but it ended up being mostly them making out

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There’s a figure skating exhibition in Montréal which Bob is guest announcing at, so the whole Zimmermann fam goes to watch.

Jack is still in his in between phase of adolescence, not quite grown into his limbs, face still rounded with the last bits of stubborn childhood fat. His whole body still a little too large, and his confidence bowed under the extra weight and his blooming anxiety about his future, his sexuality, and life as the child of two incredibly successful, beautiful people.

But underneath that, is a clever, witty, ridiculous flirty man waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

Enter one Eric R. Bittle. Just over five and a half feet of lean muscle and able to move it all with a speed and grace that leaves Jack breathless. Watching Eric skate, watching him bring the story of his music to life in sweeping arcs and gravity defying jumps and spins, is a revelation. Jack loses himself in the sparkling whirlwind of movement and glowing blond hair that is Eric Bittle.

When his routine ends, in a glorious final spin that leaves Eric with outstretched arms and his head thrown back, a triumphant smile on his face, Jack is mesmerized by the line of Eric’s neck and the way he can see the heavy breaths Eric is taking. Jack can feel his heart beating in time with the rise and fall of Eric’s chest. When Eric looks up, he looks radiant, and he looks right at Jack. The full impact of his smile hits Jack right in the gut.

He must make a sound, because Alicia looks at him with a knowing gleam in her eyes and asks “Ça'va, cher?” Jack can only nod, eyes glued to Eric’s figure as he makes his way off the ice. He misses Alicia’s grin, but takes comfort in the arm she wraps around his shoulder, difficult with the way he’s almost taller than her now, even at 16, but still nice.

He’s not entirely sure how, but he ends up in the hallway outside the locker room with his parents. Bob is talking with the skaters as they come out, Jack mostly a silent presence, making awkward attempts at conversation when addressed and getting slightly irritated at the way everyone looks at him like he’s adorable despite them mostly being not much older than him. (He’d checked Eric’s age at least, and was incredibly pleased that he was the same age.)

Then, Eric is just. There. In front of him. Smiling that same sunshiny smile that is even more spectacular up close. From this close, Jack can see the warm honey and bourbon flecks in Eric’s big brown eyes, and how they radiate kindness. He feels like he’s taking up too much space, feels all the clumsiness in his limbs that only seems to disappear when he’s playing hockey.

When Eric speaks, his accent catches Jack off guard, but in a good way. It makes him feel warm and soft, and he hopes he isn’t blushing.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Zimmermann, it is such an honor to meet you! I’ve followed both of your careers, and y'all are such an inspiration!” Eric’s exuberance makes Jack smile, he feels it stretch across his face and can’t even be embarrassed about it because when Eric looks at him Jack sees it reflected back at him.

“Oh. Hello! You’re Jack, right? The next Zimmermann to watch out for?” He says it with sincerity, and a hint of a chirp, and Jack doesn’t feel any of the pressure he usually does when people talk about his legacy.

He takes just a second too long to reply, and his dad nudges his arm a little to get his attention. He catches a smirk on Bob’s face in his peripheral vision, and a quick wordless exchange between his parents, and has a sudden flash of his dad telling him about how he wooed his mom by speaking to her in French at any given opportunity.

So when Jack responds, a second or two past what’s strictly socially acceptable but not so long it’s awkward, he can only say “Bonjour, Eric,” as he presents his hand, almost sighing when Eric slips his own surprisingly soft hand into Jack’s, shaking it with a firm grip and a smile still on his face. “Vous étiez incroyable.”

He’s vaguely aware that he should be mortified, but Eric’s cheeks turn a delightful pink and it makes something in Jack want to rise to the challenge of keeping the color there.

“Oh my,” Eric laughs, “You can call me Bitty, Jack. Though I must admit my French is terrible, merci beaucoup.” His accent is quite awful, really, but when Jack notices their hands are still together, that they’re just holding hands now, he can only grin wider.

“De rien, Bitty.” Bitty looks down slightly, notices their hands and his eyes widen. He looks up at Jack from under his impressively thick lashes with a look of wonder on his face.

Bitty mutters what sounds like “Oh, lord,” and Jack chuckles under his breath.

