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I’m sick of so called fans making fun of Guanlin’s English because he has an accent. Like Guanlin has great understanding in English and his sentences flow and make sense. however he does have a Chinese/Taiwanese accent which of course makes sense because he grew up in Taipei and studied English in school. Having an accent does not mean you can not speak a language well, I’m sick and tired of racist people undermining someone’s abilities based upon their accent.

They’re acting like Arya is the same person she was when she left Winterfell 7 seasons ago. Like she is still a petulant little girl fighting with her sister. She has gone through 7 seasons of unspeakable trauma including watching multiple family members die. She went through a tremendous struggle to reclaim her identity as a Stark. Through it all was the notion of a “pack” that drove her character.

“The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”

After King’s Landing and the Red Wedding she had become the lone wolf and had lost her pack. There was a hole in her heart where her family had been that was so painful she thought would never ever heal. It was too painful to be Arya Stark and remember what it was like to have a family, to be part of a pack, to be loved and protected. She tried to find family again with Gendry, Hot Pie, even the Hound to a point, but she couldn’t find it.

She defended her pack, even if she wasn’t with them. Every action she took was to avenge the wrongs done to her pack, or to find her way back to them. She sees herself as a protector of her pack. She goes after anyone who wronged them. That is why she has her list.

It was easier after all the trauma she endured to not be Arya Stark anymore, to throw away her identity and be No One.

But she couldn’t.

Because of Needle, which was Jon Snow’s smile. Because of the snow melting in Robb’s hair as they left Winterfell. Because of her father smiling down at her, the wolf blood, Bran and Rickon, her mother, and the girl she had known a million years ago who had loved lemon cakes.

This was her pack. Try as she might to fight it and bury the pain that came with this identity she couldn’t be No One.

Arya recognizes more than anyone the importance of family. Her experiences have done nothing but to strengthen this bond with them.

For D&D to insinuate that Arya would antagonize and threaten to kill one of the 3 remaining members of her pack, the most important thing in the world for her, is an insult to her character.

The worst thing is that Arya says & does these awful things in Jon’s name. Like he would ever be OK with her threatening Sansa’s life? Arya might be stuck in S1 but Jon loves Sansa too. They’re family, they’ve been through more together than they have with any of their other siblings. Even if tomorrow Sansa wanted to be queen, you think Jon would ever turn on her, much less execute her for it? He acknowledged she won the Battle of the Bastards when she brought in the Knights of the Vale. “The battle was lost until the Knights of the Vale rode in. They came because of you.“ “We’re standing here because of you.” He was the one who had the lord’s chambers made up for her even when she tried to give them to him because “You’re the Lady of Winterfell, you deserve it”. She was the one who got him to fight for Winterfell & rally the houses. They disagree & argue but her counsel matters the most to him. Sansa was the one who gave him the validation he longed for all his life when he said hd wasn’t a Stark. “You are to me.” Sat back & supported him as he took the title that was technically her birthright. In return, he left the North in her care because he trusts her, he knows she will keep things in order & NOT lose them all their allies by beheading them when they question him. Everything she’s doing now is FOR Jon, to keep the Lords on his side, to appease them enough so they don’t flee with their armies. And Arya wants to kill her for it?

She assumes like a petulant & spiteful child. She doesn’t ask questions & listen to the answers, just issues awful- & honestly, bizzare- threats. She doesn’t consider that Sansa is doing what Jon asked of her or that she- along with her relationship with Jon- has actually changed in the years since they were kids. Somehow Sansa means so little, she would be willing to murder her based on her own idiotic misconceptions. And probably think Jon would thank her for it.

I’M DEADDDD either from protecting myself from not dying physically by the girls and boys shoving me around or the fact i saw wanna one. Y'all wanna one is short and I don’t know what to believe anymore. My 176 cm ass now knows she towers over like 9 out of 11 of them 😢 but they really are good live and the audience went berserk for them. They have amazing stage presence and like the songs live were so much better than i thought they’d be. their introductions in english were cute as hell. Like everything they say about them is so spot on like EVERYTHING. They look healthy and not starved which is always a good thing. Daniel is no joke. Like when you hear knetz say he oozes charisma it’s true. His stage presence is crazy and he just knows how to be sexy without trying (unfortunately for me considering i’m really trying not to stan him yaknow…the struggle is real)! HIS ENGLISH IS SO FUCKING GOOD YA’LL…. But I don’t believe he’s 180cm at all. Maybe my height and his legs are like 160cm but boy is THICK. I didn’t expect baejin’s face to be the size of a fist but it is. I didn’t expect woojin to be as adorable as he is but he is and he looks real young in person even if he trying to pretend he older than he is. Jihoon is smol too wtf his height always was misleading to me (and i always for some reason assumed he’d be my height but nah) but he is smol but yo each of his thighs are as big as my waist. I didn’t expect mama jisung to be as good looking in person but he’s really really pretty like too pretty LIKE DELICATE PRETTY?!?…. Hwang minhyuns visuals are really no joke…like he looks like a guy every Korean mom would kill to have as their son in law. Daehwi is cute as hell and definitely the actual maknae of the group and does cute shit 24/7 and a walking smiley face emoji like even the way he speaks you can literally hear rainbows and unicorns and happiness vomiting from his voice…like he just seems like a happy kid ya know while guanlin seems shell shocked like literally he is this emoji 😳. Jaehwan lost a lot of weight since p101…like I know he’s dieting but wow. Sungwoon is smaller than I thought…so he definitely maybe 163cm ha but everything else is true he’s got the face of porcelain china that only gods can bless you with. I didn’t expect to leave a ong stan but I did ㅠㅠ he is so unreal in person like his features and everything are perfect and he’s tall and his body moves so nice like real nice….it’s like his long limbs just know what the fuck to do…he can wear those pants and do that one move grinding with his hand during energetic every day for the rest of my life… BOY….THOSE PANTS….hid nothing. excuse me, I’m drooling again. But they’ve been blessed in every way wow…i really couldn’t be prouder of them. Literally started and ended in a blink of an eye though 😢  …oh and I forgot to add ong being a special mc did me in.