but that illusion was quickly shattered when he started training with the two of them  Alec and Jace made him feel like it was first day all over again.  One step forwards and then falling on you ass a few dozen times, or however the saying went. 

    Simon woke panting and drenched in sweat only three hours after he had fallen asleep.  He felt himself shaking after tonight’s dream.  It had been vivid enough to make him come completely undone but the longer he kept his eyes open the more quickly it faded.  He remembered being buried alive, or digging his way out, and when he got out he remembered dead bodies everywhere and the unpleasant metallic taste of blood in his mouth making him sick and gagging him.  He had seen Raphael’s face, and Jordan’s, and even Sebastian’s along with masses of others  

    Simon stumbled his way to the bathroom, wanting to get the taste of blood from his mouth before he truly did gag on it.  He spat into the sink a few times and looked into the mirror at his battered reflection  His hair was ragged, too long to look anything but a mess.  He had circles under his eyes, deep and purple.  He was paler than he’d ever been, too busy to even go for a walk through the park.  He had been banned from hunts until he had gotten his nightmares under control so he never went out.  His life had become a monotony of sleep and training.  Or rather panting, sweating, and shaking with a little eating mixed in with enough training to make him want to murder everyone.

    “Babe?” Izzy’s voice was heavy with sleep and Simon heard her stumble over a few boxes.  They had only moved in a week ago and were still unpacking.  “Simon, are you up already?”

    “Yeah Izzy, I’m in here,” Simon splashed some water on his face and tried to hold in his tears.  He was frustrated and to the point of exhaustion  He was so tired of seeing dead friends in his dreams  He knew crying wouldn’t make anything better and Izzy would get freaked out like she had last time.  He knew she would never hold it against him, but Isabelle didn’t deal with tears well.  The Lightwood family wasn’t known for showing emotion so it only made sense she became baffled when other people showed it.  

    “God, you need to sleep.” Izzy frowned as she leaned in the doorway.  Simon met her gaze for a moment in the mirror for only a moment before looking away.  

    “I guess I’m not your dashingly handsome Lord Mountgomery anymore.” Simon tried to make a joke of it, but he couldn’t help feeling like he was letting her down horribly.  She hadn’t signed up for his crazy.

    “You’re always the most dashing hero I know,” Izzy whispered as she came up behind him.  She wound an arm around him to rub his chest while the other tangled in his hair.  She kissed his damp shoulder softly.  “I just want my hero to stay standing.  You can’t go on like this.”

    “I can take the potion tomorrow night.” Simon sighed deeply and felt a few tears drip on to his hand.  He clenched his eyes shut.  “I just don’t know how much longer I can live like this.”

    “Your memories will settle down soon,” Izzy soothed him with a hand in his hair stroking gently.  She bit her lip for a long moment.  “I love you Simon Lewis Lovelace.”

    “I love you too,” Simon turned around and tried to give her something close to a proper smile.  “You have to know that.”

    “I do,” Izzy kissed his cheek and took his hand.  “Come tell me a story until we both fall asleep. “  When Simon glumly followed her to the bed that felt more like a nightmare filled cage she stopped him with both hands on his chest.  “I know I’m not much help, but I do want to help you.  We can go watch a movie instead?  I can rub your back?  Or at least the pale colored part of it.”  They shared a small grin.

    “Sounds like as good a plan as any.”  Simon knew it might not do any good, but a change of scenery made him feel better about it.  Izzy plopped down on one end of their couch while Simon sprawled across it with his head in her lap. Her hand immediately started to scratch his scalp while the other worked the remote.  She was so proud she had learned to work it by herself completely.  

    “Things are going to get better, Simon.”  Her voice was quiet but firm as the movie loaded.  “Magnus promised that the dreams would stop  I know you have it rough, but it’s going to get better.”

    Simon gazed up at her and saw so much of their future.  He saw them laughing on this very couch surrounded by their friends.  He saw her with a baby bump resting while he rubbed her feet.  He saw himself carrying her over the threshold as he stumbled to place her on the couch, the both of them laughing.  He saw himself rocking a baby as Iz made a bottle in their kitchen.  He saw so much for the two of them, and he wanted every minute of it.  This was only a moment, and it would pass.

