but it ended up being mostly them making out

✧ Caboose straight up asking you if you like him. He doesn’t dance around the subject of asking you out on a date, either.
✦ Lots of sugary treats, mostly cookies. You usually end up being the one to make them, but Caboose is more than willing to help (and make a mess).
✧ Caboose telling you about all of these places he wants to take you on a date, like the zoo, especially the zoo, and you promise to go to all of those places with him.
✦ Caboose sleeping in the same bed as you and hugging you like a teddy bear.
✧ Getting hugged from behind by Caboose all the time in the middle of battles and conversations.
✦ Caboose picking you up and carrying you around when you’re half asleep in the morning.
✧ Having Freckles as a pet.
✦ Eventually getting a real puppy for Caboose and Freckles initially being really jealous, but warming up to it.
✧ More hugs and holding hands than kisses.
✦ When Caboose does kiss you, it’s rarely on the lips. Usually he kisses you on the cheek. He also usually forgets and tries to kiss you when either you or he has a helmet on.
✧ Forever being doomed to hear ‘Bow chicka bow wow’ if you are remotely close to Tucker.
✦ Caboose getting ‘angry’ if you even so much as get a scratch in a fight and God help whoever did it because he is a lot stronger than he looks.
✧ Never being unhappy for more than five seconds if Caboose is around.
✦ Lt. Smith now has your back forever, so don’t worry about Palomo staring at your butt.
✧ You defending Caboose a lot when he gets told to shut up and gets called stupid.
✦ Absolutely no scary movies, because Caboose will not sleep for the next week. You two mostly watch animated kids movies, which is fine with you.
✧ Tickle fights.

cartinelli headcanons to go with those aus:

  • they spend endless nights talking and braiding each other’s hair and swapping secrets and slow dancing to records that angie picked up on the way home
  • even though they’re neighbors, and they have to keep both apartments for appearance’s sake, peggy spends almost all of her time at angie’s. she rarely sleeps in her own bed.
  • angie of course wants to know all about peggy’s secret agent life, but peggy can’t spill it all that easily. they invent a game, guessing random facts aboute each other for the other to confirm/deny, and they each have an unlimited amount of “i cant tell you about that”s. peggy uses hers on her career; angie uses hers, mostly, on exes she cant talk about without getting worked up
  • they usually end up sitting really close during these games, and it always ends in warm feelings of being known, and then them making out for hours
  • peggy stays up every night that angie needs her to, helping her learn lines and encouraging her with heaps of praise and kisses
  • they each have a bottle of the other’s favorite perfume, but neither of them know that the other does too. they spray it on their pillows when they have to spend the night apart, and sometimes on sweatshirts if they haven’t seen each other in days
  • they’re too different sizes to swap clothes, but they share accessories instead - swapping hats and sunglasses and necklaces and bracelets, sharing little smiles when they’re walking a few inches apart around the streets, decked out in each other’s things, unsure what belongs to who anymore
  • peggy writes encouraging pep talks on scraps of paper, saying how good angie is & how proud she is of her, and how much peggy believes in & loves her. angie keeps them all in her pocket to look at before auditions
  • angie writes love notes on napkins at the diner & leaves them around for peggy to find later. none of them are signed, of course, but peggy knows who wrote them.
Alec Lightwood | Imagine

Content: Alec helps reader when being hurt.

Warnings: Injuries duh

You always wished for other people joining you in a mission. But instead, you got a few newbies to be at your side. 

This order wasn’t too difficult to take care of so you’d hoped they could at least manage that. But of course, your faith ended with you being injured on the ground. 

A pack of wolves attacked out of nowhere, hinting they were protecting something forbidden. As a shadowhunter, you had to make sure their actions wouldn’t affect anyone of the human world who were mostly clueless.

As clueless as the idiots who accompanied you. 

When being attacked, they were so nervous that they forgot everything they learned in the self defense lessons. You actually could have handled it, but one of them forgot to have your back. So you were an easy target.

You’d love to get up and go back to the institute to kick their asses for being such idiots, but you assumed your leg was broken telling by the agony that shot through your leg by just moving it slightly. 

They disappeared when you and your team retreated and once again they forgot the rules: No one should be left behind.

You tried to move forward by basically crawling without straining your leg but it was easier said than done.

In the woods, all alone without any expectations of help. 

You thought your karma was treating you back for whatever the hell you did when you heard foot steps approach.

