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For the requests: could you do one where Y/N is super self-conscious about being a virgin, but she wants to have her first time with Harry and he's super patient and sweet and they take it slow and afterwards Harry craddles you in his arms and they fall asleep? That'd be cool! Thank you <3

So I was working on this and finished it last night right before I started working on four walls. I hope you enjoy this, sorry for not having a chapter of four walls ready! I love you guys, enjoy some fluffy smut.

// Virgin 

“I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed,” You mumble quietly, eyes darting in every direction valiantly trying to miss his gaze. “I am, though.” Being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of. Waiting is not something to be ashamed of. Being afraid is not something to be ashamed of. However, it’s knowing that he’s not a virgin and while it may be special to you… would it really feel the same for him? It all sounds dumb in your head, but it’s valid and It’s the thought of disappointment. It’s drop in your stomach and the twinge in your heart that causes you to practically grimace when you feel his eyes on you. Nimble fingers rub anxiously against the silky pink fabric of the robe that you’ve wrapped securely around yourself. Feet away, he sits on the couch. Black shirt fully unbuttoned. He’s got red lipstick smeared on his lips and a worried look washed over his features. He’s terrified he’s done something wrong. Afraid he’s pushed too far or overstepped some boundary… but he hasn’t. It was perfect. Warm, callused hands on your delicate hips. Sloppy, wet kisses amidst the giggles that caused your heart to soar, and then it hit you. The same sick, anxious feeling that always seemed to find its way in and push you out. You jumped from his lap, lip instantly trapped under your teeth. So now, he’s got his warm green eyes all over you, scanning your body every few seconds wanting so badly to read your mind.

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Two blackbirds on a highway sign
Are laughing at me at four in the morning.
They played the war drum out of time
So I’m not sure where I’ve been marching.
I wanna be strong, but it’s not easy anymore.
I’m hoping I’m wrong.

The wonder years - The devil in my bloodstream 

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Thank you @nabikitendos for the massive support and making me believing in myself in writing a Ranma fic than I have in mind. I am seriously so pumped for this now!

Aaand I guess I also have to thanks @gillotto for, unknowingly, giving me the interest and the first small spark in trying to make my own, longer fic(Your writing is amazing Jade!).

After All

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader (ft. Flash, Ned, and MJ)

Content/Warnings: Fluff

Words: 1489

A/N: So I am sorta behind in requests (again). I was watching a movie yesterday so didn’t really have time to write, but I was able to finish this today, thankfully. This was a request for 47. You have your soulmate’s name on one wrist and your enemy’s on the other, and have no idea which one is which. With Flash as the enemy (though he doesn’t play a very big role).

“So, are you ready for your first day at Midtown High?” Your mom asked as you entered the kitchen.

You gave a slow nod. “I hope so.” You attempted a smile.

“You’ll be fine,” She said, setting a plate of waffles in front of you. “Besides, maybe you’ll meet your soulmate!”

Mom,” You said, rolling your eyes, “you say that every day.”

“Because it’s true!” She said, patting your arm. Your eyes were drawn towards the names on your wrists. Your right read the name Flash. What the hell kind of name was Flash, anyways? Your left held the name Peter, which wasn’t much better, considering how common the name was. Your mom said you just knew when you met them, that they were the name on your wrist, but you didn’t get it. “I can feel it, honey. Today is the day.”

“Mom,” You groaned, quickly scarfing down your breakfast to avoid having to continue the conversation. “I have to go, or I’m going to miss the bus.”

“Alright, sweetie, have a good day,” Your mom said, handing you your lunch and kissing your forehead. You gave her a smile as you left, heaving your backpack over one shoulder and walking out the door.

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I was going through my ff.net account and remembered that Love You For Always was originally a Glee fic that I started, wrote one chapter of, and never finished because it got no reviews. 

Remember kids, if at first you don’t succeed, wait a few years, join a new fandom, and rewrite the fic on a different site.

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Hold the mcfreakin phone- I just tried to search for "love at first sight" stuff and you don't have any?? This is a crime against imagine blogs if no one has asked you for any. So some of that good stuff w/ Sinbad, Judar, Kouen, Muu, and Lolo?


Sorry that it took to me so long to finish your request, love! And you are right, it does seems strange that I haven´t had any requests about love at first sight. So, thank you for helping me to make up for the crime that I commited against imagine blogs! But remember: only three characters per scenario.


