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I’ve wanted to make MacCready’s wooden toy soldier for MONTHS and I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to give it to. @delusioncosplay has been an awesome and supportive friend the past few months … and did I mention also an AMAZING COSPLAYER??? and it was the kick in the butt I needed to finally make it :D

And there’s a chance I might be making another one for some sort of follower giveaway in the future …

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Help! I need more ACOMAF fanfiction! What should I read?

I will forever and an eternity recommend anything by @elanorjoy. her Rhys-POV is perfection, though you should be aware that The Infernal Devices is her main fandom and she mostly post TID fics but if you like TID you should read those as well. (you can find her on AO3 under the same username.) @elnabu is where its at for Nessian HC’s and fics alike, I’ve been kind of obsessed with this Sick-Nesta HC/Mini-fic she wrote. It’s fucking adorbs (search her nessian tag, it’s all gold.) She also has this really great Elucien fic called A Sort of Fairytale  that makes me melt. @illyriantremors writes Rhys-POV and @nightrhysand has a great Ice Skating AU (A Court of Lust and Ice) that I want to physically print out so I can read it at all times. @highfaelucien does Elucien HCs and fics, but her meta is amazing, highly recommend all of it. @buggitybooks Girls’ Night Out is super cute and you can’t talk about ACOMAF fanfiction and not mention @sarahviehmann‘s ACOWAS. She just posted the epilogue and it was so good (some lady’s Caramel Frappuccino was heavily salted a work today, just saying.) Even if you’re not into the actual fic, the one-shots are very good and quite steamy. I really hope she keeps writing for the fandom even though ACOWAS is done. You can find more @acourtofheadcanonsandfanfiction but these are some of my favorite writers and you should follow all of them. 


Requested Imagine: Reader is a waitress at the schwarma shop the Avengers frequent; she gets to know them, they like her and she gives them free food. Anonymous
A/N I realise the second one isn’t a gif, but the photo was just perfect for this imagine, so I decided to use it anyway. 

It’s another workday, but it’s also another Friday. This means that you’ll have the pleasure of your favourite guests today. Just as you finish putting on your uniform you hear the doorbell ring. It’s the Avengers. They’ve been regulars for the last six months and you’ve sort of gotten used to them. The first time they walked in you were ready to faint. 

“What can I get you guys?” you ask pen ready to scribble down their order. They had an unwritten rule that they never got the same thing as last time they were here. Every time it was something new. They all order and you quickly attend the other customers before sitting down with the Avengers. 

“How are you?” Steve asks and you tell them all about your shitty landlord and how studying is kicking your ass and this job doesn’t pay enough, but you’re working all the hours you can get. And then you tell them about this guy that you met and how your family is flying up to see you for your birthday next week, because you don’t want them to think that it’s all bad. 

“How about you guys?” You look around and you can’t help but think about how insane their stories are. Most people probably wouldn’t even believe Thor’s stories about his father Odin and his brother Loke or the nightmares that torment Bucky and reminds him of his actions as the Winter Soldier. But you believe them. To be honest you could listen to them all day. But you have work to do and you quickly get up to fetch them their food. 

“How can I help you?” you ask yet again as you waitress another table. And then you’re back with your friends sitting down. You’re looking around at all of them and you can’t help but laugh as you notice how Natasha is digging into her kebab. Thor is gulping down his beer faster than any of the others, though Steve and Clint try to do it faster. It’s almost like a tradition. 

And you have a feeling this is what they needed. To be honest a day like this is what everyone needs once in a while. A rather uneventful day where you don’t have to worry about everything. Nothing exciting happened in the shop that day but human or superhero; everyone needs a day off. And you can’t help but feel pleased as you look at their faces and notices that for once everyone is smiling. 

“We should probably head back, Bruce says once they’ve all finished. But they still stay and talk to your for a long time. You tell them more about that buy you’re seeing and Bruce talks for a solid 15 minutes about some molecule and no one seems to understand what he’s going on about (except for maybe Tony). You barely notice the time, but your boss knows that when these guys show up, he’s on his own. And he accepts that considering that they are the Avengers. 

“I’ll pay this time,” Clint says getting up, but you just shake your head. You may not be the richest person, but you don’t want them to pay for this.

“Don’t worry. It’s on the house.”


