but it just turned into patrick going

i just realized i don’t think i’ve told this story before but one time i was waiting outside a venue for like one of those I Heart Radio concerts and Fall Out Boy was playing so I was Hyped™. I was waiting outside and everyone was turned to this mini stage because a few smaller artists were going to play, but i was turned the other way to look at my dad. So I’m talking with my dad and suddenly I look up to see some people walk onto a lil balcony on the venue and immediately I knew. It was Patrick and Pete. Shook, i pointed up and (to get my actual father’s attention) shouted “DAD!” and Patrick looked over, laughed and waved right at me. He answered to me calling him dad… I will never forget that.

And last but not least, I decided to make my own version of Hot Guys Reading, so I brought glasses and my absolute favorite books, The Name of the Wind (in Jared’s hands), The Wise Man’s Fear (in Misha’s hands), and The Slow Regard of Silent Things (in Jensen’s hands) all by Patrick Rothfuss.

This turned out even better than I had hoped.  After an initial blank look of confusion as I handed them all books and glasses, I smiled and said, “I want to make my own version of hot guys reading.”  And they all nodded or made a sound like, “Gotcha.” and were good to go.

Feel free to edit/crop/whatever…just give me credit, please for the op. 

There are just some bands that are good to listen to during certain seasons. For example: in the summer, I like to listen to fall out boy! And in the winter, when everything is grey out and the holidays approach? fall out boy! In the spring, when everything is turning green and flowers are blooming, fall out boy is top notch! And in the fall when the leaves are changing and it smells like spices and everything feels cozy? Might I suggest fall out -

Dr T is FINALLY just about finished. Just a few touch-ups and the collar to go 😊.

I made a little timelapse video of some sketching of the hair. I read a rather hurtful comment (on the CTM Facebook video of my stuff) that someone hoped that these images weren’t computer generated to be made to look like drawing 😐…um ok there bud.

Anyhow, I love how this one turned out, and for once it didn’t require any swearing this time (except a bit on one of the eyes).

before i go and reblog some patrick then turn off my laptop, i just wanted to say that i just watched amandaschronicles new video and they’ve come out as trans nonbinary, are using they/them pronouns, and changing their name to miles. and you have no idea how happy they were in the video and how happy i was watching it. near the end, they said, “i’d rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who i am not”; (if you recall, they said this when they came out as gay), and they said a couple other things that really got me emotional. 

i hope one day i am free to be myself like them. fem-aligned non-binary, open abt being bi + panro; i hope one day i dont have ppl dragging me down for who i am. and honestly? sticking to the fact that patrick wouldnt want me to give up is something im gonna keep doing. 

im here to stay. im here to fight for who i am. i like girls, guys, non-binary ppl, & im non-binary too. i wont give up. not a chance.

  • Griffin: Patrick asks, "Questions for my dental hygienist? I am going to be getting my teeth cleaned soon by my ridiculously hot dental hygienist and I wanna ask some things. If you were asked these questions, what would your answer be and how do you think she will react? One-"
  • Justin: Do you wanna just ask'em? Do you wanna roleplay here?
  • Griffin: Um, sure, yeah. You guys can take turns being the super, just bangin' dental hygienist and I'll be Patrick. Uh, "One: Can I have the pair of gloves and the mask you used on me?"
  • *small bit of silence*
  • Justin: I was gonna do a bit but I think she would probably just leave the room.
  • Travis: Does the dental hygienist have a button under the counter that like summons the police? 'Cause that's what I would be doing.
  • Griffin: "Two: Can I have a pair of new gloves and what kind of gloves are they?" That one's kinda harmless.
  • Travis: Unless you couple it with the first question.
  • Justin: Yeah, and then you say 'I just need to hide my fingerprints. I can't tell you why.'
  • Griffin: "Three: Could you please check in the back to see if you have any pink gloves or mask you could use?"
  • Travis: What's this guy's hangup?
  • Griffin: "Four: Do you have to wear a mask? Five: Will you surprise me with the profie paste flavor?" I don't know what that means.
  • Justin: What?! This guy doesn't have a crush on his dental hygienist, he has a dentistry fetish. That's what's going on here.
  • Travis: These are the least direct yet still creepy questions I've ever heard.
  • Griffin: Really Travis because number six: "Instead of using a mirror to hold back my cheek will you use your finger?"
  • *gagging noises from Justin & Travis*
  • Griffin: "Will you preform an extra intraoral and TMJ exam?"
  • Justin: Is there - okay are there more questions?
  • Griffin: "Will you use a toothbrush instead of the polisher?" That's not particularly sexual. "Nine. Can I add you on Facebook?"
  • Travis: Oh, there it is.
You and Your Stupid Fucking Rope [Teaser #2]

Connor pulled out a long black bundle of rope and held it up victoriously, wiggling his eyebrow at his brother.

Murphy just scoffed and rolled his eyes, “And what do we need that for, Connor? Are we going to be scaling a building tonight?” Murphy chuckled again to himself, staring at his brother ridiculously.

Connor rolled his eyes at Murphy and swiftly walked over to the two of you, he stared at his brother in disappointment, before turning all of his attention to you.

“Ya know sometimes my little brother needs remindin’ of a thing called ingenuity…” Connor stares into your eyes harshly and then looks your body up and down, before tightening the rope in his hands. “Sometimes the lad just doesn’t see the full picture…” Connor ignores Murphy’s glare and leans over to the other side of your face, putting his lips as close as he could to your ear, without touching and whispered, “Sometimes…” He nuzzles your ear ever so slightly, causing you to whimper and shivers to explode over your body. He smiles to himself and continues, “Sometimes darlin, it isn’t about what you’re doin’, it’s about what’s bein’ done to you… Understand?”

