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Yoongi Scenario: Jealous

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Yoongi had always been known for being quiet and not too excitable, he was often found in silence and small glances; but not when he was with you.  He had always up to you since you two had gotten close and started dating.  He was much louder (and weirder) and secretly sentimental than you thought before, but you enjoyed it.  

But something was off about today and you knew it by the way he acted.  He had picked you up from a late lunch with a few of your friends and hadn’t said a single word to you.  Even when he was in one of his moods he usually at least asked how your day was, buy tonight you were getting none of that from him.  In fact recently you’d gotten almost nothing from him, and it made you feel bad.

“Yoongi..?” you said after a while of what felt like a painful silence.

He didn’t respond, he didn’t even glance your way.  

“Babe, are you okay?” you tried again, using a sweet voice that usually got something out of him.

Yet the theme seemed to continue and you still got nothing from him, the way he was acting you may as well have been invisible or both there at all.

For the rest of the car ride you tried to ignore it, not wanting to make something of nothing or to pry at something he may want to work out on his own.  

But by the time you got home, you had to admit you were successfully getting pissed off.  You had tried several times to get anything from him, even tried holding his hand, but he continually shrugged you off.

You were willing to deal with him quietly though because you loved him and understood he was just difficult some nights.  And you would have kept your cool, you were so close to keeping it until when you tried to walk into your apartment and he practically threw the door in your face, YOUR door.  That’s when you lost it.

“God dammit, Yoongi, what is you fucking issue tonight?!” you yelled, now stoping in and slamming the door shut behind you.

Yoongi didn’t turn around.

“Am I talking to myself here?  Answer me!  You’ve ignored me all night like I don’t exist, you haven’t said a word, you’ve done nothing but be rude.  What’s your issue?” You were still yelling, unable to use your ‘inside voice’.

Yoongi finally turned around, “Nothing.”

You wanted to scream, “Nothing? Nothing! That’s bullshit, what is it?”

You weren’t screaming anymore and the balls your fists had formed earlier let up, you were slightly relieved to have provoked a response at all from him.

“I said it’s nothing, so it’s nothing.  I’m going home.” He started to walk to the door but you stepped in front of him to block his way.

“No you’re not, we’re going to talk about whatever this is.” You were stern now, which was unlike you most of the time.

“No, I’m leaving.”

It went back and forth between the two of you for a while, until your stubbornness finally got to him.

“Yoongi, fucking talk to me!”

“If you want to talk about it so much then go talk to Taehyung, it’s all you’ve been doing for the past month anyway!” His words hit you like a sledgehammer, and he knew it, but he was of no concern.  

You backed up, no longer blocking his path to the door, your mind went blank from his words.

Despite his clear path he didn’t walk out, instead he turned around and walked back to your bedroom, proceeding to slam the door.

You were left by the door alone with nothing but his words.  You didn’t know what to make of them and you couldn’t think straight anymore, in fact you could barely think at all.  You decided to go for a walk in an attempt to properly clear your mind and think about what he’d said.  It was late but you didn’t care, you couldn’t stand to just stand there looking like an idiot in your own home.

You had walked for half an hour before you stopped, you sat on the railing of a bridge over a little river and looked at the water.  Te walking had helped, you could think better now, you could hear what he said better.

You’d never known Yoongi to get jealous, he’d never expressed the emotion to you, even in the past when guys had flirted with you around him, he never showed any of it.  But then why now did he seem so upset about something as little as you hanging out with Tae?  Why was he so bothered by it?

It didn’t make sense to you as to why he felt like that but it had certainly made him feel bad based on his reaction.  But he knew tae was your friend and even then you usually only hung out with him when you were with all of Bangtan or when you would wait for Yoongi at the studio when he stayed late.  Of course you’d spent a lot of time with him and grown close but your feelings for him were nothing compared to the millions of butterflies Yoongi constantly gave you.

In the midst of your deep thought you were interrupted by the sound of loud footprints and pants very close to you.  You snapped around, ready to defend yourself.  But your defensive attitude let up quick when you saw Yoongi standing a few feet away from you out of breath, trying to balance himself, his hands on his knees and his head down.

“Yoongi, are you okay?” you asked and jumped down to his side.

He looked up at you from his stance but didn’t say a word, he just stood up straight and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest.  You didn’t quite know how to respond after his sudden out burt before but you didn’t want to push him away, for fear that he would distance himself from you.

He broke the silence abruptly, “Why would you just leave like that?!  How could you walk out like that?!”

“What do you mean? I-“ you were ready to defend your actions but he interrupted you.

“I was so worried about you”

You froze, his grip tightened around you, and once again your mind went blank.  He was being so confusing, you didn’t know how or what to think.

After a few moments he finally let go of you, except for your hand, which he held loosely.  You looked up at him but he avoided eye contact, even so, you could tell he was feeling hurt.  He could but up an act as much as he wanted but he couldn’t change the feelings he showed through his eyes.

“Is there anything going on between you and Taehyung?” he asked.  You were surprised by his bluntness but not his question.

“No, of course not” you replied, but he didn’t look at you. You felt a flicker of anger, as he once again hadn’t looked at you when you spoke to him.

“Are you sure becau-“

This time you cut him off.

“Yoongi, look at me!” you lifted the and he wasn’t holding and turned his face to you for him.  You finally managed to catch his gaze for the second time that evening, the first had been when he yelled at you earlier.  “There is nothing between me and Tae and there never will be.  He’s great and all but he’s not you.  You are the one I’m dating, You are the one I care about, you are the one I am in love with.”

You ended there hoping to keep it short and simple.  You waited for Yoongi to answer, but he didn’t.  Not verbally at least.

