but it had it's funny moments

  • What she says: “Yeah, I’m fine.”
  • What she means: “Okay listen, the show Freaks and Geeks was really great, it was funny and well cast and it let you really get to know and love the characters as though they’re your friends too and not just part of some tv series, the show really had some depth to it and the characters went through stuff we can all relate to, it wasn’t just some cliché high school show either, there were cheesy moments but that happens in real life too, the show was way ahead of its time and I can’t believe there’s only 18 episodes, how can you cancel such a great show after only one season?”
The Juvia-Effect

I just couldn’t help it when I saw the beautiful and damn perfect Mashima drawing of Juvia in a High School uniform [you can see the whole image here] and I just HAD to write about it.

Gray watched as she walked with the other girls and, like always, his heart raced a bit too fast with the sight. She laughed at something Lucy had said and he could faintly hear it, as they were coming their way and his stupid stomach had its butterflies floating all around.

Juvia Lockser was at the same class as he was at Fairy Tail High School, they had known each other for a little over three years and she had never, not once, hid that she fell in love with him. Gray, on the other hand, had denied with every turn that he was falling in love with her while telling people that ‘no, they were not a couple’. Funny, though, that the moment his foster brother started to pay attention to her, every cell in his body was boiling in a jealousy he had never felt before.

She looked his way and smiled, goddamit, those butterflies were busy that morning.

But then again, she was beautiful and every man with blood in his veins would feel something when looked that way by a gorgeous woman. All his female friends were beautiful in their own unique ways, but Juvia… Juvia had something about her, some type of sparkle, perhaps?, that made people look at her and see how beautiful she was.

Even though she had a beautiful body – anyone who bothered to go to the swim club could see that easily – she dressed in a very conservative way. While the girls at school tried to flirt with the school laws about the skirt length and make it as small as possible, Juvia’s skirt reached even below her knees, and even so she put long dark socks un until above her knees so no one could actually see her legs (they were one of her best qualities, they seem to go on and on and on, much to his delight). And her blouse was a little baggy even around her chest (that everyone could see she was very accomplished in that area) and even that she diverted the attention to the Teru teru bozu doll she had over her tie. Her hair was usually loose, falling in waves on her back. But that morning she had chosen to put it in two braids, letting just a few short locks loose and her bangs falling over her eyes.

She didn’t get attention because of the skin she was showing, she got attention because she was freaking stunning.

Gray might’ve been a bit bias because she was his girlfriend and, in his mind, one of (if not the) most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

But no, he saw the looks she got, she saw guys and some girls look at her, amazed and some in lust. It was the Juvia-Effect, he liked to call, when people just couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Damn, he was caught in the Juvia-Effect more times than not! Damn her and that beautiful glow, vibe or whatever it was.

“Good morning, Gray-sama!” Juvia said happily when she met her boyfriend in front of their school while Lucy greeted her own boyfriend, Natsu, who was next to Gray, waiting for his girlfriend as well and the other girls went inside, leaving the couples. Juvia took a step closer to him and planted a small peck on his lips, chaste enough, but made him blush even so. “Why are you frowning so early in the morning?” She asked, amused.

“You changed your hair.” He told her and it was her turn to frown and she touched a braid, self-conscious.

“Oh, does it look bad? Juvia will undo it-”

“No.” He interrupted her, shaking his head. “Nothing like that, it looks really good, actually. I liked it. It suits you.” He was pleased to see her cheeks get pinker and she looked embarrassed to had been given a compliment by her boyfriend.

“Juvia will make sure to braid her hair more often, then.” She told him and Gray nodded. “Now let’s go to class. We can talk more about how you like Juvia’s hair on our date after school.” She chuckled and Gray saw her so radiant, he couldn’t help but to think again how pretty she was.

Then, he groaned. He was caught on the Juvia-Effect again and he didn’t think he never would be able not to be caught on it.

It was one hell of effect.

Super Wasted Soldier

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Steve Rogers being drunk was one of the most hilarious things to watch. It was all fun until you were the one to babysit him.

Request: anon: #7 with Steve?

Author’s Note: so after all that shit, I was finally able to write something. I wrote it all funny and fluffy. I laughed writing this and hope you’d to. Its got a drunk flirty Steve. Hope you like it!

