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Loki’s Future

some random thoughts/meta after watching Ragnarok (a good ass film™️)

- After watching Ragnarok, I was struck by how similar in appearance Loki is to Hela. Same slim face and build, same pale skin, and even the same black hair. They both prefer blades to fight with and magic to communicate with. Hell, their wardrobe color schemes even match. This raised some questions for me when I was watching the film; why this deliberate choice, and how much does Loki’s appearance have an effect on how Odin treats him, in this film and others? Thor is Hela’s sister, yet we’ve seen that Odin treats Thor very, very differently to Hela and later Loki. Does Loki with his black hair and magic just remind Odin too much of his own shitty decisions? It would explain a lot about why he acts like such a dick to Loki, even when Loki was a child and not killing anyone (as far as we know haha, that kid coulda done anything)

- But there’s gotta be more to it than that. The similarities in appearance may well be Taika’s nod to the original Norse myths, but it occurred to me that it’s way too obvious a similarity, and could be pointing to something a little more complex. In the original myths, Hela is actually Loki’s daughter. Coincidence? I think not! Add this to the fact that in the mythology Loki also has a son, a gigantic wolf called Fenrir, who we also see in Ragnarok, I think there’s plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that Loki has some greater importance and connection to Asgard, running deeper than him simply being a Jotun war prize. For me it’s just too much of a coincidence that Hela and Loki are a) strongly connected in the source material b) have strongly similar appearances, fighting styles and love for chaos (to a certain extent, their characters are similar) and c) are both ‘children’ of Odin. On one of Loki’s bad days, you could call them twins. Why though? It’s been reeeeally bugging me, but I just can’t work out a direct connection, or reason as to why Hela’s character had to be built to resemble Loki.

- One answer to this is a theory I read that Loki is in fact Hela’s son. (Yeah, I know, that sounds deranged when you think about it.) The timelines align such that Hela could very easily have invaded Jotunheim with Odin before Loki’s birth. There she could have had, through some means or other, a child with Laufey, and then later abandoned it due to ‘weakness’. So… a hybrid. Loki even has black hair when he’s in his Jotun form, and that’s really fucking unusual - no other frost giant is even similar - he LOOKS like a hybrid of Hela and Laufey. Although there’s a few things off about this theory, and the MCU will probably never confirm or go into enough detail about it, AND it also makes Loki Thor’s nephew (!!!wtf!) AND Odin would have also have to have known about it the whole time (albeit explaining his behaviour), it does give reason and a cause to the weird connection and similarities between the two.

- Loki and the Tesseract. Ooooooooohhh my god. So we basically KNOW that he has it, as although we don’t see him take it in Ragnarok, it’s strongly implied, and he also is literally holding it in the leaked trailer for Infinity War. (I appreciate that some ppl don’t want to watch the leaked trailer, but it confirms he has it) Why is this important? The Tesseract is an Infinity Stone. It has power Loki knows how to use, and he’s one of the few that do. What’s Infinity War about? Infinity Stones, and Thanos. The same Thanos who’s on the hunt for Loki AND the Tesseract. I honestly don’t think Loki’s taken it for some world domination shit this time round, I think he’s taken it for power and leverage. He’s acting intelligently and planning far ahead. This is given extra gravity when you remember that Loki is the only one in the Infinity War lineup who has met and knows Thanos, and that honestly did not go well for Loki at all.

- (On a side note, I just want to talk about Loki and Thanos; it’s been theorised/discussed for ages that Thanos met Loki in the void after his fall from Asgard in Thor 1, and gave him a deal: the mission of capturing Earth, finding the Tesseract, and the tools to do so. Now, Loki’s not really one to make deals unless he can subvert them, and so the whole way through Avengers his motives for attack to me seemed uncharacteristically illogical, although I can understand his primal emotional reasons for wanting to rule. But we also saw him looking very, very ill at the beginning of that film and in the Thor 1 credits scene, and being in obvious pain - he looked like a damn meth addict. Some fans have also noted that his eyes look blue during some scenes in Avengers, like he’s being mind controlled. I completely agree with this theory: that Thanos, recognising Loki’s power, tortured him, (with heat and fire, because how else do you torture a Jotun? It explains his appearance and injuries) and mind controlled him to enact the events of Avengers. And everything that happens thereafter in the MCU makes soooo much more sense when you think about it from the torture perspective. It explains a lot about the ‘big picture’ behind all of Loki’s decisions since. He has angered the most powerful man in the universe twice: failing in giving Thanos the Tesseract, AND remaining alive.

