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“What’s the difference between the love of your life, and your soulmate? One is a choice, and one is not.” ~ Tarryn Fisher

I didn’t have time to finish the gifset I was making for the Soulmates prompt, but I wanted to post something for the last day of InuKag Week. The first & last time we see InuKag in the series seems like a good way to end the week.

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In Modern Glasgow, Jamie and Claire go see Joe about their troubles conceiving a child. Could we see a few moments that led up to that decision and how they supported each other since they both want children so badly?

Modern Glasgow AU

“Claire! There you are!”

Claire Fraser looked up from her medical journal, perched at one corner of the crusty table in the ER’s dimly lit break room. “Dr. Abernathy?”

The kindly American doctor allowed the door to creakily swing shut, wiping his sweaty forehead on the back of his scrubs sleeve. “It’s a madhouse out there. I know you’re on a break, but would you mind pitching in?”

But Claire had already risen. “Of course – lead the way.”

It was spring – the first truly nice evening since the previous autumn – and, seemingly, an occasion for people to do whatever they did that landed them in the emergency room. Claire was just finishing up her second year of medical school, and had been lucky to land an internship in the emergency room at one of Glasgow’s leading hospitals. Learning the art of triage.

Dr. Joe Abernathy was on a long-term exchange from Boston – his specialty being OB/GYN – but on a night like tonight, everyone and anyone with advanced medical training seemed to be needed.

“What have you done tonight? I thought it was your anniversary?”

Joe quietly laughed and shook his head as they walked down the hall together – quickly darting around the nurses and orderlies. “Well it was – still is, I guess. But I somehow had a gut feeling that things would be crazy around here tonight – it’s the first full moon of the spring, after all. And it’s fun to be doing sutures and setting broken bones – God knows I haven’t done that for a while!”

By now they’d reached the nexus of the ER – overflowing with half-drunk men bleeding from various places on their bodies, mothers clutching wailing children, and a smattering of elderly people.

Nurse Murdina Bug – who reminded her so much of Mrs. Fitz – appeared at her elbow, clutching a stack of clipboards. Deftly she handed one to Claire and nudged her and Joe toward a small area to the side of the waiting room, where patients waited amid partitions separated by thin curtains.

“Here ye are – I thought this woman would be perfect for ye, Claire. She’s seven months pregnant – complaining of cramps and bleeding. Dr. Abernathy – ye can lead, but I’d like Claire to observe?”

“Of course,” he smiled at the red-cheeked nurse who always had a kind word and smile. “Lead on.”

Claire glanced down at the chart, and Murdina pulled back the curtain, and then she and Joe met Amy Higgins.

“Good evening, Mrs. Higgins – Mr. Higgins,” Joe greeted the nervous-looking couple. Amy sat up straight against the headboard of the bed, tracing the large curve of her belly – her husband stood right next to her, face ashen with worry.

“Hello,” they said softly.

“I’m Dr. Abernathy and this is Claire – she’s a second year medical student and one of the finest I’ve ever seen, if I may say so. You’ll be in good hands with us. Now tell me – what seems to be the problem?”

Claire thanked God yet another time that she had found an internship so close to her and Jamie’s flat – just a fifteen minute walk and she could be home. And after pulling a double shift, full of blood and broken bones and screaming children and just a little bit of heartbreak – she wanted to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine, drink a restorative cup of tea, shower, and go to bed with Jamie – in that order.

*Be home soon,* she texted him as she turned onto the main avenue about five minutes from home.

*Waiting for u mnd,* he replied immediately, followed by ten heart emojis.

How he always brought a smile to her face. A smile which he kissed with such sweetness when she finally strode through their front door, and he swept her into his arms, and time stood still.

“Have you been drinking?” she whispered against his lips a bit later, after he had set her down on the edge of their kitchen table.

“Aye,” he breathed, kissing the tip of her nose. “We got word a bit after noon – Scarlett went into labor this morning. The bairn came around two – so Rupert’s got three now, in less than three years. Can ye believe it?”

And then a most profound feeling of fear and regret – and shame – surged through her heart.

Of course Jamie felt the change in her. He reached down to take her clammy, trembling hands in his.