Jack couldn’t agree more. So he squeezes Bitty’s hand and says just quietly enough that Bitty has to lean in a little “D’accord.”

so im absolutely obsessed with @skyesentinels ‘s youtube au and i got an IdeaTM (pls read the voltron youtube au frfr it’s s o good)

-For april fools, Keith and Pidge make a new channel for ‘supernatural hunting and alien spotting’
     -The video they post is just them running around Keith’s apartment while lance chases them while wearing a bedsheet
          -there are many gifs of lance tripping and face planting because he can’t see
-they all think it’s just an one time thing they did for a funny april fools thing but no
     -the fans won’t allow it
-the channel somehow gets to 100,000 subscribers, and keith and pidge get sent an actual silver play button from youtube for a channel they made as a joke
      -then they realize that they can’t just let the channel die now
-So they continue making videos
-they start out mostly the same as the first video, just obviously fake ‘paranormal activity’ while someone chases them
     -there are also many gifs of shiro dragging keith away while being the ‘ghost’
     -also many, many audio clips of keith’s high pitched screaming as this is done
-Lance is a fan favorite in these videos because he always ends up screaming and falling into keith’s arms
     -the klance shippers l i v e for this channel
-shiro is the worst to have in these videos unless he’s the ghost
     -shiro: maybe the real ghost was the friends we made along the way
     -keith: sh u t up shiro this is s e r i o u s
     -”yea i’d punch a ghost. I’d fight every single ghost in the astral plane. im not scared”
-there’s a video of keith filming lance in the middle of his morning routine and yelling “look guys! It’s a ghost, and it’s hideous
     -the rest of the video is the camera shaking while keith runs for his life
-there are x-file memes everywhere
     -every single video there are new clips on tumblr with the x-files theme playing
-g h o s t  a d v e n t u r e  m e m e s
     -”My name is Keith Kogane. I’ve never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Pidge Holt and our equipment tech Hunk Garrett. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures.”
     -this leads the fandom to make memes about zak bagans being keith’s boyfriend
     -lance doesn’t realize that it’s all a meme and he’s??? So confused?? Like i thought keith and i bonded???? Who is zak and what does he have that i dont???????
      -”zak bagans is my boyfriend and i would die for him” -keith probably
      -keith does have a lowkey unironic crush on zak bagans and the only one that knows is shiro
-then they start making other videos of them doing things like looking for aliens/bigfoot/mothman ect
     -everyone likes these videos too because keith almost always starts ranting that mothman is r e a l.
     -pidge does the same but with nessie
-this leads to them making videos about conspiracy theories
     -these are basically just 30 minute long unedited videos of them screaming about cryptids
-they also start doing those cursed games like the bath game and midnight game
     -they get the whole gang together to play the midnight game but it’s basically just them sitting in a dark room with candles pretending to feel stuf
     -except lance who claims he’s actually feeling things, but in reality its just keith messing with him
-their videos sometimes end with the police showing up one way or another
      -once they had to pause making a video because keith screamed so loud that his neighbors thought he was dying so now there’s footage of keith awkwardly explaining to a police officer what they were doing
      -the fandom has started making bets to whether or not the police will show up in the next video or not
-theres a compilation of videos from pidge’s snapchat that are just a slow zoom of keith’s face as he does something with the caption ‘caught a cryptid on video!!!!!!!!’
     -keith tried to get her back but he’s much less sneaky about it so most of keith’s video’s usually end with pidge tackling him
-the fans get ‘#cryptidkeith’ treading on twitter and keith wants to die
     -most of it is edits of keith’s face of bigfoot or screenshots of keith in the background of a shot with that red circle and zoom in of him (see: @keithsightings)
     -theres also a lot of keith x mothman
     -keith has never been more impressed and also disgusted by his fandom

so in the past Wonho,when he was in his ulzzang days used to date another ulzzang know as Jung Da Eun (born a female) they were hella cute 

and skip like 10+ years maybe he is now a male (female to male transition, he has testosterone injections) and he’s really good looking as you can see. His ig is (@cvors)

so  this kinda explains why Wonho might have said that he doesn’t care about the gender of the person. its just some tea so take it how u want

but at the end of the day we love them all no matter what.

Edited:  Just some extra info: from what I’ve heard they dated around two times, once was when they were younger and once was after rumors about him being a lesbian started to pop up, due to his tomboy looks which makes sense now because he was a girl then so alot of people say that he went out with her (pretended to) just to help keep the rumors down, how sweet. these were mostly rumors but who knows if he actually liked him back then 

More Than Four

It’s the mornings after Dean gets at least seven hours of sleep that Cas loves the most. It isn’t because he’s better rested, though Cas doesn’t have a complaint about that.

