but it just refused to be one

whenever a scifi or fantasy series establishes any characters as species with exceptionally disparate lifespans there is ALWAYS going to be that one piece of sequential fanart with no dialogue that just shows the group getting smaller and smaller until it’s just the resident pseudo-immortal sitting all alone and it’s so predictable but it still gets you every fuckening time you see it

​Rey and Anakin’s lightsaber: what went wrong this time?

After the nth rewatch of the movie I remembered something that was bugging my mind since the first watch, but that I could never really put to focus.

We all remember the snow fight and how Anakin’s lightsaber reacted only to Rey’s call, even though Kylo was clearly the most skilled Force user among the two at the time. The reason behind that plot twist was probably that the lightsaber, and therefore the Force, was on Rey’s side in that moment, because she was right – she was the ‘Jedi’ in that fight and Kylo was the 'Sith’.

Let’s take a look at what happens in TLJ, instead:

Rey calls for Anakin’s lightsaber, and since she just refused to join Kylo, you would think the lightsaber would once again go to her, because she’s acting like a Jedi would. Instead, it seems that Kylo manages to stop it.

Or is it just that the lightsaber doesn’t want to go to neither of them? 

Kylo, as we see throughout the movie, is not completely 'dark’ anymore. But Rey isn’t completely 'light’ either. As much as she talks about the Jedi like a crazy fangirl, she actually doesn’t know anything about them, nor she behaves like one. As some fellow shipper pointed out here on Tumblr, she’s the one who fights like a Sith with the Praetorians, while Kylo is the one who fights like a Jedi.

What does this mean? That they both moved to a grey zone. Could it be why the lightsaber doesn’t react to neither of them? Is the Force sending a message? The lightsaber acts like it can’t reject Kylo anymore, and that’s how he manages to stop it from flying directly into Rey’s hand. Or maybe, the lightsaber can’t neither reject Kylo nor accept Rey, because they both broke out of the old, pre-established roles of Jedi and Sith. There’s no black and white anymore, and the fact that the lightsaber ends up split in half might mean something: balance. Half light, half darkness. Yin and Yang. Ben and Rey.

Steal From the Rich to Flirt with the Poor.

So, for context, I am a healer druid character who likes forest waay too much and who didn’t get along very well with the rest of the group for several reasons. (Being new to the group, being too bubbly for them, not having anything of any monetary value since she just bought animals with her money all the time. etc). She was also the player with the second highest Charisma, after the rogue.

DM: “Roll for random encounter”

Rogue: *rolls a 19*

DM: *flips through his papers, and then grins evilly.*    “Your wagon is stopped by a man clad in green. He has a hat with a feather in it and a bow slung across his back.

Me (OOC): “Guys, it’s Robin Hood. I know it’s Robin Hood.”

Rogue: *sitting in a lavish carriage he just bought from the money he’s been scamming off of people for the whole game.* “Crap.”

Long story short, Robin Hood introduces himself and demand everyone donate something to the poor, or else suffer the consequences. The Rogue refuses and challenges Robin Hood to a duel. He ends up shooting first, but misses, and then gets one-shoted by Robin Hood.

Robin Hood: Anyone else wish to challenge me?

Me (OOC): “Can I roll to seduce him?”

DM: “I mean… yeah? You’re going to lose. He’s OP.”

Me: *Rolls a 19* “You must be a garden, cause I’m digging you." 

DM: ”… OK. Robin Hood is… enamoured by you.“

Rogue: *swears* "I could’ve done that!”

DM: “Just for fun, I think he’s gonna flirt back.” *rolls a Nat 20*

Team: *erupts into laughter*

Ling story short, he collected a bunch of gold from the other team members, and just flirted with me again before leaving with a flowery goodbye to my character.

forget ~ billy + you

After my last little story, I’ve been asked to write another, so I pondered over an idea i’ve had and decided to write it quickly this evening anyways. A little different than usual, but hopefully you’ll like it! Let me know..

Listen to (x) (x) (x)

“Hi, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t come to the phone right now - leave a message and I’ll get back to you!”


“Hi, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t come to the phone right now - leave a message and I’ll get back to you!”


It was 2:15 AM.

Billy stood by the house phone, slumped up against the wall it was mounted upon in the hallway, debating whether or not to dial the same number for the 9th time in the past 10 minutes.

His fingers hovered over the first digit momentarily before retracting and slamming the phone back onto the hook in defeat, running a frustrated hand through his curly mop of hair.

