but it gives us an excuse to have a dessert table

something sweeter | matsukawa i.

Summary: One dessert isn’t enough.

Rating: E for Explicit.

Pairing: Mattsun | Matsukawa Issei x Reader

A/N: Special thanks to @strawbericream for giving us the original food for thought when it comes to sugardaddy!mattsun. This is on the softer side of things and could possibly allude to a relationship that extends beyond the normal realms of a sugar arrangement. Technically a continuation of this post. Enjoy.


The rest of dinner goes by slowly. Mattsun continues with his sly glances and suggestive texts and you do your best to ignore him, not wanting to give yourself away at a table full of women that you barely know. Once it’s ended and you’re saying your goodbyes, his hand finds the curve of your waist. His arm loops around it, pulling you into his side easily.

“If you’ll excuse us, ladies,” he says smoothly, stealing you away form the gathering. “My date and I will be retiring.”

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The Empire - Past

Summary: Somehow every man you meet runs for his life…

Pairing: former Mobster!Dean x Reader

Characters: Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, OFC’s

Warnings: angst, self-doubts, language, violence, threats, arguments, mentions of a break-up, hurt feelings, sneaky jealous Dean, mentions of past domestic violence, alcohol abuse

A/N: Part 1/3


“Anything else, Ms. Y/L/N?” You can see the pity in your waiter’s eyes. Three dates in two months and the guy stood you up – again. “Wine? An appetizer perhaps?”

“I’ll have dessert, for take away. I don’t think he’ll show…” Sighing you down the last droplet of your favorite wine.

While the waiter takes your order you let your eyes wander. Heart thundering, body going stiff you see the person you wanted to never see again walk into the restaurant, a smirk on his lips and another girl at his arm.

“Stuart, I changed my mind. I’d like to pay…”

“Of course, Ms. Y/L/N.” Stuart’s eyes drift toward Dean before he gives you a cracked smile. “Anything for the lovely lady at my table.”

“Not lovely enough, though…” Not wanting Dean to acknowledge your presence you hand Stuart your credit card, excuse yourself to the restrooms before the mobster’s eyes can get a glimpse of you.

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✨Text✨[Deuce Spade]✨

(A/N: Deuce has no requests in the drafts and that’s a crime so take this in celebration of his gorgeous new card art ugh)

Deuce wanted to die.

He hadn’t meant to actually send the message to you, the message he’d typed out just being him in his feelings as he didn’t get to see you during the week break from school. His crush on you had gone unspoken for so long he’d gotten comfortable simply being seen as your friend, feeling lucky he’d even managed to get that far when he was constantly nervous around you. Even when he put his foot in his mouth you simply laughed it off, asking for further explanation (giving him a chance to defend himself) or simply assuming he’s just joking around.  

But how could he explain away ‘I miss you’?

He’d been distracted by his mother who had been excitedly asking him about all the friends he made, it was the reason he pulled up your chat messages in the first place. He was re-reading them, smiling at your sense of humor, wishing he could think of a single topic to start a new conversation with. He’d been staring at his phone for an hour trying to decide if he should send the message while his mother tittered around him, making him his favorite dinner in celebration of the holiday; he was happy to be home, to see her, but he wished you could be here, too. Having his two favorite people in the same room together, hopefully getting along, would be like a dream come true. Would you be interested in meeting his mom? Would the two of you get along well? These thoughts were what got him in trouble in the first place as he swiped at his screen to go to a different page and hit the far too large ‘send’ button instead.

He was sweating, unable to talk back as his mother asked him if he’d like this or that for dessert, the cold type of sweat that you only got when you were sick to his stomach. What would he do if you replied negatively? What would he do if you didn’t reply at all? Which would hurt him more? He tossed his phone onto the chair directly across from him and did his best to avoid the questions on his behavior from his parent, sitting at the table with her and directing the conversation back on her. He liked to hear what she was up to while he was away though he always felt some sort of guilt when she talked about how much she missed him; she wasn’t holding it against him, of course, he was going to a great school and staying out of trouble, she was just far more used to see his face every day after school so it was an adjustment.

Deuce was midway through his meal when he heard his phone ringing from across the room, slightly muffled due to being wedged in a chair cushion, but his heart dropped. That ringtone… It wasn’t the default one, it was the one you’d given yourself after you’d put your number in his phone! He’d know that sound anywhere. He jumped up from the table without excusing himself, only dimly hearing his mother call out for him in confusion as he tried to answer it. He thought for a moment maybe he’d mistaken the sound, maybe it wasn’t you calling and someone else was programmed in his phone with the same ringtone and he was just hopeless-

Oh, God, it was you.  

“H-Hello?” Why did he answer with such uncertainty? Why was he so afraid to talk to you? If you saw his message and thought he was some sort of weirdo you wouldn’t have called him, right? Maybe he’d accidentally sent the text to Ace or Yuu instead who he’d feel far less awkward explaining himself too even if it would be a hassle.

“You didn’t respond to my text so I got worried!”

His mothers ears perked up to the sound of your voice as she had followed her frantic son into the living room, leaning closer and raising an eyebrow at him. His face was fully flushed and he was fidgeting, unable to sit still; it was an expression she’d never quite seen on him before. It may just be a mothers instinct or perhaps Deuce isn’t quite as slick as he likes to think when it comes to his feelings because she’s soon pulling away with a wide smile on her face. He doesn’t expect her to suddenly snatch the phone from his hand, holding a finger out to him to tell him not to bother trying to take it back.