It’s the fact that Dean can allow himself the extra hours, instead of his all too customary four, that makes those mornings special.

Those hours mean that there was no pending doom to keep Dean up. They mean that no nightmares made his sleep spotty, at best. They mean that no imminent danger needs taking care of at an ungodly hour.

Those are the mornings that Dean hums while he butters their toast.

Those mornings, Dean doesn’t get mad that Sam left the blender unwashed in the sink.

Those mornings, Dean’s laugh comes a little easier, it’s a little louder, it’s a little less afraid of being the last of its kind.

And if Dean is more generous with his touch when it comes to Cas, if his kisses last just that much longer, if he tends to suggest they return to bed- no, Cas, I’m not tired still- then yeah, Cas will go ahead and call those mornings his favourites.

Maybe Cas tries harder to orchestrate them, too. Tries to make it so the circumstances are just right. Tries to string two, four, six of those mornings together. It ends up benefiting the world and there’s the whole greater good thing, but to Cas, mostly, there’s Dean.

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Making Up

Here’s a MCxZig fic for Round 4 the #ChoicesCreates Carnival with the prompt the song ‘From You’ by Ryan K.  This occurs after the latest chapter because I couldn’t wait till next week for them to work things out. ;)

Warnings: Spoilers from Chapter 14, Mature themes, language, sexually suggestive, wee bit NSFW near the end (just to be safe)
1400+ Words.

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Until now, Zig hadn’t realized how much he relied on Paige’s coffee habit. Aside from their chilly reunion earlier he hadn’t seen her since the concert and while mad, he mostly missed her. Being around Chris only reminded him of the fight so he’d been avoiding both him and prepping for the initiative. Wallowing in the solitude, he volunteered to take a spilt shift and cover closing.

The bell over the door jingled. Damn. He thought he’d already locked it. “We’re closed.” He froze at the sight of Paige standing angrily by the door. Zig’s heart jumped into his throat. He hadn’t done himself any favours this morning and his most recent text wasn’t one she’d be happy with. “Oh…Hey.”

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Arrow Dodge Challenge

Request: This wasn’t requested.

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

Summary: You’re filming the ‘Arrow Dodge Challenge’ with the whole crew and things don’t go exactly as planned.

Warnings: Very mild injuries and swearing.

Word count: 779

A/N: I’ve been getting major Tyler feels because of @post-stripper-anon (all her writing is wonderful, even though they’re only headcanons, but that somehow makes me like it even more..? It’s mostly Tyler + nsfw, so if you like either I recommend you check her out; 10/10) and I was watching the arrow dodge challenge and after seeing Ethan being shot with the arrows I came up with this and I literally stopped mid-video to write this. Also, I got 2 ideas for this and I kinda want to do both so I split it into 2 endings whoops. So basically while you read this I’ll be writing the other 2 parts and will upload them as soon as I can.

(You can find the two alternate endings at the bottom of the post)

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Arrow Dodge Challenge

“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to the “Arrow Dodge Challenge”. I’m here with Bob, Wade, Ethan,” Mark said, going down the line of people set out in front of him. “ Tyler, and his lovely girlfriend, who you may or may not know from previous videos, Y/N.”

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emperor-princess  asked:

Bc I love everything you write about him, what are some of your personal fav bakugou headcanons?

