but it fits them so well ;w;


Maybe on the morrow she would tell him about the cat that had followed her home last night from Pynto’s, the cat that was hiding in the rafters, looking down on them. Or maybe not. IF HE HAD SECRETS, SO COULD SHE.

beverly + clothes headcanons
  • so it starts out w bev stitching up the boys clothes at first right
  • little things like holes in the seams and knees right
  • then she makes matching hoodies for the group for christmas saying ‘the losers club’ but with a red v because of eddies cast
  • then its all out from there. the boys all ask her for clothes
  • mike gets a new jacket that incorporates some of his old jacket into the new one (it was his dad’s jacket) ((mike cries when he realizes it))
  • ben gets all the sweatshirts his heart desires, and for one of the school dances she even makes him a full tux
  • eddie gets fannypacks and polos and “accidentally” a crop top.
  • he freaks out and then realizes it’s cute af and rocks the hell out of it
  • (the squad cant handle how cute he looks at all)((esp richie shhhh))
  • RICHIE GETS THE UGLIEST HAWAIIAN SHIRTS OH MY GOD THEYRE ATROCIOUS. He loves them so much and wears them into adulthood
  • bev makes bill all these slightly big clothes like plaid jackets and hoodies and sweaters
  • but she makes them all in blues and black and greys???? and bill is so confused??????? but figures bev just feels that color fits bill the best
  • its all fake
  • she makes all of these clothes KNOWING stan is gonna steal them
  • and after the first time stan steals bills jacket or sweater he gives bev this L O O K
  • she makes other things for bill and stan but THE JACKETS/SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS ARE FAIR GAME
  • bill has no idea and just goes w it like a puppy 
  • bev makes their prom outfits as well and they all match in style

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2p's daughter brought her boyfriend to dinner, everything was going on fine, until their daughter said "daddy can you pass the salt?" when he reaches to salt to give it to her, her boyfriend reaches to the salt too at the same moment. There is dead silence. How would they react?

2P! Italy:
- “give me one good reason why he shouldn’t end up like your exes”
-“what happened to your exes?” “dAD’S JUST MESSING AROUND”
- permanent glare at his daughter’s boyfriend
- he’ll deal with him some other day

2P! Germany:
- mcfreaking loses it
- gets smacked by his daughter
- he’s pretty chill as long as they’re safe fucking

2P! Japan:
- “I am giving you ten seconds to leave this house”
- it’s only okay is h e ’ s doing it (which is complete bullshit, kuro)
- just give him a few days and he’ll be chill kinda

2P! Romano:
- overreacts™
- interrogates them
- will definitely tell the boyfriend’s parents about this

2P! Prussia:
- continues to pick up the salt
- but he’s staring intensely at the boyfriend and disappointedly at his daughter
- “we’ll talk about this later” he mouths to his daughter
- proceeds dinner as planned

2P! Austria:
- “I see how this is”
- embarrasses the frick out of them
- gives them tips n’ tricks
- gets yelled at by his daughter

2P! America:
- mentally having a fit
- “use a goddamned condom, aight?”
- gives a smug look at his daughter
- gets food flung at him
- war breaks out

2P! England:
- “gee golly, sweetie, I think you’ve misheard it”
- he didn’t want to make this situation even more awkward
- so he just let it slide
- f o r n o w

2P! Canada:
- well he’s pretty pissed

2P! France:
- “…if that’s what you’re into then I won’t judge”
- lowkey judging
- he’s literally staring the the boyfriend the entire time
- awkward silence throughout the dinner

2P! Russia:
- “Your boyfriend and I need to have a talk”
- also pretty pissed
- but he’ll handle it like an Adult™
- like Ion isn’t intimidating enough

2P! China:
- “I don’t want any grandchildren yet, for shits sake”
- he’ll joke about it lmao
- “if ya need any condoms, they’re in the drawer” “dAD”

2P! South Korea:
- “Jesus christ, (daughter’s name), I didn’t raise you like this” “dAD” “Are you referring to me or him?”
- jokingly threatens the boyfriend
- but he took seriously lmao

some really cool fun facts about fma:b french dub that i wanna share:

- roy has a very, very emotional voice actor which is, to be fair, very apt

- pinako rockbell calls ed frequently “Mon garçon” which can be translated to, “My son” (ep. 20 in particular)

- when havoc and mustang lit lust on fire (just before havoc gets fricking impaled by lust) by throwing havoc’s lighter into the room, havoc yells: ”Bon anniversaire” which means “Happy Birthday” and god i had to pause bc what a sick burn man

- al calls ed “Frérot” which means “Little/Small brother”???!!! this is SO COOL, bc ed goes w it and this fits them so well

- i want to thank lin yao’s voice actor who can go from a sneaky little shit to Intense/Sombre Deluxe, imma post an audio if tumblr lets me

- in ep. 21. roy says to riza: “comme mon séconde, garde la tête froide” which can be translated to “as my second, you have to keep your head cool” which implies that a) roy is super!conscious of being a sentimental hothead in intense situations b) as :))) my :)))) second :)))))))))

Aquatic Transformations (Part 2)

Part 1

It was strange when you woke up, feeling different than you had the day before. Were you cheerful? Were you happy to talk to other ‘people?’ You had no clue, but one thing you did know was that you were going to practice swimming before you met everyone. Doing laps around the tank, you started to get better at it. You tried different positions, moving your arms around in different directions, but you found that it was best to keep them at your sides. Not long after you felt like you had mastered your fins, someone was at the top of the tank, waving. You swam up and tried jumping out of the water as if you were a dolphin, sliding across the deck on your stomach and nearly bumping into whoever it was. After coughing and catching your breath, you could see who it was.

