but it is very relevant okay

One maladaptive coping mechanism that turns very toxic when you’re not defending against abuse is to read any uncomfortable situation as a deliberate personal attack, and sometimes extrapolate one incident into a whole pattern of malicious intent.


  • “Hey, I have a headache, could you please lower your voice a little?”
    - “FINE I guess I just won’t say anything at all!”

  • “Hey thanks for inviting me, but I’m not feeling well, so I’m sorry but I can’t make it. Maybe (x day) instead?”
    - “Sorry for asking! I guess I’m just too needy for you!”

  • (Someone forgets to call you back.)
    - “Yeah I don’t think we’re friends anymore, she acts like she hates me.”

  • “Hey, what you just said about me was literally not true. Why did you say that?”
    - “Right, I’m just a piece of shit who should never talk at all I guess!”

  • "I don’t really feel like sex tonight.”
    - “Sorry I’m so repulsive to you!”

  • “You really hurt my feelings. Why did you do that?”
    - ”Go ahead and just break up with me, I know you’ve been wanting to.”

This kind of response escalates an interaction from a two-way conversation about a specific problem into a fight about your own self-worth. Instead of reponding to what’s actually happening or interrogating whether an attack was intended, this response immediately changes the conversation into a defensive argument where the only relevant question is if you’re an okay person that people care about.

Like I get feeling this kind of reaction, I get having a knee-jerk response of fear and shame and self-loathing. Sometimes when you’re feeling vulnerable it is very, very difficult not to read super far into anything negative. Sometimes it just reflects off all your internal fears and amplifies inside of you until a polite “no” feels like everyone you’ve ever liked is telling you they hate you.

But it is possible, with some work, to separate your feelings from your actual knowledge of the situation. It’s possible to feel one thing in your heart and still recognize with your mind that the reality is different. You can learn to notice the difference between someone actually attacking you and something just feeling like an attack because you’re extra vulnerable.

You can also learn not to react based solely on your feelings. You can learn to take another person’s actual words and actions into account and respond based on what you think - not just feel - their intent actually was. That work is as necessary as it is difficult.  

People need to be able to tell you things that aren’t overwhelmingly positive without you making them feel guilty for saying anything and treating their concerns as an attack.

Otherwise, you wind up in a position where they can’t be honest with you. They can’t say no to you, can’t tell you when something you do hurts or scares them, can’t point out worrying things as friends do to take care of each other, can’t bring up their own needs without the conversation devolving into comforting you again.

This habit interacts especially badly with the way many other trauma survivors are terrified of upsetting anyone – when your reaction to them bringing up problems or saying no is consistently disproportionate, they may find it easier to just do what you want even against their own will.

It is possible to deal with those awful feelings and get the comfort you need without resorting to lashing out when you feel bad. It’s okay to be honest about the fact your emotions don’t always line up with reality so people know what you’re going through. It’s okay to just ask for the emotional support you need or for confirmation that they mean what they say.

You may even find that when you make a continuous effort not to treat these uncomfortable experiences as crises, they deescalate and you wind up feeling more secure each time.

Look, this coping mechanism, like many forms of manipulation, is a useful survival tool in the context of an abusive relationship where you really are being attacked insidiously, and where you can’t just ask for comfort and expect to get it. But if you are no longer in that kind of situation, it’s time to reevaluate the usefulness/danger ratio and figure out what other strategies might be better for you and the people you love.

petition for a modern Sherlock Holmes take in which:

