but it doesn't mean he had no point

Second Task AU
  • Harry: *sees hostages and goes for Hermione*
  • merman: No! This one is yours. *points*
  • Harry: Uh, excuse you, no. That's Malfoy
  • merman: *gestures again violently because he doesn't understand Harry underwater*
  • Harry, perplexed, distracted, and kind of offended: *frees Malfoy and drags him to the surface*
  • Everyone: GASP! CHATTER!
  • Dumbledore: AMAZING, HARRY
  • Harry: But sir, there must have been some mistake. I wouldn't miss Mal–
  • Dumbledore: Oh Harry. So young. So unaware. Just trust me on this one
  • Harry: Wait, you mean you're the one who–
  • Harry: But–
  • Dumbledore: Harry, stop lying to yourself. Literally the whole staff agreed something had to be done.
  • Snape, from the stands: Excuse me, I did not–
  • Harry: *looks at Draco*
  • Draco: *shrugs and bites lip*
  • Harry: *heart suddenly thudding* Er–
  • Draco: Just kiss me, Potter
  • Harry: *lunges*
  • Dumbledore: OH MY SHIPPER HEART, I CAN'T

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I know you like Bakugou and all, but like...I wish he'd gotten off a little less easy for this, sorry. It's getting frustrating for me to watch him being coddled and all of his abusive actions being excused (a bad mental health day/week/month/whatever does NOT excuse the harm someone does to people) and him constantly getting off with a slap on the wrist or no punishment at all for bullying people. Kind of wish the school would just tell him they'll expel him if he doesn't get his act together.

Bakugou has been kidnapped, used as a hostage, all but molested (i mean, what else would you call what the Sludge villain did to him?) all at the age of 14, then he lost to someone he had a superiority complex over for nearly a decade and nearly (or did, depending on your point of view of how that scene went) had an emotional breakdown because of it, won the Sports Festival only because Todoroki couldn’t use his full power against him and Bakugou won in a way that was utterly unsatisfactory to him and felt like Todoroki couldn’t even bother to fight Bakugou at his fullest b/c Bakugou wasn’t worth it, went to Best Jeanist to train and instead basically wasted time and had his hair and clothes styled/changed for him, was forced to swallow his pride and work with Izuku to beat All Might which frustrated him to the point of tears (and he nearly gave up instead, which, for a boy who’s very model of what a hero is is based on Always Winning, this is a Big Thing), was kidnapped AGAIN by Shigaraki and was terrified out of his mind during it, was kidnapped IMMEDIATELY AFTARWARDS by AFO and had to be rescued by his classmates so he wouldn’t become a burden for All Might, and then blamed himself for All Might losing his powers and retiring, failed the Provisional Licence exam because of his bad behavior, breaks down again because all the guilt, the shame, the frustration to losing to Izuku, and confusion and struggle and everything, was finally too much for him to handle and he literally had no idea what to do until All Might showed up and explained everything.

from the very first chapter, Bakugou has been systematically punished by the narrative, over and over and over again. not specifically for his treatment of Izuku, but it’s not as if he’s been unpunished for his actions, either, and i’m sure that this is Horikoshi’s intent for having all of this happen to Bakugou in the first place.

Bakugou is going to apologize and make up for his actions towards Izuku, i know he will. but you can’t force him to do it because he’s not ready to as of right now. 

but he is going to make up for it somehow, because that is where the narrative is heading, and he’s already heading there as of the last chapter.

he’s giving Izuku advice. he’s framing it in an insulting way, but he’s giving Izuku advice on how to improve his fighting style. he never would have done that before all of this. 

the narrative is basically hitting Bakugou where it hurts constantly, over and over again, and forcing him to change and learn from his behavior, whether he wants to or not. 

i’m not excusing what he did to Izuku, because he did a lot of horrible things and he needs to make up for his actions. but in the span of just a few months, this kid has been through a lot and he has indeed been punished and put down by the narrative in many, many different ways that are specifically designed to hit him in the places it’ll hurt him the most

i’ve never excused his actions, but he’s just a kid, and kids can only take so much before they begin to break. god, he’s just a 15 year old child.

and again, it’s not as if he’s been unpunished by his behavior. he was absolutely punished for his bad attitude during the Provisional License exam by failing it, and he’s going to have to take extra classes in order to make up for it. if he were being coddled, he would’ve still passed regardless his bad attitude towards the victims. 

