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Colleen Wing doesn't deserve any of this

I was trying to dissect Iron Fist episode by episode, but it is too painful. Here be spoilers:

Jessica Henwick is visibly struggling in some scenes where her character should punch DR in the throat for crossing her boundaries. Because it’s not in character for her to let him get away with stuff like this.

First meeting: Mangles Mandarin and polices her identity. He’s actually THAT GUY in that scene.

Second meeting: tries to get a job with her again even though she said no the first time and her dojo specialises in Japanese martial arts. Hey, she’s too poor to give him a job but she was nice enough to give him shoes.

Which is not an invitation for him to hide out at her place again when people are after him. 

Or mansplain martial arts to her in her dojo. They practice two different schools of martial arts

And it’s not an invitation for him to step into her class, interrupt the student leading the class and then hitting a teenager (from an abusive background) with a wooden practice sword for laughing at him. (This is already a major red flag.)

That’s at least two throat punches. But oddly enough, Colleen Wing, who does not take shit from other people in the show, does not punch him in the throat.

She also does not tell him off strongly for:

- Interrupting her training session with Claire Temple–that’s really unforgivable in general–interrupting a scene of Claire Temple being trained by Colleen Wing? Seriously? There goes any chance of passing the Mako Mori Test. (It looked like the actress was rather relieved when the script had Claire Temple stay for lunch so that she would not be alone with him.)

- Persuading her to back him up in a dangerous mission after Claire left by buying her building and becoming her landlord–that’s beyond overbearing, that’s some 50 Shades levels of controlling and rich man’s privilege. (She does not punch him for this–she just says “fix my sink”.)

- Rummaging through her stuff and taking her sword. He just forced her to go along with him to spy on dangerous people and he’s looking through her stuff? (She just says “you’re disrespecting my sword with your wuxia bs” and then they flirt awkwardly over swordplay. Ew.)

The writers try to hide how shitty all this was by having DR be Colleen’s enabler–because she actually wants to do dangerous stuff and he saw that in her. They are both secretly adrenaline junkies that like beating people up or something??? That’s some ridiculously far-fetched characterisation there just to give them some common ground (they don’t really have any common ground–the writers are forcing it beyond the bounds of belief).

All this bad writing in aid of trying to hook her up with DR. If anyone tried that first line with a biracial woman, it’s an instant bad first impression even if the guy was Asian. Everything else after that is worth of a restraining order–even if the guy was Asian (and should know better).

The worst part is, DR treats his other favourite-woman-to-stalk Joy better than Colleen, the one he’s allegedly attracted to. Because white women are fragile and much be protected–another trope that needs to die. Even though Joy is not very nice to him and will very likely turn on him in future.  This sort of thing would be less obvious if there were more women in this show or this entire series with lines–but it’s sort of glaring when Claire Temple was beaten up in Daredevil Season 1, Elektra was killed in Daredevil Season 2 and Colleen Wing gets her face smashed in and her fingers dislocated in cage fights with men twice her size (twice so far from episodes 1 to 5). 

That’s only episodes 1 to 5. I cannot stomach any more bad writing in the name of hooking DR up with Colleen Wing.

In summary: Even if they had cast a Chinese actor as DR, I would still root for Colleen Wing to punch him in the throat because the writing is that bad.

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thanks for this! the only thing I’d like to add is they also treat Karen the white woman better in Daredevil seasons 1 and 2. So while the Netflix defenders shows do have WoC they make sure to treat the WoC worse than the white women.  The only exception is Luke Cage where the WoC were respected and valued.

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Cute imagine, where Katsuki overhears his fem!s/o talk to the female Class 1-A students about him and they ask her if Katsuki is a good boyfriend (buying flowers, chocolate and everything) and she tells them he doesn't. Her friends are not surprised, but disapproving of his unromantic ways and he feels bad and goes to buy her flowers(Class at mall) But he just missed his girlfriend saying that she likes him the way he is and there's no need, then Katsuki comes in with a huge bouquet of roses! :3

This is too cute and tooth rotting sweetness!

All of the girls in 1-A had become interested in your relationship with Bakugou, asking all sorts of questions during one of the class breaks. Bakugou was right outside of the class, only partially listening to what you were all talking about, not really caring what the girls thought. Ochako was the one who brought up the the question that brought his full attention, “So is he a good boyfriend? Does he get you flowers and chocolates and gifts and stuff?”

You tilted your head, looking over them, “No, he doesn’t do that b-”


“You’re lying!”

“That’s horrible!”

“He really should.” 

“Honestly, what did we expect?”

“You deserve better.”

Not wanting to hear the girls bashing on him and feeling embarrassed about not doing those things for you he left before he could be spotted outside the class. You spoke up to your dismayed friends, “I don’t really mind, honest. That isn’t his thing and he shows he cares in other ways.” You shrugged, a loving smile on your lips, “I love him the way he is.” 

Some of your friends shook their heads, others just smiled at you, “Well, as long as you’re happy.”

“Bakugou is really lucky to have you.”

Later that day on your way home, Bakugou was quieter than usual. He was thinking over what to do to make it all up to you for not being a very romantic boyfriend. Thinking it over was making him anxious because he didn’t know what to do for you since you were so perfect and deserved the best of the best. You looked over to him, worried, “Katsuki, are you all right?”

He looked over to you, a little surprised, as if he had zoned out for a second, “Huh…? Of course I’m fine, just thinking about the field trip tomorrow.” 

You brightened up at the mention of the field trip, “I’m so excited to go to the mall! I was so surprised to hear the teachers mention we needed at least a small break after everything that happened this school year.”

Your joy was infectious and Bakugou could feel himself calm down. He always admired how easily you could calm his nerves and of those around you. “It’s the least they can fucking do,” he grumbled.

“Oh shush, they’ve tried their best. It’s not their fault the villains decided to start attacking Yuuei, specifically our class.” 

He just huffed at your response. You two walked the rest of the way home in peaceful silence. When you two got to your house Bakugou made an excuse saying that he could not stay over as he usually did. He pressed a quick kiss to your forehead before saying goodbye. 

The next day at the mall you spent most of your time with the girls, as Bakugou had said he had things he needed to do and he’d see you later. He had left with Kirishima and you hadn’t seen either for some hours. It upset you a little that he had spent half his day without you but you assumed he was doing something important, you trusted in him after all. You hung out with the rest of the girls in 1-A, talking about all sorts of different things. 

Finally, Bakugou and Kirishima returned, with some things in hand. Bakugou came over to you with quite a few gifts, surprising you and all the other girls.He had brought you a large bouquet of flowers, lots chocolates, and cute, small trinkets. He gave the girls a look implying that he wanted them gone, they didn’t object as it looked like something for just the two of you. You looked over to him, both surprised and confused, “Katsuki, why did you do all this?”

Bakugou became flustered and looked visibly uncomfortable, “What? I can’t do something nice for my girlfriend?”

“That’s not it, you’ve just never done this before. Its surprising.”

“Tch then I’ll just take it back if you don’t fucking want it.”

You smiled at him, a giggle escaping your lips, “No, no, I love it. Its just all so sudden, I want to know why.”

He looked away from you, crossing his arms, “You deserve it, that’s why!”

When he said that you remembered what everyone had told you the day before, that you deserved better. You looked at him, a teasing smile on your face, “Did you overhear what the girls said yesterday?”

Bakugou looked at you with a scowl on his face, “Why the fuck would I care what they think?!”

You tugged him over to you, wrapping your arms around his neck, “You know you didn’t have to do this, right? If you had payed attention you would have heard me.”

Bakugou looked down at you before relenting and wrapping his arms around your waist, “What did you say?”

“That I love you the way you are and know you have different ways of showing you care.” 

He was smirking now, despite the blush growing on his face, “Well of course you do! I was just trying something new.”