  • Holmes is explicitly aroace.
  • whatever sexuality Watson is, either a.) he and Holmes are in a relationship, which is made very clear and definite, or b.) they’re clearly not and they get rightfully annoyed at people assuming/insisting that they are. 
  • if there are any gay jokes they had better be up to Captain Holt standards.
  • if Watson has an SO that’s not Holmes they get to be a significant character in their own right rather than a walking side joke.
  • re: that post about the way cocaine usage was viewed in Victorian England, if Holmes has a substance abuse problem it’s not a direct transfer of what he used in the original stories but a modern translation of that. which is to say, I want to see Holmes pouring 5-hour-energy into his fifth cup of coffee while Watson beats his head against the wall.
  • if Holmes has a mental illness it’s recognized and portrayed as an actual realistic mental illness. it is neither there to make him Edgy nor to give him license to be a jackass. 
  • Holmes can totally be a jackass but it’s portrayed as him, in fact, being a jackass, and he isn’t given free pass for it just because he’s Very Smart.
  • Holmes alternates, seemingly at random, between being charming and incredibly socially adept, and having no social skills whatsoever. 
  • Holmes disguises himself all the time, often for no real reason. sometimes these disguises are exquisite and sometimes they’re utterly terrible and unconvincing, but Holmes remains convinced that they’re all great.
  • Watson definitely threatens to hit someone with a chair at some point.
  • Irene Adler has a husband that she genuinely loves and does not get killed off or otherwise abandoned in the course of her story arc.
  • there is 0% sexual tension between Irene Adler and Holmes. Holmes loses the case because he writes her off as being inferior to him and consequently underestimates her. he learns from this mistake. or at the very least, Watson constantly reminds him of it. 
  • anything that was a factual error or case of science-marches-on in the original stories is brought up as a genuine mistake made by Holmes, as part of his whole I-don’t-need-to-know-things-that-aren’t-relevant-to-me shtick. (”he brought the snake here by whistling for it!” “snakes are deaf Holmes” “what”)
  • there’s no ominous buildup to Moriarty appearing. he literally just shows up completely out of nowhere just like he does in the original story. Holmes insists he’s been behind everything; everyone else is very confused.
  • either Holmes, Watson, or both carry brass knuckles. 
  • poor long-suffering Watson has to constantly point out to Holmes that Baritsu is Not A Thing, Holmes, you just made that up okay. 
  • despite being otherwise impeccably dressed, Holmes has a different stupid hat in each episode. none of them are a deerstalker though. 
  • modern versions of other detectives inspired by Holmes (Poirot, Nero Wolfe, etc) occasionally wander into the stories, but their appearances are never called attention to. they’re just there. 
  • at least one reference to The Great Mouse Detective is made. 
  • Holmes gets really into video games when he’s bored between cases. one story has a background plot of him trying to figure out an adventure game puzzle. he’s infuriated when he finally finds the (ridiculous) solution. 
  • Holmes has a fidget cube.

ahhhh im so glad!! that makes me very very happy, its really comforting knowing other people feel the same way /o\ 

and you can always, ALWAYS request cute jaspearl!!!! omg!  i feel like theyd be really good for each other ;;;

Lurker Speculation:

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I am yelling rn, okay. Y’all remember this guy, right?

Wtf FUCKING JESUS I’m really starting to wonder who this is. Obviously it’s someone important because, hello! Here he is again this month:

And Falco speaks to him, Grasping at straws here I’m really starting to believe this might very well be Eren. It’s either him or another extremely relevant character. Half of their face is hidden by bandages or entirely thanks to the way Isayama chooses to draw them. Obviously purposefully wanting to hide their identity. His armband is on the wrong side, and we’ve seen him lurking in two chapters. Is this really Eren???????????? I have my doubts tbh because it seems too easy and entirely too risky, but BRUH this long haired dude popping up in covertly drawn manners in two chapters now is too eerie to ignore. 


Advice I gave my kid today (that I wish someone had told me)

When I gave this advice to my kid

“You know how people say follow your passion? Or Follow your dream? So that when you grow up your passion is your job?” 

Kiddo got excited saying yes they’d heard that advice a lot.

“Well sometimes that’s not possible or even desirable.”

Kiddo got very still at that.

I used writing as an example explaining that I loved to write, but when I tried to write with the aim of being a published author it made me hate writing and eventually unable to write at all. It was only when I started writing again just for fun that it became something I did a lot and it genuinely became something I loved again.

I pointed out plenty of people do become published authors but it wasn’t right for me.

I said passions can become careers but they can also stay hobbies and that was okay. 

Kiddo thought for an example of something they love to do that they wouldn’t want as a career and yelled “YOUTUBERS!” and I’m like “Yes?” and Kiddo said “Some of them make their job playing minecraft and I love minecraft but I’d never want that to be my job. I want it to be a hobby only”

And I was “Exactly”

I also said you can go to university, get a degree, and end up in a completely unrelated job like my husband who’s degree in physics isn’t really relevant to his job co-coordinating a very large department of people. He enjoys his job but it’s not his “passion”

I pointed out a lot of people seem to feel people should have their whole lives planned out at 16 and that this was completely stupid. 

I said “What you do for fun or because you’re passionate can become your career but then you always run the risk of what you do for fun becoming ‘work’ and losing the passion that brought you to it in the first place. Also at times you need a job to pay the bills but your hobby can still bring you joy.”

Considering Kiddo is like me, incredibly stubborn with a perfectionist streak, I know how the pressure that “Follow your dream” can inflict. It can make you feel that unless you are a high achiever in a “career” that you’re “passionate” about you are failing and garbage.

Hopefully this advice will help counter act that notion for Kiddo.