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2211

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You collapsed in your bed after the tiresome day. You couldn’t tell what was worse. You had trained for three hours straight with Natasha, you had only had one meal, some rat had hijacked your apartment, you had lost your favourite shirt, your powers weren’t being your best friends lately and to top it all off, you had managed to sprain your ankle.

The moment you hit the bed after changing your clothes, you could feel a warm comfort washed over you. You snuggled up with your blanket and pillow in just the right position. Your eyes started feeling heavier. You were just about to slip in a deep sleep until your door bell rang. You groaned before you kicked off the blanket. You sat up and regret it deeply. You were rubbing the sleep out of your eyes until the bell rang again.

‘I am coming!’ you shouted as you walked to the main door.

‘you need a haircut.’ You heard someone slur.

‘I understood it the first time you said it. You don’t have to say it for the 50th goddamn time!’ A voice scolded.

You opened the door and saw Bucky and Steve standing in front of you. Bucky had shadows under his eyes and his hair were in an array as he was half-carrying Steve.

‘the fuck happened?’ you groaned as you rubbed your eyes.

‘he is sorta wasted.’ Bucky struggled with Steve’s weight.

‘I thought that wasn’t possible.’ You crossed your arms over your chest and focused your eyes on them.

‘oh its possible when you shoot him with elephant tranquilizers.’ He replied sarcastically.

‘he was shot with what?!’ you couldn’t help but grin.

‘elephant traquifliserss…’ Steve looked at you and stuttered.

‘how did that happen?’ you asked.

‘stark.’ They replied in unison in varying tones.

‘so,’ you looked at Steve and then at Bucky. ‘the hell are you doing at my place?’ you quirked a brow.

‘have I ever told how beautiful- ‘Bucky moved towards you.

‘NO.’ you held an arm in front of him. ‘I won’t babysit a drunk captain America.’

‘please (y/n), you are my only hope left, Sam already threw him out.’ He raised his arms causing Steve to fall. He cursed as he bent down to help him.

‘why?’ you asked with knitted brows.

‘let’s just say he thought the fridge was a potential threat and broke it.’ He explained as he wrapped Steve’s arms around his neck and helped him stand again.

‘it was red skull, he’s back….’ He dramatically whispered and Bucky looked at him with the disappointment face of a parent.

‘please, just one night?’ he looked at you with puppy eyes.

‘ugh,’ you rubbed your temples. ‘fine.’

‘thank you!’ Bucky grinned and walked in with Steve.

‘drop him on the couch.’ You cleared the couch and made space for him.

‘its so bouncy!’ Steve giggled as he bounced up and down.

‘thanks once again and I am sorry.’ Bucky smiled apologetically and left.

You took in a deep breath. It was going to be a long, long night. You walked into the kitchen to get him a glass of water.

‘IS THAT PAINT?! Wait, nope, just my blood.’ Your eyes grew wide when you heard him. You ran to the living area with the glass in your hands. You found him examining the hem of his shirt.

‘did you just say something about blood?!’ you gave him the glass of water which he gulped down in seconds.

‘yup.’ He lifted his shirt exposing his perfectly toned body. ‘I got a cuf.’ He said pointing at a cut at his side. His words were not mixing up much now, maybe the tranquilizers were wearing off.

‘I’ll get you some antiseptic cream and it will stop bleeding.’ You stared at the wound.

‘(y/n)?’ he asked in the most innocent manner.

 ‘hm?’ you finally looked at his face.

‘you are staring at me.’ He grinned.

‘no, no, I wasn’t, I-I was looking at the.’ You stuttered as your face turned red. ‘it’s okay. I don’t mind.’ He winked and lied down.

You stood there unable to react to what he had said. You took in a sharp breath and went away to grab your first aid box. You came back with it and found Steve swinging his legs and waiting for you with a smile. Why did that idiot have to look good in any condition he was in. his hair were a mess, his cheeks were rosy and his eyes had a brightness in them. It was nice seeing him like that he had not been able to relax after the events that had occurred recently.

‘ah, there is my beautiful nurse.’ He grinned and heat rose to your cheeks.

‘so you are a cheeky drunk, huh?’ you kneeled beside him and cleaned the cut.

‘not with everyone, no.’ he looked at you.