oh goodness lmao there’s a a lot

  • Bakugou is the Mom Friend (along with Iida)
  • he is very much Aggressively Kind
  • Best Jeanist suggested he couldn’t do something as delicate and difficult as style hair so Bakugou fucking learned just to spite him and now he’s the GODDAMN BEST HAIRSTYLIST SO FUCK YOU BEST JEANIST
  • also may or may not have learned how to do make up too just b/c
  • the other students often ask him to style their hair (tho some of them refuse to let Bakugou’s hands near their heads). he never refuses them
  • Bakugou’s hands were covered in glitter after styling Aoyama’s hair and he vowed to never style his hair again
  • he asks Momo to make hair ties/hair clips for when he’s styling hair and he always gives her really detailed requests, and she enjoys making what he asks b/c it allows her to practice detail. he does this b/c it’s safer than leaving the dorms to buy hair decorations, or ordering online which an enemy could switch with something dangerous
  • Bakugou rescues kittens and refuses to admit it
  • when he grows up his face stays really young looking and babyfaced. this actually makes him more terrifying
  • his sideburns grow out a little when he’s older
  • he keeps his slight height advantage over Izuku when they grow up. i don’t think he becomes super tall tho, maybe around Aizawa’s height or so
  • he ends up with scars on his arms when he’s older b/c enemies think that the easiest way to incapacitate him is to get rid of his arms
  • he’s Ace
  • tbh i kinda waver between Aro Bakugou and Demi-romantic Bakugou but both are good and i love them both
  • he’s a bit touch sensitive. mostly b/c he just… doesn’t really like being touched. i think part of this is his natural standoff-ish personality, but part of it comes from the fact that his entire body was under the control of that sludge villain in the first chapter, and that must’ve felt really, really invasive and violating
  • he’s got literally perfect beautiful white teeth and he’s never had a cavity in his life ever
  • he’s really good at cooking. probably b/c his mom made him help around the house. probably b/c it’s a good skill to have in general
  • tbh i think that he isn’t really that great at drawing lmao. like i don’t think he’s awful at it, but i don’t think he’s amazing, either. i think he’s like… somewhere in the middle
  • he covers his food with spices and hot sauce and red pepper flakes
  • until proven otherwise, i’m convinced that his room is basically a carbon copy of Izuku’s
  • kid refuses to wear socks. like, he doesn’t even wear ankle socks. this is based on the fact that every image i’ve ever seen of him where we see his ankles from under his pants, he’s just… never wearing socks. maybe he has something against socks. idk. he just never wears them
  • i think he just really likes wearing tank tops b/c he’s almost always wearing one. either to bed, or under his school clothes, or when training, or even in his hero outfit. he just really likes to wear tank tops. particularly dark colored ones. he probably owns like at least a dozen tank tops
  • his palms are like SUPER ROUGH and full of callouses b/c the skin on them is thicker thanks to his quirk
  • his hands probably smell weird b/c of the nitroglycerin-like sweat that comes from them
  • his hair is actually super soft
  • never wears hairspray b/c that stuff is flammable and his quirk causes explosions, so
  • if Bakugou were ever to have romantic feelings for someone, he would try to push them away or hide them b/c he’s 100% focused on his hero career, and he doesn’t wanna be distracted by dumb things like romance. (which makes me laugh b/c i had this headcanon for a long while and then it was confirmed with Uraraka in the latest chapters, lmao)
  • Bakugou Really Likes To Sleep. he’s not a night owl or an early bird. he just. really likes to sleep. this is based on how he woke up at noon during the free day after the festival, and how he went to bed early the first day they got to the dorms
  • Bakugou is naturally talented but he studied like hell to earn his amazing grades
  • he’s that guy in highschool who carried around a giant jug of water
  • he’s an angry crier 
  • he doesn’t really mind the nicknames people have for him, like Kacchan or Lil Baku. idk, they just don’t bother him for some reason??
  • he wore an All Might onsie as a toddler
  • figured out that All Might cussed in english at a young age and emulated him by saying as many swear words as he could in japanese
  • he’s Really Good at english b/c he knew All Might liked to speak in english occasionally so he learned a bit of it

this ended up way longer than i expected it to be lmao. anywhere here’s a collecetion of some of my personal fave Bakugou headcanons

does it count as headcanons if some of these are actually kind of canon

anonymous asked:

I think I saw on TV show once that suffocation by oxygen, by putting an airtight oxygen mask over your mouth and eyes strongly, is painless. Was that wrong? This question is for purely authorial purposes.

“Suffocation by oxygen” is a starting point. It doesn’t quite exist.

The air we breathe is about 21% oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, with minimal amounts of Other Crap™. The nitrogen is mostly biologically useless for us; oxygen is what we need to burn sugars and generally do that whole “living” thing. 

When you give someone 100% oxygen, yes, there are down sides – I’ve shied away from it as a treatment modality as much as I can, because over the long term hyperoxia causes free radicals and other degenerative issues with the brain – but it’s certainly not going to suffocate the person. They can breathe just fine with 100% oxygen.

Now, if you put that same oxygen mask over someone’s face and simply keep the oxygen off? I think it’s going to be painful.

For one, they will struggle. For another, as carbon dioxide builds up in their lungs, they’ll experience hypercarbia (too much CO2), which makes them desperate to breathe. Suffocation is still suffocation; they’ll be trying to breathe, moving air, but incapable of getting any actual oxygen in (or CO2 out). The effort will cause panic and fear, and their efforts may well be painful.

Then again, this is very hypothetical on my end, and there’s a possibility I could be wrong, but I can’t see that as being a painless way to die. Mostly I see it as a very panic-inducing and scary way to die.

