but it held up well


No Country For Old Men (2007)

Rewatched this last Sunday instead of watching The Oscars and couldn’t get over how good it was and how well it has held up. One best picture pick that they got right.

I remember reading McCarthy’s novel when it came out and immediately thinking to myself, “This is would make an awesome movie.” It’s written almost like a film treatment. Here’s part of the opening from the novel: 

Which is shortened in the film’s opening monologue that Tommy Lee Jones just nails:

The crime you see now, it’s hard to even take its measure. It’s not that I’m afraid of it. I always knew you had to be willing to die to even do this job. But, I don’t want to push my chips forward and go out and meet something I don’t understand. A man would have to put his soul at hazard. He’d have to say, “O.K., I’ll be part of this world.”

Other lines are pretty much taken verbatim from the book: 

But the Coens get in their own wonderful lines in, too. The one that broke my heart this time was Carla Jean’s, when she says, “I’m used to lots of things. I work at Wal-Mart.”

The title, by the way, is from the first line in the Yeats poem, “Sailing To Byzantium”:

That is no country for old men. The young
In one another’s arms, birds in the trees
—Those dying generations—at their song…

Anyways, it’s just a terrific movie. If it’s not the Coens’ best, it’s probably my favorite. (Yes, even over Fargo and Lebowski.)

GIF via Dean Peterson, who really loves it too.

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Been wanting to do this since forever…

Special thanks to necral who came over with his electric violin so I could get a reference on how they look.


First batch of edited pics from this year’s Katsucon! I worked my ass off on that giganto-Baymax arm -.-  Also, first year I’ve gotten solo pics in the famous Gazebo *A*

Myself as Hiro, eugeneration as Tadashi + photographer <3

In case you were wondering, yes, the armored hand is more or less to scale, depending on which scale you’re using.

If he lowers the end of the wrist tube, it’ll be approximately at the bottom of his shirt, and the fingers slightly above his head.  This is the case with my hand.  My hand looks bigger on me because I used the scale proportion of Hiro’s height.  Hiro is a bobble-head Disney alien, with over-sized head, hands, and feet to his toothpick body, and I am unfortunately quite human, and thus my head is smaller in proportion to my height, hence the hand looks bigger…Plus when I make props, I guestimate larger than smaller, so…..okay you get it I’ll shut up.  >.>

and yes I can sorta fit in the hand

Tadashi help me!!!!

I’m reading RTD’s “The Writer’s Tale”, something I’ve had in my possession for quite a while now but have never made time to read because I HAVE THE LAME.  Anyhow.  It’s enlightening.  Few things:

  • The original script for the BWB scene in Journey’s End is… interesting. I knew about the changed dialogue in the Vault on the Crucible but the way RTD originally wrote BWB… wow. 
  • And then him freaking out cuz he knows it won’t work the way he wrote.  It makes Rose stupid, cuz why would she pick Tentoo over the Doctor in that scenario.  And it was JULIE (bless her shippy heart) who raised the alarm the most on this. 
  • He thought about having Rose covered in Void Stuff meant she would have to stay in Pete’s World or else she’d die… that should be reason enough!
  • But no, cuz Mickey needs to stay in the prime universe.  Apparently he promised Noel he could be in series 3 of Torchwood.  AND THERE WAS NO SERIES 3.  ALL FOR NOTHING.  
  • Julie thought up the “He’s not you” line.  JULIE.  WE GONNA HAVE WORDS GIRL. 
  • RTD’s email buddy, Benjamin Cook suggested having Rose admit to being a terrible racist and that’s why she wants to stay in Pete’s World.  WTF.  I didn’t realise so much of this hinged on them being in separate universes!  And the racist thing… that isn’t even a funny joke. 
  • Then RTD rewrote the scene more how we recognise it (complete with TARDIS coral, mind) but took out the kiss.  NO RUSSELL.  BAD RUSSELL. 
  • I find it interesting that he worries about the emotional resonance of the scene.  Doomsday touched everyone but this with two Doctors… that doesn’t resonate in the same way.  He worries he overdid it by having two Doctors.  HE EVEN SAYS TENTOO IS SECOND BEST. WTF. 
  • Email buddy points out that Rose didn’t choose, the Doctor did and it was because he loved her that he manipulated her and UGH MY HEART MY FEELS MAKE IT STOP. 
  • Another rewrite but he has the Doctor say “Does it need saying” this time and puts the kiss back in.  NEVER TAKE THE KISSING OUT MAN.  It gives Rose a bit more of a choice in the matter and Julie likes the changes and so does David (didn’t realise he was running decisions through DT!). 
  • LOL LOL LOL.  Apparently RTD feels better about the scene having watched some rushes and read-throughs and apparently Rose looking at Tentoo with what he actually referred to as LUST in the TARDIS and I am DYING. 
  • I’m so glad they cut the cyberman thing at the end, meant to lead into The Next Doctor. It SHOULD end on a down note cuz damn, what happened to Donna was SHIT. 