A weak sigh escaped his lips as he turned on his heels and headed back into his bedroom that was highlighted by the silver moonlight peering in from his window.

Springs squeaked as Billy’s tired body was thrown onto the mattress, slowly curling itself into foetal position.
Heavy blue eyes studied the lonesome crescent in the night sky; the stars dotted around like spilled glitter against the skies black canvas.

“Why are you still calling me, Billy?”

The sudden familiar softly spoken voice immediately broke his stare, whipping his head around to meet the gaze of the girl perched at the end of his bed.

“Y/N..” He breathed, dumbfounded, blinking a few times to check he wasn’t dreaming as he lifted himself up to sitting.

“Stop torturing yourself, Bill. I hate seeing you like this”

Billy’s eyebrows furrowed, his hazy head shaking slightly in refusal as the girls words repeated over in his mind.

“W-what? No. I can’t just fucking forget. How can you even say that, like.. like it’s nothing?”

The girl shuffled forward towards Billy, allowing her face to be illuminated by the pale moonlight. Billy’s heart aching at the sight.

“Billy..” She started, holding a hand up to stroke his stubbled cheek. “You’ve got to let go now, you’re forever living in the past”

Billy’s eyes shut tight as Y/N’s words washed over him, tears threatening to spill over.

This was the part of Billy no-one saw, or probably ever will see.

This was what was left when the girls he’d bring back had returned to their homes, satisfied after sharing an evening with the “Keg King”.
This is what was hidden under the hard exterior of the i-don’t-give-a-shit party boy. A reason for his relentless chain-smoking.

When the thread in his smile unravelled, and the spark in his eyes began to sting, the guy who was once so cocky, seemed to wither and lose his grin.

“I ca-” Billy stuttered, his voice cracking. “I can’t forget, Y/N. I’m trying, I-”.

“I know”. Y/N whispered, bringing his forehead to rest against hers. “I do”.

His hand was encased by Y/N’s, slotting together like the piece he’d been missing for almost a year. Occasional salty droplets falling like rain from above.

Silence hovered in the air. Only the music of crickets chirping and Billy’s breathing.

“Remember that time, when we jumped the fence to get into the Stones concert?” Y/N interrupted the quiet, moving to accompany Billy’s empty bedside.

The dusty blonde boy sniffled, smirking whilst searching through his memories like a treasure chest of stories.

“Yeah” He began. “And we got chased by security but just caught the end of them playing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’..”

Y/N giggled as the image replayed in her mind, “Did you really think trying to bribe them with a half pack of cigarettes was going to win them over?”

“It didn’t really go to plan, did it?” Billy laughed, shaking his locks of waves at the memory.

“Remember how we met?” Billy added.

He smiled, widely. “I caught you drawing my fine ass in your little sketchbook during lunch periods. You creep!”

“Erm, I was actually admiring the double denim combo”  Y/N defended as they laughed in unison, “although, the ass underneath it wasn’t too bad either, I suppose.”

Hm.. you ‘suppose’ huh. Well, you weren’t saying it was ‘too bad’ when we-“

“Okay!” Y/N stopped Billy’s reminiscence of certain other times in it’s tracks. “It’s like Gods gift to women, alright - is that better?”

Billy grinned proudly, swiping a pack of Marlboro’s off his bed side counter whilst nodding in approval of his backsides notorious reputation.

“I’ve still got that book, you know” He stated, toying with a cigarette between his fingers.  “I look at it every night before bed. Like, all the drawings.. of people on the bus or couples in the park and stuff..”

“I don’t just keep it to stare at my own ass or anything” Billy laughed lightly, “that’s what mirrors are for” he winked, playfully.

Y/N smiled in response. Y/N was fascinated with people. What they were thinking, who they were going home to at the end of the day, where they were going, etc. She would draw the backs of their heads or try to catch certain expressions that particularly piqued her interest. 

“Do you remember, when we left Amy’s party early that night and drove to the Quarry and just laid on your car roof, counting the stars?”

A bittersweet expression graced Billy’s face as he nodded.

“That, uh, was the last time we ever got to do that.. huh”

Y/N placed her hand lightly on his, “It was just my time to go, Billy. Let’s not talk about that right now-”

“You know” Billy interrupted. “I think- I think I drive so damn fast now, in hopes that it might happen to me, too”.

