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All the rfa and their mc doing the bf/gf does my makeup challenge on each other please? :D

(a/n this isn’t like a video or something and it’s just the RFA members getting their makeup done and them doing yours(pps I didn’t want this to be too long so i changed the layout a lil and shortened it - it’s just for this hc) 


˚ doing his makeup:

  • i feel like he’d ASK you to do his makeup around halloween?? (he wants to look cool)
  • he sees your makeup and how you managed to make your lipstick look like dried blood, and it looked like you had a bruise
  • jealous yoosung because his girlfriend looks so badass ◔̯◔
  • and he’s there probably wearing a smurf costume or something
  • so you start doing his makeup and he sits there and asks what EVERYTHING IS
  • when you have more than one of the same thing he freaks out because 
  • why??
  • “ ..so what’s this?” // “oh.. thats eyeshadow yoosungie!” 
  • “ oh.. and this?”// “..um.. it’s eyeshadow..” 
  • “ and this?” // still eyeshadow” 
  • there’s 3 eyeshadows? why is that so much? aren’t they all brown sha-?
  • no its coffee, caramel and expresso theres a difFERENCE 
  • you have to get him to shut up by telling him that if eyeliner gets in his eye then there’s a 95% chance he’ll go blind
  • literally shuts up so fast and doesn’t move a muscle - the child is SO gullible
  • stares in the mirror when he’s done because wow my skin looks flawless???
  • (purchases bb cream the next day and asks you to put it on for him)
  • has a fit when eyeliner smudges into his eye and almost runs to the hospital without you knowing

˚ doing your makeup:

  • …yoosung if you put foundation in my eye I will kill you..
  • you guys just got bored one day and he wanted to test his skills on how well he’d be able to do your makeup after seeing a few videos on youtube
  • uses everything wrong its so bad
  • okay but since when have I had pink shadows in my eyebrows Yoosung
  • dies at the amount of brushes you have
  • “so this brush is for contouring?” //yes!”
  • “and this is for highlight?” //mhm” (omg he’s learning)
  • “alright!… soo… what are they again?” (nvm
  • (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
  • at the end of the ‘challenge’ he gives you a worried glance because he knows that he didn’t get ANYTHING in place
  • you were to blame for the cakey foundation though
  • him being a baby you didn’t want him to stop putting makeup on you because his hands were hella soft and he was so gentle with you 
  • no yoosung thats not enough foundation!!” 
  • “…the video said to use about 3 pumps.. i’ve used 13!”
  • ignore the video pls babe carry on


˚ doing his makeup:

  • it’d be like a last minute thing or something
  • his makeup stylist wasn’t there for the show and he just trusts you to do it 
  • but you’re lowkey embarrassed when he starts correcting you about what products you’re using
  • “uh.. I think thats a contour brush ”// “oh right yeah sorry (fUCK)
  • although him being the gentleman that he is he probably shuts up after noticing you getting embarrassed 
  • just lets you get on with it no matter how you apply it
  • he only knows about the products because he’s constantly being forced to wear it btw
  • whines saying the that the foundation smells like paint and his pores will be clogged 
  • oh god they’re trying to poison my skin :(((
  • just shut up
  • compliments your skills as soon as you’re done - even if he doesn’t like it at all
  • also the type of person to record you while doing his makeup on his phone on snapchat
  • when you go really close to him to do his eye makeup he stares you down but the corner of his lip is curving upwards slightly (omg no .. Zen.. stop)
  • hey…can’t stay away from me, can you? & he pecks your lips and you feel his lips linger a bit before he rests back in his chair again
  • his eyeliner is a lil shaky after that because damn he knows how to fuck you right up

˚ doing your makeup:

