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I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your blog and I love your information posts. They're so incredibly helpful when writing fanfic. I was also wondering if you have any info on Jedi getting paid? Even small allowances?

Hi!  This is so sweet, thank you for the kind words!!  I’m glad the info posts are helpful to you–I do them because I really love the set-up of the GFFA and they’re fun to write about, but if I can help give out info, I’m glad to!

As far as I know, there’s really nothing to indicate if Jedi are paid an allowance or not.  And, as always, Legends is often very fun and explores cool story ideas, but it was always Legends to George and the other people making the Immovable Objects of Star Wars History, and is thus not really relevant.  So if there’s something I’ve missed in Legends, well, that wouldn’t surprise me, but it’s only useful for having fun with, not for canon purposes.

What we do know is:
- The Jedi seem to have money when they need it.  Qui-Gon has money (Republic credits, which aren’t able to be used on Tatooine, which is not part of the Republic) but it’s safe to assume that was a mission-related expense account.

- Anakin has personalized stuff in his room, but we don’t know how he got those posters or those special benches, tools, droid parts, starfighter toys, or the fancy Naboo-style lamp, etc.  We don’t know if he asked for them from Jedi Requisitions or if they were gifts or he bought them with a Jedi allowance or just straight up stole them.  Okay, I kid about that last one.  XD We also see Barriss has a (likely?) personalized statue in her quarters as well.

- The Jedi are under the jurisdiction of the Senate and report to them, so it’s almost guaranteed to assume that they’re given some sort of budget from the Senate, since there’s no other indication of how the Jedi would ever get money.  However, we never see the idea of a Jedi budget addressed in canon as far as I remember, so we’re just sort of guessing about the details.

So they have some way of getting things and they’re obviously allowed to keep personal items just fine (Anakin’s quarters have several of them), so the money for those things has to come from somewhere.  Even if it was just that Padme bought Anakin a bunch of stuff, he has them displayed all over his room and nobody’s going, “Hey, where’d all this stuff come from?”

I doubt that the Jedi would take side-jobs, given that it would be a far too sticky situation to get into (because then people with money could afford to hire the Jedi and that would give them an unfair advantage, when the Jedi are supposed to be peacekeepers) and I would guess that they possibly do get some sort of personal allowance to spend on whatever they like or at least have access to money, since we see them with personalized stuff.

If it’s going out to see a holomovie or buy a fancy space icecream or a poster they want to keep in their room.  Not all Jedi use the money and may even give it back, they don’t have much use for it, since the Temple is their home and family, they’re clothed and fed there automatically.  Or, perhaps, they just go ask for it and the Jedi are like, sure, here’s 30 space dollars, go get a fun snack, so long as the Jedi’s not spiraling out of control, they trust their fellow Jedi to have their reasons.

We see, for example, Barriss and Luminara and Shaak Ti, and Ahsoka all have clothes that are unique to them, though, my feeling is that they probably have tailors within the Jedi Temple that will make whatever clothes the Jedi requests, whenever they’re needed.

But missions would get their own separate spending money and whatever was left over would be returned to the Jedi.

Basically, we don’t have a lot of info, we just know that they likely get their money from the Senate and we see enough personalized items that the Jedi have SOME way of getting money to spend on things for themselves, but we don’t know specific details!

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Mmm look, it's past my bedtime but I'm listening to CR and on tumblr, so... Picture an up north cold boy Percy not being able to tolerate hot/humid weather well. Whining he can't breathe it's so hot he feels like he'll pass out. Now take it a step further and picture this WMT Percy (I know he works in hot furnaces, shhh) all slouched in a chair fanning himself with Vex's fan while she's up being social and exploring and having Fun

ok speakin as an up north cold girl there’s a difference between working a hot furnace and that kind of stupid sticky humid-hot that we get in Ontario and Quebec and stuff. It can get up to like…35 degrees here ok??? which is like 95 for you fahrenheiters AND I KNOW that’s hardly Phoenix Arizona but admit it you guys thought Canada just started to defrost in June.