PS: Do not murder people. It is rude.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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So I've seen some headcanons about Tom having a fear of being alone, maybe a fic where Marco leaves for a few mins and comes back to Tom pretty much having a panic attack? (INSERT FLUFFY SNUGGLING TO CURE THE ANGST AFTERWARDS)

Okay! This was such a sweet request! I had a lot of fun with it! It was really sweet to make! I hope you enjoy!

Marco hummed to himself and walked into the living room, while looking at his phone. Nothing was out of place about this night. It was a regular movie night he spent with Tom. Mostly it ended up with them ignoring the movie totally and kissing until it was over. But this one started off different when Marco saw Tom curled in a ball on the couch and sobbing. “Tom!” Marco gasped and ran over to the demon. “Tommy! What happened!?” Marco cried. Tom lifted his head up, and when he saw Marco he practically tackled him over when jumping into his arms. Tom sobbed harder and Marco hushed him, holding him close.

“Shh, it’s okay Tommy, it’s okay.” Marco hushed. “Tell me what happened.” He urged. Tom blubbered and wiped away his tears, but more kept falling.

“I-I don’t know…” Tom hiccuped. “I knew you were coming back, the logical part of me knew you were coming back.” Tom began sobbing again and Marco held him close. Tom sobbed and clutched Marco’s hoodie, feeling how soft it was and how warm it was. It smelled like him and made Tom feel safe.

“What happened?” Marco asked again. He took off his hoodie and wrapped it around Tom’s shoulders. The demon jumped when he felt this, but relaxed as soon as he realized what it was. He moved closer to Marco and took a shaky breath.

“I-I… didn’t think.” Tom whispered. “I saw you leave and I got that feeling again, where I’m going to be alone… nobody loves me, do they?” Tom asked, more tears were welling up in Tom’s eyes and Marco gasped, hugging him close as Tom sobbed.

“I love you, I love you so much.” Marco promised. Tom clutched onto Marco tighter and continued rambling.

“I-I saw you leave I thought you were never coming back! I knew you were coming back, I knew! But I couldn’t help the feeling and then, I started-started… I can’t help but think!” Tom pounded his head and Marco hushed him again, pulling him back into the hug.

“Shhh, Tommy, you’re rambling.” Marco told him. “It’s all okay, it’s all going to be okay. I love you! I’m right here, I love you so, so much.” Marco promised. “Were you afraid I would leave you?” Marco asked. Tom sniffled and nodded. “Have you been lonely?” he asked another time. Tears flooded Tom’s eyes and he nodded again.

“I feel so stupid.” Tom blubbered. “You weren’t leaving me, I feel so dumb.” He went on and Marco hugged him close.

“No, no, you aren’t stupid. You’ve been having a tough time, it’s okay, we all go through it.” Marco assured. “You’re not stupid.” He continued. Tom nodded and sniffled again wiping away his tears again. Marco grinned at the demon and gave him a kiss on the temple. “Come on, Tommy, give me a smile.” He teased. Tom looked down and Marco giggled, beginning to cover his face and head with feather-like kisses. Finally Tom looked up and giggled, smiling and showing his cute spiked teeth.

“Okay, okay, cut it out.” Tom teased back, not actually wanting it to stop. Marco smiled big and gave Tom another kiss.

“There you are.” Marco beamed. Tom smiled and Marco pulled his hoodie tighter around Tom’s shoulders. Marco reached over and took a piece of popcorn from the bowl and bopped Tom’s nose. “Eat.” Marco commanded. Tom rolled his eyes and Marco fed him the piece of popcorn. The demon giggled and then fed Marco one.

“Thanks for helping me Mar-Mar.” Tom whispered to him. Marco pulled him down into a another kiss and fed him a second piece of popcorn.

“It’s okay to feel like this sometimes.” He assured, squeezing Tom’s hand. “But I’m not going anywhere.”