Anyhow.  That ended up being more of a liveblog of my reactions than I had originally intended.  o.O

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Burning Stans. Alex's "Someone will die." And something Mabel herself said in the show as she held up a sock puppet of /herself/: "Well at least one of them survived." //"AT LEAST ONE OF THEM SURVIVED" AND SHE'S HOLDING UP HERSELF?? PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT JUST READING INTO THIS //i don't have a tumblr i need to tell someone help

*noises of anxious excitement*

Wig Tutorial

I got an absolutely gorgeous wig from wigisfashion.com  a few weeks ago. I did a review on my youtube page  and I really love it!! I’ll be wearing it with my Black Cat cosplay and my Storm cosplay. It’s a beautiful white wig with black roots that’s very good quality and has held up quite well. Unfortunately I had issues with recording my wig tutorial, so I decided to do a write up instead!! 

I’ve been around wigs for a really long time and like the true nerd that I am did a lot of research before I got my first one. I went to sites like BHM, LHCF, and a ton of hair care blogs. I’ve been wearing wigs and weaves for over 6 years and have learned a lot in that time. One of the things that I learned is all wigs need work. Unless you pay an arm and a leg for a lace wig that’s custom styled (and I mean truly custom styled, not one of those “ready to wear” wigs from RPG Show) then you’ll need to do your own work with the wig. Most of the time that work is making the hairline more realistic, creating a part, and styling it. With this wig I was already starting from a good place. It was thick and not shedding so I didn’t have to worry about adding wefts or anything like that. It was already cut and had a slight curl. The color is absolutely perfect so I don’t need to mess with that. All I really needed to work on was the hairline, the part, and finding a good method to secure the wig. 

The Hairline

Tweeze until you can’t tweeze anymore! For human lace fronts you’re usually able to specify the density so you’re able to go from a light density around the hairline to a heavier density throughout the wig. And even with the light density you’re usually still having to do a bit of tweezing. Most synthetic wig suppliers don’t let you specify the density so you’re given what you’re given. Luckily the hairline for this wig wasn’t too bad! It was thicker than I needed but it had natural dips and curves and made it easy to work with. I just pinned the wig to a mannequin I had lying around, brushed back the hair, and started tweezing the hairline. And there’s no real trick to tweezing the hairline. Just focus on an area, tweeze, pick another area, repeat until you have a flawless hairline. One thing I would note that it is time consuming. (It took me about two episodes of The Flash to get the hairline in order.) Another thing that I do is I put the wig behind my natural hairline. So my natural edges will just blend in with the start of the wig. I don’t have too much leave out but just enough to add to the realism. Of course this only works if the wig is the same color as your natural hair. Luckily this wig has black roots so I’m able to do that. 

(Before tweezing my heart out)

(Hairline of applied wig after tweezing.) 

