but it is also wedding art

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

This is by far the most obnoxious and unrealistic wedding dress I’ve designed so far, and it’s absolutely my favorite! I knew I had to make Nora’s dress fit for a queen, so I pulled a lot of inspiration from the dresses of Ariel, Vanellope, and Princess Peach!

I know a lot of you were looking forward to Nora, so I hope I didn’t let any of you down! Also shoutout to @sullivantwissarcana who had the idea to make her bouquet out of lotus flowers after Ren’s emblem. Genius!!



also sorry this is late my power went out last night


Suzanis; a type of textile made mostly in Tajikistan, and parts of Uzbekistan such as Bukhara & Samarkand. 

‘Suzani’ name of the exquisite silk mural embroideries comes from Persian “sozan” which means “a needle”. The art of making such textiles in Iran is also called ‘Suzandozi’ (needlework). Tajik & Uzbek Silk Handmade Suzanis gives people an insight into the old culture and tradition of the Ancient Khorasan land. Such works of art were prepared and used for ceremonial events like wedding, fittings for horses and horsemen, and the general embellishment of reception areas. Traditionally this embroidery work began at the birth of a daughter and continued, with the help of family and friends, until the bride’s dowry was complete. The patterns of Suzanis are an expression of women’s mood and fantasies; and not only that…Most of all, Suzanis are the last exponents of an age-old tradition.

quick doodle of Aria and Tela for @cousinslavellan, based on A. Ryder Log #23 of The Misadventures of Aria Ryder (read it over here or here! :D)

[and aaahhh!!! \( ;∀;)/ no-one’s ever dedicated anything to me so i’m so happy  \(;∀   ;)/  thank you so much!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ]

Stucky Sleeping Positions - 3. The “I’ve-got-your-back-position” (aka post mission cuddles)

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SasuSaku wedding!
The illustration i made for a fanmade acrylic standee. Apparently the customer service on the printing center thought if this is a wedding souvenir xD //boi i wish//

*sorry folks, i’m supporting the canon :) but dw i also ship NaruSaku

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🌼 beneath an angry bible flood, did you and i first learn to love 🌼

i’ve been So Dead lately but i needed to draw something for pride month and it needed to be these two


in which adrien & marinette attend a wedding reception and marinette notices how adrien looks at the bride and groom wishfully.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

//sorry for the lack of art lately! i’ve been swamped with work but i’ve been thinking about my whole wedding au and the events leading up to it….including proposal *stuffs my face in a pillow and screams while thinking about their proposal scene*