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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

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Pls a little damian and bruce father and son headcanons

- Bruce sends Damian to a nice private school (the same one Bruce went to) and Damian absolutely hates it; he thinks that the kids are pretentious, weak, and annoying and that the classes are boring and not challenging enough, but he doesn’t want to complain because he knows his father is just trying to give him the best (although Bruce occasionally gets a little grief from Damian) 

-After patrols Bruce sometimes has to carry Damian to bed because the kid has fallen asleep in the Batmobile and Bruce doesn’t have the heart to wake him up, so he just picks him up and makes sure to be gentle so Damian can get his much needed rest

-Bruce and Damian occasionally have movie nights where they watch the movies that Bruce loved growing up because Damian constantly tries to understand his father more and he thought that maybe this would be a good way to do so (at the suggestion of Dick)

-Damian often has nightmares and Bruce is usually his go to source of comfort after any bad nightmares that prevent him from going back to sleep. Bruce will hum a song that his mom used to sing to him that he only vaguely remembers and it rarely fails to make Damian go back to sleep

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Top 5 Favourite Haikyuu seiyuus?

There are so many to choose from rip!!!

1. Kimura Ryouhei as Bokuto Koutarou. Yes, of course, always. His voice adds so much to an already wonderful character, and it fits him just perfectly. No one would ever do the iconic HEY HEY HEY the same way he does. If you ever saw him live, it’s incredible to see how much fun he has performing him…it just melts my heart <3

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(A BABY!!!!)

2. Uchiyama Kouki as Tsukishima Kei. A voice I could recognize EVERYWHERE. His interpretation is so iconic that no matter in how many other anime I’ll meet him (basically in every single one of them), he will always be Tsukki’s voice to me. 

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3. Okamoto Nobuhiko as Nishinoya Yuu. I ADORE HIM. Nishinoya is a character with a wide range of emotions and he’s perfect in every single one of them. Happy Noya, angry Noya, excited Noya, sad Noya…I guess if Noya is so special to me I have to thank him too. Never forget the iconic “JUST CALL FOR THE TOSS AGAIN, ACE!!”

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(he’s beautiufl too just kill me already)

4. Irino Miyu as Sugawara Koushi. His voice is so perfect and calming, I love it especially when he delivers that snaky tone that’s so Suga. Simply, it brings joy to my heart every time I hear it.

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5. Nakamura Yuuichi as Kuroo Tetsurou. His voice…does…things…to me…it’s like…a curse…running…from character…to character…RIP

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- Bonus: an honorable mention of course goes to Murase Ayumu for bringing Hinata to life, because his voice is exactly how Haikyuu sounds like in our hearts.

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(the kagehina curse strikes again I see) 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

taz’s tail is very much at coffee table height, so when he wags it & hits the edge of the table, even if there is nothing on it, he gets embarrassed, puts his ears & head down, & holds his tail between his legs, like he has the memories of spilling things & is scared to repeat it.

it melts my heart & makes me hug him so hard

The 12th Doctor has been through more hell than any of the others (except perhaps The War Doctor.)  He’s lost more, he’s fought more, and he’s been put through more hellish death thanks to the Time Lords.  

He’s also loved more thanks to being River’s Doctor, the way he fought for Clara, and the things he’s done for humanity.  

So many people said so many cruel things about Peter Capaldi’s run as the Doctor but much as I knew, he was the Doctor perhaps more than any other actor in New Who because he had the history and brought to life every other Doctor within himself and his character.  The ancient alien, the eternal champion of right, the immortal wanderer who wonders at all the universe.  It was all there in him.

He got to live his dream.  He got to be his hero.  And yet it hurts me so much to see him leave knowing that perhaps his choice was based on the hateful comments and stupidity of people who are both dumb and blind.  

Be that as it may…Peter Capaldi has cemented himself in my heart as my Doctor.  I’ve been watching the show since I was 4 and he to me has personified the character perfectly.  He brought into the world of New Who the Classic Doctor with new wave punk soul that fit it so well.  And the reason was that was all the bits of himself he put into the character…a young man who grew up watching his heroes fly a TARDIS and who helped grow him into the man he is.  How could it not be a perfect Doctor?

Thank you Peter. You made me believe.  And you made me realize dreams come true and to just say fuck the haters.  You are My Doctor.  

Twisted in Love Epilogue

Summary:Y/N is an up and coming YouTuber. Grayson falls in love with her, and wants her to be his. Little did he know that his twin brother Ethan had the same idea. Who will win her heart? Who’s heart will get broken?