The Part

I think that wigs look good with a defined part. With my natural hair I always have a defined part, unless i’m doing a ponytail or updo of some kind. But when my hair is down it’s always either a middle part or side part. So I make sure that my wigs all have defined parts. Making a part is actually pretty easy. Wigs usually come with a natural part. This one did. It was actually a pretty decent part too. The only problem I found was that it was too small for my liking and the color of the lace didn’t match my skin tone. The answer to the too small problem was  tweezing. It was a lot less tweezing than what I did on the hairline though. I just needed to remove a few hairs to make the part more noticeable and defined. That took maybe 10 minutes max. The lace is light brown and it’s not noticeable around my hairline since I have my edges covering the edge of the wig and because I cut the lace all the way to where the hair begins. The only place the wig’s lace color was noticeable was the hairline. I’ve got dark skin and wouldn’t have a scalp that’s about 5 shades lighter than my actual skin color. With human lace wigs if I have this problem I usually use Rit Dye to color the lace. In this case with synthetic hair, white synthetic hair, I wouldn’t want to try that. So instead I dab a bit of concealer, old concealer that i don’t use on my face anymore, on the underside of the wig where the part shows. It’s perfect. Doesn’t get on the hair, and creates a natural looking “scalp.” 

(Good view of the part.) 

Securing the Wig

Figuring out a good way to secure your wig is so important. You want to be able to brush it or walk outside on a breezy day without your wig falling off. When I first started with wigs I used a tape and glue combination that worked really well but it took a lot of trial and error to find what worked with my body’s chemistry, plus it took a toll on the lace eventually with constantly cleaning the remnants of glue from it. I also tried using the wig combs which I hated because they put too much pressure on my hair and if I was hasty in removing them strands of hair would be ripped out. Tootsie’s Mom Method was heaven sent for me. It was an easy alteration to the wig, I was able to take the wig off as much as I wanted, there was no clean up, and there was no trial and error. The method is just using one or two pieces of elastic to secure your wig. You have a five or six inch piece of elastic that you sew on the lace towards the top of your ear. Others put another piece of elastic below their ears but one piece tends to work for me. 

Oh and someone asked me for a length shot of the wig so I attached a picture to show how long it is. This is 24 inches on me. Super long but i’m a length whore so it’s perfect. 

And that’s pretty much it!! It definitely looks more natural and I’m very excited to wear it with my costumes! If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message!! 

After spending the day  between sleeping and shopping to grab some stuff, throw in a few hours of chilling out and getting ready he eventually showed up at her door. This was the set time they had anyways. Bags in hand he waited after giving a few knocks. “Yo bunny, your potential banana split is here.” He might have actually been a gentleman and picked up some flowers as well. He even held his part of the deal and dressed nice.



"Clem… I wanted to…"

"It’s fine, let’s just drop it okay? Besides, we’re here now, back together and better than ever!"

"That we are."

"So, with you being my tourguide, you must know when the next party is."

"Ooh, the nerd is coming out of her shell!"

"Oh shut up…"

"Well, there is one being held by my friends roommate tonight…"

"Sounds like a date!"

infinitesimalee said: I had NO idea it was actually that much in ratio! -sheds a proud tear- MSB was a pioneer in cartoon size shenanigans to the point where it was darn near normal to hang around a classmate 10 times ur size. freaking bless

Bless indeed, I’m pretty sure that show is responsible for a lot of us in the Giant/tiny community, especially the ones who have a platonic interest in it uwu/ I should find an excuse to watch a few episodes again. I know it hasn’t held up over time very well but dammit I’m an adult and I’ll watch a corny animated kid’s show if I want.