Connor steps back and stares into your needy eyes as your body tries to arch toward him, but Murphy’s arms wrap instinctually around you, pulling you closer to him, behind you.

Connor stares into your lust filled eyes and smirks, licking his lips, and leans in aiming at your lips.

Your breath hitches nervous for a few different reasons, the biggest one being that Connor was turning you on, but you wanted more than anything to be only Murphy’s. The thoughts that raced through your mind as he slowly approached were those of confusion, as you thought rapidly what you would do when his lips touched yours.

He made it but a few inches away, when you felt Murphy’s left hand swiftly come up and smack his brother on the back of the head a few times, “What the fuck!? Get the fuck off her!”  Murphy said angrily, his neck veins now popping with anger.

You stared over at Connor nervously and watched him begin to laugh with gusto, his eyes gleeful. He raised his hands in surrender and backed away, smirking at you and then over to his brother, standing again in line.

“You better knock that shit off! You said you wanted a taste? That’s all you get!” Murphy’s voice breathed fire.

His brother came over and faced him, putting his hand on his shoulder, smiling in reassurance, “It’s all in good fun brother! What kind of big brother would I be if I didn’t have a go at ya every once in a while?” Connor said happily, making Murphy drop his anger and roll his eyes.

Murphy huffed a deep breath in and out and smiled cockily at Connor, “The kind of little brother that doesn’t know his place.” Murphy said with a grin and pushed Connor’s shoulder back harshly.

They both smiled at each other, laughing, silently making up. Murphy nodded his nose over to his brother and the rope in his hands, “So what did ya plan on doin’ with that then?” He asked curiously.

Connor smiled and tightened it again, “Let me show ya a thing or to, little brother…” Connor smirks at Murphy and then looks at you again, running his eyes down south and lingering a moment before turning around and walking over to the side of the bed, furthest from the door. He taps the rope onto the bed and waves you over.

Murphy’s hands grip around you territorially as you both walk over to the bed.

Your stomach was on fire with nervous energy as you let Murphy guide you over to the bed, you had never done anything like this before, and you were frankly nervous as to what was to be expected of you.

Murphy sensed your body tense and his hands rubbed gently around your bare stomach, under your shirt, as he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Don’t worry darlin… anything you don’t like, you just say the word… This is all about pleasing you, not the other way around.” He bit your neck and stared harshly back into his brothers eyes as you both made you way to the edge of the bed.

Connor nodded to his brother and then nodded toward the bed, “Well what ya waitin’ for lad?? Undress your sweet lady so we can get this show goin’.” He smiled giddily at his brother, instructing him to strip you.

Murphy smirked and turned his eyes and full attention back to you, putting his hips squarely on your hips and turning your body back toward the bed behind you.

He stared so deeply into your eyes you thought you might fall over, but you stood your ground, knees trembling, as his hands slowly came up under your shirt. You stared into those dark blue eyes and sighed a little as you reached your arms slowly into the air.

He smiled softly at your assistance and pulled the shirt quickly off, throwing it behind him in the office. His hands returned to your hips and pushed his clothed cock into your core as his eyes scanned your newly unveiled stomach and black bra with a tiny hot pink bow in the middle.

You watch as he stares at your bra, imagining what was underneath, you smile lustfully and bring your hands to the back of your bra and unclasp it. You slowly pull down each strap, one by one, and bring your hand to the front to fling the bra off of you and toward your shirt; a bold smirk coming to your face for the first time.

Murphy stood back, detaching his body from yours a minute, as he took in your beautiful naked breasts, his legs shift uncomfortably his eyes go as dark as night, as they scan back to your proud smile. He quickly steps back toward you and grabs your ass with both of his big, firm hands, pulling it up and down and groaning to himself at the feel. After a moment appreciating your ass, his hands trail up it to your lower back and around to your sides again. He rubs his hands over them a few more times before slowly plunging both of his index fingers down into the hem of your denim jeans.

He stares into you and slowly traces them around your hips, across your stomach; meeting in the middle, just above the button that kept you from heaven.

“Murphy…” You sigh as you pull your hands to his hips and arch your body to his, closing your eyes and smiling in anticipation.

Murphy smiled and sweetly plunged his tongue onto the side of your neck as his hands came swiftly to your button, at your reaction. He popped it open, staring at you as he unzipped you and his tongue sucked and swirled on your neck.

You arch further toward him and almost fall back onto the bed behind you as how good he fucking felt everywhere on you, in every way.

Murphy smiled to himself on your skin as his right hand came around and held you up against your body’s will.

His lips swirled up to your ear and his tongue slowly drug up your earlobe into your ear, breathing heavily for a minute before he licked it swiftly and spoke, “Had I known ya felt this way Y/N, I’d already be lovin’ ya every night there, lass.”

You shudder at his words and run your hands up to his sides and push them under his shirt, standing up again, determined to love this man in all his glory and needing to feel his bare skin under your hands.

Murphy mimicked you and raised both of his arms in the air with a big grin on his face as he watches you lovingly pull it up and over his head.

You look over at him and smile when you see his adoring eyes, you cup the shirt in your right hand and purposefully throw it over by your clothes across the room. You bring your hands down to your sides and begin to tug your jeans down, wanting to help him undress you quicker; it seemed your tongues already had a, ‘problem,’ not being able to let go of each other.

Suddenly, Connor’s throat clears and you and Murphy both snap your eyes over to him.

Connor looks seriously at his brother and walks over to him, patting his shoulder, looking at you as if you were a lesson, “Brother trust me, it is much better for her when the lad takes control.”

Murphy tilted his head up and stroked his neck, thinking about the words spoken, as he stared into your needy eyes.

