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Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: You’re wandering aimlessly when you meet him: the tall man who looks like an angel, the bright red hair on top of his head resembling fire. This angel boy tries to help you, but you soon find out more about him that turns your world upside down.

Warnings: age gap, mentions of death, sexual themes

Word Count: 2,114

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy :D (thank you for such an awesome reaction for part one omg)

That night, it was like your whole world crashed down on you. Memories of the past - the correct past - flashed in and out of your mind, you couldn’t single in on one but you definitely saw a lot of Chanyeol. You heard so many angry voices and crying; you simply couldn’t stand it.

But when Chanyeol put his hand on your shoulder again, everything went away. You attempted to control your breathing, but how could you with all this information being stacked on you at once?

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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 7

I didn’t even love Deep Space Nine at the start. That may be one of my favorite things about this now, here at the end. I got attached gradually, more and more, a love that built over time until I’d grown so fond of it, so close, that at times it would almost seem we were completing each other’s frickin sentences.

Oh my show, my sweet space show, so strong and sure in its storytelling. It has been a steady hug when I needed it most, during times when the world and my own days were both filled with distress and despair. The people on this station experienced great traumas too, but it was boundlessly comforting to watch them navigate each tricky pass with such care and wisdom and heart. Their hope gave me hope, too.

I actually really like watching shows that have already concluded. I like the feeling of having seen the whole thing, and now having this complete world to play in. A show that’s no longer on the air is like a novel — you can look at it as one thing, hold it in your hands and see what the shapes of all the narratives truly were. It’s once I’ve finished a series that the most imaginative parts of my fan-mind finally let loose, spilling light into unexplored corners, drawing plans for how to shore up weak spots, bring a few pieces a bit tighter together, add a haunted attic, etc.

So this is the sort of space I was just tipping over into when Deep Space Nine gave me an ending. A capital letter Ending, achingly realistic. The series ended because the characters’ time together ended. The course of people’s lives change, they take new opportunities, they move away — and so ends the run of months, years if you’re lucky, when you were all together.

The finale is sad, oh it is so sad, and god I love it, I do. I love it for being so sad, and for being so natural, so recognizable, that now this is just my ending. No matter what else my thoughts will go back to fill in, all roads lead to the sea. To goodbye.

Which is probably what has landed me in just a very a tender sort story hangover with this one, walking around sheltering this warm, full, broken heart. 

So I do hope you sweethearts will stick around as I feel I’m going to be in quite the state for a while!!

Tarra Treks: The Final Set of Watch-Notes

7x24 ‘The Dogs of War: Part 8’
- O’Brien: “Running a little late.”
  Sisko: “This is no way to start a relationship.”
  me: “do it”
  Julian, slipping into frame: “Hi Ezri.”
  haaaahahaha, they did it
- Miles just keeping a steady eye on Julian awkwardly circling Ezri, oh Chief
- Worf: “He is an overgrown child.”


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The BIG Sunday

Oh you could definitely say I had a Big Sunday, a little sore, mmm but oh so good sore

I had carpet cleaners in over the weekend & Hubby was away for work, so our neighbour & his son helped move the furniture Saturday morning. They told me the son could help Sunday afternoon to move it back but his dad had an appointment so couldn’t

I was a little naughty & played with my toys after they left, the son is a footy player & very sexy, 18 year old.

Well when Sunday came & he came over I made sure I left 2 of my toys on the bed just under the sheets. I was wearing shorts & a tank top with no bra & panties

I apologised that I was a sweaty mess as had moved stuff on my own
we moved a few things together , making sure he got to see my boobs hehe

Well I said maybe we should move the bed next then can get the other things around it.
I told him I just needed a drink & did he want 1. He said ok.
When I got back I could tell the sheet had been moved from where it was arranged

You could tell there was something under the sheets because of the lump
when I gave him the water he said oh this is too heavy to expect a lady to help, I’ll call a couple of my mates they can help & you can just tell us what to do & relax. I nearly orgasmed when he said that haha

I said oh it no bother but he insisted so I said ok

I was so nervous when they came in, but I think they noticed my nipples straight away cause they didn’t stop staring. I sat there & watched as they moved things around, I bent over a few times to pick things up etc. I went to adjust the lamp on the bed side table & made sure that as I walked away the sheet came away, then walked into the lounge like I didn’t realise