Mercury + Communication
  • Aries: Give it to me straight. Get to the point. Say it like you mean it. No nitty gritty bullshit, give me the meat of what you are saying.
  • Taurus: Ease me into what you’re trying to say. Keep the communication on a practical level. No abstract ideas, ground your words into the earth and I’ll understand.
  • Gemini: However you want to explain this to me is good. I am very interested in your words. I can receive this any way you want to explain it.
  • Cancer: Communicate it to me in a way that you know I can receive. Your words strike emotional chords in my body. Be gentle as I digest it.
  • Leo: Can you explain this to me in song? Or pictures? Or dance? No? Okay well just make me feel like what you are saying holds relevance to my life and I am open ears. Also.. MAke it exciTING !!
  • Virgo: Please lay out the details for me. You speak a word and I find a million questions for clarity. I want to hear and understand everything about what you are communicating to me. Don't be vague.
  • Libra: If you really want me to hear you.. Don't be to brash, or dramatic, or all over the place. Please be concise and balanced with your communication. I appreciate what you have to say, just keep it level headed.
  • Scorpio: I want to know the truth. Give me the fucking truth. I want to know the depth. What is behind your words? What is your motive with these words? Don't you dare lie to me. I will always find out your truth.
  • Sagittarius: Give me the big picture, the philosophical concept, the dream. Ignite me with your words. Expand my mind with your communication.. I am so open.. Just don't bore me. I need a sense of purpose to listen.
  • Capricorn: If you want me to take you seriously, know your shit. Communicate factually in a mature manner. If you want me to hear you without judgement, your words must impress me. I don't have time for the wishy washy wandery words. Get to the point.
  • Aquarius: Please communicate this to me in the most abstract conceptual way you are able. If you want me to receive your communication I need to be met with intellect that causes me to really think over your words.
  • Pisces: Explain it to me in a story. I can't understand all of your crazy ass details. I need you to paint me a picture with your words.

Backstory- this was my first time playing, and I’m playing a tank with a party of me, a cleric, and a rouge. We’re all approximately level two. My character happens to speak draconic (you’ll see why that’s relevant) and we’re all trekking through a dungeon

Cleric (ooc): *explaining how dungeon crawling works*
Cleric (ooc): *mentions dragons*
Rogue (ooc): okay, but we’re level two, we won’t run into a dragon for a really long time.
Party: *goes into a new room*
DM: the door closes behind you
Rogue: heck
DM: the room begins to get very cold
Rogue: heck heck heck
DM: you have the feeling something very big is watching you
DM: a giant ice dragon is sitting in the corner of this room, atop a pile of gold and strange, glowing stones.
Cleric and me: *both shoot pointed looks at the dwarf*

And that’s how I ended up negotiating with a dragon before I figured out how to talk to people without offending them 👍

you: killuas love for gon is unrequited

me, an intellectual: that’s where you’re wrong. killua loves gon, that’s for sure. killua loves him so much he’d do anything to save him and when he realizes he can’t be with him all the time and save him every single time gon gets himself in trouble, he has a mental breakdown. but that’s only killua. gon loves killua too. in the zoldyck family arc, gon goes through a series of inconveniences, just to save killua from his own abusive family. would he go through that trouble for someone he didn’t care about? no. during the gi arc, gon even says MULTIPLE times how killua is his best friend, and he cherishes their time spent together. and at the end of the chimera ant arc when gon is bashing pitous goddamn face in, he speaks to killua after his arm gets cut off. he says “it doesn’t hurt,” as if reassuring that he was okay and not to worry about him. what I see in this scene is gon assuredly screwing up, but also taking into account killuas concern. would he even bother to tell killua that if he didn’t care at all about him? the answer is again, no. gon then proceeds to use jajanken one last time, looking over at killua with tears in his eyes, so say once again that killua has an unrequited love I could go all night

I wanna say something I feel is important:

Just because a lot of people are experiencing similar things, doesn’t mean you will experience it too.

Like, if someone says “I feel a bad energy hanging around lately,” it doesn’t mean it’s universal. Just because some people are sharing the same feeling, doesn’t mean it will affect everyone.

And I don’t mean to invalidate anyone who is feeling that way. You feel that way, and that is correct for you, but it doesn’t mean everyone else feels that way, or what you are feeling will affect everyone.

I am seeing a lot of posts recently about “is anyone else experiencing this bad energy?” and I just want to say, it is okay if you aren’t sharing that experience, and just because other people are, doesn’t mean it will come to you anyway.

Here is an article about [confirmation bias] I think is very relevant to this post.

tw: child sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, suicide-baiting, transmisogyny 

I never do call-outs ‘cause they take forever, but this has to stop. 

@sleepdontvisit claims they’re on a campaign to root out “inclusionist pedophiles and pedophile apologists.” 

Instead, they almost exclusively target bi trans sexual abuse survivors, frequently flat-out lying about what those survivors have said. 

(In their whole call-out list, there’s only two people who aren’t trans. And the cis people only get called out for supporting “pedophile apologists,” they aren’t calling the cis people pedophiles.)

They consistently link to receipts that don’t support their statements, knowing that people won’t click through and read all that. 