Horikoshi does him no favors.

he’s been punished enough by the narrative, and i do think that Aizawa gave them a fair punishment for their actions. their whole fight was framed as a schoolyard fight between two frustrated kids, after all.

it wasn’t really about the fight. it wasn’t about who beat who. the whole fight was there just so that these characters, these two children, could finally have an outlet for their emotions because they’ve never tried to talk to each other before, and this was the only way.

they’ve never tried to express their emotions to each other before. they’ve never tried to listen. this is something both of these characters needed.

being told that he’ll be expelled isn’t going to help his behavior. it’ll do the opposite, if anything. any more punishment than what they received would be overkill.

they acted like children, so they’re being treated like children. they’re doing chores and cleaning just like any kids who broke the rules would. 

Aizawa gives fair punishments. if he doesn’t think someone has potential, he expels them. 

and also, please note: neither Izuku or Bakugou were seriously injured from their fight. otherwise, Aizawa would’ve sent them to Recovery Girl. all they got were some scratches, cuts, and bruises. 

when Bakugou challenged Izuku and Todoroki, i wouldn’t be surprised if Aizawa was considering the idea of expulsion. however, Izuku and Bakugou were forced to be partners and, after a while, they were able to work together and pass the End of Term exam, so whatever might’ve happened otherwise was dropped.

but make no mistake, Bakugou’s behavior here was noted by Aizawa, and Bakugou was forced to move past this attitude and work with Izuku as punishment.

back to the events of the recent chapters, All Might even says that the events that happened between Bakugou and Izuku were just as much the adult’s fault as it was the kid’s. the children’s mental and emotional health is just as important as their strength and growth as heroes, and Bakugou seriously needed some help with that. 

and, not to mention, All Might let them fight it out. he eavesdropped long enough to know about Bakugou’s guilt, and let Bakugou and Izuku fight and express their emotions this way, because honestly, i don’t think they could’ve been able to talk it out in any other way. i’m not saying this is healthy behavior, because god knows it isn’t, but for these two it may have been the only way for them to clear the air. 

and it worked.

they’re both on their way to having a much, much less toxic relationship than what they had before. they might not be friends, but their relationship is much more positive compared to what it was before, because they finally let out all of those nasty emotions.

Bakugou and Izuku are much more calm, and are able to have a conversation now without it turning violent or angry. they got all of those complicated emotions out of their system and finally talked it out, if at least a little, and both are going to be better from it. 

hell, Bakugou even fully admitted that he threw the first punch. in no way is he blaming izuku for what happened. Bakugou is taking full responsibility for what he did. 

and again, Bakugou is giving Izuku advice. he’s helping Izuku in a very backwards, round about way, because it’s the only way he knows. but he’s still helping Izuku, something he absolutely would never have done before. 

Bakugou is growing. he’s learning. whether he wants to or not, he’s changing for the better, and he’s starting to realize that he is changing. that maybe he has to change. maybe he needs to.

he’s already showing a positive change after this fight. he’s taking responsibility for his actions, he’s not blaming Izuku, he’s giving Izuku advice, and he’s worrying about All Might’s secret getting out. punishing him for any more would be overkill, and it wouldn’t have anymore positive outcomes then what’s already been achieved.

he’s just a kid. he acted like a kid. he’s getting punished like any kid would be.

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Aaawh dude if this man's Eren (damn I wish it too like HARD) that means he has a missing leg and even if it can grow back like a lizard the poor guy had to endure it (or less his leg is just hidden but it doesn't seem so) and I think that's gross. But so gross that I believe it's possible (weird weird). I mean, I think Eren would do ANYTHING if that means he can beat the shit out of Reiner so... idk I'm like why not bro it works for me go kick some asses lmao. Anyway that's my point.

