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When Zlatan pulled out injured last season my heart broke for him. I thought he was done, no – I knew in my heart that he was done. Because sure, he is a lion and he is intent on defying time but at some point time catches up to you and I did not think he had enough left to come back–to fully come back. And I thought. Even when he said he wasn’t done and when we resigned him of how hard it would be for Zlatan to come to terms with that when reality caught up to him eventually. Because he was used to being god among men. And to be let down by your own body like that when you were still at the peak of your powers. It’s as cruel as it gets.

But here we are today, when maybe it’s still to early to tell but you can see – you can see that even though he is a bit rusty that strength and that spark is still there and just. I am ready to cry tears of pure joy.

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Okay I saw your rec list for the Games, and can we just discuss how fricking AMAZING In the Bed was? Like all the fics were wonderful, I absolutely adored a lot of them (Retrial!! Importance of Being Sirius!!!) but man, In the Bed has to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. SO CREATIVE, SO WELL DONE. I’m dying over it, and I had to express my emotions to you because I’m so excited for the author reveal and also your rec list reminded me of how much I love it lol.

WASN’T IT?!? It’s always hard to pick my favorites, and I try to limit myself to about 5. But there was no question that In The Bed was going to be one of them.  It was just so amazing, and spoke to me so much, and THE PAINTINGS. UGH. Sorry I didn’t get to your ask sooner! But we do have the reveals now so we can tell bigblckdog that we are trash for their fic. xD 

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Thank you for the request, I’d be more than happy to do this as well!! Thank you so much and have a fantastic day dear!! Enjoy!!

Also, this is post Trespasser so if you don’t know about it Spoiler warning!!!!

To be completely honest though I haven’t done Trespasser yet because I wanna play the rest of the games so I know what’s happening jfkdsfjalksfas I’m doing my best here

14. “I’ve got you. Breathe, okay? I’ve got you.”


You woke suddenly from your sleep. Biting back a horrid scream as pain shot up what had once been your left arm, burning as a fire may have, engulfing you in shock and horror. 

You tore yourself from the bed without a thought, the struggles merely a blur in your head as you staggered out from your home, collapsing as you came to one of the small ponds. You dipped your hand into the water, drawing it over what was left of your arm – your fingers beginning to massage your shoulder.

It hadn’t been too long ago that it hadn’t just been a remnant – that the anchor was still engraved upon your palm and sent a searing electricity shooting up your body. 

But even now, as it was gone – the pain still remained. 

It nearly felt worse. 

You hunched over as you failed to control your ragged, shaky sighs, your body trembling as if caught in a blizzard, rattled to your very core.

“S-Stop…” You murmured, clenching your teeth furiously. “J-Just go away…!” 



You did your best to steady yourself knowing he was there, clenching tight onto your shoulder, digging your nails into the limb as if that could somehow stop it. 

“I-I thought you were asleep.” You mentioned, unable to meet his gaze quite yet.

“It’s difficult to stay asleep when your spouse is practically fighting to get away from you.” 


It wasn’t just a pang or a smash, it was a wave of it – overwhelming you from top to bottom. 

“Andraste’s sake I’m-” You swallowed hard, trying to fight the brittle parts that threatened to break in your tone. “I’m so sorry Cullen I-I didn’t know I just needed to get out if I had-” 

He sat down beside you, sleepiness still drenching every bit of him as he pulled you close, ribboning you in his arms as if it would be a crime to let go. His fingertips laced with yours, running a tender thumb over your knuckles. 

“I’ve got you. Breathe, okay? I’ve got you.” He hummed, pressing a tender kiss on your head as you sank against him, simply listening, soothed by the constant, delicate sound of his heartbeat. “You’re alright love, it’s alright.” 

You couldn’t even begin to stop the tears that dribbled from your eyes, hardly able to even describe the comfort as your husband drew them away.

“I-I’m sorry…” You whispered in your gasps. “Goodness, I’m so sorry-” 

“You have nothing to apologize for, but let me help you with this darling,” He purred, tipping your head up to meet his.

You had never seen such adoration in someone’s eyes.

But when you look at Cullen’s that was all you saw.

