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The U.N.'s Shocking Gender/Feminist Bias: Masterpost with Links

Here is a list of my posts on the shocking gender/feminist bias at the United Nations. A link to this post will be on the front page of my Tumblr so it is easy to find. I plan to update it in the future. Feel free to send me relevant links & info:

Quick Intro Summary: The U.N. is now a feminist missionary organization and a humanitarian nightmare

The very feminist U.N. Women now controls the entire U.N. system through a policy known as “gender mainstreaming”. Gender mainstreaming means all U.N. programs and actions must account for “gender equality.” U.N. Women has the ultimate authority to decide what “gender equality” actually means, so they now rule the entire U.N. system in practice.

The results have been disastrous. The U.N. has excluded men from humanitarian aid simply for being men, unnecessarily prioritizes aid to women, promotes male genital mutilation even though it strongly condemns all forms of female genital mutilation, produces mountains of highly questionable (if not outright fraudulent) research on gender-related issues, campaigns for government Internet censorship to supposedly protect women from mean words online, and blatantly promotes feminist ideology in both the first-world (through publicity campaigns such as HeForShe) and in the third-world (by integrating feminist indoctrination into humanitarian aid programs).

I understand this may sound a bit conspiratorial, but please visit the links below and judge for yourself. Most of my evidence comes from official U.N. sources. Remember, your tax money is likely funding the U.N. through member state donations.