but it is my favorite thing i've ever made and will ever make

You wanna know my favorite language trope?

“You are what you eat.”

“I aint no pussy bro.”


Happy Mi⭐︎Do⭐︎Ta⭐︎Ka Day! (*ロ-ロ)♡ (`ω´*)  

I will be shamelessly posting and reblogging nothing but midotaka today, so feel free to enjoy or ignore, as you like. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Last August I made my first ever follower forever, so I decided to make it an annual thing! I’ve never worked on anything harder than I did on making that edit. Please appreciate it.

To start with, some of my lovely best friends:

@littlelegendlou - My macaroon. You’re hands down probably the sweetest blogger on this website, I love seeing how you reblog literally ever single person’s selfies and just how nice you are, it’s so so wonderful to see such a genuinely wonderful person and I love you for it, you’re such a delight and such a sweetheart.

@zayntoxicateme - Becky, I think it’s safe to you were probably one of the first friends I made on here. You are so kind and lovely, plus you sent me my Louis phone case which is one of my favorite things (even though my phone grew out of it). You always have such sweet things to say, and you make me really happy. I’m so glad to have you as a mutual!

@zjm - I’m sorry for always calling you geneviueieue bc I can’t spell your name without autocorrect and I think I’m hilarious even though I’m really, really not. Your Instagram gives me life and you’re literally so funny and really great to talk to and you always say nice things in the tags of my selfies and videos and that makes me really happy, I have every original post you’ve ever reblogged from me screenshotted because I’m that kind of person. I love you.

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