Many of their call-outs have hundreds of notes, and have goaded exclusionists and even some inclusionists into sending anon hate, suicide-baiting, and death threats to inclusionists who are bi trans sexual abuse survivors

It’s not a coincidence that bi and trans people (especially trans women) are the ones that are most frequently stereotyped as sexual predators, in both the gay and straight communities. 

(DID U KNOW: Part of the reason that the acronym wasn’t “LGB” till the early 90s was that radical lesbians said bi men shouldn’t be allowed at Pride because they were rapists.) 

It might be relevant that sleepdontvisit seems to be very biphobic, saying things like, “Why are literally all of the big bisexual bloggers literally the most cringeworthy people I have ever encountered?”

there are two lesbians on their list, out of all the bi people. 

they’re both trans women. 

And now they’ve begun going around harassing trans inclusionist survivors who haven’t heard of their campaign, by implying that they’re “pedophile apologists” too if they haven’t called out these people yet. Or if they say that it’s not okay to call CSA survivors “pedophile apologists.” 

They guilt-trip and threaten anyone who won’t help them in their smear campaign, even discoursers who are calling out individual people already. They are goading exclusionists to harass these people. One of their victims has already deleted, that I know of. 

When one survivor called them out for things like posting content about pedophilia in the ace positivity tag, their response was to go through that person’s blog and list everyone they’d reblogged from who themselves had ever reblogged from one of the people on the list. Which may have been well-intended but comes off as intensely harassing. 

And then they falsely claimed that "ace/aro minors… are being told by adults that it’s ‘normal’ for children to be sexual, so it’s important for them to identify as asexual.”

(That person even said “If you’d like, I can give you a list of exclusionists that none of you are no-platforming (and one of which went hand-in-hand with discourseprincesa and doing just as much harm but is still being defended)” and instead of taking the information, they ignored it, and instead tagged another post to boast that inclusionists ignore callouts but exclusionists call out all their TERFs. I know for sure that one isn’t true, @allosexisterfs​ is mine and it contains a list of about 250 exclusionist TERFs, that sleepdontvisit hasn’t said a word about that I know of. BUT ANYWAY) 

If you care about survivors, please spread the word to no-platform sleepdontvisit, and to stop spreading their lies. 

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Professional (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! This was a fun one to write and I hope you enjoy putting your eyes on it.
Warnings: none, maybe light smut
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader is a new member to the BAU team and shows Spencer up constantly so he ends up getting annoyed and brings it up to her? And when he does, she starts teasing him, he gets annoyed and then when they both get frustrated, they end up making out in the broom closet only to be found out by the rest of the team
Requested by: @anon
Upcoming Imagine: Spencer and the reader were best friends…
You walked into the BAU with coffee in one hand and files in the other, and you needed your wallet out of your back pocket.
You quickly looked around, needing assistance until you saw a tall, brown haired man.
“Hey you.” You said making him turn around quickly and smile.
“Hi.” He said with a small smile and a wave.
“Do you mind getting my wallet out of my back pocket?” You said turning around and jutting your hip out.
The man stared at your wallet and froze.
“I uh…” he stammered, lost for words.
You turned and looked at his red face, confused and scared.
“I would get it but my arms are full.” You said with a small laugh as he awkwardly fiddled with his hands.
“I'm… um I don't…” he stuttered.
“Are you doing to take it out of my pocket or not?” You said after sighing.
His mouth opened and closed and you decided to take that as a no and you turned around with a huff, finding a dark skinned man and you grabbed his attention before asking the same favor, which he did with ease.
“Thank you.” You said as he set it with the files in your hand.
“No problem sugar.” He said with a dashing smile.
Throughout the day you met the team, and since today everyone was going through files, it was a chill day.
You really hit it off with Derek and Emily, but there was this tension between you and Spencer, the man who refused to take your wallet out of your back pocket.
“Yeah pretty boy has a germ thing, he doesn’t like to shake hands so don’t expect to be in a radius of 5 feet close to him.” Derek said with a smile as Spencer blushed.
“That explains why he was so scared to take my wallet out of my pocket.” You said as you bit your lip as you looked at him.
“I wasn’t scared it was just… in your back pocket.” He muttered under his breathe.
“He probably just didn’t want to touch your ass.” Derek said with a laugh.
“And you did?” You asked Derek, changing the teasing to him now.
Out of the corner of your eye you saw Spencer’s hands ball up in fists as he turned around and walked to his desk, not wanting to be a part of the conversation.
“It was relevant okay? It’s what I do on a daily basis so your going to have to deal with it.” Spencer said.
You had teased him about the unrelevant talking he does after every word you say, triggering a small argument.
“Do I have to deal with your passive aggressive sass as well?” You asked with a small laugh.
He was definitely classified as passive aggressive, which is one of the worst things to be, because it gets on everyone’s nerves very quickly, you had found out.
Spencer blushed and continued drawing nonsense on the map that wasn’t even related to what you were doing.
You grabbed a marker and drew a smiley face next to what he was doing and capped the pen with a satisfied smile.
Spencer stopped and looked down at you before erasing it.
You gasped and drug your fingers over what he was doing.
“That was professional.” He said erasing the rest of it before redrawing it.
“It’s not very professional to give me a hard time on my first day.” You teased.
“It’s not professional to ask a coworker to touch your ass on the first day either.” He snapped before throwing the pen in the garbage. “It ran out of ink.” He said before walking away, which you quickly followed.
“I’m making you mad aren’t I?” You asked with a grin.
“I’m not mad.” He said taking out his keys after he stopped at a door.
“I think you are. I’m not supposed to profile my coworkers but your behavior is screaming ‘mad’.” You said before he opened the door quickly, revealing the supply closet as he scanned the shelves for dry erase markers.
“You could’ve just used the one I had. Oh wait, it probably had my germs on it.” You said, making him slam the door and press you to the back of it.
“I told you the doctors mad.” You said biting your bottom lip.
“You wanted me to touch you didn’t you? That’s why you asked me to take the wallet out of your pocket.” He said as his mouth was dangerously close to yours.
“Well it looks like you missed your chance pretty boy.” You said fixing his tie.
You weren’t going to be the one to give in.
Blush rose to his cheeks as you had your hands on him, his stayed at his waist unsure of what to do with them.
“Unless you want a second chance…” you said taking his hands and setting them on your hips.
His mouth dropped open and closed again like earlier, unsure of what to say.
“Speak Spencer.” You said making him blink quickly, his lips too perfect to resist.
You pulled his tie down and locked your lips with his.
He moaned into the kiss as you looped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you as you soaked in his delicious scent.
His hands moved down to cup your ass in his large hands, making you break the kiss.
“There you go pretty boy.” You said dragging your thumbs over his lips as he was catching his breathe.
Spencer lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist before he pushed you into the perpendicular wall.
You hit the wall with a thud as Spencer’s tongue raided your mouth.
You pulled on his hair as he squeezed your ass, but both of you were interrupted by the sound of the door opening.
Spencer practically dropped you on your feet as Emily’s face appeared, her mouth dropped open at the sight of both of you heavily breathing and Spencer’s hair more of a mess than it already was.
“I’m telling Derek.” She said in a teasing tone, before you knew it, you and Spencer walked out of the closet and you both earned grins and stares.
You both went back to your own desks, but before you two parted you whispered, “That was professional.”