They were about seven feet tall and had two sets of arms like Dr. Kriyan, but their skin was tinted blue and had almost a reptilian look to them, them wearing some kind of uniform that reminded you of a butler. They seemed quite startled about your daring escapade and were worried. “Young miss, are you okay?” He asked, placing a hand on your shoulder. You looked up and noticed they had a covered platter in one of his hands.

“I… I’m just fine.” You said, still huffing a little. “D-Did you bring food?” You asked, feeling as though you could eat a horse. “All that swimming got me hungry.”

“Y-Yes, I did, young miss. We have done our best to recreate some human food with what supplies we received from Earth.” They said, bringing the platter down towards you. You sat with your tail in front of you, which was really the only position you could be in on land, and took it from him. Once you opened it, you found lots of your favorite fruits and some veggies, along with a sandwich.

“Oh my… How did you know these were my favorites?!” You asked them, looking back up at them. You took a bite of the sandwich and instantly fell in love. It was the best ham you had ever tasted.

They seemed to blush. “W-We did research on each of y-you. I was t-tasked with finding your f-f-favorite foods for our travel to K-Kashi.” They looked away from you, face getting redder. “A-And miss, I also have this for you to wear, if you would like to.” They pulled out a white bikini top and handed it to you. “S-Since you all used to wear something over your bodies…”

Setting your platter aside, you gently took the top from them and immediately tied it into place, it fitting perfectly. “Thank you so much. I didn’t realize how much I missed wearing clothes.” You told them, seeing as they relaxed once you had the top on. “I take it you all are bashful about being naked as well?” You asked curiously as you picked up your platter once more and started to eat again.

“W-Why yes. Our females do not tend to w-wear very m-much, but us m-males prefer everyone to be w-w-well dressed and concealed.” He said, you now making a mental note about his gender. He still seemed a bit nervous, but started to calm down.

“Oh, okay then.” You said to him, then finished your sandwich. “Hey, you don’t need to be so nervous around me. What’s your name?” You asked, trying to soothe them a little bit.

He sighed, calming himself down. “M-My name is Brunta. I will be your caretaker while you are in the tank.” He tried to smile a little. “The doctor hopes to have you all well adjusted and ready to be moved to the lake in about two weeks, just so you know. I hope you can relay that information to the others in a little while. The other caretakers can’t communicate too well with them, even with our devices.” He pointed to something metal attached to his small ear, it looking almost like an earing.

“I’ll try my best to. I haven’t been able to talk to them yet, but I seemed to calm them down some yesterday before I went to sleep.” You told him, then you started on eating your favorites amongst the fruit, which were strawberries. “My name’s Marin, by the way.” You told him after finishing a few.

After chatting with him some, he took your tray and said you needed to prepare for meeting everyone else from Earth. You jumped back into the water and attempted to fix your tangled hair, when all of a sudden, the tanks started to move closer together, towards a large, center tank. Once everything had stopped, slits seemed to open between the tanks. You swam up to the opening and passed into the big tank, seeing that some of the others hand joined you in there as well.

You looked around to find that there seemed to be what looked like snacks and places for all of you to sit and lay near the bottom, so that was where you headed. Everyone else was moving much slower than you were, and were also very curious of you, more than you were of them. They all seemed to calm down a little, and soon you all were talking to each other. The doc was right. You could now talk and communicate underwater.

Everyone was done socializing and getting to know one another. They were all scared, but once you shared with them what Brunta had shared with you, and what the doc had said, they all seemed to calm down a little more, but still seemed to be wary. You could understand why though. Being turned into weird fish-like creatures? Not cool. Most of them looked very fish-like, but some of them had distinct human features. Distinct eyes, nose, hair… It was all so strange to everyone. Most were convinced this was some weird dream.

All the tanks closed and were now separated, the glass now tinting to make it seem like it was dark out. The lights up top seemed to dim as well. As you started to get comfortable in your little pillow nest, you started to feel warm and tingly. Not understanding why, you tried looking down at the front of your lower half and noticed a slit around where your crotch used to be. Oh gosh, was this why you felt weird? You moved your hand closer and couldn’t help feeling around, making you gasp. Yep, that’s why you felt weird.

It was much different than what you were used to, but kinda similar in the same way. Fingers found themselves entering your slit, and you couldn’t help but moan quietly in your tank. This felt much better than it normally did. Was it these new genes you had? No clue, but you kept at it for a while, trying to fix your issue, but to no success. You didn’t even care if there was anyone watching you.