We’ve been shown before that titan healing abilities can be postponed. Once in the female titan arc when Eren bites his hands and fails to transform:

And again with Reiner in the Utegard area of the manga:

So I don’t think it’s too far off to say it is possible to keep your body from healing even with the regeneration abilites being a titan shifter grants. Though I imagine it takes a lot of self control and that it fucking sucks lol. Eren has had four years to hone his titan abilites too, so I believe it’s not too far off the mark to say Eren could pull it off. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not long haired beardy man is actually Eren though. Mainly because it seems like an extremely risky move for Paradis to make for a lot of reasons. 


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That last thing you answered about someone asking if Flowey only had 1 HP, you said he was a monster. Isn't Flowey technically not a monster considering he was able to absorb both human AND monster souls? Doesn't it say that a monster can't absorb a monster soul as humans can't absorb a human soul?

(undertale spoilers)

Note: This is a follow up to this ask.

Thank you for pointing this out! While I didn’t mean to call Flowey a monster, I was saying that he would follow the same rules as monsters. Although he has no soul, he has the essence of a monster.

Regardless, you are correct. He is a flower, which is neither human nor monster. Thus the original question can be approached another way. Flowey is killed in one hit because he is a flower. Flowers, while physical, are very delicate compared to humans. However, there is a counter to this. At the very start of the game, Flowey is knocked away from Frisk by Toriel’s magic.

If he was really a delicate flower that a single attack could kill him, he shouldn’t have survived Toriel’s attack. Being a flower full of determination likely makes him stronger than a normal flower. It’s also possible that Toriel’s intentions came into play here. 

Considering he is essentially a reincarnation of Asriel, it’s possible that the rules of monsters’ defenses apply to him as well. In any case, there is no evidence that Flowey only has 1HP.

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I have this rly huge feeling that like it's a situation of unrequited love between tyler and ethan. Like have you seEn the way ethan look at tyler and how giddy he gets when tyler gives him attention and shit like. But tyler is str8y mc str8erson and so ethan keeps on trying to flirt and shit with tyler but tyler doesn't realise and awh

idk anon me and one of my friends had a discussion about this a while ago and I can’t remember the exact specifics of it but basically while your theory may be correct.. we think it’s Tyler that’s in love with an oblivious Ethan

I mean, Ethan’s an excitable and giddy boy so a big part of what he does is just his usual thing, with some added parts that could point to him being in love with Tyler

But TYLER - he doesn’t show much emotion but when he doeS its like aaa and you can tell he really likes Ethan, you know, the full blown-pupils and the tiny smiles and stuff that he never really shows to anyone else

Plus, Tyler’s never confirmed that he’s not gay, whenever ships are brought up it’s always “im not in a relationship” or “im single” as opposed to Ethan’s “im straight”

Ezra knew something was off at the airport he was so content to go until he ran into "Spencer " at the airport. Now Ezra had that box of stuff on the Hastings. Did he know about the adoption? Did he realize something but he isn't sure enough to say anything ? I mean he was about to leave up until that point. And the whole scene was sketchy . If you listen closely you hear "Spencer" saying oh stop calm down why would the Spencer we know be saying that to Wren. Why would Spencer be asking about Charlotte at this point? It doesn't make sense. And why would Spencer think Ezra would tell Detective Furey she was there ? None of makes sense it was all out of place and just odd.

I understand that Jane married Michael, and in that moment, chose to be with him, but that in no way diminishes her potential future with Rafael. There was a time when she chose Rafael and Michael was the one on the outskirts. Feelings change - Jane’s did several times. 

