but it has so much heart~

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I made this au where the paladins get cursed by a floral witch on a mission to get some rare pollen, and the curse makes flowers grow out of their wounds to heal it. It sounds good, but it also heals mental and emotional wounds so it would be like wearing your heart on your sleeve for anyone to see. Idk I thought it would be cool but it has so much angst potential

dude that really does sound cool!!!

wishlist of #robron things I want to see in the near future!

⋆ Hand holding (as in walking hand in hand) even for a tiny bit, ED? please?

⋆ A hug where Aaron arms go around Robert’s shoulders. This is a HUGE crave I have that’s killing me. Everytime they hug I’m like “ok, now, now, NOW”

⋆ Back of the head holding (i won’t be picky, it can be during a hug, or a kiss, or a conversation…)

⋆ Playful banter. They’re so good at it. I hope there’s much more to come when they’re living together and dealing with each other rarities!

⋆ Complimenting each other. Rob has done it in the past but I’d love to say open complimenting like “you look gorgeous” or “i’m proud of you”

⋆ Heart to heart conversations about their pasts, specially about Rob’s since Aaron’s has been well discussed alreay and the poor lad doesn’t need to go back there.

⋆ Double date w/ Vadam. Can’t believed we haven’t got one yet! How is it possible, Emmerdale? We want answers!

⋆ A bed scene. A proper one. Like BOTH. IN. BED. CUDDLING. TALKING about anything. I am not daydreaming about SEX, I know everything about 7pm shows and all but COME ON. I could point out 10 scenes like that shared by straight couples!!!!

⋆ Going away on a proper holiday. Even if we don’t get to see it. It’s been almost a year since de Barcelona fiasco, they could do with a bit of sand & sun.

⋆ Teaming up to help others. It could be something light, for example, playing matchmakers or something more troublesome & shady, if you like.

RT and add your own!

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but imagine this. A Modern au where R has a youtube channel where he sings original stuff and covers. And (idk why man) Eponine writes a song (On my own) but is pretending too hard not to show she really cares about it (and about marius lol) so she asks R to sing it w/ saying she wrote it... and he does and les amis watch the video and Enjolras is like WTF? Who's breaking R's heart? and starts pinning and thinking TOO MUCH about the fact R is in love with A RANDOM guy. why didnt he know abt this

ohhhh my god? I love this holy shit god damn thank you?? I wish I had time to write the full fanfiction this prompt deserves but for now please consider the following:

-Enjolras gets suddenly VERY CURIOUS about Grantaire’s activities outside of their meetings. When he leaves Enj is like where are you going? Who with? And when Grantaire doesn’t answer him he asks everyone else because he really just wants to find out who Mystery Man could possibly be when Grantaire spends so much time at the Musain with them

-he’s developing permanent frown lines please someone help the man

-of course the first person to know the real reason Enjolras’ behaviour has changed is Éponine, since she’s the only one who knows who wrote the song AND how Enjolras feels about R, but she decides she’s going to let this all play out naturally because why not

-Everyone else assumes he wrote the song about Enjolras and none of them understand why Enj is getting increasingly agitated about Grantaire’s extra-curricular activities

-until one day Courf is like ‘dude are you going to ask Grantaire out??’ because he knows all about Enj’s feelings and R has been covering sad songs on his channel lately, but Enjolras is like ‘why would I ask him out when clearly he’s interested in someone already’ and Courf Gets It

-Courf is like, please Enjolras just ask Grantaire to introduce you to Mystery Man so you can at least see who Grantaire is so infatuated with

-And Enjolras is like alright alright fine

-so he goes to talk to Grantaire but ends up being like 'let me talk to this man, let me and give him a piece of my mind for not paying attention to you, anyone would be lucky to have you, I know he’s not obligated to return your feelings but seriously who is this guy he’s an idiot’

-Grantaire very weakly says 'you’

-(the same night, the song Grantaire posts on his channel is uncharacteristically sappy. his subscribers are curious. the amis are pleasantly surprised. Eponine knows what’s happened right away.)

“I mean, can you even count the times I have had to save the boys?”