“Hello, dear,” His mom started off, voice sweet as honey, “How are you? Are you one of Deuce’s friends?”

He can’t hear your reply as clearly as he’d like.

“Oh, my, I thought so… I completely understand, I was young once, too… Mhm, mhm… Why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow night then! It’s normally just the two of us so some company will really mix it up!” Deuce reached out for his phone but is met by his mothers hand on his face, covering his mouth and pushing him away as she had it just out of his reach. “I can’t wait to meet you then! Deuce will send you our address. Tell him the types of foods you like to eat as well! Goodbye, dear.”

“Your mom’s cute,” You giggled from the other end of the phone, unaware of the dead-eyed expression Deuce wore on his face. “I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner I guess~ I’ll message you back when I’m done eating tonight so make sure you answer this time, ‘kay?”

When you hung up he pouted at his mother who was whistling innocently in the kitchen, having started to gather all the dishes aside from the one that had his unfinished dinner on it. It was slightly cold but he didn’t much care anymore, not when there was a storm of butterflies in his stomach causing a ruckus and dampening his appetite. It took him a few minutes of mulling over the conversation you’d just had before he realized you’d called him because he hadn’t responded to you, and he reached into his pocket to pull his phone out again to check.

He saved the message the minute he read it, just to look at it whenever he felt down.

‘I miss you too ♥’

Mina: WHAT DID YOU DO!? *Mina shouted with all the girls before her glaring at the one person sitting at the table.*

Izuku: Eh? *Izuku mutter in fear, mid bite of his sandwich.*

Mina: Don’t play dumb Midoriya Izuku! We know you pissed off Asui! SO What. Did. You. Do? *Mina hissed slamming her hands on the table burning it with her acid causing Izuku to jump slight.*

Izuku: N-Nothing! I swear!

Mina: DON’T LIE!

Izuku: I-I’m not! I swe-wait. *Izuku Said in fear before Stopping and blinking in thought before a look of realization covers his face. Then oddly surprising all the girls he lets out a short laugh and goes back to eating.*

Mina: … HEY! *Mina shouts again this time Izuku looks at her still eating.* I am serious Midoriya! What did you do!? Because if you hurt Asui I’ll-

Izuku: Jammy Jammy Jelly. *Izuku interrupted.*

Mina: … What?

Izuku: Jammy Jammy Jelly. It’s Tsu’s favorite dessert.

Mina: … So she’s is mad at you… because of a dessert? *Mina questioned.*

Izuku: No. Well Kinda. You see, uh, How do I explain this? *Izuku said, trying to explain the situation without going into the secret details when unknown to everyone Tsuyu walked into the room.*

Tsuyu: What is going on? Kero.

Mina: TSUYU! WHAT DID MIDORIYA DO TO YOU!? *Mina Shouted hugging her friend motherly like, Meanwhile Tsuyu blinking glancing at her boyfriend with a confused expression.*

Tsuyu: Uh, Nothing?

Mina: Then why are you mad at him?

Tsuyu: *Tsuyu tilted her head before letting out a oh and frowned slightly.* Oh. Its nothing. Just SOMEONE refusing to cuddle when my lately.

Mina and the other girls: Huh?

Izuku: Tsu for the last time. I would LOVE to cuddle with you when we go to sleep but not if you have Jammy Jammy Jelly right back. *Izuku explained.*

All the girls: Wha?

Tsuyu: But why not? You yourself have said that it makes our good morning kiss taste good.

The girls: Excuse me?!

Mina: Oh-ho.~

Izuku: Y-Yeah true. But it gives you the weirdest dreams that youwake you up and then you wake me up say something really weird to me and fall right back to sleep leaving me either confused, worried, or with a sore cheek!

The girls: Eh?

Tsuyu: That’s not true. Kero.

Izuku: Really?  Then what about that night you woke me up and apologized for eating me because, and I quote, “You were just the cutest jelly filled cinnamon roll bunny and you melted in my mouth after the first bite. Don’t worry I saved your little arms so they were broken. Kero.” How am I suppose to sleep after that when the love of my life is dreaming of eating me?

The Girl: *They don’t know whether to awe at Izuku’s love of his life confusion or question what the hell kind of dreams Tsuyu is having.*

Tsuyu: It was one time.

Izuku: No it wasn’t!

Tsuyu: Yes it was.

Izuku: Baby watermelon.

Tsuyu: They were ours and they were cute.

Izuku: Talking clothes.

Tsuyu: Your costume agreed with me that you make a sexy bunny.

Izuku: Hip Joint.

Tsuyu: Its a fair trade that I climb us up walls and you carry me when we walk since my feet would touch the ground.

Izuku: Fish voting.

Tsuyu: That have the right too.

Izuku: Me as your girlfriend! 

Tsuyu: We both stayed up that night wondering if my quirk could change my sex!



Mina: OKAY ENOUGH! *Mina interrupted stepping between the couple.* This is by far the weirdest conversation I have ever hear and I just want to get a few things straight.

Tsuyu/Izuku: Okay.

Mina: Alright. So Tsuyu you are mad at Midoriya because he won’t sneak into your room so you both and cuddle and sleep.

Tsuyu: Or I sneak into his room when its cold. Yes Kero.

Mina: And you Midoriya won’t do this because Tsuyu eat a snack the makes her wakes up in the middle of the night, wake you up, and says something that keeps you up?

Izuku: Yes.