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heya, could you tell me please what stranger things is about? i'm thinking about watching it, but don't know what to expect

OH BOY ITS SO GOOD!!! Basically, it’s a sci-fi / horror show set in the 80s (and also sort of filmed like movies in the 80s if that makes sense). It’s sort of got a Goonies feel to it being that the primary characters are kids (who are all super awesome) all the characters are really relatable and likable! It’s not too much on the horror spectrum but it’s got a definite spookiness to it. It’s just a perfect mystery sci-fi show and I really suggest it!!!!

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Ellie and Mads slow dancing?? <3

“It’s an old song for old soldiers” crooned Maddox as he stretched his hand towards Eileen. The blond woman chuckled.

“U’re dashing in this tux’ Sweet Heart.

- And you’re perfect in this red wedding dress ma’am!”

In the background, an old tune, from before the war, from before even the Humans discovered the first Mass Relay, played, slow and charming.

“Can I borrow the Bride, Sir?” Asked Maddox in a perfect imitation of some sort of English accent.

“You can, you can, just watch your toes, Gibbons”, laughed Caleb as Eileen pouted.

“Am not so bad at dancin’! Plus this one’s very easy. Come on Sweet Heart, don’t lis’en to this jealous guy!”

Taking the blond woman by one hand, Maddox guided her to the dance floor, her long red dress sweeping behing her with grace, and the couple started swaying slowly with the rythm as Eileen took the train in one hand.

“How’s our old man?” she asked, nodding towards Archer, sat with Peter and Scooter, glancing at them from time to time.

“He’s getting better since he’s accustomed to his new leg. This thing was very creaky, so he just coated it with olive oil, and everything’s okay now!

- Olive oil? Really? Where did he found olive oil?

- Black market or maybe… it’s just some Batarian ersatz, but don’t tell him!”

Eileen laughed and Maddox made her spin and bowed.

“And you? How’s the life on Earth?

- Slow, borin’, delicious! The Villa asked me to join the programm as a teacher, and I think I’ll say yes.

- What? You? Retired?

- Yes. I think tis time fo’ me… because…

- Because?” Maddox arched an eyebrow, curious, and tightened the woman close to his chest as the song ended.

“Because… “ Eileen teased, “am with a little Burroughs-Lochlain.” She winked at Maddox who looked at her with a smile.

“And he or she, could call me “uncle”?

- You bet Sweet Heart!”

Pokemon Go Teams Theory

Trainer Type: I believe we ca maybe associate Pokemon players in 3 categories (maybe more but through the year of being in this fandom i have sort of got this categories ad can sort of relate them with the teams.)

Team Valor, Is the Pokemon fan that collects the strongest looking and with higher stats Pokemon. He trains all his Pokemon to its last evolution.

Team Mystic, Is the Pokemon fan that breeds the perfect Pokemon and fully planned strategy moves and has a perfect team that works in different types of battles. If they don’t have it, they are working on it.

Team Instinct, The trainer that chooses its favorite Pokemon and goes battling by common knowledge of types and stats but, prefers to get what they think is best and better by their likes and not by potential wining strategies or just tough Pokemon. AKA. I like that is cute, is mine now.

@hollowmortality //

          He needed supplies. He was running low on too many essential ingredients for traps, spells, serums, all of it. It was no surprise that he found himself in this sort of situation yet again. Breaking and entering was as much a science to him as his chemistry. He’d had more than a decade to perfect it. Still. There was the occasional hiccup.

          Tonight was one such hiccup.

          This place should have been empty, save for the corpses neatly tucked away into their drawers, but instead, he found himself properly caught. 

          “Erm…” well this was a cock up, if he ever knew one, “I ehm… Sorry. Uhm–”

          He is, for once, at a loss for words. He’s never quite known how to deal with being caught but this is exceptionally strange. Why? Because this bloke seemed to just be… hanging around. Not even working, just being there.

In a summer filled with blockbusters that either take themselves too seriously or don’t try to tell a story, Beyond is a gleeful race through outer space, with a genuinely compelling (if easy-to-figure-out) mystery at its center.

And all along, the characters are bickering and bantering and figuring things out, showing off the easy chemistry the cast has built up over the past two movies. This sort of storytelling should be at the center of most blockbusters, but increasingly, big-budget flicks are overwhelmed by the need to chase spectacle.

This is not a perfect movie, but it’s a near-perfect Star Trek movie.

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Hi! I would like recs of friends to lovers. I love the trope, particularly when they are rommies. Thanks!