‘so, I’m special?’ you asked as you fixed a bandage.

‘more than you think.’ He smiled. This statement made you feel all fuzzy, who wouldn’t? the man of your dreams appreciating you is something no one would mind.

‘can you get up please?’ he scooted to the other side.

‘why?’ you furrowed your brows as you got up.

‘some not so innocent images are invading my brain.’ He smiled flirtatiously and your eyes grew wide with realization.

‘what happened to Steve rogers the innocent puppy?’ you gathered all the contents of the box.

‘well, he is locked somewhere for the time being, doll.’ He lied on the couch with a hand tucked under his head.

‘oh really?’ you started to organize everything. ‘oh fuck me.’ You bent down to pick something up. Steve heard you and smirked as he looked at you. ‘that wasn’t an invitation.’ You gave him a sharp look. He got up and stood awfully close to you.

‘I mean it, leave me alone.’ You took a step back but he only moved closer. He got in your face with a low hum and sexy smile. You couldn’t help but look in his entrancing blue eyes and become a blushing mess. He placed a hand under your chin and leaned in your ear.

  ‘can I get something to eat?’ he moved back. ‘I’m really hungry.’ He sat back on the couch trying to hide his grin. You took in a sharp breath and ran a hand through your hair as you straightened up. You glanced at him and he winked.

‘oh for the love of god- ‘you started to smack him with a pillow.

‘I am sorry, stop!’ he laughed as you beat him with the pillow. ‘stop it!’ he sat up and wrapped his arms around you. You sat at a good distance from him and crossed your arms aver your chest.

 ‘I seriously am very hungry.’ He pouted.

‘fine.’ You got up and walked in the kitchen. You got him some leftover dinner and he ate it in silence.

 ‘you will be sleeping on the couch.’ You picked his plate.

‘why?’ he whined.

‘well, you can’t sleep with me.’ You placed the plate in the sink. You returned with a blanket and tossed it at him.

‘why can’t I sleep with you?’ he pouted.

  ‘because you can’t.’ you tried to explain.

  ‘but I am a good cuddler.’ He looked at you.

‘I don’t know anything; you are sleeping on the couch and it’s final.’ You walked in your room.

You took in a deep breath as you snuggled up with your blanket. Your eyes started drooping before you felt the other side of the bed dip. You quickly turned around with your fists drawn back.

‘it’s just me, silly.’ Steve kissed your knuckles and buried his head in the pillow.

‘the hell are you doing here?!’ you said in a high-pitched voice.

‘I am cold and intoxicated, please let me sleep with you.’ He pleaded.

‘fine.’ You placed a hand on your eyes. ‘you can sleep here.’ You lied down.

‘thanks, doll!’ he hugged you tightly.

‘I can’t breath!’ you choked out.

‘oh I am sorry!’ he retrieved his arm.

  ‘it’s okay, let me sleep now.’ You turned your back to him.

‘goodnight, doll.’ He said.

‘call me that again and your head won’t be on your shoulders!’ you threatened him.

‘fine, doll.’ He grinned. You groaned and covered your face with the blanket.

Steve couldn’t stop smiling. He finally had you close to him and was loving every bit of it. He really wanted to hold you close but he wasn’t yet eligible to do it. He just looked at your sleeping form, how you kept a hand under your head and held on to the blanket tightly as if you were afraid all of that it would be taken away from you, how your body moved with every breath you took. He loved seeing you so peaceful and careless.

  He turned away and tried to sleep; only to himself unable to do it. He thought of what he could do to pass time until his eyes fell on your phone. He quietly grabbed it and called Bucky.

‘please tell me that asshole didn’t try to fly.’ Bucky yawned.

‘no, I didn’t.’ Steve defended himself. You turned to his side and moaned as you snuggled up with a pillow and Steve’s face turned red.

‘wait, what the fuck are you doing?! Was that (y/n)!? are you crazy?! It better not be what I am thinking, punk!’ Bucky shouted in the phone.

‘no!’ Steve whisper-shouted back. ‘I am just sharing her bed; she is asleep but won’t be for long if you keep shouting like that.’ Steve whispered in the phone.

‘oh.’ Bucky breathed. ‘you in little Stevie heaven over there?’ he asked.