Mina: Okay last question, Is this you two’s first argument as a couple?

Tsuyu/Izuku: *the two loveer looked surprised at Mina smirking before looking each other, then going into their thinking stances Tsuyu with her finger on her chin and Izuku rubbing his, and then both looking away with blushes and muttered.* … Thought so yeah.

Mina: Okay it is official. You two are the most innocent cinnamon roll couple there is on the planet.

Tsuyu: We are aware of this.

Izuku: So does that mean I’m not in trouble?

Mina: Only if you go back to cuddling with Tsuyu to make her happy.

Izuku: I want to but I need sleep.

Ochako: Why not eat the jelly in the morning? *Ochako spoke up as everyone turned to look at her.* I mean It’s only happens if she eats it before bedtime right.

Tsuyu: *Everything continued to stare at Uraraka when Tsuyu turned to Izuku.* Do you think having it now would be okay?

Izuku: Worth a shoot.

~Later that night~

Tsuyu: Izu. Izu wake up.

Izuku: Mmmr. Huh? Tsu? What’s wrong?

Tsuyu: … How did you use a corgi as a fireball to take down a giant fire dragon and it exploded into bunnies?

Izuku: …

Tsuyu: … Kero?

Izuku: Siiiiiiigh, I am too tuired and too in love with you for this. *Izuku muttered and he pulled Tsuyu close and cuddled her trying not to think of what his girlfriend just saied and go back to sleep with her as she yawns.*

Tsuyu: Fine but I… want to… know tom…love ya kero… *She dosed off.*

Izuku: *Izuke sighed again, giving his girlfriend a kiss on the forehead.* Everytime.

I need to feel you - Arcana, Asra x F!MC, NSFW

Author’s Notes: This piece is a result of the “What are the secret kinks of the main 6” thread in the NSFW group for Arcana on Facebook. I just know that Asra would use magic to tease his lover in a public place. 

It’s a POV with Female / AFAB MC, choose your own name unless you want to use my Apprentice - her name is Serena. 

This was also published on AO3, but I’m testing the waters to see which medium works best for me.

Summary: Asra and the Apprentice are invited to a dinner party at the Palace. They are seated at the opposite ends of the table and Asra decides that it’s not going to stop him from showing his lover some affection.

Warnings: NSFW, Teasing, Semi-Public Sex

Words: 1953

It didn’t matter that it was already a year since I first set my foot on the Palace grounds. Entering the magnificent building was as breathtaking as ever. Asra and I walked hand in hand, as one of the guards lead us to the dining room, where most of the guests were already seated. Nadia came to welcome us with a bright smile on her face.

“Ah, Asra my dear, it’s so pleasant to see you, both of you.”

She kissed me on both of my cheeks before turning to him with the same greeting.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I placed you next to me at the dinner table. I need your opinion about the upcoming Masquerade. And you, my darling” -

She pointed at me with an almost pleading smile - “My dear sister Natiqua asked if you could take place by her side. She loves to hear stories about our… adventures with Lucio. And to be frank, I’ve grown tired of talking about anything even remotely related to that buffoon. Could you entertain her with your unique perspective on the matter?”

“Of course Nadia, I would be at your service.”

We arrived at the table, and to my disappointment, it turned out that Natiqa and my seats were at the opposite end of the table from where Nadia and Asra were sitting. At the second thought, it shouldn’t have surprised me. Nadia’s relations with her sisters were always a little tense.

The dinner was delicious, Nadia served us her favorite - spiced swordfish. It was perfectly cooked and the flavors melting on my tongue were delightful. The company wasn’t bad either. I grew quite fond of Natiqa and her playful demeanor.

I was speaking about the first time I went to Lucio’s wing when suddenly, I felt a hand grazing my back. I turned around, thinking that maybe the guest on my other side wanted to join our conversation, but he was focused on the contents of his wine glass, not paying us mind.

“Is everything alright, Magician?”

I turned to her with a smile. Talking about Lucio’s ghost must have played tricks on my mind.

“Yes, of course. I just had a weird feeling, but it’s nothing to worry about.”

I picked up the story, reminiscing about the way Melchior and Mercedes used to try and boss me around. That’s when I felt it again, but this time, I was sure that someone was brushing their fingers down my collarbone. I took another look around. The dreading thought of Lucio’s ghost shoot through my brain, so I glanced at Asra. If there were some presence in this room, he would be the first one to sense it.

But he was relaxed as always, comfortably talking and laughing with Nadia. Not a tinge of worry on his beautiful face. Looking at him made me feel calm again. There was nothing wrong. Maybe the events of the last year took their toll on me after all, making me jittery.

“My dear, if you would excuse me, I have to go and compliment the chef. This dish is just divine. But after I get back, I hope you will tell me more about that interesting encounter.”

“Of course, I will be waiting patiently. This lovely meal deserves the praise. Please give my best to the chef as well.”

She stood up and strolled gracefully towards the Palace cook, that was already laying out the desserts on a nearby counter. Not sure what to do with myself, I found my gaze darting towards Asra again. This time, he was looking straight at me, with the kind of a hooded stare that I knew meant trouble. He picked a strawberry from a nearby tray and placed it in his lips, slowly biting into its flesh, never breaking eye contact with me. He knew what that sight was doing to me. I couldn’t think about anything else but those lustful lips of his.

The strawberry was so fresh that a little of the juice spilled from the corner of his mouth. He scooped it up with his finger and looked at me like he was going to pierce my soul, while he licked his finger.