Here are some friends to lovers fics,

(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by lauren3210 (31k)
Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks life is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he’s going to work to get it.

No Other Superstar by lettered (21k)
Draco is sort of fucked up. Harry is sort of fucked up and really really famous. Together they fight crime! Not in this fic, though. In this fic they have sex.

All Must Draw Near by Saras_girl (61k)
Harry doesn’t have time for rumours; he has a shop to run. Which is just as well, really.

In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco is an Idiot by bryoneybrynn (14k)
For as long as he can remember, Draco’s been bringing fake dates to his family’s annual Yuletide celebration in order to evade his mother’s matchmaking. This year, Potter’s posing as his pretend boyfriend. But as the party gets underway, it gets unclear who’s playing who, who’s pretending what, who’s not pretending at all, and what the game really is. Confused? Yeah, so is Draco…

Remote by Sara Holmes (7k)
How to win back your television remote and get your obnoxious flatmate to shut his trap for more than a minute and a half. 

Tread That Fine Line by disapparater (5k)
Harry could cope with being in love with Draco, it was the needing to get fucked by him that was driving Harry insane.

Defining Dickhead by who_la_hoop (8k)
cockblock (vulgar, slang)
verb: to impede the romantic or sexual advances of a person (usually a man) towards another

to be where I’m going (in the sunshine of your love) by @harryjvmes (19k)
“He imagined Draco’s smile, all gums and slightly crooked teeth, his hair slicked back with Pacific water, and he knew: He’d travel as long as he’d need to if it meant he’d see that face. If it meant that Draco would hear the message he’d been carrying for so long. Maybe he didn’t have to travel the road alone anymore.”
Draco and Harry go on a road trip together. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Party of Two by fireflavored (13k)
Drinking, sex, and a total misreading of the concept of fuck buddies.

House of Booty Is Bad Booty by oceaxe (11k)
Draco knows it’s not okay to have a crush on one’s housemate. Which is why he should never have let Harry move in. Cameo by character from another fandom- sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Fool Rushes In by oldenuf2nobetter (16k)
In a burst of unexplained magic, Harry Potter’s Auror partner Draco Malfoy has simply disappeared. Frantic with worry, terrified that something really terrible has happened to the other man, Harry realizes that what he feels for him just might be more than friendship.

How Auror Potter Finally Solved the Most Important Mystery of His Career by fantasyfiend09 (9k)
Harry is NOT in a romantic relationship with Draco; no matter what everyone else seems to believe.

Something I Don’t Want to Stop by traintracks (16k)
It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

Something More by thusspakekate (9k)
After a night of drinking, Harry Potter has a love bite the size of Wales on his neck and an unsigned note from the man who gave it to him in his pocket. The only problem? He can’t quite remember who he brought home with him the night before. And what’s got Draco Malfoy in such a strop?

All That I Saw by disapparater (12k)
Weasley’s got a secret, Harry’s acting strangely, Granger’s made a new friend and Draco’s just trying to figure it all out.

And I'ver Never Told You Till Just Now by pasdexcuses (8k)
Draco didn’t notice it suddenly, his desire for Potter. He didn’t wake up one day with the need to have his tongue down Potter’s throat or go in the shower to find that he liked wanking to Potter’s mouth. No, it started slow in his veins, pulsing through his body like a ghost. It crept into his sleep in the form of conversations and during the day as he looked forward to reading Potter’s wobbly handwriting when they weren’t actually talking face to face.

Hidden in the Depths by envy_venis (21k)
Sometimes we know exactly what we’re looking for, even if it isn’t quite clear how to reach it.

I’m going to say this literally a thousand times.

I don’t think some people understand how important it is to fanfic writers when they get their work not only liked, but reblogged. 

It literally means the world. Because, by reblogging it, you’re exposing our writing to your followers, and then theirs to theirs if it continues and that sort of exposure is a really nice thing to have as a writer, because it can cause people to look at our blog, and our other writings, and like us, giving us more fans/people to write for, and giving us more opportunities to perfect our writing. (I also understand that some of you aren’t comfortable with doing so, so this isn’t directed at you, it’s more of an explanation as to why it’s important to us).

We want other people to read what may have taken us hours, sometimes even days to work out.

It’s not because we want notes on our posts, it’s because we want to be exposed like a lot of fan artists get.

That’s why reblogging fanfics and headcanons and what not is important to the writer themselves, and why we still get excited when someone does reblog our work.