    “I see so much for us Isabelle Lightwood,” Simon cupped her face gently.  “Our future is so wonderful.”

    “Yes,” She agreed, stroking his face gently in return.  “I think it will be.”

    Trying to return support

    Within two weeks of coming out to her, my mum offered to take me shopping for more comfortable clothes. I was so thankful that she was being so supportive and really wanted to show her that. I tried so hard to be in a good mood but it was really stressful. My bandages kept coming undone around my chest and my hips were making it hard to find fitting clothes and I ended up breaking down and shutting off a bit. I feel so guilty because she made a huge effort to help me be more comfortable and I feel like I ruined it.

    always-a-slut-for-pirates  asked:

    CS Bangarang prompt: the kink is public sex! They go for a walk and end up at the park after hours. Oh yes, late night park smut!

    Hope you don’t mind, I combined your prompt with another similar to yours.

    CS Smut: Killian and Emma have a kink: the thrill of the possibility of getting caught in public.

    It was a nice, warm afternoon and Emma and Killian were walking towards the park to join the Charmings for a picnic. They decided it was time to gather outside of Granny’s and enjoy the nice weather of Storybrooke. They spotted David and Mary Margaret sitting on the grass with her baby brother who just learned how to hold his upper body up. 

    They chose a corner of the park where there was a lot of trees and bushes, leaving them in their own little bubble. They still had a lot of sun seeping through the leaves and they could see all of the people who went on a stroll down the park.

    Emma and Killian went to join them on the blanket that was lying on the grass, and greeted her parents. Mary Margaret almost instantly offered them something to drink or eat, being the welcoming hostess she was.

    The afternoon was pleasant as they ate, drank, and talked about everything, enjoying the state of peace the town was.

    Emma was sitting between Killian’s legs her back resting on his chest, her head pressed on his shoulder while his arms were wrapped around her waist. Killian was in deep discussion with David and every now and then, he would agree to something her father would say, and would hum his approval near her ear. Every time he did, his humming vibrated on her body, making her slightly aroused, rubbing her thighs subtly, reminiscing how his voice gets sultry as they attend to some more pleasurable activities in the privacy of their bedroom.

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    I forgot about it.
    Ten shots in and denial isn’t really working anymore. So I say what I really mean.
    It comes out nervous.
    I don’t care.
    So I tell you about the dreams.
    How you’ve been replaced by other things.
    This is the first time I’m willing to admit that I’m afraid of losing the only thing that kept me from coming undone most days.
    I am coming undone and your love isn’t there to hold all the broken together.
    And that isn’t such a surprise anymore.
    When I say this, your face reads disappointment and I understand.
    You didn’t show up on the day I needed you the most. But you weren’t the only one.
    So I take enough blame to make me feel like I had some say in our relationship.
    The truth is, I never did.
    By now, it’s starting to sound less beautiful and more truthful.
    I know you don’t want to hear this but the truth is, whatever we had took the best of me.
    You don’t like to think of it.
    All the things you killed.
    You and guilt have never sat around the same table.
    Except tonight you shake hands with it and accept it for what it is.
    As it turns out, you weren’t the best thing that happened to me after all.

    anonymous asked:

    Can you do one where you're at lunch with the whole of Bts and your boyfriend tae fingers you under the table? Thank you xox

    The cute little shit lol :)

    Rated: M

    Taehyung (V)/Reader smut

    How were you supposed to enjoy lunch with the boys when your boyfriend, Taehyung kept messing with you under the table? At first, it was just his hand on your knee, then your thigh (which didn’t bother you because he always did that). It only started to bother you when his hand slid up higher, his fingers brushing the skin dangerously close to your center. You turned to look at him but he was talking to Suga like nothing was going on with his hand between your legs.

    “So ______,” Jin said from across from you. “How is school?”