- Which brings me back to my point - Loki is the only one who has any possible comprehension of what’s coming, so taking the Tesseract easily interprets as him acting impulsively for reasons of his own safety, and possibly the safety of those around him (he takes it after his ‘redemption’ arc). I think he still has some kind of connection or knowledge of Thanos’ presence, maybe from torture, and he can sense when shit is about to go down - and we see the beginning of it going down at the end of Ragnarok. He’s also keeping his possession of it a secret, and for obvious reasons. Knowing he’d just taken the same item that he screwed everything up for last time would completely ruin his new trust-bond ‘redemption’ arc with Thor (I kinda hate using the word redemption tho - it’s obvious from Dark World that that’s not what Loki wants or really cares about) so, he’s going to use it in some kind of bamboozle, dodgy deal, Loki-esque interaction in the future .

- I really really reeaallllyy hope they don’t just turn Loki ‘back’ into a villain in IW. It would be an insult his character and the character work Taika’s done in Ragnarok. At this point it’s weak, cheap and easy character development and a trope that’s extremely overplayed. However, HOWEVER. It would equally break my heart to see him fall completely into the other side - the role of martyrdom, righteousness and self-sacrifice in IW. We already have dozens of characters who do that, and what makes Loki more loved than all of them is that he can do both - when and how he acts is fascinating to watch. He’s every inch a chaotic neutral, and I hope so much that Marvel keeps it like that. He survives because he has no morals, likes to play both sides and he’s smart about it. It makes him compelling, godamnit.

- With Tom’s movie contract and the amount of times they’ve ‘killed’ him off already, it’s looking likely he’ll survive Infinity War. (Not looking so good for Thor though 😭IW is seriously gonna kill me too)

- Some more mythology stuff… Although in the MCU Loki’s plot usefulness is as more of a ‘bad guy’ and not he’s not a central enough character to justify such an in depth plotline, there are plenty more things the myths can give him. For example, his own honest relationships, outside of Asgard’s influence. Loki has most likely experienced a much wider range of people, creatures and places in the universe than average. He’s got lots of little secrets tucked away. For example, in mythology he has another son, called Jormungand, a giant serpent. Not likely J will ever make it to the screen though, sadly. I think that the serpent shapeshifting story in Ragnarok was perhaps a nod to that. So was Odin’s 6-legged horse Sleipnir, another of Loki’s sons.

Secondly, and of greater interest to me: in the myths, Loki has a wife called Sigyn, the goddess of intelligence. (I love her already…) with whom he has these strange animalistic (likely shapeshifting) children. Now, I know IW is really too late along his storyline to be introducing someone like Sigyn, let alone as a love interest, but god damn would it be awesome if they did. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be truly satisfying and also extremely entertaining to see Loki get himself a girl. Superhero movies are so often plagued by the oppressive American binary of good and evil, wherein the good guy always gets the girl, and the villain is always miserable. Seeing Loki, (a character who we know consciously does bad things and fits very well the evil stereotype, but does good things as well, and plays both sides entirely to his own benefit) get the typical stamp of a good guy would make for a more interesting, rule-breaking plot. Please, MCU, don’t let Loki fall into this binary! Let him be both! It’s what made him so extremely damn popular! that and the fact that he’s smart and funny and Tom is extremely fucking hot lol

- I also really wanna see a bit more of his magical abilities - in his villain role so far we’ve been shown he’s smarter than half the MCU, extremely skilled in in magic and combat with knives, he can teleport, he can create illusions, he can fuck with people’s heads and more. His Valkyrie knife standoff scene was interesting in Ragnarok - I’m 100% sure he deliberately lost to Valkyrie to gain access to her memories- but Thor mentioned something way more interesting: Loki is a shapeshifter. And a really good one; he’s basically in a constant shift from Jotun to Asgardian. But to animals? That’s really fucking cool, and the snake story shows how easily he can hide in plain sight. (Y’all can get the cat!Loki y’all have always wanted.) Idk I just really wanna see more of what he can do. I think further abilities/aspects of his fighting style and personality will be revealed in future though, because having the Tesseract and knowing Thanos makes him into a major plot point for IW.