But when he shifted his hand and intertwined your fingers, you knew it was his way of accepting what you said.  He gave a weak smile, but it wasn’t fake, he really did feel relieved.

So after a moment he released your hand from his and proceeded to snake both of his arms around your waist and pull you closer to him.  You leaned up on you toes and gave a soft kiss on his cheek, like an unspoken way of telling him it was all okay.

Yoongi held your hand the whole way back home, and although there wasn’t much said on that walk, the silence was once again peaceful and comfortable.  

When you got home you both slid into bed, exhausted from the day both emotionally and physically.  Yoongi looked down at you as you snuggled up to him, burying your face in his chest, being as close as you could to him, even in your sleep.

And just when he was sure you had fallen asleep, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead, careful not to wake you and ran his hand down your back.  So with your head buried in his chest and himself sure you were asleep, as to not hear his words,` he let out a soft whisper “You’re the one I am in love with, too.“

The Breakup | A Peter Parker Imagine

Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 1,457
Disclaimer: none it’s just how you break up with spiderman. it’s nice though, i really like it. there was something else i wanted to tell you… oh well. the reader is also gender neutral.

This was a week in the making, and he had known it was coming the entire time. He was too busy during the day to get to spend quality time with you. It had actually been an entire relationship of you missing out on time with him. The two of you had made it a year and a half together because you loved each other so much, but a year and a half is a very long time to see someone a quarter of a day, and sometimes not even for a couple days at a time. 

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Serendipity: Chapter Two

Jungkook x Reader (Wolf AU)

Two: Trip to Town

Author: Lee

Word Count: 2,047

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven

It was still a mystery to me exactly where the guy I had saved from the woods had ended up. He was gone before daybreak, leaving no evidence that he was ever here to begin with. He didn’t leave with anything, crossing out the option that he was a thief.

Now, a week after the incident, I stood outside shoveling the snow away from my shed. Mother nature wasn’t very kind during the month of  February and decided to snow almost every day of the week.  The only way to travel to town, in my circumstances, was by snowmobile. Currently, however, it was buried under almost three feet of snow, proving it to be difficult to do my weekly grocery store shopping.

As I struggled to uncover my only means of transportation, I noticed a figure make it’s way across the snowy road. It took me a few seconds to realize who the person was, but when I did I didn’t bother hiding my astonishment.

“What the hell are you - aren’t you injured?!” I dropped my shovel and started towards him, picking up speed as I went.

He gave me a nervous smile before shaking his head. He was walking fine, even though he had been shot in the abdomen seven days ago. Even if he had rested every single day of the week - which he hadn’t, because he had to of gotten to his residence somehow - he would still be in pain.

“I’m fine now,” He stated, meeting my eyes before breaking the contact almost immediately. “I wanted to come thank you for… saving my life, I guess.” He finished, much more awkward than the night I had brought him in.

I decided against digging deeper and asking him about his wound again, only to reply to his last statement.

“You’re welcome.” I gave him a small smile before looking back up to him. “I never got your name, by the way.”

“Oh, it’s Jungkook. What’s yours?” He inquired, forcing me to stifle a laugh.

This seemed like kids in school meeting for the first time ever after they were put into a group and forced to do a project together.

“I’m Y/n.” I answered, the pink of my cheeks deepening as I grew colder standing around.  “Did you want to come in?” I decided to ask , looking up to meet the boy’s gaze.

“Sure,” He answered, almost puppy-like. “If you don’t mind.”

Shaking my head, I turned towards the house, stepping gingerly onto the icy wooden porch that lead into the cabin. After Jungkook almost fell, I helped guide him into the house safely before closing the door and retreating from the cold.

“Where do you live?” I spoke as I removed the heavy jacket and scarf I had been wearing for protection of the chilly weather. “I mean, there’s no way you walked all the way here from town.”

He raised an eyebrow and shook his head, removing his own jacket - the same black one from a week ago.

“I don’t live in town. I’m actually only a few acres away.” He informed, politely asking where he could put his coat before I directed him to the hanger.

“I didn’t know there were any other houses this far out. I’ve never even seen it.” I voiced, looking to him with confusion. “I’ve been hunting all around this place for the past year. Now you’re telling me there’s a house somewhere nearby?”

“Well, the house is in a concave area - you might of missed it.” He said, watching as I put tea on for the two of us. “I mean, it’s probably further than you would like. I don’t know why you’d head all the way out there to hunt anyway, the deer don’t like being so far from the river.”

With the help of him, I narrowed the location of his house to either the south or west - opposite of where the river was.

“I wouldn’t know that, I’ve only been here a year and I only started hunting a few months back. I had to get my license for this area.” I informed, watching how he would react to my words.

His expression didn’t change, but he nodded. It didn’t take a genius to tell that he was nervous with the conversation. I decided to drop it and change the subject.

“So, why did you leave before I could get your wound properly treated?” I fixed up two cups of tea as I asked, turning back to watch his expression grow more anxious.

Seems as if returning to the past was a mistake.

“I didn’t want to burden you.” He spoke quickly, avoiding eye contact. “You already helped me more than you needed to. Once you fell asleep I decided to leave.”

After almost fifteen minutes we had finished our tea and grew tired of our mindless chatter.

“I should get back to shoveling,” I started, preparing myself to venture back out into the snowy abyss. “Thanks for stopping by.”

“I could help,” Jungkook stood up abruptly, shocking me into a small silence. “I mean, if you want me to.”

He lifted his hand up to scratch the back of his head, seemingly surprised by his sudden actions as well.