You watched as Murphy’s head snapped down and his hand reached up to your sternum and pushed you back. You closed your eyes and smiled as you felt the mattress catch you, as you knew it would; you heard the loving loud squeak of the metal coils that supported you as you looked up seeing the two beautiful men discussing the best way to please you. You bite your lip and swiftly crawl up the bed and lay down, starting to get used to the two pairs of eyes staring you down, with only one thing on each of their minds, you. Your senses were driving you wild as your imagination started running away with itself as you thought of all the ways these two could make you scream.

Connor patted his brother on the back in praise and pushed him suddenly to the side, “Now, for that taste…” He said, focusing on the open button of your jeans as he pushed the rope into Murphy’s stomach.

“Tie her up.” He said elusively, testing Murphy.


FULL FIC WILL BE OUT BY SATURDAY, TOMORROW NIGHT IF I FEEL AMBITIOUS… P.S. If you don’t want to be tagged in teasers, let me know, otherwise I’m just gonna tag everyone. I love writing the competitive side of the brothers. Enjoy! Off to try and finish, this piece is like just one long smut piece I think BDS fans will be happy! :D

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sometimes I wish I could run away from the nightmares in this world, just go live a small simple selfish life off the grid somewhere, or surround myself with people who think the same way I do all the time, but I’ve already tried that and I’ve found there is no road long enough to escape this shit and nothing to gain from talking to a mirror. If you ask me, running is just about as far from liberation as it gets. I believe it’s only by turning toward the pain and the fear, sitting with it, confronting it fully, that we can begin to change.

To keep you in my Life

A/N: here you have our bae Shay. after writing it, i couldn’t look at it for a few days and i called it ‘shitty Shay smut’, but i hope it turned better in the end. sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the pic) X

Pairing: Shay Patrick Cormac x Reader

Warnings: fluff, smut, mentions of blood

It was evening when she was coming back home, but streets of Boston were full of people. You could hear noisy conversations and shouts coming from taverns and (Y/N) always tried to go by them fast and unnoticed, just not to be hook by drunk sailors. Sometimes, she heard shouts and whistles after her, which made her heart beat faster and feeling fear, but luckyly, it always ended only with it. She was affraid, she would not be able to protect herself when a drunk man would attack her. (Y/N) wasn’t married and she had no one, who could help her. She was alone and her parents died long time ago.


Couple of steps from her house, in one of the main streets of Boston, her ears heard groans of pain in the side alley. She stopped and looked in that direction exerting her stare, hoping she would see something from place where she stood. At first she hesitated, she didn’t know if she should come closer and check or walk away as fast as she could, not looking back. Dark, stinking alleys never brought something good, but she remembered her mother words to always help needies. She looked around her, took deep breath and taking careful steps, she went in the alley. Groans and shallow breaths were more and more audible. Sound of her shoes echoed quietly between building walls. Exerting her gaze, (Y/N) saw an outline of a body leaned against the wall. She came a few steps closer, but far enough to have a hint of a chance to escape.

‘’Excuse me, is everything allright?’’ Her voice shaky and heart sped up.
She didn’t get the answer straight away. The sitting form moved not much.

‘’P-Please, help me…’’ Male, weak, croaky voice answered her.

(Y/N) bit her bottom lip and gazed in the direction of floodlit street. On the one hand, she wanted to run away and leave this person, but she perfectly knew, she would regret her decision. (Y/N) directed her steps in the man direction. When she was close to him, she noticed his head was leaned back on the wall, eyes closed and lips parted. One of his large hands was squeezing firmly side of his abdomen.

‘’What happened, Sir?’’ She asked tentatively looking at him.

‘’I need help…’’ He said with weak voice and coughed.

(Y/N) jained her lips in a thin line and furrowed her forehead. She couldn’t leave him here without help. She kneeled next to him and took a look at the place where he had his hand. In very faint light, she recognised blood on his robes. Coughes and hisses coming from his lips every now and then.

‘’Can you stand up? I will take you to my house, I live nearby.’’ She asked him, but knew it could be a ridiculous idea, because she didn’t know what to expect from that man.

‘’What is your name, lass?’’ She noticed, he gazed at her and weak beams of street lights reflected in his eyes.

‘’(Y/N).’’ She looked into his eyes.

‘’A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.’’ His voice full of honesty.

She blushed. ‘’Lets go, you need to be medicate quickly.’’ (Y/N) turned her head from his stare and moved closer. He put his hand on her shoulders and she encircled his waist with her arm. The man was heavy and with difficulty she lifted him to his feet, even if he was trying to help her. He was tall and his chest and shoulders were broad. He hissed from the pain and folded in half when they took first step. They stopped for a while, but he let her know to start walking again. When they were on the main street, (Y/N) had a chance to look better at the wounded man. His hair was black and messy, but tied back. On his face, she noticed a few days stubble and a scar running through his right cheek and forehead. Eyes and lips were clamped in grimace of pain, however he looked very handsome. He wore dark robes and belts full of different kinds of weapons, which sight made her shiver.

Few minutes later, when they reached her house, (Y/N) clumsyly opened the front door and carefuly came inside with him. With her leg, she shut the door and led him to her bedroom. The man sinked into the bed with  heavy thud.

‘’Wait here, I’ll bring all necessary things.’’ She said quickly and left to the kitchen where she had all medical supplies.

When she came back, the man was folded in half again, still holding his wounded side. She put the small basket on the night stand, took a deep breath and approached the man.

‘’Sir, I need to take off your clothes to fix the wound, can I?’’ She blushed once again and asked silently, not able to hide nervouness in her voice.

He rised his head up and looked at her. His dark eyes seemed to be distant and blurry, but his head bowed lightly and with difficulty he straightened up. Hesitantly, (Y/N) reached his weapons belts and started to unbuckle them. She put them on the table and started taking off his robes. He hissed from the pain when moved to slide them and the girl held her breath. (Y/N) put the robes on the chair and looked at him. His white shirt had a big, crimson bloodstain. While later, she unbuttoned his shirt and was so embarrassed that she didn’t hear him speaking.

