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i got an ask for Kara with potstickers so here you go


We’re setting up to do this shot, we just wanna see Cate sort of tugging this child along. He’s forgetting how to walk. And she walked off down the sidewalk and they kind of edged over to the edge of frame and disappeared behind the tree and then right at this moment the little boy tugs on her hand and then she bends down to find out what it is that he wants and he puckers up his lips and gives her this kiss. And I’m watching this on the monitor and I’m going “Oh my god, that’s amazing!”

David Fincher, Director’s commentary
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

FOB Asks

i don’t see a lot of fall out boy-related asks, so i figured i’d make one myself! ask me anything, or reblog if you want asked these questions!

take this to your grave: what’s a secret you usually don’t tell people?

from under the cork tree: do you have a favorite childhood book?

infinity on high: who’s your favorite artist?

folie a deux: what’s something about yourself that you feel is underappreciated?

soul punk: do you like working solo or with others?

save rock and roll: if you had to pick one genre of music to listen to, what would it be?

american beauty/american psycho: what’s something that drives you crazy?

m a  n   i    a: have you ever had a panic attack?

grand theft autumn: (if you like boys) do you prefer rebel boys, or gentlemen?

dance, dance: what song makes you dance every time?

sugar, we’re going down: do you hunt? are you against hunting?

this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race: do you hold grudges, or prefer to keep things civil?

disloyal order of water buffaloes: what are your favorite and least favorite fall out boy albums?

headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet: have you lost any big bets?

my songs know what you did in the dark: have you ever set something on fire?

centuries: are you afraid of not being remembered?

uma thurman: who’s your favorite actor?

drunk history: (if you drink) what kind of drunk are you?

young blood chronicles: do you like violent movies (action, etc), or do you like calmer ones (romance, Disney, etc.)?

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Hey Gaster! How come one of your eyes is bigger then the other? Are you blind in the bigger one or can you still see through it?

His eyes are technically the same size, but after an incident when he was younger, his right eye socket was deformed and movement became limited. Although the ocular light in that eye is diffused, he can still see out of it (just not as well as with the left eye). The facial cracks were caused by a different occurrence altogether.

I’ve posted a couple drawings of babybones Gaster before but ye this is roughly what he looked like as a young adult before the onset of several face befuckenings~

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Hi! Can you tell me the name of the episode ( can't remember ) of TAG Classic where Virgil's ship is crashlanding ? He is assisted by Scott. That ep compares to earthbraker's TB2 crashlanding also. Don't know if it was on purpose. Though I must say that the visceral emotion between the two brothers are best shown in the classic, the way Scott encourages Virgil. I would've, love that same intensity in the new 2015 version.

The episode you’re thinking of is “Terror in New York City”! =D  There’s a really great look at the episode here!

Most of those on the creative team for TAG! are HUGE classic Thunderbirds fans, so the chances are it very much was the inspiration behind Thunderbird 2′s crash landing.

(A whole lot of rambling now follows… lol Don’t mind me…)

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How to Get Away With Murder | Chapter 2
Hux is a District 2 Career who has trained for the Games for most of his life. Ben Solo is an apparently unhinged but extremely skilled volunteer from District 12, and in him Hux begins to see an unlikely ally, at least until they have to turn on each other.
By Organization for Transformative Works

FINALLY this chapter is done! Sorry to all who are following it for the long wait– I got distracted by a few other projects and was also just lost on this chapter for a long time. It wasn’t one I initially planned to do, so I had to rearrange some things. But I’m glad I did it and I’m excited to write what comes next! I have more concrete plans for the next three parts, so they should be easier to draft– plus Ben and Hux are together a lot more in the future chapters, and those are always my favorite scenes to do, ofc. Thanks to all who asked about this during the hiatus and encouraged me <3

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Do you have anything to help with negative thoughts?

Sorry this took a while for me to get to! It got lost in my drafts…

Beloved Y/N

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You’re probably stunned to see a letter from me. I don’t write things down unless I have to because let’s face it that’s way too much effort for me to do. But since your now on a completely different brand and I hardly see you I took note from times before we didn’t have the technology (not that I know how to use it) and write to you because there were some things I needed to tell you (trust me this isn’t my first attempt in writing you this note/letter whatever you wanna call it. I guess you could call it my thoughts. Dean’s thought paper perhaps) 

Anyway, I need to get back to the point as to why I decided to write to you this in the first place.Ever since you were drafted to Raw, I feel lost. Not the fun kind of lost, you know when you go to a new place and get lost. That’s fun lost but this is not fun lost. This lost is horrible. I haven’t been functioning since you’ve been gone. I forget things, I forgot that I wasn’t wearing any shoes once. It took me until I was half way down the street to realise. I feel empty. Now as you know because you’ve been my friend for almost a decade I like to simple life but this feeling is horrible. I can’t function properly. I forgot that I have to use a pen to write this thing. Do you know when it all started? When you got drafted. 

I know what your thinking, but Dean I’m a phone call away or Dean you can text or Skype (I’m still trying to work out that thing by the way) But it’s not cutting it. I’m going crazy and yes I know I’m insane but more than normal. You were the only person that could keep me stable and now I don’t even get to see you. Management needs to make some changes because I swear I’ll flip out. They think I’m crazy now but boy if I get my hands on them for doing this I swear I’ll destroy them. 

But then I got thinking because what normal person goes insane because they can’t contact their best friend in the whole entire world. So here comes the serious part. I’ve come to a realisation, you know like the animals do in the cartoon where a light bulb appears above their head. I had one of those. I’m crazy about my best friend. I’m in love with my best friend and I can’t help it. But I’m sure as hell as proud that if my heart was going to switch on for anyone it would be you. I just hope you feel the same way because I believe we could have something magical. Like story worthy. 