This is my cat Garfield. This cat has been with me since I was 3, I’m currently 15. This cat has been with me for 12 years! 12 years!
Well last year I cut a lot and sometimes Garfield was in my room when I was cutting and she saw me doing so. I am currently 3 months clean and Im pretty sure she knows that because tonight I found one of my blades. I hid them around my room when I was cutting I thought I got rid of all of them I guess not. Well when I found it I held it up and started getting sad and slowly gliding it on my leg, not cutting but just smoothly stroking, when she saw the blade she got up so quickly and jumped on my bed and started rubbing her head on my leg and kissing it. I see clearly now that she really cares and really pays attention. She is so smart, funny, and cute. I’m so lucky to have her. Some people say the animals are stupid, they don’t care, they’re just pets. Well they’re not they are humans too, they feel what we feel, they care about us, they are us.
Love your animals and cherish them because you never know when your gonna loose them.

hello yes crazed TAJ fan theory lady is back

There was a post that I saw earlier today that made me go HOLY SHIT because it made me realise something that I’d never figured out before

so, Agnetha was a tree for a significant period of time. Axl was ALSO briefly a tree in his dream sequence when he was flipping out about Gaia and Anders.

Agnetha was a tree to escape her situation  of having to raise four gods on her own
- Axl as a tree CAN’T ESCAPE Gaia and Anders playing happy families while he stands there and watches

WELL, Agnetha has long been held up as a parent that probably shouldn’t win the ‘Parent of the Year’ award, including the whole tree thing and also trying to kill her son for a period of time yeah I know wtf.

Axl, on the other hand, is a tree presumably out of his control. But as a result, HE CAN’T BE THE ONE to be a good parent and in a happy relationship with Gaia. He can’t ‘make like a tree and leave’, but that’s also because he doesn’t want to. He’s not his mother, he wouldn’t even dream of leaving Gaia, especially at this time. But he’s rooted to the spot and as a result Anders is able to swoop in in the same way Idunn swooped in and co-opted Gaia’s body. 

Even though Agnetha was gone, Season 3 momentarily brought back an important part of the Johnson family past and how it had affected the brothers. 

TL;DR: Trees make shitty parents, but sometimes they’re trying their best. 

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  • Where did they first meet?

Ninja school hahah idk

  • How did their relationship start?

Well Naruto kinda held up on all his goals to persue sasuke so idek like when they secretly meet up or something

  • Do they ever wear each other clothes?

Well of course (actually they did in the game if you pre-ordered)

  • Who apologises first after an argument?

Sasuke because Naruto would trick him into it

  • Who sings along to the radio in the car?


  • Who has the strangest interest?

Sasuke (ya know with snakes and stuff)

  • Who cries the most at films?

I feel like Sasuke would hahahahah

  • Who worries most when the other is sick/hurt?

Both but Naruto would show it more

  • Who steals the blankets at night?


  • Who takes the most photos of the other?


  • Who starts a food fight when the other is cooking?

Sasuke after Naruto accidentally spills something on Sasuke

imogencberne said: number 6 13

Carl sighed, arm resting awkwardly on the small of her back. He could feel the warmth of her hands on his own chest and even though it was cold- almost too cold- he still felt weird having Imogen lying on him. It was comforting, maybe even nice, but it still felt so weird. The boy had never held someone like that, not as close to him as that.

"Jen?" he asked, hoping not to hear the same crying sounds as he had before. "I think the storm is over. Dad’s having a look."

The barn had held up well but still, it was cold and they’d spent far too long pressed against the barn doors, just praying that it wouldn’t be the last time they were so close. Imogen had almost died, almost, and she was probably still shaken up by it.

Carl couldn’t be too sure.

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Hey! I feel like you've most likely been asked this before and I did check,under your faq and cosplay tag, but how did you make your kagune for Kaneki and attach it? I'm currently working on some and they look so shoddy in comparison to yours, and am struggling to find a way to attach them that doesn't interfere with the cosplay. I've looked online and om not finding anything all that useful until I saw your cosplay. You're bloody incredible, I'm quite mind blown.

honestly u see i did mine in the stretch of a few days last year and i don’t really like how they look nor do i think they’re held up very well so I don’t have the confidence to write up that kind of rushed/half assed process :/ they’re just bolted into a harness i made. if i have the time to remake them and feel proud enough abt it ill make a tutorial when i have the time