‘’Shay…’’ He whispered with voice full of pain and tiredness.

‘’Pardon?’’ (Y/N) looked at him inquiringly.

‘’My name is Shay.’’ She heard his thick Irish accent. ‘’Shay Patrick Cormac.’’

The girl smiled shyly and returned to unbuttoning his shirt. Slowly and carefuly, she took it off and crimsoned hard when her eyes saw his perfectly toned chest and stomach. Muscles flexed with every little move. His groan pulled her out from gazing at him and she took little basket with medicament and kneeled in front of him.

‘’Shay, you have to show me your wound.’’ (Y/N) said silently and timidly looked at him.

Shay nodded and gingerly unveil injury. Blood was flowing from it quite heavy and she noticed that the cut was deep. Without stitching, there was no way for it to heal. She did it a few times, when someone needed it, but usually it was someone she knew for a longer time and didn’t make her feel distressed and undertainly.

‘’You have to lie down on the bed. The cut needs to be stitched.’’ She gazed at him, meeting his full of pain eyes.

Shay bowed his head and clumsyly lied on the bed, clenching his teeth with every vawe of pain. (Y/N) went around the bed with small basket and lamp, which she put as near as possible to have a better look at his wound. She sat down on the edge of the bed, took a piece od fabric and asked Shay to put it on his cut. Next, she took a bottle of alcohol and disinfected her hands and needle, thereon stringed it with thread.

‘’It is going to sting and hurt, Shay. I have nothing to give you to make the pain smaller, I’m sorry.’’ She said honestly looking into his eyes.

‘’Don’t worry, lass. I had worst than that.’’ Shay breathed.

(Y/N) put away his hand and fabric from his wound, then delicately poured it with alcohol, which made Shay groan loudly and all his muscles flexed. She frowned and moved her face closer to his cut to puff on it and make the stinging a little lighter. Her mother always did that, when (Y/N) hurt herself. She noticed his muscles relax. She took a deep breath and started stitching the wound. Shay hissed and clenched his palms on the bedsheets. Young woman looked at him and saw how his wide jaw and eyes clamped with every touch oh the needle. She tried to be gentle, but the injury was big.

Some time later, she finished stitching, washed the wound with alcohol once again and bandaged it. Shay’s breath normalized and muscles relaxed. She slid off his high boots and covered him with quilt. After that, she gathered all used supplies and dimmed the lamp light just not to irritate his eyes with it. Unexpectedly, when she wanted to leave him alone, she felt his strong grip on her wrist. At the feeling, she jumped and hesitantly looked at the man. He was staring at her softly and on his lips were ghost of a smile.

‘’Thank you, (Y/N).’’ Shay whispered, still holding her wrist.

‘’You will thank me, when you’ll get well. I’m almost sure, you will have a fever, but I’ll try my best to make it less oppressive for you.’’ She smiled lightly. ‘’Rest now. I’ll come back from time to time to check on you, but if you would need anything, just call in. Meanwhile, good night, Shay.’’ She bowed her head and left the room.


As she thought, Shay went through fever, but his organism was strong and handled with it. Also his wound healed quickly and within couple of weeks he was healthy. Both of them drew closer to each other, when Shay was recovering, but any of them wanted to confess, that in their hearts were born strong affections.

Finally came the day, when Shay had to set off in his journey. Both of them didn’t want to say goodbye, but Shay duties didn’t let him stay with her, even if he wanted it so badly. (Y/N) walked him to the port, where his ship, The Morrigan, was waiting for him in full readiness. He told her about that part of his life, but kept as a secret his Templar life. Nevertheless, he put her in danger appearing in her life and didn’t want even more. Shay could not bear, if something would happen and he lost her. 

They looked at each other with sadness. Shay hugged her tightly and kissed in the forehead thanking for everything. (Y/N) nodded and smiled wistfully. Templar let her go from his arms and boarded The Morrigan. He was welcomed with loud hollers of his crew and then she heard how Shay was shouting orders to unmoor the ship and few whiles later she saw The Morrigan sailing away. Not raising her head, she turned away and started walking back home and a single tear run down her rosy cheek.

Shay took a look at the port. His heart was heavy with sadness and already growing longing. ‘’Wait for me, love.’’


It was over six months since (Y/N) saw the man for the last time. It was middle of January and Boston was covered with thick layer of snow. (Y/N) was sitting in her armchair next to the fireplace, reading one of her favourite books. Books were her only distraction from the reality and longing after Shay.

‘’I hope you’re going to tell me what is that book about, aye lass?’’ Familiar thick Irish accent pulled her away from the reading. (Y/N) looked in its direction and smiled widely not believing her eyes. Leaning against door-frame with crossed arms and honest, gentle smile on the lips, stood Shay. She put away her book and hurriedly ran up to him. She stopped inches from him, making sure it was not a dream and then unexpectedly entwined her arms around him, snuggling into his broad, firm chest. Cold radiating from him, made her shiver. Shay looked at her. At first, there was light surprise on his face, but seconds later changed into gentle smile. His long, muscular arms rounded her tenderly and cold, pink cheek lied on the top of her head.

‘’I thought, I will never see you again, Shay.’’ (Y/N) whispered, snuggling her face even more into his chest.

‘’I couldn’t leave you like that. Not after what you have done for me.’’ He said silently inhaling sweet scent of her hair. ‘’You saved my life, (Y/N).’’

‘’I missed you…’’ She blurted out before she thought what she was saying. She bit her lip and her muscles flexed.