  • he has a bet with you saying that he could probably be able to do your makeup in 10 minutes and it would turn out decent
  • pffffffffffft okay
  • but then he actually starts like doing the right things and techniques and ur like just like
  • wait wait wait wait wait wait no 
  • he’s blending everything properly and oh my GOD 
  • why is my highlight looking extremely good 
  • what kinda witchcraft..
  • i knew u were a witch with your white cat tail looking ass ponytail
  • it’s? so? good?
  • you’re looking in the mirror and you’re so ??? because you look hot but h o w??
  • you give him the evil eyes as he just smirks at you with his arms crosssed leaning against the door as it to say “I told you so
  • but he immediately grabs a wet wipe to take your makeup off
  • shit I’ll never look this good again..
  • hey… I haven’t taken my selfies yet 
  • “.. take them with your bare face.. i like my baby faced princess
  • no amount of foundation can cover up your blushing cheeks before he pinches them and lightly plants a kiss on both cheeks
  • he’s slowly making you go insane I swear 


˚ doing her makeup / doing your makeup: 

  • i grouped this because you’d do this to each other all the time and this is just goals tf
  • like your neighbours could hear you guys in the morning
  • WHERES THE BEAUTY BLENDER ”// “I’d appreciate if you stopped screaming MC.. I’m using it.
  • ˚ 2 minutes later ˚
  • she has very steady hands so whenever you’d mess up doing your eyeliner you’d whine and run towards Jaehee
  • “ pleaseee Baehee?”
  • she’d sigh before setting down the powder and holding your chin as she drew a thin line across your eyelid
  • you thank her and give her a peck on the cheek & she responds with “You’ll mess up my base ..” (but she’s blushing)
  • lots of complaints about finishing each other’s makeup but you’d both be recommending products to each other
  • “MC.. that mascara makes your eyelashes extremely clumpy I’d advise you not to touch that with a pole
  • thanks my loVE ( i need this so bad^^)
  • doing each other’s makeup in the car is definitely a thing 
  • especially to dinner events when you both have to dress up and Jaehee doesn’t want to stand out 
  • make it ur mission for her to feel beautiful
  • you’d tell her to put on lipstick and she’d refuse 100 times before you just lean over and kiss her on the lips transferring some of your red colour to her lips
  • oops? guess I gotta fill it in?
  • (there was no need to put blush on Jaehee you look like a tomato)
  • she’d let you cup her face as you try put on lipstick in he moving car and whenever you’d mess up she’d sigh in frustration
  • but giggle to herself inwardly as well because shit you’re adorable


˚ doing his makeup:

  • you’d definitely have to force him or use aegyo (he pretends he hates it but it makes the man w e a k )
  • just imagining Jumin with a red lip made you double over in laughter and he stared at you just laughing to yourself
  • you tell him its a commoner tradition for when couples get together and he believes it? (yoosung vs jumin for gullibility)
  • as soon as you start he just looks at all the products
  • holy christ thats a lot of shimmer
  • watches the products go on to his face he’s literally frozen stiff
  • he’s terrified of what he’s becoming and tenses up every time you start giggling to yourself 
  • being a commoner is hard.. °Д°
  • when you’re done he lets you take pictures of him before literally running to the bathroom and looking in the mirror he ends up cracking a smile to himself
  • probably takes a blurry selfie before captioning it ‘commoner tradition part 1″ and posting it on the chat
  • Zens saves the photo and posts it everywhere and the other RFA members are d y i n g
  • Jaehee informs him that the ‘tradition’ doesn’t exist and he refuses to leave the bathroom for a while as he can hear the office workers snickering outside
  • ah..shit..