Her pulse picked up – rapid breaths in and out. Vision blurring.

“Claire?” he whispered. “*Mo graidh* - ye’re scaring me. Did something happen today?”

“I’m having a panic attack,” she observed – voice absolutely detached. She closed her eyes as the room began to spin.

Her senses sharpened – and she heard Jamie swallow.

“Claire? Claire – what can I do?”

Slowly she looked down at their joint hands – distractedly admiring how the J tattooed just inside her right thumb perfectly lined up with the C tattooed just inside his left thumb.

“It’s what *I* can do – or, rather, *can’t* do,” she said, so quiet. Lost.

Jamie gently cupped her flushed cheek with one of his hands, tilting her chin so that his eyes met hers. Waiting.

“How come I can’t get pregnant, Jamie?”

He physically reeled back. Shocked.

“What?” he croaked. “What – what do ye mean? These things take time – ”

“We’ve been married almost two years. We’ve *never* used protection. And I’m still not pregnant.”

Now he stepped a bit closer – eyes still locked on hers. “Aye. So?”

Tears welled.

Where was this fear and pain and sorrow coming from?

“We’ve made love a thousand times, Jamie – but never conceived. Statistically that’s – that’s terrible. Beyond terrible.”

He pursed his lips, and swallowed. “What are ye saying?”

“I’m saying that I don’t think I can get pregnant. If I haven’t already – I’m not going to.”

Now his eyes narrowed – and color flared on his own cheeks.

“How *dare* ye say that?” His voice rose – not in anger, but in emphasis. “Are ye giving up, then? Giving up on our dream of a family – of a house full of children?”

“I’m surrounded by women who get pregnant as easily as sneezing – I treated a woman today who has been married for three years and is pregnant for the second time. Rupert and Scarlett met not too long before we did, and she’s been pregnant non-stop since they married.” She closed her eyes, chest heaving with feeling. “Why can’t that be me? How come I can’t do that?”

Jamie leaned and wrapped his arms around her so tight. She buried her face in his shoulder, and all of a sudden let out a sob that shuddered through her entire body.

“Sshh,” he soothed. “Sshh. My love – my heart. Let me comfort ye.”

And she clung to him, mourning the life she didn’t have – and feared she would never have with him, this incredible man who deserved so much more than she felt she could give him.

Sometime later he carried her to their bedroom and helped her shed her sweaty scrubs. They burrowed under their plaid quilt, naked, but not wanting to make love – just craving skin-on-skin intimacy. Oneness.

“I want so, so badly to give you children,” she whispered after a while. “And I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to.”

“We can always adopt,” he replied softly, thumb tracing the contour of her hip, dipping into the hollow of her navel. “There are so many needy children in this world – we could give one a proper home.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Of course. But – but it is selfish to say that I want a child that’s part you and part me? That I want our lovemaking to create a product of our love? That I want to grow and shelter a child inside me? That – that I want to make love when I’m pregnant? And – and that I want to feed you, so close to my heart?”

His thumb skimmed up her side to swirl around one areola, watching in fascination as her nipple puckered.

“Those arena selfish things,” he said after a while. “Lord knows I want to see you pregnant – show it to the world. Have a daughter that looks like ye, or a son that looks like me.”

He shifted his hips a bit closer toward hers, tracing his hand down her side and then cupping her lovely round arse, anchoring her to him.

“Are ye telling me ye’ve given up on that dream?”

She jerked her hips against his, seeking friction.

“I want you inside me,” she pleaded.

He stilled her against him. “No, *mo nighean donn* - no. Not now. We need to talk about this.”

She closed her eyes. He watched her – would keep watching her for as long as it took.

“No – no. I haven’t given up. But I don’t think we can do it on our own.”

He pressed his thumbnail into the sensitive flesh of her lower back. “All right – so what do we do?”

“I’ll ask Joe. We should both meet with him – he’d give us an honest answer. And then we’ll know.”

He leaned in for a long kiss. Full of strength, and promise.

“I love you,” he breathed against her lips. “I will love you until the day I die. No matter if we have no bairns or adopt fifteen or you carry a few of our own. I have *you,* Claire. That’s the most important.

“I so, so want a family with you,” she whispered. “I want what I didn’t have.”