And that’s when I felt it. Asra’s slick tongue, going up my neck. I felt shivers going down my spine, warming the place between my legs.

It was his doing.

He was looking at me with a mischevious smile on his lips, as I felt his hands slowly sliding up my thighs. He was so far away and yet, I felt it all like he was sitting beside me. I caught my breath in my throat, trying hard not to let it show how hot and bothered I already was.

Nadia turned to him with a question I couldn’t quite decipher, and he returned to their conversation like nothing was happening. I don’t know how he could be so composed, while I knew that in his mind, he was touching me, grazing his fingers up my sides, kissing my jaw… making my head spin.

“Are you not feeling well my dear? You look a little flushed.”

Natiqa’s voice brought me back from my daze. It was hard, focusing on her, while I felt Asra’s kisses tracing a line from my shoulder blades up to the nape of my neck and his hands delicately grazing the curve of my breasts.

“I’m fine, princess. I guess maybe reliving those troubled times made me a bit nervous.”

I continued my story, but I was feeling very distracted. Asra’s hands were roaming my body. From delicate grazes on my ankle to gripping my hips tightly. I knew my face must have been slightly colored with a shade of pink, but I pinned it on the unusually hot summer that we were experiencing.

I shot scolding glances towards Asra every now and then, but he just returned them with a warm smile and the spark in his eyes that told me how pleased he was, watching me squirm. His fingertips became bolder, as they slipped from my neck, throught my collarbones, until they stopped at my already hard nipples, giving them some proper attention. A new wave of heat spread through my thighs and my lower abdomen, as I looked at Asra. He was eating berries, and as he took them in his lips, I felt his tongue flicking my nipples.

This was too much to handle. Suddenly, I was aware, that I was holding my fork so tight, that my knuckles turned white. Asra was going to be the death of me. Just when I thought I couldn’t bear it anymore, his magic suddenly left my body, and I exhaled slowly, relieved that I was not going to embarrass myself in front of Nadia’s guests.

I looked towards Asra but saw an empty seat by Nadia’s side.

“Excuse me princess Natiqa. I hope it wouldn’t be much of an inconvenience if I stole her for a moment? I’m afraid there’s an urgent matter that requires our attention.”

“Of course, my dear Asra, go on and attend to your task. But please return her to me after, I need to know how the story of chasing the rabbit-guard ended.”

He took me by the hand and helped me up from my chair. We bowed our heads, and he showed me out of the dining room.

His pace was quick, practically dragging me behind him by my hand. I felt a rush of adrenaline shooting through my veins. Did something happen? Was something wrong? He stopped abruptly and looked at the wall to our right.

“Here it is…”

He placed his palm on the brick wall, and before I knew it, we were walking right through it, into a small alcove hidden behind.

“Asra, what are we doi-”

He silenced me with a bruising kiss, pushing my back to the nearby wall. He put his hand on the small of my back and pressed me to his body, while the other palm slid through my side, over the hip, and grabbed my thigh to hook it over his waist.

“I couldn’t wait a minute longer. I need to feel you. Touch you. Not just in my mind.”

Asra murmured the words lowly, as he planted kisses and delicate love bites from my ear, down the side of my neck. His hand slid underneath my skirt, and he found my folds, already dripping wet with desire

“Mmmm… There’s no sweeter feeling it the world than to know your hunger for me.”

He slid his finger inside me, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body. He added a second digit and began to slowly pump them in and out of me while his tongue licked the place under my collarbone.

My hands fumbled with the buttons of his pants, and as I took his length in my palm, he let out a deep moan.

I cupped his cheek with my other hand and guided his lips to mine capturing them in a searing kiss. Our tongues fought for dominion as I was gently stroking his length and his fingers took turns in moving inside me and circling my swollen nub. I felt the heat building up quickly, and I broke the kiss to breathe an order directly into his ear.

“Get inside me… Now…”

He didn’t need to be told twice. He guided himself to my entrance, pushing himself between my folds in one steady movement until he filled me completely. I let out a loud cry, and he covered my mouth with his hand, looking at me with pure amusement.

“They can’t see us, but they could hear us… This wall is nothing more than an illusion…”.

He whispered into my ear, and I nodded in understanding. He began to move inside me with slow, steady pushes of his hips, while he held me firmly with one arm and his other moved to caress my breast.

“I was thinking about this all evening.”

He murmured against my ear.

“You don’t say…”

I smiled at him knowingly. Of course, he did, I felt his dirty thoughts on my skin. I looked him in his eyes and saw that mischevious spark again. He picked up the pace, and I knew that I was so close already. It was not surprising, giving how I felt his fingers on me for the bigger part of the dinner. His lips met mine again, but this time, as Asra brushed his lips against mine, I felt it… There. He licked my upper lip, and the same sensation of his slick tongue roamed my clit.

“Oh, Gods!” I shouted, the pleasure of his thrusts combined with the feeling of his tongue between my legs overwhelming me.

“I told you, they can hear us.”

“I… don’t… care… Let them hear.”

He continued his thrusts and kisses that transferred down to my little bundle of nerves, and it wasn’t much longer, before the wave of pleasure hit me, making my whole body tremble in extasy, my walls clenching around his throbbing length. I moaned his name into his ear, sending him over his own edge, as he came inside me.

He rested his head against my chest, and I tangled my fingers in his hair, holding him so close that our bodies practically melted into one. We stood like that for a while. Hot. Panting. And utterly happy.