“Don’t say that” Y/N ordered.

“If I weren’t speeding down that lane, Y/N, If- If I had seen the other car in time, you-“

“Please, Billy, Stop-“

“You’d still fucking be here, and its my fault. And we both know it. It’s my fucking fault. It’s my fault..”

Billy’s eyes fused shut as he continued repeating the last three words over and over and over. Spitting them out like venom as Y/N wrapped herself around his quivering shoulders, waves of regret and tears shaking through his muscular physique.

Soft cries echoed throughout the room.

“Wake up..” Y/N’s voice whispered in his ear.

Billy’s eyes shot open with wild, heavy breathing. 

His gaze firmly upon the onlooking moon in the sky again, laid down in foetal position in his bed - alone.

Pulling himself up, Billy b-lined for the house phone in a slightly dazed and confused state.

Fingers fumbling as they tapped the same sequence of Y/N’s number, like they had done every night for 352 days.


“Hi, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t come to the phone right now - leave a message and I’ll get back to you!”


“I can’t forget” Billy breathed heavily into the mouthpiece.

“I’ll see you again soon, Y/L/N”

BTS Reactions - You can’t decide on a house

You sigh as you look out into the garden of the third house you and your husband had viewed that day. You’re looking for a ‘forever home’ to start a family in, but you just can’t agree on anything. You want a big garden, and he doesn’t care. He wants a fireplace, and you don’t care. You want three bedrooms, he wants four. You want an open plan kitchen, he wants an closed one. You want two floors, he wants three. The two of you just aren’t seeing eye to eye at all, and as you get in the car to leave, the tension is buzzing. It keeps growing, and then he speaks,

“I just don’t understand why you’re being so difficult,”

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A major red flag to look out for in any group, movement, or organization is an unwillingness to exclude and disavow bad apples from the group.

In a scenario where we have a group of people and one of those people turns out to be a proven abuser, predator, or bigot, it’s important to look at how the group as a whole (and how the leaders or, if there are no leaders, prominent figures of said group) react in response to that person.

Groups that tend to rally behind their bad apples, shield them from scrutiny, and refuse to kick them out of the group tend to—in my experience—be far more toxic and prone to being based on toxic beliefs and full of toxic practices than groups who do the opposite and actually disavow their bad apples and kick them out of the group when they’ve been proven to have done some bad things. The more of a history a group has of reacting to their bad apples this way (i.e. if they haven’t done it with just one person but with multiple people) the bigger the red flag is.

This is true whether you’re dealing with a political party, a business, an organization, a fandom, or even a friend group and it’s something you should look out for.

When a person being an abuser, a predator, or a bigot is something that a group is willing to accept or, at least, overlook then you have to question what the values of the group really are and whether you’re comfortable being a part of that.

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your blog has become a safe haven for us dudes who are fucking exhausted by all the arguing in the hell that is the star wars fandom and i think that's great

Awww, this is really nice. I know this fandom is a trainwreck, but the fun Star Wars people are really, truly, my favorite nerds.

And if it’s any consolation to those who are feeling despondent right now, even when you’re not tracking with it, Star Wars is still often pretty funny when you take a step back. I know we’re all bummed that Luke has gone to the Jedi Tea Party in the sky, but if it helps you to laugh through the tears, just like…think about the story of this Jedi Lineage: 

Yoda: died of exhaustion due to Skywalker drama 

Dooku: took a gamble on Anakin not being insane and LOST

Qui-Gon: got killed by a guy who then A) was mortally wounded but B) came back on robot spider legs because being mad at Obi-Wan kept him alive and C) then refused to die for like another 600 years

Obi-Wan: got killed by Darth Vader, who was the most ridiculous person who has ever existed like LOOK AT HIM YOU GUYS, after smirking at him and then confusing the shit out of him and probably then went on to haunt him and heckle him when he was at work 

Anakin: just…a Mess. The biggest mess. Weirdly ends up with one of the calmest deaths in the group. He’s just always got to be different, you know?

Luke: died as a result of Skyping himself to the other side of space because that’s a thing now 

Kylo Ren: will probably die in a Space Blimp explosion while dueling Palpatine’s clone, yelling about how he either regrets everything or regrets nothing

I’m honestly wondering how Yoda’s master died now. I bet it was incredible. 

So, let’s take a look at Anti’s party guests, shall we?