I walked back in & saw them just standing there looking.
I said OMG I am so sorry guys I forgot to put them away, it’s just my husband is away & I needed some relief you must think I’m a disgusting old lady

My neighbours Son said are you kidding me, why do you think we hang around instead of going out when you come over for BBQ’s with mum & dad? I asked why?
He said because they all   have been perving on me since they were about 14.
1 of them said we have all fantasised about seeing you naked & wanked over it
I said OMG you boys & giggled, well I suppose if you finish moving all the furniture I could thank you by showing you something if you like.
They said quick lets finish moving this stuff haha
when they finished I said ok so you have really wanked over thinking about seeing me naked
they all said yes, so I told them ok you have to swear that what I am about to do you never tell another person

They all said of course, so I sat up on my bed, then lifted my top off
1 of them said see I told you she didn’t have to wear a bra even for a MILF her tits are firm
I took that as such a compliment.

I then said well are you going to do the 2nd part of what you said
they looked & asked what do you mean? I said wank while looking at me
they asked if I was serious & when I nodded they started to take their pants off

I said oh come on you sexy boys do a strip tease for me, so they did sort of haha.
My god they had hot bodies & when I saw those 3 young hard cocks I got so wet knowing it was cause of me, 1 x normal & 2 x 8".

I couldn’t help myself so I put my hand in my shorts & started rubbing my pussy
they were standing all on 1 side of the bed wanking looking at me. The guy furthest away then went around the other side & actually climbed on the bed kneeling next to me
I just couldn’t help myself as he was big & I grabbed his cock while I was rubbing my clit.

That was it, they all took it as an invitation the other 2 got on the bed, my shorts were pulled off & hands were everywhere

I grabbed the neighbour boys cock & started wanking him & the other big guy, the smaller 1 started fingering me. I ended up sucking the neighbours son 1st, I had secretly desired him for a couple of years. The other 2 were playing with & sucking my boobs, I started taking turns sucking them

I was too busy concentrating on sucking the other 2 before I realised the smaller guy had his cock in my pussy without protection. I didn’t get to tell him to pull out as I am not on the pill cause hubby has had the snip before he came in me

I stopped sucking the other too & said OMG did you cum inside me? He said yes & I said I could get pregnant, his face went white.
I said well don’t worry now it’s too late, but I will have to go get the morning after pill at the chemist tomorrow.

They didn’t know what it was so when I explained the other 2 said well if he gets to cum in you, living out what we have all fantasised about then we want too.
I said ok
OMG those boys just kept taking turns on me for hours, I was so exhausted but the pleasure was amazing
The neighbours son came in me twice &,his friends both came in me 3 times they said they had to go & thanked me for making a long time fantasy cum true. I just lay there & said I can’t get up to let themselves out
I just lay there like they left me, naked, laying on my tummy, pillow under my hips & fell asleep
I was actually woken up a while later in a panic as I felt a cock thrust into me.

The neighbours son had left my door unlocked then snuck back over once his parents had gone to bed, snuck in my house, climbed on my bed & just pushed his lovely big cock straight in my pussy
once I realised it was him I actually orgasmed straight away. He fucked me then we actually fell asleep
when he woke up I got him to lay on his back & I rode him so he could play with my boobs oh god he went so deep.

He then had to sneak back home.

I went back to sleep. Then when I woke up I didn’t even shower, just put on my dress & panties to go to the shops. I felt so naughty & hot as I felt their cum in me. I went to the chemist last to get the morning after pill.

I loved the feeling so much of those 3 x 18 year old guys multiple loads of cum in my Pussy & running out & soaking my panties whilst at the shops. When I got home I walked around the rest of the day without my panties & sometimes had to wipe my legs when felt it running

I got so turned on, knowing I was in my fertile time & they were in me that I actually lay there last night with a pillow under my bum & hips elevated so it was pooling on my cervix.
I delayed taking the morning after pill until today, being Tuesday :)

Shelter from Your Storm (Part 23)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10| Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22)

We got a third season!!! I am still feeling giddy about it. I’ve been kind of dragging my feet about writing the end of this story, because I just couldn’t handle saying goodbye to both the canon world and my fictional version. Nah, I don’t get attached to fictional characters at all… But yay, here’s to the season finale (OMG, that promo!!), the coming season, and all the fanfiction that they will inspire! Hugs to our whole fandom!!