“I have to say, that’s a nice little party trick you have there Asra. Maybe next time we could put it to use in a little more comfortable circumstances?”

He lifted his gaze at me, his eyes hooded and his lips quirked with mischief.

“Where’s the fun in that?”

Not-So-Stressed Baking

Crutchie x reader

You only went to his apartment to offer him some baked goods that you didn’t need, but he was really cute and now you have to keep baking as an excuse to go back.

You gave a deep sigh, hands on your hips, and looked at your kitchen table with defeat.  Baked goods covered it in its entirety, and you regretted going overboard.  You had not just walked the figurative plank with your baking; the ship was out of sight.  There were brownies and rice krispy treats; snickerdoodles and lemon cookies; sugar cookies and no bakes.

You had always been a stress baker, and that had been useful in college.  You could just whip up a batch of cookies before a difficult test or make brownies when you should have been writing a paper, and then you could leave them out in the commons of the dorms.  People ate them, you had calmed down a bit, and everybody was happy.  Now that you were in the dreaded real world, you were too tired after work to bake and had nobody to share it with.

It had been a stressful week at work, but you had managed to keep from exploding by reminding yourself that the weekend was coming.  You spent the week imagining all of the things you could make on Friday night, and when the workday finally ended that day, you had erupted into action.  It was now 11 o’clock on Friday evening, and you worried that you had worked out too much of the stress at once.  Your shoulders were relaxed and your mind was clear enough for coherent thought for the first time in a week, but you had too much food to eat on your own.

You didn’t really have friends to invite over to share with.  You had friends, of course; most people have friends.  They just weren’t the kind of friends that you invited over.  They weren’t friends that would be pleased to get a text from you late at night.  They were friends for convenience, not friends because you cared about each other.

So, in a burst of confidence that was only possible when you were tired and desperate, you piled plates and tupperwares full of goodies onto your desk chair and wheeled them out into the hallway of your apartment complex.

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Off limits - Loki x reader

So i tried to post this from my phone but i have no idea why, it’s not showing up anywhere. So instead, i’ll try again from my computer, no biggie. My last fic wasn’t too popular, i guess Peter Quill isn’t that popular but whatever, i’ll just do a bit more Loki i guess. I came up with this a while ago and had no idea how to end it, so tell me if you guys want a part 2. 

Summary: Tony has determined that Loki is restricted territory in terms of dating. Still, that doesn’t stop you from wanting a taste of the forbiden fruit, especially when it comes to you first. 

Warnings: A tiny ass bit of smut i guess? It ends awkwardly too i think. 


Loki was restricted territory. Tony had made it clear when you joined the Avengers that you could date anyone who wasn’t Loki. 

Being an ex super villain who had tried to destroy an entire planet and rule it made him less trusted amongst the people on earth and, as much as he could roam free in the tower, he wasn’t trusted with anything else.

You had understood and agreed to it, understanding how dangerous and manipulative Loki was.

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I wrote this but it got deleted, so here are my Steve feelings, rewritten.

El never learned to read.

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Friendship is (Space) Magic

I needed funny fluffy prompts today.  I got Fox and friendship bracelets.  This is what happened next.  Still a lil rough, definitely pre-AO3 posting but you can have a look anyway.  Thanks to @everything_or_everything for the prompt!

“They’re hideous,” Neyo breathes, face alight with devilish glee.  He isn’t actually wrong.  Gree and Colt share a wary look.  

“They’re certainly…”  Gree has many languages in his arsenal and more pieces every year.  He still doesn’t have a word that quite fits. “Colorful.”

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Originally posted by bookworm-of-the-year

A/N: This is based on the above gif. It has to do with food, but not specifically peanuts, lol.



It wouldn’t be much longer before Spencer would arrive home from the BAU’s latest case. He had estimated he would be home at 6:43pm, and he was never late.

You hurried to finish draining the noodles so you could take the garlic bread out of the oven. Setting the bread aside, you then made sure the sauce was simmering before pouring the cake mix into a pan and placing it in the oven. It would be done shortly after Spencer arrived home, so you’d have to frost after the main course.

You used the remaining time to set the table and clean up the mess you made while cooking. Just as you wiped clean the last counter, the door could be heard opening and closing, indicating that Spencer was home.

“Spencer,” you cried, rushing over to him and embracing him tightly.

“(Y/N),” Spencer spoke, returning the embrace. He buried his face in your hair, taking in the scent of your perfume. “I missed you.”

You took a step back so you could look at his face. “I missed you too.” He leaned down to kiss you, taking your face in his hands. When you parted, you told him, “Happy belated anniversary.”

Your actual anniversary was three days ago, but he was away in Miami for a case. You had been dating for two years now. You wanted to do something special for Spencer so you figured why not give him a home-cooked meal to come back to?

“I cooked us dinner.”

He reached up and wiped a spot of flour from your forehead. “I can see that,” he chuckled.

“It’s ready to eat once you’ve cleaned up and settled in.”

“Alright. I’ll be right there.” He kicked his shoes off and headed to the bathroom to go wash his hands.

While you waited, you prepared two dishes of spaghetti and brought them to the table along with a plate with the garlic bread on it.

“Looks delicious,” Spencer complimented as he entered the dining room.

The two of you both sat down to eat.

“So how was Miami?” you asked.

“Hot, as usual.”

“Did the case go well?”