Crawly Guy: Could walk normally if he wanted to. He just doesn’t want to. It’s his choice. The effect his crab walk has on his center of gravity throws off his center of time and space as well. Don’t ask how. That’s rude. Amateur parkour enthusiast. Would have had broken several bones several times in his lifetime if his kind had bones or lifetimes. 

Long Haired Lady: Likes to show up when the lights are off because she knows it looks cool as heck. Blind as shit because she refuses to cut her bangs. Walks slowly for no other reason than to not bump into anything. Still secretly listens to Malice Mizer. Gackt era is her favorite. 

Masked Office Workers: Raccoon Bro and Owl Bro were supposed to wear equine masks. Horse Bro and Unicorn Bro were supposed to wear woodland creature masks. No one involved got the memos because the memos were sent out 2 trillion æons ago by carrier shoggoths that were eaten by even bigger shoggoths. They’re all getting each other the “correct” masks for Christmas. 

KickThePj: It’s just Pj. He’s pretty chill so the demons like him. Who doesn’t like Pj? He’s a pretty cool dude.

The Janitor: Originally not on the invite, but stumbled upon the Christmas Party while doing his normal rounds after the office closed. He didn’t run screaming from the eldritch abominations so they let him have some food and hang with them a while. Nice guy. Crawly Guy and Crawly Guy’s wife are going boating with The Janitor and his wife next weekend. 

No Matter What

Summary: After the breakup, Betty comes into Southside High, ready to show that she would not allow Jughead to let go of what they have. They both get a little cocky at some point, especially when Jughead sees Betty and Sweetpea flirting with each other. Is their love strong enough to not quit?

Word Count: 2130

Notes:  I love, love, love a jealous Jughead! This was one of my favorite requests :) Hope you all like it

Betty and Jughead hadn’t broke up… she refused to allow it. It was just another stupid disagreement. Understandably, Jughead wanted to keep his girlfriend safe, but he didn’t realize that she wanted to do the same for him. After going through a whole entire weekend thinking about their last conversation outside of the Whyte Wyrm, Betty had come to the conclusion that she needed to mark her territory, and show him that it was unacceptable for him to run away.

So here she was, at noon on Monday, taking a bus into the Southside with the most determined feeling clenching at her heart and her mind. Betty assumed that when he saw her, he’d say the same thing that he always did about her being on this side of town, how it isn’t safe, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Her ultimate goal was to let Jughead know that she wasn’t going down easy. They love each other… maybe more than most people could say they’ve ever been able to experience, maybe a little too much, so there was no way they were going to end this. Not now. Not ever.

With a confident strut, Betty exited the bus and made her way into Southside High just as she had the few times before to see the same boy. She hadn’t thought of exactly what she would say, which was unlike her, but she was sure it’d come to her in the heat of the moment because she did know what she wanted the outcome to be though. Whether she had to play dirty or nice, Betty was going to get what she wanted no matter what.

Tightening her ponytail, Betty sucked in a breath and went to enter the cafeteria, where she knew Jughead would be, probably with a group of Serpents surrounding him. It was comical, the more she thought about them being done with. They knew each other’s every move, every plan, every step. To think they could forget, or let it all go? Well, that’d be deeply idiotic.

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“Run-In” - Part 6

Genre: Mostly Smut with a tiny bit of Angst

Word Count: 13,897

A/N: Here we are y’all. Halfway done!.. Thank you so much for all the love this series is getting and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Happy Readings!!^^

Theme Song for this Chapter: “Charlie Puth- Attention” and “EDEN- drugs”

Yoongi laid in bed with one hand behind his head and the other held his phone, tapping it against his chin. His eyes scanned the ceiling though his mind was elsewhere. When his mind wasn’t on his work, it was always seemed to wander to you. It has been a little over three months since he last saw and spoke to you. And he figured that you wouldn’t want to see him after the last encounter. Yoongi smiled to himself. After everything he did, he didn’t regret a thing.

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Jikook | College + Love/Hate!Soulmate AU where when you draw something on your skin it shows up on your soulmate’s skin too and (and the both of them use it constantly for the wrongest reasons. war ensues.) 

  • Jungkook, a non-enthusiast over the concepts of soulmates, first sees his soulmate’s messy writing scribbled over his forearm one morning when he wakes. He’s too tired to process anything then (assuming it was his roommate Yoongi who doodled on him), but he soon realizes that it’s his soulmate’s doing when the ink refuses to wash off no matter how hard he scrubs at his skin.