- lastly can I just say I’m really digging the 80s/rock soundtrack aesthetic Marvel is pushing for

- and the c i n e m a t o g r a p h y!! Got damn.

- just protect him please for the love of all that is holy.

- That is all. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Xxxx.

Once again, I am a walking apology. There is nothing more to me than the two words ‘I’m sorry.’ I don’t know how else to be, I don’t know what else to be. I don’t know how to absolve myself of blame that isn’t even really mine. I don’t know how not to find fault in myself for your desire to keep yourself hidden. This anger tastes funny, it’s bitter. I’m bitter. I’m resentful. I’m feeling everything I’ve wanted to feel, but I’m feeling everything I never wanted to feel so much more. There has to be an end to this, right? The sun always comes out again in the end. Maybe this’ll make more sense tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning when sleep would have dulled my senses, when my eyes wouldn’t watering and my heart wouldn’t be trying to break free of its restraints, also known as my ribs.  I don’t know how many tomorrows I’ll have to go through to see it again. I guess it’s not really tomorrow yet until the warm rays peak through the clouds. I guess for now, I’ll just have to get used to this perpetual today.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh // Perpetual Today

After a week has passed, I’m emotionally prepared to write this. Firstly, I am really proud of Monsta X and Monbebe for achieving what seemed like an impossible task.

Being part of “Beautiful” promotions, I experienced the disappointment and pain—especially because the boys put so much of their heart and soul into it. It was their first full album—finally with Wonho’s original songs and composition; they created their own choreography for the dance; every song on the album was perfect. It was the epic final installment of the x-clan series. They’d never done anything on this scale before. We really thought this was it. But no…numerous groups were also suddenly having comebacks and Monsta X’s glorious masterful symphony was drowned out. I felt helpless and so confused. I kept wondering how so much talent could go by unnoticed for so long. They were active for nearly two years now and it felt like both Monsta X and Monbebe were being smothered by the hard and unfair industry of kpop. It hurt more when I found that numerous other groups before them had won numerous times in the early parts of their careers. It felt like they were being bullied or teased. It’s clear they’re amazing yet no one else seemed to notice. They’re on a level and caliber that is completely different and more intense than any other—which is why I feel a lot of people are put off. They’re intimidated by perfection. No one had heard of them. And if they had, they still pronounced it as fucking “MONSTER X.” They slowly became the boy group that people called “the group that had never won anything” without knowing anything of Monsta X’s struggle and fight to make it to where they are now. They left brothers behind as they each passionately clawed their way to the top. But this disregard only made Monbebe more set on doing this for our boys. It became our goal to give them their first win.

We wanted to. Not because we wanted to be a fan of a popular group—because they fucking deserve it. Not only because they work so hard that they don’t even sleep anymore—because they are all so musically talented, are the kings of choreography, and have such lovable, beautiful personalities; and, simply put, isn’t that what an idol is supposed to be!?

And we wanted to do this because we all remembered that fateful vlive that broke our hearts; when Wonho started crying out of nowhere—not because they didn’t win; but because he felt they disappointed Monbebe. All six of the other members began crying too as they thought about Monbebe and our deep commitment to them. They were grateful for our efforts, but they felt responsible for not measuring up. Actually, it was us Monbebe that felt we were falling short! This is basically our relationship. And from day one, Monsta X had dreams and ambitions—which is why I love them so damn much; their passion just moves me. First, it was to debut and then it was to become number one. So don’t go saying that a first win isn’t everything.

I hope that the foolish, selfish fools—that wanted to leave because they were annoyed with Monbebe’s strong desire to give Monsta X their first win—felt regret when they saw my boys cry, when they saw the tears fall from Hyungwon’s beautiful eyes, when they heard Minhyuk’s distorted acceptance speech, when they saw the poetic and usually so good with words Wonho suddenly unable to speak, when they saw strong leader Shownu’s face give into the tears when he realized what had happened. It wasn’t winning something that mattered to Monsta X—if you knew anything about them at all you’d know they’re anything but that shallow—it was the fact that so many people—some they’d never even met before—loved them this much and were willing to commit their time and effort to do this for them. It honestly hurt my heart so much to hear Wonho say he didn’t want to be nominated because he didn’t want to see Monbebe be disappointed again. He didn’t want us to cry for him and apologize to him for not being able to give them this gift. And they all vowed to work harder and be better from now on. But it’s not them that needs to change; it’s the world that needs to catch up.

