but it is also wedding art


did somebody say wedding day destiel?

Drew BuckyNat wedding piece for life drawing assignment hahaha! I really had lots of fun for this piece. Oh man I really want to see this happen in comic!!

See who you can recognize hahah 


@meabhd‘s coloring contest was too good to pass up (and this was really therapeutic. i haven’t worked with pencil in ages.) also i couldn’t figure out what color inej should wear but - i don’t need color; she looks radiant in white

the top image is the natural picture; i messed with saturation on the bottom image and i couldn’t decide what i liked better


Everyone is making those so this is my take on grown up Gladion and Lillie, I already posted Gladionon my personal blog but now again on the art blog cuz why not??

So! Aether President Gladion and Professor Lillie, cuz I think she’d take on Kukui and Burnett,since she said they’re like her parents, she’d live in Kukui’s house while Professor Kukui and Professor Burnett go around the world to study the wormholes the ultra beasts come through cuz they prolly open everywhere. Also, Gladion is married to the female protagonist,but he keeps his wedding ring in his pocket at work cuz otherwise he could lose it, in regards of Lillie, she is single and not ready to mingle, and the Stuffuls are popular among single women sooo~

Hey @ribonucleic-velociraptor I’m your secret santa!! I hope you enjoy your gift and I wish you amazingly great holidays!!!

and @soupery I’m like the 100th person to say this but thank you for organizing this event again it really means a lot!! 

Why 2017 is already better than 2016

- Twin Peaks season 3 (after 26 years)

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thats it.

oh you need more?

- 2016 will officially be the last dead of 2016

- Snk season 2 (after 4 years)

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- also new opening composed by ‘linked horizon’

- Possibly the last tomes of snk + snk entire fandom coming back to life

- did I say ‘the year of snk’?

- All the art, skits and memes about Trump

- Wonderwoman’s soundtrack movie 

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- Orphan Black Finale season

- ‘Pitch Perfect 3′

- 5H3 & CC1 ok no stop

- Fifth harmony finally free?

- Legend of Korra Dark Horses’s release (after 2 years)

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- A new Pixar/Disney movie everyone will be obsess with + cute fanarts

- 10th SNSD anniversary + SNSD comeback

- Konosetsu’s wedding

- Eurovision will take place in their country

- 2017 is basicaly cuter

John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)
“Danaïdes” (1903)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

In Greek mythology, the Daughters of Danaus (also known as Danaids, Danaides or Danaïdes), were the fifty daughters of Danaus, who were to marry the fifty sons of Danaus’s twin brother Aegyptus, a mythical king of Egypt. In the most common version of the myth, all but one of them killed their husbands on their wedding night, as ordered by their father, and are condemned to spend eternity in Tartarus to carry a jug to fill a bathtub without a bottom (or with a leak) to wash their sins off.

A Whole New Robron - Because @memorieswarm put this idea in my head…and I apparently couldn’t not do it. What else is new?

Also…because I’m lame, I wrote a really terrible Robron parody version of A Whole New World. Ignore the fact that the first two verses make little sense with the rest of the song and the rest of it doesn’t really work with the drawing but…oh well (Robert=regular type, Aaron=italic, Both=bold)

I can show you the village
Tiny, gossipy, friendly
Tell me, Aaron, now when did 
You last let yourself be glad

I can open your eyes
Take you field by field
Over scrapyards and farmland
On a magic carpet ride

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kookmin wedding….!! based off this vine (i can’t believe my mind went here… hahah im kinda embarrassed lol) [original tweet]