“Only if you want to,” I replied, preparing to go back out into the snowy wonderland. “I’ll take you to town for helping out, how’s that sound?”

He nodded, a shy smile slipping onto his face.

Once we made it back outside and retrieved another shovel from the shed, Jungkook and I began working on getting the snowmobile out of the snow. It wasn’t long until we started talking again although, to my surprise, he started the conversation with something out of the ordinary.

“Why don’t you move away?” He asked, glancing at me before averting his eyes back to his work. “You said the wolves were bothering you - so why do you stay?”

“I like the nature - and wolves don’t talk or blast music at odd hours of the morning.” I answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

He chuckled, seemingly finding my comment funny.

“They’re scaring you, aren’t they? Wouldn’t you rather have a nosy neighbor than a dangerous one?” He inquired, momentarily stopping what he was doing to look at me.

I raised an eyebrow, wondering why the hell this kid was so stuck on the subject.

“Look, I’m not going to shoot them if that’s what you’re worried about. They haven’t turned up in a while, actually.”  I informed, stopping what I was doing as well. “Why do you care so much?”

“I was just… curious.” He spoke, tearing his eyes away from me.

I didn’t mean to upset him.

“Sorry I yelled.” I apologized, watching him shake his head.

“You’re fine.”

“Did you want it? I’ll buy it for you.”

“Really?” Jungkook beamed, the bag of candy in his hands crinkling with his movement.

“Yeah, we can say it’s for helping me out today.”

I smiled back at him, watching his childlike behavior with amusement. He was older than me by a few months, yet acted like he was younger than me by a few years.

“Are you planning on making soup with everything you’re buying?” He suddenly asked, following me around the store.

“Yeah, did you want to stay for dinner?” I asked, feeling slightly more generous today than I usually was.

“You don’t mind?” He wondered, looking to me for assurance.

I shook my head.


“Then you’re helping me cook, too.”  I voiced, chuckling at his reaction.

He shrugged his shoulders and got distracted by even more things on the shelves. It was almost like he’s never been in a store before - or he wasn’t allowed to buy anything, at the very least. He was an adult, so it was a little weird that he was acting like a five year old, but I decided to brush the subject off.

“Do you work in town?” I decided to ask as we stood in a small line .

“I don’t have a job,” He replied, meeting my eyes. “My brothers work around here, though.”

He suddenly became more hesitant to speak, as if I reminded him of something unpleasant.

“I didn’t know you had brothers,” I stated. “Are you the youngest?”

“Yeah, I am. How did you know?” He tilted his head cutely, forcing me to turn my head away from him before a tint of pink decided to slide onto my face.

“Lucky guess.”

“Do you have any siblings?”

“No,” I answered simply, placing the food on the counter. “I’m an only child.”

There was nothing but silence left between us as the cashier checked out my items. Maybe Jungkook’s brothers never let him buy what he wanted - or maybe their relationship wasn’t the best. It would explain why he was allowed to wander around and visit me.

“Did you ever figure out who shot you?” I asked as I set out the ingredients for the meal Jungkook and I were going to cook.

“Ugh… no. No idea.” Jungkook awkwardly stated, walking up beside me. “So what’s first?”

He changed the subject.

“Here,” I pulled out the soup pot, handing it to him. “Fill this with water so we can boil it and wash your hands- I’ll peel the vegetables.”

He did as I said, even turning on the burner to the appropriate temperature.

“Cool, thank you. Now could you tear the chicken into small chunks?”

We both worked in a comfortable silence until Jungkook spoke up.

“I don’t think I’ve ever made soup before.” He commented, forcing me to chuckle.

“With a woman in a cabin stranded in the middle of nowhere?” I joked,  turning to see him flush slightly.

“In silence,” He corrected, continuing to rip at the chicken. “Jin - my brother - always corrects me or kicks me out of the kitchen.”

“Are you that bad at cooking?” I kept the conversation going, appreciating the fact that he was opening up to me a little.

“No, he’s just a perfectionist.”

“Well I’m not going to kick you out unless you drop that chicken on the floor, okay?” I reassured him, watching a smile slip onto his face as we stood side-by-side  in front of the counter.

I bumped into him purposely with my hip, giggling as I did so, trying to get him to drop what I told him not to.

“Hey!” He shouted, laughing as well.

He did it back - although noticeably more gentle than myself. A piece of chopped carrot hit the floor.

“Jungkook!” I yelled, a smile plastered onto my features. “Pick it up!”

“But I have a job to do,” He stuck his tongue out at me. “You pick it up.”

I sighed, picking up the carrot and mischievously throwing it at him, only for it to collide with the side of his face. He jumped, watching the orange  vegetable hit the ground again.

“Why did you throw it at me?!” He shouted and quickly wiped his face off, only to step on the carrot, getting his sock all dirty. “Y/n!”

“I’ll give you one of my socks,” I laughed out, cleaning up the orange mess on the kitchen floor. “I’ll wash it for you.”

After a half and hour more of Jungkook complaining about his missing sock and finishing up on preparing the ingredients, the soup was finally cooking. We resorted to throwing candy at each other in the living room, not finding anything else to do.

“You’re horrible at this,” He commented just after the piece of candy hit my nose. “You haven’t caught one.”

“It’s because you have bad aim,” I teased, throwing one to him. “I’m just sitting here.”

He mocked me by making a stupid face and laughing, making me laugh as well.

Everything stopped, however, once the distinct sound of a wolf howling could be heard. Jungkook paused, glancing at me as if looking for a reaction.

“They’re back.” I voiced, standing up, stopping once my arm was grabbed.