‘’I missed you too, lass.’’ After these words, she looked at him and he smiled subtly. His eyes was shining in lamps light, gaze soft. Their faces started getting closer in slow motion. They didn’t drop their gazes from each other and when their lips were inches apart, Shay hesitated. He didn’t know, if she wanted that, but surprised him, when she closed the gap between them in delicate and tentative kiss. Shay aswered for the kisses immediately, firstly gently, then more boldly. Their lips danced ceaselessly, wishing to let it last forever. Shay took her bottom lip between his teeth and slid his tongue in her mouth deepening the kisses. (Y/N) put her hands on the back of his neck and stood on her tip toes to ease them their kisses.

They were surrounded with amazing feeling and their hearts were beating like crazy. The girl felt lack of oxygen and broke the kiss. Both of them were breathing heavily, trying to catch as much air as possible in their lungs. They looked at each other. His brown eyes, darkened even more and she saw in them a mix of different kinds of emotions. Nevertheless, she had no intention to let him go from her arms, she didn’t wish him to disappear from her life again.
Few moments later, with fast move she pulled in his lips to hers and they met again in a fiery, lustful kiss. Shay grinned and loud moan of pleasure went from his throat, when he quickly and almost unseen took (Y/N) under her tights and lifted up. Her legs entwined his hips and arms pulled their bodies even closer. Shay turned slightly and leaned softly (Y/N)’s back on the nearest wall. His lips left her swollen ones and started kissing and nibbing delicate flesh of ner neck. His stubble gave pleasant, tinggling sensation, which made her moan.

‘’I have been dreaming about you every night…’’ Shay gasped between kisses and (Y/N) put her hands in his tied hair. She closed her eyes and gave in completely to the sensation. Everything was new to her, unknown, she was scared. She has never been with man before, but she trusted Shay and felt, that he was the man, she wished to give all of her.

‘’Shay…’’ (Y/N) whispered breathless. ‘’I lo-I love you…’’ Her palms balled on his thick hair.

Shay stopped the kisses and looked at her. (Y/N) smiled shakily and Shay repeated her expression, rubbing his nose against hers. She giggled silently and moved strands of hair away from his face.

‘’I desired to hear it from your lips.’’ He gave her quick peck on the lips. ‘’I love you as well (Y/N), even if I am affraid of your safety, because of who I am.’’

‘’I don’t care Shay…’’ His name like a prayer in her lips. ‘’Don’t ever leave me again.’’

‘’Never…’’ He whispered and kissed her passionetly. Both of them moaned in pleasure, which spread all over their bodies. Shay squeezed her tights harder and led them to her bedroom.


Shay lied her carefuly on the bed, not breaking the kiss. He placed himself on top of her and her small hands wandered on his shoulders and hard chest. Shay started to take off his weapons belts, throwing it airily on the floor, still kissing her lips. With quick, impatient and shaky fingers, (Y/N) started unbuttoning his robes. Shay grinned into the kisses and started helping her. When she felt his large and strong hands on hers, she sighed. Shay took off his robes and they met faith of the weapons belts. Shaky palms of the girl, were delicately massaging Shay muscled arms through fabric of his shirt. Templar broke the kiss, making her groan in protest, when his chopped and warm lips started kissing soft skin of her neck and shoulder, causing enjoyable pain. (Y/N) hissed and her palms slid from his broad shoulders to head, tangling them into his thick, dark hair. Quite moans and whispers of his name repeating like mantra, were coming from her swollen lips. His kisses moved easily to her exposed breast, which made her gasp and drive her nails into his head. His capable and fast hands started unlacing ribbons of her corset without stopping the carresses. Moments later, Shay pulled away his swollen and reddened lips from her skin and took off her outer corset and did the same with the skirt, leaving her in only underwear. Her palms rested on his forearms and Shay darkened from lust eyes were voraciously remembering every inch of her body.

‘’You are so beautiful…’’ He gasped moving one of his hands along side of her body. Shay squeezed his strong hand on her tight, which attracted to his hip. Then, he bended over her and that time he softly kissed her lips. ‘’Are you sure about it? This is the last moment I can hold back.’’

‘’Love me, Shay…’’ He didn’t need anything more. With fast move, he took off his shirt and his grabby lips were collecting kisses from hers, when his palm still held her tight to his hip. It was more than sure, that it would leave brusies, but both of them didn’t care less.

Her soft palms were tracing paths on his naked chest and back and found a scar after healed wound. (Y/N) felt how every of his muscles flexed under her touch. She sighed deeply into the kiss and her hands started undoing his britches. After a few seconds, (Y/N) palms warily started stripping them from his hips, delicately dabbing his hot skin, which made Shay growl. He put his large hands on hers and stopped her moves and broke the kiss. He stood up from the bed and without breaking eye contact, took off his high boots and slid his britches with underwear at the same time.

(Y/N) leaned on her elbows and she had full view on Shay. His body was ideal, muscular, broad, perfectly ripped, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him and for the first time felt starnge, but pleasant tingling and warm growing in her lower belly and between her tights.

‘’Do you like, what you see?’’ Shay asked quietly and her eyes immediately looked into his. She couldn’t find words so only nodded.

Shay pulled out his hand towards her and she gingerly gave hers, and then he softly pulled her in, so she stood up and looked into his loving and full of lust eyes. Shay put his rough palms on smooth skin of her neck and started lovingly moving them along her shoulders. He kisses them and then started sliding off straps and unlacing ribbons her of corset. She put her palms on his bare hips and squeezed them firmly, he moaned and then the corset fell down. Shay looked at her with love and admiration and wetted his lips, which made (Y/N) blush and lower her head. He took her chin between his fingers and rised her head to look at him, then without hesitation closed the gap between them in tender kiss.