You shook your head before pressing a kiss to his lips, “Whatever you say, Kacchan~”

The Snape Dialogues: Our New Celebrity
  • Time: Harry's first year, after that first Potions class before dinner
  • Place: Gryffindor common room
  • Students: Harry, Ron and Hermione sit around a square, low table where they are doing their homework - Hermione is studious but Harry is brooding, and Ron is doodling
  • Hermione: You've been studying the flames in the fire forever, Harry. What are you thinking of?
  • Harry: Potions.
  • Ron: *looks up* Snape hates you mate.
  • Hermione: *indignant* He does not, Ron!
  • Ron: Yes he does, Hermione. He was picking on Harry all through class and if looks could... *Harry is standing, stares a bit more in decision* Harry?
  • Harry: I have to go talk to Professor Snape. I'll meet you later at dinner. *before Ron can stop him or Hermione can protest he has gone through the portrait door, and vanished*
  • Place: Down in the dungeons, Professor Snape's Office.
  • Snape: *glances up from his paperwork as there is a knock on his door* Come. *as the door opens he is surprised to see that annoying first year Gryffindor that has plagued his thoughts since the boy's impending arrival* Potter...
  • Harry: I'm sorry to bother you, Professor Snape, but I think we need to talk.
  • Snape: *points to one of two ladder-back wooden chairs in front of his desk - Harry sits then squirms to find a comfortable place* Stop fidgeting, Potter. That chair offers no comfort to my visitors. Now, why have you interrupted me?
  • Harry: *hesitates as he clasps his fingers tautly in his lap* I'm not a bad student, Professor Snape. *the older wizard does not answer other than a raised eyebrow which tells Harry his teacher does not believe him* I know I couldn't answer anything in class but... *lifts his book bag to his lap and starts rummaging around in it then takes out his Potions notebook - he pushes it across the desk* First page, Sir. It's new.... uhm... please look?
  • Snape: *picks up the notebook and flips the cover to reveal the first page - Harry has written upon it with somewhat blotchy letters but a steady hand* That is my speech word for word. Did someone write this down for you, Potter?
  • Harry: *sighs and shakes his head* No, Sir, that's my writing. Your speech was brilliant and I wanted to remember it.
  • Snape: Indeed. *closes the notebook and puts it down upon the surface of his desk* Then perhaps you will enlighten me as to why you had not read the first chapter of today's lesson.
  • Harry: *hesitates and shifts even though nothing can make him feel comfortable - the Potions Master simply waits - finally he speaks in a soft voice* My... wouldn't... read...
  • Snape: *scowls* Potter, speak up or I will send you away for wasting my time.
  • Harry: *nods nervously, then blurts* My Uncle wouldn't let me read any of my textbooks. He locked them in the basement after I came home from Diagon Alley.
  • Snape: That sounds a bit extreme. Were you being punished for some infraction, Potter.
  • Harry: *knows that his teacher is thinking the worst of him* Always, Professor Snape. My relatives don't like me and they like magic even less. Headmaster Dumbledore sent my aunt and uncle a note with my letter telling them I had to go but they still tried to stop that from happening.
  • Snape: *leans forward and puts his elbows upon the surface of his desk - he is intrigued, now* Tell me, Mr. Potter, of the day Hagrid was sent to fetch you to take you to Diagon Alley.
  • Harry: *shifts again, coughs once nervously, and is surprised to find a glass of water hovering in front of him - he takes it and drinks* Thank you, Sir. *a wave of his teacher's hand and the water is Vanished* Well, when the first letter for me showed up by owl my Uncle burned it. It just kind of exploded at that point. By the end of the day there were lots of owls outside the house and letters were exploding through the windows and down the chimney. My uncle grabbed me and my cousin and we got in the car where Uncle Vernon drove us all the way to the ocean and rented us a tiny cabin practically out in the ocean. Aunt Petunia was sure no one would find us and my cousin and I were sent to bed. *he drew in a deep breath and then related how he woke at midnight to celebrate his birthday and then Hagrid arrived, yelled at his aunt and uncle, gave Dudley a pigtail, and took him away to London* Diagon Alley was just brilliant, Sir! *he smiles*
  • Snape: For any first year, be they Muggle-born or wizard-born it is a truly magical sight, Mr. Potter. Now, relate to me what happened when you returned home.
  • Harry: *sighs knowing he would have to reveal things he didn't even want to think about* Uncle Vernon locked me in my cupboard and locked my new trunk and all of my stuff in the basement. Hedwig, my owl, got away and I think she flew to Hogwarts. So, you see I would have read all of my textbooks just like Hermione did but... I couldn't.
  • Snape: You had a few hours before classes began today, Mr. Potter. Why did you not read anything in that time?
  • Harry: *fidgeting once more* I don't want to get my new friend in trouble.
  • Snape: *sits back and unclasps his hands* Then, there is no more to say, Potter...
  • Harry: *grimaces* Fine! All right... I was going to read some of my textbooks and Hermione even suggested I could read with her but Ron took my books and hid them and told me we didn't have to do anything until we got homework. Please don't punish Ron, Sir, he'll stop being my friend.
  • Snape: *peers at the boy* And, that is important to you, is it not? Having your friends. *Harry nods miserably - sure that Ron will never be friends with him again* Technically, your friend is correct in that you really need not do anything before the formal start of term. *leans slightly forward* However, we teachers suggest that you prepare for classes before term starts which is one of the reasons we send your letters a month in advance of the term's start. *Harry is about to interrupt but his teacher holds up his hand* Yes, Mr. Potter, I do understand that your guardians were averse to you even having your Hogwarts things near. And, I should like to understand more about this 'cupboard' of yours.
  • Harry: *looks down at clasped hands* Uhm... you heard me say that out loud, huh?
  • Snape: *smirks* My hearing is quite good, Mr. Potter. The 'cupboard' issue aside for now, allow me to ask you this... if you liked my speech before class, what did you hope Potions would be like before you attended.
  • Harry: *brightens* Well, that's real magic, isn't it? Hermione told me that Potions isn't just stirring a bunch of ingredients together. It's using your own magic to make the potion what it is. I told her it was like the Chemistry I saw on television. It's science. It's discovering how to make neat things to help others. *deflates visibly* It... uhm... sorta doesn't seem that way now.
  • Snape: *rises from his desk* Follow me, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *obediently and curiously follows his teacher through an inner door to the Potions classroom - the Potions Master indicates to the Boy-Who-Lived to sit at his work table while he Summons a book from his desk* This is Daimon Grayling's Book of Potions. It contains recipes for a variety of potions I use beyond the textbooks in all of my classes. I should like you to turn to page 94, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *takes the book, notes that it is stained and well-worn, and then he turns to the requested page* Hush-A-Bye Elixir. It sounds pretty. What does it do?
  • Snape: It was created by a young Hogwarts student for her NEWTs in 1977 and it is intended to be a gentle sleep aid for colicky babies. I would like for you to brew it, perfectly, without my input. All the ingredients are in the cabinet and the recipe details precisely what you need to do as you are brewing. I have lesson plans to go over so I will be at my desk. Only call upon me if you are in serious need of help. Begin, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *watches as the professor leaves his side so he reads the recipe, picks up the book, and gathers the ingredients he will need - soon he is brewing*
  • Time: An Hour later
  • Harry: *a smile fills his face as his potion fades from a muddy blue to a soft - pillowy - blue*
  • Snape: Very good, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *his head jerks up - he was not expecting his teacher behind him* I did it, Professor Snape.
  • Snape: *actually smiles - sort of* Indeed, Mr. Potter. You did acceptably well.
  • Harry: *beams and looks at his potion* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... Professor? I know I've never heard of her but who was it that created this potion?
  • Snape: *sighs wistfully* A very talented potions student, Mr. Potter. Her name was Lily Evans. *Harry's jaw drops, and his teacher stretches out a finger to tap the boy's mouth closed* Your mother, Mr. Potter. *he hands the happily shocked student a note and Harry takes it slowly* You have missed dinner. This gives you permission to receive your meal in your common room. Clean up and then you are dismissed, Mr. Potter. *returns to his desk*
  • Harry: *quickly cleans his work table and then bottles the potion then takes it to his teacher* Can anyone use this potion, Professor Snape?
  • Snape: *takes the large bottle* I will put the Hush-A-Bye into single dose ampoules which I will send to Slug & Jiggers in your name. That should provide you with a tidy allowance for whatever you wish to use the gold for.
  • Harry: *beyond over-joyed* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... yeah... really... thank you! *turns and trots to the door of the classroom but then he stops, turns, and turns a serious expression upon his face* You aren't going to change towards me in class and stuff, aren't you, Professor?
  • Snape: *shakes his head slowly* I cannot change, Mr. Potter. However, you are invited to bring questions and concerns to me before dinner. Use a Disillusionment Charm, though, and no one shall ever know.
  • Harry: *nods - and then leaves*
  • Snape: *studies the potion then looks towards the closed door* I will know about your 'cupboard' next time, Mr. Potter.