Jungkook shook his head, noticing I was going to make my way to the window. He slowly pulled me back on the couch, sitting me next to him.

“You’re safe,” He spoke, voice deeper than usual. “I’m here.”


Hi everyone! 

So, today, it’s my participation on @starcoweek2, the prompt was “pregnancy”.

I’m SUUUUPER late for this, and I’m sorry. I wrote 3 things completely different, but none of them felt right. It was always missing something E thinks it’s my confidence, but that never existed. Anyways, now it’s good and I hope you like it! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on Starco Week this weekend.


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The Queen pouted on the other side of the couch, refusing to come near her husband as he sighed tiredly.

“Star we just can’t choose like that…”

“Why not?”

“Because we don’t even know if its a boy or a girl, how can we choose a name for the baby?”

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Misty’s Closure: Gotta Catch Ya Later

This has been a long time coming. I think? My blog is pretty random and no one follows me but I decided that today I want to talk about the Pokemon episode that ended an era. Episode 275 of the Original Series is titled Gotta Catch Ya Later and it features Ash, Misty, and Brock parting ways for the last time. It ended childhoods, it started predictable series patterns, and a lot of people don’t seem to realize that it tied up an entire subplot in one of the most beautiful ways I’ve ever seen Pokemon handle a mature subject.

Question Bot: “Frisk! Why are you talking about this NOW!? Don’t you know that the XY&Z series just ended? You aren’t trying to upstage the last big Pokemon arc with nostalgia are you!?”

No. I’m not. I love the XY&Z team! I’m not gonna lie though. It’s no coincidence that this analysis is being written right on the heels of XY&Z’s final episode. If you haven’t heard because you live under a rock or something XY&Z ended its run on October 27, 2016. It was a good run! But Serena’s final scene in the show caused a lot of controversy in the fandom. This post will probably already be too long, so I don’t have time to discuss everything about the XY&Z ending here, but you can check out a calming post I made about it for the community at this link if you want.

Anyway this post isn’t about XY&Z or its ending and I’m going to do my best to make sure it doesn’t end up in any of those tags. This post is in response to a complaint I have been hearing some people make recently about Misty’s goodbye. At this point in time, some fans have been saying that Misty got shortchanged on her final episode and didn’t get proper closure. It’s a little weird that I never heard this complaint before right now, and it probably has to do with the fact that the same people are saying Serena’s closure ended her shipping arc very well. I think that these recent complaints about Misty’s closure need to be addressed, and there’s no better way to do that then looking back at her final episode and trying to figure out what it all meant. So let’s do it!

The Set-up

In the opening paragraph I said that this episode tied up a mature subplot in a very beautiful way. What subplot was I talking about? Why, Pokeshipping, of course! The romantic relationship between Ash and Misty!

Question Bot: “Um, Frisk! Do you really think it’s fair to call Pokeshipping a subplot? The 4Kids dub practically invented that ship and there wasn’t any real evidence of it in the original Japanese!”

Sorry, Question Bot but that’s just not true. Different language dubs did add some Pokeshipping hints in a few places, but the romantic part of Ash and Misty’s relationship was definitely a real thing in the original Japanese show too. In fact the Ash/Misty pairing is special because it is one of the very few Pokemon ships that had evidence irrefutably written into the story from both characters! Yes, so much so that it unquestionably counted as a subplot for the show! Pokeshipping was never a matter of interpretation. Ash and Misty were undeniably written with crushes on each other! But don’t take my word for it. I could just be some delusional Pokeshipping fanatic for all you know. Check out some of the episodes below for definite proof that Ash and Misty had crushes on each other. (I only included evidence that doesn’t rely on language. That way you don’t even have to quarrel about translations if you don’t want to.)

  • OS93. Navel Maneuvers-  Misty becomes enamored with a trainer the trio meets. Ash is very obviously jealous and tries to prove himself better than the trainer to impress Misty.
  • OS103. Misty Meets Her Match- Another gym leader tries to romance Misty. Ash gets jealous over and over again. Misty decides not to stay with the gym leader and pursues Ash instead.
  • M2. Pokemon 2000- An entire subplot of this movie is dedicated to Misty trying to accept the fact she has fallen for Ash. She becomes obviously jealous over Melody flirting with him several times.
  • OS267. Love, Pokemon Style- A girl trainer falls in love with Ash and Misty becomes obviously jealous, trying to keep her away from Ash and staring her down a few times.

And many more! But I don’t have time to type all of them out. These four should be more than enough to make my point if you take time to watch them. What I’m trying to get across is this. The set-up for Gotta Catch Ya Later was that Ash and Misty both had romantic feelings for each other, but it was time for them to part ways. The anime had been showing us that they had crushes on each other for a long time now and it was all about to end. How would it be resolved? They couldn’t just split the two up without closing this subplot they’d been using for 5 years, could they?

The Event

Of course they couldn’t! And that’s why half of the episode is about Ash and Misty’s relationship! If you don’t remember it right away let me give you a refresher.

Gotta Catch Ya Later starts off with Ash, Misty, and Brock returning to Viridian City, the place Ash and Misty first officially met. Yes, they first ran into each other at a river when Misty fished Ash out of the water, but this was the city where they met. This is where Ash and Misty learned each other’s names. This is where they had their first battle together. This is where they first bonded. This is where their journey started. After their encounter in this city they have traveled with each other ever since. They destroyed the roof of the local Pokemon Center the last time they were here, but now that they were returning, they noticed the roof had been fixed. Things had changed. Time had passed. It’s all really symbolic in my eyes.