I get it, people are pissed that he’s dead. If I shipped them, I would be too, but this is a show written in the format of a telenovela. There has to be drama. Look at the amount of times Xo and Rogelio have broken up, or even Petra and Rafael. Jane at one point made a decision to be with Michael, but looking at the format of the other relationships on the show - and telenovelas in general - there is no such thing as smooth sailing. There needs to be drama. There needs to be a lot of back and forth. That is how the show functions. So yes, she chose to marry Michael and yes, she adored him, but loving someone and losing them, doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to love someone else. If he hadn’t died, they probably would have dragged the love triangle on using another method. This is a telenovela and the show has consistently been propelled forward by love triangles and chaotic romantic plot points. 

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Why is Dan getting hated on for the thing he said in ISG? He probably wasn't thinking that oh this person could have a disorder, he could have had a lot on his mind at the time he filmed this so what's the point of hating on him? Dan doesn't mean harm to anyone with a mental illness and it's pretty obvious to that. People have said so much worse over and over but Dan said one little thing and is getting hated again in the same day?

I think it’s just how he joked about it. It was pretty insensitive and he said it was weird and then said not to email him again and all that jazz. He obviously wasn’t being serious, he was just doing it for the laughs, but people are flipping shit on him now. I personally don’t think he’d have posted it at all if he knew that there were actual disorders to do with that sort of thing, because even as a psychology major, i didn’t even learn about that disorder in class and i only knew about it from the research i do in my own time. i just wish people were nicer about it and knew how to nicely critique people without immediately jumping to the conclusion that they’re terrible people, that way it gives them time to understand and correct what they’ve done wrong. its shit like this that makes me so upset and not want to go online ever again. but people just love drama and pointing out every single one of dans flaws i guess. sad, considering he’s a human too, and he makes mistakes just like everyone else.

So, this conversation...
  • Husband: You're playing Dragon Age. Again.
  • Me: Yep.
  • Husband: [picks up unopened Skyrim and waves it] Why don't you give this a try?
  • Me: [points at screen where Cullen is hyping up the soldiers before Haven falls] Because. Cullen. [points to Solas twirling his staff as he attacks the red templars] And Solas.
  • Husband: [eyeroll] If you had to pick between me and them?
  • Me: I mean, you're real and they're not...
  • Husband: [leaves, satisfied]
  • Me, in my head: /but if they were real I'd be all for a templar omlette sandwich/

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Honestly, how do you think this is going to end for Fitzsimmons? It just seems so hopeless to me now that Fitz has killed two real people and Jemma has seen it happen (even if she doesn't know he pulled the trigger on Mace too). I just cannot see Fitz recovering from any of it and where is the reward in that?? Also when you mention them potentially leaving without Fitz do you mean just trying to get to the real him and wake him up and not worry about the danger of that/ foregoing a FW reunion?

Hi Anon!

We had a point last season where I was getting very similar asks about Fitzsimmons getting together.  That it didn’t seem like we had enough time and there was no way it would by the end of the season.  But it did, when the time was right their story hit the fast track and it happened.   

Saying that Fitz was in control of himself when he killed Agnes and even Mace (whose death is a different issue all together) is like saying Daisy was herself when she killed Malick or attacked the team while she was under Hive’s sway.  Fitz has been manipulated and brainwashed in the most horrible way here. With Daisy it was obvious, they showed us Hive swaying her.  With Fitz its more subtle but no less potent.   

We saw our Fitz breaking through last night, questioning what he did to Anges.  That was the spark of Hope I was looking for with him.  We knew it was going to take time.  We knew Fitz would be hardest to get to because he is the key.  

I have gotten around my concerns about not having to get to Fitz in the Framework when I realized that they wouldn’t throw away all this set up for Fitzsimmons…as well as picked up on a few other clues in my Its a Trap Meta.  

I didn’t mean they would leave Fitz in there, but that they might be forced to leave before they can fully wake him up…before anyone of them fully wake up.  Coulson is the closest due to Tahiti.  We just got May on the right track and in some ways even though Mack is with the Resistance he’s still lost in the fantasy.  