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Can you do Hanzo with an s/o who doesn't show off her legs because they're not clear or smooth like she has spots and stuff on them and it makes her insecure? This is v personal to me so thank you if you do☺️

No problem! I hope this works for you

Whoops of joy could be heard as the bus neared the destination. All of the over watch members were getting excited, and currently you were talking to Angela about how great it would be to put your feet in the water.

Oh yes, it had taken much convincing but finally Soldier had agreed to a much needed day at the beach. So Reinhardt had rented a bus and now you were all nearing a secluded beach where it would okay to swim. Everyone was geared up in bathing suits and shorts and towels, ready for some fun in the sun.

All except you, of course. A few people had asked why you were wearing sweat pants to the beach, even though you were wearing just a bikini top and sunhat otherwise. You just claimed you didn’t feel up to swimming but maybe you’d dip your feet in later. You would just go lay on a towel under an umbrella and stay there for the day.

In honesty, you wanted to shed those sweat pants and dive head first into the water. Except the problem was…you were quite shy. Although you’d shaved your legs, they weren’t as pretty to look at as Angela or Satya’s. Yours were a tad rough, the skin a bit bumpy instead of smooth, and you had a small mole on your thigh.

To you, your legs looked ridiculous. There was no way you’d let everyone else see.

Your boyfriend Hanzo Shimada was watching you closely, you noticed from the corner of your eye. To your delight, Hanzo had begrudgingly stripped down to a pair of swim shorts. It showed off his chiseled chest and arms, and the you swore you could hear chirping from his tattoo. The dragons must have been excited too.

But you didn’t know why he was staring at you, and it started to make you feel a bit self conscious.

When the bus stopped, everyone rushed off carrying their stuff. Instead of setting up, the majority dropped anything they had carried in a general area of the beach and then ran for the water.

Smiling slightly, you watched them go as you walked through the sand. Putting down your stuff, you put up a large umbrella and then set out a blanket for you and hanzo for later.

“Y/n,” you heard behind you, and you turned to see your boyfriend watching you with narrowed eyes.

“Hi Hanzo,” you said, skipping over and kissing his chin. You hoped he’d stop looking at you like that…

Frowning, Hanzo brushed a hand down your arm. “Why don’t you take off the sweat pants and go join everyone? You look quite warm,” Hanzo says quietly, wondering if you are feeling ill.

Cheeks flushing slightly, you shook your head and turned back toward the blanket, going and laying on it. “That’s okay,” you forced yourself to say cheerily. “I don’t really feel like swimming. But thanks.”

Hoping it would be the end of the topic, you blushed even more when you felt the blanket shift and after a moment Hanzo was laying on his side facing you, resting on his elbow. That look hadn’t left his face as he studied you.

“Is this about your legs?” Hanzo asked finally.

With a slight gasp, you glared but looked away. “There’s nothing wrong with my legs,” you said, not wanting him to know that that was the reason you weren’t going swimming.

“You are certainly right, y/n. I think your legs are perfectly fine,” Hanzo said, brushing a hand down to your outer thigh. Heat flared through you but you batted his hand away. After a moment, he sighed.

“There is no point hiding it from me, beloved. You are an open book to me. I think your legs are lovely,” Hanzo said honestly.

Scowling, you turned away. “You’ve never seen my legs!” you muttered.

Hanzo raises an eyebrow and presses to your back, making you squeak when his lips press softly to your ear. “I saw your legs this morning when you left the bathroom door open. I did not see anything wrong with them,” Hanzo said, and you gasped when his hand slid in your pants.

His hand slid down over your thigh and then further, caressing your leg and knee. Swallowing back the tears, you grabbed his wrist and closed your eyes tightly. “Hanzo..my legs are ugly and wrong. Please, i just…i can’t show them,” you whispered.

It broke his heart to hear you say such a thing. Sitting up, Hanzo easily placed you in his lap and instead began to rock you gently.

“Your wrong,” Hanzo grumbled. “There is nothing wrong with your legs, that i promise you. You legs feel perfectly fine to me. And they looked pretty cute when i was watching.”

Opening your eyes, you stared up at him. Hanzo wasn’t the type to joke or lie and he wouldn’t ever try to hurt you by saving your feelings. So although you didn’t believe it, you didn’t feel as bad as you did this morning when you were shaving and praying for a miracle.

“You…you really think they aren’t bad?” you said in a tiny voice.

Hanzo nodded and pressed a kiss to your nose. “I really do. And i know that you don’t wish for the others to see them but…if we went for a walk down the beach, just the two of us, would you take the pants off and go swimming with me?” Hanzo asked gently, pushing the hair from your face.

After a moment, you hesitantly nodded and glanced at the others. All of them were having fun in the water, and honestly you wanted to join…and you thought that maybe, just maybe, it might not be so bad to bare you legs for hanzo.

Packing up your stuff, Hanzo twined his hand with yours and the two of you began down the beach after you very self consciously removed your pants and tucked them in your bag.

“I must say, you doing look rather hot in that bathing suit,” Hanzo said as the two of you walked, glancing at you slyly.

With a blush, you just kind of smacked his chest, earning a grunt. The two of you had a sweet day at the beach, spending time mostly with each other and that’s how you began to grow comfortable with your legs, at least around the person who mattered most.

#143 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “Going to the beach with Van and going in the arcades and eating ice cream and taking loads of pictures and flUFF” and “a fic about how van would celebrate your birthday?? i feel like he’d go all out and be the romantic bastard he is”

Note: And as promised, Van watching you do regular makeup. I told you it would happen! Also, I have done a carnival date before - click here. Therefore, this one deviates from the prompt just a little.

Nothing good could come of Van McCann keeping secrets. Firstly, he was horrible at it. Secondly, what could he possibly have to hide? You watched in suspicion as he held phone conversations behind closed doors and hesitated before answering questions about your birthday. Obviously then, he was up to something. If you had asked him outright, he would have shifted from foot to foot, unable to stand still. He’d not make eye contact, grin away, and shrug before changing the subject. Instead of that, you let him have his secret and hoped that if it did have something to do with your birthday, that it would be lowkey.

It was two weeks before your birthday when he started to ask you what you wanted to do. “Nothing,” you replied, like you always did. He threw his head back dramatically.

“Babe! We ain’t doing nothing for your birthday. Birthdays are special. Not everyone gets to be born, you know?”

“What? That doesn't… It’s my birthday, Van. If I don’t want to have a party then we’re not having a party,”

“Didn’t say we had to have a party. Can I just take you somewhere? Just us?”

“Do you swear to fucking God it will just be us?” you asked, warning him with a look on your face that meant business. He smirked and nodded.

“Cross my fuckin’ heart, babe.”

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Drake x MC ~ 7, 10, 12, 20, 24, 27, 34, 36, 40, 41 🙈🙉🙊 sorry, but pb doesn't let me love him so i need this xD


Note: Using my MC in mind so if there are any personality things that seem made up and mentioned nowhere in canon, those are just my HCs for her lol

7.  What annoys them the most about their partner? Would they change it if they could?

Drake likes to pretend to be annoyed by how peppy Riley can be, but he loves and adores it. Wouldn’t change it at all. He fell in love with her for it and it honestly helped him loosen up. 

Drake being a downer and grump sometimes gets to Riley, but not for long. She eventually gets him to do stuff with her and the gang cause he can’t resist her. She wouldn’t change him entirely, but her making him do fun things with the gang is her way of getting him to live a little.

10.  Who drives? Cooks? Does the handiwork? Cleans? Pays the bills? Handles the public?

Drake drives. He thinks Riley gets distracted too much dancing to the radio. Riley cooks, but Drake likes to grill and stuff sometimes. It’s usually camp food and anything that involves meat. Drake does the handiwork and Riley cleans more often, though she’s pleasantly surprised now and then and comes home to things put in proper places and the trash taken out. Bills are take care of by whoever can get to them. Riley definitely handles the public. Drake hates the public.

12. Is there a wedding? What was the proposal like? Any kind of honeymoon?

Yes there’s a wedding! Very simple. Close family and friends, minimum fuss. Drake required whiskey of course.

