but it doesn't keep him from trying


Arashi’s medley started well enough.  And then…

There seems to be someone who keeps looking down or away from the camera.

It’s so clear he’s trying hard to hold it in…

And I start breaking a little when Riida goes to support him…

And his eyes are already red by now.

And it’s Sho-kun’s turn to reach out to our middle child…

And then Neens…

… and it’s Jun’s hand going towards Masaki in the right-hand corner.

Why are you crying Masaki~~~ Your members are rooting for you Masaki-kun, so take heart.  Even if the results didn’t turn out as hoped, we appreciate your efforts.

*stands and claps wildly even as tears drip down her face*

Cr: Kouhaku 31.12.2016


Alright? Yeah … Yeah, I am. What about you? I just said, we’re sorted, aren’t we? Yeah, and what about the other stuff? There is no other stuff …


SO despite putting in OVER one full (in-game) year trying to court the hell out of Dylas and trigger his reverse proposal WHO ELSE BUT VISHNAL!!!! 

i got kind of relieved when it was like “darling go pursue your dreams break up with me and become a butler!” because it sort of spared me from having to just straight out deny him but then he came back with that and it was The Hardest Thing telling him and his little edward elric voice nO i guess this is why you don’t date all the fictional anime boys you want at once

rejecting fictional characters is one of my biggest weaknesses!!!! 

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LOGAN. It’s not a name she’s familiar with, but then again, she didn’t quite go around the school very much to get to know people. If anything, more people must know him than anyone knew of her; always did keep herself in her own room more or less. Smile is bright & present as a hand is held out towards him, a form of formal greeting as she’s been told.

         ❛ Tess; it’s nice to meet you ! You’ve been here for a while or - ? ❜

mizukimochi-ii  asked:

Fushimi was never taught how to ride a bike because why would his parents do that and then Yata ends up teaching him either pre-HOMRA or post-reconciliation?

Aw, that would be kinda cute. Maybe at some point Yata offers to teach him pre-Homra and Fushimi refuses because that’s stupid, he’s not a little kid why would he want to learn to ride a bike. Yata’s a little upset because he thinks it would be cool if they could ride their bikes together but he swallows down the disappointment and lets it slide. Then post-reconciliation they end up reminiscing a little one day and Yata brings it up again, how he would’ve kinda liked it if they could’ve ridden bikes together and Fushimi feels a little bad because he didn’t realize that he upset Yata by saying no that time so he just shrugs and says that he supposes Yata could teach him to ride one now. Yata’s like wait really and Fushimi feels a little apprehensive but he’s like sure why not.

So Yata borrows a bike from the sports shop where he works and takes Fushimi to the park to teach him how to ride. At first he gets one with like training wheels and Fushimi scoffs that he’s not a kid, he doesn’t need training wheels. Yata’s like are you sure Fushimi states that he should be able to pick this up easy and doesn’t need something stupid like that. Yata isn’t so sure about that but he’s not going to argue so he watches while Fushimi carefully climbs onto the bike…and promptly topples right over onto the ground. Fushimi’s super annoyed and Yata has to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Fushimi climbs back onto his feet and dusts himself off, claiming that he was just off balance is all and he’ll get it this time. Cue falling off again. Finally Yata’s like maybe you should let me put the training wheels back on. Fushimi’s about ready to quit so Yata suggests they have Fushimi get on the bike and Yata will like stand behind him and hold it straight like Saru’s a little kid and Yata’s his parent or something (oh man imagine Munakata teaching Fushimi to ride a bike, all ‘Do not worry Fushimi-kun, I will not let go until you tell me to.’ ‘You can let go of the bike now.’ 'Certainly. Whenever you feel comfortable.’ 'I’m fine. Let go.’ 'As soon as you feel you are steady.’ ’Let go, Captain.’). Fushimi’s a little embarrassed to have Yata walking slowly beside him while Fushimi turns the pedals but then he starts getting the hang of it and Yata’s being all cute and supportive of Fushimi’s hard work. He finally lets go of the bike and Fushimi does pretty well for a bit until the bike hits a rock and he topples over again. By the end of the day Fushimi’s pretty bruised and annoyed at his failure to do something as easy as ride a bike, Yata just pats him on the back and tells him that he did pretty good for a beginner and they’ll try again tomorrow.