    “Great actually,” you replied smiling. “We just- oh shit,” you gasped, your legs clamping shut when you felt Taehyung’s finger slip past your underwear, finger circling your bud. You heard his deep chuckle next to you.

    “You okay jagi?”

    You shot him a glare before turning to look at the others who were staring at you with worried eyes. “Sorry,” you felt your face get hot. “I just… I just forgot I have a paper due soon.”

    You tried to pull his hand out from under your skirt but he wouldn’t let you. A sigh escaped you lips when he slid a finger into you. You tried to give him a hateful glare and all he did was chuckle. You nearly jumped out of your seat when he added another finger, pumping them in and out slowly.
    You quickly grabbed your drink and took a sip to cover up a moan.

    “Is that tea that good, ________?” Asked Jimin, chuckling.

    All you could do was nod. “It’s good. So, so good.”
    Your boyfriend knew you weren’t talking about the beverage. He picked up the speed of his fingers and you spread your legs further apart, using your hand to push his fingers in deeper.

    “Tae,” you whispered.

    He kissed your forehead. “I know baby.”
    The others weren’t paying attention to the two of you, too busy picking on the maknae.

    He kept going until you were coming undone around his fingers. He kissed you to swallow the moan as you came.

    “You’re so going to pay for this later,” you panted.

    “Oh, I know…” he grinned.

    Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts- A Sammy Wilkinson Smut

    Anon request for “drunk texting Sammy (whom you don’t get along with) but it ends up evolving into something more.” This is two weeks overdue and I’m sorry but life has been super crazy and ily for being patient.

    The biggest party of the year was tonight, yet you still didn’t want to go. But you had to go; your whole senior class would be there. That’s exactly why you didn’t want to go though. Sammy Wilkinson would be there, and you really didn’t want to risk bumping into him, even if it was unlikely you’d be anywhere near each other.

    Sure he was handsome, but that didn’t make up for him being such a jerk. Dude gets in a music video, records some music and thinks he’s hot shit. Everyone liked him; you on the other hand couldn’t stand how he always tried to run the show. You even got stuck in a partner project with him once and he had the audacity to make you do most of the work.  He hated you too, because you wouldn’t cater to him the way everyone else did.  Getting along was never an option.

    In the end you decided Sammy wasn’t going to have the satisfaction of ruining your night. So you climbed into your best friend’s car and headed to the party. Upon arrival you noticed Sammy on the front lawn with his usual “squad” so your friend parked around back so you could avoid confrontation.

    Four hours and multiple shots later your inhibitions were slipping away, so you decided to find an empty bedroom and avoid trouble. You weren’t about to sleep in your jeans so you stripped down; when you saw yourself in your new bra set, which gave you another idea. You scrolled through your phone and found Sammy’s number and sent him a message:

    “Are you still here?” You had never liked autocorrect but were always thankful for it when you were drunk.

    “Yeah. Why?”

    “Come upstairs. 2nd on the left”

    “Why should I waste my time on you?”

    You flopped yourself onto the bed and snapped a picture panning from your cleavage and down your bare body. Your vision blurred slightly as you hit send.

    “Woah. I’ll be right up ;)”

    “Aren’t you already? ;)”

    You got your response when you heard the door open and immediately shut again. You crawled to the foot of the bed, recognizing Sammy instantly.

    He stepped towards the bed, squinting slightly “Y/N is that you?”

    Your eyes scanned over his body, noting the large outline of his hardened member. You tried not to slur your words, “hey baby.”

    He set his drink on the nightstand and surveyed your form, “what’s this all about.”

    You stood up to meet him and grabbed his shirt. “I hate you so much it drives me crazy. You drive me crazy, and I hate you for it.” You tugged on his collar, pulling his face you yours and kissing him roughly.

    He backed off for a moment and mumbled, “I hate you too.” With that he kissed you back and pushed you on the bed.

    His tongue slid through your lips and explored your mouth for a mere moment, but then he rolled off you. “Jesus Y/N, how much tequila did you have?” He must have tasted it.

    You started trying to count on your fingers but completely lost track.

    “No, no, no. We aren’t doing this. You’re way too drunk.”