I wrote about this in another HC ask, so sorry for repeating but for the proposal: Drake wanted to do it for a while. He had been hanging onto a ring and kept putting it off because he gets nervous and talks himself out of it. Riley notices it at the bottom on his drawers one day when she’s fixing clothes and tries to wait. But then after one too many nights of him taking her out and things looking like they’ll lead to a proposal only to end in nothing go to her. She just blurted out, “are you ever going to propose to me?”

He’s shocked, a little miffed she spoiled the surprise, but then they laugh about it and he gets on with his cute nervous speech and asks her to marry him.

The honeymoon is very relaxed. Camping in a very nice place in Cordonia. Riley gets to watch Drake geek out about being in the woods.

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Christmas seems to be mostly about your favorite Holiday Song, Holiday Movie, Holiday food, and lots of consumerism and displays. Do you have some suggestions on how to make it more meaningful? I mean, it doesn't have to be super religious like read Luke 2, although it's fair if you do say that. But in general, how to make this time less about the flair and more about substance?

Good question! There is so much flair involved in the modern celebration of Christmas that it can easily overwhelm any substance that’s left if we let it. Not that I don’t enjoy some of that Christmas flair, but all things in moderation and all. I think you hit on a good point too: a meaningful celebration of Christ’s birth does not have to be a super-religious puritan serious no-fun zone. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Reclaim Advent: It’s more than those 25 boxes of cheap candies and knick-knacks! Mormons don’t really do liturgy at all, much less a liturgical year, and I think we could really benefit from taking just a little extra effort to reframe the passage of time as an opportunity for spiritual reflection. For most other Christian churches, Advent starts four Sundays before Christmas Day and is a time to think about what it means for the Son of God to come into our world–not just in a manger in Bethlehem 2000-odd years ago, but into our hearts today and in glory at His second coming in the future. In that sense, Advent has a lot to say about justice, about how God goes about setting things right in the world when we make them go wrong (something that’s very relevant this calendar year!) You don’t have to go all in with traditional Advent stuff–the wreath with candles to light each Sunday, the Christingle, the scripture readings–to think about these gospel ideas, though you certainly can. 
  • Celebrate with Other Christians: after either 2000 or 500 years, respectively, chances are your local Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches have probably picked up at least some worthwhile Christmas traditions that are rooted in the spiritual side of things (or, at the very least, are putting on a choral program or something). This season of shared celebration is a good opportunity for us to reach out and share our joy over one of the most basic tenants of our Christian faith and to develop our understanding of what Christ means to us even further by engaging in dialogue and collaboration. Check in and see what sounds interesting to you! Even if another church’s services or activity ends up not being your thing, it’ll still be fresh!
  • Find Art That Inspires You: There’s a lot of visual art, music, poetry, and more that engage with the spiritual aspects of Christmas. I like Henry Ossawa Tanner’s depiction of the Annunciation very much as well as the Ariel Poems that T.S. Eliot wrote about figures like Simeon and the Magi.
  • Share and Give: Christmas is great season to donate or volunteer during, because those actions remind us of why Christ came to Earth–to spread love and justice. If you can’t find the right gift for someone on your list, consider make a contribution to a charity that would be meaningful for them instead of handing them more junk. 
  • Figure Out What’s Important to You–and Why: if some holiday tradition or obligation or what-not is causing you stress, it’s not worth keeping up and you can feel free to toss it! If you’re not enjoying it or finding fulfillment in it, don’t bother! Ever since I moved away from home last year, Christmases have been more streamlined–there’s less wall-to-wall, quote-unquote “Christmassy” stuff going on when I fly back in–but it’s more meaningful to me because I get to see and spend time with my family (some of whom I haven’t seen in person since March and gosh I’m ready to be back) and participate in all other kinds of homecoming. That’s not a spiritual angle per-say, but it is a meaningful one and it’s gonna be meaningful for me with or without any trappings. Find stuff that can stand on their own like that and build your celebration of Christmas around them instead of stuff you need to do because capitalism or tradition tells you you’ve gotta. 

I hope that helps and that others have some more ideas for you! And, to reiterate, all of the other non-meaning stuff can be good too! My favorite Holiday Song is “With Wondering Awe,” my favorite Holiday Movie is Scrooge with Albert Finney and Sir Alec Guinness, my favorite Holiday food is a crockpot of wassail we always boil up and I put a nice set of Christmas Eve readings together a couple years back, if you’re interested in that.  

Merry Christmas!

hamsterandtrianglenose  asked:

Noo Halloween is almost here but I still haven't done anything about it D: It's a horror ask even it doesn't really have much horror in it Sanses's reaction strange things happens to his house lately and he's always having this same dream, when they had enough and be like:"Whatever you are come at me brah!" And look! It's their s/o who died years ago come back as a ghost like Napsterblook? Did the skeles move on with someone else or they still can't forget s/o and refused to be in love again?

{ Oh, that’s more romantic than spooky~! 


👻 Sansy ;

He is not the kind of person who is able to move on especially after a loss so it takes a lot of time before Sans can accept your death and it’s something that torments him every night. His brother always tries to help him and Papyrus knows how Sans loves you, maybe he has never loved someone the same way he loved you so he just ignores the pains and he does not do anything with his life because he has no effort. Even the relationship with you happened by mistake since he’s not the type of guy who organizes stuff and he has never thought about romance and dates, he’s not like Papyrus. Then, Sans has always thought he was not made for love and he would have never found his special person and he did not care that much. Then, you came into his life and he was so unprepared and shocked, Sans could not believe it and love is a mysterious sentiment, too illogical to him. For this reason you have been the first to declare your feelings to him, since he thinks he’s hopeless but maybe his self-esteem is too low and with you he felt true loved and worthy, he found a new reason to keep hoping and, maybe, to smile a little more without lying.
Obvious, all these hopes and smiles fade away the moment you disappeared but, at least, he got still his brother so he can keep going with him. He is used to pain so he tries to act smooth despite your absence.
When he found out you came back to life in the form of a ghost, he’s incredulous and he can’t believe his eyes. It’s impossible so he thinks he’s dreaming and his mind is still joking with him. Then, you start speaking telling him that you have never stopped to love him even now that you are a ghost and you desire to stay by his side for the rest of the eternity despite you are unable to give him the same things because you are a ghost so your life is complete different.
Actually, Sans does not care about the form you have, it’s still you and it’s the most important thing to him. He’s a simple guy and he’s glad you are still alive and he has never stopped to be in love with you, too. Sans keeps his tears, he tries not to cry but you can notice his eyes are wet and it’s so difficult to speak for him. He does not say anything and the silence, just like his expression of joy, says so much more than thousand words.

👻 Reddy ;

He is also a person who is unable to move on after a loss and he cannot find peace or, at least, it requires a lot of time before he can feel normal again. He never says he’s fine and he hates when persons ask that horrible question “how are you?” because it sounds so hypocrite to his ears and he always says “ah, well…”, “shitty”, “normal”, “could be better”, and others answers like these.
Since you’ve been gone he’s totally apathetic and blue, it’s the same feeling he felt when he lost his brother during all those genocide runs so it’s not a new feeling for him but it’s not welcome neither.
Sans keeps living his life the way he did before he met you, that’s not so different from his usual and he’s always the lazy and demotivated skeleton of everyday, so his routine is always the same. Even if he feels a deep hole in his soul that it’s your lack and he’s still so sad to talk about it and he keeps all these negative sentiments inside his heart and it’s not so healthy.
The moment you present to him like a ghost, he cannot believe his eyes and maybe he hallucinates since he’s sleeping not so well and he’s so stressed so maybe his mind has decided to make fun of him.
Then, you explain to him that it’s your new form and you came back to life even if you are unable to explain the reasons of this phenomenon. Sans does not know what to say, he feels different sentiments. He’s happy because he missed you a lot but he’s so confused and shocked because it’s weird, but he’s also afraid because it can be a joke and he’s not ready to lose you a second time.
After a while, when he realizes it’s not a dream and you are alive and you still love him, he cries like a little baby and it’s the first time you see him crying, he has never cried since you’re dead and he kept all his pains inside so now he explodes because he’s unable to control his emotions anymore. Just hug him, promising him you will never leave him.
Sans does not care if you are a ghost or anything else, he considers himself as a freak and you are still the same person so he’s glad and he will get used to it.