There wasn’t room to pace in the surveillance van.

But that didn’t stop Kurt from trying, looking from Patterson’s screen to Tasha’s.

“Did you get into their security feed yet?” he demanded.

Patterson glanced up, a reproachful look in her blue eyes. “This isn’t a 7-Eleven, Weller. There’s a lot of encryption here. We’re going as fast as we can.”

He grunted, moving back to Zapata. “Are their comms on yet?”

Zapata shook her head. “Nothing yet.”

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Dating Yoongi would include
  • No Pda ever except holding hands
  • If it gets too crowded , he’ll keep you as close as possible & when you look at him
  • “Shut up”
  • “ I didn't say a word”
  • “ Just … Shut up”
  • A wild blushing Yoongi appears
  • “ You’re cute”
  • “ Call me cute one more time & you’ll be in BTS cypher pt 5″
  • Skinship
  • Don’t expect much of physical contact if the members are around , unless he really feel like cuddling then , he’ll put his head on your shoulder & if anyone dare to tease him , well be aware of Yoongi’s wrath
  • “ Y/N save me”
  • “ Don’t drag me into this Taehyung“
  • a lot of naps
  • everyday the“You Turn Out the Light”Fight “ “But seriously, it’s your turn”.
  • Lazy Yoongi
  • Taking forever to get him out of bed
  • “Move your butt Min genius , you can’t spend a whole day doing nothing”
  • “Watch me.”
  • “Fine , Imma cuddle with Jungkook”
  • But you’ll end up being dragged in bed with him & gonna spend the whole day in there 
  • Cuddles , cuddles , cuddles
  • Him telling you that it’s time to clean & evaporating a second later
  • Min Genius
  • Banter , Banter , Banter
  • “-Take your foot off me”
  • “ -No”
  • “-You’re heavy”
  • “ -Deal with it “
  •  Suga complaining about how Jimin make his life hard or the boys being too noisy
  • Saving the boys from being murdered 
  • “ PARK JIMIN , I swear if I get my hands on you “
  • “ OMG (Y/N) Help me”
  • Pervy comments now & then
  • “ Is your father a farmer ? , Because you’ve that bum ‘
  • Basketball is a must
  • Playing with the members 
  • Playing together at midnight
  • “ The loser will buy food”
  • “ It’s nearly 1 am”
  • “ I can smell smtg”
  • “ What ?”
  • “ Fear”
  • Cool couple
  • Derp couple
  • You’ll be at each other throat or just so chill there is no in between
  • Studio worm
  • Being the first person to listen to what he wrote & he really take your opinion into consideration
  • Composing songs about you
  • Spending hours/days in the studio 
  • Making sure he is still alive inside
  • Dragging him out of it
  • “ I’m fine”
  • “ That’s not what Jin said”
  • “ I need to finish this”
  • “ You need to eat “
  • Swag
  • “ See my golden chain ? 3$ babe”
  • “ You got no swag”
  • “ S.W.A.G”
  • Min Genius
  • Arguing over stupid things
  • Write a song as an apology
  • “ I’m bad with apologies so here”
  • Studio dates
  • Home dates
  • Park dates
  • Arcade dates
  • Dorm dates : Movie night with the boys 
  • “ (Y/N) we missed you !”
  • “ Hands off Hoseok “
  • Yoongi eventually spending more time with Jhope & you are like ‘just date already’
  • Getting jealous because ‘Yoonseok’ but then they’re so cute so you just brush it off
  • Visiting him with food for everyone when he is practicing & he’ll have that cute expression :  when he stares at the floor and his cheekbones goes up with a gummy smile , muttering a “ You’re the best “ then boasting about how amazing you are
  • “ Isn’t my babe full of swag ?”
  • Always having your back 
  • “ I believe in you”
  • “ You can do it “
  • “ Make me proud “
  • “ Show these loser what you got babe “
  • Calling you whenever he can when he is on tour , even thought it won’t be frequent but he’ll try his best
  • “ Go to bed yoongi you must be dying”
  • “ I just missed you”
  • “ I miss you too babe , but I don’t want you to look like a zombie tmrw “
  • When he is having a hard time , he’ll debate a lot if he should call you or not .
  • “ Hoseok told me you were feeling a bit down”
  • “ I’ll end him”
  • “ Hey , you know I’m always here right ?”
  • “ I know , I just… ”
  • Eventually venting his worries
  • You being one of the few people who have seen the vulnerable side of Min Yoongi
  • “ I love you loser .”
  • Kumamon
  • His room full of Kumamon dolls
  • Kumamon toys
  • Selca with Kumamon
  • Just  Kumamon
  • Fanboying over him
  • “ For god sake Yoongi”
  • “ He’s so cute I can’t even”
  • Sunshine Yoongi
  • Caring Yoongi
  • Yoongi with babies
  • Hard working Yoongi
  • Him making you so proud
  • Yoongi wearing glasses
  • Big scarfs
  • Mint suga
  • Puns
  • “ Hey (y/n) , do you want some coffee ?”
  • “ Yeah , & make it s–”
  • “ Nevermind”
  • “ SUGA FREE”
  • “ No more hanging out with Hoseok.”
  • Yoongi with glasses
  • Deep Husky voice in the morning  
  • Passionate making out gone too far
  • “ Hands off .”
  • “ Make me .”
  • Deep ass voice
  • Jealous Yoongi is a sassy Yoongi
  • Silent treatment 
  • When you make up , he’ll send  you a diss track as a revenge
  • “ I went easy on you.”
  • SWAG
  • Pillow talk
  • Deep conversation , about life , hardship & dreams
  • “Do you know what’s sexy ? A serious conversation “


