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i’ve always heard it as “Cut me open–make me bleed” and tbh i think i prefer that to the actual official lyrics (“let me bleed”). i just……um…it makes me think of that interview where danny talks about how he misses moshing and crowd-surfing with fans in their earlier concerts and ending up all scraped up and bruised and shut up okay let me have this.

…but like in dream somehow one of the lines is “life is a sly little smile and a virgin’s kiss”, and that’s neat and all, but i much prefer “life is a sly little smile in a virgin’s kiss” bc it says So Much More and fits the repeated pattern of life metaphors much better. (“Life is a mortal coil/Wrapped in cheap tinfoil on a kitchen sink” YES)


I was tagged the lovely @thegoodshipotp - thank you!

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1: If you could have any small comfort/luxury item right now, what would it be?

More of a comfort one, but my earphones. They’re the only ones in the house that actually work, so they keep getting borrowed

2: What are your top three summer tunes this year?

Walk the Moon: Shut Up and Dance

Timberlake: Can’t Stop the Feeling

Zara Larsson: Lush Life

3: What was the last memorable/weird dream you had?

Oh lord, I never really remember any of my dreams.

4: Describe your dream room

First things first, space. Plenty of space, I have a shoebox for a room at the moment, and there’s barely room to move. So, this room has a built in wardrobe, and there’s another level to the room as well, where the bed is. Underneath is a reading nook, filled with, pillows, books, and notebooks.

5: Any favourite myth/legend??

Oh a few, actually. Namely, Robin Hood, El Dorado and Atlantis

6: What are three things you’re looking forward to in the next twelve months?

Holiday in Tenerife


The release of the Maze Runner prequel, The Fever Code

7: What does your name mean?

Emily, in Latin means industrious and striving. Apparently it also comes from the name Aemilia, the feminine version of the Roman family name Aemilius

8: Were there any unusual jobs that you wanted to work in when you were a kid? (eg astronaut, professional motorcyclist, etc)

An air stewardess

9: Best films to watch in a movie night?

Star Trek and Pacific Rim

10: Are there any books that you’d love to see as a film/TV series?

The Raven Cycle

11: What was the last thing you ate?

A chocolate biscuit.


1.       Where is one place in the world that you’d really like to be right now?

2.       Something you wished you had as a kid ?

3.       Quote a tv show or film completely out of context

4.       Favourite holiday you’ve been on?

5.       Draw, read or write?

6.       Any fears?

7.       Pets?

8.       Favourite musicals?

9.       The last book you read

10.   Country or City?

11.   The last text that you got.

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Hi! You tagged the pan positivity post as bi positivity!

Hi oh my gosh I’m so conflicted about this now bc twice I’ve gotten asks about this and like,, I’m worried that if I make a pan tag it will hardly have any posts bc there usually aren’t posts directed specifically toward pan people, so I figured I would just consolidate bi and pan into one tag since bi is 2+ genders. Only every once in a while, there are posts specifically directed toward pan people and I feel weird putting them under bi and it looks like I just messed up lol.

Tl;dr Now I’m wondering if I should just make a pan tag even though it will be a lot emptier, or if I should double tag those posts, or if I should use bi as an umbrella. If anyone could weigh in on this I’d appreciate it lol