  • “Remember your keys and wallet”, the handwriting read.

  • Jungkook strikes it off as nothing, pulls on a sweater so everything gets covered and spends the rest of his day like his soulmate didn’t just start showing up in his life— maybe he’ll deal with it when his soulmate is actually standing right in front of him, Jungkook decides.

  • Then he wakes up to see the same reminder over and over again on his forearm, every single fucking day. In this rate, Jungkook might as well get himself a damn tattoo that reads “Remember your keys and wallet” because who can possibly be that forgetful?

  • Jimin merely was seconds away from scribbling on his arm when he sees that his skin’s already written on — the idea of communicating with his soulmate for the first time would’ve been a lot more exciting and refreshing if the words that were written on his arm didn’t sound like an angry child trying to raise hell over nothing.

  • “You’re twenty one, do you really need to remind yourself to bring your wallet and keys everyday??? S t o p .”

  • Jimin frowns, and looks over to Taehyung who’s sleeping on a bed just inches away from his own, struggling to wake up for his class with an adorable sun showing on his cheek that his best-friend’s soulmate will never forget to draw as a greeting for good morning. Huh.

  • Jimin should really run over to Taehyung to share about his soulmate who actually showed up for the first time (it’s been radio silence for years), but all he does is to cross out the “twenty one” that’s been written on his skin, and replaces it with “twenty three” before he shoves his wallet and keys into his bag.

  • He didn’t know he started a war until he wakes up tomorrow morning to see a huge rectangle has been drawn on his forearm, the shape shaded so entirely that it simply looks like a there’s a blob of black ink thrown onto his skin.

  • Jimin retaliates the next morning by writing his reminder on his stomach, every single word written largely on purpose (little did he know, his soulmate had swimming practice that afternoon and received snickers and funny looks from his teammates throughout).

  • Taehyung can’t stop laughing the next day he has to wake Jimin up, all of his attention taken up by the phrase “wallet & keys” that have been scribbled onto Jimin’s forehead on purpose. Once Jimin swears and curses out loud in the bathroom upon looking at his reflection the first time in the morning, Taehyung doesn’t hesitate when it comes to lending his best-friend a yellow beanie that can help cover the mess Jimin’s soulmate has deliberately kicked him into.

  • Jungkook laughs to himself when he notices both of his palms have been written on — it says “Fuck you” if you read them together.

  • Jimin doesn’t know what to think about it, or if soulmates are supposed to be this annoying to be each other, but a cycle actually started ever since that’s just the both of them trying to make life a living hell for each other (even as an art student, Jimin never knew one can draw a dick in that many versions)— shouldn’t they at least tell each other their names first or get to know each other?

  • Reality: The only thing Jimin knows about his soulmate is that he likes to draw dicks way too fucking much.

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i can't decide on the prompt asks for darkstache, so i want you to choose!

darkstache for DAYS man! :D I’ll just pick four random ones :)

5. Who plays video games and who snuggles up next to them as they play? Surprise surprise, it’s Dark who plays games! It’s a guilty pleasure of his; Damien LOVED playing games growing up, which probably explains it.  The only one who knows about this is Wilford, who loves to cuddle up to him when he plays. It’s comforting and something just for the two of them to share, so they make sure they take the time to relax with cuddles and video games every now and then

10. Who takes like 10 minutes of persuading to get out of bed each morning? Wilford, unfortunately.  He may be a ball of pure sugar and energy during the day, but he rarely starts out like that.  He REFUSES to get out of bed, sometimes even pulling Dark back into bed and trapping him with cuddles so he stays too. It usually takes a LOT of convincing by Dark to get his boyfriend out of bed and functioning 

15. Who wants to have sex at work/school and who is terrified of getting caught? W I L F O R D. The pink ego has literally no shame, and is willing to have sex anywhere at any time.  And while Dark is flattered by this, he has a reputation to uphold; he can’t just go around sleeping with his lover in public just because they were both in the mood.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean Wilford hasn’t convinced him to just let go of his fears every once and a while ;)

16. Who smells the hell out of the other’s shirts when they’re away but pretends that they don’t? Dark would rather shoot himself than admit that he’s cuddled up to some of Wilford’s shirts when the other wasn’t there.  It’s just that Wilford rarely isn’t there with him, so when he’s gone for a long time Dark sleeps holding his shirt close.  One time Wilford came home early and walked in their room to see Dark sleeping while holding his shirt (which was SO EMBARRASSING for Dark, but Wilford thought it was the most precious thing he’s ever seen)

Thanks for sending this in :D! Send me your OTP and some numbers!

