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hey so sometimes i see posts in the green day tag about how people think of billie as their only friend even though they’ve never met him and have an extreme connection to him
they’re self aware and know it’s weird, and feel fucked up and crazy for it
it’s called celebrity worship syndrome
and if you’re mentally ill, you’re a lot more likely to have it
and if you’re a teen
you’re not fucked up or broken and you aren’t the only one

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Can you please post the most pure and kind pictures of Amy you have? I'm super stressed out and need to see happy pictures of such a wonderful person existing to cheer me up.

I got you covered buddy! hope you feel better soon!! my computer is being really weird and only letting me send certain pictures and these were the only ones it would let me send :c but i hope her adorableness in gif form will make up for the lack of pictures! (if you need more pictures, my ‘;; amy’ tag is chock full of them!)

Rules: Using only one band, answer the following questions. Then tag ten people.

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Artist: kate bush

What’s your gender? rubberband girl

Describe yourself: babooshka

How do you feel? wow

If you could go anywhere: wuthering heights

Favorite mode of transportation: running up that hill

If your life was a TV show: king of the mountain

Relationship status: love & anger

Greatest fear:  hounds of hell

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this is my fav tag tbh so if anyone wants to jump onboard & show off ur music go ahead & use my tag :’3 optional ofc i imagine most of y’all have done this at least once ;3;  ♡

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A - age: 21
B - biggest fear: Heights
C - current time: 9:19 p.m
D - drink you last had: Dr. Pepper
E - every day starts with: Waking up to only go back to sleep for another hour
F - favorite song: I'm just gonna say the one im addicted to currently and its D&E - Growing Pains because I miss those dorks so much
G - ghosts, are they real?: Eh, mixed feelings
H - home town: Lake Charles, LA
I - in love with: Sleep
J - jealous of: People who make better grades
K - killed someone: Nope
L - last time you cried: Last night when I was panicking about finals
M - middle name: Nicole
N - number of siblings: 0
O - one wish: to travel the world
P - person you last called/texted: My best friend <3
Q - question you’re always asked: If me and my mom are twins
R - reason to smile: coming home to my German Shepard fluff ball
S - song last sang: BTS - Spring Day
T - time you woke up: lol. I never went to sleep
U - underwear color: black
V - vacation destination: Universal Studios
W - worst habit: procrastinations, biting my nails and skin
Y - your favorite foods: Mac and cheese and steak
Z - zodiac sign: Leo

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Rules: In a text post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow. Tag ten friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them!

ONLY TEN?! Oh man, this’ll be tough.

I didn’t get tagged to do this, I just saw geekinglikeaboss’s post and thought I’d do one too. These fics are all FrostIron because that’s all I ever read :P


Off the Record by goddamnhella - This was the first FrostIron fic I ever read. Prior to reading it, I didn’t think very highly of fan fiction, but this one was so good that it prompted me to search out other fics. As a result, it totally kick-started my FrostIron addiction! This story is fantastic. So well written. Funny. Exciting. I love it!

Lessons from a God by malkavia30 - The non-con in the first couple of chapters made me a little uncomfortable, but I’m glad I stuck through it because holy shit, is this a great fic. Satisfying balance between porn and plot. And despite there being soooo much sex, it never gets boring or repetitive. There’s currently 95 chapters and it’s not even done yet. Honestly, I’d be happy for it to go on forever and ever!

Boreal Involvement by Batwynn - Well written, funny, gorgeous, exciting, little bit sad in parts, and captivating the whole way through! Really great story.

Impulse by iswyn - This fic pushes all the right buttons for me. I love it deeply. Well written. Nice balance between some fabulously delicious smut, and an interesting plot. I may be a little bit obsessed with it. SO DAMN GOOD.

Protector by Nightalp - Poor Tony’s been through some serious shit in this fic. Loki finds him and takes him home (although Tony doesn’t know that it’s Loki… not yet anyway) to keep him almost like a pet and nurse him back to health (both physically and mentally). He becomes very protective of Tony. Gorgeous story so far, I love it.

Those Sinned Against by Arkada - An AU where Asgard is invading Midgard, and Tony is given to Loki as a war prize. Wonderfully exciting story and fantastic smut.

Nothing Ventured by iswyn - An AU in which Tony is a college professor and Loki is a student. So god damn hot. And I’m totally in love with how the characters are written in this fic.