“So we shall make one together.” Gently he eased onto his back, letting her straddle him. “Full of so much love that we won’t know what to do with it all.”

She leaned over to kiss him. “I love you, Jamie. I – it just keeps growing. I can’t believe how much I love you. How lucky I am to have you.”

He nudged up a bit. “God blessed me with you – and God will bless us with children. He may just need a bit of help from your friend.”

She reached down between them, stroked her thumb back and forth to prepare him, and took him inside. They both gasped. Yet she held still.

“You astound me,” she whispered. “In everything. Always.”

“It’s because I love you. How could it not be so?”

Impatient, he rolled his hips. Helped her take power in that moment – so that she could take power in the days and weeks to come.

And prayed that their firstborn would have her eyes.

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you recently made a post about how seaworld doesn't mislead its trainers. why do they spout incorrect information about orca lifespans and reasons for why the dorsal fin droops? I'm not trying to be hostile, I genuinely don't understand why they would give the wrong info (like orcas max lifespan is 45 years) unless somebody was lying somewhere down the line.

First off, the average lifespan of wild southern pacific residents is 45, and that is true (and seems a little high, IIRC). I was writing a whole article on this at one point and I guess I should really go back and finish because people keep asking. Basically, if you read the wild census, you get a lot of young deaths - and then any animal that lives to adulthood will probably live into their 40′s. Most female whales go into what is effectively thought to be menopause and lose the ability to reproduce about 25 years after their first surviving calf… which is right around 45-50. Now, there are definitely outliers, and that’s what people get mad about - because you get people saying a normal lifespan is about 50 years shy of how long Granny lived - but you can’t measure a general population lifespan from a single animal. 

Second, I actually had the same question - what’s up with the dorsal fin collapse stuff people keep getting told weird things about? Since I was able to visit the parks through the AZA conferences I’ve attended, I asked someone.The response was that they’re absolutely allowed to tell the current theory - it’s even been talked about by some of their vets in public videos. So they’re not, as a company, trying to obfuscate that truth. I do know that Seaworld has been owned by a number of different companies, and that the way they trained educators was pretty different under each - Anheuser-Busch was the era of educators being trained to withhold animal names and only refer to them by stage names, avoid specific buzzwords with emotional connotations, and during that period educators didn’t have the ability to answer some questions - like about animal death - really at all.

I’d say it is likely that what is happening is educators or volunteers haven’t fully switched over yet. Not everyone you talk to outside a tank is going to be a trainer, and sometimes education departments and animal staff do not communicate as effectively as they should. Not to mention, when you’ve been trained for a long time to respond to the public a certain way, it takes time and practice to shift your responses away from those old habits. It’s also entirely probable that the people who are still giving weird messaging are worried enough about public backlash that they’re afraid to communicate more correctly - which is not great practice, but it’s not evidence intentional dishonesty from this current iteration of the company. 

Dorsal collapse absolutely does have to do with the animals spending more time at the surface, which wild whales don’t have the luxury or the chance to do (which is a luxury in the sense of it’s very rare for big mammals that have to eat a lot to be able to just chill out and stay still in the wild). This produces a very different pattern of air and water resistance on the fibrous tissue in the fin - and it probably starts to droop because it’s not getting as much underwater resistance or it’s being used unevenly. The direction the dorsal fin flops will be influenced by the animals preferred swim patterns, because  In addition to gravity, it’s theorized that UV exposure and heat does weaken the tissues causing them to sag. While it’s abnormal, for sure, it does not appear to be maladaptive - it’s not pretty but there’s not evidence that it actually causes health problems or harms the whales in anyway. 

Speed Date W/Okada

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This is a little short but I needed to update this series. I have plans for a longer second date Okada fic once I finish the first round of these. I can’t remember who recommended I write Okada with Gedo in this but whoever you are, THANK YOU. This was so much fun to write and I honestly can’t wait to write more of these two.

Part One w/Kenny Omega - Part Two w/Adam Cole

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Headcanons for the main three walking In on their shy crush at the skating rink(alone) skating pretty decently, not noticing them, then once crush finishes the routine they were doing they notice him and slip and fall from panic and embarrassment?(bonus points if he thought the crush couldn't/didn't skate) 😅😅 I hope this is ok!


