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For the most part I really admire Louis' openness and honesty, but it does feel like he spoke for Harry a bit too much about Harry's solo intentions and how it affected 1D, when Harry clearly prefers to be private about this stuff. Harry clearly has so much love for 1D and what they've done, it doesn't need to be painted as his ambition as the cause of the break. Even if it's the truth, it's Harry's truth to share if he wants. Louis could have been honest about his experience while staying vague

I honestly do get 100% what you mean, it’s just in my opinion Louis is really in tune with what he wants to reveal, and he is the one being asked about Harry so he is just speaking from the heart. I understand that Louis is speaking for Harry in a way, but if it’s how Louis feels I don’t think he’s going to change his ways or his method of answering questions. I have to admit as a louie I am absolutely the most biased person ever, but I find it really refreshing that he’s just answering things without any barrier and basically no secrets, I love seeing this emotional side of him and how he’s interpreting all the situations around him. I totally agree that Harry has never suggested that he doesn’t love 1D (and I don’t want to say I don’t agree with Louis because it’s his emotions) but in a way I do think Louis is really insecure about the future of 1D maybe? So he’s explaining his feelings about Harry in a way I don’t personally understand. That’s the best way I can describe the way I feel about his answers about harry


i’m having a pretty hard day bc i can’t get a hold of any of my thc pills (nabilone) bc my pharmacist cannot get any from the producer and is not being told why. 

meanwhile, this little miracle pill targets pm all of my really nasty & weird neurological symptoms (plus serious pain like my bladder IC pain) and generally makes my life possible. i also have to somehow find it in myself to do work and go out today too bc I just got my period (OF COURSE I DID! THIS DAY ISN’T HELL ENOUGH ALREADY/s) and i need more pads made by a particular brand bc i’m allergic to all the other ones i’ve tried. 

so it’s probably needless to say that i won’t be on here much today, but i do have some things queued (largely for the #carebearstare)

oh and you wanna hear something really fucked?

a) this was all just in time for high humidity which is when i need nabilone the most &

b) without the nabilone (which, again = synthetic thc) i need to smoke more pot to compensate, but doing so hurts my lungs more and makes me higher than when i was also taking the nabilone. 

ftlog do i ever miss that small fucking pill, it’s been a serious miracle in my life and that’s not even remotely overstating things 

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Your klance art just made me think about Lance just going full on out with the flirting and seduction with Keith and it's not like Keith doesn't like it HE JUST DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO REACT he's so flustered and Lance is way too hot an Keith can't cope

haha sorry this is so late (i based it on this then realised after i finished drawing that it didnt work out as well as i’d hoped but yea oh well)  

Different Types of Slytherins
  • The Renaissance Human: does everything and does it well. Constantly working to make themselves more versatile.
  • The Team Player: hella wants to succeed, brings everyone around them up with them. Probably has a "team work makes the dream work" sticker on their laptop
  • The Snake: Doesn't really care who they take down on the way up. Has to be The Best™ at what they do
  • The Riddler: most common phrase is "oh really?" Sarcastic as hell, gains a life whenever someone looks confused after a conversation
  • The Bitch™: actually a good soul, but bitchy sense of humor. If they don't like you, you will know. Shit talks out of love. Shady as hell
  • The Sweetheart: the one everyone is confused as to why they're in that house. Actual defiance of normal stereotype, but also will probably own their own multi million dollar company later on

can we talk about how bill potts has had the worst companion experience of all time? in the four-ish years (from her perspective) she’s known the doctor she’s only been on four real adventures. she visited the future human colony and regency england, cool. then termites swallowed every known picture of her mum? she was starved of oxygen and nearly died on a spaceship. she was abandoned by the doctor for six months in an alien regime as part of his tests. at this point, shes ready to sacrifice herself, telling the doctor that its worth it for what theyve done together. is it really? then she visits mars and roman britain, also cool. then she was fatally shot. and she was trapped working in a hospital for two and a half years without even being able to GO OUTSIDE without having a LITERAL HEART ATTACK before being converted into an ACTUAL CYBERMAN. honestly i didnt think anyone could have a worse time than martha jones. but she’s so optimistic and wants to continue to travel and she deserves so much more. I hope she gets it if she stays for s11.