‘kind of.’ He smiled. You had woken up by now and were listening to what that idiot was talking about.

‘that’s why you ruined my sleep? To brag?’ Bucky asked in his usual grumpy voice.

‘nah, I couldn’t sleep.’ He rolled over and stared at the ceiling.

‘ want me to sing a fucking lullaby to you, blondie?’ he asked in an irritated tone. ‘just kiss her or something already. And if you call me one more time, I will punch you through the phone.’ Bucky hanged up.

‘that was rude.’ He looked at the phone before placing it on the nightstand.

‘(y/n) are you asleep?’ he whispered.

‘what is it now?’ you asked. ‘I guess the effect is wearing off.’

‘(y/n) are you asleep?’ he repeated.

‘nope.’ You said to yourself and turned to him. ‘spill.’ You faced him.

‘I like you.’ He looked at you. ‘a lot.’ He smiled.

‘you don’t.’ you smiled sadly.

‘no! I do, I just couldn’t get it out.’ He moved closer to you. ‘why do you think I was acting all flirty with you? Those were just repressed emotions.’ His eyes looked like he was telling the truth. ‘I really do like you, more than you think.’ He kept a hand on your cheek.

‘in that case, I like you too.’ You smiled. ‘if you don’t want me till tomorrow, please forget it.’

‘what if I need you more than anything tomorrow?’ he caressed your cheek.

‘then I’m all yours.’ You kept a hand on his cheek before turning away.

‘can I not even get a kiss?’ you heard him say.

‘I promise I’ll give it to you tomorrow.’ You said before you fell asleep.

You woke up and didn’t find Steve anywhere. Maybe it wasn’t really him who was speaking all that. Your heart sunk in darkness, why did you confess your feelings to him? What if he remembered it and was avoiding you? You sat up straight. You felt like crying, how could have you been so stupid?

‘I used your shower, I hope you don’t mind.’ Steve came out of your bathroom all dressed and smiling brightly.

 ‘good morning sunshine.’ He placed a kiss on your forehead. You looked at him all confused but you were happy.

‘so, you weren’t lying?’ you said in disbelief. ‘not at all.’ He cupped your face.

‘get ready, we’re going on a date.’ He offered you his hand.

‘where?’ you stood up.

‘it’s a surprise.’ He pushed you to the bathroom.

‘will you tell me why stark shot you with those tranquilizers?’ you said as he handed you some clothes.

  ‘bet.’ He handed you your towel.

‘and where did you get shot?’ you turned to him and wiggled your brows.

‘in the, you know..’ a blush crept to his face.

‘he shot you in the ass!?’ you busted in laughter.

 ‘yeah, its tony after all, what do you expect.’ He looked down.

‘can I see?’ you smirked and wrapped your arms around him.

‘after the date and a few kisses, of course.’ He mumbled.

‘great.’ You gave him a quick peck on the lips and shut the door. ‘I kept my promise!’ you shouted.

‘that’s unfair! I want more!’ he grinned and shouted.

‘after the date, you can get some.’ You peeked through the door and said in a sexy voice.

‘really?’ he mirrored you.

‘I meant kisses rogers!’ you shut the door again.

He leaned his head on the door smiling. ‘that’s the idiot I love.’ He thought

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46% ♥️ prompt: Magnus is injured really badly and thinks he's going to die, Alec is desperate and holds him begging him not to leave him... Magnus is safe in the end, because that was already too much angst 😅 thank u for writing these!

(also for @noiamnotapsycho  magnus being on the brink of death and alec doing everything he can while being desperate /  magnus dying and alec his reaction to it )

It had been three days, eight hours, and twenty seven minutes.

Alec had counted every one of them.

It was funny how time moved. Precious moments seemed to slip away at the speed of light, a train rushing towards its destination, leaving you standing on the platform. And yet the most torturous of times seemed to drag, seemed to turn from minutes to hours to decades to centuries. Every second felt like honey dripping off the spoon, slow and syrupy and driving him insane with impatience.

It had been three days, eight hours and twenty seven minutes. But it felt like three years.