You laid there on your back, without your top, in your little nest, your slit still somewhat open from how long you had fingered yourself, and sighed. You weren’t completely satisfied. There was still this wanting feeling in you, as if you wished for something to fill you. It almost drove you crazy. Nevertheless, you started to move your fingers down once more to try and satisfy yourself, this strange feeling not ceasing to leave you.

That was, until you heard something jump into your tank. You looked up, thinking it was one of the others, but they were large and similar looking to you. It swam down towards you as you sat up, and placed a hand on your cheek, its fingers webbed and gently rubbing against you. It moved its head towards yours and rubbed its forehead against yours. You couldn’t help but close your eyes and do the same.

“You…” You heard them say in a thick accent. “You were the one who sang.” They moved closer to you, pressing your body down into the pillows with their green tinted one. “Y-your heat is so strong. I sensed it from the lake. Please…” One of their hands moved down towards your entrance, making you gasp, but you felt so entranced in the feeling that you didn’t want them to stop. “Let me help your new body.”

Gasping as they felt around your entrance, you placed a hand on their shoulder. “Wh-who are you?” You asked in a hushed whisper, then moaned as they felt inside your slit.

“I am Midon.” He said in your ear as he started to kiss your neck, two fingers slowly swirling around in you. “And I want you to be mine.”

His face started to move lower, leaving a trail of kisses where he went, as he moved his fingers in and out of you. Sharp teeth latched around a breast, making your cry out in pleasure as his free hand went at the other. His tongue seemed to work wonders as he sucked and pulled on it, his other hand rubbing and pinching the other peak. You clutched at the pillows beneath you, feeling his long fingers reach deeper into you than you had before, thrusting in and out and increasing speeds. He seemed to be stretching your hole, placing in two more fingers before long, having you moaning whilst grabbing his head. His hair and skin were much more coarse than yours, and made your insides feel incredible as he went deeper. That was, until, he pulled his fingers out.

“I need your permission.” He asked you, moving his hand towards his own slip. A large member soon started to slide out, the tip of it tapered at the end and the base quite large. It was a pale green, similar to his skin, with the base almost seeming to bulge. “I know you want it, but I must ask.” He pressed his head against yours, his silver eyes staring into your own. From here, you could see all of him. His pointed nose, chiseled shoulders, and deep blue tail. He looked absolutely handsome. All you could do was nod.

He started to press his member into your slip, slowly, and you could only moan and wrap your arms around him once more. You pulled him closer to you, forcing him to go deeper, making him gasp. He grabbed your waist and started to pump himself into you at a steady, but slowly increasing pace. Lips were pressed together as you tried to suppress more moans, and it was obvious he was trying to do the same as your tongues brushed against one another. The fins at each of your sides began to entwine with one another, keeping you both extremely close. Even the small flippers near the ends of your tails latched onto one another, having him push even further into you. He began to push past your limits, sending you over the edge and you cried out his name. He did the same, sending fluids deep within your new body.

As you started to relax, his member didn’t. He groaned as you felt something bulge around your entrance, making you gasp. With little struggle, it pushed up past your slit and made its way against every sweet spot you had just found out you had, and made you cry out once more as it pushed through your cervix. You didn’t have time to catch your breath. Another made it into place, it larger than the first. Midon strained to get this one through your entrance, but after thrusting into you roughly, it finally made its way inside. Then you felt it and the first plop into the fluids he put in you, making you nearly whine. You were panting, hoping that it was almost over, when you felt something massive press at your entrance. Looking up at Midon, you noticed he was smirking.

“This… is challenging.” He said, then grasped your head and kissed you roughly. “But very exciting.” He whispered before kissing you again, grasping your waist and thrusting even harder into you than before, making you cry out louder than before when it entered. Midon continued his pace, and soon enough this large, softball sized orb was pressing against your cervix. In a burst of fluid, it pushed through, sending you over the edge once more with him. He pulled you close, kissing you gently and, after a few moments, removed himself from you, bringing a small trail of his fluids into the water with his member.

“You took that well.” He said, gently rubbing your hips. You panted, moving your arms above your head as he started to kiss your neck. Now, you felt completely exhausted and very full. “I will need to move you before the doctor notices.” He picked you up, bridal style, and swam towards the surface of your tank quickly, then shot out of it and into the air at an alarming speed. You closed your eyes and pressed your face against him whilst you were both in the air, and then he dived towards the ground. You both landed in what you assumed to be the lake, but you were too tired to look around. Gazing up at him, you could see that his expression had softened.

“Get some rest.” He said quietly as he swam with you. “You will need it for tomorrow.” Midon cradled you in his arms, kissing your forehead gently as you slowly drifted into sleep.

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fluffy scenario w/ s/o feeding yusuke! someone please feed this boy

Of course!! He needs the yummy in his tummy. LMAO Thank you for this request, and enjoy!

“Yusuke. Eat.”