    You couldn’t help but whimper, “but I want you so bad.”

    “I, I can’t.”

    It hit you that he wasn’t going to do anything, and that meant you were really drunk. You stared over in shock. “You know, not many people would have stopped.” He didn’t reply so you carried on, “can you stay? I don’t trust the other guys here.”

    He sighed, “yeah okay. I’m gonna go get you some water.”

    You stopped to think, “How is he so sober right now, he drank so much?”

    When he returned he pulled off his shirt and handed it to you, “cover up.”

    You smiled at him, “thank you.” He actually smiled back.

    As he walked to his side of the bed you attempted to unhook your bra but couldn’t in your drunken state.

    You heard Sammy chuckle behind you. “Here, I got it.” He quickly undid the clasp for you and tossed it on the floor.

    “Impressive.” You laughed as you tossed his shirt over your head.

    He shook his head and patted the covers next to him; you drank your water and crawled in next to him.

    You weren’t feeling well and couldn’t sleep so you and Sammy spent a couple hours talking.

    “You know Sammy, I didn’t know you could be this nice. I kinda like it.”

    “Don’t pretend you didn’t like me before this.”

    Maybe he was right, but you weren’t going to admit it, you snapped instead. “Get over yourself.”

    “Relax. I kinda like you too. At least you’re honest with me and don’t suck up.”

    “I’m sure people aren’t lying to you.”

    “They have to be, either that or I’m always right about everything.”

    “At least you have the boys.”

    He yawned, “Yeah. Yeah maybe.”

    “I mean it. Those guys really like you.” You ended up giving him a quick hug before turning over and falling asleep.

    The next morning you woke up with no hangover thanks to Sammy’s water.  You rolled over to see him staring back at you.

    Your face twisted in confusion. “Uh morning?”

    He assumed you didn’t remember the night before. “Need a refresher?”


    “Last night. Anything you don’t remember?”

    “No I remember it all.”

    “Did you mean it all?” He bit his lip after the words left his mouth, as though he was trying to get them back.

    “Well yeah. I mean drunk words are sober thoughts.”

    He wiggled his eyebrows “so you want me?”

    You moved on top of him, “that depends, do you like me?”

    For a moment he was actually flustered, “y-yeah I do.”

    You whispered in his ear, “I like you too.”

    You slowly attached your lips to his while his hands slid up your shirt. He squeezed your breasts softly and you moaned against him; you could feel yourself getting wetter each time he grabbed you.

    In a weak moment you sat back to apply pressure on his growing erection, desperately desiring some relief. This gave him the perfect opportunity to grab your waist and flip you to your back.

    He feverishly worked at his belt and slid off his pants while you moved to pull off the shirt he’d given you the night before. You reached to remove your panties but he grabbed your arms and pinned them above you, kissing you hungrily. His fingers slid into your waistband and slid your panties to your ankles before sliding himself down your body, positioning his face at your heat. You bit your lip in anticipation as his hot breath hit your entrance. He placed his lips against your heat and was just about to slid his tongue into you he paused.

    He mumbled against you “Are you sure?”

    You twitched at the vibrations and let out a barely audible, “yes.”

    With your permission he ran his tongue over your slit before slipping it all the way inside of you, flicking roughly, prompting you to grab onto his hair. When you gave his hair a tug he groaned on you again; this time you moaned out. His thumb shot to your clit and began rubbing figure eights. Through hooded eyes you looked down at him, noticing that he was grinding into the mattress in an attempt to relieve some of his own tension. The sight caused you to come undone, but Sammy kept lapping his tongue against you. He didn’t stop until you pulled him up, only to push him backwards again. You were hovering over him, palming him through his briefs.

    He squirmed at your touch and grunted, “not fair. I didn’t tease you.”

    You shrugged in agreement and slid his briefs off, watching as his large erection sprang up. You didn’t hesitate to lick a long strip from base to tip; he bucked his hips trying for more.

    As you took the head in your mouth you looked up at him “Are you sure?”