👻 Blueberry ;

To the contrary of the other skeletons, he’s the kind of person who looks forward the future and he tries to move on despite the pains. Sans is a very optimist and motivated person and it’s so rare seeing him unhappy or angry for something. Obvious, he cried a lot when you died and he could not believe something so terrible happened to you. It’s been difficult to him and the feelings he felt for you was so pure and true and he felt them even now but life goes on and it’s unhealthy being anchored to his own past, and new opportunities can be the solution to find a new meaning after the catastrophe.
He’s been in grieved all these years and it took so much time before he considered himself “healed” from all those mental pains your loss gave to him. He has never forgot you and you will remain forever in his heart because you are an important part of his life but he decided to move on with somebody else, the person who has been able to help him during these difficult moments bringing some light in his dark life.
You don’t have to be mad at him and every person acts different towards situations and problematics and he will be always your friend.
The moment you show yourself to him, Sans is quite shocked and he needs time before he can realize this fact. It’s something so weird but marvellous and he’s happy to see you again. Then, when you said that you still love him and you want to stay with him again, you notice an expression you have never seen on his face: seriousness but, at the same time, melancholia because it’s difficult to explain.
Sans confesses to you that he loves another person now, he’s going to marry soon. He felt hell and pain without you and he missed you so much but he could not lose himself in desperation and this life is only one so people have to take decisions and move on. It’s what he did and you have to forgive him. How could he imagine you were going to come back to life? Nobody could, it’s been totally unexpected. He’s sorry but he cannot turned back to his past leaving his actual S/O alone.
You should take this new opportunity and start a new life like he did, moving on with somebody else.

👻 Blackberry ;

Sans has never cried since you’ve been gone and he acted always the same like nothing happened.
Actually, it’s his way to survive the pains of your loss because it’s been terrible and he had never imagined a life without you could be so sore. Sans was shocked a strong person like him could be so depressed for the absence of another person. Since he always acts so narcissist and harsh everyone would say he’s unable to feel some positive emotions towards others.
He vents his sufferance through his job and he puts all his effort in it because he has a lot of energy to release and he does not want to get sick or tired so he overworks himself. Unluckily, it’s only another way to get sick and tired but, at least, the exhaustion does not make him think about you and so he can ignore his pains until they disappear alone.
He did his best to forget you, to heal from these awful pains, and at the end, he’s able to do it thanks to his perseverance and his life returns peaceful again. Actually, he does not want to start a new life with somebody else because he does not want to suffer again, it was unfair. He becomes a little lonelier and he is not ready to begin a new relationship.
Then, when you appear to him in the form of a ghost, he’s quite confused and he cannot believe his eyes… Is he dreaming? Are you still alive? Sans does not know what to think so he needs time to realize the situation. All his scars, in the instant he saw you, opened again and he perceived a sort of melancholia, sadness in his soul.
You confess to Sans that you still love him and you want him to accept you for the new person you are. Your appearance is changed but your sentiment is still the same. Sans thinks it’s a joke and he yells that he has suffered too much without you and he just wants to feel good again. He acts so stubborn and harsh.
After some days, when he will be calmer, he will say to you that maybe the two of you can try but it won’t be easy because years have passed and he’s changed as well and he has tried so hard to forget you but maybe that was not his true desire. He does not promise things will be fine and, obvious, this relationship will never be like before but he wants to try so he won’t regret anything.

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Musical anon here! You're awesome thank you for doing my requests! I also had another request another she/her reader that starts to think Hanzo/Reaper doesn't like how they are so they stop listening to their music and stop singing, they even start taking more dangerous missions. And like they forgot their phone and the last song to be played was "nightmare" by set it off. When asked about their behavior they just say "I'm being quieter like you asked" the house seems empty with no music..

Aw so sad. It always sucks when you put away someone’s source of joy like that.


  • He’s always so criticizing on you, for basically everything.
  • “You need to do this right, Y/N. Let me show you” “Stop doing that Y/N, it can be rude.” etc etc
  • Honestly at this point you’re beginning to think he doesn’t even want you around :/
  • So, to try and curb your behaviour around you stop dancing to your music, you stop singing so loud (enough to quit altogether)
  • He gets notably alerted when it’s clear you’re taking the hardest missions available, and is already considering how he will approach the matter with you
  • When you forget your phone one day after going out (he’s noticed you’ve become quite stunted in your expression, simply just saying stuff like “I’m going out, bye.” and then just leaving without another word) he checks to see you were in fact listening to something, and it was sad
  • Frustrated, he waits for you to come home and asks to speak to you and properly discuss what’s been going on
  • When you say you’re “only doing what he asked” he gets quite annoyed, like “and does this make you some kind of doll? What kind of woman do you think yourself to be? Have a backbone!”
  • When you flinch from his fierce response he dials it back a bit and sighs. “I did not mean to come off so irritated. I do not want to be someone that takes away the things that you care about, simply because I have not adjusted to them myself.”
  • He shows you that he bought a new stereo as a gift, explaining that while he himself doesn’t take a huge amount of joy out of singing and dancing, it made HIM happy to see that it made YOU happy
  • If you still don’t get it Genji may come over and explain that Hanzo criticizes because it’s really the only way he knows how to speak, and really you can’t take what he says completely at heart- you’re an adult, and you have to make your own judgements and decisions. It’s why Hanzo respects you so much.


  • So the Reaper situation is pretty similar to Hanzo’s…kind of
  • But he’s way, WAY more grumpy about it.
  • He initially doesn’t bat an eye when it’s clear you’re taking missions that are typically more dangerous
  • Although after a couple weeks of this he’s going to want to send help or get someone like Widowmaker to keep tabs on you- but without saying she needs to keep tabs on you
  • Sombra, meanwhile, is laughing her ass off “You’re worried about her huh?” “Quiet, Sombra.”
  • It takes both Sombra and Widowmaker bugging the ever loving shit out of him to actually come up to you and ask you what’s really bothering you. He’ll tell you he’s still annoyed that you have to be so loud all the time, but knows that it’s kind of your default mode of existing and actually loves you when you’re being yourself
  • Just maybe stop listening to the same single of that one show you like- rotate a playlist or something. :P