S/O had received additional payment for working overtime at their part-time job; as such, they splurged on take-out and extended their generosity to Yusuke, who constantly struggled to make ends meet even with the assistance of scholarships. S/O hoped to ease the burden by ordering a plethora of food and requesting it to be delivered to his dorm; however, Yusuke was intent on refusing the food, despite his growling stomach’s protests.

“S/O… when you offered to treat me, I only agreed because I was under the impression it would be a single small course, not five. I cannot indulge in such extravagance with the knowledge that your precious money was used.”

S/O removed the lid from a container of egg rolls as they responded, “Yusuke, I know that I went a bit… overboard, but you need more than bean sprouts. Please?”

Yusuke simply stared into their earnest eyes for a few moments before his stomach emitted a booming wail, and he promptly sighed. “I… suppose you’re right. But please, allow me to repay you on our next date.”

S/O’s eyes widened from their astonishment; they didn’t expect Yusuke to agree so easily, yet they were exuberant that he was relying on them. “It’s a date! Now say ‘ah’.” Using the pair of wooden chopsticks that accompanied the variety of food, S/O shoved an egg roll in Yusuke’s mouth, and he merely blinked in response, provoking a giggle from them. “If you want more, there’s egg-stra.”

Yusuke’s eyes twinkled in amusement as he chewed on the roll. Shortly after swallowing, he countered, “I’m sure they are egg-squisite.” The couple shook their heads and chuckled at each other. Yusuke proceeded to extend his arm to S/O. “Come closer, my dear.” They complied and subsequently snuggled into him, occasionally retrieving more food to feed to Yusuke.

Once the two were finished with their meal, S/O rested their head on their boyfriend’s shoulder and confessed, “I’m glad that you let me do this for you.”

Yusuke placed a tender kiss on their head. “I truly am grateful for your kindness, but I cannot help but feel somewhat disappointed with myself. I wish I could provide you with everything you deserve, and yet… I can barely manage to purchase a mere cone of ice cream for you…”

S/O’s heart twinged from the genuine sadness in his voice. They retracted slightly to gently pivot his gaze toward them. “Yusuke… I feel the same way as you. But we’re equals in this relationship, so please don’t bear all the responsibility yourself. Let me provide for you too, just like you do for me.” 

That was indeed a fact; whenever Yusuke achieved some amount of fortune, he would set aside a trifle to invite S/O on a date and purchase a meal for them both. All he ever requested in exchange was for S/O to pose as his model; however, S/O would purchase a few groceries for Yusuke with their extra portion of funds. 

Yusuke’s slate eyes flickered to S/O’s lips, and he instinctively kissed them, as though it were as natural as breathing. “You’re correct once again,” he whispered against their lips. “I’m sorry for worrying you with my stubbornness. Let’s continue supporting each other, my angel.” He pecked S/O once more before adding, “Although… there is another matter on my mind.”

Yusuke glimpsed at the coffee table in front of him; it was completely blanketed with leftover food. “You didn’t plan on leaving all of this here… did you?”

S/O spontaneously broke out in a cold sweat and spoke quickly. “W-well, I just remembered something important I had to do, gotta go!” They bolted toward the door, and Yusuke immediately pursued them.

“Oh no you don’t! I won’t allow you to get away!” Yusuke held true to that promise, and he clasped S/O around their waist before their hand could brush the doorknob. 

After some frivolous scuffling, the duo erupted in a fit of giggles while they collapsed on the floor. They playfully showered one another with kisses, accompanied by full bellies and delighted hearts.

honestly fklsflfds this is just sorta Personal i guess but trans redtail Is Real and he had sandstorm still imo, so he was in the nursery for a while obviously while doing his deputy duties

and i love thinking of him just,,, fitting in w/ the queens so much and them never treating him oddly. like everyone would always crowd around him to listen to his deputy stories or to see how feisty lil sandkit was doing, everyone would volunteer to watch her for him when he had to do some important business

and its,,, so fuckin cute. i can just see longtail [or,,,, longpaw at this time fkldsds] coming into the den to give some food to them and being like “bluestar told me to take food for you guys, that the queens always have to be fed- well,,, the queens and a king i guess???”

and redtail is just BEAMING like “i dont mind queen, but there’s something special about being called a king!!!” and the queens are just fawning over him like “gosh that redtail is so adorable and dapper”

great comet on broadway

i saw great comet on december 28 and my life has never been the same, this is a summary of my experience 

buckle up this is gonna be a long post

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my dgm tarot associations

i wrote my explanations to why i chose what dgm charas for certain tarot cards a while ago but never posted it, so i polished it up and here it is now. i hope you enjoy, and feel free to tell me your own ideas for the cards and what charas you’d put on them! dgm is my one tru love and tarot is up there too, so i could talk about either of them forever

the fool - of course i chose allen for this, i could write a literal essay as to why he would be the fool, it should be blindingly obvious. the clown thing, first of all, allen as the jester/the fool is perfect and fitting. he’s also the main character, and the entire major arcana focuses on the fool’s journey, so it fits. he’s young and innocent and he’s old enough to have been through a lot but he is still inexperienced and naive and about to take on the world, even if that leads him into danger and even though he makes reckless decisions along the way. also, dog. the dog. the fool has a dog following him, allen is named after a dog, literally that alone is enough for me to put allen on this card, i die every day & constantly

the magician - i chose cross here, bc 1. he’s a sorcerer and 2. when i was initially deciding all of this, i was thinking a lot about the fool’s journey, and cross is about as early in allen’s journey as they come, so. it made sense. mostly, though, the knowledgeable sorcerer who is all-knowing but won’t tell the fool everything and only guides him, that’s cross.