His kisses went down to her neck and then even lower taking her breasts in his hands and started massaging them. (Y/N) sighed and moments later she felt his warm and wet lips on her right breast. His tongue  started to spin around her hard nipple, giving vawes of pleasure, she has never known before. Her hand tangled into his dark hair and the other one lied on his shoulder. Shay softly started biting her nipple, giving her shivers and hiss let out from her swollen lips. Later, he did the same with the left breast and (Y/N) hid her face in his messy hair couldn’t take new sensations he was giving her. Her legs started to shake and heat with growing knot in her belly were getting even bigger.

Couple of minutes later, Shay went even lower, giving kisses along the way on her tummy and his stubble made her giggle. He stopped above hem of her underwear and kissed both of her hips. (Y/N) muscles flexed and she felt light pulsing in her clit. She digged her nails into flesh of his scarred shoulder and Shay rised his head and saw her face with pure bliss on it. She was  breathing heavily and when she felt his gaze, looked at him in his almost black eyes. (Y/N) saw in them mix of different emotions and kind of a request for further caresses and then she stroked his stubble cheek and bowed her head lightly, letting him know to continue.

Shay softly took off the fabric from her body and his hot lips started wandering on her tights while his rough palms caressed skin of her buttocks. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. His lips were moving closer to her womanhood while next gave her a single kiss there.

All of a sudden, Shay stood up making her shake a little, but his strong hands caught her by waist. The girl felt his thick, hot member on her innertight and pleasant shivers ran down her spine. Shay led her backwards to the bed kissing her hungrily and then sat her on the edge. He kneeled between her tights massaging them without breaking the kiss. Then, his hot kisses went down through her neck, chest, belly to her heat.

He put one of her legs on his shoulder and she felt his hot breath on her. She shivered and then his wet tongue slowly slid up and down her slit. She inhaled sharply, her palms again tangled into his thick, black hair while heel dug into his back. Shay’s tongue was swirling and licking her throbbing clit, biting it gently with his teeth, from time to time. One of his hands spread her folds giving him better acces and her whole body shuddered and tensed under growing heat.

‘’Shay…’’ (Y/N) sighed and put her palm on the back of his neck, massaging it gently. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. His stubble was adding even more pleasure to his smootches.

Templar dipped his tongue into her and caerfuly started making circular movements. Her hips unwittingly bucked forward and Shay kept her steady with his hands, rubbing them. His tongue sped up the pace making her legs shake even more and heat with tangling knot in her belly were unbearable.

‘’Shay, I…’’ (Y/N) whimpered and dug her nails into his wiry back. Her petite body was shook with unfamiliar till now spasm of ecstasy and relish. There were light throaty laugh and quick, shallow breaths heard from her lips.

Shay moaned and gently started kissing her swollen clit and tights massaging them to relax. He straighened up on his knees and kissed her passionetly. She tasted herself on his tongue and he lied her on her back. Shay positioned himself between her legs, drinking in her sight. She was so petite and if he would pin her down more, he could break her in half.

Shay leaned in and put his hands on both sides of her head. They were looking at each other unceasingly. (Y/N) eyes darkened heavily with lust, but behind it, there were love and trust. Shay kissed her, but that time gently, sweet, like she was about to break, while her palms rested on his back, stroking them up and down.

‘’I love you, (Y/N).’’ He whispered into the kiss.

Shay gave his member a few strokes, moved closer and delicately and slowly started entering her. (Y/N) clamped her eyes and jaw, held her breath and flexed her muscles. She strongly entwined his neck and pulled him in closer while he hid his face in the crook of her neck.

‘’Relax, love.’’ Shay whispered into her ear and kissed place under it. (Y/N)’s body immediately relaxed what eased him thrusting into her. Both of them moaned loudly in the same moment. ‘’Tell me when can I start, love.’’ He knew she has never been with any man before. He wanted her to remember that moment as best as it could be. He wanted her to feel beautiful and loved, that she was the only woman in the world to him.

‘’Shay…’’ Her voice was shaky and after few seconds his hips started moving. He felt how her nails dug into his neck.

Searching rythym for both of them, he felt how her body started responding to his efforts. Their breaths were shallow and hips moved in one steady pace. Nice warmth was spreading through their bodies creating drops of sweat. Knots in their bellies were balling even more with every move they made. Shay rised his head and looked at her. Eyes still closed and face features graced with peace and pleasure. Her pink, full lips were agape and shaped into small smile.

Shay fastened the pace making his thrusts even deeper and feeling upcoming climax. He gripped her tight and drew in to his bare hip. Straightening up, his other hand took her knee for stability while (Y/N) opened her (Y/E/C) eyes and looked at him. Her dark from lust irises moved to the place where they bodies merged into one and bit her lip. She leaned on her one elbow while her other arm reached to Shay’s sweaty chest and started stroking it softly, feeling every scar under her fingertips. He took her palm in his larger one and rised to his lips, kissing its inner side and then putting it where his heart was. (Y/N) smiled and reached to his neck pulling him into honest kiss. Their hips were moving fast and they felt shivers of upcoming orgasms. Shay squeezed her forearm in his hand and leaned his forehead agains hers. Their eyes were looking into each other ceaselessly, when finally cries of pleasure and bliss came out from their throats. Their moves became slower and sloppy during riding out their climaxes. Both of them chuckled quietly, breathing heavily and on their faces appeared smiles. Their bodies were glistening with sweat. Shay slid out from her carefuly and lied down on the bed beside her. (Y/N) brushed away strands of hair, which stuck to his sweaty forehead and lifted up a little bit to kiss scar on his face.

‘’I love you (Y/N) and even if I have to leave, I will come back to you.’’ Shay moved closer and snuggled her body to his, propping his chin on top of her head. ‘’Always. My home is there, where is my heart and my heart is with you.’’