I love you Y/N and I hope to all these good in this world that you feel the same way. 

Call me once you’ve read this please, 

I love you darlin 

Dean x 

I was tagged by the sweet @burglethyturts a while ago! Thank you Katherine!

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.

(note: I used a spotify daily list for this because my ipod only shuffles the same 3 songs, idk if that is cheating)

  1. Hippo Campus - Boyish 
  2. San Cisco - Awkward
  3. Bleachers - I wanna get better
  4. COIN - Run
  5. Smallpools - Killer whales
  6. The naked and the famous - Punching in a dream
  7. The Wombats - Greek Tragedy
  8. Fickle Friends - Swim
  9. Magic Man - Apollo
  10. The Mowgli’s - Bad Thing
  11. MisterWives - Our own house
  12. Passion Pit - Carried Away
  13. Two Door Cinema Club - Something good can work
  14. The 1975 - Heart Out
  15. Ecosmith - Cool Kids
  16. Walk the Moon - Spend your $$$
  17. The Neighbourhood - Cry Baby
  18. Hippo Campus - Close to gold
  19. St. Lucia - Dancing on Glass
  20. CION - Holy Ghost

I’ll tag: @lyneart12 @magicgumball @raindroplazuli @koziosko @tutomon and anyone else who wants to do this! (also if you’re tagged but dont want to do this you don’t have to of course ✌️)

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First of you've the most wonderful Kalafina's site. I visit multiple times a day. Thanks for all the wonderful things you updated related to the three wonderful ladies. Now my question is about Keiko - why you do or many other fans think she is gay? Would love your long essay on this or anyone else thought on it. Since I also shared your love of Keiko and WaKei - anything involving them would be most welcome. One cannot get enough of Kalafina so don't stop the spam. Thanks for your hard work

I HAVE NO EXCUSES WHATSOEVER!!! I FEEL SO ASHAMED! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! THIS TOOK A MILLION YEARS! I originally wanted to finish some translations before getting to this ask and then real life crept up on me and kept me pretty busy. For whatever reason, this post got lost in my drafts and I only rediscovered it a couple of days ago. I AM SO VERY SORRY!!!

I have so many unfinished posts in my draft section, it’s crazy, it’s downright embarrassing, I really need to get my shit together. Anyways, let’s finally get to your ask!!!

Here we go =>
Thank you so much!!! This message made me incredibly happy! You have no idea!

VERY TRUE, there can never be enough Kalafina in this world ^_^ I honestly see it as my personal mission to spread the Kalafina love!! If I ever stop spamming you, I’ll either be dead or abducted by aliens.

Also, what an interesting question! While I (and a bunch of other fans) have addressed this topic a couple of times in the past (lookie here! I’ll link to it again later on), I’ve never actually dedicated an entire post to it so thank you so much for asking this! It gives me the opportunity to go all out on the subject and by now all of my followers should know that I have a penchant for writing long ass essays related to Kalafina XD

Before I start, I’d like to mention that our lovely fellow Kalafan @iakrus (who hasn’t been active on tumblr in a VERY long time unfortunately) has already covered this topic quite extensively (to a point where I don’t think my own post will do it justice >_<). She has obviously put a lot of effort into her research and she has found a ton of great sources that provide evidence for her arguments so be sure to check out her thoughts here and here. She has done an incredibly thorough job discussing the matter (addressing each and every important issue) so I might occasionally refer to her in my post (she also discusses the possibility of Yuki Kajiura being gay but that’s not the topic of this ask). All right, now that that is out of the way, let’s get started, shall we? ^_^

Why do I/other fans think Keiko is gay?

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@shirogomis​ haha,, look what i uhhh found in my drafts….

an otp of my choice…aohina!!

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who hogs the duvet: hinata is a comforter-hogging goblin 

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: aone and he always has the most embarrassing autocorrect mishaps

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: both though aone always says that being with hinata is a gift in itself

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Test Ride (Gency) - fanfic preview

Okay so I wasn’t really gonna do this but I got so much love from my FE GEncy crossover that I thought I MIGHT AS WELL DO THIS. This fic isn’t on the priority level of Princess and the Pauper buuuuut we shall see if it takes off. Anyway, this is a preview for a literal shameless smut fic I’ve been drafting up. LMK what ya’ll think

Test Ride
Rating: M
Pair: Genji x Mercy
Summary: At the advice of his mentor, Genji repairs a lost function of his lost body. Unfortunately (or perhaps not) he needs his doctor’s assistance to make sure everything is working properly.

If he was being truly honest with himself, it started when he first awoke in his body. 

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No okay but imagine doing what you love most with the person who’s helped you so much. Imagine seeing smiles on their faces every day and you’re the one that makes them smile. Imagine doing stupid stuff with someone and you laugh it off even if it was awkward. Imagine a person who stuck around you like glue because you were sad and they wouldn’t leave you alone until you were okay. Someone who worries about your health and brings it up constantly. Someone who sneaks into your bed in the middle of the night. Someone who just wants you to be happy. Someone who gets worried because you got lost or you were away for too long. Someone who wants you to feel like you matter. Someone who easily got jealousy because you didn’t mention them as your favorite person. Someone who wants to be with you forever and never wants to hurt you because you’re a treasure in their lives…

Because that’s Taehyung and Jimin.

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So. Each direwolf reflects their Starkling. But I never got how Ghost reflected Jon? Or is he not supposed to...? Maybe I need to read more carefully...

Hey, sorry this sort of got lost amidst the wreckage that is my inbox, and while I’m sure there’s a discussion like this already out there, I’m gonna go ahead and put together the evidence I gathered because both Ghost and Jon are very important to me, and Ghost is my favorite direwolf as well as the one who is downright chockfull of symbolism.

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