the high priestess - past!allen, here. i was a little iffy on that but i figured there wasn’t really anyone better to portray knowledge and secrets (except maybe road, but the high priestess has a counterpart in the moon, and that’s where i put my adorable daughter) in this series, except maybe bookman, but i just mentioned the relation of the priestess to the moon and i really wanted the priestess to have a stronger connection to the moon than it would’ve been had i put bookman here

the empress - tyki went here. i’ll be honest, this was mostly to get a good counterpart to the emperor (who i put as sheril) but i mean. relaxed, down to earth, enjoys nature, good with kids. i like to think that tyki’s human half would correspond with the empress pretty well.

this is a damn long post, so the rest of the cards are under the cut~

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Do you plan on doing a thoughty thing on the video/ have you already done one? Sorry I just love seeing what you think of videos and reading through your notes on them :)

nahhhhhh there just wasnt that much to talk about, other than the flirtatious undertones and my being weirdly surprised that phil hyped up the new ‘format’ of this video so much when it’s literally been done a million times before?? (i mean maybe not on his channel but i feel like i’ve just seen it a lot on youtube.) but overall, as far as dnp+third person collabs go, this is one of the better ones i think, just bc so often that three-person setup can get really awkward, with an imbalance of energy between the three people or the third person not vibing super well with dnp’s sense of humor. i thought anthony was a pretty good fit for collabing w both of them together, though i think this was helped along by phil being in the role of ‘moderator.’ i also thought phil came across as more energetic and relaxed in this than he usually does when he’s collabing with dan and another person (i think normally he tends to be quieter and dan tends to be louder and dominate the conversation when there’s a third person in the vid). so overall, this was just very balanced all round and that made it fun and definitely pleasant to watch :) and obvi twas also fun to see both dnp be sort of obviously a bit attracted to anthony hahahah

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hi! if it's ok, can I have your advice abt starting a new wardrobe? like necessities, staples, etc. thank u and ur also rly pretty and great ily

absolutely! i’ll prob make a yt video on this eventually bc it’s something i get asked a lot :-P

  • go thru everything u have and if u havent worn it in the last 6 months (or u dont like it) get rid of it…. (dont throw it out tho… sell it on depop, if its a big brand sell it w/ thredup [thredup is so cool, they send u a huge clean out bag and then sell the clothes for u], or donate it)
  • invest in some good basics: white tee, black tee, neutral turtleneck, regular and black jeans that fit well, leather jacket, denim jacket, simple black heels, white sneakers, neutral bag, neutral skirt, white button-down, neutral flats, black ankle socks, black ankle boots, little black dress
  • basics will b your necessities bc once you have a foundation of basics you can build any outfit with them!
  • while ideally u should get basics that are well-made so u get the most use out of them, i understand thts not realistic for most ppl (including me) and u can get basics basically anywhere, from target to f21. if you want to hunt for higher-quality basics a thrift store is ur best bet….. i found $600 ankle boots that i wear like every day in the winter thrifting
  • once u have your basics and everything tht u decide to hold onto it’s time to establish what kind of #Look ur going for. go on insta/tumblr/polyvore/etc and take note of what looks you like and want to emulate. come up with like…. a #theme u could even collect pics and print them if u need to have a rly solid idea of what u want
  • at that point pick up some accessories you would wear frequently… accessories are the way to amp up any outfit
  • start building up your wardrobe w/ more pieces that fit your style. the best way to do this fast and cheap is buying stuff secondhand (thrifting and/or depop). try to build outfits as u shop (w/ your basics in mind), bonus points if u can see pieces being interchangeable in a look
  • since vintage is so big rn even ask your mom/grandma if u can take a peek in their closets for stuff they dont wear! my mom used to work for armani so she had a ton of old pieces and amazing pants & sets tht fit me perfectly, and a ton of jewelry tht i accumulated as gifts but never wanted to wear

yeeee haw this is all i can think of and it’s how i did mine!! also thank u ily2 :-)

4Minute as Mothers

thank you! ;) I hope you like this!


  • raises positive, happy children
  • she’s very gentle, caring and loving
  • they never once feel afraid to approach her with a problem, no matter how big or small it may be
  • the mom that teachers fall in love with. she’s just so beautiful and caring that she captures the hearts of everyone she meets, including teachers
  • this may or may not lead to the teachers marking her children’s tests very nicely.