He’d been sitting at Magnus’ beside the entire time, more or less. Ever since it had happened. They’d been together, out on what Alec would have previously called Shadowhunter business. But Alec had gotten the call at 3am, when he’d been curled up asleep with Magnus. A rogue leftover cell of Circle members was wrecking havoc - some Shadowhunters, some warlocks, vampires and wolves Valentine had managed to poison against them. Magnus had come with him. He’d felt responsible for the downworlders. So had Alec. So they’d gone together. Fought together, side by side.

At least until one of the Circle members had tried to hurl some sort of potion at Jace. Until Alec had been leaping forward to try and save his parabatai, and Magnus had been leaping to save him.

It had all compounded and cascaded, and here he was. Sitting at Magnus’ beside, watching the ancient, powerful strength and beauty of the High Warlock of Brooklyn waste away.

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Classic INTP moment I had

Last year a small group of people from school went on a camp for a book fair. We were at dinner at a fancy-ass restaurant and one of the girls said that earlier on in the day, a guy called her fat, and everyone at the table kind of gasped in shock… except for me. I actually laughed - not because I thought what the guy said was funny, but because of everyone’s reaction. They all looked at me like I was a fuckin monster, and I said “What? It’s not an insult, it’s just a description.” (But of course, it depends on the way it’s said.) Then everyone was just quiet and slowly began to talk again. Yeah, put an INTP in a social situation where they’re expected to be civil, with a bunch of people they barely know, and shit is bound to go down.


i just thought this was an important contrast of how two important women in Phoenix’s life honestly regarded him

On the left, he was her burden. A means to an end in her quest to get away with murder. Even though she had only dealt with him twice, Dahlia absolutely despised Phoenix calling him unreliable and found him “disgusting”. Dahlia, who cared only about herself, was ready to “deal with him at a moment’s notice” because he was evidence– or at least held evidence. He was the one thing stopping her from getting away free, from winning

One the right, he is her source of hope; her closest friend outside of Kurain Village and in the city. He was the one who saved her from being found guilty and found the true culprit of her sister’s murder. Maya absolutely trusts Phoenix, and puts her complete faith in him even when the situation is horrible. Maya, who’s main family were all gone since a young age (a parallel to Phoenix’s trial when he was in grade school; the concept of loneliness), found support and relief in Phoenix Wright. He was the only one who faced death…and came back for her.

interestingly enough, his encounter and later with relationship with Dahlia was sudden but occurred smoothly and ended in tragedy.

His encounter with Maya was a frightful one, hectic, and chaotic as they had both lost someone they treasured deeply. Their partnership, however, had immensely improved from that and continues to do so.

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canon au where laurent snorts when he laughs and tries his hardest not to but damen thinks its the cutest shit ever and thus tries even harder to make him laugh

Until it happened, Damen didn’t realize he had never heard Laurent truly laugh before. Not a full, no holding back, that-was-too-funny-for-me-to-control myself laugh. The sound of it was so unexpected that it took Damen a moment to realize he was staring. 

For his part, Laurent seemed mortified by the sound that had just escaped him. “You are going to pretend you never heard that,” he said sternly, pointing a finger at Damen.

Damen raised an eyebrow, grinning. “That was adorable.”

“You know how I feel about having that word used to describe me.”

Undeterred, Damen’s grin grew wider. “I didn’t know you were capable of making noises like that.”

“And it is a secret you’ll be taking to your grave.”

“Not if I can get you to make it in the middle of a meeting it isn’t.”

I’m honestly so bootytickled that my sister gets to play Andromeda all fucking weekend as much as she fucking wants and I have to wait til Tuesday. ITS SO FUCKING GOOD GUYS ASDFJKLFHSBXS


@benlaxton said: One of my favourite Carisi moments was when Fin and him went undercover in that prison and he was mopping the floor… I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard

I gotta admit I don’t remember this scene much from when I first watched it, except that it was kind crazy but after watching it frame by frame, I’m literally dying. D.Y.I.N.G!! Can we pause for a moment and talk about the awesomeness that is the Scanavino? LOL!! Who else on this show has done such crazy shit as this?? WHO?

My bb works so hard. lol.

Thanks for this!! I have a few more in the ask box to work on…anyone others to request?? Drop me an “ask”.

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May I say something. Ok. you know what funny? Naruhina is the only fandom who shows the most respect to every moments scene that are given to the antis. but when it ALWAYS come to naruhina given an episode, people just now want to find something to complain about. Like its really funny, really. Hell same for those shikatema fans that wants to claim their ship had "better-development" over just being awkward around each other. I ship shikatema but better development for what exactly??????