Making Out With Day6

Originally posted by mino-sonq

This is purely what I think, this doesn’t reflect the members whatsoever. Don’t take this to heart. I may have gotten carried away. This is PG-16 lmao. This was requested by @clumclumsos! (Also requested making out with TD, History, UNIQ and 24k so those are next. Thank you! Without further ado, enjoy!

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Run (Suga x Reader)

You just have a natural tendency to run away from your problems. Including your eon-long crush on Yoongi.

fluff + comedy, 2.6k words, yoongi/reader, college au

You vaguely register that Taehyung is asking you a question about some date he’s planning for his girlfriend, but you can’t be bothered to listen. There are more important and immediate issues at hand for you right now. “Yeah, sure,” you say distractedly, not even knowing what you’ve just agreed to. Yoongi’s just sent you a Tumblr post of cute animals and you’re too busy squealing over the adorableness and also the fact that oh my god Yoongi is texting me.

You’ve only been crushing on him for like two years. Maybe more. He’s also probably the only reason why you still try to remain relevant in the world instead of fully accepting the void with open arms.

“You’re not really paying attention to me, are you?”

You finally look up from your phone. Taehyung’s pouting at you over his own burger; the kid barged into your dorm twenty minutes ago with food and about a million questions. “Uh, sorta? Ish?” You give him a nervous smile. He sighs.

“Whatever, it’s okay. I’ll just ask someone else.”

“I don’t understand why you’re freaking out so much about this though,” you say, picking up your burger. “It’s not like it’s your first date with her anything; you guys have been dating for a few months. It doesn’t have to be all that perfect right?”

Taehyung regards you for a minute. “It’s my one year anniversary with her.”

Okay, so maybe you don’t do a very good job at staying relevant and connected to the social world. You stare at him in utter shock. “Wh-Uh, yeah. I know. O-Of course.”

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haircuts - tom holland

word count: 1474
prompt: semi relevant, tom gets a new haircut and is super anxious to get your opinion of it so he keeps finding increadingly extra ways to hide it from you?xo via: @peterparkerrtrash
notes: the time frame is off but ya’ll get where this came from, ok!!! and to the requester, I hope this was okay :)

not edited

you were just as surprised as everybody else when tom tweeted, very ambiguously, bye bye hair.

it didn’t help that it was nearly nine o'clock for you, which meant for tom it was a solid two am. did that boy every actually sleep?

the second his tweet notification popped up your thumbs quickly tapped over to his contact and pressed the little circle for facetime. it took longer than usual, but soon enough you saw your smiling boyfriend and- were those boxers on his head?