Originally posted by infinitblaq


  • the mom who cries at EVERYTHING
  • so overly emotional; weeps when they hand her a drawing or win an award at school, no matter how small of an award it is
  • proudly displays their trophies, awards, etc on the wall and has a closet dedicated to all the art they made her
  • can struggle expressing her feelings so this causes conflict sometimes, esp. during their teen years
  • she’ll not allow them to go to a party, wanting to keep them safe, but unable to express that she just shouts at them when they ask to go
  • she always apologizes afterwards and wipes away any tears
  • terrifying when she’s mad
  • doesn’t fall for any pranks they might pull or believe the “I’m sick” card; she’s the kind of mom with eyes on the back of her head

Originally posted by iwaoinks


  • her kids are chicken maniacs
  • their first word was “chicken,” no lie
  • her kids are raised on upbeat, positive music with a message, like beyonce’s
  • she might not be the greatest cook but she tries her best
  • is so bright and happy and that imparts on her children, who are the moodmakers of their classes.

Originally posted by shiningqueens


  • so protective yet liberal
  • like, don’t mess w her kids
  • just don’t
  • anyone that does has a death wish
  • but as for sexuality or fashion or the like, she would never judge them or make them “fit in” if they weren’t the standard norm
  • aims to make every day with them special
  • there’s lots of time spent together as a family; eating, doing chores, watching tv, walking the dog, etc
  • turns heads during parent-teacher meetings but she’s so focused on her kids she hardly notices nah jk she knows she’s hot ;)

Originally posted by sowonis


  • teaches her kids how to play piano
  • as kids, they would compose songs for her and she would positively melt
  • listens well and will always hear her children out, never jumping to conclusions if they get into a fight or do something wrong
  • she’s also caring and nonjudgmental so they feel no hesitation in telling her if they’re upset
  • they’re the family with all the latest gadgets, that make the other kids jealous

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otayuri college au

ok so listen

the dorms in this hypothetical scenario r shared by 2 ppl n r like. rly smol n rly fuckin standard, 2 communal showers to a lvl bring ur own fan kind of thing. 2 beds 2 closets 2 desks 1 mosquito net pinned up over the windows that overlook either the campus or the rest of the dorms depending on how lucky u get w the rooms

so when yura n otabek move in, they have to drag their suitcases all the way up to the top floor of their block. alone bc unlike some of the other ppl whose parents came to help put sheets on their mattress or smth like that, otabek and yura are both international students n their family is hundreds of miles away (tho they dont think abt that a lot bc it’s kind of sad)

anyway; they find out they’re roommates at the last moment, bc otabek’s transfer clears late and yura’s original one-person-rooming-in-room arrangement changes a day before to two-people-rooming-in-room. basically, he gets an email, wonders if the future roommate is hot, sits on his suitcase to try and squish all of his 20 hoodies in besides his tiger plush

otabek on the other hand was alr packed n has virtually no time to Unpack after his flight so he’s sleepy n jetlagged and tired bc he only arrives at like midnight and he has to go check in at 11am at a campus 1hr away from his hotel and when (finally finally) he gets the email regarding his living arrangements he doesnt rly have the Time to think much about his future roommate

(and oh boy otabek dont even worry u will be doing a lot of thinking abt him in compensation)

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Okay so spoilers are ahead. Scroll now or forever hold your peace.

So the writers of voltron haven’t given Lance much character development other than: he’s a flirt, he’s a good fighter (ref training in s1e2 w/ Shiro and Keith), he cares about his friends and willl throw himself in harms way to protect his them (ref Coran with the explosion and the yupper) and I was trying to figure out why and the SDCC trailer just kinda fit everything together as well as Shada saying that Lance dies.

He does die. He dies with so much potential for his character unless he dies towards he end of season three after some major development. It’s not an uncommon thing to do, killing off a character if they’re loved but have no backbone to their character. Most of the time it’s used to fuel the fire’s that the other protagonists have.

Pidge is going to save her family even though she couldn’t save Lance. Keith could start listening to his teammates cause Lance died because he wouldn’t. Hunk could be braver cause being scared doesn’t help. Allura is going to pause and look at the state of her paladins (fellow or not) and realize that they didn’t ask for this or were even a part of it until they found blue in a cave. Shiro, if he comes back, will blame himself somehow idk. And Coran will be protective of the other paladins even more so now. (Idk bear with me on these they’re just examples of how everything could play out.)

Death in literature, written or shown, is more often than not used as a plot point. To either further determination, start a hurt/healing arc, or reinforce and already stated idea.

Tl/dr: Lance will die to further the plot because he’s a well liked character with not a lot of development

Tohru And The Disappearing Shirt (She Still Can’t Be Trusted With Laundry)

Dragon Maid ask prompt #2!!  This time we’ve got 10. “But that’s my favorite shirt!” 

Some fluff and shenanigans and a little exploration of how Tohru and Kobayashi cope with their short separation in episode 13. 

Other ask prompts and fics are over here.

Kobayashi only has fifteen minutes to inhale breakfast to get out the door in time and here she is, rifling through her closet and coming up empty handed.

This is the sort of thing that happened a lot before Tohru, but now she’s just confused.  She does the laundry every day, how can all of her shirts be missing?  She shrugs and drags one out of the hamper and Tohru might scold her for it, but she used to do it anyway and maybe she won’t notice after all.