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which nations to hug
  • italy: he loves hugs and his day will be brightened if you hug him. also why wouldn't you want to hug him though like this is italy we're talking about. hug italy.
  • germany: he'd be really awkward and uncomfortable at first but he'd definitely hug back, at least out of politeness. hug germany.
  • japan: he doesn't really like physical contact in general. he'll probably blush bright red and try and shuffle away. if you like that kind of stuff then sure go for it. maybe hug japan.
  • america: he'll be really excited if you hug him, kind of like italy. you may be raised in the air at one point. hug america.
  • england: he is against hugs in general unless they are from very specific people. he will fight you because there is a really really high chance that you are not one of the specific people. do not hug england.
  • france: he will most likely interpret you hugging him as a signal that you are also okay with being kissed on the cheek. maybe hug france.
  • russia: he's a cinnamon roll???? sure he might accidentally crush you with the force of his teddy bear hug but it would be an accident???? hug russia.
  • china: if he's in a good mood, he'll hug back and be a lil fluffle. he's usually in a good mood. it's a good idea. hug china.
  • canada: why wouldn't you want to hug canada though seriously. he's precious and pure and will probably make a cute little squeaky sound because you will have caught him off guard and then he'll hug back and be adorable. hug canada.
  • prussia: he'll grumble about it but hug you back and be internally screaming that someone hugged him and jumping up and down in joy but externally he will seem a bit annoyed. hug prussia.
  • romano: he might try and murder you. he does not want to be hugged. not even by spain. maybe by spain. do not hug romano.
  • spain: omf yes. he's so cute just hug him already. i know you want to. do it. do it now. hug spain.
  • netherlands: he will be annoyed kinda a bit and he won't hug back so it's not really worth it. do not hug netherlands.
  • belgium: she'll probably offer you a free waffle just for hugging her because she's a cutie and she needs more hugs and appreciation and things. hug belgium.
  • finland: i'm not even gonna bother explaining why you should hug him. you should know this already. oh my god. hug finland.
  • sweden: he'll just stand there and wait for you to finish hugging him and it'll be awkward and stressful and any little conversation you might have been having will be gone. do not hug sweden.
  • denmark: he could probably break your bones with the force of his hugs but it'll be fun i swear. hug denmark.
  • norway: before you go running off and hugging him, please ask yourself whether you want to be cursed and haunted by like 500 spirits and stuff. the answer is no. do not hug norway.
  • iceland: he hates hugs. he will hate you. he will burn you in the flames of hell. however, his expression when you hug him is totally worth it. hug iceland.
  • hungary: yes. she will love you forever. well maybe not but she will at least appreciate that you hugged her. hug hungary.
  • austria: he will be so terrified. he might even start screaming. if you have a camera or your phone it's well worth hugging him. but your ears will probably start bleeding from the high pitched screeching austria. if you're okay with that then sure. maybe hug austria.
  • latvia: tiny tiny precious cinnamon roll. hug latvia.
  • lithuania: he likes hugs, but don't hug him too tight or he may take it as a sign that you are trying to attack him and he will fight you and you will lose and it's a bad idea to do that. maybe hug lithuania.
  • estonia: uhh no there's a 99% chance he will kidnap you and start a tumblr about your reactions to questions and it'll be pretty popular but nobody will be able to tell that you've been kidnapped and you're not running the blog yourself and you'll spend the rest of your life in captivity unless latvia or lithuania find out which they most likely won't. it's not a smart idea. do not hug estonia.
  • poland: free nail painting with every hug. seriously he will do that. you will become one of his best friends. sunshine and rainbows. ponies. lots of ponies. hug poland.
  • greece: he likes cats. he'll probably like hugs too. he's precious and pure. pet greece's head. high five greece. hug greece.
  • turkey: yeah ok but if you hug him he'll assume you will never hug greece ever and of course you're gonna hug greece because he's very smol and fluffly and if he sees you hugging greece he will feel betrayed and stuff. do not hug turkey.
  • switzerland: he'll fight you. he really will. screw neutrality. he'll fight you. do not hug switzerland.
  • liechtenstein: of course????? she's like the cutest out of all the characters that are cinnamon rolls. and that includes latvia. hugs are very necessary. hug liechtenstein.
  • belarus: she will also fight you. but she'll probably take a selfie with you halfway through and send it to russia so you might be able to escape and live to tell the tale. maybe hug belarus.
  • ukraine: boob hugs, bruh. do it. hug ukraine.
  • monaco: sure!! she's fabulous and you might even get invited to her house which is pretty cool when france isn't around. hug monaco.
  • seychelles: ok she's not really used to hugs except from france which she tries to avoid. but if you aren't france then it should go well. hug seychelles.
  • luxembourg: sparkly cinnamon roll who loves hugs. what reason is there not to hug him. hug luxembourg.
  • czech republic: she's a literal ray of sunshine and happiness and hope. unless you hug her. hugs are not her thing. do not hug czech.
  • slovakia: ahh he'll be so awkward and cute and shy oh my god it should be a law to hug him all the time yes. hug slovakia.
  • bulgaria: have you seen his face. that cute, pokable, fluffly face. totally do it. hug bulgaria.

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Prompt- Emily feeding Finn and doesn't like any of the baby food lol but Alison can get him to eat it

cute!! thank you xx

The room was fresh with smells of mushed banana, and Emily had been on her seat for the past half an hour trying to get her year old son to eat. He wriggling around in his high chair, doing everything except keeping his mouth open long enough to swallow.

“How about a choo-choo train? Yeah?” Emily pulled the little yellow spoon to behind her and started mimicking the trains that Finn loved watching on Telly so much “good boy” she mumbled cautiously as the banana inched closer to his open mouth “you can do it, that’s it” He took the spoon his mouth for a second, before looking at his Ma and spitting it back out.

“Okay, kid, look are you just doing this to spite me?” He gurgled, kicking around in his chair and waving his hands in the air “did I do something to offend you?” He stopped moving for a second, looked at the bowl in front of him and picked it up in his chubby little hands. Before Emily could move to take it off him, it was flung across the room and straight onto the woolen rug on the opposite side.”Great, now you’re gonna get me in trouble with your mom” She sighed, dropping the spoon in defeat and getting up to grab some cleaning stuff. Finn sat smugly, giggling as he watched Emily scrub at the carpet. 

“Oh, hey, Lady Macbeth I didn’t know you’d be joining us” In her hurry to get the muck of the carpet she had noticed her girlfriend walk in. She chuckled, and hung her head in shame as she pulled her hand up and saw the banana smeared over it. “Hey, baby!”

“Hey” Emily said with smile a she jumped up from the floor and walked over to Ali, only to see that she was talking to their son. 

“What are you doing on the floor?” She asked, kissing her softly as she gazed at the area Em had just vacated.

“He refused to eat his bananas and threw them across the room” She admitted, her eyes flickering to his. When he was met with her teasing glare, he shied away, burying his head into Ali’s neck. She tutted, shaking her head and putting him back in his chair.

“So he hasn’t had lunch?” She asked with concern, not even thinking about the stain on her living room floor.

“No” Emily said “but he won’t eat. I was sat there for almost 45 minutes”  Ali tilted her head, grabbing a fresh banana out of the fruit bowl and mashing it with her fork. “And of course you’re going to try anyway” she muttered, sitting down with her as she held the spoon of banana out and waited for him to take a bit.

“Finn if you eat that I’m taking away Roger Rabbit” She warned with a grin, touselling his hair as he stared at the food inquisitively.

“Can you do it for mommy?” Ali encouraged him, a competitive edge to her smile “you wanna eat it?” He sniffed at it as she bought it closer to his lips, and engulfed the whole mouthful. Ali grinned,  moving side to side in celebration. 

“Damn it, Finn. Now you’re just showing me up” She said teasingly, reaching down and kissing him on top of his head.

“That’s a first” Ali mused as he took another mouthful “I’m so proud”

“That he’s eating?”

“That he’s eating for me” She said with joy, her eyes sparkling as Emily watched her happily. Together they sat for a few more minutes until all the banana was gone, and Em lifted him onto her hip, rocking him back and forth to get him ready for his evening bath. 

“You’re the cutest” Ali whispered, her eyes not leaving Finn’s as she watched him slowly calm down. Emily pouted, freezing in place and raising her eyebrow.

“I thought that was me?” Ali smirked, wrapping her hand around her waist and pulling them closer, kissing her on the lips.

“You’re the most beautiful” She whispered in her ear, Finn falling asleep on her shoulder.

“Shut up” Emily muttered. When Ali pulled away in irritation, she pulled her back, lowering her hand so that it was tightly gripped on the small of her back “I love you” She mumbled.

“Yeah, yeah. I love you too”

Diana Learns to Embrace Murphy’s Law

Dianakko Day 2: First/Casual Date

Summary: Diana and Akko go on their first date with a nice picnic! Too bad nothing ever goes right when Akko is involved…

Author’s Notes:

This is definitely going into the first date category and not the casual date category. When is anything ever casual with Akko?

[FFN Link] [AO3 Link]

@idunscrewedup @dianakko-week

Diana Cavendish adheres to structured schedules. It’s just how she is as a person. The more organization, the better. It is easier when things are within her control; if anything goes wrong, she can easily steer the situation back into the accepted boundaries.

Except Atsuko Kagari utterly destroys any sense of organization.

Which Diana is going to pin the source of their misfortune on. After all, who can be so lucky to anger a raging fox spirit so much that it forces them to run for their lives?

“Diana what do we do?!” Akko cries.

“There is nothing we can do. Just run!” Diana yells back.

“We’re already doing that!!!”

Keep running!”

Truly, what did Diana do to warrant this embarrassment?