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Differences (Part 1)

Anon: Hai :) could I request a jimin angst based off of the song lost stars that jungkook covered? The whole song but mostly this part “I thought I saw you out there crying I thought I heard you call my name I thought I heard you out there crying” This song makes me feel things D’:

I made this longer than it should be, but I hope you like it.^^ 

- Admin Sun 

You both were from completely different worlds, being on the exact ends. He was a Blue Blood and you were just Red; common, simple, and identical. Blue bloods always meant royalty, that they were up at the very top of the social pyramid. And then, everyone came below them. Blue Bloods had the wealth, the fame, every single thing a Red would desire to have. Blues were always wearing the fanciest clothing, driving the most luxurious cars, owning acres of land that just contributed to the size of their homes. They were just that wealthy that they could even buy neighboring kingdoms for a fraction of what it’s really worth.

No Red could ever dream of becoming a Blue. And even if one was indeed married into a Blue Blooded family, they will never get the benefit of becoming true royalty. Despite Reds always dreaming of becoming one step higher in the social pyramid, some hated the Blues. It was natural, of course. Blues looked at the Reds as if they were dirty, poor, uncivilized commoners happening to live in the same kingdom as them except sectioned off by a lake and the Golden Bridge that crossed into the main parts of the city. Blues tend to pick fights with Reds, a brawl always happening. Even if Blues could instantly buy up the Reds’ entire family and estate, Reds really don’t give a damn. They just love the feeling of always beating the Blues and seeing them humiliated in front of a crowd of people watching.

Even if there were moments where Blues and Reds couldn’t get along, there are a few that did. And those went on to produce families and live their life in moderate wealth, enough to get by each day, but not enough to be classified as an “elite.”

So, where do you stand in this craze of separation? Well, for one, you were a Red. Your mother was a seamstress while your father was an architect, the most praised jobs among the Reds. Your mother worked in a famous shop in which all Blues head to for gowns to be made or their clothing to be adjusted. Any rip or tear, they would head to your mother’s shop. Your father worked within the inner city, constantly drawing blue prints to re-design the way it looks and most importantly, focusing on the castle of the King and Queen.

Since your father had access to their estate, you tend to follow him. You weren’t so great with clothing, but you did have a fine eye for design and was good with your hands. You found building houses or repairing anything broken was better than holding a needle and a thread or working a complex sewing machine. You preferred to be covered in dirt than to sit all day in a shop, listening to picky customers or gossip that you didn’t care for.

And that’s when you met him.

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So there were two cute white boys talking to me simultaneously on campus, because they were really interested in my box braids. One was blonde and a little shorter than me and he couldn’t stop playing with them, while the other was a much taller redhead who is a physics major.

Somehow the topic of the conversation ended up being about camping and I told them I had never been but wanted to go, and the blonde stated that when we go together he would play with my braids the entire time.

I was flattered, but mostly amused because homeboy really thought he was slick making plans. I could tell the redhead was annoyed, because throughout the whole conversation he kept shooting glares from the corners of his eyes.

Overall they were both sweet and respectful, and they boosted my confidence but I didn’t give out any info to either one. It started raining pretty hard and I used that as an excuse to get out fast.


Summary: Louise is certain that Dan and Phil are the perfect couple. Purely Fluffy!

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon. Dan was actually putting his reclusive behavior on hold so that he could go out to lunch with his good friend and fellow youtuber Louise. It wasn’t too often Louise managed to get to London when she wasn’t solely on business, but today was purely a “London shopping day” for her, and so Dan had been harassed to getting a sub with his friend.

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anonymous asked:

Mikoto and Reisi's hand stuck together (like in the AkiFushi dj) I know you had this headcanon that Kings dont get effected by strain powers but i miss your mikorei >.< (watch this end up as them making out and caught by everyone lmao bye)

I’ve bent the ‘Kings can’t be effected by Strains’ thing plenty of times myself so no problem doing one more :D (That headcanon’s mostly based off Munakata breaking Neko’s illusion, I’m thinking that with King powers being stronger than Strain powers presumably Kings can ‘override’ Strains. Maybe Munakata and Mikoto secretly like being stuck together :3). So anyway, Homra and Scepter 4 are chasing down the same Strain and it attempts to attack their Kings. Their respective clansmen are freaking out at first and they probably take the Strain down together without even meaning to. Then everyone hurries back to where their Kings are to find Mikoto and Munakata sitting there holding hands. Munakata looks maybe a bit bewildered as he tries to pull his hand away, Mikoto’s just like 'eh.’ Munakata’s probably getting more visibly flustered, like 'Suoh if you would release my hand immediately’ and Mikoto’s just like 'Can’t.’ At last Munakata’s like well, it appears we are stuck like this for the time being, Mikoto kinda tugs at his hand a little and Munakata sighs.