-Admin Bong

For @ lolzwithholz 

I'll heal the hole in your heart - chapter 5/?

Chapter 5/?

<< previous chapter | CHAPTER 1 | next chapter >>

A/N: Warnings and other informations are to be found in chapter 1.

Summary about chapter 5: (They’re 17-18 years old) Dan can’t sleep so Phil stays up and talks to him.

Words: 2.175

I’ll heal the hole in your heart chapter 5

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“The Abominable Bride” meta - Part 6 - the Reichenbach Falls and a theory

Alternative title 1: Why Moftiss were honest when they said it is an one-off but it still proceeds some things
Alternative title 2: Why I still leave a small room in the hopes Moriarty isn’t literally dead yet.

Alternative title 3: Why perhaps there aren’t as many layers - levels as you think!

All TAB metas can be found in this link.

So, I took a break before going on with last three scenes which basically are the terror of this episode.

Let’s start with the most important one: The Reichenbach Falls. 

As I’ve already said many times, all the victorian scenes we had seen so far were nothing more than the actual modern show transferred in the victorian era. (See part 1, part 2 and part 5 if you want all the parallels.) The modern scenes were the ones which brought the element of the new by giving us more information about what happens inside Sherlock’s mind and heart. The modern scenes so far were dreamy sequences of the Victorian Holmes. We will need to get to the end of the episode to see whether this fact changes.  I’ve also stated my firm belief that there is an over-analyzing going around - there are not 7,8 or 9 mind palace drug levels in TAB. There are 3 or 4 at the maximum, it depends on the viewpoint. In my opinion, the Victorian scenes so far were level 1, the modern ones were level 2. Sherlock doesn’t go deeper and deeper every time - he goes in and out of his stupor. So this makes for two levels so far.

After the corpse falls all over Sherlock (which is the ultimate proof the modern scenes are fake), Holmes wakes in the Reichenbach Falls, Moriarty watching him. 