“tom, what are you wear-” you started, only to have him cut you off midway.

“hello, darling!” he calls, and you can read the nervousness oozing off him even through the phone.

your brow raises slightly as you prop your phone up in front of you. “why are you hiding the new do, holland?” you ask in loo of a proper response, folding your arms over your chest.

tom, bless his heart, smiles lopsidedly and momentarily makes you lose your train of thought. being his girlfriend for a year and a half put no damper on the way he effected you. “what do you mean, love?”

“i hate you,” you mumbled, growing too tired to argue. it was hardly pushing on nine thirty but you felt exhausted. “i love you, goodnight.” you suddenly add and tom laughs softly on the other end of the phone.

“that’s contradictory-” before he can finish you hang up the phone and drop it onto your night stand, curling up on your side of the large bed.
tom texts you a very nice i love you daring to wake up to.

fast forward two days and tom is finally coming back home for a few days, hopefully a week.

you’re currently, with a fast vigor, rushing around your apartment to gather up all the take away boxes and bowls. tom didn’t like leaving you alone because you literally never took the time to cook for yourself. you lived off take away and cup noodles.

when the familiar sound of the lock clicking tipped off your senses, you threw the rest of the boxes and bowls into an empty cabinet and casually leaned against the counter, crossing your legs.

after a few seconds, and some rustling, tom appeared around the corner with a beanie and a hood covering his head. his face lights up when he spots you and he shuffles over to wrap his arms around your middle, peppering your face with quick little kisses. “hello, darling.”

you jokingly roll your eyes, a grin quirking up the corners of your lips as you move your head quickly to catch his lips. there’s a long moment of soft kissing before tom pulls away and you frown briefly. “let me see the hair.” it’s this moment you let your brows lift, humming. “shaved the stache?”

tom nervously nods and keeps his arms around you, smiling. “is it okay?” he asks.

“please,” you snort, pulling away to grab your bottle of water, taking a long slip. “you could shave your head and grow a full beard and it’d be fine. you don’t need my approval.” you softly laugh and tom seems to perk up a little at your words.

you then notice that one of the takeaway boxes hadn’t quite made it into the cabinet and the was sitting smushed between the bottom and the floor, and tom followed your gaze only to mockingly gasp. “y/n! you’ve been eating chinese?”

your face flushed as you snatch the box and go to open the cabinet to shove it in, only for the rest of the take away and the few bowls to fall at your feet. “i, uh-” you pause, scrambling to gather them up but you drop the large pile. “i have no idea how these got here.”

tom laughs but bends down to reach your height. “im gonna shower,” he presses a quick kiss to your temple before trotting off towards the steps.

“hey, let me see your hair!”

“join me in the shower?”

you look between the cabinet and the stairs a few times before sighing. “no, have fun.”

it’s the next morning when you wake up in your and tom’s bed alone.
your brain momentarily wonders if the previous night had been a dream, but when you notice tom’s suit case and backpack on the floor you grin and stretch out your tired limbs. “toooooooom,” you call out softly towards the bathroom, only to no avail. silence.

you breath out deeply and shift around in tom’s shirt, climbing out of bed to throw on a pair of sleep shorts. padding over to the steps, you lazily rub your eyes and walk to the first floor, hearing a loud commotion from the kitchen.
worried, you grab an umbrella from the front door and hold it in a baseball bat manner, moving quickly over to the kitchen, ready to strike.

then you see tom standing with a pot covering his head.

“tom,” you breathe out sharply. “what are you doing?” you drop the umbrella and walk closer to him, but he takes a step back.

“hey, woah!” he holds out his arms, pressing into the back wall of the kitchen with the pot still covering his head. “i don’t have my beanie on, shoo.” he snickers and you wrinkle your brow.

“i can’t see your hair either?”


“tom, i’m your-”

“we’re dating, love, yeah, but nooooooo.”

“do you not like it?”

“i like it a lot!”

“lemme seeeeee!”

you didn’t get to see it.

tom had snuck past you and into the living room to retrieve his beanie before you could catch a glimpse at his haircut.

maybe he was bald?

it’s later that night around midnight when you’re stumbling towards the bathroom to use the toilet when you open the door and hear a loud shriek.
tom could be very loud when startled.

you lift your tired gaze only to see tom with a wig poorly thrown over his head and the empty maniquin head rolling across the floor.