✧ Caboose straight up asking you if you like him. He doesn’t dance around the subject of asking you out on a date, either.
✦ Lots of sugary treats, mostly cookies. You usually end up being the one to make them, but Caboose is more than willing to help (and make a mess).
✧ Caboose telling you about all of these places he wants to take you on a date, like the zoo, especially the zoo, and you promise to go to all of those places with him.
✦ Caboose sleeping in the same bed as you and hugging you like a teddy bear.
✧ Getting hugged from behind by Caboose all the time in the middle of battles and conversations.
✦ Caboose picking you up and carrying you around when you’re half asleep in the morning.
✧ Having Freckles as a pet.
✦ Eventually getting a real puppy for Caboose and Freckles initially being really jealous, but warming up to it.
✧ More hugs and holding hands than kisses.
✦ When Caboose does kiss you, it’s rarely on the lips. Usually he kisses you on the cheek. He also usually forgets and tries to kiss you when either you or he has a helmet on.
✧ Forever being doomed to hear ‘Bow chicka bow wow’ if you are remotely close to Tucker.
✦ Caboose getting ‘angry’ if you even so much as get a scratch in a fight and God help whoever did it because he is a lot stronger than he looks.
✧ Never being unhappy for more than five seconds if Caboose is around.
✦ Lt. Smith now has your back forever, so don’t worry about Palomo staring at your butt.
✧ You defending Caboose a lot when he gets told to shut up and gets called stupid.
✦ Absolutely no scary movies, because Caboose will not sleep for the next week. You two mostly watch animated kids movies, which is fine with you.
✧ Tickle fights.

Dating Kurt Wagner.....

Originally posted by leftarmbucky

-the first time that Kurt asked you out he stood in front of you opening and closing his mouth for a good 2 minutes before actually stuttering out the actual question

-being dragged into whatever part of American culture he’s fascinated with; like if he starts getting into buffets guess where he’s taking you for that date? A buffet. 

-tracing his scars with your fingers and kissing them; always making sure he knows that you love him scars and all. Which he is always surprised by

-the boy is literally blue with a tail, he’s very insecure about himself and you constantly are telling him how handsome he is. 

-he loves to compliment you in German

- but there will be times where Scott or Peter will tell Kurt to say something to you, it being completely dirty, and when Kurt repeats them you get really red in the face and explain what he just said; “OH MEIN GOTT I AM SORRY LIEBE I DID NOT MEAN THAT!” “Kurt, it’s okay, calm down!” “I THOUGHT YOU HAD GOTTEN A CAT!” “KURT PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!”

-Kurt always surprising you with little gifts, like flowers or a interesting rock you found on a walk together, because he always wants you to remember the times when you were with him

-cuddling EVERYWHERE! On the couch, the bed, anywhere. He just likes to be physically close to you; mostly because he thinks that maybe if he lets you go you’ll realize how strange he is

-one time in a really passionate make out session he bite down on your lip and caused it to bleed really badly, you ended up having to go and get a couple stitches; he apologized so many times that you lost count

-Kurt always being so excited about everything, making you equally excited

-every since that time in the mall Kurt has avoided slushies so you always make a point to drink them in front of him, while he watches with an extremely concerned look on his face, and whenever you wince he’ll jump over to hold you super close. “DO NOT WORRY YOUR BRAIN IS NOT REALLY FROZEN IT WILL GO AWAY” “Kurt I know, you can let go.” “I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THE BRAIN FREEZE!”

-movie marathons with you both wrapped up in a blanket, and his tail curled around your waist

The Best Gift 1/2

((Art is, as always, by the fabulous @fontsandsins. Seriously, go poke Fonty for commissions if you want art done- He’s an amazing artist. ANYWAYS. This is a two-parter, folks. 8) Got the first part for you now~ Second part will come shortly, once ya’ll have had time to properly digest this bit. 83 Anyways, there are lots of other characters that aren’t mentioned that would be here too- but I didn’t want to assume anything. If your character regularly associates with Skylar or any of the boys, your character probably got an invitation, so it’s safe to assume they were there in the guest list. Most of this was done on mobile, back when i had my old phone, though, so i was limited on what i could add XD

ANYWAYS. Enough of my blathering. ENJOY!))

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Annael’s irritation had been on high since the day of the incident. She’d been staying at her parents’ house, despite still feeling betrayed by her mother. Maira Hudson had put a spell around her and her twin’s place, keeping her from being able to leave, and giving her twin and Ella the opportune moment to attack the Black Circle Council. She’d felt like she’d gone crazy that day, banging on her own front door, screaming, sending magic, signal flares to Ella and Gabriel. Begging for help. She’d ended up passing out, the pain and panic sending her to a place in her mind she couldn’t control. Thankfully, the spell also kept anyone from entering.

To keep herself distracted, she’d started helping her mom out with whatever basic tinctures and salves she could make, mostly just the grinding and collecting of them. Her mother’s clients had come, asking for help, and sitting down at the kitchen table for Maira to heal or treat with whatever natural element she had. 