    He didn’t verbally reply but instead he pushed down on the back of your head in an attempt to bring you further. You smirked against him and rolled your eyes before taking his entire length in your mouth, gagging for a moment, and then sucking harshly.

    His hands gripped the blanket as you continued sucking, pausing only to swivel your tongue around him. You brought your hand to his balls and massaged gently, causing him to whimper and buck his hips again. This time you gave in to his requests and sped up, bobbing your head in rhythm with your massage.

    He twitched inside you but before you could bring him to his high his hand shot to your hair, effectively stopping you. He caught his breath and spoke between pants, “not yet,” was all he managed to say.

    He sat himself up, shaky at first, and grabbed his jeans from the floor. He fumbled around for a moment before pulling out a condom; your eyes lit up at the thought of having him inside of you and you laid yourself back down while he rolled it over his shaft. As soon as he was ready his large hands grabbed your legs and spread them slowly. He rubbed his tip over your clit, teasing you enormously. This time it was your turn to raise your hips in desperation. He couldn’t help but give in to you and soon he was moving inside of you. He dropped his body to yours as he thrusted into you; there was no possible way for you to be closer. You ground your hips back against him to deepen the pleasure, finally getting the relief you had wanted so badly.

    He slammed into you harder, making contact with your sweet spot an causing you to clench around him.

    He kissed you roughly and growled, “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

    Finally you had to admit it too, and you gasped out, “I’ve wanted you too.”

    He dropped his head into the crook of your neck and sped up his pace, throbbing again. As he continued to hit your sweet spot you clenched over and over, squeezing tightly as you came over him. Seconds later he twitched harder than before, letting you know he was about to release; in an attempt to heighten the experience you forced yourself to clench around him one more time. As he came he bit your neck in an attempt to muffle his sounds; this only caused you to whimper in pleasure, in turn causing him to groan.

    After all was said and done he threw out the condom and sat back down on the bed, still panting slightly as he started to dress. “So what now?”

    “I don’t know. Should we just see where it goes from here?”

    He was about to reply but one of his boys knocked on the door, “Yo Sammy, almost everyone is gone! Let’s go get breakfast.”

    You yelped as the door opened, quickly grabbing the shirt from his hands and throwing it on, crawling under the covers just in time. You played sleepy and lazily sat up as the boy you recognized as Nate walked to the bed, giving you a confused look.

    He knew the two of you didn’t get along but since he didn’t know what was happening he extended his offer. “Let’s go man. She can come too.”

    “Yeah one sec.”

    As Nate left the room you pulled off the shirt and handed it back to Sammy. Who stood up and walked to the door.

    You were gathering your clothing when he turned to look back at you, “ Y/N hurry up and get dressed before they get impatient.”

    You cocked your head and looked back at him. “You actually want me to go?”

    “Well yeah. Now c’mon, this ones on me.”

    You grinned and shook your head, quickly throwing your clothing on and grabbing his hand as you walked out of the room.

    If every night is the time of the day that I keep on overthinking, then perhaps I haven’t seen the sun or felt its rays on my skin for several weeks. Savoring the sweet and bitter taste of coffee used to feel like drinking the clouds but now, all I taste are rancid remnants of a favorite beverage that once made good nightly day-dreams. I tried rearranging the thoughts in my head, trying to retrace the steps where I started but I got lost. I got a message from you but none of your words sounded familiar or felt helpful. I’m on the verge of exposing myself as I come undone with words with no meaning. These thoughts kept on haunting me even in the morning. These thoughts clung to my soul as if it has made its nest there. These thoughts that I don’t remember thinking has made me taste blood between my teeth.
    Everlasting Light

    Please do an imagine where you are dating basement gee and you guys have sex but he is really insecure but you make him feel better

    Ah yesss. Adorably awkward smut is the stuff I live for! I hope you like this boo! Xx

    Warnings: Smut… that’s about all.

    It had been about six months since you’d started your boyfriend Gerard, and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to meet someone as sweet as him. Having actually bumped into him in a record shop, you were amazed at how timid he was. You remembered him giving you a nervous smile as he apologized quickly a deep crimson spreading across his pale skin while you just giggled, not even hesitating to ask him out on the spot.