“tom, is that-”

“your halloween wig? why yes, my love, it is.”

you look between the mannequin head and your boyfriend’s flushed cheeks, shaking your head. “im using the downstairs bathroom.

the next morning he nearly broke his nose diving behind the counter when you unexpectedly came down the steps.



and things went on like that for about four more days.

the list of things tom had used to cover his hair escalated from a beanie and a pot to your cat sam and tin foil.

“why is sam on your head?”


but last night tom had posted some teasing on his instagram story when he was out with haz and he’d informed you via text that today was the day he’d show you, and his 3.9 million followers, his hair.

that text was four hours ago and, in the middle of chopping potatoes, your phone lit up with a notification from tom’s instagram. without thinking you drop the knife and grab the phone, successfully flinging the phone into your face and against your lips.

with a whine you scramble to grab the phone, pressing your fingers to your lips as your other thumb navigated through your phone.

you’d successfully given yourself a fat lip. wonderful!

you opened up instagram and swore that if tom posted another throwback picture you’d break up with him, you really would. but when you clicked to his page you saw the new post and eagerly clicked it to see the change and your heart rabbited in your chest.

fuck, you thought, he looked so damn good.

“oh my god” you vocalize, scrolling quickly to find tom’s contact.

to: luvr

it took only a few seconds to get a reply.

from: luvr
u think so?

to: luvr
how many times have i told you to stop using that emoji

from: luvr
seven 😂

to: luvr

from: luvr
none of that was spelled correctly
but soon
on my way

after an hour or so tom had come home and you’d absolutely attacked him with kisses and love, running your fingers through his shortened hair any chance you got.

“why did you hide this for days, you look so good.” you mumble into his hair as the two of you lay o the couch, his head nuzzled up under your chin.

“mm, i liked the way it looked. i just like teasing you.”

“you ass,”

“your ass”

“i hate you,”

“hey! where are you going?”

“away from this nonsense.”

and if tom was annoyed by the way you held his head to your chest and played with his hair for two hours before falling asleep, he certainly didn’t vocalize it.


Okay I’m going to confess something.  I just finished my very first
playthrough romancing a female Hawke with Fenris.   I only used to
romance Fenris with a Male Hawke because thats what the majority of
fandom told me to do.
My fem!hawke X inquisitor playthrough was just as fufilling. I loved it.
I feel so stupid for falling for the lies some in the fandom spewed about the Fenris Romance only being relevant with a male Hawke.
I also wasn’t very nice to the fans of fem!hawke X fenris fans. I
could blame peer pressure but I am responsible for my own actions.
I regret being part of that segment of the fandom that made
people feel bad.
Romancing Fenris with both genders was equally rewarding.
I can’t take back the past but I can promise this….I’m going
to think for myself from now on when it comes to these games.

nightlasting  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you had any advice for using the words- second or moment. I feel like I use them a lot in my writing, like at least once a paragraph and I have to go back and interchange them to keep from sounding repetitive. Do you have any advice or recommendations for other words?

I’ve struggled with this exact problem and have found the best solution is to cut out the need for either word altogether. Consider “second” and “moment” to be crutches and try to write without them.

Here are some examples from my older writing.

1) Once he’s gone, I stand still for a moment resettling into my surroundings. The room smells like fabric softener, and the CD’s have a plastic and cologne scent. I check the boxy handwriting on the cases.

Okay, there’s actually a lot here I want to remove because very little of it is relevant to the character or storyline. She hasn’t been gone long enough for it to matter that she takes a minute to resettle into her surroundings.

Revision: Alone again, I sit down on the bed and read the boxy handwriting on the cases- they smell freshly unwrapped.

I’ve left in the relevant details and taken out any reference to the passing of time.

2) He stares at me for a moment then puts his gift down gently.

Here the male character is processing some surprising information the MC has just given him. However, my characters all “stare” too much, so let’s rewrite this sentence as well.

Revision: He blinks, then puts his gift down gently.

I’ve started substituting “blink” for a lot of things and know it too will become a crutch if I don’t find more creative ways to describe lulls in thought and dialogue.

3)  She shares a look with me and for a moment we have an understanding. I loosen my grip on the pen and relax in my seat. 

This interaction is between a teacher instructing the class and a student sitting at a desk. These elements were previously introduced, so there’s quite a bit in this excerpt that isn’t relevant including the length of time the look lasted. 

Revision: We share a look, and I relax my grip on the pen. 

The amount I shaved off is not an example every writer needs to follow. There was nothing wrong with the original sentence, but the repetition of information along with the “moment” crutch made it clunky in context.