And when they get to the Pokemon Center Misty gets a call from her sisters who tell her it’s time to come home. They are leaving on a trip and need someone to watch the gym! Wow! What a bombshell! That came out of nowhere! The Viridian City Nurse Joy even comes into the lobby with Misty’s old bike totally fixed! Apparently she repaired it. But Misty is very hesitant. She couldn’t be expected to go home right now, could she? After everything she had been through with Ash and Brock how could she be expected to just leave all the sudden? She had built a life with these two. They were a family.

That’s when Ash decides to make everything worse by being Ash. He’s excited for Misty! He mentions now that she has her bike back she’s free to go home! After all that’s the whole reason she was traveling with Ash in the first place, right? To get her bike back? Misty is completely heartbroken by Ash’s words. Even after all this time he still didn’t get it. So she runs out the door about to cry and leaves Ash and Brock behind.

This is where the Pokeshipping subplot comes in. On the surface this story is very simple. Even if this is the first episode of Pokemon you’ve ever seen, you can get the story. Misty is upset because Ash suggesting she was only in it for the bike belittles their relationship. But if you’ve been watching the anime consistently and know that she has a hidden crush on Ash, this episode develops a whole new dimension. She is devastated because she likes Ash but has never had the courage to tell him! She’s been standing on the sidelines trying to figure out if he likes her back. When he suggested that their entire relationship was dependent on that bike, it gave her an answer. Ash never liked her the way she liked him.

By the way, I really enjoy that about Pokeshipping! Pokeshipping was never written to be extremely prominent. It was something that existed but was almost never spelled out for the audience. There was always enough evidence to prove its existence but it wasn’t something the show focused on very often. I feel like it gave extra substance to the characters. Ash and Misty weren’t written as crushes. They were written as best friends who happened to have crushes on each other. You could watch the Original Series casually and understand all the simple plots just fine, but if you watched it closely and invested yourself in the characters, the plots had a deeper side to them!

And this is the deeper side to this plot. The entire event is Misty trying to cope with apparent rejection from Ash. She ran away from home, got caught up in an adventure with this boy, saw all kinds of wondrous things, had all kinds of fun, made all kinds of memories, and enjoyed every moment of it with Ash. She fell in love and never wanted it to end. Now it WAS ending. It was ending in more ways than one.

Anyway Misty’s feels trip is interrupted by these three doofuses. They call themselves the Invincible Pokemon Brothers. They’re supposedly Viridian City’s top trainers and they start harassing an already emotional Misty, which leads to her challenging them to a Pokemon battle. Because of course it does. Misty chooses Politoed, and they try to cheat by sending three Pokemon up against it at once, but Misty is saved when Ash and Brock show up and join her side to make things fair. Of course, Ash, Misty, and Brock wreck the three dorks, and then Team Rocket shows up to reveal this was all part of their master plan or whatever. Ash, Misty, and Brock wreck them too, and their final battle together ends in a super fitting trio attack from Ash’s Pikachu, Misty’s Politoed, and Brock’s Forretres all at once! They send Team Rocket blasting off one final time, and Misty’s spirits seem a little lifted. Why? Because she knows Ash and Brock will always be there for her, no matter what. Even when she runs off by herself in a fit of tears and heartache, the bond they share is inseparable. Moments like this prove that. They really made something together. They watch out for each other. They care for each other. They are a team. A family.

The Ending

But that doesn’t mean everything is all better. It’s still time for this little family to split up, and Misty’s mind is obviously racing with final thoughts, memories, and regrets as they travel down their final road together. A road that will eventually split. Misty has to take one path. Ash and Brock will take another. I’m not being dramatic by the way. This is all completely literal. They are literally on their last road together, it will literally split away from itself, and Misty is literally voicing her final pieces of advice and memories as they walk. It’s all definitely symbolic. And Misty’s spirits might have been lifted from that last match, but she’s still definitely on a low.

Her eyes are glimmering as they walk. The sun is setting. The atmosphere is perfectly bittersweet. Misty is obviously having a hard time letting go. Remember, she’s leaving her family. With what we know about her relationships at home, these are probably the closest people to her in the world. The closest people she’s ever known! She has to let them go, and she’s still coming off of her crush’s rejection. The cinematic focus is all on Misty. Everything is from Misty’s perspective. She tells Ash to promise he’ll always give his best… without her.


Then something extraordinary happens.

The flashbacks roll through. Misty remembers all the good times she’s had traveling with Ash, Brock, Tracey, Pikachu, and Togepi. During this final curtain call she offhandedly mentions that they found Togepi’s egg by accident. She mentions that she found Ash by accident too. And that’s where everything turns around.

Ash interrupts her. Ash tells her that there’s no way they met by accident. He believes something brought them together. You can call it whatever you want. Destiny, story, the universe, God, but Ash believes they were meant to meet. And as soon as he says this, everything about the episode changes.

Misty’s bittersweet attitude becomes clearly happy. She’s smiling and savoring every moment. The perspective switches from Misty to Ash and Misty. They are both holding the focus right now, and they discuss destiny together for a little longer until they reach the fork in the road. Ash promises her that they’ll meet again against a sunset.

And this is where I bring your attention back to the subplot. The romance story that has been tucked away underneath the main anime from episode to episode. It resolves here. You want Misty’s closure? This was her closure. The episode started with her believing that her longtime crush and the most important person in her world STILL thought she was following him for a bike. It ends with her discovering that he knows it was never about the bike. He thinks they were drawn to each other by destiny. He thinks destiny will bring them together again one day. And for Ash Ketchum, that’s just about the most romantic thing you can say.