With this win, we have made history. We are taking our first step to taking over kpop as my stars, my monsters, my kings have promised me from day one. We proved that the impossible was possible. I hope this doesn’t make Monsta X think our expectations of them are raised because of this. We are simply proud and overjoyed. We’ve never had expectations of them because we love them just the way they are. I know from now on, though, Monsta X and Monbebe will continue to grow and evolve. Whether this is our first and last win or this is our first win of many, I’m really proud of us and I’m grateful to be part of their journey. MONSTA X FIGHTING!!!

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word to the wise: don't check out K2 blogs. apparently the show is over and missing its heart and Liz will "never" get over Tom or be happy ever again

1. There are still K2 blogs? 

2. It’s so odd cause if memory serves me right, Liz is pretty used to Tom not being around. I mean he went off on that “Redemption” mission (remember how that was cancelled due to bad ratings even though Tom is a ‘fan favorite’, according to some) to learn more about his past, after all, which certainly was listed higher on his priority list than taking care of his family. And I could be wrong but I have never actually seen Tom Keen/Christopher Hargraves/Jacob Whatever The Fuck His Name Is on a promotional poster, so “heart of the show” might be a bit of an exaggeration. That same “heart of the show” also wasn’t in fact part of the show for a number of episodes and we all somehow survived and, would you believe it, enjoyed the show even more because his waste of screentime could be devoted to characters that actually matter. Like, ha ha ha, Red and Lizzie (you know, the people on the posters).

3. Let’s also not forget that he himself is not only responsible for his own death, but also for putting the wife he loved so much in a 10-month coma. And before doing that, she had to watch her husband being physically tortured, had to fear for death herself and had to fear for the well-being of her daughter just because a certain someone thought he knew better than just about anyone else. 

4. Liz is better off without him and so is the show. The end.

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!!! i'm loving your sims so far love :'+) they're all unique but they still scream "bia's sims"?! i love them all & i cant wait to see the rest!! i hope you have a great day :'+)

Oml, thank you so much? :’) I tried very hard to make them all different so I am really glad you find them unique 💓 This means a lot 💕 I’ll leave you with this picture of all the 10 sims! I had a lot of fun making them (the last one has not been published yet but she will be soon) 😊 Have an amazing day!

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considering how much Nintendo has as of late been reinventing their series in unique, although common grounds such as with Odyssey and BOTW, do you have any predictions what that will mean for the Pokémon mainline title on the Switch? Or more so what would you personally like to see?

Honestly, I hate to be gloomy about it, but I’m not terribly optimistic about the mainline Switch Pokemon (or at least the first ones), mostly because I don’t feel like I can trust Game Freak to release a finished product at this point. The devs absolutely put a lot of heart and effort into making Sun/Moon a bold step in new directions for the series, but they still pushed it out the door pretty early to hit a 2016 release for the whole 20th anniversary thing, so SM had all these chunks of half-finished plot points and locations and characters (Mina, Ryuki, Wela Volcano Park, the minimal postgame, etc.). Then a year later they literally just copy-pasted the games, added some new minigames and changed the last 20% of the game, and didn’t bother fixing most of the stuff that was cut for time the first go ‘round - and they had the balls to charge another $40 for it.

So when I hear all this talk that they’re shooting for a 2018 release for the Switch game, it leaves me pretty worried. Assuming that Switch dev kits have been in the hands of Nintendo’s second-parties since early 2016 or so, these games will have been in active development for about two years tops, and it’s the first time on a new platform so they don’t have any assets they could reuse. That doesn’t paint a great picture in terms of them being able to create a fleshed-out game with playability beyond the main story, and the continued stellar sales of the 3DS titles have proven that there isn’t much of a financial incentive to hold games back until they can reach their full potential because it’s Pokemon and we all buy it anyway.