-W E L L  S H I T

-That’s one way to make Vitya’s heart go doki doki

-Except for the part where crush trips, he goes mad with panic then


-In awe of how beautiful crush is

-They were perfect before, but now they’re even more perfect

-Probably shouts out loud or something when s/o trips


-Definitely runs out to the rink, fangirling slightly

-Until he realises what he’s doing

-Then he blushes and runs away

Best Friend!Wonwoo

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- You probably met through a mutual friend because, let’s face it, Wonwoo would be too shy to approach you

- He was extremely shy at first and a little awkward, but super fluffy and adorable so that’s okay

- As he got more comfortable with you, he’d send you jokes throughout the day

- And pictures of stuff that reminded him of you (”Look, this phone case reminded me of you!” or “Look, I was googling pictures of tigers (don’t ask why) and this baby one is you when you’re mad!”)

- His feet are always cold and that means he’s always placing them on you sorry

- You guys are on the same wavelength and even finish each other’s sentences, which really annoys Woozi

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dan was so proud of 14 year old phil. like he was fucking beaming the entire video. he's so proud of his weird creative amazing boyfriend. also when dan said 14 year old phil and 14 year old dan would be friends i screamed bc dan was 9 when phil was 14 and phil was 18 when dan was 14 like doesn't that make you emo

that whole video made me emo

literally the entire video dan rarely stopped smiling and complimenting various aspects of the game (and playfully poking fun at certain parts, it was phil ripping himself to shreds) and you could tell that he was just unbelievably proud and quite honestly i can imagine dan being the one editing it as soon as they finished filming and wanting to upload it the same day so people could see it as soon as possible

the ‘fourteen year old dan would be friends with fourteen year old phil’ part broke me?? ten times over??? it really reminded me of “i didn’t have a best friend for the first eighteen years of my life” which triggered the waterworks to start building up

let’s chat about dnp

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How did you find out your ancestry??

I felt like answering this one because yeah right now I am doing a lot of ancestry stuff. My paternal family last year had a historian do a background check and blood test and stuff into everyone in our ancestry all the way back to the first recorded Fitzmaurice in 1000. They finished it last July, and my great-aunt sent it to me today- it is an entire book written all by a historian and documentations all about our entire ancestry. I only got to read it today and I didn’t know any of this stuff, shit we have a lot of history oh my lord like marquises and barons and ahh it is facinating because I didn’t know we were this “famous”. 

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So after much convincing I finally finished mass effect and started the second one. I'm completely in love with the second one so far! I don't know why I couldn't get into the first one. Anyways in the first game I romanced Kaidan, I heard that you can romance Garrus in the second and third games. I guess what my question is who do I choose? Garrus or Kaidan?

I think you choose whoever your heart leads you to! I like Garrus much better, and Kaidan isn’t available to romance in the second game (if you romance no one here, you can get him in 3). I dunno, I just have a problem with his level of distrust in the second and third game.

OKAY no more spamming after this guys, but if you’re one of the weirdo insomniacs who got access to that first wave of episode releases, it turns out that’s the unedited version. So it has no theme music at the start, and it contains a conversation between R&L about who should say “Welcome to ear biscuits” and it also has Link saying that he calls his fingers ten soft sticks and says “Hey baby, you want the soft sticks…” and Rhett finishes with, “Or the hard stick?”

Overcast just downloaded a new version of the episode for me and none of that is in it.

I am collapsing with laughter and OH MY GOD I have to go to bed but if no one else got that version of the episode I promise I’ll do my best to figure out how to get a clip of it for you guys, if such a thing is possible when the only version of the file I have is a podcast in an app on my iPhone.


From Ask Kaylee Frye:

To help make up travel costs, I’ve listed super limited edition prints in my Etsy that will only be available until C2E2

These gorgeous photos have never been available as prints until now! Your purchase of one of these prints directly aids me in attending Wizard World St. Louis and C2E2 this April. These prints will ONLY be available through April 19th, 2017!

Prints come on a glossy photo paper, and are 8x10

Buy multiple prints and save money. One print for $8, two prints for $15, or all five for $35. For multiples, please select which photos you would like in the note to seller.