 Instagram saw it first ;) (@ShuggaQueenCosplay) Photographer: Sarah Brandt, she is v talented 💖  Nya has such a place in my heart, v empowering and I worked so so hard on this costume and I’m so proud of it. Your positive feedback has warmed my heart so much. This show became something that inspires me quite a bit and I didn’t expect it too.

guys, i don’t… i don’t usually get myself into the middle of discourse™ but this whole “how dare octavia listen to some stranger instead of her brother!!” thing is making me tired already?????

if someone is family, more often than not, that means they’re the last person that will make you see reason, because they’re too close to the situation and have too much subjectively invested

like, if you confide in your parents and/or siblings and have that kind of comfortable, stable relationship i am so, so, so happy for you but you are the exception

and i don’t even mean that everyone hates their family?? i love my brother with all my heart but if he tells me to do something, you know what i’m gonna do? the exact opposite of that. it’s just… a thing that happens

not to mention that ilian is not just “some stranger”. octavia has already seen and recognized similar pain in him, has witnessed him following the same destructive path of revenge that she was going down. it’s on that even ground that her heart opens to change; not because she got laid (which tbh i’m mad about, it was completely unnecessary for this kind of growth).

i’m not even sure if i’m making sense but just… shhhhh. y’all are hurting my brain with this drama.

on an island to myself, won’t go far at all
under the clouds that cover up the sun
our closest star has footprints all over it
can’t see mars in the telescope anymore
what did we do?

what did we do?

stars erupt anew, apoptosis in my heart
triggered on by your remarks,
the back of your neck as you turned around
and left me in a puddle of my own regret
what did i do?

what did i do?

—  sometimes all we can do is wonder and that can hurt so much // uncertainties sting like wasps
A Guy Like You

Right, so… I post this to test the water… to see how this morbid AU idea has any takers.

Now, before you embark on the journey into the world of surgical equipment, consider this.

Moana/Maui Modern AU.
Her heart nearly stopped when the figure wrapped in green surgical scrubs spun around. “I was just.. uh, come to give you this,” she said. Electric bolt traveled up her spine as their hand grazed each other. An unwelcome rush of blood settled on her cheek. This is too much! Her mind screamed, if she stayed in the room any longer, she might need to be resuscitated. “Mo? Are you going to keep holding onto that urine sample?”

To read in FF net

To read in Ao3

Let me know what you think, and wheter or not it’s worth continuing :-)

Now imagine Maui holding a scalpel and Moana holding a forceps XD XD XD

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JIMIN'S PARENTS WOULD LOVE YOONGI SO MUCH like because jimin's parents seem so accepting from what I've heard. but also like if yoongi makes jimin happy they're happy. (also stories jimin has told them about how yoongi always brings him food and takes care of him after he's been dancing too much has also softened their hearts)

even we can see the stars in jimin’s eyes when he’s recounting cute stories about yoongi, imagine how he must be like in front of his parents when he’s getting all excited and telling them how they’re going to adore him,, of course they’d love him i’m

tonight is a crying over holt kind of night so here is a post reminding you all of a few reasons why holt/frankie are perfect and i love them

  • holt was shut out of everything for so long (his mom hid him away and heath, his own cousin, didn’t even know he existed while growing up) he needs love more than anyone and who better to help him with that than frankie stein the person who always has a heart full of love to give
  • she loves caring for people and spreading kindness and just?? all things holt would need like she would build him up so much and never make him feel like he was lesser than jackson or anything
  • i imagine being the “evil” hyde side worries holt on the inside sometimes and to have someone as sweet and pure as frankie who loves him and always trusts him and believes in him would be very important
  • they are perfect. that is all

Ok but I’m not over how defeated Oliver looked walking into the bunker and Felicity looking so devastated and heartbroken for him. She’s seen him through a lot of pain and even after some forms of torture, but this is different. She has never seen him so defeated and warn down and completely battered. She loves him so much and sees the very best in him and sees the big heart full of love. She has seen him completely happy and fulfilled and to see him like that? It has to gnaw at her and break her heart. And I have to believe she has to feel somewhat guilty for dragging him back into this and away from blissful Ivy Town. It’s not her fault but she may feel some guilt. It’s such a hard thing to watch someone capable of so much love and happiness, look so completely defeated. It’s heartbreaking and I can’t wait to see their dynamic and them talk through their issues and Oliver to FINALLY see the man Felicity sees.

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I'm like the other person who picks Zen first for new DLC's because she played his route first but with Yoosung because he took my MM virginity lmaoooo But honestly, it feels like I'd be cheating on him if I didn't!! He has a super special place in my heart <3 have a wonderful day & thanks for being super cool I love following you

i love yoosung !!!! so much !!!!!! recently my love for him has increased 100000% he is my sunshine

also thank you!!