Laughter mixed with music as the lights enlightened the lively streets of Sindria. Citizens were dancing, praying for the good future of their beloved home. Sinbads eyes twinkled as pride filled his chest at the sight before him. How can someone be so lucky? To have fullfilled his own dream, with loyal friends by his side? He couldn´t think of something better. “Oi! Sinbad! Have some kids already, will ya! Kids are great! And think about the mischief that our kids would do! Right, Kikiriku?” The tall imuchakk hollered as he grabbed ahold of his son´s shoulder. “Yeah that would be awesome!” Sinbad laughed, yet again, at his friends attempt to get him married. Why should he bound himself? His eyes darted towards the new dancers group that were now coming up on stage, while he lifted his cup full of wine to his smiling lips. “ My friend, how many times do I have to tell you,” exotic music begann to play as he averted his eyes to meet the blue ones of his grinning friend,” that there is no need for me to have kids. All of Sindria´s citizens are my children after all, remember? Besides,” his eyes travelled back to the dancers, as the act neared it´s climax,” I´m sure that there is no one that-” he couldn´t finish his sentences, as his eyes locked on the figure of the performing dancer. There movements mirrored leaves dancing in the wind, where as their eyes hide the passion of a warrior. Sinbad couldn´t blink and was way to drowned in their presence, to even think about gulping the wine in his mouth down. Big mistake. The king begann to cough up violently, as he tried to get the fluid out of his lungs. The generals were shocked, seeing that Sin is one to breath in alcohol without any harm. They didn´t thought that he would do it literally. All beside Hinahoho, who was by now laughing hard, knowing the state that his old fried was now, all to well.

“You now, my king? I´m pretty sure that those dancers are a group from another island. So, they are not your children, hence, no incest when you get married! Isn´t that wonderful !”

The sounds of Sinbads coughing and Hinahoho´s laughter was by far the loudest sounds now.


“I don´t care for other magicians! They are all weak. Bring me Aladdin and I might be interested to use my magoi.” The fallen magi strolled away from the royal family, clearly bored and desinterested by their idea of getting magicians as soldiers. Why the hell should he care or supervise a bunch of boring weaklings? Isn´t there a school were those kids can go to? He flew away to get away from the familiar boredom. Maybe Hakuryuu has time to entertain him? Or maybe- “Yes this way. Please line up and wait till your opponent is chosen. I´ll be coming with you and explain the remaining rules.”

Well~~~~ Maybe there is a way to get entertained. Judars ruby eyes followed the figures and decided to follow them. For now. Some accidents or misused spells could be fun to watch. Damn, he can already feel the fangs of boredom fade away. The contestants stand in a line, listening to the instruction of the fat man and started to fight using some simple spells. Boring. And so, to spice things up and to get this poor excuse of a waste of time behind him, did the mighty and generous Judar stepped in. “I´m your opponent now.” The other magicians froze as they stand near the magi. No one dared to move a muscle, giving Judar no choice but to work some of his magic on them. Screams and shocked exclamations were made and fell on deaf ears, as the now laughing man fired ice shreds in every direction. Feeling the joy fade away with such an 
insignificant will to fight, lead Judar to use some build up magoi to get the cowering mess out of his sight. Rukhs gathered around his wand as he prepared for the final attack, however, the behaviour of the Rukhs made him raise an eyebrow. Some of the annoying white ones fluttered around him to get together in front of a heavily breathing magic user. Where they standing there the whole time? The person let their borg down, allowing Judar to meet the firece gaze of the seemingly tired stranger. “How…How dare you to attack your own people!” What now? 

“We all are given the gift of using the rukhs, which basically runs the world and you? You of all people that is not only given the ability, but also chosen by the life force itself, abuse that power to attack us?!” More Rukhs gathered around them, and Judar couldn´t help but to wonder why. How do they lure the Rukhs in? He is a magi and therefore loved by them, yet, they seemed to glow with the impressive amount of Rukhs around them. How…. He feels tempted to find out their strength, but can´t seem to understand the urge not to harm them….”You passed. Congrats.” Their eyes widened, while Judar observed the ever so fluttering Rukhs around the two. Maybe the Rukhs are sick? He stared up to the ones above his head, catched a black in his hand and closed it tightly.

”Now you belong to the empire.” They closed their eyes, trying to mobilize some of the lost energy to breath evenly, while the still confused magi losened his fingers to peek at the glowing Rukh in his palm.

“Didn´t know that they came in pink.”