Could Not Stop for Death by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse) - This one stayed with me for a while after reading it. Loved the ending.

the ghost in the back of your head by sawuhs - Oh my gods, it’s so saaaad!! I bawled my damn eyes out. I love it so much, though! Tony is dead and Loki brings about Ragnarok in order to see him again. Fucking heart-wrenching. Beautiful ending.

Bend Around the Wind by Scyllaya - Tony and Loki are SPACE PIRATES!! This fic is an incredible, epic adventure. Plenty of excitement and drama and action and humour. Such a great read.

Coveted by plumadesatada - I wasn’t going to read this. I don’t usually like fics with underage sex, and in this particular one, Loki was 28 years old and Tony was only 13. Yikes. But then iswyn recommended it so I thought I’d at least give it a look. All that awkwardness and grossness I was expecting to feel? Didn’t happen. I believe it’s because of the way the characters are written. Loki doesn’t want to be a monster and is horrified that he’s attracted to a 13 year old kid. And Tony is (eventually) a cheeky little brat who has Loki wrapped around his little finger. Judging by the comments, I’m not the only one who feels a little weird about loving this fic so much. But it’s just so sweet! And also really damn hot. Oh god, I feel weird saying that. Don’t judge me.


Yes, I am aware that I just listed 11 fics. SHUT UP. I do what I want. I couldn’t possibly narrow it down any further. And seriously, I have to tag 10 friends? Screw you, rules. I don’t HAVE 10 friends. Because I’m such a rebel, I’m not even going to tag anyone. If you’re reading this (and obviously you are) and you want to do one of these thingies, just pretend I tagged you :)

Valdangelo Could Potentially Happen

Perhaps not in BoO (because both boys need some time to themselves)

But okay, just picture this happening perhaps a couple months after BoO…

So  Jason is Leo’s best friend

 (*coughs possibly crush coughs*)

 So, after House of Hades Jason starts being all nice and stuff to Nico now trying to get Nico to open up and integrate and make friends.

Leo is only mildly jealous at first

But then he gets even more jealous because Jason is HIS best friend and he fears he’s getting replaced so then he insists on tagging along EVERYWHERE the two of them go

and  Jason thinks it’s great because YAY MORE FRIENDS FOR NICO and Leo is just side-eyeing Nico (y'know keeping tabs on the whole thing) and Nico is just slightly confused but doesn’t care too much because he doesn’t understand Leo’s side-eyes


but anyways their mutual friendship through  Jason kind of brings them closer because Leo is still tagging along.

But after awhile, he realizes he actually doesn’t mind Nico’s company too.

And sometimes *shhhh* the three of them have sleepovers. And Nico gets up at dawn because he enjoys being in the dark so the sunlight makes it hard for him to sleep. Leo gets up pretty early too because his nervous energy doesn’t let him sleep for long.

And they have weird, honest, contemplative conversations at like 5 am and Leo is grateful that Nico keeps his mouth shut about them and Leo makes Nico feel like he’s not the only one that feels out of place.

Because they both feel out of place.

And they talk about  Jason and that they love him but he has weird habits…and laugh over that (like his overprotectiveness and his weirdo laugh and his embarrassing moments)

 And Jason starts to realize what’s going on (because one night he hears them talking when they think he’s asleep)

So all three of them will hang out and Jason will make some lame excuse and go to the bathroom

 (he does this every time they go to the movies and neither Leo or Nico say anything about it later)

And so slowly it just becomes Leo and Nico hanging out and they don’t even realize that they’re blurring the lines between friendship and romance until Leo is still trying to come to terms with the fact that he likes girls and boys

and so he blurts out that he had a crush on  Jason Grace (he doesn’t know about Nico’s previous crush on Percy)

And at first, it causes a rift in their friendship because Nico thinks that Leo’s mocking him or something

(even though Nico is trying to be less sensitive)

Or worse, he thinks that  Jason put Leo up to it

And then he gets sad because he doesn’t want their whole friendship to be fake or construed

So Nico marches to  Jason and demands an answer. And Jason is genuinely confused about Leo’s supposed crush.

Leo, meanwhile, peaces out and hides in bunker 9 for a week and Nico kind of calms down and feels guilty so he shadow travels into bunker 9 and outs himself/ explains his reasons for freaking out.

And Leo makes the situation less tense by cracking some joke or saying “see, this is why we blow up AFTER asking questions” but in a teasing manner

And Nico smiles and rolls his eyes and they go back to being that weird mix between friends and boyfriends

And they try the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing but it basically just turns into them dating each other without calling it that officially

And so they don’t like labels or anything but they like kissing each other and talking about dumb stuff and being cute and awkward but endearing