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    Friendly Game of Twister

    It was way too quiet in the bunker. Other than a simple salt and burn this morning, you and the boys had nothing to do. The three of you decided to go out for drinks, but soon into the night, Dean and his impeccable flirting skills had landed him with a fairly busty girl from across the bar. With a wink, he tossed you the keys to his car and left you with Sam.

    Soon after, you and Sam decided to head back to the bunker. Sam immediately went to the library, reading for fun, so you just went to your room. Sitting down on your bed, you suddenly realized how much pent up energy you really had.

    ‘Just relax,’ you think to yourself.

    But of course that wasn’t possible. So you had to settle with cleaning.

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    Girls Like You (Luke) Part Four

    Incase you missed any, here’s Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

    Wrapping your arms around the back of Luke’s neck you allowed him more access to you. You felt his arms tighten around your waist, as he lifted you off the ground pushing you harder against his bedroom door as you wrapped your legs around his waist. 

    Moving your lips back to his, you kissed him with more force, pushing your body against his. 

    Letting out a muffled moan, he pulled his mouth away from your lips and started to trail kisses along your jawline, reaching to your neck. 

    Finding your sweet spot, he started to lightly suck but quickly alternated to soft biting, causing you to whimper. 

    Pulling you to the bed, he let you drop to the sheets. Slowly after he was hovering just above you, still kissing and nibbling on your neck. 

    Trailing his hands along your thighs, he pushed his body harder against yours. Softly moaning, he knew he had you right where he wanted. 

    Not able to contain yourself anymore, you pulled the back of his hair, pulling his mouth up to yours. 

    Smashing your lips on his, you started to grind against him slowly, feeling his already tight denim strain more. 

    Wrapping your legs around him, you let one hand tug on his shirt while the other kept his head close to yours. 

    Moving down again, he reconnected his mouth to your sweet spot, finished what he started before. 

    Needing more, you trailed your hands down his back, to the hem of his shirt. Letting your fingers trace the inside of his shirt, you tugged. 

    Getting the hint, he finished his mark, moving up to pull his shirt over his head. Immediately he came back down connecting his lips with yours again.

    You felt his hands move from your hips to the hem of your shirt. He let his cool fingers dance across your stomach. Pushing your top further up, exposing your flesh.

    Breathing hard, you arched your back. Giving him permission to remove your shirt. Trailing your hands down his chest, you reached the button of his jeans. Unbuttoning it, you let him shake them off as you did the same to your own.

    Moving back, he softly slid his hands up your waist, reaching to unclasp your bra.

    Your nerves were beginning to rage. But allowed him the access. In seconds he had it unhooked, letting you know he’s had practice. 

    But obviously you already knew that. 

    it’s the one thing you lacked in. 

    Becoming panicked, you instantly covered yourself when he pulled your bra off. A little taken back, you watched his face shift to a worried look. 

    Embarrassed, you looked away from him. Your heart fluttering in your chest. Luke had all the experience that you didn’t.

    Starting to regret your decision to come home with him, you looked back up at Luke. 

    Frantically searching around, he grabbed a blanket and covered you. He moved his hand under your chin to lift your face up to look into his eyes. 

    “Is everything okay?”

    “Yeah, yeah. I think so. It’s just. I’ve never-”

    “Y/n, I know. You have nothing to worry about. I promise.” 

    “You don’t care, that I’m a virgin?”

    Looking into your eyes, he smiled. 

    “Of course not. Why would I?” 

    Looking away, you wiped your face. Feeling uncomfortable, you sat up.

    “I don’t want to disappoint you.”

    Lightly chuckling, he moved his hand to brush your face and turned it towards him.

    “Like I said, you’ve been teaching me. Now, it’s my turn to teach you. If anything I should be worried about disappointing you. I want to make this something you’ll always remember.” 

    Biting your bottom lip, you looked away. Still nervous, you hesitated whether to carry on. 

    He kissed your head, before placing his hand on yours.