“Annael, I really need that root paste,” Annie nodded, wiping sweat from her brow as she grabbed the mortar and pestle she’d ground it up in and shoving it out to her mom, “Here, here.” she breathed, exhausted. “Why don’t you go take a minute?” it was a a question, but Annie knew it was really just an order. Without much hesitation, she gratefully took the break and went out on her front porch to smoke.

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Hey can you do a Dating Joker includes?

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• Being as insane as him

• Gotham fearing you two more than anything else

• Getting your own super villain name

• Absolutely loving his scars

• “ They make you even scarier and I love that. ”

• Him always touching you

• Lot of make out session

• Big fights 

• Like screaming until your lungs hurt and throwing things

• But it’s only making your relationship stronger 

• Him breaking you out of Arkham 

• “ Hello, pumpkin, missed me?

• Having nothing against torture and murder

• Sitting on his lap when he’s in a reunion

• His men knowing not to make a move on you

• One of them trying anyway and you end up killing him yourself 

• J always giving you a new knife for your birthday

• You two being commit to each other for good or worst

• Mostly for worst

Alec Lightwood | Imagine

Content: Alec helps reader when being hurt.

Warnings: Injuries duh

You always wished for other people joining you in a mission. But instead, you got a few newbies to be at your side. 

This order wasn’t too difficult to take care of so you’d hoped they could at least manage that. But of course, your faith ended with you being injured on the ground. 

A pack of wolves attacked out of nowhere, hinting they were protecting something forbidden. As a shadowhunter, you had to make sure their actions wouldn’t affect anyone of the human world who were mostly clueless.

As clueless as the idiots who accompanied you. 

When being attacked, they were so nervous that they forgot everything they learned in the self defense lessons. You actually could have handled it, but one of them forgot to have your back. So you were an easy target.

You’d love to get up and go back to the institute to kick their asses for being such idiots, but you assumed your leg was broken telling by the agony that shot through your leg by just moving it slightly. 

They disappeared when you and your team retreated and once again they forgot the rules: No one should be left behind.

You tried to move forward by basically crawling without straining your leg but it was easier said than done.

In the woods, all alone without any expectations of help. 

You thought your karma was treating you back for whatever the hell you did when you heard foot steps approach.

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1p nordics yandere head cannons thx ^~^

1p Denmark/ Matthias Køhler:

  • -He plays up his humor and adorkable-ness to try to get your attention and your affection, he knows he’s cute and isn’t afraid to use that to his advantage
  • -He doesn’t have any need to stalk, he will incorporate himself into the yes of your plans, he is always there
  • -He won’t take you, it doesn’t matter who it is, he has a certain charm that can make almost anyone attracted to him, chances are he won’t have any trouble getting to you
  • -He, like 2p America, has absolutely no sense of personal space and will touch you anytime he sees you, which we have discovered is quite a lot, for as long as he can
  • -He isn’t too possessive, so jealousy isn’t a problem, but don’t be caught cheating, don’t even give him a reason to suspect you’re cheating. Just don’t
  • -Once he has you, you will never be without him, he will use his, “innocence” to make sure he is always by your side. Such as acting like he isn’t taking the hints, or getting sad when you leave him. Little do you know he’s been playing you since the beginning 
  • -His weapon of choice is an ax

1p Sweden/ Berwald Oxenstierna:

  • -He gets even more intimidating, as he becomes nervous around crush and has a hard time saying and doing things. Finland will most likely get asked  to help him get closer to you
  • -He stalks quite a bit, not because he’s trying to be creepy, because he just finds you so endearing that he wants to spend more time with you, but he knows he can’t really do that by inviting you over or something because he is aware he is intimidating and probably kind of creepy to you
  • -If he tries to take you it will most likely be on impulse, one day he decides he’s had enough and kidnaps you and takes you to his room, he will probably wear out of it and return you, that is if you have not woken up, then he will try to explain and see if there is mutual understanding. By the time he makes a decent relationship with you it is a possibility you could have been kidnapped and returned several times.
  • -He is way too awkward to touch you besides the occasional shoulder pat
  • -He gets jealous a quickly, but won’t say anything out of courtesy, he’ll just act very clingy to show that you are in fact his.
  • -
  • -He wields a massive sword

1p Norway/ Lukas Bondevik:

  • -He tries to be more expressive, because he is aware that his usual perfectly level emotions can be bothersome
  • -He has moods when he will follow you around, but for the most part he only cares about your very personal life if it either makes you very happy or sad/hurt
  • -If he feels things are slipping between the two of you, or if you go into a relationship, or if he suddenly decides he wants to. Then he will kidnap you. Hard to tell
  • -He mostly keeps at a close, but not quite touching distance, unless for a greeting or goodbye, he probably won’t touch you very much until you are with him
  • -It depends on your past relationship with the person. If you dated he will get extremely jealous and aggressive. If it’s one of his, “family” he could care less
  • -He will only resort to violence if he has to
  • -Screw weapons, he has magic

1p Finland/ Tino  Väinämöinen:

  • -He is actually a bit creepy-ish, not like overly, but enough to notice that you’re treated differently than others. So not like sniffing your hair in your sleep
  • -Okay I lied, he totally will because he does watch you. He justifies it to himself by saying it’s for Christmas research because he’s santa
  • - If he takes you it will be you being stuffed in a sack on Christmas because he deemed you, on the “naughty list” which you can do by doing something that, if in a relationship (which you are according to him) could be seen as unfaithful
  • -He is very huggy, and will squeeze the crap out of you whenever you are in his line of sight, still latching even when y’all just talking to some friends
  • -He will get jealous and in a slightly murderous mood if you touch anyone else, save for family, because he believes in great family values
  • -Because he believes in those values, He won’t ever hold any member of your family against you for any reason
  • -He uses his sniper rifle

1p Iceland/ Emil Steilsson:

-He will only do public interactions with you with his friends present because he thinks it makes him less awkward, and only slightly, it does. He’d hate to weird you out by being awkward or creepy

-He won’t stalk you, but would try to get one of his female friends to be his inside spy, he’ll get her to find out things like crushes, relationship status, any troubles you may be having, he wouldn’t send a guy because he’s a guy, so what if you end up liking them instead of him?

-He wouldn’t have the nerve to do kidnapping of any kind

-Out of fear of being awkward or making it awkward, he’d mostly keep his distance, but things will slowly change, whether or not you’re dating

-He may get jealous if you become very touchy with any other male (or female/ nb depending on your sexuality, but if you don’t like males you wouldn’t like him anyway)

-He can’t do yandere very well, really

-He would poison people

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I have to say, as fun as some of the headcanons and such are, I'm really glad you have a happy ending for Yulian, with him growing up and finding himself instead of always trying to imitate Yuuri, and finding friendship and love while still being able to feel close with his family... that whole family has been through so much, and it makes me glad to think that it turns out mostly alright for most of them <3

Everyone pretty much gets a happy ending, or as happy as they can get given their circumstances. Vitaly gets to stay with Yuuri the remainder of their lives, Yuuri finds real live in Phichit, Yulian becomes a prima and marries, Alyona becomes a successful skater and marries, and Aiko becomes a huge advocates for rape victim and has a huge adoptive family.

Not too shabby overall.

Haikyuu!! First Fight Gifs/Headcanons

Angsty gifs and headcanons about some of the Haikyuu!! pairings first fights. If a pairing you wanted to see isn’t here, request it. If you have a request for anything else, go ahead and ask! 

I hope this is okay and sorry if it’s a bit long. I hope you enjoy!

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Adventure (“Is that my shirt?”, Sam x Reader, fluff)

Idk how this got where it went but I was listening to my fluff playlist and this happened haha enjoy!! also this is mostly an apology for the copious amounts of angst I have lined up xx

Word Count: 2,247

Warnings: Lil bit NSFW


Life with Sam was a constant adventure. That was something you’d learned early on in the relationship with the surprise puppy he’d gotten the two of you, spontaneous weekend road trips and the fact that you now were the proud owner of over four thousand frequent flyer points. In hindsight, you thought the fact that his occupation title was “treasure hunter” should have been enough of an indicator that this would be the case.

This weekend? Roadtrip to Valencia from your hotel in Barcelona. You were on a job, but considering it was the simplest break-and-enter the two of you had ever been given, you and Sam had decided to make it bit of a vacation.

It ended up being a four-hour drive with traffic, but the two of you had brought plenty of snacks and Sam had downloaded a surprise playlist that mostly consisted of pirate shanties he’d made sure to memorise all the lyrics of. After the second hour, the two of you were belting them from the tops of your lungs with windows rolled down on the highway, the reflection of the dog with his head sticking out the window in your rear view mirror.

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