Hold tight guys, we’re almost through this.  There is a reason everyone keeps saying we need to get Jemma to him.  There is a reason he started to question things after he saw her.  And there is a reason that AIDA was afraid of her.   Its because their bond is strong and AIDA or whoever else is pulling the strings can’t risk losing him now, now when they are so close.  

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i too, often joke about how keith and lance's rivalry is one-sided, but it actually isn't.
  • with the exception of the very first moment in which keith's like new phone who dis, he never gives up on replying back at him. he enjoys provoking him and responding to his remarks as much as lance does.
  • "maybe we could toss some non-essential weight" "the amount of informations in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane" and so on?? the fucker first pretends not to know who he is and then he's like "you know what? it's on"
  • that's why i see the bonding moment scene™ as a turning point bc keith isn't like "wow thanks lance i saved ur AsS u could at least be grateful" he's!!! freaking!!! offended!!! he doesn't remember the moment they had together like 'lance bro buddy pal i cradled u and u forget it like this?? didn't it mean ANYTHING to u?! #betrayed™" and i think it's beautiful.

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i think i, & a lot of people, are having a hard time coming up with what would be a good enough reason for yousef to pull that. doesn't mean he won't have 1, but right now it's hard to imagine forgiving him. it parallels 3x05, but even HAD dumped isak, was making out with his gf (not like jonas lol), & had no idea isak was there. yousef sent sana out to break up a violent fight between 9 boys w/no regard for her safety, & kissed her good friend knowing there was a chance she would see it

hey lovie! I think you absolutely have a point. even if he was upset with her about asking him to come to party she knew Even would be at and was in the right for feeling a little bit bothered by that, it seems like an incredibly extreme reaction. I have a hard time making sense of that too! and I think it’s fair if people draw their conclusions from this too. skam is in real time after all, they can’t expect us to not make up our mind until we get the full picture, because the full picture isn’t given to us! I personally don’t really feel up for reblogging lovely gifs from Yousef right now either, hahaha. it’s just that the reaction is so incredibly extreme – people legitimately refuse to write down his actual name and it’s like, let’s dial this back a little bit.

what has Yousef actually done? like, objectively? he sent Sana out to fix the fight all by herself, definitely a bad move. he didn’t join his friends when they left and instead lingered behind, not such a great move either. he kissed Noora, and while I think that was pretty lame, I also don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world! Sana deleted him from her Facebook, and while she absolutely had the right to do so, I think it’s fair of Yousef to react to this as well. like, if he even suspected her to like him, he’s probably  starting to seriously doubt this now. and while I think it’s still not a great move to immediately go for one of her friends, I also think that, right now Sana and Yousef owe each other nothing. they’ve never made a commitment to each other, they never promised each other anything, they never even straight up admitted to each other that they liked each other at all. it’s just a little bit like, what was Yousef supposed to do? wait for years until she added him back on Facebook? 

it’s just like, turn this situation around. if it was a girl receiving mixed signals from a boy, if he was deleting her off Facebook and ignoring her texts but still expecting her to wait around for him and not kiss any other guys, would we be reacting the same way?

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the writers proved this season barry and the flash can continue to exist without iris, not only does she die by his hand but his future self aka emo barry eventually realizes he has to keep going and the most important thing is he still has team flash. i think the moral of the season is we can all recover from losing a loved one and no one is important enough to stop the earth from moving and people to keep on living, i'm not saying iris doesn't mean a lot to him but there is a flash w/o her

I think it’s something estabilished, like we had a WHOLE season without Iris knowing who was the flash and he could perfectly save the city?! Like “there’s no flash without her” is pure service, there’s no flash without barry allen, end of point. and i know she’s important to him and bla bla bla but sorry dude, earth won’t stop moving because she died, move on. also quite ridiculous that he lost both of his parents but only broke because of her.