    Looking into his eyes, you saw him. The Luke, you thought didn’t exist. So sincere, so gentle. 

    Feeling at ease, you knew there was no point in wasting anymore time. 

    Gaining the confidence, you never knew you had, you pushed the blanket away and moved to straddle his waist. 

    Surprised, his eyes grew wide.

    “You sure about this?”

    Kissing him softly, you cut him off.

    “Yeah, I’m sure.”

    Grinning, he reconnected his lips with yours, tangling his hands in your long hair.

    Pushing you backwards, you both got back into position from before. Taking your time, with passion. Slowly he started to move his mouth down your neck, to your chest, to your stomach. Pushing himself up with one arm, he let the other dance around the hem of your underwear.

    Looking up to you for reassurance, you nodded. Feeling your lower half grow warm, wanting to feel his touch.

    Biting your lip, you looked down to him. Taking two fingers, he hooked them around the band and started to tug them down.

    Kissing your thigh, he sat up. Taking in the sight of you. Carefully following each curve of your body with his eyes. 


    Face flushed, you sat up and pulled him against you.

    Kissing him on the way back to laying down, you moved your hands to the brim of his boxers.

    Breaking the kiss, you looked down to start pushing his boxers down.

    Not able to completely push them off, he tugged them the rest of the way.

    Mouth gaping, you felt your breath hitch at the sight of him.

    Just last week, Luke hadn’t even acknowledged you. Now here you are.

    Raising your gaze back up to his, he looked at you with concern.

    “We can stop, if you want to.”

    Shaking your head, you moved your hands to tug his head down. 

    “No, I want this.

    Going back into sync with his lips, you grew more desperate for him. 

    Breaking away one last time, he held your eyes.

    “Are you ready?” 

    Not trusting your voice, you nodded. Closing your eyes to kiss him again. Very carefully, he entered you, taking his time to fill you.

    Uncomfortable at first, you whimpered. 

    “Am I hurting you? We can stop.” 

    Lightly giggling, you covered his mouth with your hand not letting him finish.

    “I’m fine. Really, I am.”

    Moving your hand, he nodded.

    Taking a deep breath in, you steadied yourself.

    Moving his hands up, he entwined his fingers with yours, moving to completely fill you. 

    Rocking back and forth, he made sure you knew how much he wanted you. Quickly going from uncomfortable to bliss, you immediately became engulfed in him.

    Wrapping your legs around his waist again, you felt him hit other areas, causing you let out a moan louder than intended. 

    Loving the noises you were making, he started to move faster. He needed you to scream his name. Unhooking your hands from his, you moved to his back. lightly scratching, not knowing how much longer you could last.

    He wrapped an arm around your leg, lifting it up to go even deeper. Completely withering in pleasure beneath him, you kept mixing your moans with his name. Filling the night.

    Both coming undone, he rocked a few more times, slowly easing himself out. 

    Heavily breathing, he collapsed next to you, pulling you into his arms. You rested your head on his chest, reaching around he grabbed a blanket and covered you both. 

    Letting out a mischievous smile on his lips, you looked up at him. 

    “Told you.”


    “I told you I could teach you things too.”

    Originally posted by cliffordskittxn

     Ahhh, so here is part 4! 
    (This is a little more intimate, so don’t freak out!)
    Let me know what you think. There’s still more parts to come just yet, so bare with me.
    Thanks for reading! 

    Need Some Help

    Requested: yes! Calum is horny but you’re too busy to notice. for all my hood girls out der

    Warning: Rated R for smut!!

    – – –

    “Hey babe, how are you?” Calum said softly as he rubbed your shoulders. You sighed and shook your head.

    “Not good.” You walked over to the printer, leaving Calum standing in the middle of the room. You picked up some papers, shuffled them around, then walked back over to your desk. You slumped down, typing furiously on your computer. You felt like you had so many things that needed to get done. 

    “Babe, maybe you want to… take a break?” He asked quietly, leaning against the doorframe. 