They have to figure out what to do next, whether they go back to Scepter 4 or Homra first. Munakata is insistent that they start at Scepter 4 because unlike certain uncouth barbarians he has work to complete regarding the Strain issue. Mikoto’s not particularly thrilled about the whole thing but he finally just sighs and agrees to get Munakata to stop fussing at him about it. The whole way back to Scepter 4 Munakata is lecturing Mikoto on his reckless way of Strain catching and Mikoto’s trying to figure out how to light a cigarette with one hand. When they get back to Scepter 4 Munakata goes back to his office, dragging Mikoto with him. For once Munakata probably does some actual work because he doesn’t particularly feel like doing his puzzles with Mikoto there. Fushimi comes in to deliver a report, sees Mikoto, turns right around and leaves. Munakata requests that Mikoto stop scaring his subordinates, Mikoto’s like 'eh, not my fault if they’re easily scared.’ Munakata is just like what am I supposed to do with you honestly as he accidentally knocks a pen onto the floor. Munakata leans down to reach for it just as Mikoto moves forward to do the same, 'accidentally’ nearly pulling Munakata into his lap. Munakata’s like this is highly unacceptable but he’s not really in a hurry to move either.

Later they go back to bar Homra and everyone is really nervous having the Blue King there. Kusanagi probably has to send most everyone away, especially Yata since he keeps glaring at Munakata and muttering insults under his breath. Mikoto’s like 'who’s scaring whose clansmen now?’ Munakata notes that this is not his fault as unlike Mikoto he is being perfectly friendly and pleasant (and he is, he keeps giving all of Homra these sparkling smiles and waving at them). Kusanagi sticks around for a while trying to diffuse the tension but then he has to go help Totsuka with something and he leaves the two Kings alone for a bit. Mikoto tries to light a cigarette again and this time Munakata reaches over with a lighter and helps him out, then takes his own cigarette out of the pack in Mikoto’s back pocket. They share a drink and a smoke as Mikoto mutters that this really is a pain. Munakata’s like I don’t need to hear such things from you, clearly this is a larger inconvenience for me than for you. Mikoto smirks and is like well, maybe as he pulls Munakata a bit closer. Munakata tells him he smells like smoke and Mikoto says that he could say the same. They’re getting real close when Totsuka walks cheerily into the bar to inform them that Kusanagi-san just heard from Scepter 4 and the power should be wearing off any second now. Munakata immediately pulls away and drops his cigarette into an ash tray as he states he must be going now, thank you for your hospitality. Mikoto smiles slightly and takes another drink.

Understanding your limits

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:Do you have any advice on figuring out how to respect your own limits (in terms of energy/ability/etc) without missing out on too much due to being overcautious?

How do you know when you really aren’t able for something that day, and when you’ve just convinced yourself you’re not because you’re scared?

realsocialskills said:

I think it’s mostly a matter of developing your judgement over time.

There’s no foolproof way to always be sure whether or not you’re up for something. Everyone makes mistakes in both directions.

I think part of what’s needed is giving yourself permission to be wrong. You don’t have to have this completely figured out. It’s ok if sometimes you miss out on things that you could have done. It’s ok if sometimes you try things and it ends up being a bad idea. Everyone makes mistakes. You’re allowed to make them too.

The important thing is to learn from your mistakes. If you regret going to something, that tells you something. If you regret not going to something, that tells you something too. If you think about the reasons and apply what you learn to new situations, you’ll get better results over time.

Anyone else want to weigh in? How do you judge your limits? How do you learn how to do it more reliably?

tl;dr Figuring out your limits is a process. So is figuring out when to push them. It’s ok to make mistakes, and it gets easier to make good choices if you get in the habit of learning from them.

Best Kept Secrets

Dem was excited for this weekend. This week had been filled with a lot of work, and a lot of doctors appointments. He had dragged Sawyer all over the city and finally, this weekend, Sawyer was going to stay with his parents in Minnesota. He loved his fiance, but at the same time he was excited to spend time with his friends and not have to worry about him. He packed a bag for a few nights and headed over to Evan’s, but not before making sure he looked good.

He couldn’t explain it, but Dem thrived on making sure he looked good in front of people, mostly Evan. He fixed up his hair, put on dark jeans, and a cozy sweater, slightly too big for him. He threw on a jacket and shoes, debating on slippers and in the end opting out in favor of being barefoot. He hopped in his car and traveled down to Evan’s apartments, viewing them as a much better complex than his own, on a slightly better side of town.

