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Somereallygreathair’s List of People With Some Really Great Hair:
↪ David Tennant

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You mentioned in your tags once before that Bryan Fuller referred to Will Graham as a bad friend. Why on earth would he say that? I thought he directed the show...

        aaa anon… it was an interview, idk…
        i am… baffled sometimes by the things
        bryan says, i think. he’s just not so great
        at talking during interviews. i dont know

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Name: Lenia
Time and date: Sixth of April, well since one hour

Average hours of sleep a night: around 4 if there’s school the next day and up to 8 if not
Last thing I googled: “youtube won’t accept my thumbnail”
Nickname: I don’t really have one, my name is probably weird enough already
Birthday: 24th February
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: anime??
Height: 5′4 ft
Favorite Colour(s): red, blue, purple….I type as I only wear black
One place that makes me happy: in front of my computer
How many blankets do I sleep under: only one
What I’m wearing right now: a black dress, who would have seen that coming
Last book I read: Death Note: Another Note (it is manga related but an ‘actual’ book so it counts)
Favorite beverage: raspberry juice
Favorite food: Panna Cotta. Like seriously, Panna Cotta is probably the best thing ever.
Last movie I watched in theaters: Big Hero 6
Dream Vacation: Japan. Pokemon-Center. Need I say more?
Dream Wedding: At this point I doubt I will ever get married.
Dream Pet: I’m basically allergic to everything. 
Dream Job: I have no idea and that is really scary.

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