    “Maybe in an hour?” You pointed to your backpack full of different folders. He sighed and left the room, but you didn’t even notice. You were too focused. Your shoulder were starting to hurt, and you couldn’t even see straight at this point. The sound of your phone buzzing scared you, and you checked your phone.

    from Cal!: please come out with me :(

    sent: baaaabe I can’t, I’m sorry

    from Cal!: I need some help though…

    sent: can it wait 15 more minutes?

    from Cal!: uhh, I’m not sure it can

    You rolled your eyes and walked out to the living room. Calum was sitting on the couch, his back facing you. He was leaning far back, his legs kicked out in front of him, awkwardly trying to readjust the obvious bulge in his sweats. Your mouth fell open, but turned into a devilish grin as you tiptoed up behind him. He jumped when you slid your hands down his chest, kissing behind his ear softly. 

    “Is this what you needed help with, baby?” You purred in his ear, teasing his waistband with your fingers and making him shift on the couch. He nodded and let out a sigh. “Let me help you out. Can I baby?” He nodded rapidly, his head falling back on the couch as you hopped over and slid down in front of him. You gently opened his legs, rubbing your hands up his thighs, palming his hard on through his sweats as you hooked your fingers in the waistband.

    “Fuck.” He muttered as you pulled both layers down, his length slapping his stomach. You stroked it slowly, watching Calum squirm. “Shit, Y/N, come on. You said you were going to help, not make it worse.” 

    “Sorry, did you want me to do something like this?” You gently licked from base to tip, pulling a throaty groan from Calum. “Or maybe, this?” You swirled your tongue across the red head and Calum’s hands clenched into fists. “I could do something like-”

    “Shit, babe, just do it all.” Calum guided your head and pushed it down his throbbing length, and you moaned around him. He didn’t want you to waste anytime. He pulled your hair into a pony tail as you bobbed up and down, taking what you couldn’t fit in your mouth into your hand. Calum’s moans only motivated you to go faster. You kept swirling your tongue and pumping fast, watching Calum come undone. “I’m so close, babe, stop.” You let go with a pop, and gave him a look. 

    “I thought you wanted help?”

    “Yeah, but you’d really be helping if you were riding me.” He gave a lustful look and tugged at your shirt. You quickly pulled it off while Calum pulled down your leggings. You stepped out of them, Calum grabbing your hips and pulling you onto his lap. He reached a hand towards your core, teasing your clit and entrance. “Are you wet for me, baby?” He kissed your neck and sucked softly, and now it was your turn to moan. He rubbed fast circles on your clit, making you wetter each time he did. His lips left sloppy trails across your neck and collarbone, and you started grinding your hips against his hand.

    “..Calum” You moaned, and his hand was taken away.

    “Not yet.” He gripped your hips and lined himself up with your entrance. You eagerly lowered yourself down and you both let out moans. You started rolling your hips, and Calum thrusted in rhythm with you. You gripped tightly to his shoulders, his lips attaching to the sensitive skin above your breasts. It didn’t take much for him to bring you to your edge. 

    “Calum, I’m close.” You sighed, and his hands gripped tighter to your hips and making you ride faster. 

    “Come on baby.” His hand was back down, rubbing your clit fast and sending electric shocks up your spine. Your head was thrown back as you let Calum’s name fill the room. The thrusts grew sloppy, your walls were clenching, and your nails were digging in his shoulders. You whimpered into the crook of his neck as the orgasm washed over you. His moans in your ear were enough to make you gently bit into his shoulder as his finger kept working your clit. Not long after you, Calum let a grunt in your ear, kissing your neck as he rode out his high.You smiled into his neck as he rubbed your back gently.

    “I was wondering if you’d ever get the fucking hint.” He chuckled. You leaned back and stuck out your tongue.

    “Next time, just ask.” You kissed his nose and started to stand, but his hands were still tight around you, rubbing your ass with his eyebrow raised. 

    “Fine. Y/N, do you mind meeting me in the bedroom?” You smiled and nodded, and Calum picked you up and carried you into your bedroom. You glanced at the office, and knew you wouldn’t be getting anymore work done tonight.