Idk so many morals this season, but i think the most important is that Barry needs to learn from his past mistakes and stop thinking only about himself, a lot of things could go different if he paid attention to his friends, like last episode he couldn’t take five seconds to talk to Cisco? he was there asking him to hurt his best friend and he saw Cisco struggling but he didn’t gave a shit about it and Julian had to talk to Cisco and this is literally the reason why team flash fell apart in the future, is the reason why Frost is with Savy and is probably the reason why Savy is out for blood. Like even Iris wouldn’t want him to push people away, he broke his promise because he only thinks about himself. urg get your shit together Barry Allen.

idk i’m just done with s3 Barry.

  • Oliver: Fuka told me that my dream about us kissing doesn't mean nothing, Point heard our conversation and said that Fuka is a huge tsundere, I just think he's shy, it's hard to know what does he think
  • Fukase: That dream that Oliver mentioned makes me remember that I had the same dream twice, but there's someone that always gets in the middle of us before kiss, I don't know who's that person, I always wake up before know, I don't like those dreams, they makes me feel weird

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When people say Scott is too perfect, they don't mean it how you assume they mean it. It means that the immoral actions he makes are never focused on as immoral actions. It means he can take Derek and use his body as Derek begs him to stop, and it never be mentioned or talked about again, because it worked out in the end. When something works out for Scott, it doesn't matter if what he did to achieve that outcome was wrong. That is what the show tells us, and why many ppl don't like Scott.

You see, but that’s not what the show does.  People forget that Gerard had Jackson’s claws at Allison’s throat.   The show makes a point of having Scott look at Allison with Jackson’s claws at her throat.  It isn’t talked about again because everyone involved knew that Gerard had the equivalent of a gun to someone’s head.

The show, as would most human beings, doesn’t blame Scott for that because they understand that if the bad guy had a gun to your spouse’s or love interest’s head, it’s understandable that you would do what the man with the gun says!  This isn’t something new or something unique in the history of television or story-telling.  In fact, it’s a pretty standard scene.

The show has spent plenty of time on Scott’s wrong actions.   Remember the money in Season 4?   Remember him lying to Kira in Season 5? 

theory: jack saved ralph on purpose

*before anyone murders me, please read this theory I’ve constructed regarding jack’s true intentions at the end of the book. it doesn’t excuse jack in any way of his depraved nature and horrendous things he’d done, it just brings up a theory regarding jack’s plans regarding ralph’s fate at the end of the book.

so there’s this revelation I’ve had, that only ralph insults jack in the book. like you see jack getting angry at life and getting angry about a lot of things and swearing like a sailor left and right, but you don’t see him directly talking nasty to ralph or ever attacking him (up until that point where he goes completely bonkers).

so jack occasionally teases ralph, even taunts him, but he isn’t directly malicious to ralph in any way. he mostly stands around and watches ralph throw little tantrums in front of him, he doesn’t react much when ralph goes all mini tornado, yelling and fuming and even calling him names. when ralph reaches the point where he calls him names, jack becomes enraged but still doesn’t insult ralph back, he just physically attacks him, and only after ralph attacks first. so he basically just responds to ralph’s attack.

which is quite odd, because jack is very violent and prone to anger, and he’s also an ace with insults and nasty talking, while ralph, on the contrary, is not. when it comes to swearing, the worst word that ralph knew was ‘bloody’. this is a thing that is actually highlighted in the book, there is a quote that precisely says how ralph didn’t know any word that was nastier than ‘bloody’, which means ralph was still quite innocent on this part.

and it raises up the question - since jack hated ralph so much, then why didn’t he insult him even once in the whole book? jack insulted every person that dared to cross his path, but he didn’t do this with ralph, not once. he might have had great respect for ralph indeed, but if that had been actually true, then he wouldn’t have taunted and mocked ralph so many times.

it seemed as if he purposely stopped himself from talking nasty to ralph - like that was that one line that jack didn’t want to cross. perhaps it was because he harbored an affection for ralph that stopped him from doing this. perhaps because he considered ralph too precious to verbally abuse him - letting the ‘murder attempt’ aside, jack didn’t once try to abuse ralph, in any sort of way. and jack was infamous for his abusive and bully personality - he literally bullied and beat much younger kids.