“Is that shirt clean?” she narrows her eyes.

No such luck.

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batjayn  asked:

I'm pretty sure I went to school w/Ares and Aphrodite. Everyone either shipped them hard or hated them. The guy was obsessed w/military history + modern weapons, but told really stupid masculinity jokes. The girl was gorgeous, well dressed, kind, and always had various guys after her. The 2 of them fit perfectly together, schooching desks closer so they could hold hands and share snacks. They were on/off 24/7, but I told them to keep trying bc Ares would walk in and say 'I'm sad haha :('

probably secretly ares and aphrodite,,,, pretending to be ur average everyday mortals

Dangan Thieves AU: Mikan Tsumiki

YO *Fits head through a hole on the door*

Ever since the second fan made submission to the AU belonging to @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl I’ve been thinking about Mikan

So here, take itttt


Mikan Tsumiki, the ultimate nurse from Hope Peak’s Academy, she sees her existence as a nuisance to others and will do anything for people to like her, but can we trust her after being under brainwash for a while?

Arcana: The lovers ~“My beloved forgave my existence and I gave her my heart, but she didn’t want it, nor gave me hers” Those were her words after breaking free from brainwash, we need to make her see she is just as worth as anybody else

Codename: Heartbeat

Outfit: She uses her hair tied on a low and messy ponytail with a monochrome broken hairtie and a nurse hat with a cross and the same heart, she also uses a lab coat that resembles the one from her remnant of despair counterpart but it opens up at the waist and extends to her ankles, the buttons are Crosses and she wears a tight purple skirt under, she also has a medical mask and her usual bandages alongside high socks that have cross patterns on the sides and nurse shoes (Thanks mobile for not letting me add pics)

Mask: A regular mask that is shaped like two horizontal hearts, a black one and a white one with a break between them

Persona: Aceso, the Greek deity of the healing process

Skillset: strong healing and buffs, her very last ability grants her finding an enemie’s weakness but stuns her until her next turn, good gun damage that stacks weaknesses on enemies if they’ve been found yet but weak against curse and charm

Initial weapons:
Melee: A medical bonesaw
Ranged: An SMG that uses syringes as ammo

All-Out attack card: It’d be fairly similar to the one she had at sdr2’s intro theme with the words “I’m sorry” written on cursive (Haha all doctors write badly whatever)

Persona awakening scene

After being an obstacle for an entire dungeon, the gang finally makes her see what true love and friendship really is

Mikan: My beloved forgave my existence and I gave her my heart, but she didn’t want it… Nor she have me hers in return… She didn’t care about me… I-I… *Breaks down crying until the Persona Heartbeat™ happens*

Aceso: Poor innocent child, you were tricked with the heart into obeying a force of evil, now you are left behind, broken, wounded, but it’s not your fault, you should know the very act of existing should be cherished

Mikan: I-I’m not a burden… True friends w-will like me for who I am and not f-for what I can do…

Aceso: Just like many others, you need to learn and you need to heal, I will assist you along the way, I am thou, thou art I, the contact is sealed for the sake of helping yourself and helping others, at the end of the path, you and the ill will be healed entirely

Mikan: I don’t need forgiveness for what is not my fault, the past broke us all in pieces and we need to learn, heal and be better for the future, p-please help me Aceso!



“A-Are you alright? It wasn’t very tough but still…”

“We need to take some care after all of that, we should go to the safe room”

“I-I think I’m getting better at this…!” (Level up)

“I can be very useful n-now!” (Skill up)

“I wonder what’s in the chest… Make sure to use protection opening it!”

“I’m worried… W-We’ve been here for a long time n-now”

“A-Ace, I t-think we need a break so I can check up on everyone”

“P-Please let’s think about this first! It seems very dangerous”

ENDURE: I-It’s fine, I’ve had it worse than this…

PROTECT: S-See? I can be very useful as a shield!

BATON PASS: Yes! I-I’ll do anything you want me to do

LOW HEALTH: I’m sorry! Please forgive me!

GETTING HEALED: Th-This is embarrassing hehe

PHYSICAL ATTACKS: Sorry, we’ll have to amputate

HEALING SOMEONE: There you go! / I’ll patch you up! / Lots of shots!

PERSONA: I need you Aceso! … I-If it’s not trouble for you…

FOLLOW UP: I’ll provide medical assistance!

COVER FIRE: P-Please be more careful

GIVING BUFFS: Let m-me help with this

ATTACKING: D-Don’t be angry, just leave us alone…

ATTACK MISSES: *hic* I can’t even d-do one *hic* thing right, I’m *hic* sorryy…

COULDN’T FINISH OFF ENEMY: A-AHH! I tripped over I’m sorry…

FAINTING: The… Despair…

GETTING RESURRECTED: T-Thank you! It was dark and cold like space…

Burn: AH…! I’m burning just like my heart used to

Cold: I-I hope I don’t catch a c-cold or frostbite *achoo*

Shock and Paralyze: P-Please forgive me for not moving! / Th-This brings unpleasant memories…

Confusion: HUH? huh, huh, huh, huh, huuuuuuuhhhh…?

