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Ship asks: rant about white rose X3

OKAY… okay… SO! White Rose… Weiss and Ruby from RWBY. These two are absolutely incredible and dynamic individuals—and that’s them as individuals, but once these two are together it’s like… pure magic on the screen for me. They’re both just two girls who have these big dreams and want nothing more than to make friends and protect/help people in general. They have similar ideals and goals, but are so damn different that they end up clashing all the time.

They can argue and bicker like best friends, or siblings, or even an old married couple

They work together flawlessly without fail and with barely any communication

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They trust each other with their lives without even knowing each other for very long

They protect each other like family

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They push each other to be better people and towards their individual dreams

Weiss yelled at Ruby after they first met, and yet, Ruby decided they’ll be best friends

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When Ruby was being reckless, Weiss had her back and made sure she was safe and protected her

And after calling Ruby a child, Weiss went out of her way to acknowledge that Ruby’s more than capable and they can work on their partnership

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I love them because Ruby is the only one that laughs at Weiss’s attempts at making jokes

I love them because Weiss remembered how Ruby takes her coffee even after months of not seeing each other

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I love them because Weiss believes in Ruby and never questions her

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I love them because Ruby helps Weiss have fun and not worry so much about being perfect or the best all the time

I love them because every time Ruby heard ‘Dust’ or ‘Schnee’, she’d miss her best friend so much

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And Weiss would miss her too

I love them because of how happy they get reuniting after a short period of time

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I love them because Weiss will always be proud of Ruby

I love them because look at the way Weiss ‘The Ice Queen’ smiles or simply looks at Ruby from the very beginning till now

I love them because look at the way Ruby would smile at Weiss back

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I love them because they can openly tease and criticize each other without seriously fighting or getting hurt about it

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I love them because even after all this time they still have the same dynamic

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I love them because Ruby was the first person who became Weiss’s friend, and vice versa

I love them because Ruby’s the only person Weiss actually allows to physically touch her

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I love them because they’re so undeniably cute, ruthless in battle, and actually melt when they’re together. 

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They’re the best partners, and that’s an understatement.

“Chalamet is the most high profile male actor to disavow Woody Allen.” ( – The Guardian)

A newcomer, who has literally only 3 big movies to his name, is the MOST high profile male actor to disavow Woody Allen. Isn’t it strange??

You gave shit to a no one who’s still learning and trying to find his path, but gave a free pass to Jude Law, Liev Schreiber, Owen Wilson, Justin Timberlake, Jim Belushi, Jesse Eisenberg, Steve Carell, Joaquin Phoenix, Colin Firth, Alec Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins, who have all worked with Allen in the last 7 years.

And still people are criticizing Timothée, because he shouldn’t have accepted to work with him in the first place, or he shouldn’t have announced publicly his decision to donate the money (Rebecca Hall has been applauded for doing the same thing; Greta Gerwig is considered the new Messiah just because she said “I regret working with him”).

What a bunch of hypocrites! It’s disgusting how people will always find something to criticize you about.

Saying “You Smell Good” Without Being Creepy
Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy
Saying “You Smell Good” Without Being Creepy

My Brother, My Brother, and Me #384 | “Oh, nice.”

“I work at a bridal store and have to work in pretty close proximity to a lot of our customers. When I notice that someone smells particularly nice, it’s such a pleasant surprise. I often find myself complimenting them on it. The problem is saying “wow, you smell really good” sometimes comes off the wrong way. However, I think saying “sorry, I’m not trying to be creepy” might actually make it worse. Should I stop complimenting this aspect of my customers completely, or just stop apologizing for it? - Sorry for Smelling in Nebraska”

So I was in Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday, walking down an aisle of cars in a responsible manner, and a man almost hit me with his suv in an attempt to procure a parking space. My response was to stop dead in my tracks (which happened to be dead center of said parking spot) and turn to face him, arms splayed in exaggerated WTF, and said “Do you not see me?”

He ordered me to move in a very angry, authoritative manner. I. DID. NOT. MOVE.

I didn’t yell back.

I simply stood like a statue.

He called me a cunt. He flipped me off.

I simply stood like a statue.

He said “Fuck this!” backed up, and went on his merry way.

As he did so, I waved, put on the cheeriest smile I could muster and hollered “Have a nice day!”

Did I mention my 16-yr-old daughter watched the whole thing?

I’ve never been a prouder mother of a daughter in my entire fucking life