What I’d personally like to see is Nintendo stepping in and taking a more direct role in the development of these games. Rather than letting Game Freak rush these games out with a comparatively tiny amount of manpower, they should be more proactive about providing the means to make these games all they can be - they did this for BOTW by bringing in Monolith Soft to shoulder some of the burden, for example, and 1-UP Studio for SMO. Between Nintendo’s internal dev teams and the second-party studios under their wing, they could absolutely split up the work more effectively so that they can release the game as conceived rather than cutting content and rushing it out the door. Failing that, the best thing I think they could do for these games would be to shoot for a 2019 release - focus on Metroid Prime 4 and Fire Emblem as the big 2018 tentpole releases and let Pokemon be the main event for 2019. The Switch has plenty of years ahead of it, so I’d rather they take their time and release a game that does the franchise justice rather than halfassing it just so that there can be a Switch Pokemon game as quickly as possible.

Tony: Thor! Welcome back man so much has happ-

Thor: Valkyrie, is so beautiful and strong is she not? Her bravery and heart…,she is admirable. I admire her and everything she’s ever done for Asgard and I. I only want her to be happy and to experience joy for as long as she lives. She didn’t have to help me you know. She did. She’s so good. I love her. I would die for her.

Best lines from the FMA live action:

  • “My brother may not have much height, but he has a big heart.”
  • Al: “Am I taller than you?”
    Ed, through tears: “…Yeah… you’re taller than me.”
  • “Maybe Al’s dreaming of pie right now.” “He’s big, so it’d have to be… (stretches arms out vertically) Like this.” “What? That’s stupid. Shouldn’t it be (stretches arms out horizontally) like this?”
  • “Little kids like me.” “That’s because you’re also little.”
  • “Yes, I’m your daddy.” -Hakuro to the mannequin soldiers (seriously you could feel the awkwardness wash over the entire room when the subs said that)

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I am so disappointed that the AMAs barely has any diversity in their performers list, although I know I should've expected it. I really would love to support BTS and watch but I honestly don't want to anymore. The black community is never represented and it breaks my heart. I don't want to bring bad vibes to your positive blog(which I love so much btw❤️❤️)so I'm sorry if I did. But yeah..😕

Yeah that’s why a lot of Black artists say they’re done with award shows because they don’t get nominated/ invited to perform, it’s frustrating because Black people be having the biggest hits all year round but get little to nothing at award shows

Ben Platt’s role in Dear Evan Hansen and his devotion to this character have meant so much to me and to so many others and I feel like we have to acknowledge that tonight because it’s really hard to move on. I hope he realizes how many lives he has changed and how many people he has inspired. DEH is so special to me and his performance as Evan will forever hold a special place in my heart.

-November 19, 2017.

Happy Birthday Mikey!

A short analysis of our lil’ boy’s aspects. Happy birthday baby!!! We all love you so much, you have no idea.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter

  • Everything Jupiter touches gets bigger, in this case we are talking about the planet of beauty and love
  • People with this placement has a big idea of love
  • They also tend to be really romantic people
  • Really generous
  • With a way too big heart
  • He’s kind and loving
  • Loves pleasure
  • Sometimes just a bit lazy
  • I mean, the biggest heart ever
  • This people are super loyal and they tend to give just way too much

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Sun sextile Neptune

  • VERY creative
  • A good aspect for musicians, writers and artists
  • Sensitive, dreamy and inspired
  • Appreciates music and arts a lot
  • Really compassionate and sensitive
  • They feel like they can represent those that are suffering and can comfort them
  • Humanitarian and caring
  • I think this is an evident aspect in Michael, he’s really caring and… just hear Jet Black Heart, you know, that song is literally this aspect

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Moon sextile Venus

  • Charming af
  • Highly imaginative and sympathetic
  • Tender heart
  • Soft and friendly
  • This aspect often attracts success for some reason
  • Ability to heal, help and understand others
  • They love peace, and Michael having a Libra moon wants it 2x lmao

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Mother’s Eyes and Mine

Guess who wrote a thing for the first time in ages?? I had to write something after Thor: Ragnarok, so here we are…with Loki & Frigga fic. What even

Thanks for betaing, @khaleesa!

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Loki believes that Hela is Odin’s daughter. He knows just as surely that Frigga is not her mother. He has often scorned the bonds of family, but he knows better than anyone what it means to be a child of Frigga.

Also on AO3.

… it forced

Those waters from me which I would have stopp’d;

But I had not so much of man in me,

And all my mother came into mine eyes

And gave me up to tears.

-Henry V


When he examines his childhood through memories, Loki understands his mother’s heart. Always she would call him away when the court cheered for Thor and his victories on the training fields. Even Odin could not avoid words of praise for such feats of reckless skill.