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I really like your posts on Jadeite/Rei (art and everything). Great job, keep on keeping on. Regarding Kaidou, do you think his personality resembles Jadeite's (their physical similarity is obvious enough)? Or do you headcanon them as different people? Personally I view Jadeite as someone who's somewhat more ruthless, with a stronger personality (not unlike Rei herself), while Kaidou strikes me as someone who obeys Senator Hino a bit too much sometimes, but that's just me, of course.

Really interesting question, and it will be a long post.

I like the idea of Rei falling in love with Kaidou because he looks like Jadeite (Rei has the same heart of Mars, and there’s a place for just ONE man in Mars’ heart: in Kaidou, Rei unconsciously recognizes Jadeite).

So, I think somehow Kaidou is similar to Jadeite.

For starter, I should start from how and why Rei fell in love for Kaidou and from Rei’s idea (and fear) of falling in love.

(Honestly, I am bit annoyed by people telling that Jadeite/Mars in Crystal is against manga’s canon: Rei isn’t lesbian neither asexual in manga, despite her “I don’t need men” and her vow or chastity, and I am going to explain why Mars/Jadeite isn’t against Rei’s canon in manga)

In order to understand why Rei/Jadeite works and how Jadeite should be in order to be a good match for Rei, let’s start from Rei’s personality.

1) More than a lover, Kaidou was a confident for Rei, a big brother, a close friend: this is why she fell in love (before to realize she was in love). I think that Rei hates all the rituals of love and she is attracted to someone coming close her as friend and confident more than to someone showing a physical and romantic attraction to her.

It’s also interesting to note that Kaidou seems a lot older than Rei!!! When she is still a little girl, Kaidou looks already an adult man!!!. Rei looks more for a confident - big brother - than a lover; she looks for a man and for a boy.

2) Rei is afraid of falling in love because she thinks that falling in love means to become dependent on someone, so risking to be weak when left alone (people should depend on themselves and not on others): Rei hates her father for abandoning her mother but she also criticizes her mother for being weak (dying after her husband left her alone).

PLEASE, note that, in this scene, Rei says also that she doesn’t need friends!!!!: it’s the time before her meeting Usagi and the Senshi. Basically, Rei is afraid of having friends and having a husband because she fears to be abandoned by people she could start depend on!!

3) Rei is also afraid of becoming possessive if she fell in love, because she is aware of her passionate nature. 

I also think you can read her chastity vow this way: in eastern culture chastity has a wider meaning, in the sense of not being distracted from your duty by your passions. Mars fears her own passions, since she is the Guardian of Passions and Flames, so she must learn to control her fire. She fears love because she thinks she couldn’t control it and it could change her into a selfish person.

Please, also read carefully Mars’ dream in Dream: Rei doesn’t rejects the idea of falling in love with a man, but the idea of becoming a selfish person by marrying a rich man, and so forgetting her role as Senshi. Rei is rejecting the idea of marrying a man for convenience: a rich man in order to have a wealthy life. A marriage for convenience is also the way Kaidou broke her heart (I think Rei would have accepted Kaidou marrying another woman for love, but he chose a marriage for convenience).

3) Kaidou betrays her by marrying another woman for his career, a marriage for convenience. This is what breaks Rei’s heart.

Note that Rei says clearly she would marry Kaidou, if he chose her. Few panels before Rei says she will never get married (and she also says she doesn’t need friends!!), but then she says she would marry Kaidou. 

AGAIN: Rei doesn’t rejects the idea of falling in love and marrying a man, but she is scared by her own feelings (her becoming possessive over the man she loves) and by the fear of being abandoned after becoming dependent on that man.

All that “I don’t need men” - “I am not interested in men” - “I don’t trust men” in manga just shows Rei’s fear of falling in love (because of her father’s attitude to her mother and because of Kaidou), as her saying “I don’t have any friends, I don’t have any use for them, you can’t place your trust in people” before meeting Usagi and the Senshi showed her previous fear in friendship too.


In order to match Rei’s personality, Jadeite should be kind and patient (being kind and patient doesn’t mean your personality is weak!), acting more like a confident than a lover. He is by Rei’s side when she needs him, but he is never intrusive. So, yes, is somehow like Kaidou.

Of course, Rei trusts Jadeite and he never betrays her trust. 

BUT! Remember that Jadeite is Endymion’s Guardian, and Endymion comes first (the way Mars is Serenity’s Guardian, and Serenity comes first). I think that both Mars and Jadeite are aware of their role, and they know (and accept) that their role comes first, then comes their love.