A/N: let me know if it wasn’t shitty as i think it is. requests are still open! :) X

Post Ep Ponderings March 17

Okay, so I’ve heard both that Gemma is leaving and that she’s signed an extended contract and yet the story line from Friday seems to lean towards her leaving. I hope it’s just rumour and they’re going to figure out a way for her to organize parties and such in or near the village. She was quite good at saving Bernice’s ass, a natural, and honestly if I were offered my dream job in Spain, I would be hard pressed to not turn it down, but I love Carly and don’t want to see her go.

Faith making Vic and Marlon dress up all gaudy for St. Patrick’s Day was the comic relief I think we all needed. That beard on Marlon was amazing! Watching Chas rip Faith a new one was kinda fun too. And I love the gall of Faith trying to convince Vic and Marlon to say she saved the pub was priceless. You know, Vic and Marlon did need help. I can’t imagine running a busy pub on only two people. I feel like they do need more staff, and if all Faith had done was sling drinks, it likely would’ve been fine, but that’s just not Faith and I’m glad of it. I hope they do more stuff like this with her.

And now for the difficult part. I want to throttle Robert and this time not because of the actual act of cheating. All the stress and pain and everything he’s been dealing with and he wouldn’t talk to anyone. Now he tries to talk to Chas when it’s too late? Of course she wasn’t going to listen to him after he’s already cheated on her son. Honestly, I’m surprised, considering how much that family actually talks to each other, that he confessed quite so easily. Now I just wonder how and who is going to tell Aaron. Part of me wants it to be Robert because it would show that he has changed still. He fucked up, badly, but it could show that he’s grown up enough (finally) to own up to his mistakes. The other part of me though? Well, I had this interesting thought. What if Chas tells him and he’s so messed up because of the spice that he actually doesn’t appear to care. Maybe Chas gets the full brunt of what Robert’s been dealing with. I don’t think it would make her forgive him, but it could make for an interesting twist, giving her a view into at least why he did it. Also, I would be grateful if all of this lead to Robert in therapy. I’m still aiming for him to have a big breakdown. I might be a little obsessed with that.

Finally, I think the one other thing that Robert should be really worried about is Liv. She’s going to hate him more than Chas does, I think. Might send her right off as she was just starting to believe that Robert cared about her, not just Aaron, but I think she’ll see this as a betrayal as well and I don’t think she’ll deal well with that.

Defcon Hissing Possum

I’m dealing with midwinter blues and an anxiety spike that is no doubt the result of the personal and national turmoil I’m in the middle of (lol not professional unless you count the fact that I’m losing ANOTHER job). 

It’s basically summer outside right now, but I don’t want to go outside. Later, I will run on my treadmill in my sad, cold basement like the good gothy vampire I’ve turned into. I also don’t want to see anybody or do anything unless I’m working or am otherwise forced to. So even though I’d normally be excited to go to the St. Patrick’s Day party we’re invited to this weekend, I am ambivalent. More than that, I don’t want to go. Because what I feel like lately (and honestly what I look like too) is this: 

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And my hair, oh my god, my hair. I got a bad haircut this past fall, which I’ve been growing out steadily. And it has just not looked good for months. I finally hit my limit and scheduled a haircut, which involved TALKING TO A STRANGER ON THE PHONE NIGHTMARE STATUS. 

I have all these appointments I need to schedule to get us ready for our crazy-ass move at the end of May, and you can imagine how that’s going. 

So anyway, here is a mental health update from me. I’m basically at DEFCON HISSING POSSUM, which means that I do not want to do anything but sleep and eat garbage in the middle of the night.

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Patrick turns into a dragon and locks himself in his garage because of it, telling Pete he's too dangerous to be around in his new form. Pete does as he's told (though he still slides love letters under Patrick's door so he knows he's still cared for) until he gets curious and decides to go see Patrick anyway. It turns out, Patrick is a tiny, weak, pathetic dragon and he was really hiding bc he was embarrassed that he didn't look powerful.

He’s just shy because he’s a dragon but like…. A really wimpy one and he doesn’t want Pete to laugh at him awww


More Travel

Impromptu trip back up to my parent’s house to get my dog. Today is his birthday (he’s 5!!!) and I miss him sooo much. They were watching him while hubs and I had our quick trip to Georgia.

I also convinced my mom (through pouting emojis, she can never withstand my pout, even via text) to let me bring my PS4. We are going to start her DAI run through today/tomorrow!!! BUT I think I will be participating in DWC tonight, just working on my backlog. I miss DWC.

here, have pictures of my dog from his 4th birthday <3 (and the gorgeous old house we lived in at the time that turned out to be a death trap) and a picture of me with Irish nachos, a pint of Guinness, a shamrock tie, and two thumbs.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Me:  *listening to music loudly in the car*

My iPod:  *plays Sugar We’re Going Down*

Me:  Oh, hm, this song, maybe I should skip it - I mean it’s kind of old, and it’s not their best - people might hear it and know what FOB trash I am, oh god, I should turn it dow- aM I MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR YET I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU WANNA HEAR ‘CAUSE THAT’S JUST WHO I AM THIS WEEK

open | st. patrick’s day

“But I am wearing green!” Adam called out after a girl pinched his ribs with a smirk, turning around and away from her, towards the bar to get what was going to be possibly his sixth or seventh beer of the night. Once the bartender gave him the bottle, he turned around taking a sip, leaning against the bar. His elbow found air, discovering he was a feet away from the furniture and he lost his balance, taking a step back to properly lean against it with a silly smile towards the person next to him who watched the whole thing “I did that on purpose you know, I’m not drunk, you’re drunk.” He said, the words slurred.