“The tribe that lives on the north side of the Kou Empire waits for your arrival brother.” Kouen´s eyes didn´t leave the lines that they were trained on, as Koumei informed him about the new guests. Sighing, the prince stood up, accompanying his brother to meet the new allies of his kingdom. “They seem to be strangely calm in there. Considering that their resistence had lasted for nearly two decades, makes their composed and giving behaviour suspicious. Somethings up.” Kouen nodded, coming up with that conclusion after Koumeis call for him. Let´s see why they changed their minds. The entrance layer of the enormous tent was lifted, allowing the brothers to enter it and greet their guests. Three warriors, clothed in furs and equipped with shining axes stand protectively in front of someone. “That´s close enough.”, said a…woman? Oh, so that were three gigantic tall women in armor. No wonder, that that tribe lasted over two decades with soldiers like that…”We are here to discuss the contract about the submission of your tribe in the Kou Empire. I´ll much rather talk with your leader.” No one moved an inch. Only after some moments did laughter echoed behind the wall of three. “Well,” they stepped aside, revealing an old man sitting on the chair,” I agree that talking face to face is a good way to do things.” Kouen nodded and a soldier saw that as a sign to bring another chair for Kouen to sit on, while facing the old man. Koumei stood beside him, feeling tense as he observed the confused faces of their guests. Whisper erupted and after seemingly coming to an agreement, did the old man lean forward to come near Kouen. “I think that I wasn´t clear enough: Talking face to face is the right way to go.” Now it was Kouens turn to raise an eyebrow at that. “ And I sat myself in front of you, trying to comply.” The old man´s mouth shaped an ´o´ which means that he finally got it. However, it wasn´t the same thing that the prince thought it was about. Laughter erupted once again, this time with the giant women joining in.

“ It wasn´t my intention to fool you, prince.” Another figure stepped out of the shadows, holding an apple in one of their hands. How long where they here? “And who might you be?” Koumei asked ever so smoothly, remembering Kouen to breath again. That was a question that he wanted immediately answered, for his heart never beated that fast.”Well, I´m the one that the prince should talk to in- what was it again? Oh yeah. Face to face.” Koumei peeked to see Kouens reaction and seeing his slightly bewildered state, made him listen to them. “I am the leader of the tribe. You took your oh so precious time and let us wait, soo I decided to look at he food that was over there.” Kouen´s gaze shifted towards the old man. “Oh, that is Ro, was it? We met him on our way here. He was exhausted and cold, so we took him with us and offered him a seat. He felt out-of-place so my wonderful sisters guarded him, sheltering him against the cold that still seemed to come through the layers of this simple tent.” Koumei was shocked to say the least,whereas Kouen was captured by the stranger. He tried not to be fooled with their appearance, but their keenness and open-minded personality, that allowed them to show kindness to someone who wasn´t a part of their own tribe made the gears in his mind go haywire.

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I'm kinda glad that you ship batlantern cause it's a ship that gets a lot of hate and that makes me nervous to write fics for it right now.

I get why you would feel like that. People on tumblr can be very intimidating and usually the most aggressive are the loudest. It’s even worse when people seem to agree with them. Anyway, let me tell you an ironic story:
Besides Superbat, Halbarry was my first ship after getting into comics again (and it’s still my ‘main’ ship). Unfortunately that fandom is disappointing, as is every fandom on tumblr. That is, there are a few people that are very negative and loud when expressing their opinions.
When I first got into Halbarry I read some fics on AO3 and one of them was really good! I liked it so much I anticipated drawing a scene of it. But when I checked their tumblr I saw not only quite some negativity in general (e.g. the new Flash run) but also – tadaa ! – an anon hating on Batlantern and the fic author heavily agreeing in a pretty rude manner.
I never thought about Batlantern before that, but people trashing other ships – even if I dislike them – is an absolute no go for me. So I went into the tag, admittedly also out of spite. I saw fanart, read some fics and … I liked it. So kinda ironic how I got into it.
Anyway you wanna know what’s really sad? That thing about the fic and finding out about the author? That has happened more than once.
There’s nothing quite as disappointing as seeing that someone, whose art/fic you love, behaves like that.
It resulted in me always checking a users’s tumblr first to see if they, in general, blog anything negative or trash other ships/people.

What I really wanna get to is this: I started blocking users. I started having a zero tolerance on people posting negative things/bashing in the tags, no matter the age, no matter the popularity. Will they gossip about me behind my back? Maybe, who knows. That’s not important. The important part is that my enjoyment on tumblr has increased significantly. I’m having fun in fandoms, though I’m still cautious about new contacts and still check blogs first before following or messaging someone.

If you enjoy Batlantern, don’t let people stop you! Be brave, be creative and don’t shy away from blocking people (The button is there for a reason. Do you really wanna keep seeing their negativity and sacrifice your joy? Btw you can also block anons. It will block their IP). Trust me, most of the users will not dare attack you directly. And if they do, don’t answer. Block them, report them. Don’t give them the gratification of attention, even if you wanna defend yourself. Sometimes it’s better for yourself to just ignore them.

And don’t forget: Happiness is the best revenge. Enjoy your ship and keep creating. Your psyche will thank you.