Rage: Forgive me already! If you don’t I’ll cut you open and make you watch!

Despair: M-My beloved… I miss my beloved so much…

Dizzy: Ngh… My ears’ balance fluid…

Brainwash: ah… hahaha… ahahaha…

Forget: … W-What?

Hunger: T-This is bad, I need nutrients to burn into energy…

Sleep: zzz… Ngh don’t move… Zzz

Silence: …

Mouse: …


Mementos chats

“This might sound presumptuous but you’re getting better at driving… Slowly”

“Mm… Sometimes seeing my bonesaw reminds me of bad times…”

“This place looks very dark and scary… Well at least I’ve been in worse”

“Weaknesses are a little complicated… But she taught me how important it is to find them and exploit them…”

Hajime: Say Mikan, what do you like the most about being a Dangan Thief?“
Mikan: … Being with all of you

Chiaki: I like your weapons Heartbeat! Are they referencing Mister Ludwig and Miss Valentine?
Mikan: W-Who…? Umm… I-I mean yes! I-I’m referencing a-anything you like Bonnie!

Fuyuhiko: Yo, Mikan, how sick do you have to be to kill someone so painfully? I mean, stabbed endlessly by small syringes is some next level shit
Mikan: I-I learned that on top of being painful when mishandled, many fear syringes and sometimes it’s good to exploit fear and pain to your advantage…

Mikan: I-I’m so sorry for what I did before joining y-you… I-I’m surprised you *hic* even trust m-mee… *hic*
Chiaki: No matter what you or anyone does Mikan, we’ll always believe in each other, especially me

~Bonus dialogue, choosing a codename

Hajime: So, what should we call Mikan? She needs a codename to be a Dangan Thief

Mikan: ummm, I still can’t b-believe you’re taking me in…

Nagito: How about nurse? It’s her talent from Hope’s Peak after all

Hajime: No, it’s too literal

Chiaki: How about psycho nurse?

Fuyuhiko: Can we not? Look, she’s got that heart theme all over her costume and all of that so we should start there

Nagito: Heart, heartbreak?

Hajime: Again, too literal

Fuyuhiko: Maybe pulse?

Chiaki: Hey Mikan, is there a medical them for a heart disease that would make a good codename?

Mikan: W-Well, arrythmia is a term used to describe an irregularly fast heartbeat that could kill you a-and when you’re in love or in shock your heart starts going really fast too

Chiaki: No, it’s too complicated… I guess medical terms are too difficult

Hajime: *Clearly after solving a sdr2 minigame* How about heartbeat? It’s not too complicated and it fits your style and what happened to you

Mikan: A-Ah! Yes I like it, t-thank you very much Hajime!

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!!! could I request some relationship headcanons for Mei, Tooru and Mina? 💕


-Their relationship is pretty much hype over Mei’s inventions

-Because it’s so cool??

-And s/o is always supportive of her

-Mei sometimes like to make random inventions for s/o to use in everyday life

-And if s/o’s a hero, they’ll be flooded by a shitton of Mei’s inventions

-Because ‘look at this this fits you so well!’

-And ‘W H O A H This looks amazing with your costume!!’

-Sometimes s/o’s unsure wether Mei’s referring to them or to her inventions when she starts shouting ‘baby’

-It’s the inventions 90% of the time


-In the beginning, it’s a bit weird for s/o because they can’t see Tooru

-But they get used to it quickly

-Shopping together is a must

-And the best gift for Tooru is a plushie

-It’s basically impossible to be sad when you’re with Tooru

-Because she’ll cheer you up very, very quickly

-So s/o is really glad to have her

-Because whenever they’re feeling bad, Tooru’s here for them

-Also, movie marathons everywhere


-It’s always Mina who makes the first move

-And the relationship is full of excitement

-It’s the definition of hype

-I don’t know which relationship has more hype, Mei’s or Mina’s

-Adores it when s/o plays with her hair/horns

-She’s very good at braiding 

-So if s/o has long hair, there’s a very big chance she’ll braid it for them

-And she knows how to do the really intricate braids

-She really wants to go dancing with s/o

-And she’ll be insistent until they agree

talking to all the guys was so cool i’m happy i got the chance to say hi to them. talking to alex was really funny i was commenting on the pins on his jacket and he was like “yeah i dont know what im doing. i didnt even get this jacket til i joined the band, frank’s jacket is all bands and stuff and mine is just like. video games and shit. like look at this! ‘sonic the hedgehog hates racism’ i’m just trying to fit in w them and be cool” im like “well its working u totally fit in w them keep doing whatever ur doing”

also i asked alex/matt if they got my zine from frank and evan was kinda like “u know theyve gotta be somewhere on the bus” and i’m like “probably in like. a big pile of gifts and shit” and evan looks at me and leans in and is like “EXACTLY” it was so funny. i also talked to evan about pancakes and madison in general, he said they all really love the city which made me like ;___; and super proud 

when they left to go back inside they all shook me/my bros hands and gave us hi fives, we were the only ppl right there talking to them it was so rad!!