He finished chewing and swallowing the mouthful of spaghetti he had just put in his mouth before saying, “We caught the UNSUB and managed to save the two victims, so it went alright.”

“That’s good.”

You continued to eat in silence for a moment before you began to smell an odd yet slightly sweet scent in the air. Gasping, you stood up quickly and ran to the kitchen. You had forgotten about the cake. You snatched the dessert out of the oven and set it on the counter, examining it. There was no smoke and it looked alright, so you must have saved it in time.

“Is everything alright in there, honey?” Spencer called from the next room.

“Yeah, it’s fine!” You called back.

The cake was supposed to be another surprise, you didn’t want to ruin it by having to explain why you ran out of the room. Thinking fast, you grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine. You had only planned on drinking water with the meal, but this would be your excuse for coming in here.

Reappearing in the dining room, you held up the bottle and glasses. “I almost forgot! We can’t have a late anniversary dinner without wine.”

“Why of course not,” Spencer grinned, taking the bottle from you and pouring it for the two of you.

After finishing the spaghetti and a glass (or two) of wine, you stood up and said, “Stay there. I have another surprise for you. Just give me a few minutes to go get it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Spencer joked.

You playfully rolled your eyes before heading back to the kitchen. By now, the cake had cooled off and you could quickly add frosting before cutting and serving it. You had hoped to have time to write the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ on the cake, but given the circumstances, you would have to settle for plain frosting.

“Duh duh duh duh!” You sang, carrying the cake into the room a few minutes later. “I made dessert too!”

“Wow! Amazing!” Spencer exclaimed. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). You really didn’t have to do all this.”

“I wanted to,” you insisted. “Happy anniversary.” You leaned down and pecked his cheek before taking your seat again.

Before you took a bite of your own slice, you watched for Spencer’s reaction. Hopefully, it tasted fine.

He took a bite. As he chewed, he scrunched his face up a little as if thinking it over, before nodding his head. He looked over at you. “This. This is good.”

“Really? You like it?”

“Yeah! It’s very good! Very…chewy.”

“Then why did you scrunch your face up when you first tasted it?” you questioned, raising your eyebrows at him.

He sighed, realizing he couldn’t lie, and set down his fork. “Alright, it tastes just a little overcooked,” he confessed.

“I knew it!” you said, putting your face in your hands.

“Hey now, it’s not so bad,” Spencer insisted, getting up and coming over to kneel beside you.

You looked up from your hands. “I just wanted things to be perfect. We missed our real anniversary and I wanted to make tonight special,” you explained.

He put a hand on your shoulder. “Tonight is special. Because I get to spend it with you.”

You smiled, his comment making you feel better.

“Now what do you say we go get some ice cream?”

You laughed, taking his hand and getting up from your seat. “Alright.”

with your heart, my soul is bound

for @hearteyesforbuck <3

part of the vermont series

read on ao3

When they told Maddie they had decided to get married in a month, Eddie was pretty sure she was going to pick both of them up and throw them out the window.

“You’re telling me,” she said with an eerie calm that made the hair on the back of Eddie’s arms stand up, “that I only have 31 days to plan a wedding from scratch in a town I barely know, all because you guys are too impatient to wait at least a year like normal people?” 

“It’s actually more like 27 days—” Eddie squawked as Buck elbowed him in the ribs. He turned back to his sister, doing his best to replicate the puppy dog eyes and pout that Chris always used to try and stay up past his bedtime. 

“Look, Mads…it’s just too far away.” Buck said, threading his arm through Eddie’s, squeezing his bicep. “We could go to the courthouse and get it over with, but we want to do it right. We want to do it now.” Maddie just looked at them, eyes skeptical and contemplative. “I mean, if you don’t think you’re up for it, we can always hire a wedding planner…”

“No, no way. I can do it. I’m doing it.” 

Buck grinned, turning to Eddie and shooting him a wink. Eddie laughed and rolled his eyes, planting a kiss on Buck’s shoulder. 

“You’re the best Mads, seriously. We owe you big.”

“I am the best, and you absolutely do, and I will absolutely be holding this over your head until the end of time.” She sat up straighter, picking up her laptop from the nearby coffee table and firing it up.

“First things first, what poor sucker am I going to have to yell at to get a venue booked on such short notice….”

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Faithful - Chapter 2

Chapter Title: Feels like true LOVE

Summary: Rus is less than familial towards his brother’s new Soulmate, and he breaches a sensitive topic with Edge. Also, there are sexy times.

Ships: Spicyhoney, Swap Sansby

Tags: (Dystopian) Soulmate AU, Discrimination, Sex work, Fell/Tale-verse dynamics, Work Inappropriate, LV issues, Illegal relationship/Forbidden love

Chapter Warnings: Unhappy romantic relationship, discrimination against Fell-verse monsters, physical harassment on public transport (non-sexual), brief discussion of LV issues.


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amadeuscho  asked:


32 - “I locked the keys in the car”

Hi Em! I went a little different with this one and I hope you like it!

There’s no beginning to it, and when he tells the story to the kids later, that’s what he skips out. He tells them that it began with the restaurant with the lobster meal, or the picnic day at Coney Island, but mostly the drive back home from work.

That’s the one he uses the most when he is asked to tell them the story they imagined with awe.

If he closed his eyes or simply felt around in his mind, he could remember it in clear detail, the Tuesday that his life had changed again.