I want to ask people to please quit using “learn how to write,” “learn how to speak English,” or any such language-centric comment as an insult. All you are doing is equating someone’s linguistic ability of one random language with intelligence, and that is not cool. There are so many reasons a person’s English might not be “perfect,” INCLUDING the fact they might be speaking in their second or third or fourth or even fifth or sixth or seventh language! A person’s ideas can be brilliant even if their grammar and spelling is not “perfect”. Furthermore, the idea of formal grammar and spelling is a set of arbitrarily-defined rules defined by historical upper class tradition and is only taught in specific academic settings, which not everyone has the same educational access to. This causes major dialect erasure problems because you might not understand the completely correct and equally valid grammar of another dialect. By insulting the language mechanics of someone’s comment, you suggest they are stupid because they can’t write perfectly, when in fact that is probably the result of a lot of circumstances in their lives. Let’s also point out that calling people stupid is not cool, either. So please, friends. Quit making someone’s “perfect” or “imperfect” grammar an insult. You are perpetuating a lot of bad and incorrect ideas about linguistic competence through those comments.


They are taking a break. We should respect that and support them, individually and together, as we’ve always done.
It’s just a break, it’s understandable after 5 years, all couples go through a crisis at one point. As you can see from what she wrote, they love each other. It’s just a moment of pause. Everything will be alright. 

She posted a sweet picture and she clearly stated that they love each other. They’re both happy and agree with this situation. After all the mess that’s been going on in the past days, I’m relieved. I’m smiling. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but we finally have something. It’s nothing dramatic. We’ll keep supporting them through this hard time. Such a perfect love can’t exist without small fractures. I’m sure they’ll sort everything out, we just have to support them and be happy for them in any case.

just. grossness aside, Louis is so good at things like this - he’s so diplomatic and kind and understanding and charismatic with a genuine love of PEOPLE, so he is perfect for this sort of judging spot, and I hope, if this is something he’s truly interested in, and it seems like he is, despite the conditions of all of this, he’s able to do it in the future with zero strings attached and continue being able to make people happy in a different way that he’s equally as good at

After S5, Scott discovers the ‘but did you die’ meme and it becomes his new favorite joke, much to the discomfort of his friends who aren’t sure what to make of his newly morbid sense of humor. So they just exchange awkward glances and don’t say anything. But then, the fact that none of them ever had the balls to actually talk to him about the whole ‘so about you being murdered’ thing is probably a large part of why Scott gets a twisted sort of satisfaction from their discomfort, so the jokes continue. Hey, he’s not perfect. Its not his fault everyone else has convinced themselves he is.

You never quite know how to describe the feeling that you get when Calum is around you.

It’s this crazy, bubbly feeling when his arms lace around you when he comes home. When his arms reach out for you after his long day, and pull you in so tightly that he knocks the wind right out of you. It’s the same feeling you get when his face finds the perfect spot to rest in the space between your neck and shoulder. The same one when his deep, raspy voice vibrates through his chest and rumbles into your ears, reaching the core of your bones when he calls you his baby. 

It’s a sort of pride when he’s angry, and his star-filled eyes soften at the sight of you. His rage melts so quickly you swear that you can see it sink out of him, and you smirk when you realize that you’re the one responsible for it. Sometimes, when you’re stressed out and he finally comes home, you feel at ease when his lips press against your skin and he starts to kiss away the tension in your head.

You’re worried about how he’s got your heart clutched so damn tightly in his hands and when you admit to him how nervous he makes you, he shoots up in a second. His brows are furrowed and his eyes are wide open, questioningly, almost hurt, “you don’t trust me?”

But you shake your head and raise his hand to help him feel your heartbeat. He smiles, tightly wrapping an arm around you and softly caressing your cheek. He raises your hand to touch his chest, the spot on his body that you kiss most often because you know exactly what lies underneath it, "you feel that?” he asks you, his eyes searching yours. The spot is pounding so hard that your fingers shake, and he doesn’t know how to tell you that it’s always like that when he’s around you, so he settles for, "you make me really nervous, too.“

And perhaps it’s then that you realize what you feel. It’s not just bubbles, pride, ease, or nervousness, it’s a combination of all of it. It’s the same feelings that fill him, because his words fail him at the very thought of you, and what you really feel, is safe. Because you’re not alone in feeling like this, because you know he feels it all, too.