which offers strong proof of jack’s affection for ralph - jack was capable of being a horrible and monstrous abuser to literally anyone, even little children, but he couldn’t bring himself to be an abuser to ralph. ralph was too precious for him to insult, much less hit - he only turned violent after ralph severely insulted him and attacked first, and not even then he used his whole power. he hit ralph with the blunt side of his spear, when he could have easily hurt ralph right from the beginning, but he chose not to do it, despite that he’d done so many horrible things until then. and I’m pretty sure ralph was much weaker than jack by that point, since ralph didn’t feed himself properly and was quite demoralized and emotionally struck by the loss of his friend and the betrayal of the other boys, his mind being quite frail, despite that he tried to be strong and still fight jack.

in spite of all these, jack held back. he didn’t fully hit ralph and he didn’t actually try to kill him when he threw his spear at ralph. I’m thinking that, after that moment, jack actually put up the whole act of the ‘fierce leader’ for roger and the rest of the group.

which brings me to this theory that jack had done that whole ‘hunting ralph’ charade to stop ralph from getting killed - if jack hadn’t done it, roger would have most surely had, and jack knew this. he realized it in the moment he saw roger wipe out piggy, which is the reason jack remained struck for one moment.

in order to stop ralph from actually getting killed, he scared ralph off, first by throwing his spear at him, so that ralph would run, then by burning the entire island to both play the part of the savage leader, and manage to make ralph avoid them. ralph would have realized the position of jack’s tribe by the places where they set the island on fire, and so ralph easily avoided them in this way.

which means that jack could have planned the whole thing- he knew that it was inevitable- a ship would have found and saved them once he set the whole island on fire. in this way, he saved ralph from being killed. jack was horrible to people and he didn’t seem to care if anyone else died - he didn’t appear to care about either the kid who had died in the fire or simon or piggy, but he started caring when ralph’s turn to die came.

you may believe this theory is way too deep, but if you think about it - jack proved to be quite smart many times in the book. he was good at planning things and manipulating people, he knew the island like the back of his hand, he realized important things, and he also proved to have very deep thinking at times. he was definitely capable of conjuring the entire plan in that brief moment. he was nasty, but not nasty to the point where he would want a person he cared about to die.

his ‘kill ralph’ reaction had been too sudden and out of place. given that he couldn’t even bring himself to insult ralph or even hit him - he forced himself to hit ralph in his angriest moment and only after ralph had lashed out first- I highly doubt he truly wanted to kill him. jack wanted his own tribe, but he had never tried to hurt ralph for this in any possible way, not until ralph went to confront him. in fact, he had even proposed to ralph that he would join his tribe.

which means that whole ‘kill ralph’ phase could have been a farce at the end - piggy’s death had been like a slap to jack and he realized at that point that ralph’s life was in danger.

and jack drew the line at ralph’s death. he could accept the idea of anyone else dying, but not ralph. in that moment, he knew he had to do something.

so he did what he could to stop ralph from getting murdered by his tribe.

Never ending list of favorite scenes  (Point of No Return )

↳ I just didn't want to let you down...
I mean, hell, if you're grown-up enough to find faith in me...
The least I can do is return the favor.
Being a slut doesn't mean I'm a bad person. It means you're judgmental.

Last weekend I went out with the intention of dancing with a few friends, but I ended up spending most of the night “dancing” with a new male “friend” whom I’d just met.

By “dancing,” I mean I grinded and groped him on the dance floor.

I only noticed other people were starting at us at the point when he had one of his hands on my ass, the other on my boob, and I was licking his neck.

Not only did it not bother me that complete strangers were watching. I knew they were watching and I just didn’t care. Just like I didn’t care when I pulled another guy into the mix. Do you know what looks worse than having a guy touching your boobs on the dance floor? Two guys touching your boobs on the dance floor.

I ended up going home with the second guy and when morning finally rolled around and I thought back on the night before, I had no regrets because I had a great time.

Yes, I’m a slut and I love it.


She’s got feelings for you, Barry. 

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