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Hi! Do you have any coloring tutorials or anything similar? Your work is amazing and I'm very curious about how you achieve that kind of lightning and color! :D TYSM! <3

hello ! I only have this short little thing in my faq, but I’ll see if I could make a tutorial or something soon <:
here’s a little process gif thing that didn’t get too butchered !

hi !! 💞💞
i was supposed to do this about 6 months ago when i hit 1k but i never got around to it (hmm why’s that huh kay) so ! i’m doing it now~ (also i hit 1.5k a while ago so. there’s that. ahhH) – thank you so so so much !! i know 1k probably isn’t that big of a milestone for a lot of you haha but ,, i still can’t believe there’s so many of you and honestly i never thought i’d ever hit 1k, actually what what what 💗💗💗
anyway; again: thank you so much for putting up with me and my unorganized posts and my endless rambling in the tags and thank you for creating such a wonderful space here on tumblr and asdjkssdhj just. thank you ,, 💓💓💓❕❕ 
ily y’all sm ,, 💕& i hope you have lovely lovely day !!
(i really hope this doesn’t mess with anyone’s notifications! if it does, i’m so sorry!!)

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hello angels, it’s thea! here with my first follow forever!! i wanted to make this when i got to my goal but i’m almost there nd i’m impatient so,, 😚

i want to thank every single one of you for making me feel warm and safe on this website. even though i still have a hard time making friends, you’re all so nice to me!! i love you as much as ponyo loves sosuke (nd more)💖💖  also, i’m really sorry if this messes up your notifications, i hate tumblr. i love you all nd i hope you’re having a great day!

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okay so i feel like we don’t talk about the fetishisation of gay men enough. i feel like it’s so easy to forget how serious and widespread and normalized the fetishisation of gay men is. take anything. take supernatural, and the intense shipping of everyone male with each other - even brothers. take hp and the intense shipping of for example drarry. take the raven cycle fandom and the almost complete silence about Blue and Gansey, a heterosexual but equally dynamic pair, while everyone literally screams about Adam and Ronan’s relationship. take the youtubers Dan and Phil who obviously no longer have the same friendship on display anymore because every one ships them. find any type of merchandise or fandom or whatever and you’ll also find that there’s this intense group of people - mostly grown women! - shipping characters together. writing and drawing porn of them, even though they are adults and the characters are underage children. we talk some about how these women call themselves ‘sinful’ for shipping gay men but we don’t talk about the actual shipping and that is in my opinion the disgusting part. how can any adult woman look at a franchise with child characters and decide that they want to write about these characters’ “sexual awakening”? that they want to draw porn and write explicit texts and go on and on about how cute/sexy/hot they are? all to fuel some kind of twisted fantasy? they do this and then they pat themselves on the back for being such good allies to the lgbt community because they are sooooooo accepting of gay people because how could they not be, when they ship drarry and destiel and phan? it’s honestly disgusting and it makes me ashamed to be a part of certain communities. leave gay men alone. leave gay people alone.


Seriously. Everyone needs a little more anime man love in their life. Get Amnesia memories. IT’S IN ENGLISH PEOPLE.

Why you should play Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth

it’s just interesting to me how in mac and dennis’ relationship it seems to be an unspoken rule that whoever is perceived as the most heterosexual is the one with the most power over the other??

like, i’ve seen many people discuss how around season 8-10 there seemed to be a shift from there being more hints toward dennis being gay and into mac to more outright statements about mac being gay and into dennis, but what i haven’t seen as much about is how that correlates with who’s, for lack of a better word, in charge between them

like in mac and charlie die part 1 (season 4) dennis says “mac is dead and he’s still bossing me around”, and then in mac and dennis break up in the next season we see the whole apple-peeling thing. at this point in the series it’s clear that dennis listens to what mac has to says, he highly regards mac’s opinions and can be almost naive when it comes to mac

but then as the series progresses we see things like dennis giving mac “size pills”, dennis saying on multiple occasions that he doesn’t like mac, mac talking to frank about how much he puts into he and dennis’ relationship, etc

and it is… Super Fucking Painful to think about how both of them having internalized so much homophobia and hypermasculinity that they each subconsciously view the idea of being attracted to the other as vulnerable, which has to mean weak, which has to mean bad and wrong

and then in season 12 we finally get to see mac saying fuck you to all of this and having the strength to do what he knows is perceived as a weakness and dennis? dennis can’t do the same and instead he runs away because he knows and he knows that mac knows and he doesn’t want anything to change he can’t have things change because if he isn’t winning then he has to admit that winning isn’t what he cares about

A brief summary of almost every Untucked for season 6.
  • Laganja: yells at someone. Adore or Bianca, probably.
  • Adore: is fucking confused.
  • Bianca: makes the face. You know the one.
  • Trinity: wants us all to relax.
  • Gia: says something that doesn't really make sense.
  • Courtney: interjects every now and then but is ultimately unhelpful.
  • Everyone else: sitting around drinking, pretending like shit isn't hitting the fan.