Lol aint nobody got time for no complaints this episode was fucking beautiful

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I came here because of DMD. I had a notion that the fandom is very serious in all of its issues so I stayed away most times when I was casual fan! Yet, I had downloaded complete albums in a matter of days and got caught in the web One Direction funny moments on YouTube where I stumbled on Larry of course. Which led to Freddieismyqueen videos and masterposts and fics to having an ao3 and tumblr account!

it’s so funny that you had this mental image of this fandom as very serious because i feel like, with the exception of major dramatic events or responding to bullying from other people in the fandom, all we do is shit post and meme and makes posts about how much we love harry’s curls and louis’ eyelashes.



She felt completely and utterly alone in the world.

She thought they all gave up, but come to find out.

B R A N D O N  D I D N ‘T


He was there when no one else cared. He showed Callie that she wasn’t alone and that she had him.



Working in a pharmacy can definitely have its amusing moments. Of course there are the usual butchering of the names of certain medicines. But also last week this guy came in and was explaining that he was having trouble breathing. He said, “I’m really just having to pull from deep in my cervix to get a good breath…” Our pharmacist nearly lost his shit. And today this man (who is always difficult) came in and was upset (rightfully so, this time) because he had wanted us to fill his wife’s insulin prescription for a 3 months supply instead of just 1. This prompted the phrase, “If I don’t come home with 90 days worth of insulin, she’ll eat me out!” I had to work really hard to maintain a straight face and also to not say, “Well hell, I’ll take it home for you then!" 

I watched the volcanion/magearna movie here and…. I loved it! Definitely the best xy movie, and the best movie imo for a long time, since DP. The stuck on you tropey bit for like, the first hour was actually really well done and very funny, and made this gif I made months ago incredibly accurate

 but like the plot was good and engaging too, very evil baddie which is nice, and there were SO many just cute nice pokemon just being pokemon moments, (its going to be gif hell when the dvd comes out). Oh and magearna itself was such a good character and pokemon.  I didn’t know how I felt about it beforehand but now I love it. Also yass puni-chan, slaaay. 

Now all that’s left is for me is to update this

EDIT: it was also basically an ash fashion show, walk walk fashion baby 

EDIT X2 COMBO: It’s filmed in the cinema obvo, but the quality gets much better after the first few mins

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I have this headcanon that despair cultists have such a horridly damaged sense of humor that any traps they leave for Future Foundation members are either utterly horrific or amount to really dumb practical jokes with little in-between (not unlike something their goddess would think of). Is it bad to imagine Naegi and Kirigiri have probably fallen victim to a few dumb jokes while fighting despair?

So imagine Naegi and Kirigiri travelling through despair-infected territory only to fall into a pit trap left by bad-humored despair cultists that’s filled with trash instead of deadly spikes. Then, when Naegi opens his eyes, he notices a cup of ramen has made its way onto Kirigiri’s head and seemingly gotten stuck there. After a moment silent contemplating between the two, he tries to speak up but the stern look she gives him is telling him “Don’t. Say. A word.” He never did, not then or ever…

That’s rather funny. Though I mean when she had the cup on her in DR1 she just flicked it off lol

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Get over here!!! { Do as you please. Surprise me. Or don't. I'll still think you're cute <3 }

[because I’ve been thinking it over and I thought it would make you laugh if it was this boi]

Everything was funny at the moment, for some reason. They had sedated Prince, and the medication hadn’t very well worn off yet. The reason? A poor kid had picked a fight. It hadn’t ended well for either of them, Prince yet again sporting a black eye.

He had been sitting up in the bed, unaware that this was one of the days Steel would visit. They’d probably planned it, in hindsight, but he was much too doped up to think on it too much.

It wasn’t until the girl was near the bed that he even noticed her. The smile on his face made him seem so innocent. “Heya you!” It sounded a little odd, coming from him in such a joyful tone. “Get over here!”

He had pulled her down into a hug. Despite the fact it wasn’t a long hug, him dropping his arms after only a few seconds, it was obvious he didn’t have a lot of real strength at the moment. “I didn’t know you were vis'ting today!”