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Hive [1 / 2]

Warnings for mind control (sort…of), slight body horror, and slight gore/animal death (don’t worry, the pig is safe). 

Suggested listening for this chapter: “Hold No Guns” by Death Cab for Cutie.

Part One // Part Two

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Dipper, unsurprisingly, notices it first.

“Is it just me, or have people been acting…weirder than usual lately?” he asks, from flat on his back on the porch, basking in the heat of the sinking sun and the chill of the water evaporating off of him and the dull, slow ache in all his muscles from running around with Soos ambushing (okay, being ambushed by) Wendy and Mabel with water guns all afternoon. The wood underneath his back is rough and sun-warmed, both splinters and heat slowly working their way into his skin, and from where he lies he can just see a sliver of glaring blue out of the corner of his right eye, past the edge of the sagging porch roof.

“Define ‘weirder than usual’,” Wendy says, from the couch somewhere to Dipper’s left, her voice lazy and languid as the quiet buzz from the trees out ringing the yard. Dipper can’t muster the energy to turn and look at her; he remembers her falling sprawled across the cushions, one arm up over the back. As far as he knows, she hasn’t moved.

“Yeah, Dipper, this is Gravity Falls -” Mabel starts, and Dipper groans.

“That’s why I said 'weirder than usual’, Mabel. Weirder than usual.”

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Can you please post the most pure and kind pictures of Amy you have? I'm super stressed out and need to see happy pictures of such a wonderful person existing to cheer me up.

I got you covered buddy! hope you feel better soon!! my computer is being really weird and only letting me send certain pictures and these were the only ones it would let me send :c but i hope her adorableness in gif form will make up for the lack of pictures! (if you need more pictures, my ‘;; amy’ tag is chock full of them!)

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(Warning: my taste in music is weird and random…)

1) Where We Belong by Thriving Ivory

2) Only You by Selena Gomez

3) Walk Like A Man from the Jersey Boys Musical

4) Pieces by Red

5) Feel Again by One Republic

6) Last Name by Carrie Underwood

7) The Queen Sings from OUAT’s musical episode

8) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

9) Protecting Me by Aly & AJ

10) Outlaws by Alessia Cara

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Valdangelo Could Potentially Happen

Perhaps not in BoO (because both boys need some time to themselves)

But okay, just picture this happening perhaps a couple months after BoO…

So  Jason is Leo’s best friend

 (*coughs possibly crush coughs*)

 So, after House of Hades Jason starts being all nice and stuff to Nico now trying to get Nico to open up and integrate and make friends.

Leo is only mildly jealous at first

But then he gets even more jealous because Jason is HIS best friend and he fears he’s getting replaced so then he insists on tagging along EVERYWHERE the two of them go

and  Jason thinks it’s great because YAY MORE FRIENDS FOR NICO and Leo is just side-eyeing Nico (y'know keeping tabs on the whole thing) and Nico is just slightly confused but doesn’t care too much because he doesn’t understand Leo’s side-eyes


but anyways their mutual friendship through  Jason kind of brings them closer because Leo is still tagging along.

But after awhile, he realizes he actually doesn’t mind Nico’s company too.

And sometimes *shhhh* the three of them have sleepovers. And Nico gets up at dawn because he enjoys being in the dark so the sunlight makes it hard for him to sleep. Leo gets up pretty early too because his nervous energy doesn’t let him sleep for long.

And they have weird, honest, contemplative conversations at like 5 am and Leo is grateful that Nico keeps his mouth shut about them and Leo makes Nico feel like he’s not the only one that feels out of place.

Because they both feel out of place.

And they talk about  Jason and that they love him but he has weird habits…and laugh over that (like his overprotectiveness and his weirdo laugh and his embarrassing moments)

 And Jason starts to realize what’s going on (because one night he hears them talking when they think he’s asleep)

So all three of them will hang out and Jason will make some lame excuse and go to the bathroom

 (he does this every time they go to the movies and neither Leo or Nico say anything about it later)

And so slowly it just becomes Leo and Nico hanging out and they don’t even realize that they’re blurring the lines between friendship and romance until Leo is still trying to come to terms with the fact that he likes girls and boys

and so he blurts out that he had a crush on  Jason Grace (he doesn’t know about Nico’s previous crush on Percy)

And at first, it causes a rift in their friendship because Nico thinks that Leo’s mocking him or something

(even though Nico is trying to be less sensitive)

Or worse, he thinks that  Jason put Leo up to it

And then he gets sad because he doesn’t want their whole friendship to be fake or construed

So Nico marches to  Jason and demands an answer. And Jason is genuinely confused about Leo’s supposed crush.