A/n So, since @scuteedolans and loved working together so much on this series. A sequel may or may not be in the works. But you’ll have to look out for that.


Grayson’s pov.

It’s been a week since y/n left, since Ethan left.  

Since everything blew out of proportion. Leaving me with no”girlfriend” and no brother. 

And well the past week has been a literal hell for me. I’ve never felt so empty, and lonely. It was like my thoughts were eating me alive on the daily.

Constantly thinking about how if I controlled myself. If I didn’t kiss y/n that first time, if i didn’t confess my love. Maybe I could still have the both of them. 

I know Ethan hates me. I don’t blame him, i’d hate me too. Hell, I actually do hate myself now. I mean Ethan literally had to leave the state because of me. I’m guessing to clear his mind from y/n and I. I’ve tried reaching out once or twice. But, well i knew he wasn’t going to reply. I just wanted to make sure he was okay, I mean he’s my brother no matter what.

Cameron told me he was fine, but depressed as hell. And well, Ethan doesn’t get upset easily. And, I was the reason he was fucked up. He loved her, and so did I. 

But, if giving her up is what it took to get my brother back, i guess that’s what i had to do. 

If you love something you must set it free, right?

As I was eating some cereal in my currently messy living room, I heard the front door open. Indicating it’s Ethan because he’s the only other person with a key beside myself.

As he walked in I popped up, trying to say something to him. But i couldn’t.

He pushed aside me heading toward his room, not a word yet. And it was killing me. I needed to talk first but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to fuck up my only chance to redeem myself. 

“Ethan, Wait E!” I shouted catching up to him as he walked into his dark room.

“Fuck off.” he spoke coldly.

“No just. I fucked up i know. But we need to talk.” i said, his back still facing mine.

“No we don’t leave me alone!” he spoke coldly.

“Ethan come on, what would make you not hate me!” I shouted.

“Promise not to see her. Ever again.” 

What. Not see y/n. Again, I couldn’t fuck. But then again I needed my brother, I needed Ethan.

“What?” I replied

“Gray don’t be fucking stupid promise never to talk to her. Never to see her, just never to fucking think about her again and I sure as hell never will see her again. That’s how I’ll forgive you.” Ethan spoke, looking at the ground slightly.

“Okay. I promise.” I said, and we shook on it.

That’s it. I think i got Ethan back. But at what cost, possibly the love of my life? I had to give her up, and I knew it was the right thing to do but it felt so wrong.

**Ethan’s pov** (Six Months Later)

“So you excited about tomorrow?” Grayson spoke taking a bite of his pancakes.

“Hell Yeah I am!” I exclaimed.

I know, I said i was done with the Dolan Twins, and that I hated Gray. 

But, all of those feelings were gone. Gray and I were stronger, and closer than ever. Neither of us had ever been happier. The pact made us stronger, as we were both reassured y/n was out of our lives for sure. That no one, not even her would tear us apart. Life was phenomenal.

 And we were even up for another TCA, tomorrow actually!  For Best Male Internet Star. Which I mean is cool as heck. 

This felt like a fresh start for us. A new chapter to turn in our books, we had some drama and conflict yes. But tomorrow, all of our hard work that was put into our channel was going to pay off. And I couldn’t be more hyped.

“Come on bro we gotta go, and pick up our clothes for tomorrow!” Gray said grabbing my arm, the both of us leaving the diner.

(Next Morning)

It was the day! Well, morning but still! We were going to the freaking TCA’s! It literally felt like a dream. We were two seventeen year old boy’s, and nominated for our second award, that’s insane.

As I walked into the Kitchen, putting my shoes on quickly finishing off my outfit for the event. I mean I looked pretty good if I say so myself.

“Hey E, come here.” Gray shouted out, causing me to go to him, where he was located which was his room.

“What you cool dude?” I asked, as I saw a concerned expression on his features.

“look.” he said, showing me his phone. Which showed a tweet, that belonged to y/n.

She was nominated for Best Female Internet Icon.

She was going to be at the Tca’s, and so were we.

I can never fully articulate how much HP has formed and benefited my life. When I say I love Harry Potter, it does not sum up the affection in my heart. And I think that is the same for so many people, which is what makes HP so special. I used to try and prove I was the biggest HP fan, but do you know what? I am so pleased, so happy that we all share this love. That we all are made that much happier by HP. I am forever grateful.

Thank you for 4K!!