Just imagine Beverly wanting to take a group picture of the losers wearing ugly holiday sweaters. Her trying her damnest to get Richie to wear one but all he refuses. She finally gets him to wear one that says “Ask your mom if I’m real” with an image of a winking Santa Claus. Him then commenting that his sweater is the best while everyone else looks like Mrs. Claus threw up on them. Stan rolling his eyes at his words as he’s wearing a Hanukkah sweater with A Dreidel that says “This is how I roll”. Mike wearing one that says “wheres the ho at” then Ben wearing one that says “Ho”. Bill wears one that has a gingerbread who leg is broken off saying “oh snap”. Eddie’s sweater having two candy canes tied together with a bow and a tag saying “Suck It”. Beverly’s is simple but takes the cake, simply saying “Jolly as fuck”. The picture is finally taken and she says, “wow aren’t we the jolliest assholes on the block.”


Allison delighted: Nic, you look radiant! You’re always such a beauty!

Nicole laughs: Thanks, Mom. It’s the skin cream you recommended. Has me looking as flawless as you are.

Allison: Nonsense, it’s all you, no creams needed. Hello Lore! How wonderful to see you again! Goodness, I forgot how tall and handsome you are! How are you?

Lore polite: I’m very well, Mrs. Holmes. It’s always a pleasure to see you. You’re the one who is always so beautiful, I must say.

Allison pleased: You’re a charmer. I like you.

Nico stands with his back turned to his wife and daughter. He refused to make eye contact with Lore Eli, his daughter’s boyfriend. Just seeing the guy made his skin crawl.

Lore: It’s good to see you again too, Mr. Holmes.

Nico doesn’t respond, makes a point of ignoring the young man.

NO REALLY HOLY FUCK can @profujoshi ’s blog just be used from now on as a monument to how utterly shit antis are? the volume of people being MASSIVE cunts to them for having the audacity to embrace the word fujoshi is just STAGGERING.

anti-fujos are trash. refuse. flaming, putrid garbage. they are hateful, angry people, not champions of LGBT rights. what a bloody joke that any one of them fancies themselves the good guy.

I just realized that the news of Darth Vader being his grandfather wasn’t what prompted Ben to destroy it all. Like, I forgot all about the fact that around the same time that Luke almost killed him in his sleep, the Galaxy was reeling from that revelation.

Now we know that he turned because his uncle looked like he was going to kill him in his sleep. I can understand running away to join the dark side after a traumatic experience like that, but I still don’t get why he killed the other students.

My best guess is that he told them all that the Jedi should be ended, and he saw the one’s who refused to agree as future Skywalkers who would do harm. And felt it was necessary to kill them. Or maybe they attacked him when they saw he had brought a hit down on Luke. But like, those are just guesses. I wish we had some hard facts from the movie about why he felt the need to kill them.

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According to you what was Rey's intention with Anakin's lightsaber after the rejection in the throne room? I have to admit, she wasn't right either there, she was stubborn as hell too, didnt shiw any willingnes to choose a middle path. Ben couldnt go back to the resistance because of his traumatic childhood experiences, while rey wanted to hide, he wanted to destory the memories of it. Do you think she wanted to kill him?? Hope not :( after they experienced together and saved each other...

I think she thought he would not let her go unharmed if she refused his offer, so she looked for the lightsaber first thing. Which is funny because I have a feeling that if she just talked to him, Kylo wouldn’t have tried to fight her or force her to stay. Somehow, Rey is always the one who starts the fight between them.

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I'm tired of bein single sis 😭 but I REFUSE to settle for less than I deserve. Had some awful relationships in the past and I just wanna meet the ONE.

being single is tough. it’s ok to admit that

Johnlock headcannon
  • After constantly worrying when Sherlock refuses to eat during cases John just decides to not eat until Sherlock does.
  • So you have a very worried Sherlock just saying, "John, come one John you know you have to eat."
  • And John is just like, "Not until you eat."
  • And it goes on like that for two or three days until John almost throws up and Sherlock caves in saying, "I"LL EAT, just for god's sake eat SOMETHING!"
  • And everyone else just wonders how the hell John managed to make Sherlock eat, and why was Sherlock hovering around John more than usual.