Leo, meanwhile, peaces out and hides in bunker 9 for a week and Nico kind of calms down and feels guilty so he shadow travels into bunker 9 and outs himself/ explains his reasons for freaking out.

And Leo makes the situation less tense by cracking some joke or saying “see, this is why we blow up AFTER asking questions” but in a teasing manner

And Nico smiles and rolls his eyes and they go back to being that weird mix between friends and boyfriends

And they try the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing but it basically just turns into them dating each other without calling it that officially

And so they don’t like labels or anything but they like kissing each other and talking about dumb stuff and being cute and awkward but endearing

It’s weird how active I’ll get on some social media platforms but I’ll abandon the other ones I have for like a week,,,

I mean I try to keep up w/ my blog and everything, but I feel like it’s just getting harder to tag stuff and just difficult to deal w/ sometimes

I’m really sorry I’ve only been on every once in a blue fracking moon and I’ll try to post more soon

#LinkPitWeek II!

Hello, fellow Archershippers! It’s that time again!

With the help of @zwielichtxeques, @chibilady, @izzynaww and @u05177v, we’ve put together another list of themes for everyone to work and post fanwork for! This includes fanart, fanfiction, and any other sort of creative medium you can think of.

This week will happen on October 25th thru October 31st. The daily themes are as follows:

October 25th, Day 1 - First Date

  • Let’s kick the week off with their first date; where did they go? To the movies, a fancy restaurant, the park? Did they go stargazing, to an amusement park, a simple walk, or did they have a comfy night in? Did they also share the first kiss? And was it a good date or did it go hilariously wrong?

October 26th, Day 2 - Rivalry

  • Sure, we all know what Smash Bros. has told us regarding the ever-evident rivalry between Link and Pit. But clearly there’s more behind their rivalry than cherry-picking the best bits and using similar weapons. What’s the real story of Link vs. Pit? You tell us!

October 27th, Day 3 - Holding Hands

  • This day is all about hands. Do Link and Pit hold hands in front of others, or only when they’re alone? Does one of them squeeze the other’s hand while the other has a lighter grip? Does Pit like to trace circles on Link’s palm? Use their hands as the main focus!

October 28th, Day 4 - Hearts

  • Both Link and Pit share a common shape in their games; Hearts. In the Legend of Zelda, hearts heal and increase Link’s life. In Kid Icarus, hearts are a sort of currency. Hearts are also associated with affection and attraction ;) How else do hearts play a role in their lives?

October 29th, Day 5 - Villian AU

  • Link and Pit are canonically heroes, but how about a walk on the dark side? Imagine a verse where instead of conquering evil, they’re the ones causing it? Is Link still the hero out to defeat the evil Pit, or is Link the villain with Pit as the hero? Or are they both villains? And are they partners in crime or rivaling bad guys?

October 30th, Day 6 - Goodbye

  • Saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things to do. It’s always sad to see someone you care for go. Are goodbyes themselves always sad? Can they be happy and hopeful? And are they simply a mere substitute for ‘see you later’ or a permanent parting of ways?

October 31st, Day 7 - Halloween/Costume

  • What better way to end this week on All Hallow’s Eve than with some spooky scary fun? Dressing up in costumes, going trick or treating, running into spooky monsters under the full moon - Share how you think they would spend Halloween together!

.:Guidelines and Rules:.

  1. Tag your posts as “#LinkPitWeek”! They will be easier to keep track of this way. You can use other tags as well but make sure “#LinkPitWeek” is one of the first 5 tags, because tumblr’s tagging system is weird and it won’t show up otherwise!
  2. If you can’t do a theme for every day, or only have time to do one or two, that’s completely fine. ^^ Collaborations with other people also count.
  3. You can do comics, pictures, fanfics, drabbles, animations, amvs - All mediums are appreciated!
  4. NSFW is allowed, but make sure it is tagged as such and doesn’t break any of tumblr’s submission guidelines!! This is a fun week and we would hate to see anyone get in trouble!

If you have any further questions, feel free to direct them to my ask box! Like last time, I encourage anyone to join in on the week if they’re interested! I look forward to seeing others contributions! ^^

~Lady Drake