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The Most Interesting Abbreviated Memory Test I Have Ever Done
  • *for best effect, imagine my voice as that of a modern Briton and imagine the patient's voice as that of an old lady from Downtown Abbey*
  • Doctorphantom: Hello! I'm Doctorphantom, one of the doctors on the ward today. I just wanted to do a quick memory test on you if you don't mind, just to compare with the memory test we did on you when you first came to us. Is that all right?
  • Patient: Ohhhhh! Hellooooo! So you're a doctor? Myyyy aren't you young! Doctors are getting younger and younger! Handsome too!
  • DP: Haha. Thanks dear. Let's start the test shall we, I just need to -
  • Patient: Ohhh already? But I don't have a pen. Can I borrow yours young man?
  • DP: Oh don't worry, you don't need one.
  • Patient: Oh good
  • DP: You just need to answer my questions. Shall I start?
  • Patient: Yes, yes, go ahead.
  • *patient procedes to answer her age and DOB correctly*
  • DP: OK, what year is it?
  • Patient: Ohhhh, ahhhh, two million and...........fourteen.
  • DP: Two million? You told me you were born in 19xx though and you were in your 90s. You aren't nearly 2 million years old now are you? Haha.
  • Patient: Ohhhh, I had no idea I was 2 million years old! I need more candles on my cake doctor!!
  • DP: No, no! You were right the first time, dear! You ARE in your 90s. It is the year two thousand and fourteen.
  • Patient: Oh I SEE!
  • DP: OK, do you know which hospital you are in?
  • Patient: Yes, you're hospital.
  • DP: But what is it called? Or what is this area called?
  • Patient: Hmmmmm it must be called doctorphantom's hospital I'm guessing?
  • DP: I wish! But no, you are in X hospital.
  • Patient: Oh bother! I knew that. I just couldn't quite remember.
  • DP: Don't worry! Let's move onto the next question. Do you know what time it is right now, roughly?
  • Patient: I bet you know what I'm going to say....
  • DP: What's that?
  • Patient: About time you got a watch!
  • DP: Hahaha, but really though, what time or time of day do you think it is?
  • Patient: Oh, I guess it's around one O'clock because I had that dreadful hospital lunch not too long ago.
  • DP: Yeah that's right.
  • Patient: Oh so you've tasted hospital food too? I just can't stomach it!
  • DP: Hahaha, I was referring to you telling me the correct time! OK, when was the end of world war 2?
  • Patient: Oh, I remember that well. *patient begins telling me a long tale*
  • DP: *finally finds a point to interject at whilst not seeming rude* - ah, so what year was that when you heard the last bomb go off?
  • Patient: Hmmmmm, I can't seem to remember actually! Ask me again another time.
  • DP: "omg, I listened to all that for nothing >_>" OK, who is sitting on the throne?
  • Patient: Oh, her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth!
  • DP: Correct
  • Patient: It should really be me though *said in a genuinely disappointed voice*
  • DP: Hahaha. OK just a few more questions:
  • *I continue to ask the rest of the AMT questions: counting down from 20 to 1, recalling an address, recognising my job*
  • DP: OK! All done. You didn't do too bad at all, an improvement from when we first saw you actually.
  • Patient: Oh good! I passed! Will you give me a memory certificate now?
  • DP: Haha, not exactly, but it's important for us to know that your memory has returned to it's baseline.
  • Patient: Can you give me a certificate anyway? That WAS a hard test after all!
  • DP: Haha, I'll see what I can do. It was lovely to see you, dear. Take care
  • Patient: Oh you too young man! Do visit!
  • *I come back later with a powerpoint certificate I cobbled together*
  • Patient: Ahhhh! My certificate! I am going to put this right next to my hard of hearing sign on top of my bed! Thanks love!
  • DP: Hahaha! Not a problem! Have a nice day!
Living in a Phantasy — Part 1 | I’ll Be There When You Wake

Summary: Dan is looking exhausted and horrible lately, and Phil tries to figure it out. Can a scream and a conversation in the middle of the night reveal the truth, and maybe something else…?

Genre: fluff, love, romance, phan, domestic (sort of)

Word count: 1348

Trigger warnings: none

A/N: This is the first phanfic I’ve ever wrote omg. Just a oneshot.

Part 2

He could get lost in those eyes. Deep pools of brown honey that lit up whenever he smiled. They way they turned bright amber whenever they caught the sunlight. Sometimes it seemed they were blazing with flames. Phil could spend hours staring into his best friend’s eyes.

But not tonight.

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