I can’t believe there are so many of you! You’re all the most amazing followers I could have ever, ever asked for. You’re sweet and endearing and make me feel like the luckiest gal in the world, everytime you send me messages or read and comment on my fics my heart just bursts because you’re the loveliest people in the whole world. This blog has been my little haven for a few months now and I know I’ll always have people to talk to if I need it I don’t know what I ever did without y'all. Thank you, thank you, one hundred times over. I love you all so much ❤

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todoroki and bakugou meeting their daughter and becoming a lil Emo™

todoroki shouto

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  • he is already emo but now, he’s Emo™
  • his eyes water when he holds them in his arms
  • notices how soft their skin is compared to his much rougher hands
  • kisses their forehead, vowing to be completely different than his own father

bakugou katsuki

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  • he refuses to cry but his s/o sees a tear fall although he denies it profusely
  • looks over her face and sees that she has some of his features but so much softer
  • feels his heart swell with happiness that she is his baby
  • holds her closer to him, mumbling that she is going to own the world if he has anything to do with it

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hey its the bordernerd from sws and id like to request a drunken viktuuri rap battle about makkachin

“How could you say that?” Viktor screamed.

He’d never felt so betrayed in his life, and that wasn’t just the vodka talking.  This, from Yuuri of all people, the person he trusted most in this world, his One True Love who has turned against him and broken his heart.

“Because it’s true,” Yuuri said.  Viktor hated that his glassy eyes and bright red face made his knees a little weak, because he was so beautiful but also the enemy.

“Makkachin loves me better,” Yuuri said with the most awful smirk.

Viktor cried out and clutched his heart.  How could someone so terrible look so beautiful?  “Lies!” he said.  He cast around, looking for something suitable.  He settled for an unused napkin lying on the table nearby.  Everyone was staring at them, but so much the better.  They needed witnesses.  “I demand satisfaction!” he said, trying to slap the napkin across Yuuri’s face.  It wasn’t very effective.  Yuuri swayed anyway, champagne making him unsteady on his feet like he so rarely was.

“Dance battle?” Yuuri clarified, raising a perfect eyebrow.  Fuck.  No.  Viktor hadn’t thought this through.  He didn’t have the best track record of dance battles with Yuuri at banquets.  Especially not when Yuuri looked this delectable.

Rap battle!” Viktor shouted.

If they didn’t have everyone’s attention before, they certainly did now.  The gold and silver medalists standing in the middle of the banquet, drunkenly challenging each other to a rap battle over who had the affection of their dog.

Chris passed Viktor a microphone without a word, his eyes as solemn as if Viktor was actually off to a duel.  Considering how deadly Yuuri’s good looks were, he might as well be.

“Give me a beat,” Viktor said, staring intently into Yuuri’s eyes.

He wasn’t really surprised when Otabek started beatboxing skillfully.  Kid of many talents, apparently.

He cleared his throat, bobbed his head to the beat, and began.

“Makkachin’s a dog
who knows what’s best,
comes running to his papa
and leaves all the rest he don’t
listen to Yuuri cos Yuuri is so beautiful…

I wanna pairs skate with him again…

he’s got…


He trailed off before he could even get to the point.  What was the point again?  Yuuri was smiling at him, his face just inches away and his eyes half lidded.  His fingers twisted around Viktor’s tie and pulled him close enough that Viktor could feel his breath ghosting across his lips.

“Is that all you’ve got, Nikiforov?” he murmured, and stole the mic right out of Viktor’s lax hand.

And then he was gone.


Otabek set a new beat, low and dirty.  Yuuri looked Viktor right in the eye and smirked.

“Yeah, Makka’s a good boy
that’s more than I’d say for you, boy
you’ve got some nerve
saying that I don’t deserve
the love of best dog,
such a perfect hopeless mess dog
who drools begging at my feet- sweet
it ain’t complicated thinking,
and I don’t wanna linger,
but they say dogs are like their owners,
and babe, you’re wrapped around my finger.”

The room erupted into applause.  Viktor barely noticed.  He was too occupied sweeping Yuuri into a dip and kissing the ever loving hell out of him.

Undeserving Gratitude;

There is someone who calls only me “best friend” 
There is someone who calls only me “golden boy” 

These words to me are an insatiable memory that I will forever feel deeply connected to and joyful towards;
however I also feel anguish and hurt in myself from hearing such praising words.  

In the most respectful and kind way they are spoken to me;
Yet I feel guilt rush over me that I should be able to return such words.
I should be able to call someone best friend and golden boy.
How can I depict one person to be my best friend when there is so many people that I love?  

