but it just wouldn't take a colour well

  • Nailpolish headcanons. One of my first headcanons, sorry if they are odd. andohpleasedonthateme. And if this is done before me iz so soso sorry.
  • Daichi: He would let his s/o paint his nails only with clear nailpolish.
  • Sugawara: He would laugh at his s/o idea to paint his nails, but let them do it anyway. Tho, he would take it of before going out.
  • Asahi: This poor big baby couldn't say no. But would only let his toenails to be painted.
  • Nishinoya: Would loooovelovelove to have his s/o paint his nails. The more colours the better!! And a lightning desing! Oh my, he would be grinning so hard!
  • Tanaka: He would prefer to paint his s/o nails instead. And just toenails at first, 'cause he would be so sure he would mess up.
  • Hinata: Wouldn't stay still long enough to the nailpolish to try. So his nails would be messy, but he wouldn't mind. And if his s/o would let Hinata do their nails, well nailpolish everywhere else, but on the nails tbh.
  • Kageyama: No. Nope. Nope. But he will let his s/o file his nails. And he loves it when his s/o does it.
  • Yamaguchi: Would be really shy about it. Would agree on some cute slight colour and only for special occasion.
  • Tsukishima: Would only glare his s/o, like they would have lost their mind. Tho later s/o would find their nail stickers (the moon ones) missing. Tsukki knows nothing about it...
  • Kuroo: Would let their s/o do his nails with black. But wouldn't take care of them so the nailpolish just feids and peel off.
  • Kenma: Would first say no. But when his s/o starts to do their own nails, Kenma would stretch his arm and play one handed until his nails are done. Only for one hand tho.
  • Oikawa: Would have one nail matching his s/o nails. And he prefers when the colour is his teams colour.
  • Bokuto: Would be so excited! All the colours of the rainbow for him! And glitter as well! And he would just stare at his nails afterwards. Akaashi thinks, he has a emo mode on 'cause Boku is so quietly staring his fingers.
  • Akaashi: Would enjoy getting hes nails painted, but would take the polish off, if it is not sedate colour. He likes dark blue.
  • Tendou: He would just stare his nails, while his s/o paints them. And then he would say something odd about them and grap a sportstape and while humming a small tune wrap his nails in tape, so the nailpolish wouldn't fade. Tho, no one can see it anymore.
  • Thank you, and so sorry...

quantitatitivity  asked:

I just saw that Spiderman!Stiles anon ask/post but Emma. Emma I have a question. What happens when Derek FINDS OUT? They're FINALLY going out and it's been a while and Stiles really wants to tell Derek but he's so afraid of how he'll react. What if he's freaking out cos maybe Derek will call him a liar and break up with him and he'll never hear that little huff Derek does when he's amused? What if he can never see Derek's bedhead again? What if HE NEVER SEES DEREK'S BUNNY TEETH ANYMORE? (1/2)

But then. But THEN maybe Stiles DOES finally get up the courage to tell him and Derek just stares at him and oh God Stiles is gonna lose it why won’t Derek SAY ANYTHING???? And then Derek just goes “I thought… You knew that I knew? I thought we just weren’t talking about it cos your nemesis could use it against you????? I thought it was like a silent agreement kinda thing.“ 

OR MAYBE HE’S SECRETLY SUPERMAN. BUT THAT’S A DIFFERENT FRANCHISE. (Or maybe Derek finds out and STILES is like "OH SHIT I thought you knew, I was being so obvious!” I’m sorry this went on longer than expected but I have superhero feels Emma I CAN’T CONTAIN IT.

Oh my god, but now I am thinking about Stiles who thinks Derek knows and Derek who is just oblivious, blinded by his love for all that is the cute boy from the coffee shop who agreed to go out with him

Things like, Stiles being abnormally strong and being able to pick Derek up and pin him against walls when they are heatedly making out. 

Stiles who shows up late to a date and says, “sorry man, there’s a parade, people kept stopping me to ask for pictures and I couldn’t say no” and Derek not thinking anything but well, yes, because who wouldn't want to take pictures with his amazing boyfriend? Stiles is gorgeous, after all.

Stiles literally swinging into his apartment as Spiderman and Derek just assuming Stiles lets Spidey use his apartment on a regular basis. Derek even greets him when he comes in. Stiles just thinks Derek has a thing for calling him Spiderman when he’s wearing the disguise and who is Stiles to greeting-shame his own boyfriend?  

Stiles asking Derek if he thinks he should change his image. “Is the colour scheme too showy? Maybe I should try black.” And Derek frowning, saying, “no, I love your uniform, it makes me happy” thinking about the really cute apron with the literary quotes on it Stiles always wears at the coffee shop. (Side note: Stiles totally only bought that apron to impress the cute nerd who always had a book in his hand when he came into his coffee shop.)

Just…spiderman!Stiles and ridiculously oblivious!Derek. All of it, yes please.