˚ doing your makeup:

  • literally a confused puppy
  • when you ask him to do your makeup he’s confused because he can’t say for you to do it yourself
  • because that’s rude (he’s LEARNING)
  • so he warns you he doesn’t know what he’s doing and just opens your makeup bag… just to stare at it
  • I’d like my makeup done today Mr Han - are you going to let down a client?? 
  • he gets freaked out at you referring to him as ‘Mr Han’ (lowkey turned on too) and randomly grabs an item and starts putting it on your face 
  • the type to talk to himself while doing your makeup and is he’s really concentrating
  • no.. her eyelids aren’t usually all black… her cheeks don’t usually look this dark fu- maybe I should try blend it - nope - ugh
  • he’s so cute up close with his furrowed eyebrows and rolled up shirt sleeves as he tries his best not to poke and prod you too much
  • when you’re done he steps back and analyses his work before realising that he cared a little too much
  • adjusts his suit and apologises for.. ‘the situation on your face’ before hurriedly walking away (jumin vs jaehee for shyness)
  • the thing is your face isn’t that bad?
  • he used the wrong products in the wrong places ie eyebrow pencil on your eyelid and mascara in your eyebrows
  • but it was okay??
  • Jumin is hidden behind the door peering through the gap in the lock and when he sees you smile he releases a sigh of relief and returns to his office with a lil bounce in his step


˚ doing his makeup:

  • this extra motherfucker
  • he says that he needs you to do his makeup for a cosplay and when you try make him do it himself he pouts and wraps himself around you making it impossible for you to move
  • o- kAY fi-ne i can-t breaTHE
  • I hate him so much he ends up messing about 
  • like when you’re doing his red lipstick he ends up doing a very ugly duck face at you so you can’t do it properly
  • probably puckers his lips trying to get you to kiss him but no thanks
  • ends up kissing you anyway and you scream because red slobber over your cheek wHYYYY
  • acts like a typical stereotypical bitch’ and critiques everything you do (jokingly)
  • “um.. red isn’t even my colour..” (its the colour of your hair you dumb twit)
  • “excuse me but red lips and a brown eyeshadow - nah UH HONEY” (whispers) “…butter chip
  • “this winged eyeliner is messier than Yoosung’s room - uMM!”
  • “noo, this doesn’t go with my out-”
  • his face ends up being a hot mess but he still takes 1000 selfies with you anyway and the poses are all. so. dramatic.
  • he does the pucker/duck pose and his hands are on his hips and it takes you a few shots to get the picture without being blurry because you’re laughing sO HARD

˚ doing your makeup: 

  • but he doesn’t do it well on you ofc not - he wants you to suffer :))
  • insists that he could become a beauty guru and sets up a camera because why NOT
  • “hi guys it’s makeupbyluciel666 and I’m going to be doing MC’s makeup today”
  • you know this isn’t going to end up well for you so you just sit there praying
  • he makes you close your eyes?? tf why??
  • so you do and he starts putting something on your face and 
  • wtf is that oh my god is that
  • …peanut butter
  • he’s smearing peanut butter on your face for foundation
  • you snort with laughter looking at yourself in the viewfinder and he grins as well glad to see that you’re not too mad
  • he then gets nutella and places it infront of his palm to the camera in order to get it to ‘focus’
  • “this is my contour I hope you can see!”
  • overusing it as you giggle feeling his finger swirling round your face
  • its a very weird experience
  • at the end your face is just a brown goopy mess and you want to cover your face but you can’t!!
  • she endS the video by him licking your face and you screeching because oh my gOD eW WHAT THE FUCK
  • he never posts the video anywhere (security) but he saves it into a USB drive 
  • (mini spoiler: puts it in his memory book too where the pictures of ****** are)
  •  screen shots the end where he licks your face and puts it as his screensaver because relationship goals
  • Bonus: you find peanut butter behind your ear 3 weeks later and randomly snort on the train earning you weird glances

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that’s isabelle beaufort walking down the street, the twenty-two year old, who looks like dodie clark. here in apple peak, they are work as a cashier at turn the page. some say she acts like belle from beauty and the beast since she can be sensible, but also a little bit stubborn. — hey there demons, it's me ya boy ( switching out rachel bc the muse just ain’t there rip )

-*. ✧ *゚ accepted — welcome to apple peak, belle, oops, i mean isabelle beaufort. you have fifteen hours to get settled in, but if you need more time, message the main !