A Distant Summer:

“I locked the keys in the car”

Steve completed the sentence of the article he was skimming before pulling the paper down and shooting his husband a bemused look. Tony didn’t sport a sheepish expression often but he stood at the entrance of the room wearing one, his suit impeccable and sunglasses dangling from one hand.

“Really?” Steve asked with a raised eyebrow, tone dry as the desert even as he felt fondness swell at the awkward blush on Tony’s face.

“Yeah - uh, sorry?” Tony attempted, stepping into the room and Steve leaned forward in his chair to put the paper on the coffee table, looking back up at his husband with a sigh.

“It’s funny, because I don’t remember you having a single car that doesn’t have voice recognition security,” Steve said, snorting as he got up, “Really, Tony, this is just lack of creativity now. You have better excuses than this. I’m disappointed by the lack of effort.”

Steve saw Tony’s face freeze for a second, just a flash, before he coughed and made a face. It was obvious that Tony had got caught up with some work and had missed the time alert. He had extra work to keep track of now, ever since picking up the interim Director’s job and Steve appreciated his effort to make time for everything, so he wasn’t much annoyed. Still, it was fun to tease the genius for a moment.

“I had a good dessert planned,” he confided and Tony’s eyes lit up, face clearing off the uncertainty before he stepped into Steve’s space, running a hand over his arm to cup Steve’s cheek.

“Terrible of me to delay the plans,” Tony tutted and Steve rolled his eyes with a quirked grin when the genius pulled on his most doe-eyed expression, “Forgive me? Let me make it up to you?”

“You’re incorrigible,” Steve laughed as Tony kissed his cheek.

“You’re sweet enough for both of us then,” Tony whispered and kissed him softly, melting into Steve when he was pulled closer.

He didn’t think about it till much later, probably even years later, when he had time to think. In that moment, Steve was just happy.  The sun shone bright and he was warm, not caring of an incoming monsoon.

A monsoon grove :

“I didn’t see this the last time,” Tony said, soft in the afterglow of a long-earned sleep. Steve had an arm wrapped around Tony’s waist, the white duvet pulled under their arms, watching the rain patter against the wide windows of their room. The farmhouse was surrounded by a beautiful mango grove and Steve loved the taste of mangoes in Tony’s mouth, laughter between bites. He rubbed his nose in the tangles of Tony’s hair and let the silence stay, knowing the time Tony was talking about. It had been his brief escapade to India, when they had fought each other once in bitterness; it had been sudden and Steve had been hurt at first but it had been a good decision in the end, giving them both time to find their way back to each other. It had been a respite from an unending heat of ignorance.

“It was summer back then and Rajesh -,” Tony choked on a laugh, a memory of the witty young intern he had met in that trip coming to mind, “- he wasn’t keen on playing tour guide.”

“He isn’t huge on impressing people,” Steve agreed with a smile pressed into Tony’s shoulder, feeling the warmth of the skin his lips trailed over.

“Smart kid,” Tony commented and fell silent before continuing, “I never knew rain could be so beautiful.”

Steve let that statement seep into the air between them, feeling a poignant moment settle into the dwindling light of a dawn they would witness soon. They had gone through some rough times in the past month but this moment, every moment when he got to hold Tony in his arms, it always made things worth it.

“Yeah,” he whispered against Tony’s ear, smiling against its shell when Tony snuggled back into him, “It really is beautiful.”

“I should give Rajesh a call, ask him to come work with us,” Tony mused and Steve frowned, baffling confusion marring the peace.

“What?” he asked, adjusting his arms around his husband, “What’ll your lead R&D scientist do in the Avengers group?”

Tony grunted and started to turn around in Steve’s arms before he paused and settled.

“Tony?” Steve prompted and was about to lean over to see Tony’s face when the genius chuckled softly.

“Yeah, he’ll hate it,” he quipped and Steve hooked his chin over Tony’s shoulder but relaxed when Tony squeezed their linked fingers. Tony had his own jokes at times that made sense later.

For now, Steve let the rain washed windows take his attention and rested with the man he loved. There was time for other things later.

Winter in New York:

“We should try it”

Tony didn’t turn from his chair and Steve felt the chill of the outside still linger in his bones, even in the warmer workshop temperature. The run hadn’t cleared his mind and had chilled him more than the previous night’s nightmares.

“Tony,” he called out again and heard an acknowledging hum, “I mean it, we should try it. As soon as possible.”

“Had a good run?” Tony asked, leaning across the table to pick up a diary he had marked sometime during his endless research down here, “Bruce sent down some curry and bread for breakfast so there should be some for you too, if Thor hasn’t had it yet. Check it, will you?”

“I’m serious,” Steve walked towards Tony, hands fighting impulse to curl, “Will you look at me?”

“Nat wanted to discuss some SHIELD thing with you,” Tony continued, scanning the diary and throwing up its holographic projection, “I could have asked but - well, she’d remember better.”

“Look at me!” Steve placed a hand beside Tony on the table and the genius paused, a stillness in the workshop echoing, before he turned around in his seat.

“Hi,” Tony smiled, face tired but eyes kind, “You okay?”

“Okay?” Steve echoed, air rattling between his ribs as his heart fought its way out of his chest, “Ok- No, I’m not okay, Jesus, Tony.”

“Seems so,” Tony commented lightly and Steve couldn’t bear it, couldn’t stand the flippancy. His arms bunched but he raised his hands to cup Tony’s face, tilting it to meet his eyes, throat choking up at the feel of the warmth under his fingertips. Alive. There. Present.