Of course, their painfully obvious romance scene is cut short by Brock interrupting and announcing he has to go home too, but this entire episode so far has been a story about Pokeshipping. And Pokeshipping is now over. The cinematic perspective goes from Misty to Ash and Misty and finally leaves to focus solely on Ash. Because Misty’s problem has been resolved. Her character arc is over. Ash has confirmed her importance to him. She has decided to trust in Ash and his belief that destiny will bring them together in the end.

Some people see this final scene as Ash rejecting Misty a second time, and that’s fine. We all know that the writers won’t ever actually show us an ending, so you’re entitled to your interpretation. But I personally think that the story is very clearly ending on a hopeful note with positive foreshadowing for Ash and Misty’s future together. This was a Pokeshipping episode, after all. The entire story was about their relationship. I could point out a lot of different things that hint toward this interpretation. I could show you later episodes that heavily imply Misty is not dating anyone while at the gym because she’s patiently waiting for destiny to bring Ash back to her again. I could draw your attention to episodes that obviously show Ash does like her back, meaning a rejection would make no sense. I could show you evidence that Ash still keeps in touch with her and probably still has feelings for her. I could point out Brock’s near complete lack of relevance in this episode. But do I really need to? This is the ending. And as Misty rode her bike off, away from the sunset, her final words in the Original Series were a cheerful “Ash Ketchum, finally I know how you feel about me!” And I think there is a very good reason that she is the only one smiling in the end.


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Editing and writing help from my friends, Drew and Pat. This post would read like a 3rd grade essay without them.

Special Thanks to the Pokeshipping community for always cheering me up when I’m down. I ship a lot of things but I’m glad this ship exists and is part of my life. :)

terrible, horrible, no good, very bad

Today is Mod Rach’s birthday, so here’s her present; have some Percabeth everyone! Read it here on AO3.

When Annabeth opened the door to their apartment, she expected a lot more noise than the sound of the radiator running. Man, did they have to get that thing fixed, it sounded like the Minotaur with a head cold.

Percy wasn’t exactly a quiet housemate. He was always up and doing something, whether it was sitting on the couch and playing video games or singing “Part of Your World” at the top of his lungs as he cooked dinner. The quiet in the apartment was eerie. Annabeth let her bag fall off her shoulder to the floor and kicked off her shoes before entering.

She checked all the usual places that Percy might’ve left a note: the refrigerator, the XBox 360, under a fancy paperweight they had gotten in Greece. Nada.

There weren’t any signs of Percy in the living room or kitchenette, which left the bedroom and the bathroom. Percy was the kind of person to fall asleep while taking a bath, though luckily he couldn’t accidentally drown from it. Annabeth wouldn’t worry yet.

She found him in the bedroom. At the sight of him, she got worried.

Percy was curled up on himself in a fetal position, one arm covering his head. His body was a small bump in a mountain of blankets piled on top. For a split second, Annabeth was more than a little impressed that Percy managed to construct a blanket fort of such size…but a fort like this would mean…

“Percy? Are you feeling alright?” Annabeth asked softly. The lump that was her boyfriend moved a bit as Percy curled up tighter at the sound of her voice.

“Percy, please, talk to me.” Annabeth tried again. She walked to the bed and sat down, placing one hand on Percy’s shoulders. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Don’t feel good.” Percy said, almost inaudibly.

That could’ve meant a number of things when it came to Percy. She checked the back of Percy’s neck for a fever but didn’t find one. Goose bumps rose to the surface of Percy’s skin, and he pulled away a little. “Cold,” He muttered.

“Sorry,” Annabeth said, pulling her hand away. She rubbed her hands together to get some blood flowing to them. “This isn’t sick-not feeling good, this is PTSD-not feeling good.”

It wasn’t phrased as a question, but Percy nodded anyways. “Today is a bad day.” He said from under his blankets.

He squirmed under the covers for a second to shift and look at Annabeth. She took in the sight of his red-rimmed eyes, unshaven face and the frown tugging the corners of his mouth down. He looked so small and so upset, Annabeth felt the overbearing need to hold him and never let go.

She thought back to their time in Tartarus (she’d like to say she’d forgotten about it, but she can’t and probably never will) when Percy was giving his all to keep her safe. Of course, she wasn’t exactly a damsel in distress but everything he did, he did it to make sure she was safe. She’d done a fair share of saving his ass, of course, but maybe it was time to start a new tab.

Percy had taken his PTSD diagnosis with a sardonic chuckle and an offhand comment of, “We can add it to the list of things that fuck up my life. A triple threat.”

But later that night, with a panic attack so severe Annabeth had had to call Sally to talk Percy out of it, they both realized that maybe this was bigger than the both of them.

Being a half-blood is dangerous. Most of the time it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways. Other times, it causes things that are even worse.

“Do you know what triggered it?” Annabeth asked. They had a list going of Percy’s triggers. The list wasn’t huge so far, but the stuff that was on it was common enough that they sometimes had trouble learning to adjust around them.

“Burned myself making some fucking eggs. All of a sudden I was back at the River Phlegethon.” Percy said, bitterly. “I fucking hate this. I want to get better.”

“You will,” Annabeth said, “You will. Probably not right away, and it might never go away but one day you’ll get to a point where you have more good days than bad ones and you don’t feel so controlled by this. You’re not your diagnosis, Seaweed Brain.”

“For a pep talk that made me feel even shittier.” Percy said, covering his face with a blanket.


“Can’t help that I’m better at impromptu speeches than you are.” Percy said, poking his head back out of the covers. There was a small smile on his face, showing the barest hint of Percy’s usual grin. The knot in Annabeth’s stomach lessened a little.

Percy raised the mountain of blankets up enough to make room for Annabeth to slide in, “Cuddle with me?”