So, if you find yourself using a word or phrase too often in your writing, hit backspace and decide if it really needed to be there in the first place. Some scenes may suffer without it, but most will be just fine on their own.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do a hc for the paladins + allura where their s/o spouts random facts (kinda like spencer reid on criminal minds if you know who that is??) and they're usually not relevant but always very interesting

Criminal minds!!!  💓 💓 💓 💓 💓


  • finds this very interesting and very weird
  • she learns a lot from you
  • she tries to use it sometimes, randomly telling others as well
  • it’s cuter when you do it, she finds that out pretty fast
  • also apparently you say it to other people too, how else is everyone already knowing all of this information :/
  • she just wants to be in the loop kjhdkjhdf


  • slightly weirded out at first
    • “…okay“
  • actually retains the information and remembers it later on
  • kind of happy that you tell him this sometimes
  • it kind of??? takes his mind away from his problems for a moment
  • “oh? really? i didn’t know that“


  • proud!!!
  • “yes this is our human wikipedia!“
  • always talking about you to others
  • “they’re so smart!“
  • pretends he remembers what you says but he forgets it before the night is even over sdjkhkjhdf


  • actually retains your info and is very nice about it
  • may even start a conversation around it
  • “oh i knew that, did you know…“
  • very nice about it and will drop her convo to listen to you
  • if it’s important shiro is always like “hello, mission here?”
  • she just really likes talking to you about obsecure facts


  • surprised every time
  • “and so they-what?“
  • if it’s really interesting or not very believable he will drop everything to argue with you
  • “what do you MEAN that happened-“
  • he doesn’t even have facts, he’s only fighting because “that doesn’t sound right!”


  • oh very interested but slightly scared for you
  • “so um, when do you get time for learning all of this?“
  • he’ll listen to you though
  • tell him something creepy and it will stick with him forever
  • “psst lance i can’t sleep”
    • “ugh man why?“
      • “well, y/n told me about this experiment that was done in-“
    • now they both can’t sleep, great job
      • “they’re just joking“
        • “bro, man i looked it up. it’s real
  • Will: So, Nico I have some questions you need to answer. It's for a record I have to fill about the patients.
  • Nico: Uh..okay
  • Will: What's your favourite flower?
  • Nico: huh? How is that relevant??
  • Will: I don't know but it's on this questionnaire so you have to answer.
  • Nico: I don't know...I really like those black roses I have heard about.
  • Will: Cool! What's your favorite colour? No. Never mind, that one is obvious.
  • Will: What qualities do you look for in a soulmate?
  • Nico: *gapes* These are some weird questions....
  • Will: Yeah well they are there in the form. This form that needs to be filled. This very official, very important form.
  • Nico: But-
  • Will: What's your idea of a perfect first date? What do you think about a moonlit boat ride in the lake? Or what about a simple movie date? What hair colour do you want your significant other to have? Is there a preference? I hope you like blondes, because I really don't want to have to dye it.
Routine Part Four (Lin x Reader)

Prompt List||Request Something||Masterlist

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requested: yes

Prompts Used:

75) “I’m sorry that I slapped you across your stupid face.” “Are you really sorry though?” “No, and it’s probably going to happen again.”

Summary: What to Avoid When Writing a Musical

Warnings: a lot of swearing, teen!lin being a total asshole (the peak of jerk teen!lin so far), reader not dealing with his bs

Words: 3175

People who want to be tagged (for some reason that will never make sense to me): @yayhamletnonstop, @old-manmiranda, @sharkastic-issues, @fangirlwithasweettooth, @nesthemonster, @defenestrate-yourself-please, @randomfruitsofhappiness, @always-blame-jefferson, @itsjaynebird, @just-a-random-fandom-24, @unknown1200, @theselfishllama, @chloehamiltonn, @love-doesnt-discriminate

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Originally posted by alexanderhamllton

“Hey, Y/n! I have a question!” Lin runs up to you and starts talking as you start to walk home after school on a Wednesday. “So, for this whole ‘what to avoid thing’, what topics are we going to use?”

“Oh, I have a whole list, but it’s at my house.” You point to the dirt path that leads to your neighborhood. It’s the you take every day.

“Oh. Okay, that’s fine I can wait until I come over later. See you then!” He starts to walk in the opposite direction. You mull over a thought in your head, and before you know it, it tumbles out of your mouth. 

“Why don’t you just walk home with me? I m-mean if you don’t want to or if you have something else to do, t-then you can come at the normal time-” You start muttering random things, in the hopes of redeeming yourself from something potentially very awkward, while looking at anything but him.

“Hey, hey!” He tries to stop you, but you don’t recognize it so you continue to mumble words under your breath. “whoa whoa WHOA!” He chuckles at your nonsensical rambling, which cause you to stop. 

“Stop talking for two seconds, please? I mean, I know you like speech but geez.” You glare at him, about to yell a response at him before he cuts you off once again. “Uh-buh-buh. No more talking. You talk way too much. Anyways, I’ll walk home with you, but you might have to wait here while I go to the creative writing room to get my project from my teacher.”

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