AND THIS IS RELEVANT b/c Whitestone is Cold, yes, but also the geographical features suggest it would have a climate not too dissimilar to those places (it’s north enough to be cold, but south enough to still be forested. It’s also shielded from wind a bit b/c there are mountains, trees, and buncha junk in the way, and it’s close to a large body of water which can do all sorts of weird things but mostly it moderates the temperature) So, yeah, Whitestone might not be too far off from a climate like Chicago or Toronto or something, very loosely speaking.

And what this means is that Whitestone, in the summer, would be hot, sticky, still, humid, and awful, and Percy would have been Suffering through this every summer for his entire life, so he is probably face-down on the floor of the entry hall in shirtsleeves b/c the Stone Floor is the Only Cold Place, and trying to do anything else immediately douses him in a full coat of slimy sweat like he’s some kind of tropical frog, which is not only gross but very bad for holding slippery metal tools or book pages or even keeping his glasses steady on his nose, and opening the windows doesn’t help because there is no wind whatsoever to cool him down, so he’s not only too hot he’s BORED and he has been for YEARS, Lady Vex'ahlia.

Lady Vex'ahlia, who is busy spinning around outside in the sticky heat because everything in Whitestone gets so, so green, and lush, and the grass is thick and springy and the bushes are full of pink flowers and blackberries, and she probably enjoys it too until sunset, at which point she encounters stormclouds of mosquitos and blackflies and probably swallows at least 3 of each because it’s like the fucking plagues have descended and so in the end she’s like Fuck This and just. goes to join Percy on the nice cold stone floor b/c at least there are no bugs there.

I kinda miss summer in Ontario is what I’m saying :D


Thank you so much to everyone that took part in the survey! It was really fun and i hope to do something like this again sometime 💕

So without further ado, here is where Monsta X should be sorted in Hogwarts according to monbebes (including a couple of comments explaining some further reasons and house traits):

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We’re not going to post ANYTHING else until later, just so it’s at the top so Jack sees it. People, please tell Jack this post is up and to look at our tumblr for this information. It’s really important stuff and should make the videos run smoothly. Feel free to tweet at him, send asks, and tell him this is at the top of our page so he sees it because this is extremely important!

Cut scenes are important!
But even if your capture software doesn’t capture them, there’s still hope! You can check the movies file in your folder for all the cut scenes in avi format and edit them into the video. That’s assuming it doesn’t capture, of course, but it should be pretty easy to edit them in. A handy guide:

intro.avi - the cut scene at the very start
News.avi - the news segment at the TV
Opening.avi - opening credits
longline.avi - you’ll understand when you get to that point in the game
credits.avi - the credits. Of course
cough syrup.avi - a fun little music video you can find in the gallery at the end
theend.avi - the final cut scene of the game

This game is 4-5 hours long.
You were using the word “video” in a singular sense but actually, this is a fairly lengthy game that will probably require multiple videos. It is not grind-y at all, we packed it with story and characters and dialogues and puzzles so you should have a fun 4-5 hours! This game has been compared to Undertale and Night in the Woods in terms of its gameplay so you’ve got a lot to explore! Don’t rush though it! You actually missed a ton of stuff in the apartment too, so definitely take your time and explore!

Read the readmes!
We put a really nice note to you in there and explained a little bit about the game and the process behind it. It’s not too long but it does give you some great information on how to increase the game window size and the fact that a lot of art and almost all the music were custom made for the game! It also lists everyone who contributed to it so take a moment to read it, if you can!

We’re actually going to stall this entire tumblr to make sure this post is at the top so don’t send us any asks! We’re hoping Jack’ll like it so we know he saw it and honestly, we’re thrilled to be getting videos on the channel! We can’t wait to see the thumbnails! And we were really happy you thought of us in your charity livestream. We’re sorry our videos didn’t work but we cannot wait for the series on the channel! Thank you so much, Jack, and we hope this isn’t too much information to be sending! Our sequel game will be significantly less complicated but hey, live and learn! Thanks again!

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phil the explorer and dan the tiny planet

not long time ago there was a boy that was alone just like the sun, with no moons, with no hope. but he saw a planet on his own and went there to see what he had to offer, and he wasn’t dissapointed.