I feel undeserving of such titles because I can’t return them the way they are said to me. I open my heart and accept them though for it is the only way I can show my appreciation to someone who I hold on a level much higher than what this world has to offer. 

You; who calls me such things is someone who I have come to trust my soul with. You are someone who I am inspired by daily and someone I aspire to be like, not only because of your words but because of the strength you hold so deeply hidden beneath a facade of weakness. Your scars make you beautiful and unique, and your heart makes me want to remain alongside you until the day I no longer walk on this earth. 

Even though I cannot call only you best friend;
You are my best friend when I am alone;
My home when I have nowhere to go;
My compass pointing me north when I am lost in the south;
My light in the darkness and a god to my mortality. 

We’re bound through a bond that rivals even time itself. Enduring and unbreakable, you are a piece of my soul that will stay with me forever.

We’ve broken 7K followers!

Thank you all so much for the continued support of this blog. I’m so glad you all have been here beside me throughout the ups and downs of this blog, and that you’ve been welcoming and accommodating to our newest admin. This blog has been an amazing privilege to run, and to see some of you all grow and change as time has come on. I’m so proud of every one of you. Your willingness to keep moving forward, to share your innermost thoughts and fears, and the sense of community you all bring to this platform means so much to me. Really and truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

-Admin Bri

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Entry for Soukoku Week: Day 1 – Sartorialism / 「Ah, heart, that believes in others more than itself」 – Sheep Song

Chuuya is reminded of the reason behind his fondness towards Japanese festivals. Of course, it has something to do with a certain someone who wore his yukata with the right side over the left side (which is only done when dressing a body for funeral.)

“I’m glad I wasn’t wrong with my own wish.” This is the first time he has ever hard Dazai speak with so much sincerity in his voice.

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If you could do Fernand relationship headcanons too that would be so sweet. Your writing is awesome, keep it up!

Fernand relationship headcanons:

Thirsty Note: I’m so glad you like my writing :’)

  • Fernand at first doesn’t want to get into a relationship. He has trust and commitment issues, with the fact that he has lost everything he held dear, he fears that if he falls in love the pain of losing them will be far too much to bear and he cannot deal with yet another loss.
  • Fernand eventually feels himself falling in love despite his best efforts to stay away from the person who makes his heart beat faster. Every little thing they do drives him mad, and he can’t help but be drawn into them. He is a man who likes to get what he wants, and he wants that person more than anything.
  • Once Fernand decides to embrace his feelings, he finds that he doesn’t care about any impending doom that might arise. He only feels happiness when with his s/o, and that is something he hasn’t felt in years. His s/o reignites his passion and he finally feels free enough from the ties of the past that he can move on, and his s/o makes him want to be the best he can be for them.
  • Fernand knows that he can give his love whatever they want, as his status as a noble allows him to never feel like he cannot afford to give them all they dream of. But, his s/o isn’t one to just expect gifts, instead they would rather spend more time with Fernand. This makes him realize that his status isn’t everything and that his s/o loves him for who he is rather than his class. It opens his eyes that everything isn’t so cut and dry in the world, and that there is beauty everywhere. He finally understands that people don’t need to be of noble status to make others happy, and he finds his hostility dwindling.
  • Fernand’s s/o teaches him to mind his tongue, as he is a very blunt man. They only wish for him to understand how his words effect other people, and he begins to realize the error of his ways, though it is far too late to make amends. He can only hope that Mila will take his sorrows and go easy on him.
  • All in all, Fernand cherishes his s/o more than anything in the world. He holds them higher than he holds social status, and they truly make him realize that the world is not such a terrible place. They bring out the best in him, and they are always there to help him become a better man, and he is never more thankful for anyone in his life.

Happy 24th birthday Ariana!!

i’d like to take a moment to just say how much i truly appreciate and adore this woman. i’ve been a fan for several years now, and she never fails to make me and many others around the world smile. this woman is beautiful, immensely talented and has the most amazing personality and warm heart.

especially after all she has been through this year, i think it is fair to say that i have never been more proud to be an arianator, and i am in constant admiration of ariana’s strength. she consistently stand up for what she believes in: promoting acceptance, self love and love in general. it’s truly astounding that she has achieved this much in 24 years.

i am so thankful for ariana and everything she has done, and i look forward to supporting her and being a member of this beautiful family she has created for many years to come.

i wish ariana the happiest of birthdays, as she deserves all the love and kindness in the world.


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Renee trying to figure out if Neil likes Andrew too because she hopes he does for Andrew's sake is so pure ?? And I love her