Dem knocked with his knuckles, leaning against the door frame, a smile on his face and small dimples in his cheeks. “Someone order a stripper?” He stepped in, setting his bag on the floor on the other side of the door. “I knew you couldn’t resist the allure of the Ken Doll.” His heart was racing at the sight of his best friend, finding it ridiculous how toned he looked at all times. Even in poor lighting his freckles still felt like an arrow straight through the gut. It was awful how much the man affected him, and how much he tried to push it to the back of his mind.

god it’s like unnnnbelievable how messed the american print comic industry is. so much of it is predicated on like, not coming to the markets out there, but trying to make them come to what you’re already making? there’s a lot of reasons why comics ended up with the core buying base they did when they used to have buyers in the millions (those problems being sourced back to the 70s crash, 80s direct market rise, and subsequent fuck ups like the speculator market), but you get to this modern industry that just refuses to budge more than an inch.

people screaming for diverse characters, different kinds of stories, and they throw them out here and there but mostly without getting behind them in marketing and promoting them - only Ms. Marvel really got marvel’s back pushing behind it, while a bunch of other titles, like fan-favorite X-Men Storm, got thrown into the deep end of the pool with almost zero promotional and marketing push. and then when it fails, they blame people for not buying it and it gives them justification to not do it again, even when they publish a new Punisher series just about every year or every other year, despite the fact that his sales have not been good in the least lately, even under fan favorite writers like Greg Rucka.

and the real fucked up thing is that hold onto the 3.99 (and rising) price point, which is tied into just how fucked up the core market is, which goes back to that 70s crash and a bunch of other problems. the new buyers all come from being able to buy collected volumes of about 200 pages of comics for 10 dollars a pop, and you’re trying to sell them 22 pages for 4 dollars - even on digital versions of the comic? it’s just not gonna work out, at all. and then they blame the buyers again, when it’s just like, dude, who wants to pay that much for 10 minutes of reading when that 4 dollars gets way more entertainment bang for their buck just about everywhere else? that’s a dollar short of buying me a giant bomb subscription. it’s half of what it’d cost to get many Shonen Jump volumes. i could buy a couple episodes of TV on amazon or itunes or whatever with that.

the core market is fucked in a way that cheap anthology comics styled after SJ and other manga mags aren’t likely to work out, but the buyers have shown, time and again, they are willing to buy - by the bucketloads, especially if you remember Runaways’ TPB sales - affordable collected versions of the comics. especially if the stuff is actually built to appeal to them. millions of people love superheroes, even, but they don’t all love the same superhero style of stories.

and it’s just “no, no, come to us and our 3.99 comics and support the crap and maybe we’ll make something you like”. you see this a lot in creators in the biz who urge you again and again to support the big 2′s attempts at diversifying and that they “go where the money is” but it turns out they only go where that money is if you approach it strictly on their terms.

and then, not even that holds up. cuz while Ms. Marvel is a smash fucking hit and you’d think that’d inspire Marvel to make a bunch of similar books to milk that for all its worth, their response instead is fucking… “put Ms. Marvel in everything” and “let’s give Black Knight, of all people, his own fucking book”.

and they want you to pay 3-4 bucks for each issue, in both physical or digital form.

they don’t want to come to you, they want you to come to them.


She can explain it rationally. Anger can make one’s heart beat faster and one’s breath to quicken, just like when someone is aroused. The result? Sometimes anger can be mistaken for desire.

Often, when they’re fighting, she’ll think for a moment that things could be resolved better if they just released their frustration by being physical. Their fights being as they usually are, the bickering and the arguments come too fast to do anything about it—she needs to put all her concentration toward making a point. So she never chooses to make out with him instead of fighting. Making up does happen, though, always, even if it takes them a while to get there.

Funnily enough, sometimes making out is something Ron does choose. She doesn’t know how he can be fast enough to focus on that instead of the argument. And, granted, sometimes she’s not in the mood to ending the fight by kissing instead. Mostly, that’s the case when he’s been a prat and all of her anger is directed at him. But then again, she often is glad to escape the never-ending arguments and counterarguments with a long, passionate snogging session.

Yes, there are times when she wonders if that could be a problem long term. Most of the time, she welcomes it gladly. Not only because her fast-beating heart and quick breathing are a nice preparation for the shagging that could happen as a result, never mind what science said. There is another, much nicer reason why she can always appreciate his effort, or his reasoning.

It is because Hermione knows that Ron wears his heart on his sleeve, and if it beats as fast hers, and if he breathes as quickly as she; and if he does choose to do something about that sort-of-arousal, it is because it has overpowered him. He likes to say the last word in an argument as much as she does, but at that moment he suddenly decides that it doesn’t matter nearly as much as kissing her.

Ron Weasley, an accomplished strategist, a passionate soul, and bickering mastermind, has chosen to let her have the last word and make it all better by kissing her. He has preferred to let it be a tie. Knowing how smart he can be, she wonders if maybe he knows that in doing so they both win.