Perfect Stranger

Part 1 of Spotlight

Summary: You’ve just moved across the country but your stuff is stuck in a storm one state over. A neighbor (Dean… obviously) offers to let you stay at his apartment until your stuff shows up. Neighbor!Dean AU

Word Count:2387

Warnings: None

A/N: I was going to just make this a one-part fluffy oneshot, but apparently I’m incapable of writing anything without an angsty backstory and at least one psychotic or sociopathic element. Also, as I was writing this, I came across the song Spotlight by Patrick Stump and it seemed to fit perfectly for the series in that cheesy the moral of this story is kind of way. But yeah, this one-part oneshot accidentally turned into a over-20,000 word story. Sorry about that. One of these days I’ll write a one-part fluffy oneshot. Maybe.

Spotlight by Patrick Stump

Spotlight Series Masterlist

“No, I understand,” you said into your phone, pinching the bridge of your nose. “We can’t exactly control the weather, can we?”

“We’ll have the truck to your place as soon as the roads open. And we’ll even give you thirty percent off the final price for the delay.” The man on the other end of the call really did seem apologetic, though probably just because the situation cut into his profits.

“Thanks. Just… call to let me know when I can expect you guys, I guess.” He promised he would and you ended the call.

“Dammit!” You yelled. The outburst didn’t make you feel as good as you’d expected, so you kicked the tires of your old junker car. Jumping back and holding your toes, you groaned. “Ugh, dammit all.”

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“I’m your friend too,” Carl Grimes.

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After Patrick died I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I could barely go through with the day knowing my best friend wasn’t there. I just felt numb. The two of us had arrived here together, we had been together since the start and to know that he was gone now left a hole in my chest that I didn’t believe would ever be filled again. I would never be whole again without Patrick by my side.

Daryl had given me a look of sadness that I had avoided after we buried Patrick along with the others that had died in the chain reaction of his turning. I didn’t want anyone’s pity, I didn’t want anyone to feel bad for me; I wanted my friend back.

After the burial, I went back to cell block D and sat in my cell for what I assumed was the rest of the day. It was dark out when Sasha came in offering me dinner, which I refused. The mere thought of eating at a moment like this made me sick.

A shadow was suddenly cast down on the floor and I looked up from my knees to find Carl standing at the entrance of my cell. “Hey - uh - Y/N,” he said, obviously not having planned to be caught. “Are - um - are you okay?” he asked, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

“No,” I muttered.

“I’m sorry. I know you were really close to Patrick. I was too, he was a very good friend.” Carl said. I nodded and looked back down at my knees. My eyes began to sting at the thought of Patrick and a sob escaped me before I could stop it. I clapped my hand over my mouth and looked away from Carl so he wouldn’t see me cry but he would’ve had to be blind, and deaf, to pretend he couldn’t see me breaking down.

“Hey,” Carl hurried in and took a seat by me, his arms wrapped around my shoulders and he held me close to his chest while I cried. “It’s okay, Y/N. I know it hurts now, I know.”

Carl and I had never had much interaction before now. We’d smile briefly at each other if we crossed paths and sometimes we’d hang out because we were hanging out with Patrick, but we never held a proper conversation aside from the occasional ‘sucks that the world is ending, huh?’ But Patrick always talked about him and he always said good things about the boy with the sheriff’s hat and his dad in cell block C.

“You two would get along very well,” Patrick had said one evening while we ate dinner.

“You think so?” I mumbled though I hadn’t paid much attention to what he had said.

“Yeah, we should hang out tomorrow, the three of us,” he said with a light in his eye that I couldn’t bring myself to extinguish.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” I agreed, smiling to myself.

“Thanks,” I mumbled as I pulled myself out of Carl’s embrace. I glanced down at his tear stained t-shirt and felt bad about having cried all over him.

“For what?” he questioned, seemingly unaware of the wetness on his chest.

“For being Patrick’s friend,” Carl shook his head.

“Don’t thank me for that, he was my friend too, if anything he kept me sane in this place. I owe him.” I nodded and Carl stood, he walked out of the cell but then stopped mid-step.

“Y/N,” he turned around.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I’m your friend too,” he said and I smiled.

“I know.” Carl smiled and left and though I was still sad, I felt a rejuvenated feeling of peacefulness grow in my chest.

Requested: Carl comforts Reader after Patrick dies even though they are not friends. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx


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Your eyes roam his body as you approach. You had to be 100% sure if you were going to go forth with your plan and it didn’t seem that he was wearing any green. You continued to sneak up to Cas and when you were in arms reach, you stuck your hand out and pinched him on his butt. Cas jumped a little before turning to face you, the confusion clear in his eyes, but you smiled and let out a couple of giggles.

“Why did you pinch me?”

“You’re not wearing green!” You exclaimed.

“I don’t understand. Is my clothing inappropriate?”

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day, Cas. It’s tradition that if someone is not wearing green, you’re supposed to pinch them.”


“You know, I don’t really know why. I think it’s for good luck or something.”

“Oh,” he said.

“Well, happy St. Patrick’s Day, Cas!”

“To you as well, Y/N.”

The next time you saw Cas, it was before dinner when you heard Dean exclaim, “What the hell, man?”

“You are not wearing green, Dean. It is tradition to pinch someone who is not wearing green,” you heard Castiel reply.

Your curiosity got the better of you and you stood up to peak into the other room at the two boys. You saw Dean standing and rubbing his ass, where you assumed he got pinched, and you saw Castiel facing him in a totally green outfit including a St. Patrick’s Day headband and sunglasses. Your peals of laughter gave you away to the two boys as they turned to face you.

“Is this your doing?” Dean asked.

“It is tradition, Dean,” Cas told him.

“Yeah, Dean, it’s tradition,” you agreed.

“You shouldn’t have said that,” Dean said, “What goes around, comes around.”

Dean started to take off after you, but you started to race away letting your laughter bounce around the walls of the bunker.