Finished prints will not be watermarked, and can be signed at your request, just write that in the note to seller. They will ship April 20th.

I’ve also created a store-wide coupon for the first time! Code ‘APRILCONVENTIONS17’ gets you 10% off of ANYTHING $20+, but is only good through 4/19. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions in the coming days…

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/507016278/limited-edition-kaylee-frye-prints?ref=shop_home_active_1

[S] Face Requests Open

So I’ve a project I’m gonna start working on but first I need a little practice. With faces first, then more.

So if there’s a character/person who you’d like me to draw I’ll probably try my hand at it! My art hand!

I’ll work through requests for faces from Monday to Saturday! And I’ll post the finished ones along the way.

Some News I Guess

Sorry for being gone so much lately. I’m not giving up this blog. So no worries there. I’ve just been, well, taking care of me. Pretty much just doing some self-care because I’m generally horrible at, or at least putting myself first and feeling like I deserve to be taken care of. Like learning to eat better choices of food, exercising at the gym, sleeping at reasonable times, finishing projects, relaxing when I need to, and even putting in the time to think positively about myself. So that’s why I’ve been MIA for awhile.


I’m gonna answer some more recent asks, but everything else I’m just gonna erase and start over. Not saying I haven’t read all your messages and how incredibly kind and supportive you’ve all been. I’m so grateful to the love you have sent my way. But with how long it’s been, I believe a finish start is needed. I’m gonna make it a goal to post one drawing and answer one ask a day.

FAQ (sorta):

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MML Chapter Two: Frog

Summary: With the right context, frogs can be terrifying.

Notes: A short chapter to bridge the gap into the first arc. Also, I am looking to re-name this chapter and chapter one after songs, so if you have a suggestion, shoot me an ask. 

Wordcount: 2,076

Beta’d By: @sentochoryu

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what kind of series would you like after i finish the First Kiss, Making out with… and In bed with… series???? i don’t have any ideas at the moment, but i’d like to start another series soon! the only ones i can think of are: boyfriend!nct, best friend!nct, brother!nct, how he!nct and husband/father!nct

This is the artwork which has consumed weeks of my spare time trying to get right and it’s still not finished yet. Being architecture, it’s something I am not used to painting, so I have had to constantly experiment while making the piece.

Most skills I have used to make the artwork are ones I haven’t used before, so I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from making it. I’ve also used a lot of different mediums such as acrylic, mixed media and even graphene.

My Graphene Institute painting will be on display April 26th on campus. It’s the first painting I’ve ever had exhibited so this is a big moment for me!


Finished reading Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell.

Cold Moon Over Babylon is a southern gothic horror story that was first published in the 1980′s but it hasn’t aged a single day.

Out of all the horror novels I’ve read recently, this one is the scariest. It is a brutal and terrifying story about victims coming back from the beyond (or in their case, the bottom of the river) to haunt their murderer.

A murderer who is without a lick of conscience or guilt, he is pure malice and evil. 

In the sleepy town of Babylon, in Florida on the border with Tennessee, where everyone knows each other and knows everyone’s business, the drowned body of 14 year old Margrette is found, who lived on the town’s blueberry farm together with her big brother and grandmother.

But this is just the beginning.

The small town gets nervous about who among them could have done such a horrible thing. 
Something the reader finds out eventually, and then the story changes from a thriller style “whodunnit” to a straight up horror story. 

And while the killer is in itself a scary character, the ghosts themselves are absolutely horrifying in their description and even hough you KNOW you haven’t comitted any murders so you’re safe, you’ll still find yourself nervous when the lights are off. 

Reading this book in the dark, you can almost hear it,

The soft sound of the river. Of wet footsteps getting closer, and closer….

Gentleman of the Evening - 1

Rating: Teen (for now)
Word Count:
Summary: Link runs a highly rated escort service in a city where such luxuries are popular. He hires a tall man who catches his eye, setting an unexpected chain of events into motion. Escort AU.
Note: Thanks to @missingparentheses for beta-reading the first few chapters of this! :D Unlike past fics, this one will definitely NOT be updated daily. I got impatient and wanted to post it before it was finished…so here’s some of what I have so far. :)

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