But sometimes Loki would walk among the courtiers and warriors, disguised so he might hear their true thoughts. “See how strong the prince is,” they’d murmur in admiration. “He is so very like the All-Father. He will wield Mjolnir before many years pass.” Loki knew without question that they were only ever speaking of Thor.

Beyond his strength, he did not think Thor resembled their father in manner or appearance. Thor was loud and foolish where Odin was silent and sharp. In old paintings, Odin’s hair and eyes were black as ravens’ wings. He looked like the darkness before the dawn of the world. Thor’s eyes were the sky and his hair the sunlight, painted from the same palette as their mother. Her blue eyes always found Loki when he was cloaked in illusion and gently drew him out of the crowds and away.

No one murmured in excitement when he mastered every new spell she challenged him with, but in those moments Loki enjoyed silence. And her proud smile had been enough, for a time.

When he decided to conquer Earth, he thought only of what Odin would say. Words of praise would finally drop from his lips and ripple through the court. How very like the All-Father the prince is, they’d say. How much he resembles his father! Not only in likeness, but in cunning and skill! How they’d hail the victorious conqueror. Asgardians cared only for strength, after all.

Yet when he returns in chains, neither Odin nor the court is there to meet him. There are no whispers of admiration, no exclamations of delight. Only his mother, waiting in silence. The disappointment in her eyes nearly crushes him.

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Catching Up To Flash

Me: I need to go to sleep after a hard day at work and wake up early to finish my reviews and return overdue books for which I need to catch an early bus….

Also Me: Stays all night to read entire Flash 2016 series

I make good life choices!

Okay, the Flash series is…okay. On one hand, it’s a very standard superhero series. On the other, you can tell that Williamson had given a lot of thought to Barry’s character and is pushing him through strong character development. That being said I feel that the issues more strongly involving young Wally are better than those without him. I like Williamson’s take on him - young and inexperienced, sometimes getting too cocky, while at others gets consumed by his own issues, but still has a big heart in a right place. I think this lines up well with his portrayal in other books, so good job on that front for DC to keeping him consistent. I think that Avery feels much more different when comparing this book and New Super-Man, but….I liked her more in the latter. That being said I don’t get why people keep complaining this book has too many evil speedsters when so far we only had Godspeed and Ebodard and maybe we’re having a new one right now. Maybe. I mean yeah, Williamson also wrote Red Death but he never really shows up in Flash book itself. Speaking of which, why did DC just put the tie-in to Metal at a place where it interrupts the story? Seriously, #34 picks up where #32 left and #33 is more like a special issue or an annual.

- Admin

I am crying my eyes out at my desk right now. Last night at youth group I talked to my kids about the Catholic social teaching on immigration. Most of my kids are immigrants or children of immigrants. Everyone was crying after the videos I showed and the talk I gave. At the end of the night I asked them to write a letter to the person who is the reason why they are here in the U.S. and to thank them for the sacrifices they made. I told them they could give me the letters to revise and mail out. Most of them handed them to me after class to revise. Reading these letters has absolutely broken my heart. What my kids went through to get here is so heart breaking. I look up to my kids and their parents so much. These kids are teaching me way more than I could ever teach them. Please pray for them and their families, they absolutely deserve it.

so blissed out to finally be sharing my website with all of you  ♡

sun tribe is something that has been manifesting in my heart for years that I have finally brought to fruition. This is an online space I have put together dedicated to holistic wellness, my personal journey, travel, conscious sexuality, healing, and awakening the divine feminine and more..I am in the process of adding new blog posts and will be updating weekly!
So much love.


After much thought, I have decided to close this network down. This has not been an easy decision, but I felt that this was best. 

I want to thank all of the members. This network wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of your contribution and efforts. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I also want to apologize for closing it down as I realize this impacts a lot of people. 

To anyone that’s followed this blog, I wanna say thank you to you as well. For all the love and support you’ve given this blog and Yixing. I can’t express my appreciation and how much it means to me.

I had a wonderful time meeting so many people on this network and having a little family of xingmis. Participating in projects and just spreading the love for Yixing has truly been great. I am sad to see this end, but also very thankful for memories. These memories will be here to stay because I will never delete this blog. It’ll stay up but it just won’t be active. 

I hope everyone will keep supporting Yixing and all his endeavors. Stay blessed Xingmis! Goodbye 💖

-Admin A