I’m sick of being in love with this man and being uncertain of where it’s heading, the frustration, the longing, pining, endless heaps of desire!!! This is torture! Torment! I just pray he won’t actually move away like my heart would be what? SHATTERED 🗣💔 the sex is AMAZING, best i’ve ever had 😭 because there’s chemistry And so much of it!!! I deadass don’t want anybody else it’s not the same, i’ve tried but it never feels as good it doesn’t fill the fucking VOID i’m sorry if ya’ll are over hearing about this but it’s my darn tootin bloggity so 🤷🏽‍♀️ But d e a d DEADASS nobody is like him not even close like ??? No one has ever captivated me or held my attention for so long or so completely the rest of these dudes mean ZERO nada less than nothing to me. I just want one chance, just one i would give it everything i have cause he’s worth all of it, fuck.

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It's been a while, my heart has recovered from melting... I think I'm ready for some more Yakuza! Tracer, if you would like to write some more ^_^

aw yeah! I’ve missed this AU and I love writing it! ♥

  • With Genji now gone to the monastery, after his supposed ‘death’, Hanzo’s training intensifies. The Elders pressuring him now that he has prove worthy of being the Shimada Clan leader. 
  • Now seen as the young master’s right hand, Tracer is treated with the same respect as he. Others bow to her and take her orders as to best protect the young master. 
  • After an exhausting day, Tracer smuggles Hanzo away from his duties to spend one evening in the light of the moon and beside the shoreline. Knowing that he needs to let out some of his build up tension, they rest on the beach under the stars.
  • With his head in her lap and her fingertips running through his hair, he releases all his anger and doubts and frustrations with the clan and his position and what he might have done to Genji. 
  • He grows quietly at this, before taking her hand and pressing it to his lips.
  • “Lena… my dear. Neither Genji or I would have survived if you hadn’t…”
  • “Shush, Hanzo. I know. I’ll always be here, my love.”
To the one I love so dearly,

How have you been? I know it has been sometime now that we have been apart. I would be lying if I said I did not miss you. I don’t know what to do, everything seems so much easier when we are with each other. I hate that life is so complicated and there are so many obstacles along the way before you can be truly happy. It’s not the same without you. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish you were here with me. Stay smiling…  I’ll try to do the same. I love you with all my heart.

- 03232017

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5,6,17 hollstein :D

5. Who usually has nightmares?

Carmilla. She has really bad nightmares because of the different things mother used to do. The worst one was the coffin of blood. She still wakes up sometimes thinking she is still trapped. Laura comforts her of course and calms her down.

(I forgot to add Laura! WHOOPS.)

Ok so Laura would also have nightmares because the shit that she went through with Carmilla. Like getting you heart ripped out and then going pretty much to hell? Like who wouldn’t have nightmares? Also! Like you loose the one you love and then get her back and then ALMOST loose her again, yeah that would make you have nightmares.

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day?

Carmilla has thoughts at night because she looks at the stars and has deep thoughts. Laura still makes jokes about it. Laura has thoughts during the day and will tell Carmilla, Carm just looks at Laura like she is a dork but secretly loves it.

17. Who works/ Who stays at home?

They both work but Carmilla gets off earlier than Laura. Laura has ALOT of assignments to grade. Carmilla walks into her office and sits while Laura finishes her stuff. They both leave together and head home after a long day at work. OH! Carmilla works at a bookstore and fixes the history books because some of them are wrong and she rants to Laura after work about them.

Thanks for asking!

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How do you deal with all the karamel haters? I went into the tag hoping to find gifs of tonight's ep. But all I found was 99% hate (and now apparently mon-el is an abuser?) and it just made me so sad that I can't even enjoy something I like without hate. Like I get that they don't like mon-el but there's this thing called respect. They complain about him but they don't realize they're the ones being bullies, there's so much hate in their hearts and he's not even real.

I’m desensitized by now lmao I literally just don’t care. I used to at first but I guess I got over it gradually. And I get so much hate every single day, you have no idea. I guess I’m the kind of person who finds it easy to shut off the negativity and focus on more positive things and remain level headed. Our fandom has so much to be excited about. I don’t even have time to focus on hate. I also feel I need to set the example by being positive, encouraging people to do the same and protect them from the negativity. I only feel upset when I see friends of mine struggling with it because I worry about them and it sucks when unfair situations happen. Also the block feature is my friend. I use it a lot!