Pure and utter adoration. 

“My love for you is not conditional, never has been – never will be,” He told you softly. “You shouldn’t feel a need to hide this from me, I want to help you in any way I’m able.” 

He rested his forehead against your own, the faint, once bitter taste of his lips now sweeter than sugar against your own even as he was only able to briefly as a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

And for once, the pain that had overflowed you just before now dulled, seemingly drifting away with the breeze.

And was instead replaced with warmth.

A warmth that bloomed in your chest and spread like blossoms upon a tree’s branches in spring. 

But unlike spring, it never ended. It only continued to flourish. 

And bring happiness just when you needed it most. 

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Could I get a #3 with Bakugou??

I made this a two part thing. Part two is below it!

Bakugou sat with Kirishima in the common room of the dorms, his head hanging over the edge of the couch. “I hate this,” he complained. Kirishima didn’t respond at first, so Bakugou continued to complain. Even though Kirishima is a generally happy person, he could only take so much grumbling.

“Okay, what did you do?” he asked.

“I don’t even know! (Y/N) keeps walking away from me!” Bakugou yelled back.

“Dude, you had to have done something. Did you forget something? Did you walk away from her when you were supposed to do something?” Kirishima prodded.

Bakugou thought about this. Now, it wasn’t a surprise that Bakugou wasn’t the best when it came to relationships, but even Kirishima was surprised at how long it was taking him to figure out what happened. “What did you give her for her birthday?” Kirishima offered up.

Bakugou looked Kirishima in the eye. “That’s a joke, right?” When he didn’t answer, Bakugou talked again. “Her birthday is next week.”

There was silence between the two.

“Her birthday was three days ago.” When Bakugou didn’t even argue this, Kirishima ventured a second guess. “Did you actually plan on getting her a present?”

Bakugou jumped off of the couch. “I’m not stupid! Of course I got her something! And you know what? When she sees it, she’s going to be so goddamn happy and love it and forget that she was ever mad at me!”

In all the time he’s known you, Kirishima has stood by the fact that you need louder shoes. This time, he was totally fine with the fact that Bakugou didn’t hear you walk in behind him. “So,” Kirishima prodded, “what did you get her?”

Bakugou sat back down on the couch and took out his phone. After scrolling through some pictures, he passed it to Kirishima. “I win at gift giving.”

“Oh my god,” he sighed. “You’re in deep.”

“In love or in trouble?” you said, startling Bakugou. When he turned around, he could see how annoyed you looked.

–Mod Zap

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HEIGHT: 158cm pls don’t step on me



  1. Keep On Doin’ - Luna
  2. Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato
  3. Wild - Troye Sivan
  4. Fly High - Dreamcatcher
  5. Beautiful - Jessica Mauboy
  6. VIP Kid - Reol

GRAB THE BOOK NEAREST TO YOU AND TURN TO PAGE 23. WHAT’S LINE 17? ‘"The cemetery welcomed me like a friend, and soon, I was with them.” - The Book Thief

EVER HAD A POEM OR SONG WRITTEN ABOUT YOU? About me? Naaaahhhh unless you count my friends listing off every single stupid thing I’ve done as poetry why not.


WHO IS YOUR CELEBRITY CRUSH? Park Jimin. What a beautiful man who brings me nothing but suffering, he must be protected at all costs <3

WHAT’S A SOUND YOU HATE? LOVE? I hate the sound of thunder. I’m only saying this because there was a thunderstorm last night so there could be worse sounds but this is all I can think of rn. And a sound I love would be my dogs little  paws walking on our wooden floor, it’s cute and I love hearing her walking up to my room coz she wants attention that I’ll defs give her.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS? HOW ABOUT ALIENS? Tbh I’m the sorta person who has to see it to believe it so I’m gonna have to say no :( but i love the concept of ghosts and aliens so if they are real then I would be happy :D

DO YOU DRIVE? IF SO HAVE YOU EVER CRASHED? I’m a learner, have barely driven coz i hate it and i’m scared to do it. I haven’t crashed yet but there has been some close calls.

WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU READ? ‘The House of Many Ways’ by Diana Wynne Jones, the third book in the ‘Howl’s Moving Caste’ trilogy. And I read that 4 years ago fuck I really need to start reading again.

DO YOU LIKE THE SMELL OF PETROL? yes, guilty as charged.

WHAT WAS THE LAST MOVIE YOU SAW? I’m not sure I think it was ‘Tokyo Godfathers’ by Satoshi Kon. Was so good.

WHAT’S THE WORST INJURY YOU’VE EVER HAD? My boot heels caught on the stairs at my train station and I fell down a whole flight of stairs. I only grazed my knees and lost whatever dignity I had left, so I’m not sure if it’s my worst injury but it’s stuck to me the most. 

DO YOU HAVE ANY OBSESSIONS RIGHT NOW? i’d say bts and a game called ‘Stardew Valley’. Both these things are giving me life.

DO YOU TEND TO HOLD GRUDGES AGAINST PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE YOU WRONG? honestly, I do hold grudges, even deep down. But depending on the situation I can be quick to forgive. 

IN A RELATIONSHIP? im in a stable relationship with my bed haha

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*Pats the Jenna's head* You aren't an idiot dear! Just a busy person. No harm done. Also, oops// Long term relationship with one of the egos. All you've had is vanilla sex. It was okay, just uh, okay you were into some rather kinky things. One night you come up with a plan. You keep the ego up for a long time, making sure their exhausted when they finally go to bed. When they wake up in the morning their tied to the bed. At first they try and pull loose, fight against the restraints, (1) -🥀

(*buckles in*)

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How about osomatsu cooking for his s/o (and probably failing miserably because this man probably can’t even make ramen)?

You laughed nervously, wondering what you had done wrong in life to be placed in this situation. In an attempt to be a proper boyfriend, Osomatsu had tried to cook you a nice, warm meal. The sweetness of the situation was magnified by the fact that it was one of your favorite dishes too.

However, you would not have guessed that was what it was upon seeing it. The dish looked completely inedible, and was so terribly burnt that it looked more like a hardened mudpie than food.

You were about to ask why he so proudly presented you with a rock when he declared, “Babe! I made you your favorite meal! Bon appétit!

Oh. So this was… food? Shit, you thought, beginning to wonder how many potential illnesses that thing could implant you. If you would even be able to chew it at all.

You wanted to politely refuse—or at least excuse yourself and say you’d take it home to enjoy later—but Osomatsu was staring at you with such eager puppy-dog eyes that you felt you had no other choice. Damn his ridiculously adorable face! He didn’t even have to try!

You gulped and smiled weakly before taking a bite. (And what a bite it was—you practically had to chisel it away from the rest of the lump with your teeth.) After wrestling it off, you fought to chew the piece, forcing yourself to swallow it. “Thank you,” you choked out, attempting another smile at Osomatsu, “it’s delicious!”

You could actually feel when the lump hit your stomach, but Osomatsu’s wonder-filled gaze made everything else seem irrelevant.

“Do you really like it?” he asked in awe.

You couldn’t bring yourself to lie to him now. “Yes! Like I said, it’s delicious!”

Osomatsu grinned, rubbing under his nose with his index finger as a hearty laugh erupted from his chest. “Great! I’ll make sure to make it again sometime, then!”

Oh, what had you gotten yourself into…?

I cleansed the last part of my life that needed cleansing today, which was my closet. Like I got so much done today I feel so good! I did skip out on working out today which I regret but it’s okay because I had a really intense work out week last week and I’m still feeling the effects from it, so it’s okay that I’m letting my body rest a little bit more. I also meal prepped for both my lunches and my dinners for the next three days also so I can actually eat what I need to, when I need to instead of skipping meals! I also cleaned my car out, I still need to go get it washed really well inside and out but that’s going to be on my vacation!

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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atla | zuko | wait for it

Sadly, this is as HD as the ATLA episodes get, but I hope you give the video a shot anyway and maybe experience some of the emotions I had making it.  Big thanks to @worddevourer for having this idea and my twin sister @splickedylit for consulting with me during its creation!

Song: Wait For It from Hamilton
Show: Avatar - The Last Airbender