Annabeth leaned down to kiss her boyfriend’s forehead, “Yeah, ok.”

She shucked off her t-shirt and jeans because Percy had a vendetta against cuddling in bed with clothes on. Down to her underwear, she slid in and slotted herself against Percy. He was down to his boxers, his Flounder ones that he’d been given a Christmas before as a gag gift but quickly became his favorite pair.

They settled so Percy could put his face between her breasts and wrap his arms around her middle. It was Percy’s favorite thing to do when they cuddled and Annabeth didn’t mind, even if his stubble was kind of scratchy. She could kiss the top of his head like this and massage the back of his neck, which made him breathe out, long and slow.

The tension in his muscles gave out as he relaxed into her. For the moment, the crashing tide inside of Percy had calmed down to a gentle roll of waves on the shore.

“I love you,” Percy mumbled into her chest.

“Me or my boobs?” Annabeth laughed. She felt Percy smile against her before he said, “Mm, both.”

“We all love you too.” Annabeth said. Percy laughed, quietly with a small shake of his shoulders. He pulled her closer to him. She threw one of her legs over his side.

They fell asleep like that, hopelessly tangled and hopelessly in love, but a little less hopeless in how they would figure everything out.

Memories Back Then

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“I don’t get how you could look me in the face and lie, knowing it’d hurt me a lot more then the truth,”

Summary: Jaebum was an ex of yours. He was your one and true love who hurt you at the end. Took you a while to move on from him and as soon as you thought you could move on, there he is…. What will happen??

(Y/N): your name

Previous Parts:

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This is Part 3~

More Parts:

Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6



Your Point of View

You arrived at a park that you always walked to when you were upset. The view was beautiful. There was a river that was so calming and it just helped you relax. You walked up to a random spot on the grass and took a seat looking at the river flow. As stupid as it sounds, looking at the river erases all your thoughts at the moment and makes you think of the future. Everything will be okay… This is all just a learning experience right?

You sighed and looked down. Why did everything have to end so badly? Why did Jaebum have to cheat on you? Did you not satisfy him? Why did he have to come back into your life just when you thought you finally moved on? You let a tear stream down your cheek and you didn’t bother wiping it away. You were so caught up in your emotions you were distracted till, you suddenly began to hear a noise behind you. You looked back and your first reaction was to get up. You stood up and looked around. You see a body figure near a tree looking right at you and your heart slowly begins to race. Your first instinct was to walk away now. You backed up and then turned around and began to walk away as fast as you can.You panicked and began to run as negative thoughts appeared in your mind. Eventually you hid behind a tree after a while trying to catch your breath and the next thing you know you felt someone grab your arm. You looked up and was about to scream till the person cover your mouth.

 “(Y/N) it’s me,” Jaebum says as you finally got a closer look at him.

And again the two of you meet….


You looked at him and placed your hand over your chest feeling your heart race. This boy almost gave you a mini heart attack. 

“You scared me half to death,” you exclaimed as you continued to hold your chest. You looked at Jaebum and could see a small smirk appear on his face. 

“I’m sorry,” he apologizes and you just continued to look at him.

“What are you doing here anyways?” He asks you and you crossed your arms. “I could ask you the same thing,” you scolded raising your eyebrows and he chuckles. Did you make some type of joke that you’re not aware of?

“Still the same I see,” he mumbles and you quickly looked away. You were actually surprised that Jaebum remembers how sassy you used to be…

“I guess,” you responded not knowing what else to say and that’s when the awkward silence appears yet again.

“But you never answered my question, why are you here alone? at night?” he asks trying to make eye contact with you. You were going to continue avoiding eye contact but eventually you stopped and just looked at him. “I just needed a walk.”

“Where’s your date?” he asks you. Why does he care? Why is your date suddenly concerning him?

“What’s up the 21 questions?” you asked and began to walk away knowing Jaebum wasn’t going to have an answer for that response.

You honestly weren’t expecting him to follow behind you, but all of a sudden this man was full of surprises. 

“Hold up,” he hollered as he tried to catch up to you and you continued to walk off anyways. Eventually he ran up to you and stood right in front of you stopping you from walking any farther.

“Can we please talk?” he asks looking at you bringing familiar butterflies you once felt in the past.. You missed the way he used to look at you. The way he made you feel so special like you were the only one he loved and cared about. 

But clearly you weren’t his one and only…

“We have nothing to talk about,” you answered coldly and he continued to look at you. “Yes we do, please just hear me out and then if you want me out of your life for good, your wish is my command,” he says and you sighed. 

You might as well just hear what he has to say. He would probably force you to listen to him anyways. But what is he going to possibly say “It was mistake, blah blah blah?” 

“Fine,” you mumbled annoyed and he grabbed your hand and pulled you to a deck that was near the river and stood in front of you. 

“Look, I don’t know how to start this… But I can’t keep quiet anymore. Fuck I miss you. I fucked up so bad in past, and you know what I have no excuse for that. I don’t even know why I even cheated on you in the first place. I was stupid not being able to see that I had someone so great in my life. I fucked up so bad and after that day you haven’t been able to leave my mind. I tried to find ways to talk to you but you showed me that you didn’t want anything to do with me. I even got to the point where I was over my omma’s house in tears and you know I am not the type to cry very easily. But my omma told me to let you go. You deserved to be happy and clearly I couldn’t seem to make you happy. Instead I caused you pain. So for the past two years we had our space and you still kept appearing in my mind. Then tonight when I seen you, I felt like this was a message that we are meant to be. I mean I can be wrong but I miss you so much and I can’t lie, I’ve tried giving other girls chances but none of them were anything compared to you.” he says and you could see his eyes getting watery.