Aaaanyway I don’t wanna end this on such a serious note! I do enjoy Batlantern. So, dear anon I’ll post my so far only sketch I have of them just for you :>


Bracelet give away

So in order to try and get some interest in my bracelets and admittedly because I want to have an excuse to make something I’m doing a simple give away.

There will be two winners drawn. The first of which can get one free costume double wrap bracelet with stones of their choice out of my collection, similar to the top three photos. Those are pieces I’ve already made and sold. 

Second place can pick one of my three premade designs which are in the bottom three photos. It will be finished and sized just for you. 

Rules are simple.

1. Reblogs count as an entry

2. You don’t have to be following me

3. I ship world wide but you have to have an address you’re willing to give me

The draw will be held on Monday the 20th so until then, feel free to reblog this as well as my commissions post, or even go order your own bracelet if you want one and don’t want to wait out the contest.

Good luck everyone!

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Blood Thief Pt. 1 | Vampire! Bae Jinyoung

genre: fluff & angst (this part is mostly fluff and the next part is mostly angst), supernatural

member: Bae Jinyoung (ft. Other Wanna One Members)

requested: yes

a/n: thanks anon for requesting! This is my first attempt in writing supernatural au, I hope this will turn good! And I’ve finished all the requests I have in my inbox, so feel free to request! Also, thank you for the 200+ followers! I didn’t expect that many people will read my fics, you really made me happy 💕 I’ll try my best to write better scenarios!

summary: having the rarest blood between humans, vampires would kill you to have a taste of it, but oddly, one vampire didn’t.

Part 1 | Part 2

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A la la land inspired feysand fic? Am I reading that correctly? YES I LOVE LA LA LAND SO MUCH AND YOUR WRITING IS INCREDIBLE

You are!!! I’ve just finished watching and like??? It reminds me so much of feysand??? It will be a 10 chapter fic, and the first chapter will be up probably sometime next week!


i’m off work until the 27th. i’m so hype. like. y’all. omg.

i’ve got a lot planned, starting with a mass purging of my room (gonna start that pretty soon, actually) and i’m hoping to have that finished by wednesday night when kate gets back in town. we’re totally gonna binge stranger things 2 together, so i’m looking forward to that. got a bit of homework to do but i should be able to knock it out fairly quickly–i’ve already gotten started on one assignment.

i’m also gonna try making sure that the first 6 chapters of “Home” are good and outlined and ready to go and with any luck, the plan is to start actually WRITING once that’s complete!!! soooo who knows, chapter 1 might be underway by next week’s end. i’m gonna try really hard.

still working out what else i might want to get done during this glorious amount of free time so i’ll keep y’all posted on that! but yes, i’m really looking forward to getting to chill this next week, brainstorm some yim//wn things, work on fic, maybe get some art done, read comics, WHO KNOWS. it’s gon be: good time.

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if your professor is being a little shit about the situation you could maybe try going over his head? also do you have any kind of peer marking scheme? where like you can rate your team-mates a zero because they didn't do any of the work? have you spoken to your team-mates about this? cos it sounds like they need to be yelled at.

well, i wouldn’t say he’s being a “little shit”– he’s a good, fun professor and i do respect him for teaching me a lot about game design this semester. 
But…as for peer-evaluating, yes, we have to do a peer-evaluation after every group project. but it’s always for AFTER the assignment has been finished and turned in, and regardless of whether or not i can kick my teammates’ grades for being incompetent, i really wanna make a video game! that’s why we’re in this class in the first damn place, yknow?
i gave one of em’ a stern-ish talk in class the other day, but the other hasn’t been in class for two weeks, so……………..


so those student athlete memes huh

BTS @The Late Late Show
  • Some of the fans waiting in line before the show were being interviewed.
  • Fans were talking to James Corden and pointed out he was wearing a Gucci tie and mentioned that Tae would love it since he likes Gucci. James responded saying “Oh true because it looks like Gucci threw up on them”.
  • Jungkook was like a little kid and extremely pumped, he waved to the crowd before the first recording. Namjoon looked really proud.
  • James Corden took a selfie with the boys after they finished performing.
  • At the end of the second recording, Taehyung and Jimin were dancing with James.
  • Jimin kept laughing and hugging James, he looked like he was really enjoying himself. 
  • Jin sent James a flying kiss LOL
  • Taehyung was the last one to leave the stage, and seemed very excited to see all the fans.
  • Lastly, THE FANCHANTS were amazing (as we all saw) and the camera crew confirmed that the fans were louder than when 1D performed.

Sources: (x,x,x)

“mothman is bullshit”

fuck him up, bobert

[[available as a sticker and other stuff hither]]


some shota matsus & their onii-chans  ♡(*´・ω・)(・ω・`*)♡


hey since i made two of these already i decided to put them in a post together. for future reference
if i gotta add these to my posts may as well make them pretty am i right lmao