Oh, right. She asked Atsuko Kagari on a date.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

uHm I have a prompt???? a medieval au where Virgil is a thief and roman the prince, obviously???ik its cheesy hahahhh- but like Virgil wants to steal some jewels but doesn't realize roman is still awake??


sorry im a bit over excited about stuff today

aNY WAY here ya go !

also i think i might have gone a different route than intended

It wasn’t like Virgil had chosen this life of crime he lived.
Oh wait. Yes he did. He was loving it, to.
So long as you were a good enough thief - and Virgil was the best in the kingdom - you could live in the lap of luxury. He had found nobody cared where your money came from if you paid enough. He’d been a bandit since childhood; he began with stealing apples and moving his way up to his current mission. Robbing the king.
The king himself was away. He was off on a week long voyage to a neighboring kingdom. The queen went with him, which left the guards, the staff, and the prince in the castle. Virgil had never cared much for the prince. He’d never even seen the man in person. He had heard the rumors of amazing beauty and charm the prince possessed. Though, Virgil assumed the prince himself had started those rumors. The bandit couldn’t even remember his name. He only knew two things for sure. One, he didn’t care about the prince. Two, the prince could spare a few jewels.
Which was why Virgil was currently attempting to break into a well secured castle. The guards and staff were far less vigilant in their duties when the king was away; none of them were truly loyal. That made it all the easier for the thief. He snuck in once the sun had fallen and the whole kingdom was asleep. Fortunately for the thief, the bumbling guards had left the doors somewhat open. Hidden by his cloak, he stalked until he found a room enclosed with a beautifully decorated door. Treasure trouve? Surely.
Virgil pushed the door open, trying to keep the creaking sound as small as possible. He slid in as soon as there was enough room, and he was greeted with quite a sight. It seemed to be a bedroom, yet it was elaborately decorated. It was messy. Not dirty at all, but disorganized with papers and clothing strewn about. There was a surprising amount of books; Virgil hadn’t ever thought of any of the royals as big readers. There was a large, empty bed which hadn’t been made. Virgil assumed that this was the room of the king. His analytical eyes began to scan the area for what he could take, no longer caring to take in the beauty of the room.
He strolled over to where the most jewelry lay. He fished through the accessories, his fingers tangling in the golden chains and silver pendants. He smiled as he held them up to the light, enjoying the glimmer which shined off of them. It was as he shoved them into his bag that the door creaked open, and Prince Roman entered the room. His room.
Well shit.
Roman did not seem highly threatened by this stranger in his room. He raised one elegant brow, his face twisting into an expression of amusement and joy.
“I was almost worried today would be completely boring. Thank you for giving me something to do!” Roman laughed as he strolled to one of his cabinets, opening it to reveal his several personal weapons. He spent a fair amount of time choosing the most decorated and frivolous-looking sword. Virgil flared. Was this petty prince mocking him? Did this man not think Virgil could possibly be a threat? Virgil drew his own sword. He would prove himself; not that he needed to.
“How precious! You have your own weapon, I assumed I’d have to loan you one.”
Virgil slashed at Roman’s stomach, ready to gut him. He wouldn’t actually kill the prince, but he was getting quite pissed off. Roman made a sound of surprise, jumping back and bumping into his own cabinet. “Feisty,” he muttered. He got into a proper position, holding his sword as if it were an extension of his body. His face became determined rather than mocking, allowing his years of lessons and practice to take over. Virgil could tell he was more skilled than originally let on. He would not let that deter him. He had gone so many years without being caught, and he would not be captured now. As it turns out, Roman was the one who would be captured.
Virgil hadn’t really meant to knock him unconscious. It just happened in the heat of the moment, an unfortunate accident. And when he heard footsteps and concerned voices, he panicked. Roman’s room was on the first floor, and Virgil dragged the prince out the window as he left, unable to shake the thought that Roman would hunt him down if he was left to his own devices.
So he had accidentally kidnapped a prince. No big deal.
…Logan was going to be pissed.


so anyway this m ight turn into a multi chapter fic

this moght turn into smth i was talking about with @kawaiibarbarianbeard

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Okay, so can you do one where the reader has been dating george for a while, but the reader is asexual (ace pride whoop whoop) and the most she's ever really comfortable with is kissing, and even then she kinda loses interest. and george reassures her that she's not being annoying and that she never has to go any farther if she doesn't want to. thank yoou so so so much :)

Finally finished one, yay! Hope you like this one, I’m aware of the fact that there are many types of asexuality, hope you’re alright with how I interpreted your request and I hope it’s not too short!! thank you for your patience and have fun reading x

It seemed to be one of the coldest days of the month yet, but still, quite a few students had decided to go to Hogsmeade instead of staying in the castle, especially because it was the first weekend that wasn’t filled with studying for most. George had seized his chance immediately; on Monday he had asked you whether you wanted to go with him, whereupon you had agreed without further ado. Especially when going out you felt something warm inside your stomach whenever he was around, and it brought immense joy to you to have a date that made you feel so at ease. When the sky was taking up a shade of dark blue you were heading back to the castle, shaking slightly due to the cold, but George took your hand very softly to make it warm up. “So what’re you plans for later?” he smirked. “What d’you mean?” – “Well, back in the castle. I’m going to get a nice cup of tea, that’s for sure. Might take a shower as well” – You returned his smirk as he spoke, watching him as the lights leading to the castle shone upon his face in the softest way, but he did not seem to realize that you looked at him in appreciation rather than something else. “What’re you staring at? There’s nothing wrong with my face, right?” he asked theatrically, but you just shook your head and laughed. “No”, you mumbled, blushing slightly, “You’re just nice to look at, that’s all” – “Seriously, (Y/N), you can just tell me I’m handsome, I do get that a lot to be honest-“ – “Sure, call it what you want” George seemed to be really eager to tease you about your comment all the way to the castle until he had you laughing so hard you almost cried, but as a Ravenclaw prefect shushed you as soon as you walked down the corridor, you calmed down again and soon decided that the Gryffindor Common Room would be the best place to go. George still had his warm hand wrapped around yours, even when you were entering the room itself; it looked especially cozy to you at the moment since you had spent your entire afternoon in the cold, and pulling George with you, you sat down on one of the big couches with a sigh escaping your mouth. George’s gaze was fixed upon you when you started taking off your coat and your scarf; a moment later, you confronted him, smirking, and pushed your clothes aside. “What’re you staring at?” you asked teasingly, whereupon he just raised his eyebrows. “Nothing. You’re just nice to look at” – “Charmer” – He once again took your hand and squeezed it lightly, and as he started leaning forward, you suddenly felt rather irritated.

Why was it that you didn’t really want to lean forward as well? Something inside you made you incapable of showing the same type of affection he did; you had already experienced it a few times with him, each time pulling away quite soon. While you worked out amazingly as a couple in terms of understanding and communication, you did not seem to show the same amount of interest in physical affection. Holding hands was something you quite enjoyed, such as hugs and cuddling here and there, but too much kissing was rather uninteresting to you, and even though you felt ashamed of it sometimes, you couldn’t deny that you didn’t seem to be fond of any kind of intercourse. As his lips finally met yours, you swallowed your thoughts and kissed back quite fiercely, but as seconds passed, you let go of him and blushed. For a moment, neither of you said anything; your hand was still in his and your faces were just inches away from each other, and thus he kissed you once again, but it felt rather wooden to you after a while. “S-Sorry, George” you mumbled as you parted once again, looking down on the floor in shame. George, on the contrary, smirked and squeezed your hand. “What’re you sorry for? I think it was very good-“ – “No, George… I mean- that’s sweet, thank you. But it’s just that I can’t really seem to… I-I… how do I say this? I just can’t develop the same craving for affection as you do” you finally said, your face heating up until even your ears took up a bright shade of red. “You mean like kissing and snogging and all this kind of stuff?” – “Exactly” You felt rather awkward when he remained silent for a moment, but as he seemed to notice your insecurity concerning the issue, he raised his eyebrows and hastily tried to explain you what he thought. “Don’t worry, (Y/N), really. It’s all fine… I was kind of wondering why you always part that quickly, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed of, right?” – “Thank you, George. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want any physical affection at all, it’s all fine until I reach a certain point” – you moved your hands rather nervously now, but George’s eyes were still fixed on you, “It does not necessarily mean it’s something revolting to me. I’m just not interested in much more than holding hands and a little kiss, maybe… but even that makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, to be honest… S-Sorry for jumping at you like this, but it just happened-“ – “Blimey, no need to apologize for that. Kind enough of you for letting me know and being so honest with me, I wouldn’t have wanted you to force yourself to go further, (Y/N)” – He looked almost concerned for a moment, but then he smirked trustfully, “You don’t need to be sorry if you have any sort of preference, really. It’s completely fine”  You were blushing so hard you almost turned away, whereas George visibly tried his best to make you feel comfortable again. “Okay, (Y/N), relax. Listen to me. All I want you to do is to tell me whenever you’re uncomfortable, okay? Everything’s fine, believe me” – “Thank you so much, but- we’re obviously not feeling the same craving? I don’t want to disappoint you” – “You’re not disappointing anyone! Don’t be ridiculous, we definitely aren’t a couple that snogs around all day, but there’s nothing wrong with that, if you ask me. I still consider myself really lucky to date you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). No matter what you’re into” – “You’re very sweet, George. Thank you very much. I-I hope it’s going to be fine” – “I’m sure it’ll be fine, (Y/N). You never have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, and should I ever go too far just give me a nice slap in the face, alright?” You chuckled now, whereupon George put his arm around you; it must’ve looked like you were wrestling, but when you looked at him with a laugh on your face, his glimpse got soft again. “Are you okay?” – “Yes, George. I am very much okay” you mumbled, your ears still slightly reddish.