“Jaebum….” you were about to talk but he cuts you off.

“You meant so much to me and you still do. I want you to forgive me. I want to be able to start all over and have you in my life. But I think I’m a little too late for that… I looked at you at the bowling alley with your date and you seemed perfectly fine, like nothing happened between us. Like what we had was nothing to you…” he says and a tear streams down his face.

You felt so bad but he has no idea how much pain he caused you. Here he was thinking you moved on perfectly fine but that wasn’t the case. It took you two years to move on! No you haven’t even moved on, here you are watching the guy you love right in front of you cry because of his mistake. You wanted to forgive him so bad but how are you sure that he won’t do the same mistake all over again? Where you really willing to feel that same pain you felt when you first caught Jaebum cheating on you? Did Jaebum mean that much to you where you would throw away your pride just to be with him? 

“You think moving on was easy? Are you kidding me? The day I walked in on you cheating on me, broke me completely. It made me question everything! I wanted to just run and run far away from you. I never been in so much pain in my entire life. I felt like I wasn’t good enough for you since you clearly had to go cheat on me. I’m sorry I’m not the prettiest girl in your eyes and I am sorry I’m not the smartest and I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough to satisfy you. I’m sorry I made you want to cheat but I have feelings. It took me two fucking years… Two years to get myself together. For two years I was here thinking about you crying myself to fucking sleep. It was hard enough to tell my family that we were done because they fucking liked you. Your name seemed to be mentioned so much to the point where it was hard to even forget about you. Then finding out you were in a group was the hardest, especially when I seen you all over my tv and heard your music all over the radios. Yes it may look like I’m fine but it’s called putting a fake smile. I smile even though you caused so much pain in my life. And I blame you, it didn’t have to end this way for us but I wasn’t enough.” you practically shouted and you looked down having tears run down your face. 

Again here you are.. crying because of Jaebum…

He lifted up chin with his finger and looked into your eyes. 

“I know I fucked up but what else can I do? I’m so sorry. You have no idea what I would do to go back in time and fix everything. No one can ever replace you, no one can make me feel happy like you ever did. But like I said if you want nothing to do with me, i’m okay with it. I mean it will hurt like hell but what can I do….Like you said I did cause you pain…” Jaebum says and you looked away. 

At this point you were confused. What was the point of moving on? He’s always going to be in your mind 24/7 no matter how much you try so hard to forget him. But in a way you didn’t want to forgive him and let him cheat on you all over again. You already let him past your wall and he betrayed you. Are you willing to forgive him and let him pass your wall again? The wall that you had to rebuild to even trust anyone?

You looked back at Jaebum who was waiting for an answer. 

“I need…. time to think,” You stuttered and he just nods. “Take all the time you need.. please.” he says.

You seen him lean in thinking he was about to kiss your lips which causes you to automatically freeze but he kissed your cheek. When you felt his lips on your cheek the feelings of his lips brought back all the happy memories you two once had. 

He pulled away and walked off leaving you there alone. What the hell are you going to do?


You woke up feeling no motivation for work. Last night as soon as you returned home you basically stayed up thinking whether you should forgive Jaebum  or not. As you got ready for work you felt like a blob. He came back into your life wanting your forgiveness and now here you are confused as hell. You looked at yourself in the mirror and can see bags under your eyes. You need to give him an answer soon or this boy will make me forget what the hell sleep is..


You worked your shift at work and things were going normal as usual. At one point there was barely customers so you just looked and observed the customers that were around. You noticed one couple who were sitting right in front of each other and laughing bringing back memories of Jaebum and you.

“What kind of name is Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea?” Jaebum questions as he continues to laugh as you took a sip of your drink.

“Don’t judge the poor drink, it hasn’t done anything to you,” you defended your drink as you pouted causing him to giggle. “I’m sorry, the name is just…” he stops and tries to think of a word. 

“Unique?” you asked and he nodded. “Just try some, the name might be funky but the drink is to die for,” you offered putting the drink right in front of him.

“Ah no thanks, I’ll stick to my Iced Caramel Macchiato,” he says pointing at his drink. “Hater,” you said playfully rolling your eyes. 

“To your fruity cheesy drink name, maybe,” he says and you both began giggle. “Just please try some,” you offered again as you pouted staring at him. He continued to look at you with a serious face until finally he gives in. 

“Fine, fine fine.” he says as he puts his drink down. He grabs a hold of your drink and looks at it as if it was going to kill him. 

“WAIT! Drum roll!” you said excitedly and began to tap the table. He laughed at how you were reacting and at last took a sip. You began to focus on his reaction and his eyes widen. 

“Woah, this is good,” he says and you smiled. “Told you!” you shouted and you tried to grab your drink back but began to see Jaebum drinking more than your originally planned. 

“May I have my drink back?” you asked babbling your eyelashes and he smiled and shook his head no still drinking from your drink. 

You got up and walked over to him and tried to tickle him. He hated being tickled. He put your drink down and just as you thought you could get a hold of it, he pulls you onto his lap and holds your waist and looks at you. 

“Babe, if you just wanted to sit on my lap all you had to do was ask,” he says smirking and you rolled your eyes and giggled. “You're annoying sometimes,” you said and you softly placed your hand on his cheek and pulled him into a kiss.

You smiled to yourself. You had more good memories than bad with that boy. You guys treated each other like best friends but also as lovers. You looked at your phone hoping he would text you at least once but nope… nothing.

What are you going to do? You looked at the couple and then looked back at your phone… Have you finally made up your mind?