“Please. Please do it,” Steve whispered and Tony’s face softened, the mask of cheer falling away. Steve had resisted the hold of Titans but when he felt Tony’s hand curl around his nape, he crumbled and let himself fall forward, rest his head into the crook of Tony’s neck.

“I’m sorry,” Tony said, apologetic and soothing but Steve muffled his tears of frustration and fear in Tony’s skin, “I’m sorry, Steve.”

“No, you’re not,” Steve choked out, pulling Tony closer, clutching at him with the pent up desperation of a lifetime, “You’re not.”

“I’m not,” Tony agreed and Steve hated how loving Tony could hurt, even when he knew that it was Tony who was going through pain here. “I can’t do it, Steve”

“You can try,” Steve argued, knowing that he should pull back, should look at Tony when they had this conversation, but there was only so much he could bear; moving away from Tony was not something he could do right now.

“I can, but you know it won’t work,” Tony reminded him and Steve hated the certainty of it. Tony had always been a symbol, a proof of transhumanism but now, when he needed it the most, he couldn’t use it. Years and years of experimenting, or creating and destroying tech within his body, had left some things void.

“You can do anything,” Steve insisted, because he needed to believe it, he needed to hold on, “You can do the impossible, Tony, please. Please do it again.”

Tony pulled back then and Steve let him go till they could look at each other.

“Please don’t forget me,” Steve pleaded and Tony’s face crumpled for a second before he took a breath, holding Steve’s hands between his.

“You’re the one thing I can’t forget,” he promised and Steve knew that it was futile but they had lived through miracles before. Every moment he got to have Tony, the version of him that knew Steve and loved him, every frame of that was a miracle. It was a lie and a folly to stick to that but Steve couldn’t drown out his heart in ice just yet.

“I won’t let you,” he promised back and kissed Tony, the knowledge of a falling future in both their minds even as their lips silenced its truth.

A forgotten fall:

“And this?”

Steve let the screen slide, the holograph sparkling in blue, as the next photograph came on. A younger, fresher Tony and Steve stared back at them, both grimy in their uniforms. The Steve of 2012 had a gash on his uniform, across the star, and Tony had dents along his arm and hip. The background was of a ruined park and Steve could remember trivial details from the day. Their first mission after New York. His last before he went to DC.

“Melter,” he said, recollecting the villain who had tried to give them hell that day, “He wasn’t particularly fond of Iron Man.”

“Shocking,” Tony laughed, patting Steve’s arm around him as he rested his head back on Steve’s shoulder, “Why do you look so constipated here?”

“My natural charm,” Steve said and grinned when Tony made a face up at him, pressing an absent kiss against Tony’s hair, “I guess I wasn’t used to working with the team back then. And the paparazzi was - strange.”

“Stranger than the war-times?” Tony asked, curious as his eyes seemed droopy.

It had been strange at first, how the good days and bad days were stark in comparison. On the bad days, Tony would retreat into the workshop and Steve had learnt to be more patient, trusting Friday to be there when he wasn’t allowed. It would get easier with familiarity, he had decided even as he knew that it was never going to be easy. Death was an expected conaequence in their line of work but this - this was both alien and familiar in painful ways for Steve. He could remember Peggy flitting between herself and a muddled version of her memories, a patchwork of confusion and clarity. He had loved her then, a constant despite everything, but he hadn’t been prepared for doing it again.

Loving someone. Loving someone who loved him back. Loving someone who was slowly slipping away.

Tony’s mind had always been praised as his strength and Steve knew how much it killed him to fight something he wasn’t allowed to fix. The question of using tech to cure himself had been crushed when they had discovered the weakened nerves with the usage of BARF in the past. In a moment of clarity during one of the good days, Tony had even told Bruce that he should probably just create a new brain.

The idea had seemed good to Steve for a desperate instant before he had realized what it would cost for Tony.

There was too much to risk. To much to lose. Too much lost.

They had the world’s best doctors and medication plan in place but there was an unspoken knowledge among them all that this was one battle where they had to endure more than fight.

“Hey,” Tony called out and Steve looked down at the man in his arms, bundled in their bed. Tony reached up and brushed his fingers against Steve’s jaw. “You with me?”

Steve kissed the fingers and smiled, swallowing the lump in his throat.


The first spring:

There was no real beginning, Steve remembered. It had been decades since the first time someone asked him about it - when did it begin? Back then, he had lied, caught onto the first instance he had noticed. The keys, he would say, the damned keys.

It hadn’t been till Antonia, Rhodey’s daughter, had asked during a quiet moment of her wedding’s after-party, that Steve had told the truth.

There had been no real beginning.


Steve blinked and looked up from where he had crouched in the grass, looking at his grand-niece, eyes the colour of Tony’s blinking back at him.

“Yeah, Maria?”

“I, uh,” she looked sheepish and ran a hand over her cropped curls before shrugging, “I locked the keys in the car.”

Steve inhaled the air around him, the moment of a passing past taken in, and nodded kindly.

“I got it,” he assured and stood up, walking away with her back to the car. Behind him, the engraved reminder remained.

Tony Stark - Always remembered.

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KnB Umeda Event Convo Translation

There was a KnB event in Umeda, Osaka, on January this year where our boys dressed up nicely like a butler. This is a translation of the conversation shown on the event.

Pics of the original conversation and characters panels also included! Excuse my blurry photos orz

Special thanks to @akashikuroko​ for proofreading!

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