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Ford breaks down on the third day of amnesia Stan and goes to his room, crying and hugging him. Telling him over and over again that he's sorry, begging Stan to forgive him, and to please, please, 'please' come back. Stan's just confused because he doesn't understand why Ford is acting like this, but is trying to comfort him anyway.

Oops, this turned into a little drabble. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you were going for, but hopefully you still find it enjoyable.

Unkept, shaggy grey hair, large nose, a sharp jawline, five-a-clock shadow, brown eyes…’ Stan listed, half-heartedly observing the features of the stranger staring back at him from the window’s reflection.

This was him. His face. It blinked when he blinked. It moved when he moved. He knew this was… his own face.

But he didn’t feel like it really belonged to him. It belonged to that… what was it, ‘Stanley’, right? Yeah. That ‘Stanley guy’ who the others kept going on about. The man who would sometimes spark up within him like a wildfire and take charge of his words and actions, who would make his heart ache whenever he saw the looks of concerned distress etched into the faces of those around him. The man who had names and memories attached to all these people and places, who would wake him in the middle of the night with dreams that may or may not have been recollections, and who would leave him with odd feelings of wistful longing that he couldn’t find the root of whenever he picked up or passed by certain objects. The man who would often just…fade away into the blank white space that made up most of his mind, leaving him empty, distant, and untroubled.

He wasn’t sure if he liked this ‘Stanley’, he seemed more trouble than he was worth.

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a little farmers market thing

The op of this post said i could write something based on their headcanon so here it is.

ETA: now jaradel and I are co-writing this verse, over at AO3!


How he can wear flannel in this weather is anyone’s guess.

But Bitty doesn’t mind the way he sweats as he moves carts of ripe tomatoes and bulbous squashes from truck to table. A bead glistens at his forehead, slides down the slope of his nose to linger on the tip of his chin. His arms stretch taut, muscles bunched, around the crates as he hefts them. The mop of dark hair above his eyebrows is damp, misshapen from the press of his baseball cap, discarded at the side of the register. As Bitty watches, a tuft of bangs becomes unmoored from where he’s combed it aside and flops down almost to his eyes. He doesn’t move to dislodge it. Bitty itches to cross the aisle and slide in behind the Zimmermann Farms table, lift one hand and brush it out of the way without a single word.

He bites his lip and looks down at his own table. Really, he should be rearranging the scones or sorting the loaves or something, but every single week, as this “Mr. Zimmermann” (Bitty has no idea of his first name) unloads his wares, Bitty’s reduced to a staring, flushing mess. Nobody ought to look like that. Nobody especially ought to look like that when they’re toting vegetables. It almost makes Bitty want to eat a healthy diet. Or grow green beans. Or something, some excuse to have a conversation with this square-jawed, droopy-eyed farmer who, when he smiles at a customer, makes Bitty’s toes curl up in his sandals. Maybe he should pick up some rhubarb for a pie.

Yes, rhubarb… and it’s a little early in the season for pumpkins, but when fall rolls around maybe he’ll have pumpkins and … and oh dear Bitty is staring isn’t he.

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Prompt ; Alec is so incredibly willing to throw himself into danger for the ones he loves. Magnus is in trouble and Alec jumps in front of the blow. Everyone's pissed bc Magnus is a Warlock and would have been fine, but Alec's in a near life threatening position(like in cob) Alec doesn't understand what he did wrong. Hurt comfort Alec being told he's worth it. Sorry it's so angsty. I love your stuff so much!

ahh thank you xx

Magnus used so much amount of magic to open the doors of his apartment that one of them flew off the hinges. No one spoke, everyone worked. Jace, who would not let anyone touch Alec, held his parabatai in his arms, his face strong and determined, bringing him to the couch, laying him down so gently. Those shadowhunter hands of his had killed so many times, but never had they been more gentle then the moments in which he touched Alec.

Clary and Isabelle walked in next, Clary looking worried, and Isabelle doing her very best to hide all the fear welling up inside her. Magnus saw it, probably more than Isabelle wanted, but he did not mention it. This was her brother after all, and losing him was not an option.

Not for any of them.

Alec’s breathing was heavy, which Magnus preferred over very little breathing. He ripped open Alec’s shirt, observing the long claw marks that made their way down his chest to his hips. The poison was only just beginning to seep through to his insides; they were lucky that Jace had killed the demon seconds after it had gotten Alec.

All because Alec saved Magnus.

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The Signs As People I Know
  • Aries: Stone Cold Sweetie. You won't be taking anyones shit any time soon but that doesn't mean you're not a nice person. You and everyone around you are constantly laughing because you're honestly hilarious and fucking rad and awesome as fuck!
  • Taurus: Literally sugar and spice and all things nice! You are the most genuine nice person and everyone loves you for it. You do you and won't let anyone get in your way. When you say you're going to do something you do but you also have a darker sexual side and when it comes out everyone's shocked!
  • Gemini: You fucking dork. Ily but you're so weird like omg if you could see yourself you would be like "wtaf are you doing?" but you give all about 0 fucks what anyone thinks because you're having a little party in your own head and when you're around it really is a party.
  • Cancer: You put up this bitchy act and always shoot people down because you don't want them to get close because when they do they hurt you but you need to understand that you're beautiful and perfect as who you are, the real you, and that should never be hidden away. You are amazing in every sense of the word and I love you for who you truly are.
  • Leo: You come across as this cocky, entitled little shit but underneath all that you are so kind and compassionate and one of the greatest friends around because you will put up with everyone at their worst so you can help them to beat their best. You make people truly feel safe and comfortable around you and that's a gift.
  • Virgo: If making bad decisions was a sport you would win gold. When you feel lost you really go off the rails and become someone you're not but when someone shows you they care and you know your true worth you flourish and a person who can do anything emerges and when this you is here you give off a light that people can't help but be attracted to. You're fuckin' golden kid so don't forget it!
  • Libra: Honestly I don't know how you can stay so composed, it's a real talent. You have your moments of breaking or becoming real bitch but when you're not you can roll with the punches like nobody else. You get so passionate about the stuff you care about that hearing you talk about them brings people a real joy. You can light up a room and people gravitate to you naturally because you just give off such a friendly energy.
  • Scorpio: You have this seductive energy that has you on peoples minds all day. The way you walk, talk, touch really makes an impact on people. You're a heart breaker and you don't even know it. So many are attracted to you but you stay loyal to your one.
  • Sagittarius: Fuckin' partner in crime, ride or die right here. You're down to do anything really just for the experience. You're always down for new things and never shy away from an adventure but you do shy away from accepting the real you. We can all see it you can't hide who you are and we love the real you anyway just go forth and admit who you are you've got nothing to worry about!
  • Capricorn: Literally your life is doing everything your responsible for and them whatever the fuck you want and it all works out fab and you're so hard working and I have no idea how you do it but don't stop because clearly you've got a good thing going and when you decide to make contact everyone is laughing along with you and happy you came!
  • Aquarius: YOU'RE. NOT. PERFECT. BUT. THAT. IS. OKAY. You're so afraid to fuck up you don't take risks or push yourself and it's frustrating because you have mad potential! You're so enigmatic that no one can't be interested or inspired by you. Just make sure, no matter how hard it is, that you tell those people what they mean to you otherwise you will loose them forever.
  • Pisces: People just assume you're all sunshine and rainbows and smiles and laughter 24/7 they couldn't be more wrong underneath that you can be fucking dark and evil and I love it! Someone hurts you and you fucking tear them apart with like a look and 5 words you're fabulous but you're evil you bitter sweet little bitch!